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Billionaire Brit Brothers Bargain Beachfront
  • South-West Coastline Changes Ownership

The relatively unspoilt coastline in the south-west of Ibiza may be in danger after it has been revealed that U.K. based property moguls have purchased prime beachfront land in Es Penyal, Cala Conta and Cala Bassa.

The investors have released a press release on their company website which states, “Reuben Brothers has acquired 1.5 million square metres of prime land in south western Ibiza, spanning 6.3 kilometres of coastline. The acquisition comprises 3 plots: Cala Bassa, over 1 million square metres, which potentially offers the best construction opportunity on the island, Cala Conta, around 350k square metres, which features one of Spain’s best beaches and provides spectacular sunsets-drawing huge crowds every evening, and finally Es Penyal, comprising 60k square metres of coastal land.”

Reports state that the land has been purchased from a Spanish family for the bargain sum of £25 million and concerns abound that development if allowed, may lead to a large number of excessively priced ‘luxury’ units. At the present time nobody knows the plans for this land and permission for any development has not yet been granted.

It can only be hoped that the investors are sympathetic to Ibiza and, if not, that the local council in San Jose will realise the importance of protecting the coastal land which is adored by so many residents and visitors alike.


Stabbing victim screamed “I’m dying” after suspected revenge attack

By John Siddle in Liverpool Echo

  • A Liverpool man cheated death after being stabbed in a pizza parlour in Ibiza.

The 34-year-old was left lying in a pool of blood after being knifed by two men in the island’s party resort of San Antonio. Spanish police, who suspect the attack is linked to drug trafficking, have retrieved footage of the horrific attack.

The victim, who has not been named, is in a serious condition in hospital. He was stabbed three times in the arm, leg and face. Four men, who are all believed to be British, are being hunted.

Spanish newspaper, Diario de Ibiza, said that the victim was chased through the centre of San Antonio by four men in a car at 9pm on Thursday. He ran into the pizza restaurant in Calle Estrella and tried to hide but eyewitnesses how he was relentlessly attacked for 15 seconds by men wielding knives. The man was heard to say several times “I’m dying, call the police!”

The newspaper said: “At the time of the attack there were several people on the street. They said that they saw a car chasing a man through the centre of the town. Three or four men got out of the car and began a foot chase through the streets of the town. During this chase, the Brit ran into the pizzeria and took refuge inside. His pursuers came behind and began to stab him at a table. Inside the room were two men, local customers, in addition to workers. Given the violence, most of the witnesses rushed out of the room. They said the victim screamed as he was repeatedly stabbed: ‘I’m dying, call the police!’ Shortly after the attackers left, and the man was lying in a pool of blood.”

Violence around drugs trade

Violence between Brits in San Antonio has previously flared during the summer months as criminals clash trying to control the island’s drugs trade.

In 2006, a vicious gun battle between Liverpool and Newcastle gangs in Ibiza left three men seriously injured in hospital. More than 30 shots were fired in a high-speed car chase through the centre of the late-night resort.


Pipe Down

A pipe pouring theoretically treated water from the treatment plant near the Natural Park in ses Salines, has been releasing a large amount of raw sewage between La Savina and Punta Pedrera in Formentera. The most recent ‘stain’ was at least 100 meters in diameter and, because of the prevailing wind at the time, was heading toward the beach of Cavall d’en Borràs. Luckily the discharge dissipated before reaching the sunbathers

It is not the first time that such discharges have occurred and it is thought that the pipeline, at about 400 metres long, is leaking in several places and needs to be replaced.


Another Mega Yacht In Ibiza

The mega yacht ‘Ilona’ anchored this week in the port of Ibiza Town.Owned by Australian billionaire Frank Lowry, the ship measures 73.7 meters long and is equipped with helipad, elevators and garages for boats. I’ll repeat, it has garages for boats. The yacht was custom built in 2004 by Amels in Makkum (Netherlands) and designed by Redman Whiteley Dixon. With a permanent crew of 28 and 16 guest quarters, any visitors are more than adequately looked after. Unfortunately though, unlike the £323 million ‘A’ yacht spotted last week, this yacht is not able to cut through icebergs.




De Nit al Baluard

Claire B

Over the summer months there are various cultural activities taking place in the Baluard de Sant Pere in Dalt Villa, the small bastion near to La Plaça del Sol. The launch party for the Ibiza Reggae Festival is being held there on July 4th (the main festival is July 26th) and other events include concerts, folk dancing, poetry recitals and outdoor film screenings. Some events are free but none of them are expensive, with films costing only 2€. Full programme here:



Ibiza Roots Festival

The next Ibiza Roots Festival event is July 9th in the Baluarte de Santa Llucia in Dalt Vila. The line-up includes Jarabe de Palo (Spain), Diana Fuentes (Cuba), Nathunal Solanki and Sakapuntas (Rajasthan, India), Marta Chandra (Dance) as well as DJ’s, performances and visual art. Starts at 8pm. More info on the event, artists and buying tickets at Ibiza Roots Festival page:



Disclosure in Dalt Vila

Yet another party is being held in the Baluarte de Santa Llucia in Dalt Vila on July 7th in association with IMS (International Music Summit). Disclosure will be doing a live performance, alongside Australian talent Flume, Bicep and promising youngster S G Lewis from Liverpool. Tickets are 40€. More info and ticket details are at:





What an absolute shower

The Ibizan house of long time resident Terry Thomas came up in office conversation this week—a truly great actor of that old school Ibiza 60’s Britpack.

In 1967 Terry-Thomas met his long-time friendDenholm Elliottthe pair talked about Elliott’s new villa inEulària des Riu. Terry was intrigued by the possibility of a Mediterranean retreat and although he initially struggled to find the right plot of ground for the right price, he eventually settled on an appropriate location; and declaring he was “allergic to architects”, he designed the house himself.

By the mid 80’s Terry had fallen on hard times with much of his wealth having been spent on treatment for Parkinson’s disease and resulting in the Ibiza home being sold.

Terry died on 8 January 1990, at the age of 78.

Sant Joan Full Moon Walk

Nicole Torres

Friday, July 3rd, is the Full Moon Walk with the Sant Joan Cultural Group. The group will meet at the Church of Sant Joan (right) at 9.30pm. The walk will last over three hours and is approximately 12km. The route will be from Sant Joan to the Portinatx harbour beach, on the old road. We recommend everyone wear comfortable shoes and bring drinks and a torch.


Punta Arabi Hippy Market

Impressed with the line ups at the Multicultual tent this year—some great acts coming up in July include MILA FALLS from London on the 8th, then  on the 15th Malaga
outfit MALAKA YOUTH playing roots/reggae, followed a week later by Soul/R&B due  JUSTIN&FREUD with 10 member DOJO flying in from London to round off the month with some more reggae on the 29th.


Moonlight Charity Walk

I’d like to remind you all that the annual charity event with a difference, a 2 hour Walk Under A Full Moon, takes place this Friday 3rd July meeting at Bar La Cantina in Cala Llonga at 9.30pm. Everyone is invited take part to raise money for Contra Cancer Ibiza and Formentera It’s a wonderful way of raising funds so if you’d like to participate or make a sponsorship donation then call Margaret on 971 196394 for more information.


The Beat Goes On

Following on from the hugely successful Flower Power Night held last week, the Viva Cala Llonga Teams next event is on Friday 10th July with a night of Mod, Pop, Blues and Rock music, all the best sounds from the 60’s to the present, with The Holics playing live on the promenade. (A change from the published programme). More info on timings etc in next week’s Ibizan.

Siegfried Meir at Can Tixedò

Nicole Torres

The singular artist Siegfried Meir presents an exhibition of works created over the past two years. Meir inaugurated this new exhibition on Friday, June 12th in Can Tixedo where 15 works are on view until July 7th.

Siegfried was a kid who grew up in a Jewish family in Frankfurt. His childhood was marked by the racist laws of the Reich that prevented him from playing in parks with other children, attend public schools and buy in most stores. His father was very religious and always instilled the idea that God would protect them from the Nazis. Soon the harsh reality made the child a convinced atheist. At the early age of eight he was deported to Auschwitz with his parents, both of which died in the concentration camp. He was later adopted by a Spanish prisoner he met in Mauthausen, Saturnino Navazo.

He was a successful singer and became rich in Ibiza. Now he is a sculptor and subsists on a pension from the German government.


Jull at Le Pigeon Voyageur

Nicole Torres

The Polish artist Jull Dziamski, born in 1956 in Poland and has resided on the island for years, has opened an exhibition in Le Pigeon Voyageur.

This is a sample of paintings and sculptures.

Jull is a versatile artist who works as a painter, draftsman, sculptor, architect, designer and stage designer. Master of the trompe l’oeil art and has named his painting style as surrealjullismus that mixes surrealism with hyperrealistic techniques.

The exhibition can be seen until July 31st at Le Pigeon  Voyageur on the main road from Ibiza Town to Sant Antoni.





Pitiusas History
  • 20 Year Encyclopedia Is Completed

In 1989 an optimistic motion was filed on the floor of the Consell to create an encyclopedia of Ibiza. It was approved unanimously and in May 1995, the first of thirteen volumes was published. Felip Cirer, the encyclopedia’s director since 2000, says that “a total of 289 people have worked on the volumes over the years and it is the work of the people of Ibiza.”

Six years after that date, in May 1995, the first volume saw the light of day and Cirer noted that the hardest part has been coordinating all of the contributors and unifying their texts and styles.thanked all of them for their hard work and dedication and is proud of the result, above all as a work of scientific knowledge in all areas of Ibiza and Formentera in the following fields – Architecture, art, biographies and society, botany, popular culture, sports, geography, history, language, literature and zoology.

Cirer did not rule out that the work may continue beyond the last volume.”The order I received was to complete the last volume only,” he says.However, he recognizes that updates to changed entries would be required.”In 20 years there are changing circumstances”, he explains. Either way, the encyclopedia is a mammoth bit of work and is a fascinating insight into the Pitiusas Islands.


Boney M Discovery

The Ministry of Culture of the Consell de Ibiza has confirmed that the graves and human remains discoveredconstruction work at the site of the old Trade Union building, on Avenida de Ignasi Wallis, belong to the Muslim period in Ibiza of AD 902-1235.

Apparently, the graves would be part of a much wider burial complex, which would also include other remains from the same period found in relatively close areas like Avenue d’Espanya and Calle Madrid.

The Consell will decide the future of the site and whether to allow the continuation of the works in their original design.


West End Health

It’s probable that thecare module seen in the West End of San Antonio last summer will not be appearing again this season. The module was paid for by local businessmen to attend drunken tourists in situ rather than wasting ambulance resources by having to move them to the Health Centre.

The president of the Bar Association of the West End, Pepe Colomar reports that the 25 businessmen who form the association will not pay the 30,000 euros for this service, as there are some members who cannot afford their share. Furthermore Colomar said that the public sector should take this service and, if necessary, “pass on the cost to all employers with municipal taxes.”


Reinforcements Are On Way

The government delegate in the Balearic Islands, Teresa Palmer, has announced that San Antonio is one of the areas of the islands which will receive reinforcements in almost all units of the Guardia Civil this summer. Apparently, San Antonio and Platja de Palma Calvia in Mallorca are “the most contentious cores” of the islands, and as such, the reinforcements will include riot police and special units.

There is no set date for their arrival, but the presence of these extra units will continue until September 30th. Palmer also announced that the new officers will include members from Italy, Germany and possibly the U.K.


Police & Cleaners In Reshuffle

The new government team of San Antonio intends to reshuffle the staff of the local police in order to improve the service provided to citizens and to give more of a police presence on the streets of the town.

Councillor of State, Aida Alcaraz, said that they have been forced to take this step because the police do not have sufficient resources now.to increase the number of officers, the government team has decided to reorganize existing staff to concentrate on two tasks: enforcing ordinances and regulating traffic.”Those are the main needs of citizens, as they themselves have given us”, noted Alcaraz.

The new team also intends to strengthen the cleaning in the town streets from July 1st to improve the image of the municipality.pressure machines and gum removers will now start operating in the evenings as well as in the morning.will also be an increase in staff and cleaning of the port area.

The City Council has also reported extra staffing for the ‘Cleaning Hotline’, so that residents can report incidents throughout the day rather than only in the mornings. You can call the number on 902 179 971, but remember they will not clean the inside of your house.


Sa Penya

The National Police has arrested three people on charges of narcotics trafficking in the district of Sa Penya and its surroundings as part of a new initiative to clean up the area.

The drug dealers adopted various measures to avoid identification, such as wearing hoods and constantly changing location, which made surveillance more difficult for the plainclothes officers involved.

The traffickers, one Italian and two Spanish, were caught in possession of large amounts of hashish, ecstasy pills and cash. During the operation, thirteen others have been arrested for possession or consumption of drugs in the area.

Meanwhile  a Sa Penya resident has started a petition on popular website platform Change.org.Sanz, who has lived eight years in the Ibiza Town neighbourhood, has launched the petition “Rehabilitation and Rescue Sa Penya”.

The letter posted on Change.org was also sent to Unesco, the Consell de Ibiza and the Ministry of Health and Social Services.it, Sanz said that “the old town, a World Heritage Site, is in a deplorable state of ruin, with danger of collapsing buildings and houses.”

He continues to say that the area is also full of squatters and drug dealers, who menace residents and tourists alike. He also remarks that neighbours are being attacked and people regularly defecate on his doorstep.


Ibiza Demolition Postponed

The demolition of the former headquarters of the Government Delegation on Avenue Isidor Macabich, which has been closed since the year 2000 and was scheduled to be torn down this month, has been postponed until October.

The works of the first phase of construction would require a fence that would block the pavement and restrict access to a major bus stop. The PP government team, who have now been replaced, had planned to move the bus stop to another location, but had not yet established where that would be. The new government and the contractor for the project are both in agreement that postponement would be in the best interests of local residents.




Sewage—San An

Sant Joan mayor, Antoni Marí, said that he is waiting for the new Balearic Government to give the go ahead for a new sewage treatment plant in Portinatx, a project that is considered “urgent priority” due to occasional raw sewage going directly into the sea.

“It is not something new, the project is drafted and approved by the City Council, sent to the Water Board and the Balearic Environment Committee,” said the mayor. This plant has a budget of 3.9 million euros and the mayor hopes that construction can begin this winter, ready for next summer.


On Your Bike!

Throughout the month of June, Formentera has seen an increase in tourists cycling around the island. The head of the Office of Tourism of Sant Francesc Xavier, Susana Braggio, stated that “this year there are countless enquiries on the green routes of the island, especially by tourists from the Basque Country, Catalonia, France, Germany, Finland and Norway from the ages between 30 and 60.”

Of the 12 green routes that exist, the most popular are ‘The Mola’, which runs from Sant Francesc to Cala Saona and the ‘Es Brolls’ which takes in Can Marroig to Punta Gavina.


Formentera Roundabouts Completed

The Minister for Infrastructure and Mobility at the Consell Insular de Formentera, Rafa Gonzalez, has announced that maintenance of six roundabouts surrounding the island is finally completed.

The roundabouts, located in Sant Francesc, Es Pujols and Sant Ferrán, have been the cause of several crashes in the past which prompted the maintenance. According to Gonzalez, the new anti-slip material could only be applied in certain conditions as the process requires expansion. He apologized to residents for the delay and inconvenience to residents, but we at least have safer roads now.


Hotel Expansion Plans Afoot

The Barceló Hotels chain plans to invest 300 million euros in both its hotel and travel areas. According to a spokesman, Ibiza and Formentera “are particularly targeted for expansion” and the plan envisages a 50% increase in tourist accommodation on both islands.

The expansion plans are not fully confirmed, but we do know that Barceló Pueblo Ibiza in Port des Torrent will be upgraded from 3 stars and that Simon Pedro Barceló, chairman of the group, predicts that they will overtake both the Melia and NH Hotel groups in profitability and size.


Food & Drink



Stan Farrow

As I walk through the arch at Putumayo, there are certain clichés that start running through my head. I could say that it is a spacious retreat nestled in a quiet camino near the beautiful beaches of Cala Gracio and Cala Gracionetta. I could say that it is mellow and relaxed with soulful 80s grooves caressing the eardrums. I could even go as far to say that this is the only place on the island that currently seems to have a breeze, which is most welcome during this mini-heatwave that my pasty English body is struggling to handle.

Putumayo is all of these things, but the more unforgiving of you may say we’ve heard this before. Maybe you will translate nestled retreat as empty and hard to find. You may confuse mellow and relaxed with boring. You may even have something nasty to say about the breeze, damn you!

But you would be wrong, clichés are clichés for a reason and every so often you manage to find that special somewhere that deserves them. I lounge on an outdoor sofa and soak up that sweet sweet breeze whilst taking in the marvellous aromas coming out from the kitchen. ‘Tambourine Man’ by The Byrds wafts out of the speakers and I feel most content with my lot.

Owners Julie and Peter are the most amiable of hosts and explain the 15euro set menu over pre-meal drinks. As all of the food is cooked from fresh on the premises, you have a choice from two starters and two mains along with either ice cream, coffee or a liquor to wash down the food. I like this. I love the fact that the kitchen doesn’t feel it has to cater to the masses by churning out loads of options from frozen and has confidence in its own food.

Peter graciously keeps me company so that I don’t have to sit on my lonesome. Julie as head chef is a little pre-occupied as she flits in and out of the kitchen. She is cooking up Surinam finger food and I must admit that I’ve never indulged in Surinam food before, but it smells amazing and I’m excited to try a new cuisine especially now that I know how fresh it is.

The starter comes out and I’m treated to a fresh and crisp chicken and crabstick salad. Unlike some typically Spanish salads consisting of just onion, lettuce and tomato, this salad is packed with fresh leaves, sweetcorn, cucumber, onion, tomato, something I don’t recognise but tastes wonderful, and a refreshing pink sauce. The bread soaks up the remaining liquid and I’m ready for the main course.

I’m now a solid convert to Surinam finger food as a plate of chicken, pork, vegetables and rice with special sauce hits the table with sides of hot salsa and a refreshing little dish of what I think is pickled cucumber and onion.

The chicken is out of this world. It’s been marinated beautifully and falls off of the bone. Peter spots my look of satisfaction and tells me that every time they have large family gatherings, there are always fights over the last piece of chicken. I’m lucky as Julie has another piece in the kitchen which she is kind enough to give me! I seem to have waxed lyrical on the chicken, but the rest of the plate is almost as special. The vegetables are tasty and obviously fresh, the rice is fluffy and the special sauce adds dimensions of flavour.

I wash this down with some ice cream and a little hierbas, and then try to coax the recipe for that chicken from Julie. She laughs pleasantly and tells me that a recipe won’t help me. She learnt from her father that you don’t taste your own food when cooking and that you need to smell it. She also never uses salt, which makes me wonder how she gets those amazing flavours.

I don’t wonder for long, I’m just happy that I’ve found a new cuisine that tastes so good. Every day the menu is different with new dishes and I’m told that the soup is incredible. Fingers crossed that it’ll be heading into my stomach at some point soon!

I seem to have continued waxing lyrical on the food, but it isn’t just about the Surinam flavours. It’s a great setting for a night out. There’s little better than drinking from their special selection of very reasonably priced champagne and listening to one of the many regular live acts until the early hours. Spanish folk hero Gipsy Moreno will be performing on the 2nd and 17th of this month, the uber-talented Juan Romero will be covering the likes of The Beatles, The Kinks and The Commodores this Friday 3rd,and on Sundays they have a delicious barbeque with live lounge music by a variety of guests. If this isn’t enough, they even have their own shop selling a decent selection of clothes, bags and jewellery.

The space is also available to hire for children’s parties, weddings, hen nights and pretty much anything else. I just advise one thing, don’t hire outside caterers…you won’t want to miss out on that chicken!


Food & Drink


Food & Drink


Relish Restaurant & Pool Lounge Gallery

Cor blimey, it’s getting hot.if your Spanish is as ropey as mine, that could be why you’re seeing the locals brushing their foreheads and sighing, ‘Eeee, hace calor!!’

It’s on days like this that you just want to sit by a pool all day, eat good quality light snacks and frequently dunk your head under the water. Never fear, for we have the perfect spot to cool down in the sun. This year’s newest dining establishment, Relish Restaurant, is already getting a name for its great food, but it has also got a cracking pool for customers and a ‘light bites’ daytime menu. Add some of the best cocktails in town and you can’t really find a better place to enjoy this sweltering heat. Relish Restaurant is located along the San Antonio bay road. Head along past Pinet Playa and turn right at the sign for the Hotel Milord.




Review: Ibiza Roots Festival

Claire B

Last Thursday the Ibiza Roots Festival returned to Dalt Vila in the stunning setting of the Baluarte de Santa Llucia. The intention of the festival is to put on ‘world music under the stars’, and that is exactly what they do. When I arrived at the venue, Nima and Supermads (France/Ibiza) were already entertaining the crowd that was assembling. Towards the end of their set they handed out plastic red noses to the crowd and with the painted cardboard hearts on sticks that the organisers handed out for people to wave around, the party atmosphere soon started to get going. Next up were Onda Vaga from Argentina, who filled the stage with musicians (playing guitars, brass instruments, percussion and the frontman/singer) as the sun went down behind the hills in the distance. They are big on the festival circuit internationally and in Europe and they soon had the crowd dancing along with them to their fusion of rumba, cumbia, reggae, folk, rock and tango music, waving their hearts around as they did. The headliners were Balkan Beat Box from Brooklyn, who have both Eastern and gypsy musical influences, tinged with elements of hip-hop and dancehall. The singer paced around the stage when he wasn’t playing percussion and soon had the crowd where he wanted them, dancing away under the stars, as they waved their hearts around in the air.

Ibiza Roots always put on a good event. It was well organised, all the staff are friendly, the drinks are reasonably priced and the atmosphere is great, attended mainly by island locals who just want to enjoy and dance to the music. The next Ibiza Roots Festival event is scheduled for July 9th in the same location. More info is on Facebook on the Ibiza Roots Festival page:



Formentera Fashion Show ‘15

Nicole Torres

The Formentera Fashion Show, which celebrates its eighth edition this year, returns to its origins and will be held next July 10th from 10.30pm on the Paseo de la Marina, at the port of La Savina, where the first edition was held.

This year they have substantially changed the dynamics of the past editions, in which non-professional models were used to show the collections of local artists. This time the Consell has chosen to resort to the professional services of the Ibizan agency Deva Models Ibiza and the famous model (Miss Spain 2011) Andrea Huisgen will participate. The presentation of the gala will be given by the actress and model Monica Pont.

The firms participating in the catwalk are Mayoral, Eva Cardona, Amor Mondial, Ishvara, Macrame, B-7, Mundo Insólito, Vanitaly, Elena Hurtado de Obi and the invited ibizan designes Toni Bonet and Elisa Pomar.

As usual, some firms will be presenting accessories such as handbags and shoes like Ishvara and jewelry like Majoral and Elisa Pomar. Meanwhile, Eva Cardona and Toni Bonet will present wedding dresses.

All participants have a deep relationship with the island, which often is a source of inspiration for their designs.


PJ’s Arty Party


Carly Sorensen

When I heard that a new arts and crafts place had opened where you could design your own ceramics, I had visions of daubing gaudy colour onto plaster of Paris Ibiza souvenir molds in a paint splattered and sweaty room with a hot kiln burning away at the back. What I encountered when I entered PJ’s Arty Party just a few minutes walk from the seafront in Escouldn’t have been further from this. I was greeted warmly by South African owners Pierre and Julia and shown into a bright, airy, cheerfully and vibrantly painted, cool and sparklingly clean (‘She’s a bit OCD with the cleaning,’ says Pierre with a grin when my friend Rhian compliments them on their spotlessness ‘I came in to find she’d scrubbed the shelves in the kiln the other morning.’) room. Said kiln is tucked away at the back, and firing is done outside of opening hours to avoid sweaty punters!

After selecting items to personalise from the shelves upon shelves of options; ranging from tiles and fridge magnets to moulded animals, trinket boxes, mugs, cups and plates and priced from just a few euros; Rhian, her son Blue, myself and Ela are shown to a cosy little booth with a round table topped with paints, brushes and a vast array of other painting tools and shown a little tile with examples of the final colours of the paints, so we know what the finished colours will look like before we start work. There are also typical Ibicencan lizards painted, glazed and fired in each of the available colours displayed on the wall over the kiln to give a better idea of colour on a larger piece.

Blue’s selected a bunny trinket box and, after perusing the geckos and selecting vibrant blues and yellows with which to paint his bunny, he gets right to work. Ela’s not quite so cooperative and leaves me to select colours for the heart shaped plate Pierre recommended we put her handprints on whilst she marches around pointing at things then sits down at a little Lego station to play. After some persuasion from myself and Julia, terminating in Julia painting my hand in turquoise paint (‘I’ve never done this before,’ she says ‘I have to say it’s much easier on a grown up who stays still!’) so I can show Ela what we want her to do, Ela gets on board and allows Julia to paint both of her hands and print them onto the plate. She then decides she wants to finger paint and have a go with the brushes and sponges so Julia gets her a little tile to get creative with whilst I add flourishes and words to our plate. It’s really very calming and therapeutic and I find myself rather enjoying it, despite Ela painting my arm and face as I work.

By this point Blue has had enough of painting and delegated Rhian to finish the job whilst he plays with the Lego. She actually seems very happy with this and the two of us sit and calmly paint reflecting on how nice it is. And how much nicer it might be with a glass of cava (‘You could always bring your own!’ Laughs Julia). Not just for kids, this place. It’s proving popular with adults too. Rhian and I chat with Julia as we paint and she tells us many adults come in to accompany their kids and end up creating their own pieces or even come in alone or in couples and groups, one romantic couple had just created a plate to commemorate their 30th anniversary. We comment that it would be a good place for a party and Julia tells us they already do a range of options for kids parties and are available to rent for grown ups too. They also go out and set up craft corners at events, hotels, street parties… you name it!

Once our pieces are finished Pierre tells us we can collect them in 24 hours. Or have them delivered for a small fee. They can even package and post items abroad (for the postage fee, of course) if you happen to go in on the last day of your holidays or want to send an alternative postcard. Possibly the most accommodating and friendly service you could find. Great for tourists and residents alike and fun for all ages… get down there and see for yourselves!


At Night


Sophia V.

The Ibiza Rocks line-up is impressive as ever this year.

Wednesday 24th June, I went to see Sigma.

Acts before Sigma were Krept and Konan, who are MTV’s 2015 best newcomer.  The MC-ing really got the crowd going, and everyone was dancing and jumping around. The DJ and female vocalist were also brilliant too! Great selection of remixed songs, in particular, Chase and Status – No Problem, and Eminem – Lose Yourself,

The event was absolutely packed, with a lively excited crowd.

So, about Sigma… They are a duo from Leeds, Cameron Edwards and Joe Lenzie. They’ve had number 1 singles including Bound 2 and Changing. Sigma’s Drum and bass remix of Kanye West’s – Nobody To Love went straight to the top of the charts, 55 places ahead of the original tune. In my opinion it’s much better than Kanye’s, and extremely catchy. Oh, and the summery video too!

When Sigma came on the stage, they played amazing drum and bass. It was literally tune after tune.

One of which they played was Changing featuring Paloma Faith. They have mastered the remix on this tune, and the crowd absolutely loved it.

Ibiza Rocks always brings such good acts and DJ’s that there’s no need for all the extra entertainment in respect of dancers, fancy laser-lighting, OTT sets, as the music really does speak for itself.

And it just goes to show that drum and bass definitely isn’t dying.

The links for the some of the songs Sigma have remixed are below:




At Night


Review: One party

Claire B

On Saturday, BE-AT.TV and Ibiza Sonica Radio threw a huge, free party in the port in Ibiza Town. Called ‘One’, its purpose was to announce the merger between the two companies and will see them putting on more live streaming shows around the world. The DJ line-up of Reboot b2b Melanie Ribbe, Dosem, Harvard Bass, Guy Gerber, Matthias Tanzmann, Nic Fanciulli, with support from Igor Marijuan and José Padilla entertained the crowds whilst large inflatable seagulls were steered and manoeuvred overhead. As the sun set and day turned into night the light show and visuals around the stage kicked in creating an amazing visual spectacle. The icing on the cake was provided by a female acrobat performing from a balloon above the crowd and the finale of lights and CO2 jets from the stage just before it ended at midnight.

The merger sees electronic music live video streaming platform BE-AT.TV today joining forces with non-commercial Ibiza radio station Ibiza Sonica, a leading online and FM radio station committed to spreading the music of Ibiza worldwide. Ibiza Sonica was founded in 2006 by Igor Marijuan and Miguel Valverde in an effort to deliver the best of Ibiza’s underground sounds worldwide, with the station’s simultaneous Internet and FM broadcasts reaching listeners around the world. With over 10 million listeners per month, Ibiza Sonica’s exclusive content features a mix of the freshest Ibiza tunes, international guest DJs and live on-location broadcasts from some of the biggest club and festival events. The San Rafael-based Sonica complex also comprises a record label, recording studio, touring agency, events broadcast services and management services for a number of additional branded radio stations. Igor Marijuan and Miguel Valverde will continue their roles as joint managing directors. Ibiza Sonica is now broadcasting on a new FM frequency, 92.4.


Gay Pride Ibiza

Claire B

This year sees Ibiza having its very own Gay Pride celebrations, taking place in various locations and venues on the island between July 8th-12th, under the banner of ‘The colour comes home’.

It starts on Thursday July 8th with various opening and cultural events. There are activities from 4pm till very late in Calle de la Virgen where there will be street theatre, street dance and acrobatics. On the port stage at 7pm there is a welcome address, followed by performances by La Unión, Anne Shine and Leblond. Later at 2am the official Gay Pride opening party starts – Café Olé and beyond at Space. There’s a daily party each day at Chiringay on Es Cavallet beach, with drag queens and guest DJs.

The highlight for many will be the parade in Ibiza Town on Saturday July 11th, starting at 8pm. Beginning in the Avda. Alcalde Bartomeu de Roselló, continues along Avda. Santa Eulalia, and ends in Ibiza’s port, the LGTB rights parade will include floats from several Ibizan institutions and businesses. At the end of the parade on the port stage there’ll be LGTB rights statements from Kike Sarasola (President of Room Mate Hotels) and his husband and business partner Carlos Marrero, plus a performance by Ibizan singer Rebeka Brown. Music and performances continue until midnight.

Over the 5 days there are lots of daytime parties and club nights happening in Space, Ushuaïa, Bora Bora, Benimussa Park, Privilege, Amnesia and Ánfora amongst others. The main party takes place on Saturday July 11th at Privilege after the parade, featuring Ben Manson, Javier Gonzalez, Steve Redant and Rebeka Brown in the Main Room and Asaf Dolev, Manuel Carranco and Saeed Ali in the Sala Vista.

Bracelets are on sale for 200€ which give access to all the main club events. More info and the full programme of events is at:




At Night


Children of the 80s. HRH

Claire B

Last Sunday saw the first of the ‘Children of the 80s’ weekly nights at The Hard Rock Hotel. On the line-up were Boney M, Corona, Robin S and Alexia and it was free for everyone to attend. They were encouraging everyone to dress up in 80s clobber to get into the spirit – in subsequent weeks there’ll be free entrance for those who dress up. On arrival at the venue, it was nice to see all the staff on the door had dressed up and to see a bunch of streetdancers doing their thing outside and a live band playing whilst we went in. Inside there were a couple of huge montages of images and stars from the 80s for people to use as a backdrop for their selfies: think of 80s pop stars with big hair, the first computers and computer games, smileys, video cassettes and Walkman’s! In front of the stage a few ‘Rubik’s’ cubes were dotted around that turned into podiums for dancers later on.

The Dream Team Reload DJs were playing a great mix of classic 80s tunes from The Human League, Madonna, Soft Cell, OMD and the like with the videos played on the large screen at the back of the stage behind them. The 80s after all, became the video age!

Corona was the first act onto the stage at 9.30pm and she quickly had people from the crowd up on the stage dancing with her, before performing an impressive acappella version of Whitney Houston’s ‘I will always love you’. Ending with the hit ‘Rhythm of the night’ she disappeared into the crowd and sang amongst them for most of the song. A good start to the evening’s proceedings.

After a break of 15 minutes and some more classic tunes from the DJs, Robin S took to the stage and belted out ‘Show me love’ as well as Phyllis Hyman’s soul classic ‘You know how to love me’ and a couple of other tunes, to a backdrop of Space Invaders graphics (another blast from the past).

Next up was Alexia, who was joined onstage by a guitarist and paced around the stage as she performed hit songs including ‘Number one’ and ‘Uh La La La’.

Finally, for 25 minutes Boney M sang many of their hits, performing in front of videos of the group from back in the day. ‘Rivers of Babylon’ had everyone with their arms in the air, swaying from side to side and towards the end of their set they were joined on the stage by all the Hard Rock dancers, with the finale seeing the launch of the confetti cannons and CO2 jets over the crowd, who were all dancing and loving every minute.

If you lived through the 80s and 90s or know the acts and their songs (as I did on both counts) it was a fun night out. Hard Rock really made an effort to create the setting for a great party and the people that went there, many dressed up, made for a fun, party atmosphere and something a little bit different for Ibiza. Next Sunday the line-up is Imagination (feat. John Lee), Gala Rizzatto, Ice MC and SNAP! and each week it is free for Ibiza residents and those in 80s fancy dress. Check the website for the weekly line-ups:



At Night


At Night


Slip ‘n’ Stan, Reminiscing


Stan Farrow

After spending an extremely pleasurable day re-organizing the office and giving it a good scrub down, The Ibizan team decided it might be quite nice to ditch the mops and go for a well-earned works outing. No cars, no taxis, just a little on foot adventure.

I had vaguely planned my route to meet up with the rest of the team at Hed Kandi’s launch party at Es Paradis. I call it a route; it’s more like a starting point and a straight line from the Bay Bar along the front by the beach. With map in hand, I indulge in a Mojito or two and catch up with Bay Bar host, Miguel. This seems to start a pattern for the night, as we reminisce about the ‘90s and bore everyone within ear-shot.

I bid my loud farewells and manage to make the mammoth 3 second walk to Tulp/Tulip/Tulipan bar for another rum based beverage. I have to be careful. Tulp is so nicely relaxed and I’ve done so much mopping, that my brain is thinking I’m winding down for the night. Luckily my brain is a weak object and I can fool it into staying awake by throwing another shot of Hierbas at it and going into the raucous centres of loudness that are Itaca and Ibiza Rocks bar. I’m now reminiscing with a moustachioed PR who wasn’t even born in the year I’m waffling on about, and decide it may be better for the lad’s sanity if I took a sobering walk. I’ll be honest, the walk didn’t really work – nor did the Hierbas, rum and atmosphere of Plastik as I meet up with Nick the editor, and hope he has managed to indulge in a similar amount of stupid.


Nick Gibbs

Unfortunately I haven’t had time to indulge in anything more exciting than Ethernet cabling and installing colour profiles, you see that’s the thing with Stan and most journalists, they think the fun ends at mopping, and so under my default state of late I meet Stan and our fellow party people outside of Es Paradis and realise that I’ve an awful lot of catching up to do. We walk in and head straight for the bar before timing it beautifully to catch the start of the show from a prime position.—at the bar. It’s pretty good—the outfits are nice and figure hugging, the choreography is pretty snappy and the beauty of Es Paradis makes a nice stage. I’ll be thinking of tonight’s Hed Kandi as a warm up as we’ve been asked to do a full review of the Ocean Beach party—and that is one we are definitely looking forward to—Hed Kandi and Ocean Beach, it just works.

Show done, drinks done and time to pop over the road to check out Faux Basement in Eden. It’s pretty much the opposite of Hed Kandi—minimal lighting, minimal music and minimal screeching. This is all about the music, although we do manage to make it to the bar of course.

Great to see the heart of San An’s Clubbing scene alive and kicking at both ends of the spectrum but next we’re round to what has to be considered the main event on our reminiscing ramble. Stan seems to be getting a bit of 6 year old on Christmas eve excitement about him so we grab our glowsticks and get round the bay to Summun to check out* Strictly Old Skool.

Summun only opens rarely for these special events and  judging by Stan’s despair at the sorry state of the sound system, it once held a prestige that has long since faded, though the lack of regular ventilation did provide an authentic aroma of a few hundred nineties/noughties ravers in full sweat.

Sam’s distress at the jaded gem seemed akin to meeting an old girlfriend who had slipped into a life of drug addiction and self abuse. Perhaps feeling some inner guilt at his leaving her way back when, and triggering  the start of her decline he found himself unable to face the ravages of time etched on her face he fled the building. Or he probably just wanted a fag.

I stayed for as much of a jig as the sticky floors would allow, thinking it would let him fulfil his reminiscing requirements before I joined him again.

When we met again I found him deep in back n forth banter with Slipmatt of whom I’d already heard some of his most halcyon tales. Realising it was going to be a long haul I decided the only sensible thing was to settle back and enjoy the show—and actually that’s the size of it. There is no chore in listening to what usually bloody good tales. May as well get some content out of it so being the consummate professional I set the phone to record and here is a few minutes worth of the Stan n Slipmatt reunion show. At least here are some of the heavily edited extracts I can publish without fear of causing havoc …


: Stan: Do you remember the time when we were both djing in Simples for Julian? (Ed: It’s now Soul City.) I was a tad leathered and managed to forget my records. I had managed to find some tobacco though which was a mission so, when asked if I’d brought records, I replied no, but I’ve got my fags. He never let’s me forget.


: Slipmatt: Ha, I remember when a very messy Alex P, remembered his records but forgot his clothes. He walked into Bar M (Ed: now Ibiza Rocks Bar) in the middle of the day with no clothes on, stark b naked, except for his record bag. He didn’t seem to know why he was naked or be that bothered he was.


: Stan: Those two were insane. Have you heard about the bus? A trolleyed Alex P and Brandon Block were walking past a full bus. They noticed that there was no driver, probably a toilet stop, the door was open and the bus was running. They thought it would be a good idea to jump in and do the route. They drove around for ages paralytic, and were picking people up and dropping off all over the place. They were even collecting fares. Of course they paid a price when the Guardia caught up with them.


: Slipmatt: He was presenting a TV programme which involved Bora Bora’s spiderman doing aerobics on the beach with loads of girls. He was late turning up because he was at Space. Minutes later he rocks up on a moped which he crashes into a bush. Turns out he paid 300 euro for it in Space car park to make the 200 metre journey to the beach, ….


And on they go. We rest of the Ibizan move along for nightcaps/sunups and find ourselves in the last stand bar of many a long night Mar I Pins,  which had the usual mix of workers on the upward curve of their night, and tourists by now functioning on no more than incoherence and an inbuilt genetic need to keep going till they stop you. 5 minutes in they played Slipmatt’s “On A Ragga Trip” to a highly appreciative dancefloor. “I´ve just been chatting to him up the road” I told the couple of local lads I was catching up with. “yeah right mate, David Guetta was just in here for jagerbombs and pizza.”

Fair enough.




Interview: Steve Norman, Spandau Ballet

Claire B

Spandau Ballet are playing at Ibiza Rocks on August 19 and are set to be one of the hottest tickets at the venue this summer, as Ibiza Rocks celebrates it’s 10th birthday. Spandau Ballet broke out of the new romantic scene and playing in clubs to become global superstars by the mid 1980s. Commercial success saw them notch up 23 hit singles and sell 25 million albums worldwide. But in 1989 it all imploded and band members took each other to court over song-writing royalties. However, reconciliation got them back to together in 2009 and they’ve been touring and writing new material on and off ever since.


Steve Norman, who plays guitar, saxophone and percussion with Spandau Ballet was on the island last week and I managed to grab 20 minutes with him at The Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes. He lived here for 12 years from 1993 so I was interested to know about his connection with the island and hear a bit more about the first time that the band played here at Ku in 1981. He also talked about Spandau’s current tour and what can we expect from the gig in August as well as his musical projects outside of Spandau. Stays at Pikes, Bowie, Mick Ronson, Iggy Pop and Kenny Everett also came up in the conversation, so read on.


What’s your personal relationship with Ibiza?


Where do I start on that? It started when we played in 1981. Spandau came over and played the Ku Club and I just immediately fell in love with the island – I connected – and from that time I came back every year. I eventually met Menchu, who was to be my wife, and I moved here in 1993, moved here from London. She’s Spanish so we met on the island and my daughter was born here, my kids grew up here and we stayed for 12 years until 2005. And in that time, I guess when Spandau fell apart, I kind of looked around, I got involved in dance music of course because that’s what was prevalent on the island. I probably didn’t look at the saxophone for a little while because it was so painful, the split, the Spandau split. I actually escaped from England, I needed to get away and it was a logical step to come here.


So you moved here when the band broke up?


Yes, when we broke up. I was in a bad place at the time. I can look back on it now and think it was a fantastic opportunity that it gave me, to come to Ibiza and discover it. It opened up a whole new world for me. I met friends, Spanish friends – I’ve still got friends here who are like family and still keep in touch. I got right into the Spanish culture and of course a bit of the Ibicencan. So when I came here, I realised that as I was having my little mini nervous breakdown, in Ibiza, you can really find yourself, you know. You know when you lose yourself sometimes, after the breakdown of the band, I kind of thought, well, what am I? I always thought about five people all the time and they were always saying, you’re on your own, and I had to deal with that, I didn’t know where my next step was, and coming to Ibiza helped me to look in a little bit more and it re-energised me. People always talk about the energy of Ibiza, you know I don’t think there are actually ley lines that cross here despite what people say, but I do think that there is an energy to this island, and whenever I come back I feel it immediately walking out of the airport. You know, not just the sun and the quality of life which I miss, which everyone misses when they move back to England or wherever. It’s the energy and I just think that the thing for me that charges my batteries more than anything in the world, is a trip to Ibiza. So I immersed myself into local culture. I had a page in the Ibiza Now magazine which I don’t think is going now, I had a page reviewing CDs, so I would mix it up with known popular bands or artists or whatever and also include some local talent as well. I had some really nice satisfying projects that weren’t money spinning, they didn’t earn much money, for example a compilation album called Made in Ibiza, which was a double album and I looked for all the music and compiled music from musicians and producers from all over the island, you know Paco Fernadez, Jose Padilla, Lenny Ibizarre, Rafa Peletey who is my good friend and collaborator on many things that we did in Ibiza, and you know, compilations for Savannah and the likes. And playing live as well. I got back into the saxophone with DJs and I then went on when I got back to England, I worked with Hed Kandi, Ministry of Sound with the whole dance thing, so soulful house, funky house with a live sax player which was me. And that was very timely because I’d spent two years playing most weekends on the planet somewhere in a club and I just got my act together, it made me play better, and it meant I was playing all the time. And that coincided in 2009 with Spandau getting back together again, and so I was ready to go. That tour was really a little bit more like testing the water to see if we could work with each other. Since then, that was five years ago now, we’re very close together now, the rest of us boys. Spandau’s never been in a better place – we’re such good, deep friends, we go back years – we have a big history together. And it’s quite fitting really that we’re coming to Ibiza, because I’ve been trying, thinking about that for years – it’s my spiritual home in a way, and after that 34 years ago gig, it’s 34 years ago, in Ku, I never would have dreamed, not only what would have happened between now and then, but I didn’t think it would be 34 years before we got back to play in Ibiza.


So what was that gig like back in 1981, 34 years ago?


Well I’d heard about Ibiza back then but I just heard it was some kind of new holiday destination, it wasn’t the epicentre of dance music like it is now, like what it became. And I just remember the club was just, I mean it was the biggest club in the world then as it still is I think and the fact that it didn’t have a roof, it just blew my mind really. I mean the music was kind of like, there was a lot of top 40 stuff in there it wasn’t all dance music by no means, but it was quite an eclectic mix, and I remember the public being, they didn’t dress cool at all, a lot of them were hippies, or you know, Ibiza stylee but comfortable, you know. There was certainly no club coolness about it, about Ibiza, about Ku back then – it’s probably different know I think. And I remember the Cocoloco bar, which was a weird concept, a bar that only sold one drink and that was Cocoloco’s. That affected the band, I think. We said to Tony go and open a bottle of champagne onstage and he promptly went and opened it all over the monitors. And they released a bull, a little one, a little torrito in the audience so there was this little bull running around, it was absurd and then it fell into the swimming pool and I remember people fishing him out, the poor little thing. He was alright, but I just thought that was a bit weird, why would you really want a bull in a discotheque, it’s a bit dangerous isn’t it? A bit weird, so you know, that kind of thing, only in Ibiza, you know you only do that in Ibiza.


And what was the reaction to the band that night?


Yeah, it was incredible – they’d never seen anything like it. I mean there’s not many photographs of that time around, and there’s only one or two of us, I don’t think there’s any of us playing live, but I know there’s one or two pictures from the sound check, in the daytime. There was a swimming pool at Ku, by the main dancefloor there was a swimming pool and there was a stage suspended above it, and there’s shots of us there. I just hadn’t seen anything like it. I went in the daytime, I got to know the owners of Ku – Gorri, Javier and Brasilio – and they let me hang out in this most amazing place, the biggest club in the world, which was open in the daytime. The reaction was fantastic. Spandau are quite a melody-based band, our songs are very melodic, and the Spanish, and the Italians as well, the latins, they love all that stuff. So from the first single release in 1980, ‘To cut a long story short’, Spain was on our side and they’ve been there ever since. Some countries jumped on board at ‘True’, the Americans, that was the big one in America, ‘I’ll fly for you’ was the first hit in Italy and they just went Spandau mania after that. So what we’re doing now live and what we will be doing on the 19th is showing people who maybe didn’t know what happened before ‘True’ in 1983, what we were doing, what the band sounded like, so we sort of go back to our roots a little bit in one section of the show. I enjoy that, it gives me a chance to strap on an electric guitar, a Gibson SG and rock out. Gary Kemp goes on the synthesiser, a monophonic synthesiser, and we’re back to the cool, clubby days. And it’s become a little bit of a homage to Steve Strange our dear friend who passed away recently, and that whole section … And of course we’ve got three new numbers to show that we’re actually moving forward, we’re not just retro, but most of all of course we play all the hits because that’s what people want to hear.




I was going to ask you, you’ve got quite a big tour coming up and it’s good to see that you’re still playing interesting venues, like you’re playing a couple of racecourses and a winery in California.


That’s right. Well we’ve been touring since January. We started in America and then we went to Europe, all through Europe and Australia and New Zealand, we’re going back to America back to Germany, we played there as well. And that was the tour proper and now we’re going to carry on throughout the summer until September/October playing as you say, in wineries, festivals and racecourses, a lot of it in the UK but also in Europe. We’re going back to Italy, we’re playing Taormina, Verona – in a big amphitheatre in Verona – it’s going to look spectacular. This is the really good bit, as you say, playing really interesting venues. We played Barcelona the other night – it was in the Palacio de Pedralbes, and the backdrop is the royal palace and we played in front of that. You know, those kind of things, open air gigs, I love them, I absolutely love open air gigs.


So is the band now in a position where you can kind of choose where you play and how much you play?


We’re in a better position now because we’ve had to prove ourselves again as a live band, but that’s our forte you know. We always thought that, we always said that, and I think many bands say that their live sound is never captured on record. I think we’ve kind of done that with these three new tunes – they sound really like Spandau. But since we’ve been touring we’ve really progressed, not just this year but, I’ve never stopped playing music so musically I think I’m playing better, we’re all playing better as a band than ever. And people underestimate us I think if I’m honest about how well we can play as musicians and we’re kind of addressing that this time round. It’s not all about the clothes. [I laugh] Because you’re probably going to say something about that too [he laughs].


I wasn’t actually [laughs].


So Ibiza Rocks has successfully been able to integrate live music on an island that has become known predominantly for dance music and its clubs. What do you think about that?


Well yeah, I understand that this is the epicentre of dance music and why not, why should good old rock take the back seat – I think there’s room for all of it really. And I particularly like the fusion of it. What it has done is make people look at using dance music with the guitar, the electric guitar and it’s taking music off in a different sort of tributary really.


Because that’s kind of what Spandau did really, but you did it the other way round, you were taking live music into clubs weren’t you in the early days?


Yeah. I mean we were like a dance, four on the floor, dance band really. ‘To cut a long story short’ is, that first album was really for dancing to. And it makes sense that we’ve come back to what could be our spiritual home, it’s certainly mine. Yeah, it’s going to be really interesting, it’s going to be amazing. I mean the reaction since we said we were going to do this is fantastic. Ibiza Rocks, they get a lot of indie bands obviously and the main bands. But I’m really pleased that Spandau is, there’s a vibe about this gig and it’s tangible, everyone is really excited about it, and that’s great.


There’s definitely a vibe on the island for it, certainly amongst people of a certain age, like myself [laughs], but a lot of people I know are really excited about it.


There’s a lot of 30 year olds out there, absolutely [laughs].


You’ve recently been performing David Bowie’s album ‘The Man Who Sold the World’ with Holy Holy, with Tony Visconti [the album’s producer], Woody Woodmansey [one of the original Spiders from Mars members] and Glenn Gregory [from Heaven 17] amongst others. That must have been an amazing experience?


Yes, unfortunately they’re doing it now, they’re on tour again and I can’t do it because I’m with Spandau. I’m going to join them on Monday at Shepherd’s Bush Empire and I’m going to sing a song as a special guest – I haven’t got time to do the whole set. But that’s going well. That was an idea that a friend of mine had a couple of years ago and it’s a homage to The Spiders. Woody Woodmansey, Trevor Boulder sadly passed away, he was going to be involved in it, he was the bass player from the Spiders From Mars. Mick Ronson of course is no longer with us but Woody is around.


Mick’s daughter and his niece are singing aren’t they?


Yeah, Lisa and Hannah Berridge Ronson his niece and his sister Maggy Ronson are singing – I’m not sure if Maggy is on this tour but we’ve got 3 Ronson’s there, there’s a big connection there with Mick Ronson, who is one of the underestimated guitarists ever. I think also as far as his contribution to that period with Bowie he never really gets the credit he deserves you know. He was responsible for that album – him and Visconti actually put the music together from ideas that Bowie had and then Bowie would then complete the songs afterwards, writing the lyrics. But there’s a whole body of work there that Ronson really should have got credit for I think. It’s nothing to do with me I know, but in a way we’re helping to highlight that. And his first string arrangement was ‘Life on Mars’, that’s his first go, he just put his hand up, they said we can’t afford to do the string arrangements, and he just put his hand up and said “I’ll have a go”, and you just listen to that on ‘Life on Mars’, the strings and the orchestra at the end [he sings the riff], all that stuff, look, it makes my skin, you know [he shows me the goosebumps on his arm], I think it’s amazing, he was such a talent. It’s just fantastic to be around Woody, to hear the stories – he’s very funny, Woody. And hearing tracks like ‘Five years’ you know with that iconic drum entrance [he mimics the drum riff], I mean, it’s him, it sounds like him, you’re there and it’s freaky. For me it’s actually a wonderful labour of love, because I’m a fan and I’ll never stop being a fan. And because of that as well, I was asked by, there was another homage to Iggy Pop and a certain period of Iggy Pop and The Stooges featuring one or two members of his band which I did at the ICA, The Institute of Contemporary Art in London in The Mall, and Iggy heard about that and I met him at a radio show and we got on really well and he asked me to join him on stage last week at Wembley Stadium because Iggy was supporting The Foo Fighters, but they had to cancel because Dave Grohl broke his leg. I’m kind of hopeful because I couldn’t do it, I was in Barcelona, so when they reschedule I might be able to do it, but my point being, is to be asked by people like that, Iggy Pop, I’m a massive fan, especially him and Bowie living in Berlin together. I now almost live in Berlin at the moment for a lot of the time, my girlfriend is from there, and I just thought it’s, of course it’s the best job in the world, but that makes it so, the fact that someone you admire so much, you get a chance to share a stage with them. I’ll never stop being a fan, yeah, of music.


You played a few times in Ibiza in the summer of 2013 with Rusty Egan and he was DJing and you were playing some percussion and sax over the records. I saw a couple of those and really enjoyed them. Are there any plans for you and Rusty to do that again over here?


Really? I’ve done a load of that stuff. Not necessarily always with Rusty. Before that and before Spandau got back together in 2009 I was working with Hed Kandi, I told you didn’t I? Rusty knew about that, and then when we got back together, when Spandau got back together, Rusty would open the show. So he would play The Blitz era songs before we went on – we never had a support band really, but we do have Rusty Egan and when that tour came to an end he said well why don’t we sort of combine forces and do what I was doing with Hed Kandi but with him as the DJ. He’s plays sort of, they are generally 80s tunes, but really cool ones, remixes, not top 10 singles, and I’d just improvise. Yeah we do do the odd one here and there.


I think that worked really well in Ibiza but I guess you’ve just got busy now with Spandau.


Yeah, well that’s it, it seems to have taken over now. I’m sure we’ll do some more – Rusty is very keen to do it. In fact he’ll be here in this very room I think on the 19th playing some tunes, so I may bring my sax along, who knows. Make sure you get a ticket.


Oh, I’m going to be here, don’t you worry. Are you ever able to come to Pikes without thinking of Wham’s Club Tropicana?


Yeah, that doesn’t, yeah I know, I don’t think of that you see. I think of the time when I was here with Kenny Everett and that. He was a friend of mine, we met here and I’ve got loads of video footage around Pikes, of him mucking about basically. We got on like a house on fire, he was a lovely man, so … and then, it’s funny, there’s a programme, a documentary coming up, and I’ve been asked to be interviewed next week and hand over all this footage of Kenny. They’re doing a documentary on Kenny Everett and I’ve got some lovely stuff – some of it can’t be used, but he really wasn’t very PC, Kenny, he was ‘everything was in the worst possible taste’ [laughs and mimics Kenny’s voice repeating the phrase], but he was a great man, I loved him, I really miss him.


Do you think Martin will be bringing Shirlie here for drinks around the pool when you’re here in August? [For anyone that might not know, Spandau’s bassist Martin Kemp is married to Shirlie Holliman who was one of Wham’s backing singers and had a starring role in the video for Club Tropicana which was shot at Pikes.]


[Laughs]. We spent a lot of time actually me Martin, Shirlie and my then girlfriend at Pikes. Yeah, you know, Tony Pike is a legend isn’t he? I haven’t seen him for quite a while, and I spent the afternoon with him yesterday, just hanging out and going over old anecdotes, you know, just catching up really, it was nice to see him. No, Pikes is great. I came here in I think it was 1986 and stayed a few months. Well I was doing this sneaky tax year you know when you don’t go back to the UK, you can only spend a certain amount of time in the UK for tax reasons, and when I broke my leg in LA it kind of cut the tour short so everyone went back to the UK for a little while and I thought I don’t really want to go back to the UK so I thought I’ll go to Ibiza, I’ll go to Pikes, and I forgot to leave. You should have seen my bill at the end of it, oh God. [Laughs]


[Laughs] OK, I think we had better stop. Well thank you very much and I’m looking forward to seeing you in August.


Yeah, I’m looking forward to it myself.


Food & Drink


Playa Bella Best of British

Nick Gibbs

The promenade fronting Playa Bella hotel terrace has always been a popular choice for good food at very good prices and for many is Ibiza’s spiritual home for bingo and hotel cabaret nights. They have now added a traditional Sunday Roast to their menu and we were pleased to accept an invitation to try this and – what the chef said – would be something a little different to start. We waited expectantly and were very pleased when he served another home favourite, the Ploughman’s lunch, but as you can see from the photograph we cannot describe this as a Ploughman’s of ordinary standards. The home-made pork pie was excellent and only marginally better than the accompanying ingredients of apple, cheese, tomato, local ham, pickled onions, lovely bread and of course pickle.

Onto the main event, and I have to concede that I’m not a summer roast lunch devotee as I always associate our national dish with winter days in front of log fires more than in blazing sun on a Mediterranean beach. The Playa Bella’s offering did much to change my mind and for several good reasons. The vegetables and potatoes were all cooked on the side of al dente and this reduced the stodge factor, leaving me feeling much lighter after the meal than would have been the case at my mum’s table. Also it was great to see that the vegetarian option that I selected had some thought behind it and wasn’t straight from the shop freezer.

And finally, perhaps the greatest accolade of all is that the chef has managed to take the title of best pork crackling away from all of the other cracklings I’ve discovered on my extensive travels. A winning menu in a great location, with sea breeze on your face.




How to sleep in the Spanish heat

A currently very useful article written by Carolina García for El Pais

Is it possible to sleep coolly in the Spanish summer without air conditioning? Tradition says yes. Ancient Egyptians used to moisten their bedclothes to sleep better and combat heat waves, which pose a serious risk to public health. According to the results of a scientific study carried out by the Spanish National Research Council, mortality rates for those aged over 75 increase 20.1 percent for each degree that the maximum daily temperature rises above 36ºC.

Our ancestors have passed down to us a long legacy of tricks for staying cool. You can sleep under cotton sheets, for example, which aid perspiration. At the same time you can also put your sheets in the fridge or freezer inside a plastic bag for a few minutes before sleeping – they won’t stay cool the whole night, but it will be long enough for you to fall asleep – or fill a hot water bottle with cold water to cool down your bed. Here are a few more suggestions.

  1. Be creative.Come up with methods to stop hot air from entering the room. For instance, point a fan toward the windows, or place a bowl full of ice or very cold water in front of the fan to cool the air further. A damp sheet placed over the window also helps.
  2. Wear light pyjamas.That’s the advice from the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), though you can also sleep naked if you like. It’s a question of preference. According to a study by the Association of American Cotton Producers Cotton USA carried out in the UK, 57 percent of people who sleep naked are happier in their relationship with their partner.
  3. Apply compressesdipped in lukewarm waterparts of the body most sensitive to heat, such as the neck, elbows, ankles and the backs of the knees. The contact with cool water has a refrigerating effect that triggers a narrowing of the blood vessels, heating up the skin. In turn, the heat cools you down as a result of the difference in the surrounding temperature, explains the CDC.
  4. Sleep alone. It’s the best thing to stay cool. Sleeping alongside someone else increases your body temperature and makes the bedclothes cling, explains dormir.org.es,website devoted to sleep problems. What’s more, doing so at floor level will make you even cooler as hot air tends to rise.
  5. Shower in warm waterto reduce your body temperature. This is a good tip for feeling fresh and clean. Many people say that, even though the shock of a cold shower produces an instant feeling of coolness, it reactivates your body and energy consumption, which makes you feel the heat more quickly afterwards than if you had showed in warm water, explains theHealth Institute., be sure to keep your feet cool as heat enters the body here. Washing them before you turn in for the night or sleeping with them outside the bed are two good tips.
  6. Eat salad for dinner. Avoid big meals and hot dishes such as stews, soups and roast chicken. These force the body to produce more heat in order to digest them. A yoghurt, salad or that Spanish summer favourite, cold, are perfect for summer nights. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water, the WHO says: the body uses it to get rid of heat.
  7. Turn off all lights and electronic gadgets. Putting them on standby is not enough: they go on using energy and giving off heat, according to theEnergy Agency– between five and 10 percent of what they would use when switched on. Also: replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent ones, which produce the same amount of light but use a fifth of the energy and give off less heat, according to the emergencies centre in Arlington, Virginia.

Lastly, if you are able to sleep out in the open air, do so. Set up a camp on the roof or head out into the country to sleep close to a place next to water (the moisture in the air has a cooling effect), turning a night of stifling heat into one of adventure.


Mind Body & Soul


Sweet Dreams

Sabina Brownstein

Do you remember your dreams and understand their messages, or do you have difficulties recalling and interpreting them? Scientific studies have shown that everyone has dreams – even people who are blind. In fact, most of us spend approximately 20% of our total sleep time dreaming – which means that we dream for about an hour and a half most nights. It is normal to experience an average of four to five dreams per night, but one can have as few as two or as many as nine. Those who say that they don’t dream at all are actually just having difficulty remembering them.

Even if we don’t recall our dreams, they are still necessary to maintain our emotional and physical balance. Dreams usually occur during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, and studies have shown that when we don’t get enough of this dreamy state we become nervous and lack concentration. In extreme cases people without REM sleep can experience psychotic symptoms and hallucinations. Dreams are not only important for your health and wellbeing, they are also a wonderful source of fantasy, adventure, and romance. But perhaps the most interesting aspect of dreams is that they can help you to unravel things from your past… or even foretell an event which will happen in the future… but first you need to be able to remember them.

Some people recall their dreams easily, but most of us forget the roles that we have played in our nightly dramas. It is helpful to have techniques that help us pull the dreams back into our conscious minds. Just as it requires skill for actors to memorize their lines, it also requires skill for dreamers to recall their dreams. Research has shown that sleepers awakened during REM sleep were in the middle of a dream, sleepers awakened immediately following REM sleep were able to completely recount their dreams; those wakened five minutes after REM remembered only fragments of dreams. Thus it is literally within the first few seconds of waking that a dream is most vivid in your mind. This means that the way to remember your dreams is to write them down as soon as you wake up while they are fresh in your memory. It helps to have a pen and diary next to your bed so you can jot down as many details as you can recall.

The best motivation for writing down your dreams comes from knowing that they hold valuable messages from your subconscious mind. Each dream can be a portal that allows you to gaze deeply within, and a dream journal is a great way to record these inner journeys. Carl Jung felt that true self-knowing comes from observing and interpreting a series of dreams over a period of time so that you can begin to weave a tapestry of the recurring themes of your life. Maintaining a dream journal will give you more insight about yourself, and it can become your personal book of wisdom. By doing this on a regular basis you will become better and better at remembering your dreams, and to understanding the messages they hold for you. As with everything else, practice makes perfect. Happy dreaming!

If you have any related questions please get in touch with me via my email below, or see my advert in local services.



It’s Good To Talk

Kate Stillman

Hi, last week I Suffered a miscarriage and I am not sure why I am so upset, the Doctors say I was roughly 8 weeks, I started bleeding and had horrible cramps and went to hospital where they told me.weird thing is I did not know I was pregnant, we were not trying and though I would have continued to have the baby it is not something that is really in our plans for the foreseeable future.I am having difficulty coming to terms with what Seems to me to be an overly emotional response to something That I did not want and did not even know about until it was obvious it was not going to happen. Is this Normal because it feels quite strange?

Thank you, FR

Dear FR

Thank you for your e mail and I am very sorry to hear your about your miscarriage, it seems that physically it was very draining and That combined with your emotional reaction has left you exhausted.hear you when you say that you do not understand why you are so upset but I urge you not to underestimate the impact of having something almost given to you and having it taken away simultaneously.

It feels as if you are giving yourself a little bit of a hard time for feeling the way that you do, well you feel that way for a reason and maybe it is worth exploring some of those feelings and what this means to you on a deeper level, aside from the physical.you are experiencing is totally standard and of course it is important that you acknowledge feelings and allow yourself to experience them fully rather than try hard to push them aside.might have been not the right time for you to have a child but it seems as if it has raised some questions and feelings that could be interesting to work through now in preparation for the future and to help you make decisions about how you see your future.

Take time and make sure you rest, focus on yourself and most of all be kind and gentle to yourself.

All the best,





View from the Pew

Messy Church has been such a huge success with the kids, teens and their parents that we have decided to share some of the comments made by various participants. The theme for the last meeting was taken from the Bible verses of Psalm 91:1,2,4.

Felix and sister Zoe are old-timers, attending Messy Church since its inception here in 2012. Felix, age 7 and wise beyond his years, comments that he loved making a shield – however his favorite creation was the dove he flew all around the centre last year. Zoe (4) adores making angel wings, feathers and all! The brother-sister team are also keen on Rosi’s chicken impression. (Rosi is one of the multi-talented leaders.)

Siblings Micah (7 yrs) and Liam (3yrs) were in agreement, “We liked learning the meaning of FROG (Fully Rely On God)!” They also enjoyed creating `Frog Shields´, cardboard castle/fortresses plus decorating wings and generally getting messy in a creative way! Their Dad informed us that the brothers like discovering more about God.

Sisters, Florence (12), Ellie (9) and Scarlett (3), love the `one on one´ attention from the messy gang and doing different arts and crafts based around the Church/Christian annual calendar. Mum Emily exclaimed, “The music and tea party are simply the icing on the cake!”

Psalm 91 – (theme of the last meeting)

1.dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

2.will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”

3.will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

(For more info on Messy Church contact Rosi: 619523053)

Services: Sun July 5th in San Rafael at 9:30am – Traditional Communion and 10:30am Worship with Holy Communion. ICS Holiday Services: Sun July 5th in Es Canar 10:30am Holy communion and at 5:30pm Informal Praise, both at the RC Chapel in Es Canar. Holiday Chaplain – Tel 638373479

The English-speaking church on Ibiza and Form Tel 971343383



Farewell to Jack

Brian & Di Whetton

It was with great sadness that we learned that Jack Paull passed away peacefully at his home on Sunday morning 28th June at the age of 74, after losing his courageously fought battle with cancer.

Jack came to Ibiza 1994 along with Lyn, who he finally made his wife in April this year, and quickly settled in as part of the family of Cala Llonga. Jack, who was a true gentleman, had previously played football at a professional level, was for three years one half of the “Jack and Ian Local Foottie” reporting team for The Ibiza Sun.

Both he and Lyn, who could really Rock and Roll, were loved and respected by the local community, so much so that a Spring Fair held at Bar/Restaurant Mariposa in April raised over 3,300€ to help them both through these difficult times.

You’ll certainly be missed Mate and we, along with many others, offer our most sincere condolences to Lyn the family and friends. At the time of going to press we understand that Jack’s funeral would be taking place on Wednesday 1st July at the church in the main street of Sta Eulalia. Anyone who wishes to do so may make a donation in lieu of flowers to Contra Cancer Ibiza and Formentera.



Thursday   2nd    to   Wednesday  8th  July

ARIES – Ten of Disks

Adding to your material security is easy this week as others like what you do and are willing to dig deep for your services. This card also indicates an unexpected windfall, so you might want to speculate to accumulate. Life is offering you opportunities that a year ago would have been hard to imagine. How wonderful, so be thankful!

TAURUS – The Sun

This is a wonderful week where opportunities fall into your lap; just when you felt like giving up. If there’s a situation in life that you’re unhappy about, don’t put up with it for much longer. You need to be honest. The sun brings power and vitality and you’ll certainly be a force to be reckoned right now. Think big!

GEMINI – Seven of Swords

People will try to get away with all sorts of things this week and you’ll have to deal with those who are less than honest. They may be all smiles to your face but watch they don’t run off with your clever ideas, partner or possessions. Normally, you have a wonderful sense of humour, but it will be sorely tested.

CANCER – Eight of Disks

There won’t seem that there are enough hours in the day this week as you battle with your work schedule. Yes, it’s great that everything is going so well financially; however it’s not leaving you much time for a personal life or for those you care the most. It will be a balancing act, but remember to count your blessings!

LEO – Five of Swords

It may be difficult for you to keep a lid on your temper as you discover what’s been going on behind your back. You’ll be pretty upset by the underhanded dealings of others as you’re usually a good judge of character. Sometimes you trust unconditionally only to find you’ve been hoodwinked by a charming attitude. Time to wise up!

VIRGO – Knight of Wands

If you’re sat in an office wishing to get away from it all this week, you must first knuckle down and complete what you’ve started workwise. Others are relying on you so that they can get going on their stuff. Be creative and visionary even with mundane tasks; have a sense of humour to get you through the boredom.

LIBRA – Four of Disks

Don’t be rash and waste money as this card indicates you should save for a rainy day or towards a future investment. There’s no point in procrastination; so begin to lay firm financial foundations; especially if recently things have been tough. Think positive and have an up-beat attitude, this in turn will help to open you up to receive more.

SCORPIO – Nine of Disks

You’ve the knack of accumulating money at the moment and are determined to hang on to it – you’ve big ideas and that, you know, requires future investment. By all means save what you can, but don’t deny any small pleasures. Someone you care about wants some financial help or advice; help where you can, but don’t scupper your plans.

SAGITTARIUS – Page of Cups

This card brings good news, especially where family or close relationships are concerned. It can bring news of a birth or pregnancy or even a proposal. Whatever you hear about will bring a smile to your face. Those of you who work with children are pleased with a development in your work environment. Maybe a promotion or pay rise?

CAPRICORN – King of Disks

You have to be detached when it comes to making important decisions this week. Bringing emotions into it will only cloud your judgement. Don’t budge if you’re haggling with someone over a deal or investment. Playing tough gets you what you want. Fellow Capricorn or Earth sign men; Taurus or Virgo prove insightful and helpful to you achieving your goals.

AQUARIUS – The Hierophant

If you’ve been experiencing a little chaos in certain areas, then it will be up to you to set boundaries or impose some much needed discipline or routine. Have faith that the structures on which you base your life are sound and reliable. You’re experiencing a profound shift in the way you live your life; so enjoy and embrace it!

PISCES – The World

This week marks the beginning of a new cycle in at least one area of your life. Some will be thinking of career or home moves; others will acknowledge that it’s their inner world of thoughts and feelings that need to move on. New beginnings give us all opportunity to have a fresh perspective. Move forward with confidence and optimism.


The Guide …





and huge congrats to the England Women’s team, the Lionesses, having just achieved something that the men haven’t done since Italia ’90, ie reach a World Cup Semi-Final. Two brilliant goals, one a superb individual effort and the other a looping header, saw off hosts Canada 2-1 in Vancouver over the w/end to douse the hopes of 50,000 screaming Canadians with England now going through to face holders Japan on Wednesday (01.00 Thursday am, here on BBC1). So, come on, ladies, good luck and do us all proud by making it to the Final, (either the US or Germany) and then, who knows, 1966 all over again, with an extra-time 4-2 win over the you-know-who? Dare we dream?

Rugby League

T’was the Quarter Finals of the Challenge Cup o’er the w/end with Warrington going through to the semis after their 34-24 win over Leigh, and joined by Hull KR who beat Catalans 35-26, Leeds after their 24-6 win over Hull and St Helens who beat Widnes 36-20 with the tie of the semi’s being Leeds v.St Helens, Super League leaders against 2nd and the other semi being Warrington/Hull KR with the Warriors being firm favourites to go through.


The sport’s biggest event, The Tour de France, starts this w/end with Brit Chris Froome, aided and abetted by his Sky Team containing 5 Brits, going for another win after his 2013 success, but, as yet, my spy in the camp, Jules of Soul City fame, a serious Tour nutter, hasn’t been in touch, not even for a pre-Tour lunch. Don’t know why because the cheque was sent ages ago so, c’mon Jules, text/mail/phone me or even Whatsap, whatever that is!


And commiserations to Brit Paul Casey, so long in the wilderness recently but showing signs of getting back to his former glories, as he was pipped to the win after a 2 hole playoff with American Bubba Watson at the Traveller’s Championship in Connecticut, US of A. Shame really because he had done so well to pull Bubba back from a 3rd round lead of 3 to tie after the final round on 16 under. However, great to see Casey back. And how ’bout this as in the latest world rankings Tiger is not even in the top 200!


Today (Monday), as if you didn’t know, sees the start of Wimbledon with men’s holder Djokovic starting it all off on Centre Court against German Philip Karlschreiber at the same time as Serena Williams starts her quest, on Court One, to hold all 4 major titles at the same time, having already won last year’s US, and this year’s Australian and French titles, which would be her 2nd time. As for Our Andy, what a shame that the English media is already putting him up there on a pedestal expecting him to win his 2nd Wimbledon title. Apart from this extra pressure, last Friday’s draw certainly wasn’t kind to him as 3rd seed, as to win the title, his likely opponents will be Nadal in the Quarter’s, Federer in the Semi’s and then Djokovic in the Final, three of his nemesis’ one after the other! Also, each of those 3 have an added incentive this year to win it themselves as Nadal, now World No 10, is desperate to get his form back and start climbing back up the World rankings, Federer is desperate to win his 18th Major and pull away from Nadal and Djokovic, and Novak, having lost the French to Stan Wawrinka, is desperate to get back to winning ways. Still, to be the best you have to beat the best so go for it, Andy. Aside from that, I have just taken a double header bet with friend Stevie B, an occasional visitor to our little isle, who seems confident (a) that our man from Mallorca won’t make it through to week 2 and (b) that the Fed Express won’t get past the Quarter’s. Well, me ole mate, methinks you should start saving that dinero, because you’re going to lose it!

On that note, that’s it for this week, enjoy the weather and until next week, Jezza.



Jezza’s Sport Report

Jeremy Parmenter

My apologies to the rest of the world as last week was all about England, and, let’s face it, it’s not that often that we can say that! Firstly,


and after beating New Zealand 3-2 in the ODI Series recently, Morgan’s one-day boys added insult to injury by polishing off the Kiwis in a one-off T20, surprisingly with some ease, to really put down a marker, at least for the white ball ODI Series with Australia later this summer.

Next up for England, and starting next Wednesday, is the Big One – The Ashes Series against Australia, consisting of 5 x 5-dayers in the oldest cricket tournament of them all, and let’s wish Captain Cook and his boys all the best with their quest, not only to wrestle the Ashes back from the Aussies but to erase that last 5-0 thumping Down Under.

Should be an interesting tussle and, typically, the Aussies have already started mouthing off in public about whitewashes etc, including Shane Warne, who really should know better (especially as he is supposed to be impartial as a Sky pundit) and also learn to keep his big gob (full of reconstructed white teeth!) shut, but, in my opinion, considering that they haven’t won an Ashes series in England since 2001, they should temper their bragging until they’ve actually achieved something in England. It’s all very well beating bottom of Division 2 Kent over the w/end in their Tour opener by 200 odd runs, but a certain Bell-Drummond, Kent’s ex-England Under 19 player, rather took the wind out of the Aussies sails by scoring 123 odd runs in the second innings, and this against the self-called best bowling attack in the world.

Bring it on!