Ibiza is Well Hung

“With no absolute majority in the Provincial Government and Consell Insular, plus San Antonio, San Jose & Ibiza Town all without clear winners, we can consider our Islands very well hung indeed, and plenty of Political deal-making to follow”
  • See pages 18-19 for full results.

Before the Spanish local and regional elections last week, political commentators and experts were predicting that Spain is about to enter a new political era in the wake of the recent economic crisis and high-profile corruption scandals.

Spaniards voted in 8,122 municipalities last Sunday and the results saw major gains for anti-austerity parties linked to the Podemos movement, which is barely a year-old. Whilst the Popular Party is set to win overall, it has lost more than three million votes since 2011. The PSOE has done little better after losing 1.26 million votes.

Popular Party (PP): 5.2 million (26.6%) vs. 8.48(37.5%) in 2011

Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE): 4.97 million (25.3%). 6.23(27.8%) in 2011

The PP still have the highest share of the vote of any single party, but have lost majorities in traditional regions such as Valencia where the party has been badly damaged by corruption scandals.

In Barcelona, anti-poverty activist and left-wing candidate Ada Colau was elected mayor. In Madrid, Manuela Carmena came out of retirement to, in all likelihood, become mayor through a coalition with the socialists. The success of these anti-establishment figures in Spain’s two largest cities, has underlined the fragmentation of Spanish politics.

It seems that the two party system, in place for so many years, will be challenged come the national elections predicted for November, even though Spain’s economy is expected to grow faster this year than any other economy in the Eurozone. Unemployment is still a massive 24% and it seems, from the voters, that the social impact of the economic recovery is still not being felt by enough people.

On a regional level, the Balearic community suffered its largest abstention of voters with 41.28 per cent declining to voice an opinion on who will govern the islands. The PP had the largest share with 28.5% of the seats as compared to 46.36% in 2011 but, after failing to win by a clear margin, the investiture of Jose Ramon Bauza is not guaranteed. Intense negotiations between the three major parties lie ahead before the structure of the government will be set in place.

This trend continues in Ibiza as the PP marginally beats its rivals by holding 5 of the 12 seats. The PSOE hold 4, and Podemos hold 3 and the forming of a coalition is inevitable over the coming weeks.

Formentera on the other hand only has one seat, which was won by GxF+PSIB who also had a 59.28% share of the vote.



“Plecs Cromàtics” by Josefina Torres

Nicole Torres

The work in this exhibition is based on the construction and deconstruction, order and chaos, Eros and Thanatos, life and death, the folds and parades, playing on a varied chromatic base with papers, which sometimes remain unpainted shaped in symmetrical folds, and others in the form of unequal processions that live in a unique environment where they create a fight and a tension that contributes to the dynamism and movement against the uniformity of the colour. Two worlds coexist, the one where the casual spots of colours combine in anecdotal forms and the other, folds made on purpose and the disorderly and scattered processions that can disorient.

Plecs Cromàtics (Chromatic Folds) is the latest exhibition by Ibizan artist Josefina Torres, which is on at Es Polvorí in Dalt Vila until June 14th.


Ai Carai 2015

Once more, the small town of Sant Carles de Peralta will be home to the Ai Carai Sant Carles Music Festival, on June 21st, to celebrate the international Music Day.

A whole day filled with live music from five different stages spread out around town where over 150 artists from over the world will play, workshops and activities for children, jugglers, clowns, storytelling, performances, visual projections, artisans, and samples of local products.

The main idea of the International Music Day is to promote the island’s music bands offering them a public space to show their musical talents and creativity. An open-air free festival that will fill the streets of Sant Carles with colour, music, and happiness.  To participate in the festival you can send an e-mail to


specifying the mode in which you want to participate: Workshops. Children’s Area. Performances. Musicians. Artists. Artisans.

Don’t miss this third edition, if it is anything like last year’s, it will be great! See you there!

For more information and updates check out their facebook page



KM5 Rock Collection

Rock idols have a space in the Km5 room on the road to Sant Josep, with images of photographers Javier Porto, Mats Bäcker and Alfred Wertheimer – who exhibits only one piece – where stars such as Elvis Presley, Iggy Pop, Grace Jones, Alaska, or Fabio McNamara, and artists like Andy Warhol, and Robert Mapplethorpe appear. The photos, collected under the title ‘Rock Collection’, belong to the Madrid gallery Mondo Galería and reflect the casual and unique moments of the ‘rock stars’ in the 70’s and 80.

Mats Bäcker (Hagfords, 1958) is a recognized Swedish photographer for his work in the rock scene in the 70’s and 80’s, who sought intimate and sensual poses in his images in black and white of people like Iggy Pop, David Bowie or members of The Jam. At the time, most of his photos were published in the Schlager magazine. One of the snapshots in Km5 reflects the time when Iggy Pop was reading the newspaper reporting the death of his friend Marc Bolan.

Javier Porto (Madrid, 1960) was a point of connection between the ‘movidas’ in Madrid and New York in the 80s and that is why his photos mix characters like Alaska, Almodóvar, Susan Sontag, Keith Haring, Warhol and Mapplethorpe, whom he met in Madrid and with whom he later travelled to New York as an assistant.

Alfred Wertheimer (Coburg, 1929) is a classic of musical photography. Legend has it that he asked “Elvis what?” when, in 1956, he was introduced to who would soon after became the ‘King of Rock’. He followed Elvis like a shadow with complete freedom to approach him, documenting each of his movements for months. He took 3000 photographs that first year when Elvis was on the verge of stardom. His photos, which came to light after the star’s death in 1977, capture the metamorphosis of pop music and cultural transformation of the United States.

If you haven’t had a chance to go and see this Rock Collection, don’t waste your time, it is only on until June 1st.

For other events and information go to






Exhibition: Return of Luis Güell

Lluís Güell (1945-2005) is one of the most important artistic figures and one that has made major imprint on the town of San Antonio. The works raised in Portmany and its bay – Es Paradìs Terrenal, Café del Mar, Summum, Project, Restaurant S’Illa – have become landmarks dedicated to entertainment, while his artistic, architectural and symbolic dimension has been increasingly recognized and admired here and elsewhere, even in academic circles.

For this reason, and because it was a desire of the artist himself, and because part of his heart was always tied to San Antonio, this Return has been organized in collaboration with the Foundation Güell Orbit. A retrospective exhibition of his multifaceted work that includes pieces never seen in Ibiza. A heritage of the village, a part of its identity that must be preserved and released.

Luis Güell came to Sant Antoni 40 years ago for the first time by the hand of Pepe Aguirre and, since then, his personality and his unique genius remained alive amongst us and amongst the thousands of people who visit every summer.

The exhibition is held at the Espai Sociocultural de Sa Punta d’es Molí (C/ Embarcador, s/n) until June 17th, Tuesday to Saturday from 5-10pm.


Formentera Jazz Festival

From 5th to 7th June, the pristine paradise that is Formentera will host the first edition of the Formentera Jazz Festival.

The festival will include a roundtable, children’s activities, and the FJF Jam Session, in addition to great artists such as the renowned Cuban trumpeter Carlos Sarduy, the remarkable voices of Ganavya Doraiswamy and Nêga Lucas, the duo of voice and guitar Mel Seme and voice and sax Alexey Reyes León, along with local musicians XBlues Connotation and Fred Guzzo and Golfo of Guinea.

Located in a privileged corner of the Mediterranean, throughout its history, the smallest island of the Pitiusas has always been the subject of many legends, both in novels written by renowned authors (such as Jules Verne, among others) and was visited by major artists during their passage through this corner of the Balearic Islands (Bob Dylan, Gilberto Gil, Pink Floyd and Bob Marley during the 60’s and 70’s). No wonder that this sublime environment was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999!

With the support of the Island, and based on the initiative of the musician (ex-member of the legendary Ojos de Brujo)cultural producer Maxwell Moya, raised in Formentera and now teacher at the Berklee College of Music,festival was born as a unique musical space in one place and with the elegance and freedom that jazz music embodies.

Plaça de Sant Francesc, Cine de Sant Francesc and the Blue Bar (Platja Migjorn) will be the venues of the festival activities.

Opening Roundtable In The Municipal Cinema Of Formentera

The kick-offthe 3 days of concerts and activitiesthis first edition of the Formentera Jazz Festival will be celebrated with an “Opening Roundtable”be held Friday 5th12pm in the Municipal Cinema of Formentera.

Thebe presented bydirector of the festival,Moya Wright; by the Russian-Cuban professional musician and professor of SedaJazz,León, and byPistolo Eliza, creator of Pronóstica.

Among other things,origin and history of jazz will be discussed,collective reflection will be soughttry to agreethe meaning of “improvisation” both in jazz and in contemporary music in general.

Furthermore,4th edition of Festival Internacional de Creació Contemporánea de les Illes Balears will be officially presentedthis meeting. Formentera Jazz Festival has also given thought to the young ones.Moya and Mel Semé will be the master of ceremonies for thisactivity, wherewill teach a music workshop about singing and drumming for childrenall ages. From music games, the objective of the workshop will be to promote music among the young of the island and so, develop its creative capacity.

Max Moya, professional percussionist for more than 15 years, has been percussionist for the renowned international band Ojos de Brujo and has collaborated in more than 20 albums. Mel Semé, Cuban singer and multi-instrumentalist, is an artist with more than 20 years of experience as a professional musician.

Moreover, both have taught in numerous workshops, and their experience as professional masters and musicians lead them to prepare thethat are chosen for the occasion, which will certainlyawake the musical spirit of the little ones at the festival.

Formentera Jazz Festival Jam Session!The Closing Of The Festival, We All Play!

What a better occasion, than the closing of the festival, to celebrate a unique meeting such as this Jam Session among local residents on the island and the musicians invited to the FJF.

The FJF Jam Session promises to be a magical action, and how it could not be. It will be a unique combination of Jazz, the beauty of the beach and the incomparable landmark of Blue Bar.





No Police Comment over Luke Rhoden’s Death
  • Wigan Gazette

The father of Ibiza tragedy victim Luke Rhoden fears unco-operative officials on the island could blight the outcome of his son’s inquest.

The 25-year-old died following a struggle with the Spanish Guardia at his hotel on September 3 last year.

It’s all up in the air but what has been done in Spain has been pulled to bits. Some of the video evidence we have shows where there was pressure on his throat. On the autopsy it says there were no markings but you only need small pressure on the trachea to stop it working.

How the cardiac arrest that caused Luke’s death was triggered remains in question. A string of eyewitnesses came forward claiming that the police were using unnecessary force on the former Abraham Guest High School student while Dr Santiago Akoskin, who attended to Luke at the scene, revealed that he had to tell the officers three times to let go of him before he could carry out his duties.

Another possible reason is the potential effect of drugs he is believed to have taken that led to his erratic behaviour that night, which saw him leap from a balcony.

Earlier this month relatives of the one-time Winstanley College student attended a pre-inquest review in Bolton and heard that a full hearing is set to be held in September.

And while Norman, who has travelled to the island and spent time speaking to witnesses, believes a verdict of unlawful killing should be delivered, he thinks a lack of compliance from the Spanish authorities could lead to one of misadventure, wrongly pinning the blame on his son and exonerating the police.

Lambasting them as “unprofessional”, he said: “We don’t think we’re going to get anything more from the Spanish authorities now because we’ve still not had any police statements from them about what happened that evening. “Normally, as a rule, you get at least a statement from the police that attended the scene that night and we have nothing at all. We haven’t got any CCTV footage from the hotel. We have no jurisdiction to demand it off them, we can only ask. They say they have given it to the Guardia. It’s a waiting game now. I’m hoping for unlawful killing. I’ve seen and heard enough to believe that was the case.”

It’s hoped that such a verdict would lead to a criminal investigation into Luke’s death, something that has not been triggered as yet.

Norman has also called into question the results of a Spanish autopsy carried out on his son. He said: “The reports that have been done here by the pathologists show that the quality of autopsy done in Spain was really poor and the information given in Spain was not reliable. They say some parts of the body have not been checked; they have come to medical conclusions about parts of the body they didn’t appear to have dissected.


IMS Report

Ibiza’s International Music Summit has released its 2015 annual global report on dance music. Results are very good for Ibiza which has seven of the top 100 clubs in the world. In terms of clubbing hotspots, Las Vegas comes in second with six and London has five.

According to the economic report, electronic music last year generated 6,900 million dollars, up 12% on last year. Not as good as the 37% rise recorded in 2014, but the industry continues to grow.

Some of the biggest earners are the DJs. Calvin Harris tops the list after earning $66 million last year, $20 million more than in 2013. The top five continues with David Guetta (30 million), Avicii (28), Tiesto (28) and cake fan Steve Aoki (23).

In this age of Social Media, David Guetta is way out in front with a staggering 58.8 million Facebook followers and 15.9 million Twitter followers. The next five DJs all have between 10 & 20 million Facebook followers which begs the question, how does the French star do it?

The success of the top DJs has also ingratiated dance music, particularly the EDM genre, into mainstream culture. Calvin Harris is tied in with Armani, David Guetta promotes Mumm champagne and Avicii has a weird symbiosis with Volvo. To read the full report, go to



Ibiza Petrol Is Good Value

As winter residents are fully aware, the prices of petrol and diesel in Ibiza are now 17% and 13.8% more expensive than in early January, but it’s not all doom and gloom as prices are still significantly cheaper than this time last year.

The cost of getting around the island is also better than in other holiday hotspots. The current price for a litre of petrol in Ibiza is 1.31 euros and a litre of diesel is 1.2 euros, compared to the EU average of 1.47 euros per litre for petrol and 1.31 euros per litre for diesel. There is no excuse to make the effort to see all that the island has to offer!


West End Businessmen Say The Area Is Suffering Degradation
  • “We need a continuous police presence”

The West End Association has submitted a statement in which it says that the nightlife in San Antonio “has suffered a major degradation of services”, and has also highlighted the lack of police control and non-involvement of various administrations, particularly the Town Hall.

The association blames the degradation on lack of security, excessive competition that has resulted in lower prices, abusive ticket selling, lack of cleanliness, and unfairness to other nightlife in San Antonio and also other municipalities of the island. They also believe that these problems have worsened since the beginning of the season.

The association demands that the ordinances are enforced and that those who violate them are sanctioned, and believe that there is unfairness among those who ignore the rules and those who abide.

The main issue seems to be the lack of policing in the area, even though the Town Hall have been asked “countless times” for a daily and continuous presence of Police and Guardia Civil to “prevent theft, drug dealing and prostitution.”

The association assumes their share of responsibility, but they point out that the solving of these problems does not only depend on the efforts of the West End’s businessmen.


Uncontrolled Ticket Selling

The West End Association also denounced “the total lack of control in ticket selling, a problem that worsens year after year”, and the impunity of those who violate the law “blatantly” without anyone to prevent it: “There are bars that have five times more ticket sellers that they are permitted to have.”

Businessmen urge that control is imposed as soon as possible on ticket selling, and criticized the activity of promoters who sell party packages that include party boats, open bar and entrances to nightclubs, “with uninsured employees that walk the streets and beaches selling the tickets”.

They also complained about noise regulations that are not being reinforced and shops selling alcohol past the permitted time, which encourages street drinking.


Mastermind Ibiza!

To support the 20th anniversary of its regular August weekend in Ibiza, Radio One will team up with John Humphreys and the Mastermind team for an Ibiza special of the popular quiz show.

The guests and their subjects of choice have not been confirmed as yet, but we can assume that the show will feature Radio One legend Pete Tong and whichever ‘dance’ artists are in the top 40 that month. The smart money is on Calvin Harris to appear as one of the four contestants.

Humphreys and guests will not be jetting to Ibiza for the special edition. It will be filmed in the BBC’s studios in Salford and put online around Radio One’s Ibiza Weekend, the first weekend in August.




The Thin Blue Line

A CSIF union representative in the city of Sant Antoni has reported on the lack of local police in the city and also that reinforcements have not yet arrived for the tourist season, which began on May 1st.

Juan Costa Suner, a spokesman for the Personnel Board of the union section of the Local Police of Sant Antoni, said that Sant Antoni is the only municipality in which reinforcements have not yet arrived.

The lack of a police presence, particularly at night has been noted by local businesses and will only be felt more keenly as the number of tourists increase.

Here’s hoping there is only a short delay in the arrival of the boys in navy blue.


Tourist Police Are Active In Ibiza

The Police Tourist Assistance Service (SATE) has allocated three extra agents to work this summer in Santa Eularia and Sant Joan. The Ministry of Public Administration has presented a SATE summer season plan, stating that 54 agents will be active in 29 municipalities throughout the Balearics.

The service will be launched on June 1st and is tasked primarily with providing help to holidaymakers. The main objectives are to help prevent crimes that most affect tourists, improving crime reporting and giving general advice to visitors in the Balearics.


Drug Bust On The Beach

Agents from the Guardia Civil and the Sant Antoni Local Police have continued their operation against street vending along the Sant Antoni beachfront with the second raid this month. The latest swoop started at 11.30am in S’Arenal and resulted in 15 people being denounced for hawking goods with two others of Senegalese origin arrested for drug trafficking.

The two arrested were apparently in possession of eight grams of cocaine, 17 ecstasy pills and heat-sealed bags of marijuana. They were also charged with public health violations after knocking down two elderly people whilst trying to flee the scene.


Ibiza Promotes its Heritage in Japan and Korea

Spain’s 15 cities considered World Heritage by UNESCO (Alcalá de Henares, Ávila, Baeza, Cáceres, Córdoba, Cuenca, Ibiza, Mérida, Salamanca, San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Santiago de Compostela, Segovia, Tarragona, Toledo, and Úbeda) participate in a conference this week to support the marketing of Spanish tourism in Japan and Korea. It has been organized by the tourist office Turespaña in the Japanese capital and is directed to more than 170 agencies and 380 tour-operators and travel agents from Osaka, Tokyo and Seoul.

During previous years promotional initiatives have been established in Japan, but this is the first time Spain’s tourism industry has had a presence in Korea, a market with a great potential growth which has also just increased its flight connections with Spain, using the capital of Madrid as a gateway.


Amazon Tax

Amazon starts paying Spanish corporate tax on retail sales

Online seller had been diverting all sales to Luxembourg, a technique criticized by Brussels

Until May 1st, sales to Spanish customers were being booked in Luxembourg, which meant profits were being taxed there, not in Spain. The technology company had been following the same procedure with sales made in Germany, France and the UK, but is now changing its policy regarding those countries as well.

Amazon has denied that the change is a result of pressure from the European Commission to put an end to the controversial practice, which has also been used by other technology companies such as Google and Apple.

An Amazon spokesperson said the company had been working on the new system for the past two years, with France slated to be the last country to experience the change.

For many years, Amazon has been paying considerably less tax than it will now that its sales are being booked in their countries of origin. Until now, Amazon only held small country branches that dealt with logistics and marketing.

In Spain, Amazon Spain Services handles corporate services and booked 23.4 million euros last year. This money was all for “services,” not for “sales,” according to official records on the Business Register. This company has 300 employees.

A second company, Amazon Spain Fulfilment, deals with logistics and booked 22.9 million euros last year. It has an enormous logistics centre in San Fernando de Henares, situated just outside Madrid, and employs between 450 and 800 people depending on the time of year.

Between its two firms, Amazon paid 212,472€ in Spanish taxes last year.

Most of Amazon’s business in Spain, retail sales, was being diverted to Luxembourg, making it difficult to estimate how much was being made annually.

In 2014, Amazon had worldwide sales of nearly 70 billion euros.


Food & Drink


The Wild Asparagus

The Oldest British restaurant on Ibiza?

Richard Lawson

Could this really be the oldest British conceived restaurant on the island? What is certain is that there was nothing but pine trees and wild asparagus bushes on top of this hill back in 1968, when the idea of building a restaurant here was first conceived. At that time, the Wild Asparagus project consisted of only one small house at the bottom of the hill and a huge dream. The brainchild of three British pioneers: Neville Swainstone, Richard Millar and Christopher Adami (Cuth), they bought the hillside from a local Ibicenco, Jaime Mari Mari, and the sale probably made him the first local millionaire in Cala Llonga!

That dream has now, of course, been realised to the extent that the ‘Pueblo Esparragos’ consists of well over a hundred well-designed, individual apartments each with a view of the Cala Llonga bay and a garden. In fact the development has matured into a village in its own right – a sort of suburb of Cala Llonga – with its own restaurant, pubs (or social centres) and a close knit community reluctant to part with their slice of paradise. You won’t find many properties for sale around here…

In those early days the village of Cala Llonga hardly existed, as the road to Santa Eulalia was just a dirt track. Nonetheless, Cuth commissioned the building of a restaurant by an architect known as George Fodenberg Jensen. He was instructed to build a restaurant that was completely different to any other. It was later discovered that George wasn’t actually an architect, but a civil engineer, and this was his first big project. Known as the ‘Kiosko’, it had no walls, a gravel floor and a cane roof. However, it had character…

What it didn’t have was electricity or running water and the roof leaked. The latter problem was temporarily solved by dragging in the sun umbrellas from the outside tables. So, all looked promising until four days before the restaurant opened at which point the chef and manager backed out of their commitment to the restaurant – leaving Cuth alone to cook and serve. On the first Sunday the roast beef took until 3pm as the calor gas oven blew out every time the tiny kitchen’s door was opened. An executive decision was made thereafter to serve curry for Sunday lunches, as that was really the only dish that Cuth really knew how to cook properly. On the other hand, it could have been the price that attracted the customers. The curry cost 45 pesetas back then and a litre jug of wine, to wash it down with, amounted to a further 40 pesetas.

The first kitchen extension took place in 1972 when the Serena apartment block was finished, followed by a further extension two years later on completion of the ‘Pueblo Esparragos’ project. However, these extensions were not designed to cope with increasing demand. They were necessary to solve the problem of rainwater flowing down from the hill, through the old kitchen door and out across the restaurant terrace…

In 1979 Cuth bought out the business from his original partners, having clearly overcome his initial reticence to go into the restaurant trade some ten years earlier. He finally relinquished control in 2000, happy that his loyal team could maintain the standard and a management buyout was put together to enable his head waiter, Luis, and head chef, Miguel, to eventually take over the restaurant as their own.

For Luis and Miguel, who have now worked at the restaurant for almost fifty years, this must have been a proud moment and their pride in the Wild Asparagus remains undiminished even after all of this time.

They’ve maintained much of the original character, which feels ingrained into the restaurant’s fabric.

His myriad local customers from the ‘Pueblo’ seem a perfect fit as they dine and reminisce across and between the restaurants tables. It’s as if time has stood still for the evening, to reflect on the changes that have taken place over the past fifty years on Ibiza.



Food & Drink





Discarding Ibiza’s History
  • Salines Salt Flats Under Attack

GEN environmentalists have said that the current work being taken out on an historic building in Ses Salines is illegal. The facility used to house the machinery for pumping sea water into the salt flats and is now set to be turned into housing units.

Conservationists fear that the conversion of this building will affect local protected, since it is located in one of the most sensitive points of the Natural Park. The coming and going of vehicles, the permanent presence of people and the activity of a home can have negative consequences on the environment, said the president of GEN, Joan Carles Palerm.

Moreover, the housing being developed is illegal, because work should only restore and not transform the building.

The traditional buildings of the salt industry are considered of great architectural value in Ibiza. In fact, the Consell de Ibiza began an initiative many years ago to declare the salt industry structures of Cultural Interest (BIC). Unfortunately the initiative did not materialize, so these buildings currently lack any legal protection. The majority of the old buildings within the Ses Salines National Park are owned by Salinera Espanola, operator of the salt flats.


View from the Pew

The English-speaking Church on Ibiza and Formentera has been ministering to residents on our fair isles for 45 plus years! There has also been a special outreach to holiday makers within various hotels, mainly on the East coast of Ibiza. For the past 9 years, the Intercontinental Church Society (ICS) has come along side and helped to further develop that outreach. Songs of praise began nearly 20 years ago in the Panorama Hotel in Es Canar. Originally the invitation was offered by the manager, so that Renewal of Marriage Vows could be conducted within the context of Songs of Praise. However, due to the change in the Pattern of Holidays, it is the right time to move from the Panorama. This service will now take place in the delightful Chapel of San Cristobal in Sa Capella, Es Canar. For those who don’t know the Chapel, it has no side walls and can seat up to 70 people and is a great place in which to worship God. The Chapel was built by public subscription by the folk of Es Canar and is situated on land donated by the Hayes family. The present ICS Chaplain, the Rev. David Rouch, who with his wife Jenny have ministered in Es Canar for the past nine years said, “It is sad that we are leaving the Panorama after such a long time, but circumstances change and now is the time for us to look forward to the challenge of a new style of ministry. We will still be sticking to our core values of serving English speaking people on holiday, sharing the love of Jesus, offering Renewal of Marriage Vows, giving help in time of need, being available to talk and pray with those who need ministry and providing Sunday Services.”

We thank ICS for their crucial role in the development of the English-speaking Church on Ibiza. ICS made a grant to develop the work in the 1970s at the Bishop’s request, then, in 1983 he invited ICS to nominate a resident chaplain and a regular ICS grant was made in support of the ongoing work.


Next Service: Sun 31st 11:30am – All Age Service, followed by lunch – S’Hort de Can Massiá (see website for directions). ICS Holiday Services: Sun 31st at 10:30am Holy Communion and 17:30pm – Informal Praise, both at the RC Chapel, Es Canar. ICS Holiday Chaplain – Tel 638373479

The English-speaking church on Ibiza and Form Tel 971 343383






Relocating To Ibiza – Carly’s Story

Carly Sorensen

When my husband and I were bet that the flat-bottomed 10 metre river boat we lived on and had brought across the channel, through the inland waterways of France and along the Mediterranean coasts of Southwest France and North East Spain ‘didn’t have the nuts to make it to Ibiza’, we saw a fun challenge. Little did we know where that challenge would lead.

We accomplished said challenge in July 2011, escorted into a windy San Antonio bay by a pair of dolphins, and quickly decided that this place was somewhere special. As the sun set on that first day we drank in the beauty and over the following few weeks we explored by boat, bikes and scooters and soon saw that this island wasn’t all about sex, drugs and electro beats. This island had a soul, a beauty, a magic, a peace and an indescribable but wonderful ‘feel’ that drew us in and made us fall quickly in love with it. This island was very rapidly beginning to feel like home. Within a month I’d secured a job as a teacher at a lovely language academy and my husband had also found a job doing what he’d been doing in England for years.
After a great deal of travelling during our fifteen years together we’d finally found the place where we wanted to settle down properly and raise our family. In November 2013 our ‘ibicenca Rubia’ was born in Can Misses and we are thoroughly enjoying raising her here. Ibiza has everything we deem important for a well rounded childhood: lots of safe outdoor space, unspoilt nature, multi cultural friendly and open minded inhabitants, miles of beach, fields, parks and water to play in and explore, an inclusive attitude to families, good health care and education, delicious local produce and a fantastic climate to allow for plenty of time outdoors, learning in nature. Yes, there are drawbacks, such as bureaucracy being a painstaking nightmare, post being slow or lost (we live in the campo) and the cost of living being slightly higher but, for us, these are far outweighed by the benefits.

Moving here was a risk, definitely, but we’d already taken a fairly big plunge in leaving the UK with our few worldly possessions onboard a river boat in 2010. Deciding to settle here has given us no regrets and we’re not the only people who are raising a family on this island famed for its parties. Far from it! In the past few years we’ve met families from various backgrounds and cultures who’ve relocated here and over the next few weeks, I’ll be talking to some of them about why they chose Ibiza as their home.

ibizan-785_Page_10Making a Will in Spain

All adults should make a will (testamento), irrespective of how large or small their assets (each spouse should make a separate will). If a foreigner dies without a will (intestate) in Spain, their estate may be automatically disposed of under Spanish law and the law regarding compulsory heirs applied.

A foreigner resident in Spain is usually permitted to dispose of their Spanish assets according to the law of their home country. A foreigner who has lived in Spain for a long time may find it necessary to create a legal domicile in their home country for the purpose of making a will.

A will made by a foreigner regarding Spanish assets isn’t invalidated because it doesn’t bequeath property in accordance with Spanish law, as Spanish law isn’t usually applied to foreigners and the disposal of property (buildings or land) in Spain is governed by the law of the deceased’s home country unless there is a dispute among the beneficiaries, in which case Spanish law is applied.


Law of Obligatory Heirs

Under Spanish law, a surviving spouse retains all assets acquired before marriage, half the assets acquired during the marriage and all personal gifts or inheritance which have come directly to the spouse.

The remaining assets must be disposed of under the Law of obligatory Heirs, Ley de Herederos Forzosos, which is as follows.

When a person dies leaving children, their estate is divided into three equal parts:

One third must be left to the children in equal parts.

Another third must also be left to the children, but the testator decides how it is to be divided. A surviving spouse has a life interest in this second third and the children who inherit it cannot dispose of it freely until the surviving parent dies.

The final third can be freely disposed of.

If a child dies leaving children of their own, they automatically inherit their share. If the deceased has no children the surviving parents have a statutory right to one-third of the estate if they have a surviving spouse, or half of the estate if they don’t.


Types of Will

There are three kinds of Spanish will, each of which is described below. Note that, where applicable, the rules relating to witnesses are strict and, if not followed precisely can render a will null and void.

Although it isn’t necessary to have a Spanish will for Spanish property it’s advisable to have a separate will for any country in which you own property. When a person dies, assets can be dealt with immediately under local law without having to wait for the granting of probate in another country (and the administration of the estate is also cheaper). Having a Spanish will for your Spanish assets speeds up the will’s execution and saves the long and complicated process of having a foreign will executed in Spain.

Note: If you have two or more wills, you must ensure that they don’t contradict or invalidate one another. You should periodically review your will to ensure that it reflects your current financial and personal circumstances.

  • Open Will

An open will (testamento abierto) is the normal and most suitable kind of will for most people. It’s unnecessary to employ a lawyer to prepare an open will, although it’s usually advisable. It must, however, be prepared by a notary who is responsible for ensuring that it’s legal and properly drawn up. It’s contents must be known to the notary and three witnesses, who can be of any nationality; each of them must sign the will. The notary will give you a copy (copia simple or copia autorizada) and send a copy to the general registry of wills (Registro General de Actos de Ultima Voluntad) in Madrid. The original remains at the notary’s office. If you don’t understand Spanish, you will need an official translation into a language that you understand fluently.

  • Closed Will

A closed will (testamento cerrado) whose contents remain secret, must be drawn up by a Spanish lawyer to ensure that it complies with the Spanish law. You must take the will to a notary, who seals the envelope and signs it (as must two witnesses) and then files it and records it, as for an open will.

  • Holographic Will

A holographic will (testamento ológrafo) is a will made in your own handwriting or orally. If written, it must be signed and dated and must be clearly drafted in order to ensure that your wishes are absolutely clear. No witnesses or other formalities are required. It can be voluntarily registered with the registry or wills. On the death of the testator it must be authenticated before a judge, which will delay the will’s execution. An oral will must be made in the presence of five witnesses, who must then testify to a notary the wishes of the deceased. The notary then prepares a written will and certifies it. For anyone with a modest Spanish estate, for example, a small holiday home in Spain, a holographic will is sufficient.

  • Cost and Procedure

Spanish wills can be drawn up by Spanish lawyers and notaries abroad, although it’s cheaper to do it in Spain.

Executors aren’t normal in Spain and, if you appoint one, it may increase the inheritance tax payable. However, if you appoint an executor you should inform your heirs so that they will know to inform them in the event of your death. It isn’t advisable to appoint a lawyer who doesn’t speak Spanish as your executor as he will have to instruct a Spanish lawyer (abogado), whose fees it will be impossible to control. If you appoint a lawyer as your executor, he’s permitted to charge a maximum of five percent of the estate’s value.

Your beneficiaries in Spain must produce an original death certificate or an authorised copy. If you die outside Spain, a foreign death certificate must be legally translated and notarised for it to be valid in Spain. The inheritance tax must be paid within six months of the death of the deceased; a request for further six months’ extension may be filed although interest will be charged. Inheritance tax must be paid in advance of the release of the assets to be inherited in Spain, and beneficiaries may therefore need to borrow funds to pay the tax before they receive their inheritance. Note that the winding-up of an estate can take a long time in Spain.

Keep a copy of your will(s) in a safe place and another copy with your lawyer or the executor of your estate. Don’t leave them in a bank safe deposit box, which in the event of your death is sealed for a period under Spanish law.

Note: In Spain, marriage doesn’t automatically revoke a will as in some other countries. Spanish inheritance law is a complicated subject and it’s important to obtain professional legal advice when writing or altering your will.


  • We found this online service from testamenta.com competitively priced at 95€ for a personal will, and easy to use. For those with limited Spanish the site google translates better than most, and the service works by filling in the key details of your heirs, bequests etc, which is then followed up by a consultancy with a lawyer. We confirmed that they are happy for clients to request an English speaking lawyer to assist at the second stage, and the price includes all necessary submission and filing of documentation to relevant authorities. www.testamentoherenciasysucesiones.es or in our online version use the link below




At Night

International Music Summit (IMS)

Claire B

The International Music Summit (IMS) was held last week from May 20th to 23rd at The Hard Rock Hotel in Playa D’en Bossa. Now in its 8th year, with events now also held in LA and Singapore, IMS have become the main International events for the electronic dance music (EDM) industry and everything that it encompasses. At the heart of the event is a three-day conference, which combines keynote sessions, interviews, panel and debate sessions with key figures from the industry, including for example, DJs, artists, labels, delivery platforms, media and marketing professionals. In recent years they have also put on two parties in the fantastic setting of the Baluarte de Santa Llúcia in Dalt Vila, plus this year with a greater focus on live music, and its relationship with dance music, a new event featuring live performers was put on at The Hard Rock Hotel, Back2Live. Add to this the many launch parties that are held around the summit and that delegates get free access to the opening parties at Sankeys, Pacha and so on, it’s both an interesting and fun-packed event. Because there’s so much going on over the course of the Summit, it’s impossible to experience it all and it’s difficult to summarise it in a few words, but here’s a flavour of what was on offer.

Day 1 began at noon and after an introduction and welcome from the IMS organisers, the programme continued with the IMS Business Report and enlightening sessions on billing politics, ‘Can you buy success in electronic music?’, ‘Financing your Future’, and keynote interviews with Patrick Moxey from Ultra Records and artist Carl Craig, ending with the Back2Live panel session in advance of the evening’s event.

Starting at 8pm, the Back2Live event was held on the stage at The Hard Rock Hotel and free for anyone to attend. It was billed as “a very special live showcase event featuring a host of brand new talent representing the spectrum of artists currently breaking ground on the live stage”. With performances from This is a Recording, Harley Maxwell, PowerDress, the synthy-pop of April Towers, The Wolf, who featured the most amazing acrobatic dancer, and DJ Uner, playing his own music with his band, that is exactly what we got.

Day 2 kicked off at 11am with a look at the markets in Asia and then Africa. With no break for lunch, the programme continued with an interesting session on ‘The truth about brands and music’, illustrating that for some artists brand partnerships now accounts for their second biggest revenue stream after touring. Next was ‘Meet team Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons’ ahead of their performance in Dalt Vila later, which gave a fascinating glimpse of how Damien’s team balances his creative drive of wanting to create an album and a live show with the practicalities of managing the process and putting on the show. This was followed by the highlight of the day for me, a keynote interview where Pete Tong talked to Judy Weinstein and David Morales from Def Mix about how they got started in the industry and the heady days of being in discos in New York. After this B-Traits led an interesting panel ‘State of Mind’, which discussed drug taking in clubs and how it can be made safer. I confess to missing the keynote with Trevor Horn and the session on ‘A Short Film about Chilling’, because I wouldn’t have made it to Dalt Vila for the evening’s party, and knew they would be recorded for later viewing.

The first Dalt Vila party featured DJ sets from 2Vilas, Pete Tong, Luciano, and Sven Väth, and a live performance from Damien Lazarus & The Ancient Moons. When I arrived, Luciano was wowing the packed crowd that were already there, followed by the live show from Damien Lazarus, which with a number of guest singers and musicians backed with a constant stream of stunning backdrop images and accompanying light show, showed how it could be done. Solomun and Sven Väth (this year’s IMS Legend) produced their respective magic on the decks, much to the delight of the crowd.

Day 3 began at 11am with the annual panel hosted by Spotlight, ‘The Great IMS Ibiza Debate’, which as ever provided an interesting insight into some of the issues facing the island’s club scene and venues. I can’t go into detail here of everything that was discussed, but the recording will be available soon – see the end of the article for the link. The ‘New Breed’ panel featured a selection of twenty-something artists, promoters, DJs, label owners and the like, giving their tales of how they got started and views on topics such as the use of social media for their work. With other sessions on ‘Altered States’, ‘Marketing to Millennials’, ‘The Power of Music in the Era of Mobile’, and Question Time with the Association for Electronic Music’, there was much food for thought. The Summit ended with a keynote from Alexander Ljung the founder of Soundcloud, which I missed so I could prepare for the evening’s entertainment. All in all, another great and thought-provoking Summit, and it’s worth mentioning that as well as the (sometimes) serious business of the conference, there was always music playing somewhere around the hotel either poolside or in the lobby during the day, courtesy of Radio Sonica, Pioneer and OpenLab.

The Friday night party in Dalt Vila was hosted by Back Butter records and featured DJ sets from Becky Tong, Zhu, MK, and Kidnap Kid, and live performances from Thalab and Rudimental topping the bill. Rudimental never fail to please and from the moment all 11 of them bounded onto the stage, filling every available space and covering all bases from keys, guitars, brass section and vocals, it was party time! as they took it in turn to grace the front of the stage, dance and jump around and play and sing their hearts out. They were loud, their energy was infectious and both the band and the crowd partied hard, loving every minute of it. A fantastic finale to the event.

Sadly, the Diario reported that IMS will not be able to return to this venue next year because of noise complaints received by the Ayuntamiento, which is a great shame as it’s the most amazing location for their parties and to dance underneath the stars.

However, the good news is that all of the main sessions from the Summit are filmed and put online. Some are already available, and the rest will follow shortly on their YouTube Channel:






At Night


Hard Rock Café 2nd Anniversary

Claire B

The Hard Rock Café in Ibiza is celebrating its 2nd anniversary on June 5th by putting on a live concert. Starting at 9pm, playing live will be Miguel Angel and his band and local band the Morning Drivers. Entrance is free.

The Hard Rock Café is at Passeig Vara del Rey, 1, Ibiza Town.

More info at:



Hardwell at Ushuaia on Tuesdays

Following a summer that saw the Dutch titan complete his debut residency on the world famous island of Ibiza, DJ Hardwell now returns to his adopted party home of Ushuaïa Ibiza with his exclusive Tuesday Ibiza show – Hardwell’s Carnival.

Hardwell and his team have been busy working on choosing an impressive array of A-list artists and emerging new talent for this years season, with full line-up details to be announced. The 12-week concept, which begins on 23rd June, will feature Hardwell and friends attempting to soundtrack the moments of the summer season, surrounded by stilt walkers, masquerades and entertainers.




Creamfields Ibiza

After being at Amnesia for nigh on 20 years, seminal club night Cream have decided to introduce their award winning Creamfields festival to Ibiza on Saturday 1st August. With a lack of available fields, Cream have hooked up with Ushuaia and will take over much of Playa D’en Bossa spreading itself across the Ushuaia Complex of the club, Hard Rock Hotel and the tower.

Headlining this mammoth event is one of the world’s biggest dance acts, The Prodigy. Liam and friends have been electrifying live audiences since the early 90s, and will be joined by such acts as Above & Beyond, Deetron, Pendulum and Annie Mac.




At Night

Summer is Finally Here – Again

This is a big week in the Ibizan clubbing calendar. By big, we really mean monstrous. Actually let us throw gargantuan at you, as from this weekend every one of Ibiza’s plethora of venues will have their doors firmly lodged open for 2015. The ‘start of the summer’ is mentioned a lot at this time of year and seems to happen almost every day in May. Each time a bar, restaurant or crazy-golf course has an opening party, a number of us get excited that the summer season is finally upon us. Now we love hitting balls through a windmill as much as the next man, but it’s not a putter that draws the big crowds – it’s a different kind of club.

Ocean Beach, DC10, Es Paradis, Pacha, Sankeys, Eden and Zoo Project have already opened to resounding success, but this weekend sees the hard core clubber heading out on the ultimate 3-day party bender. Amnesia, Privilege, Space and Ushuaia are all launching and, nobody can dare argue, this will OFFICIALLY mark the start of the summer. Hopefully, you’re strong enough to visit all of them over the weekend but, if not, we’ve got a more in depth rundown on each of the parties below, so you can take your pick. Good luck and see you on the other side!


Privilege Opening Friday 29th May – Midnight onwards

This monumental aircraft hangar held the Guinness World Record for world’s biggest club for a number of years. The size is certainly impressive but, in the past, it’s been difficult to fill that cavernous space with people and more importantly sound. No need to worry about that now, as the huge speaker stacks hanging from the ceiling supply plenty and at high quality. As for the people, mark our words that it’ll be rammed from midnight when the doors are unlocked. Acts on the night include Example and DJ Wire, with house legends Heidi and Cajmere going back to back in the Vista Club. Check out the website for more info:



Ushuaia Opening Saturday 30th May – 2pm onwards

If you time it right, you should be able to change into some skimpier clothes, grab a coffee and wolf down a baguette before heading over to Ushuaia at Playa D’en Bossa for some daytime activities. Ushuaia always comes at you with the best in lighting and effects, and this year will surely be no different. The line-up is also incredible with each pairing playing back to back throughout the day. Maya Jane Coles plays with Kim Ann Foxman, Claude Von Stoke plays with Miss Kitten and Andrea Oliva plays with David Squallace.



Amnesia Opening Saturday 30th May – 11pm onwards

You’ll probably be wise to get a little disco nap in before this leg of the journey as Amnesia Opening is renowned for going on way into the next day. Peaking early is a big no-no and don’t be averse to arriving a little late as the party really doesn’t get properly mental until silly o’clock in the morning. Music will be supplied by Maceo Plex, Guy Gerber and Eats Everything amongst others. Smoke machines will sound as if they’re supplied by Boeing and the dancers will probably be supplied by some genetics lab in Switzerland. Line-ups are at:



Space Opening Sunday 31st – 4.30pm onwards

For those still going from Friday, the lactic acid may be kicking in, and you’re about to be overtaken by a man dressed as a rhino, but the finish line is in sight. For those who have arrived fresh, we can’t blame you for saving yourself for this. Welcome to Space, the award-winning day/night club, which has probably the largest line-up of all of the openings. Expect at least five rooms of music and some bona fide legends of the DJ world. Luciano, Sasha, Groove Armada and Roger Sanchez are just some of the names spinning on possibly the island’s best sound system.





Amanda Zips It Up

Amanda O’Riordan

Hola Zipsters.

Welcome to the last instalment of Zips It Up for this “summer teaser” Month of May. June is within touching distance and then Summer 2015 will have officially arrived.  Yay.

My summer is mapped out with trips to Ibiza and Mallorca every month until September.

No surprises really that it’s my favourite time of the year, except for a couple of elements. The flights, the piss heads and the passport control queues.

Ok, that’s three, but the flights and the piss heads go together.

Flights to Ibiza from the UK always start with everyone dressed to impress in much researched Balearic style, wearing fresh new flip flops and straw fedoras even though they’re freezing. Luggage is checked in and after a few ‘pre-flight drinks’ everyone’s made it to the gate just about on time. There’s excitement in the air in boarding the plane, leaving behind the usual grey skies.

After the battle to store hand luggage is over, we’re finally off.  Once the seatbelt sign is switched off, two things happen. The drinks trolley is launched and a select number of passengers covertly pull out the litre bottles of vodka they’ve just bought in duty free. Much to the cabin crew’s horror, but there’s not much they can do about it once airbound.  Messages on the PA system that it’s ‘illegal’ to drink from your own alcohol have little effect. Disguised in containers of coke or lemonade – many passengers are on it for a solid two hours.

And it gets louder, and louder and louder.

I always sit at the front, where it’s generally slightly less noisy, and from now until September, I can almost guarantee a hen or stag party on every flight I take.

Look out for (and if you’re a girl, avoid) groups of guys in themed Tshirts or hats. The worst I have ever seen was a Baywatch themed Stag party with all the guys dressed as David Hasslehoff, squeezed into tiny red shorts and all wearing lifeguard’s whistles. Uh oh…

The whistles start. The cabin crew start having panic attacks. The queue for the toilet extends down the length of the aisle and the captain‘s warning announcement is lost under the masses who are now chanting unintelligibly. Parents with children shudder in disgust and arguments break out between the front of the cabin and the back.

By the time we have landed, expect a fight or two when being bussed to the terminal. Someone will lose their luggage, leave their passport on the plane, and worst (and most delaying) of all the police may board the plane and arrest a few culprits before we’re allowed to disembark.

Then our holiday can begin. Just try not to think about the two hour wait at passport control when you get home again.

Up to a point I love it all, and it wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t have roars, cheering, clapping and applause as we touch down on the white isle’s runway.

This week we bring you the essential guide to selecting your sunglasses – bring on the summer.

Amanda x

Read Amanda’s fashion blog



50 Shades Of Shades

Amanda O’Riordan

The sun is shining… sort of, if you live in the UK. Definitely, if you’re on the Balearic Isles.

So, time to reach for the sunnies.

While the diligent among us won’t have stored their sunglasses away during the autumn/winter season (UV is year-round, remember?), shades are an indisputable essential for the coming months. Unless of course you’re fine with permanent squinting.

But which to choose? The range of frames available these days is dizzyingly diverse, and that’s before you factor in variables like face shape, sun protection and budget.

Sunglasses are not just a style statement – they can attract or repel, be a mirror or a shield. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the perfect pair of sunglasses aptly deserve to be called ‘shades’. With this guide, you can let just the right amount of light in.

Before you even consider style and colour, it’s essential to identify the frames that complement your face shape best.

  • Oval Face Shapes

Those with oval faces will always be lucky in life, since pretty much every haircut or pair of shades will look good on them.

Aviators, Clubmasters or Wayfarers, heavy rims or none – anything goes. The only advice for oval face shapes is to refrain from novelty oversized frames, as they do no one any favours.

  • Round Face Shapes

Those with an undefined jaw and roughly equal face width and length should avoid classic aviators, as the curved shape will only emphasise roundedness.

Short rectangular designs and Rayban Wayfarers will offset this shape’s natural curvature, helping create definition while also making the face appear longer.

  • Square Face Shape

Square faces need some curve appeal, so aviators are good. Along with aviators, round John Lennon-style frames or semi-rimless options will a make a pleasing contrast and Topshop have an excellent collection this summer. They’re the shape to be seen in!

  • Long Face Shape

A long face should look to oversized frames – particularly Cat’s Eyes – which will add width and create a sense of balance.”

I’ve just got some beauties by Miu Miu and these will always be my favourite. So I’ll keep them in their case, instead of at the bottom of my handbag where inevitably they get scuffed or broken.

  • Heart Face Shape

Heart shapes have to battle with wide foreheads and narrow chins, a contrast that can be difficult to frame correctly.

Round frames can add balance to this shape if rimless is just not an option – look to fellow heart shape Johnny Depp for inspiration.

Once you’ve accurately assessed your face shape and found a frame to match, it’s time to explore the other points of difference that come into play when finding the perfect pair of sunnies. And that, my friends, is

  • Colour

For me, its all about Black or Tortoiseshell if you want a good all-rounder. Suits everyone. Gold or silver rimmed Aviators are about as far as I would go. They will suit whatever you’re wearing, even if it’s a bin bag.

Unless you’re still in your teens – avoid brightly coloured shades like the plague.

Mostly – its all about keeping those wrinkles at bay whilst looking stylish (and cool).




Fashion Tips & Advice

Sophia V

As much as I love browsing through fashion magazines and websites, I’m disheartened that the majority of it is expensive catwalk / designer rather than affordable high-street pieces. Not everyone has the body and bank of Cara Delvingne. Also, why is it that sometimes an outfit looks better on a mannequin or a hanger than when worn? It’s important to know what you’re shopping for. Here are the tips and advice in respect of clothes for the older, younger, taller, shorter, slimmer, curvier woman.

The best fashion tip I ever heard was: dress for yourself, not what’s fashionable right now. Wear what flatters your shape, highlighting your favourite body parts.

We all know that black makes a body appear slimmer. Stripes add curves, such as if you have a small bust and want it to appear bigger, whereas plain colours rather than shapes / prints hide rather than highlight.

To enhance an hourglass figure, wear outfits that nip in at the waist and fall loosely over your thighs, such as dresses with a slightly tighter bodice and flowing skirt, tops with high-waisted belts, ruffles, beading or anything across the middle that draws attention to your feminine shape. Different solid colours such as red at the top and black at the bottom help to accentuate.

For fuller figured women, plain colours are much more flattering than prints, detailed designs and ruffles. Wrap-over outfits and stretchy material whereby you can make it sit how you like work wonders.

Boyish figures suit patterns, shapes, bows and floral much more, drawing attention especially to the waist, anything that nips in to create that womanly figure.

Small busted women can manipulate a bigger bust in many ways. Size enhancing bras is a first. Clothes with detailed necklines that draw attention to the area, ruffles, necklaces, low-neck square tops / dresses, rather than V-necks which decrease work well. Patterns, prints and light colours make boobs appear fuller.

Short women should avoid over layering when it comes to clothing, long tunic tops, trench coats, wide leg trousers, flares and long maxi skirts.

Tall women should avoid vertical stripes, long flowing dresses and skirts if they do not want to appear even taller.

For those wanting a smaller looking bust, dark colours, plain tops and dresses, minimizing and sports bras should be worn. Spanx and shapers can also be worn under clothes to hold everything in. Avoid baggy clothes which make you appear fuller. If you don’t want to reveal your bust, wear clothes that completely cover the area.

Different colours can accentuate your eyes, hair and skin tone. Red looks amazing on blondes and brunettes, blue and greens set off those with the same colour eyes, gold tones look great against a suntan, as do white pieces, and you cannot go wrong with classic black.

Bulky statement jewellery can glam up any outfit, whether it be chunky chains, a simple low dangling necklace, bracelets and earrings. Silver and gold, which attract the light, can look exceptionally glamorous.

Heels and wedges lengthen the legs, making one appear taller, and flip flops / pumps / ballet shoes are perfect for those not wanting to draw attention to their height, or purely for comfort purposes. Sleek pointy toe shoes and ankle boots are perfect for shorter women with smaller feet, whereas rounded toe shoes and mid-calf boots look cute on taller women with slightly longer feet. Also, if you aren’t tall, avoid ankle straps as these make your legs appear shorter.

And lastly, wear outfits that show off the parts you like about yourself, such as tops that cut across your chest to display your shoulders, a skirt with a slit in to show a bit of leg, a knee-length skirt, a backless dress, etc.

For more of Sophia’s articles and tips check out her blog:



Fancy a Fling?

Sophia V.

When it comes to the opposite sex, some people are content having no strings attached, whereas others prefer a loving relationship. Below are reasons why people decide to choose one over the other.

Friends with benefits can be on your terms. You can choose when you see him and how often you see him. You don’t owe him anything, it isn’t serious so you can still hold onto your independence, doing what you want, when you want.

There are no obligations for a future together, no stressful conversations on where ‘you’re headed’ etc, it’s just relaxed and simple. You cut out all the seriousness, and so it remains new, exciting and fresh.

You can go out, and if you like the look of someone else, there is nothing to stop you from getting their number and going on other dates.

Your feelings are protected. You cannot get hurt if you are not giving someone your heart.

However, if one is more into it than the other, then complications can arise, and you may be missing out on being loved and sharing your life with someone special.

Some serious relationships can be hard work, argumentative and a lot of pressure. However, they can also bring happiness to your life.

At the end of an exhausting day, you have someone to rant to. At night time you have someone to cuddle in bed, and if your friends let you down, your partner will always be there.

You can be yourself and be completely open and honest with them, as they love you, warts and all.

As you know where you stand with them, you may feel more relaxed, and secure. And if you keep the romance alive, this relationship can also remain exciting and fresh.

‘Prêt À Porter’ Fashion Show at P/Art

Nicole Torres

P/Art Ibiza hosts its first prêt à porter fashion show in which four of its artists have printed their works inspired by nature and exposed in the gallery on silks, wools and cottons. The artists Maurizio Boscheri, Marta Roca, Lamberto Petri, and Patrizia Longarinibe responsible for giving life to this project called Anima4. The presentation will take place in the gardens of P/Art next May 30th at 8pm and will culminate with a cocktail for the artist Miguel Pallás.

The photographs of each of the works of the participating artists will be printed on shirts and dresses in minimalist design “to create a capsule collection with a graphic concept of wearable contemporary art, to be displayed as part of Anima.” Art and fashion will melt through the innovative technique of inkjet printing on fabric brought from Italy by stylist and Anima4 participant Lamberto Petri.

According to gallery owner and photographer Patrizia Longarini “Anima4 is a coherent collection with the message that the four artists propose and disclose in our work: our unconditional love for nature. Each with our particular way of creating art, we show a collection for and Ibiza, with its free and cosmopolitan soul like that of the four creators who make this project.”

“The idea came surrounded by Ibizan products and sunset background. We found no better way to give back to the island than unifying our art with a fashion show in her honour,” concludes the artist.


Mind Body & Soul

Lung Cancer Vaccine

Cuba launched the world’s first lung cancer vaccine, Cimavax, to the public back in. Each shot costs about$1, but the Cuban government has made the vaccine available to the public for free. Now it’s 2015, and other countries are starting to get curious and want to get their hands on it too.

Theof Molecular Immunology, Cuba, has finalized agreements with thePark Cancer Institute, USA, to embark on a project that aims to develop acancer vaccine that was first made in Cubabeginto introduce it into the United States. This will involve gainingand Drug Administration(FDA) approval for the vaccine and starting clinical trials.

This collaboration is exciting news.years, there has been a trade embargo led by the U.S. that’s restricted Cuban travel and commerce. The Obama administration has been trying to normalize relations with Cuba, starting with lifting restrictions on research and medical equipment. Overcoming the embargo is the first step to creating forerunning medical collaborations such as this one.

“The chance to evaluate a vaccine like this is a very exciting prospect,” saysJohnson, CEO of Roswell Park. There’s plenty to be excited about: Usually cancer vaccines are very expensive, but Cimavax is relatively cheap to produce and store. Patients who have cancer vaccines are also often plagued with side effects; the Cimavax, however, has shown little toxicity. Side effects to the vaccine so far have included, chills, and fever.

Whileis not a cure for cancer—and further testing will have to be done to truly understand the vaccine—the current results are promising. For example, a triala trend towards improved survival in all vaccinated patients, and a further two found the same in those whose immune systems responded well. And you have to admit, there’s a sort of delicious irony that a country famous for its cigars are the world pioneers in an innovative lung cancer vaccine.

The vaccine contains a protein called epidermal growth factor(EGF). EGF, which stimulates the growth of cells, is found naturally in the body, but cancerous tumors can stimulate the body into producing too much of this protein. This causes the tumor to multiply and grow uncontrollably.

When vaccinated, EGF, among other compounds, enters the bloodstream of the patient and encourages the immune system to produce antibodies that suppress the effects of EGF. This prevents tumors from getting bigger, but doesn’t directly attack them.

This vaccine is given to people who already have lung cancer. It isn’t like a measles vaccine that is given to an infant who can then expect never to suffer from the disease. Known as a therapeutic vaccine, it is given to patients who already have cancerous tumors in their lungs. Cimavax inhibits their growth and stops them from spreading, or metastasizing, to other parts of the body, which makes treatment significantly more difficult.

While this vaccine was developed, and is currently onlylicensed, for lung cancer, researchers are hopeful that it could be used for other cancers. That’s because rogue epidermal growth factor signaling’t just stimulate the development of tumors in the lungs;is also known toa role in, breast, colon and pancreatic cancer. “All those things are potential targets for this vaccine,” saysKelvin Lee, an immunologist atPark Cancer Institute.

The current embargo between the U.S. and Cuba has been modified to make research collaborations such as this one possible. But for collaborative research to take off, Congressneed to make considerable changes to it. It would be an inspiring event to see the embargo dropped in the name of scientific research.


It’s Good To Talk

Kate Stillman


Dear Ibiza Counselling,

I know this is a common problem but this year it seems to have come early! For some reason this season seems to have gone from zero to 100% in about 1 week, usually there is a bit of a build up and I can come out of my winter hibernation more gradually but I already feel like I am going at full speed and it isn’t even June yet. I have a real sense of panic that I can’t say no to anyone because the window of opportunity to earn money is so limited and I get nervous if I say no then they won’t ask again.

I am worried I am going to burn out.

Regards, KL.


Dear KL

Thank you for your letter. It seems as if you are very popular with whatever work it is that you do so I am wondering why you think people will not come back to you? Your ability to do the job is of paramount importance and if you are not mentally and physically able then you and your customers will suffer.

It is good that you are worried you might burn out because it means you are aware of your limitations, and so, able to put things in place to ensure that you remain well rested and stable. On a more practical level, I wonder if it might be time to put your process up so that you need less customers to make the same amount of money. If you have regular clients that are pleased with what you do then I imagine they would expect a small increase from year to year. It might also be worth while taking on some help so that you feel that you have some support, and can possibly take the odd morning off to relax and cut off form work.

Take care and be kind to yourself


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Mind Body & Soul


6 Ab exercises for people who hate crunches

When we think about abs we think about hundreds of crunches a day. Some people love it but the majority of us just hates them. The other thing is that crunches can hurt the lower back and neck when performed with bad form. That’s why I would love to share 6 different ab exercises with you. Before you start, make sure that you have no injuries. If you do, get a doctor’s clearing first. Let’s do this.

1 The Hanging Leg Raise

Hang from a bar or a set of Olympic rings, arms straight. Keep your shoulders in their sockets, don’t hyperextend. Raise your knees to your chest and lower them again. Squeeze your bum at all times.

2 The Plank (main photo above)

Lay on your underarms and toes. Create one line from your ears to your ankles and tense not only your abs and bum but every muscle fibre in your body. Breathe shallow and hold it for time.

3 Ab Roll-out

Use an ab-wheel or a barbell with small weights. Start on your knees with the wheel in front of you. Round your shoulders in the top position to protect your lower back when you roll out. Roll out as far as you can and bring the wheel back to your knees.

4 The Front Squat

I hear you think, ‘Squats, we are training abs right?’.

Just try it in an ab-set and you are a true believer.

Use a heavy Kettlebell or dumbell and hold it in one arm. Upper arm glued to your ribcage.

Squat to 90 degrees, if you are more flexible past 90 degrees, known as ‘ass to grass’.

Stand tall and tense your whole body for the entire time.

5 The Tactical Pull Up

Hang from a bar, rings or a rope with your arms stretched. Shoulders in their sockets. Straighten your legs and two feet close together. Assume the hollow position. Pull up until your chin is above your hands. Lower yourself and repeat.

6 The Farmer Walk.

Take a heavy Kettlebell, barbell, dumbell or a heavy suitcase. Stand next to it. Pick it off the floor by bending your knees 45 degrees and hinge your hip back. Your back is straight and your shoulders are pushed away from your ears. Visualize pushing the floor away instead of standing up. Now squeeze your armpits as if you are crushing something. Shoulders away from your ears and just walk. Put it down and walk back with the weight on the other side.


To find out more about Virgil Brewster’s fitness training, contact him via the workout club on 677 045 023 or




Thursday   28th  May   to   Wednesday   3rd   June


ARIES – Ten of Swords

Emotionally, you’ve had an intense time over the last few weeks and have found it difficult to contain your feelings; good or bad. Having hit a brick wall, you need time to gather your thoughts. Don’t be tempted to over-analyse situations, mentally you need rest. It may not seem like it at the moment but life is on the up.

TAURUS – King of Swords

This week, an interesting and dynamic individual could sweep you off your feet and if it’s romance, it hits you like a tornado! For ambitious Taurus’, career success and a particular life goal is within your reach. However, you must remain passionate and focused on your dream. Air sign men, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius make good lovers or allies this week.

GEMINI – Seven of Wands

If you’re struggling with a life or health issue, take the time to get to the bottom of what’s really troubling you. You’ve had a while to digest your situation and are ready to confront your demons; or anyone who has put you through a hard time. This card asks; what do you have, a backbone or a wishbone?

CANCER – Five of Cups

Happiness ahead is indicated by this card; only if you’re prepared to cross an emotional bridge and heal a hurt that was influenced by what took place in your past – but still has the power to wound. Remember, it’s through our disappointments that we’re able to grow and work towards transforming life. So, let things go and move on.

LEO – Three of Swords

Not the easiest week; you’ll either be caught in the middle of stressful situation or will find yourself having to do battle with someone who’s pushing your buttons. Because you’re under pressure, be careful not to have a scatter gun approach to airing your grievances. Others will not take so kindly being compared to the real culprits of your displeasure.

VIRGO – Two of Swords

Recent differences of opinion can now be settled amicably if you and the other party can draw a line under a difficult situation. It’s no weakness to admit you’re in the wrong as this makes partners or associates open to your side of the story. Emotionally challenging situations unsettle you; leading to loss of confidence. However, you’re pleased at outcomes.

LIBRA – Five of Disks

If you’re concerned about money, help arrives in the form of an unexpected gift or rebate. This card represents the Cavalry, coming to your financial aid in the nick of time. If you’ve been generous to others in the past, it’s your time to be rewarded. As always, your own attitude counts; what you give in life, you’ll get back.

SCORPIO – The Hermit

It’s time to release any emotional trauma from your past and to get on with healing yourself; mind, body and soul. Meditation, Tai Chi swimming and yoga will all help, so listen to what your body needs.You are now coming to an end of a cycle in life and it’s important that you now have some ‘me’ time.

SAGITTARIUS – Seven of Swords

If you’ve been misunderstood by those who don’t get where you’re coming from – you can be forgiven for feeling hard done by. Think; what’s the point continuing with certain associations if they’re nothing but bad news. You’re a bright light so don’t let others pull you down. Ignore/avoid jealous types; they want what you already possess – determination.

CAPRICORN – Three of Cups

A week to let your hedonistic take over. You want fun and lots of it. The best way to ensure this happens is to spend time with those who make you happy. If you’ve not caught up with good friends lately, now’s the time to reach out. This card signals abundant times, socially, financially and career wise through networking opportunities.

AQUARIUS – King of Disks

You have to deal with financial matters; accountants, tax officers or such like and you may have to agree to disagree with someone who values their opinion much the same way you value yours, therefore don’t make situations a power struggle. Make sure you get your facts straight when discussing financial loop wholes. Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo men prove helpful.

PISCES – Eight of Wands

This coming week proves exciting, especially for career prospects. If you’re looking for something new; a dream job or project could land in your lap! This card encourages you to aim high where ambitions are concerned and not to undersell your talents. Pisces can get anxious about how others see them; however, be bold and have nerves of steel.




Election 2015 Results



Jezza’s Sports Report

Jeremy Parmenter

T’was Party and Double Celebration time in the Jezza household last w/end, reasons for which will become obvious as this week’s report continues, but let’s start this week with

  • Rugby Union

and what a pair of Play Off semifinals in the Premiership as two of England’s fly-halves took all the plaudits. In the first match Saracens scraped a 29-24 win and revenge at favourites and table toppers Northampton in a repeat of last year’s Final which the latter won, but not to be this year as Sarries threw a white blanket round the Saints 22 and it was a personal high for Owen Farrell as he scored 19 points to send his team thru’ to this w/end’s Final at Twickers where they will meet in-form Bath on a roll at the mo’ with their 7th win on the trot. At the Rec it was George Ford who orchestrated a superb 7 try 47-10 win over Leicester with a winger Banahan hat-trick and where England backs Joseph, Watson and Eastmond also starred. Should be a classic then at HQ on Saturday and I’m desperately trying to get (a) a return w/end flight and (b) a ticket for the match to hopefully see my West Country team turn the upstarts from Saracens over. If unsuccessful it’s gotta be Bash’s in San An on Saturday at 3.30 as I don’t have BT Sport!

  • Rugby League

Switching codes, bit of a surprise here as 3rd placed Wigan were stuffed 58-16 by a revitalised Catalans but despite a battering, remain in 3rd after 15 matches, only 2 points behind St Helens in 2nd and 4 behind leaders Leeds.

  • Boxing

and Congrats to Olympic Gold medallist James deGale who won the IBF World Title after beating American Andre Dirrel on points in Boston, to become the first Brit to win a professional world title after winning Olympic Gold.

  • Golf

and sorry to have to report on World No 1 Rory McIlroy’s misfortune in the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth, as he failed miserably not even making the cut after 2 dismal rounds including 5 bogies but one has to take the rough with the smooth. Better news for Spaniard and circuit joker Miguel Angel Jimenez, he of the “gafas” and “puros” as he came in joint 2nd, the tournament being won by 6 shots by relative unknown rookie South Korean Byeong Hun An.

  • Tennis

and with the French Open, the second Major of the year, starting today could this be Nadal’s moment of truth is the question being asked by the media, Even the Mallorcan himself will be asking the question as he attempts to win his 10th French title, as his form this year on clay has been nothing short of woeful. Come on Rafa, give it your best shot! As for Andy Murray, with his brilliant form on clay this year, he must stand a great chance but, and there’s always a but, the draw hasn’t been kind to him as to win he’ll have to beat Nadal in the Quarters, Djokovik in the Semi’s and Federer in the Final! Good luck on that score then!

  • Cricket

After my railing of KP last week, in the 1st Test at Lords against New Zealand, England proved quite conclusively that they don’t need him at all, as how ’bout this for some stats – Root 98 and 84 runs, Cook 162 ,Stokes 92 and 101 (in 85 balls to boot, being the fastest ton ever at Lord’s!) Buttler 67, Ali 58 all of which beggars the question “who’s Pietersen?”. Having turned round a 1st innings deficit of some 170 odd, as I write, England now need 7 wickets to win with NZ 59/3 needing 345 to win and only 2 sessions to go, with a draw the likeliest result, but you never know!

  • Footie

And so on to that double celebration at “mi casa” over the w/end as it was party time at Stamford Bridge with the Blues lifting the Premier League trophy for the first time in 5 years, the 4th time this century and Jose’s 3rd in 5 attempts, at the same time creating a new record of being top for 277 days, from the start to the end of the season. Also party time at Wembley as “er indoors who must be obeyed!”, aka the Old Lady from Preston, celebrated her team’s stunning 4-0 win over Swindon, featuring a Beckford hat-trick, in the Division 1 Play-off Final to seal their promotion to the Championship. So two happy bunnies in Benimussa then! Elsewhere on the Premier League’s final day, it was real heartache for Steve Bruce and his Hull side, as despite holding Man U to a worthy scoreless draw in Humberside, it wasn’t enough to keep them up, as Newcastle, needing to at least match Hull’s result, came out on top at St James’ Park beating West Ham 2-0 to stay up by the skin of their teeth. Having said that, is coach John Carver for real as with a record of P11 W1 D1 L9 surely the man warrants a P45, with Steve McLaren odds-on to replace him. Talking of goodbyes, lots of them winging around the Premier, with the Hammer’s Big Sam Allardyce on his way, by mutual consent, as are Liverpool’s Stevie Gerrard and Man City’s Frank Lampard, the former not so happy after a 6-1 stonking away at Stoke, and the latter delighted with his last Premier goal (177th!) in City’s 2-0 win over Southampton helping them to cement 2nd spot and Chelsea’s Didier Drogba who seems to be having as many comebacks as Frank Sinatra! Elsewhere, Arsenal warmed up for Saturday’s FA Cup Final against Aston Villa with a 4-1 win at home, including a Walcott hat-trick, over West Bromwich to finish in 3rd, Man Utd in 4th, now have to qualify in July for the CL, Tottenham won 1-0 at Everton for 5th place and a Europa League spot, as do Liverpool despite their Stoke thrashing, the ‘Pool’s worst defeat ever in the Premier League, while relegated Burnley at least signed off with a win, 1-0 at Villa. Sunderland had already secured their PL status after their mid-week draw at the Gunners, relegated QPR signed off with a 5-1 thumping by Leicester who finished on a high, having won 7 of their last 9 matches and Crystal Palace also ended their season on a high after their 1-0 home win over Swansea to end in 10th, their highest league position in the PL era. On the Awards front, Chelsea’s Eden Hazard won the PFA’s and the Football Writer’s Player of the Year, as well as the Premier League Player of the Year, Man City’s Sergio Agüero won the Golden Boot for his 26 league goals, Man U’s De Gea won the Golden Glove for his 14 clean sheets and Jose Mourinho won the PL’s Manager of the Year.

Finally, in La Liga, Barça won the title by 2 points from Real Madrid despite drawing 2-2 at the Nou Camp with Messi scoring both as Real thrashed Eibar 7-3 with yet another hat-trick from Cristiano, making him the league’s top scorer with 48. Adios here too as Barça’s Xavi bowed out from the league but still with a potential treble in the offing as they take on Atlético in the Copa del Rey Final on Saturday and then the Big One, the CL Final against Italy’s Juve the following week. Probably adios to Ancelotti at Real as well, to be replaced by, of all people, Rafa Benitez – can’t quite get my head round that one, but there you go, that’s football! Cheers for now, Jezza.

  • Stop Press!!!

England win the 1st Test against New Zealand at Lords by 124 runs with 9 overs to spare. Not bad considering they were 30/4 and looking down and out on the first morning!

Also, Norwich, much no doubt to Our Ed’s chagrin, win the Championship Playoff Final at Wembley 2-0 against Middlesbrough to claim the final promotion spot to the Premier League, not forgetting the little matter of £120m as well!





Monaco Grand Prix

Rosberg wins Monaco GP after Hamilton pit blunder

Nico Rosberg has taken an unexpected third consecutive Monaco Grand Prix victory after long-time leader Lewis Hamilton extraordinarily fell foul of a strategic error by Mercedes during a late safety car period.

The defending champion had led from the start and built up a lead of 15secs with an inch-perfect performance, but a safety car with 16 laps remaining to clear the wreckage of Max Verstappen’s Toro Rosso at Ste Devote would see Mercedes unexpectedly call him in to change onto the super-soft tyres.

Critically, when neither Nico Rosberg nor Sebastian Vettel would do the same, Hamilton re-emerged just behind in third position. With just eight laps of racing remaining to make up position again once the safety car had pulled in, Hamilton could not subsequently get the better of Vettel around the tight street circuit, allowing Rosberg to escape away to an unlikely victory.

A remarkable conclusion to a race that Hamilton looked almost certain to win, the Briton had multiplied his advantage having led off from pole position and was well clear of Rosberg as the race entered its closing stages, the German instead having his race mostly occupied by the persistent attention of Vettel.

However, the race was turned on its head when, further down the field, Verstappen – whilst on a charge up the order on super-soft tyres – hit the back of Romain Grosjean coming into Ste Devote, the Dutchman spearing into the barriers, fortunately without consequence. However, the accident would serve to prompt a late safety car, with several drivers taking a strategic punt to pit for newer rubber.

Unexpectedly though, Hamilton followed suit despite his track advantage, but couldn’t get out in time to hold off Rosberg and Vettel, the Briton forced to filter in just behind them, despite some remonstration on the radio over whether he exited ahead of the Ferrari.

Once back underway, Rosberg – not believing his luck – would not put a wheel wrong over the remaining laps, leaving Vettel to keep Hamilton at bay, who in turn was forced to fend off the renewed attentions of Daniel Ricciardo right behind him.

With Hamilton visibly distraught at the outcome following an otherwise faultless afternoon, it is a result that has greater implications for the overall standings too, with Rosberg now just 10 points behind his team-mate.

As drama spread across the top three, Ricciardo had looked set to take fourth after a late advance, only to be ordered to move aside for his team-mate Daniil Kvyat on the final lap.

Kvyat had spent much of the race in fourth position after a great start from the third row, but a decision to switch Ricciardo onto super soft tyres during the safety car would see the Australian pass Kimi Raikkonen before Red Bull switched the two cars around to allow him to attack Hamilton. When he couldn’t get past, Red Bull ordered them to swap back as a reward for Kvyat’s best performance in F1 to date.

Raikkonen was left a disgruntled sixth having been levered out of the way by Ricciardo late on, a clash that was watched by the stewards before no further action was deemed necessary.

Staying out of trouble in seventh place, Sergio Perez held his impressive starting position to notch up some precious points for the embattled Force India team.

Having benefitted from penalties ahead to start a season-best tenth, Jenson Button took full advantage of the position to finally get McLaren-Honda on the scoreboard for the first time in 2015. Indeed, the Briton was the big beneficiary when Pastor Maldonado retired early on with problems stemming from contact with Felipe Massa on the opening lap, before a slow pit-stop moved Verstappen out of the way too.

McLaren would likely have been on for double points after Fernando Alonso – despite a five-second pit stop penalty for contact with Nico Hulkenberg on lap one – worked his way up to ninth, only for gearbox issues to strike and end his race on lap 41.

Like Button, Felipe Nasr kept his nose clean as drama unfolded around him, gradually ascending through the order as others hit problems to cross the line ninth place and score points for Sauber, while Carlos Sainz picked up the final point for tenth, the Toro Rosso taking advantage of Verstappen’s dramatic exit ahead of him.

Save for the dramatic exit, Verstappen had provided much of the race’s entertainment with a ballsy pass on Maldonado early on, but a tardy pit-stop would drop him down the order. A late switch to super softs and some savvy driving following Vettel as he lapped drivers he was trying to overtake hauled him into top ten contention again, only for a mistake under braking for turn one to send him over the back of Romain Grosjean and into the barriers hard.

Remarkably, Grosjean would keep the Lotus going, but the time lost returning to the track would see him finish outside the points in 12th behind Nico Hulkenberg.

Behind them, Williams endured a torrid race, with Felipe Massa losing a lap early on, while a poorly timed pit-stop for Valtteri Bottas before the safety car compounded a dismal weekend for the Finn.


The Guide …


At The Movies …

More of sex, drugs and beauty

Films shot on location in Spain

In which small village in Guadalajara did Katherine Hepburn spend a summer making one of the two films she made in Spain?

Where did Steven Spielberg build his prisoner of war camp in Spain for ‘Empire of the Sun’?

Which famous British actor tried to steal some jewels from the Spanish royal family’s summer palace in Majorca in 1969?

Which Spanish city has a cinema called ‘Lara’ because ‘Doctor Zhivago’ was made there?

You can trawl the Internet looking for the answers to these questions, or you can get hold of a recently pblished book called  ‘A SET JETTERS GUIDE TO SPAIN: 101 Locations,’ which is a guide to where 101 of the most important English language films were made in Spain.

The book covers the whole of Spain, except Albacete, where so far there has been very little action, and was written in Valencia by Londoner Bob Yareham who has taught English and History and written this and that in Valencia since 1981.

So what is set-jetting, and how could it help the Spanish economy?

Visitors to Loja, in the province of Granada, are frequently surprised when they come across the silhouette of the Marx Brothers overlooking the village.

The brothers have no connection with Loja but, curiously, the same view opens the film “Duck Soup” (1933), representing Groucho’s eccentric kingdom of Sylvania.

Now known as ‘Mirador de Sylvania’, this monument is an example of the importance of set-jetting in Spain, a country where over 700 English language films have been made and continue to be made, because as Orson Welles once said, Spain is not a country, it is a continent.

In fact, no other non-English speaking country has made as many English language films as Spain.

Even today you can find just about any kind of scenery you need, and years ago, with the compliance of the dictator Franco, the Spanish army and police force were readily available to make all kinds of epics.

Check out George C Scott’s Patton for example. If you want to know why all the German soldiers looked so happy strolling into battle, it’s because they were Spanish soldiers, having a day off from peeling potatoes as part of their obligatory military service.

Cinema tourism (set-jetting) is an undeniable fact; you only need to ask the delighted authorities of New Zealand, where they are still reaping the benefits of visitors attracted by the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

Here in Spain, the number of American pilgrims on the ‘Camino de Santiago’ multiplied by 5 as a direct consequence of Martin Sheen’s film “The Way.”

Spain has it all; the deserts, the beaches, the forests, mountains, lakes and rivers, and of course that old Spanish castle magic.

Hundreds of villages and towns were transformed in the 50s, 60s and 70s when Hollywood arrived and changed their lives. Many of today’s popular tourist resorts owe their initial prosperity to film makers, who hired entire populations, as well as the more than willing, disciplined Spanish army and police force to produce their epics about Romans, medieval knights or American GIs.

Villages such as Peñiscola and Tossa del Mar began to blossom thanks to films like El Cid and Pandora and the Flying Dutchman. In fact Ava Gardner’s statue stare out sexily to sea even today from the battlements of the castle at Tossa.

In this guide there are 101 films and their locations, (the title is of course a nudge and a wink to the Disney classic about the spotted dogs), and it is hoped that readers will visit these places and share the knowledge that Spain is a lot more than sun, sand and sangria; although that’s all pretty good stuff too.

Probably not many people will visit a place only to see where a film was made, but the existence of these locations gives added value; and the films themselves are free publicity which can be exploited.

The book is published by the Asturian bi-lingual publishing company, Camelot, and is dedicated to the memory of John Cabrera, who according to Bob Yareham, did more for the Spanish film industry than they will ever realise.

He is the man who brought Samuel Bronston to Spain to make El Cid, 55 Days at Peking and The Fall of the Roman Empire, among others.

The book will also be going into school, as the author has devised an activity for educational institutions, through which students can learn about the rich history of the international cinema industry in Spain, and in Valencia, he collaborates with the L’Iber Museum, which is the largest toy soldier museum in the world, on an activity called Hollywood & History, where students learn the truth about historical films (El Cid didn’t die a martyr’s death at Peñiscola/Valencia, but a few years later, in his bed).

The book is available on the internet at edicionescamelot.com and on Amazon.



The Back Row



117 mins : Drama Romance,: 21 October 1969

Link at IMDB: imdb.to/19gViGw

German boy meets American girl in Paris and so inevitably they search for freedom in. The ensuing sex, drugs and rock and roll (provided by Pink Floyd) eventually lead to his downfall and (to give you a clue) it isn’t due to the sex or the rock and roll.

Paradise is found in the glorious scenery of Ibiza, but lost in white dust to dust. Ibiza’s castle, looming over town and harbour is the location of the end for the beautiful friend, specifically in the tunnel nearby.

The castle’s construction began in 1554, and is seen from various angles, as are the lighthouse and the ferry.

At the boy and girl’s villa on the other side of the island, with its starkly beautiful coves, we see towards the end of the film the magical island of Es Vedra, which also appears in South Pacific.

The legendary ‘El Corsario’ restaurant was one of the locations, where Doctor Wolf practises with his knives and deals heroin while reminiscing about Der Fatherland.

A depressing story in which simply beautiful scenery suggests a beautifully simple lifestyle, incomprehensible apparently to the ugly, twisted characters who infest the island.