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Starck Superyacht.

It is that time of year when the mega yachts of the rich and famous float about Ibiza. None is more mega than the $323 million ‘submarine yacht’ owned by Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko, and designed by Philippe Starck, called ‘A’.

The mammoth 119 metre long luxury yacht was built over a 4 year period in the shipyards owned by Blohm + Voss in Hamburg, Germany – the same yard which built the legendary battleship Bismark.

Thanks to the special shape of the hull, the ship can reach speeds of 23 knots (43/h; 26) and can also cut through the ice or icebergs if the need arises. It is powered by two MAN RK280 diesel engines providing approximately 9,000(12,000). At its cruising speed of 19 knots (35/h; 22) it can cover 6,500 nautical miles (12,000; 7,500) in under sixteen days before its 750,000(160,000; 200,000) fuel tank is empty.

Typically for a mega yacht,decorated, equipped, and staffed to an extremely opulent standard. There is almost 24,000 square feet (2,200) of interior space, including 2,500 square feet (230) for the master suite., known for his occasionally risqué design choices, also added a secret “nookie” hidden behind mirrored panels. Mirrored surfaces feature extensively throughout the interior, along withcrystalis used not only for the glassware and tableware, but for the furniture too. There are six guest suites, although they have moving walls and can be converted to four larger staterooms. Much of the interior design was completed by Aleksandra Melnichenko who, as the owner’s new wife, battled with designer Starck over features commissioned when her husband was still a bachelor. The originalèquedown-sized, while the suites’ decor was toned down, although it still included leather or  whiteon the walls and ceilings, and crocodile-skinned furniture. Above-deck there is a helipad and swimming pool forward of thetwo more pools, one of which is glass-bottomed and can be viewed from the below-deck disco.

37 staff are employed on the vessel, and there are living quarters for five more staff accompanying the owners or their guests. Security is tightly controlled, with 44(1.7)-thick bomb-proof glass in the windows, over 40 CCTV cameras, motion sensors,fingerprint/keypad entryrestricted areas, and a rumouredpodcase of emergencies.

And so in the face of such wild and unrestrained luxury we have to ask of
Mr Melnichenko, is he really happy? In full consideration of the facts available to us we think the answer is very probably, yes.


Attempted murder in Cala de Bou

Police were called to the scene of an attempted murder in Cala de Bou during the afternoon of Saturday 13th June. The incident took place on the junction of Carrer des Calo (the lower bay road) and Carrer Lugo (known to many as the home of Kumharas) where it is understood that a 40 year-old Polish man in a silver hatchback attempted to kill a man on foot by attempting to run him down.

Ultimately the silver hatchback was abandoned by the attacker as it became embedded in the trampolines of the Bull bar. The driver fled the scene on foot and barricaded himself in his house before being arrested by Police.

The target for the attack was rushed to hospital with what was described by onlookers as seriously crushed legs, before Police cordoned off the scene on an afternoon when many bars in the area were busy with tourists watching the Ireland v Scotland – Euro 2016 qualifier.

Since the attack, the Court in San Jose has issued provisional prison without bail for the suspect who, according to judicial sources, is charged with the crimes of attempted murder, violation of injunction, causing injury and damage.

Police sources have also reported that a month ago, the suspect was previously arrested after attempting to assault the same man with a machete.

Also wounded in the incident were three young men and a Romanian woman with whom the suspect claims to have a relationship. It is thought that this was an opportunistic crime of passion.

Ibiza Airport breaks more records.
  • May 2015; 638,347 passengers and 6,326 flights.

Ibiza Airport has continued its month on month record breaking form shown in the latest statistics of airport management company AENA.  In May 2015 Ibiza has seen a throughput of  638,347 passengers spread over 6,326 flights. This represents a growth of 5.7% and 10.1% respectively, compared to the figures for the same period in 2014.

Domestic traffic has soared with the May figure of 215 586 passengers up a huge 17.6%  on 2014. Flights with a national origin / destination totalled 2,453, up 24.1%

Though still increased, the  growth in May’s international transit was a much more modest 0.5% reflecting a total of  420,361 passengers flying in and out of Ibiza from abroad.

Cumulative figures. The month of May closes with positive numbers in terms of the number of passengers from Jan 1st to May 30th. Specifically, during the first five months of the year there have been 1,320,386 passengers, 8.1% more than in the same period of 2014.

The number of domestic passengers has increased in recent months by 11.1% over last year, reaching 771,185 passengers.  Also, passengers to and from  international destinations have increased 4.1%, recording a total of 545 837 passengers.

In relation to the accumulated number of aircraft movements (flights in or out),there  was a notable increase of 7.4%, recording a total of 14,298 operations performed.


Five years prison term for Police Officers in prisoner torture case

Speaking on the final day of the trial in which two Police Officers stand accused of torturing a prisoner, the State Prosecutors asked for a “severe sentence” to be levied on the officers found guilty, with the court recognising their requests passing down sentences of 5½ years in prison.

The prosecutor said in his concluding remarks that, although the agents denied touching the victim, and listed each other as responsible for the attack, they had in fact both participated in the beating a detainee with other guards.

The four officers who testified yesterday, joined those who did so on the first day of the trial, blaming one particular officer, however this was inconsistent with the victim identifying   without hesitation one of the accused as who had “kicked him in the mouth”.

Counsel for JRRG stressed that the testimony of the victim has no weight alone to convict his client because he was trying to protect themselves from the charge of assault against authority by resisting arrest.

The private prosecution, which is only against the civil guard identified by the victim, claims the same sentence for torture and injuries that the prosecution has requested, but adds allegations of illegal detention and falsifying an official document, hence resulting in a request for a 13 year sentence.

In its final report, the prosecutor modified the initial request of  liability for the defendants to  compensate the victim,  which has been estimated at nearly 18,000, compared with just under 3,000 in the original claim.

The public prosecutor placed the emphasis on the alleged torturers acting in a sense of revenge following administrative complications and the detainee managing to call his wife from jail. He said that the events occurred in the context of an alcohol fuelled party and that this lack of professionalism must be used to set an example.




Tanit Nights Festival

Claire B

The ‘Nits de Tànit’ (Tanit Nights) cultural festival is currently underway in Ibiza Town, organised by the Consell d’Eivissa and the Institut d’estudis Baleàrics. A number of performances from outstanding national and international artists from different genres will take place over the summer in the second edition of this festival. It features dance, music and a children’s show, aimed at both residents and visitors.

June 24th: ‘Aires Gitanos’ concert (‘Gypsy Airs’) featuring Soloists from Covent Garden along with musicians from the Málagan band Chambao. Their repertoire includes songs from different genres such as tango, flamenco and folk, amongst others.

July 18th: ‘Pinocchio, a musical tale’, a show that was a finalist in the Max Theatre Awards 2011 for best children’s show.

August 22nd: Noa presents his new album ‘Love Medicine’, a collection of songs inspired by people such as Pat Metheny, Joaquin Sabina and Juan Pablo II.

August 29th: ‘Encres’, a performance by dancers from Lyon Opera Ballet, two of which are from Ibiza.

All performances start at 10pm and will be held in the courtyard of the Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB), C/ Calvari 1, Ibiza Town (the building of the former military commander at the foot of Dalt Vila). Ticket prices vary but can be purchased in advance from La Sirena (which are cheaper) or directly at the box office on the day of the show.


Ibiza Roots Festival

Claire B

On June 25th the Ibiza Roots Festival returns to Dalt Vila in the stunning setting of the Baluarte de Santa Llucia. Putting on ‘world music under the stars’ the line-up features Balkan Beat Box (Israel/NYC), Onda Vaga (Argentina), Nima and Supermads (France/Ibiza), plus DJ Al Varo (Radio Babylonia) and visual art performances. As well as the live entertainment there will be a world food market selling delicious food and snacks. Ibiza Roots put on great events and choose interesting artists from around the world, and this is another one not to be missed.

Nima & Supermads, one of the most prominent bands of Ibiza will be first on the stage. For more than 5 years they have been combining psychedelic elements, male vocals and ethnic female singers with electronic elements, guitars, bass and percussion.

Onda Vaga from Argentina add to the festival a fusion of rumba, cumbia, reggae, folk, rock and tango. This cheerful quintet has played widely to millions of people around the world, gaining the admiration and recognition of Manu Chao, David Byrne (Talking Heads), Andres Calamaro and Fito Paez, among others. In the last 5 years they have performed in many recognised worldwide festivals, including BBK Live, Fuji Rock (Japan), Festival PortAmérica, Lolapallooza (Chile and Argentina), Festival Lasem, Primavera Pro, Vive Latino in Mexico and Selvamonos (Perú).

Headliners Balkan Beat Box from Brooklyn was founded by Ori Kaplan (Gogol Bordello), and has musical roots that extend from Europe to the Middle East. Their music contains both Eastern and gypsy influences, reminiscent of Emir Kusturica and Goran Bregovic, tinged with elements of hip-hop and dancehall. The strength, energy and the combination of styles, make Balkan Beat Box one of the leading bands in the world music circuit and their shows have become legendary.

Tickets cost 25€, 20€ for residents. Tickets can be bought online through Ticketmaster Spain, or from these places: Ibiza – Discos Delta Ibiza, Closer Ibiza, Savia Ibiza, Pura Vida in Plaza del Parque; Raco Verd in San Jose; Musset in Santa Gertrudis; Santa Eularia – Disquería Holida; San Carlos – Viccio Ice Cream; San Antonio – El Reencuentro; Formentera – Restaurante San Fernando (Sant Ferran).

More info on the event, artists and buying tickets is on Facebook on the Ibiza Roots Festival page:





Flower Power @ Cala Llonga

When there’s music playing from the 60’s and 70’s, people dressing up in all sorts of multi-coloured clothes, wearing flowers, sunglasses and dancing in the streets then it just has to be a Flower Power Party and Cala Llonga are holding one on Thursday 25th June. Starting from 7pm a decorated float with a live singer and DJ will start the evening off from outside the Restaurant Wild Asparagus then passing through the streets of the village, stopping at various locations, before ending up down by the beach and the Thursday evening market. If previous years are anything to go by then it’s going to be quite a night. So come and join in, follow the crowd, meet some beautiful people and re-live the days of music, peace and love! All we need is you!


Cinema Screens Films in English

Nicole Torres

The cinema in Sant Antoni, Cine Regio, will be showing films in the original version subtitled in Spanish this summer at the very expensive price of 2€! But don’t expect to see the latest DiCaprio or Patterson film, the cinema will be showing a variety of all time favourites: Michael Keaton’s Birdman (2014 four-time Oscar winner) on June 18th, James Dean’s Rebel Without Cause (1955) on June 25th, and Stanley Kubrik’s polemic Clockwork Orange (1971) on July 2nd. All films will start at 9.30pm.


San Carlos Music Festival “Ai Carai”

Nicole Torres

Once again the town of San Carlos de Peralta will host the 3rd edition of San Carlos Music Festival – Ai Carai, June 21st, to celebrate the International Day of Music.

A whole day of 100% Free live music on 5 stages distributed through the village with more than 150 artists from around the world, workshops and activities for children, jugglers, clowns, storytelling, performances, visual projections, artisans and local products sampling.

The main idea of the Music Day is to promote music groups on the island offering them public spaces to showcase their talent and musical creativity, a free outdoor festival that fills the town streets with colour, music and joy.

The event starts at noon with a small Football tournament followed at 2pm by the Church Choir which will sing at the Church. Some of this year’s participants are: Acid Filter (Official) and Friends, Aiyé, Amit Mishra, Azibi Original, Bollywood Ibiza, Brand News Hippies, Calypso Crew Steel Band, David Aki Ahora, Fletxa Negra, Flordhiguera, Hot Ice Ibiza, Ibiza Creativ, Jahbless Lion In Zion, Jet Lag

Johan Sebbastian Bass, Lemon Emigrants, Max Ben, Met Head, Miles Island

Moxxx Ibiza, Muriel Grossmann, My Generation, Overflow, Paco Romero, Podenco, Punk Buddha Clown, El Rostro De La Medusa, Sonora, The Frigolos, Tukdan, Pessoas, and Devanagari Música.



San Juan Fiestas

Nicole Torres

The eve of San Juan is celebrated all over Spain, but it is also the patron saint’s day of the Town of Sant Joan in the north of the island. Here are some of the events taking place in town over the next few weeks:

Saturday June 20th will be a day full of sporting events, a conference about honey, art exhibitions, a wine competition at 10.30pm accompanied Acid Filters in concert at the Plaça Espanya, which will be followed by the Sant Joan Dance at midnight.

Sunday June 21st the town will pay homage to their elders in a day including an artisan market, ball pagés, live music, and a special lunch for seniors.

Tuesday June 23rd, the eve of San Juan, there will be an artisan market during the day, but things really happen during the night: White Rabbit’s live concerts starts at 10.30pm, followed at midnight by the lighting of the bon fires and the Flower Power party half hour later!

Wednesday June 24th is the patron saint’s day and starts with a mass at noon followed by a procession and ball pagés. There are many things for the youngest in the family: at 5.30pm a foam party, 6.30pm a parrot show, 7.30pm magician’s show, and at 8.30pm there will be acrobats, dancers, face painting and much more. There is a typical dish in Ibiza, typical only for San Juan, the San Juan macaroni, and of course there will be a competition at 10pm, so if you’ve never tried them you now where to go. The day will be rounded up by Projecte Mut in concert at 11.30pm.

Sunday June 28th will have an artisan market, a concert during the day (1pm) and another one in the evening (9pm).

Wednesday July 3rd is the Full moon walk, which will go from the Church in San Juan to Portinax.

For more information you can visit the Town Hall facebook page



Moonlight Charity Walk

The annual charity event with a difference, a 2 hour Walk Under A Full Moon, takes place on Friday 3rd July meeting at Bar La Cantina in Cala Llonga at 9-30pm. Everyone is invited take part to raise money for Contra Cancer Ibiza and Formentera It’s a wonderful way of raising funds so if you’d like to participate or make a sponsorship donation then call Margaret on 971 196394 for more information.




Boozy tourists face lifetime flying bans

By Daniel Binns – Metro, June 17th

Rowdy holidaymakers risk being arrested at departure gates and face lifetime bans from flying in a tough airport crackdown on boozing.

Police at Gatwick airport have launched new patrols targeting passengers taking flights to notorious drinking resorts such as Magaluf, Ibiza and Las Vegas.

They are also supporting airline staff in confiscating tickets from intoxicated travellers, without replacing or refunding them.

Airlines including Virgin Atlantic, EasyJet, Monarch and Thomas Cook are backing officers and ‘will not hold back’ in banning the most disruptive travellers for life.

The use of Asbos to ban repeat offenders is also being considered.

Since the scheme began at the airport two weeks ago, officers have intervened in 26 cases and arrested six people – including a 49-year-old man, charged with drunk and disorderly conduct. Even the friends of passengers risk losing their seats under the new measures. In one case, two companions of an allegedly drunk passenger were forced to leave the aircraft before take-off.

‘For staff and passengers it can be very frightening having to deal with a drunk person on your flight,’ Ch. Insp Andy Kundert told Metro.

‘You’re in a confined space and you can’t just ask them to leave. What you’ll find now is that we are treating airports like a city centre on a Friday or Saturday night.’

Original Ibizan material

Film Commission recognises benefits of the movies

The Ibiza Film Commission has put in place a website,  www.ibizafilmcommission.com  , containing information regarding locations, companies and regulations of the various municipalities, port and airport, for the benefit of would be movie makers looking to film in Ibiza. This can be used for any  audio-visual project wishing to present their project to the Foundation for Tourism Promotion, and if deemed to the benefit of Ibiza and Formentera´s international reputation they can collaborate in obtaining permits or even securing preferential rates. “Sometimes there are shootings that can be very beneficial for the island, and in these cases we can recommend they are given preferential tax rates” said head of tourism Carmen Ferrer.

Barbet Schroeder, director of one of the most famous movies ever filmed in the Pitiuses,  More, has recently unveiled his latest work Amnesia which was also shot in Ibiza to the Cannes film festival. Schroeder thanked the Foundation for its partnership work and expressed his wish that when his new film finds a distributor in Spain, can be given to Ibiza “to thank all those who collaborated. “The Film Commission has also undertaken research work of all the audiovisual material (mostly movies) shot in Ibiza over the decades. The library currently has 108 titles, but is expected to continue rising as new work is found.


APNEEF sailing day

The seventh edition of “Navigating with Apneef” took place this week, in which a number of disabled and special needs children spent the day sailing around the Mediterranean.

The kids sailed out of the Nautical Club of Ibiza in three boats – the Stelrac, the ADV and Gacela – and toured the coast of Ibiza at a leisurely pace. About noon, they arrived in Formentera, where they enjoyed paella in the Bellavista restaurant.

A spokeswoman for the Association of People with Special Needs (APNEEF), Maria José Rivero wanted to acknowledge the assistance of the Nautical Club of Ibiza, Verser Hotels, the Port Authority of Ibiza and Formentera Marina, who have made this adventure possible for the seventh year.


Cash is King

Spain is one of the few countries in Europe that still prefers using cash instead of cards. “Around 80 percent of private purchases are made in cash, with only 20 percent going through electronic payment systems such as cards and bank transfers,” says Ovidio Egido, the managing director of MasterCard’s Spanish operations

The figures are in stark contrast with countries such as Sweden, Denmark and Finland, where the figure is inverse, or Germany and the United Kingdom, where 60 percent of payments are electronic.


Traffic ‘higher in August’ shocker

Traffic on the roads of Ibiza has risen every year since 2008 according to data from the Consell de Ibiza. Last year saw a significant increase of 23% for vehicles using the motorway from the airport in a 2014 report. The institution which records the data has five permanent stations throughout the island which calculate the passage of each vehicle every day of the year.

The stretch of highway between Can Sifre and Ca na Palleva is the busiest road network of the island, with average daily traffic (ADT) of 43,043 vehicles. The largest increase in traffic occurred between the link road and ses Salines Can Frígoles, which, with ADT of 25,504 vehicles last year was 40% higher than in 2013 (18,266).August, the ADT in this part of the highway shot up to 47,943 vehicles, nearly three times the annual average.

The seasonal spikes are observed throughout the island with August not surprisingly being the busiest month. Records show that between Can Misses and Sa Blanca Dona, a circulation of 60,086 vehicles was recorded in August 2014, almost twice that of the yearly average of 37,101.Sant Antoni, between the Sa Dona Blanca and Can Negre, the ADT of 48,748 in August is 144% higher than the yearly average of 33,687 vehicles.

Up north, things are a little slower with 2,975 vehicles a day entering the sleepy village of Sant Joan.


Coalition changes face of San Antonio politics for first time in 35 years

Martin Makepeace, a British PP candidate for San Antonio at the recent Municipal elections, has launched a blog on topics relating to the politics and direction of the borough. Martin was not successful in gaining election, being a few places down on the PP list, but is keen to keep the  interest and participation of Ex pats in San Antonio engaged in local issues following a high level of interest shown in registering for and using voting rights in the months leading up to the elections. In one of his first posts Martin talks of the significant change in the corridors of power in the Town hall. “At 1.15pm on Saturday 13 June 2015 a new local government will be sworn in to lead San Antonio for the next 4 years. PSOE, PI and REINICIA have formed a coalition pact to force out PP for the first time in 35 years.” Martin goes on to talk about the coalition being formed by odd bedfellows, in personalities more than necessarily in party policies. “The  PSOE are socialists, Reinicia err towards the left and PI are centre right so on paper this pact looks like a disaster waiting to happen but island politics is a strange animal where most politicians are close personal friends and where family members run against each other for different political parties. The end result is that most parties have similar issues and objectives so really it’s all down to personalities. On paper PP & PI look like perfect bedfellows, mainly local business people with centre right beliefs, however scratch away at the surface and you hear rumours of personality clashes and broken promises between the 2 parties.“

The respect of individuals and their actions overriding the colour of their party cloth is highlighted by his comments on PSOE´s Pep Tur ‘Cires’, the new leader at San Antonio town hall. “ Cires has done a fantastic job as the president of Es Nautic Sant Antoni so let’s hope he can bring this philosophy over to the town hall with his new inexperienced team.  He has consistently said that San Antonio needs to ‘change’ its touristic model which will be a major challenge but he now has 4 years to make his mark.”

The importance of new party Reinicia and their effect on the election outcome cannot be ignored. Martin reflects the thoughts of many in acknowledging the quality and effectiveness of their campaign. “ They have reached out to the 18-40’s and through social media they have been constantly banging the drum about how San Antonio has got to change – now they will get their chance to lead rather than criticise. Their undoubted enthusiasm will have to be tempered with the realization that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ however with their passion for San Antonio they should be able to make a difference.”




Balconing – No!

A 30 year-old Spanish man who fell from a building in Vara de Rey on Saturday morning insists that the fall was an accident. The fall occurred when the man was attempting to thread a plugged in cable from a window of the 2nd floor to the roof terrace in order to listen to music. The family is “very upset” because they point out that because the injured had consumed alcohol and drugs, that this may have given the impression that the man was engaging in the idiotic sport of “balconing”.

The man is currently in Can Misses with his arms in casts, waiting to have surgery on both wrists. He also has a broken bone in his left cheek and a swollen face, although luckily the CT scan and neurological tests all are positive.


Solar perplexed is

The Spanish government is planning to tax homes that store their own energy by using solar power.

A draft decree prepared by the Industry, Energy and Tourism Ministry establishes a new fee to discourage the use of batteries or other storage systems by people who produce electricity with solar panels, and who are connected to the national power grid.

Under the new rules, these self-reliant consumers will not be able to use new storage products, and will also be penalized for the storage systems that come included with the latest generation of solar panels.

Only completely off-grid consumers who have their own independent energy-production systems will be able to use batteries without being penalized. Unfortunately, modern storage devices typically have an autonomy of two hours or so, making it difficult to be entirely self-reliant.

The Spanish government’s attitude is in contrast to other countries, such as Germany, which is encouraging the use of solar panels with batteries.


Woman found dead in flat

A Bolivian woman was found dead in her home at Carrer de la Mar in San Antonio after her partner, who is serving a sentence for domestic violence against a previous girlfriend, reported an ‘accidental death’ in the dwelling.

Police discovered the body of a woman with a deep cut to her throat and stab wounds who, it seems from evidence at the scene, had died many hours before her partner reported the incident.

The Guardia Civil has confirmed a suspect has been arrested, but has not yet released a name. It is thought that the suspect may be the companion of the deceased and it is therefore likely that the death is a result of domestic violence.


New Spanish Political Map

After the municipal elections, the Spanish map has lost much of the PP blue it had 2011 and the rule of many cities has fallen into the hands of socialists thanks to agreements with new parties like Podemos and with the entry into several major cities, including Madrid and Barcelona, of the candidacies of popular unity with Manuela Carmena, for Ahora Madrid, and Ada Colau, for Barcelona en Comu.

The PP maintains around 3,000 municipalities, more than any other party in Spain, but is also the party who has lost more power after losing 15 of the 34 provincial capitals which they won in 2011, some as relevant as Madrid, Valencia and Seville.

After several weeks of difficult negotiations between parties, concessions, agreements and endless citizen assemblies, the government teams of the five municipalities of the island have been configured. PP conservatives have managed to retain only some slack with the municipalities of Sant Joan and Santa Eulària with Antoni Marí “Ratchet” as mayor of the first and Vicent Marí of the second. The socialists recover Sant Josep whose new mayor will be Jose Marí Ribas known as “Agustinet” with the support of Guanyem. Neus Mari has given Agustinet his old office back and is concentrating in the connexion between the desalinization plants of the municipality. PP loses Sant Antoni, which will be ruled by a tripartite formed by the PSOE, Reinicia Sant Antoni and Pi, with Pep Tur “Cires” as the new mayor. “Cires” has stated that their main interest at the moment is the cleanliness of town and to facilitate the Police’s job. There has also been a change in Ibiza Town, whose new mayor is socialist Rafael Ruiz with the support of Guanyem, the citizens’ movement emerged from Podemos.


Food & Drink

Over The Top Pizzeria

Nicole Torres

Once again I have had the pleasure of having to review Over the Top, and this year I was really looking forward to it as I knew I was in for a treat!

We arrived early so I could have a chat with Rustam, the owner and chef – or rather, culinary artist – and Tatiana, his lovely wife. The first thing that caches my eye is the new decoration, more in a classic Italian style with red squared tablecloths and green cushions and little potted herbs as centre pieces. As I look around I spot last year’s review framed next to the till… it touches my heart when he tells me he has regular customers that only started coming thanks to my review! Then I ask about novelties for this year and I’m happy to find out they now do deliveries; and not only inside Santa Eulalia but also to San Carlos, Es Canar, Siesta, and Cala Llonga, through a private company called Zas Comida en tu boca and you can order online through their website


And then I ask about the food… His blue eyes light up when he talks about cooking. He has a fixed idea of what he wants to offer people: tasty, innovative, and healthy! All the ingredients are fresh and all the food is cooked from scratch. Don’t ask for ketchup, chips, or pineapple on your pizza, you won’t find it here!

Some of last year’s pizzas have been changed for new creations, and you will find many additions to the menu like the scary sounding Escorpion which has chillies from Isla Trinidad and is very, very spicy. They had a promotion during the winter: if you can finish Escorpion, it is free – only a handful managed! I love to see someone so in love with his job, he tells me about possible future pizzas like his latest favourite: rocket salad, gorgonzola, pear and leek.

He sounds very proud when he tells me that many regulars don’t even open the menu and ask Rustam to make them something… then Tatiana cuts in to inform me that when the customer comes back and wants the same pizza two weeks later, they might not remember what they served!

After a few more laughs, we have a look at the menu and decide to try the Bolognese and the Carbonara pizzas. I have to explain that I don’t eat tomatoes or tomato sauce, except when I eat at Over the Top – the Bolognese was mine! No regrets, we shared the pizzas and they were delicious. I love the fine dough with its crispy borders! We were quite full when we finished, but I couldn’t resist asking Rustam to let us try a desert he had told us about earlier but which isn’t on the menu yet… his new Big Bang pizza! And all we can say was Waw! Sweet cream with cherries hot from the oven with a touch of Amareto. The smell was so good it couldn’t possibly taste better, but it did! My mouth waters while I remember…

The food was great, the place is familiar and cosy, the owners always have a smile on there faces, and for a second year in a row I took an Italian chef and his verdict was this year was: Molto magnigico!


Food & Drink


Beaches of San Jose


Part 1, Playa d’en Bossa to Cala D’Hort

The Beaches in Sant Josep de sa Talaia

Nicole Torres


As you drive south from Ibiza Town, the first beach you will come to is

  • Platja d’en Bossa

Part of the beach belongs to the municipality of Ibiza, but most of it is in Sant Josep. It is the longest beach on the island, 3.400 metres long, and one of the most popular tourist areas of the island, so you will be able to enjoy a great amount of bars and restaurants, all kinds of water sports, etc. Ibiza’s biggest water park is also in this area!

Next you will encounter

  • Es Cavallet

A beautiful white sanded beach inside the natural park of Ses Salines. Known as one of the nudist beaches of the island, it is frequented by all sorts of people. This beach is 1.100 metres long and only 40 wide. The absence of hotels in the area makes this beach a great place to relax.

As you keep bordering the coast, you will arrive at the most famous beach of the island,

  • Ses Salines

Also known as Mitjorn. Its 1000 metres of length are a favourite of many famous people, so if you fell like playing paparazzi this is the beach for you!

  • Es Codolar

Still in the Salines natural park, is another of the few long beaches on the island, around 3.000 metres long. This beach is made of grey round pebbles and is much less frequented than the previous three. This beach is great if you like surfing!

The next beach you will come to is

  • Es Bol Nou

70 metres long and only 15 in width, its clear coloured sands are surrounded by red-earth cliffs. At one end of this beach you can find mud pools which are great for your skin and hair – a personal recommendation for those who’d rather have the natural version and not pay for a spa!

Almost stuck to Es Bol Nou, there is a small rocky fishermen’s bay called

  • Sa Caleta

If what you want is peace and quiet, you will surely find it here. The little peninsula that gives name to the beach is also one of the World Heritage Sites declared by UNESCO in 1999 as it was the first Phoenitian settlement of the island.

If you keep following the coast you will find

  • Sa Cala des Jondal

Or Punta Jondal. This 300 metre long beach is composed by clear coloured fine sands and round shaped stones. It is the home of one of Ibiza’s most mythical beach clubs, Blue Marlin, and you can also enjoy the other restaurants in the area. This summer this beach has become part of a European experiment to prevent swimmers from jellyfish stings – a net system has been installed in the water to keep these little unfriendly animals away from the coast.

Very close is

  • Es Xarcu

A small fishermen’s bay (100 metres long) with a lovely rustic feel to it. It is mainly frequented by resident families, so it is a great place to relax. There is a small beach bar also called Es Xarcu, which is very well known for its fresh fish.

On the other side of Punta Porroig, you come to

  • Sa Bahìa de Porroig

In the area of Es Cubells. The beach that carries this name is the biggest on the side of the cliffs, 150 metres long and basically a fishermen’s beach made of gravel, but there are many tiny little calas in walking distance.

Then you will come to

  • Es Torrent

A 75 metre long pebbled beach situated in the Porroig Bay, with a low occupation even in July and August. The only problem about this beach is the rocky seabed, so I recommend you wear appropriate footgear.

Still in the Es Cubells area of the island, you will come to one of my personal favourites,

  • Cala Llentrisca

75 metres long beach surrounded by nature, with no bars or restaurants at all, it is always almost deserted. A great place for snorkelling!

Now you will have to drive north up the west coast of the island to find the next beach,

  • Cala d’Hort

(I’ve always found the name of this beach very funny, it means Orchard beach). It is a natural reserve of its own and considered one of the most magical spots of the island, with its perfect view of the islands of Es Vedrá and Es Vedranell.


Scribe …


Born to be Wahled,

How Ear Trimming Gives the Answers to the Meaning of Life and Existence or Otherwise of God

Judging by the frantic activity of my Wahl all-things-disgusting clippers, it seems likely that somebody has been surreptitiously dipping my ears in Fisons miracle grow while I sleep. Though such horrors of middle age may normally be kept private, it is in an epiphany as to the eternal meaning of life I consider to have resolved this week, as a direct result of clipping, that makes me go public with the pubic.

Until now I have been of the firm persuasion that the onset of hair sprouting from every undesirable orifice whilst refusing to participate in bodily regeneration where actually required, as a clear indication of the existence of God.

Not a kind and benevolent God obviously. This God is cruel and bitter, probably the result of some wicked abuse at the hands of a master in God school, a master who no doubt came with  hair sprouting from his nose creating some ripple effect of breath our young God felt upon his trembling back. Indeed such were the horrors endured that God decided on a pretty tough policy of our suffering for his pain without ever allowing the subject to be raised as to why we have to endure famine pestilence and war, hiding behind those years of abuse in the catch all ´never questioning the wisdom of his ways´.

Some may consider that quite a leap of assumption based solely on the unwanted hair of later life, but as Sherlock Holmes said, once you have eliminated all other possibilities, the facts remaining have to be the truth, however unlikely it may seem. It is in following that approach that I had until now come to that accursed conclusion, re-evaluated during every session with the buzzing bar of AA driven proof of mortality—as how could ear and nose hair possibly fit the alternative view of evolution? What possible benefit could there be to the evolution of the species that males would spring into the production of such horrific follicle production just as all others were shutting down?

Then this week, in a particularly extended session, the realisation came to me in a blinding light. The light in question came in a shaft through the bathroom against an unusually positioned mirror which backlit my ears with their furry hair halo. How incredibly unattractive, and yet, eureka.

Falling into the camp of wishing there was some greater purpose, but finding it tough to rationalise it in the secular super-knowledge world we live, I had not been comfortable in my deity based solution, and have to say felt some relief at being able to return to the realms of science and logic.

Picture if you will, the cave based dwelling of our earliest ancestors. It is night. The hunt has been successful and the bellies are full. One hot young neander-chica is feeling frisky and in the mood to make some more opposing thumbed offspring. She sidles up to the closest of the ones who go out catching meat while she is home sweeping the cave floor with the latest in branch-broom technology. She is just about to offer up her hair for him to drag her around by in the first stages of courtship whilst thomping his club on the ground, when NO! Oh my God (if indeed there was one then or now), she recoils at the truly awful sight of his ear hair silhouetted in the fire-light. Doing her very best to hold down her sabre tooth-tiger and prawn supper she realises that such a horrific sight could not end in a satisfactory coupling, and so moves on to the younger, altogether fitter, neanderman with the bad boy good looks and much harder club-stick, who is of course in the days of eat or be eaten neandertimes the much better prospect for ensuring her and her offspring´s surviving and thriving to the ripe old age of 35.  Meanwhile our follicley challenged nasal sprouter is resigned as must be the case in the interest of the species, to getting his stone age rocks off watching, or diverting his attention to some pretty feeble attempts at art (probably due to being distracted by all the young things rutting around him).

Ergo, ear and nasal hair do indeed have their rightful place in the theory of evolution.

It may be noted that Darwin himself was a very hairy man indeed. Coincidence?




View from the Pew

When I say, “I am a Christian

I’m not shouting, “I’ve been saved!”

I’m whispering, “I get lost sometimes

that’s why I chose this way.”

When I say, “I am a Christian”

I don’t speak with human pride

I’m confessing that I stumble –

needing God to be my guide.

When I say, “I am a Christian”

I’m not trying to be strong

I’m professing that I’m weak

and pray for strength to carry on.

When I say, “I am a Christian”

I’m not bragging of success

I’m admitting that I’ve failed

and cannot ever pay the debt.

When I say, “I am a Christian”

I don’t think I know it all

I submit to my confusion

asking humbly to be taught.

When I say, “I am a Christian”

I’m not claiming to be perfect

My flaws are far too

but God believes I’m worth it.

When I say, “I am a Christian”

I still feel the sting of pain

I have my share of heartache

which is why I seek God’s.

When I say, “I am a Christian”

I do not wish to judge

I have no authority

I only know I’m loved.

(author – Carol Wimmer)

Next Services: Sun 21st June at 10:30am in San Rafael Church – Holy Communion with Praise and Worship. ICS Holiday Services: Sun 21st at Es Canar RC Chapel at 10:30am and 5:30pm Informal Praise also at the Chapel.

Holiday Chaplain: Tel 638373479

The English-speaking church on Ibiza and Form Tel 971 343383



Netflix launch in Spain in October

After months of rumours, Netflix, the world’s largest provider of Internet streaming for films and TV, has officially confirmed that it will arrive in Spain this October.

Netflix was launched in Europe, only in the UK and Ireland, in 2012, and since then each year Spain has awaited its arrival to no avail – most likely down to the piracy and intellectual property laws in this country, which have actually been made harsher recently.

Nevertheless, the demand for the new release of films and popular television series has led to an increase in piracy, due to the four-month gap that exists between a film being taken off the box office and released for public viewing. Something had to be changed as film fanatics and the public in general were not prepared to wait this long.

At the moment, it has not been revealed exactly how much this Internet-streaming service will cost, whether it will be more or less expensive than in other European countries or than similar services in Spain, but it isto be around 8 euro a month and people will have to subscribe.

Viewers will be offered one month of free viewing to start off with, and the chance to cancel their subscription at any time.

Netflix has confirmed some of the content that viewers will be able to watch, which includes original series such as Marvel’s Daredevil, Sense 8, Bloodline, Jessica Jones and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt; documentaries such as Netflix’s own Netflix Narcos, which tells the life story of Pablo Escobar’s drug cartel; original films and even a wide range of programmes for children.

All of thewill be available in Spanish and for English speakers, the programmes can also be watched in theirversion, with subtitles in Spanish if you choose.

The company has confirmed that it will “constantly update the site with new content for our spectators”.

As soon as Netflix is launched in Spain, viewers will be able to watch their chosen programmes on their desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smart TV or smartphone, as well as through other compatible devices.

If you want to be notified by Netflix as to the date of their arrival in Spain, you can leave your email address on their website (link below) and they will email you later on in the year:



Casi Todo Enters Summer Mode

Richard Lawson

This is the time of year to remind readers that it’s all change at Casi Todo. The reason for the change is the increase in temperature, as attending an auction can involve a lot of standing and moving from the location of one lot to another.

Consequently, the summer auctions will take place on the following Thursday evenings:

25th June at 8.30pm,th July at 8.30pm, 23rd July at 8.30pm, 6th August at 8.30pm and 20th August at 8.30pm. Viewing will be on the Wednesday before each auction from 10am – 2pm and 6 – 10pm, and on the day of the auction itself from 10am – 2pm and 6 – 8.30pm.

In the meantime, of course, their Direct Sale Gallery is open from 6 – 10pm Monday to Friday.

Both rooms (Auction and Gallery) will be offering art, furniture, and collectables of all sorts.fact, anything unusual that people might find of interest. In other words, they will accept something that is not in the finest condition as long as it has something quirky, charming or unusual about it.

As auction house boss Pablo Monks puts it: “We find that the more unusual an object is, the more interest it will attract.” Pointing out the difference between the season’s auctions and those of the off-season: “General is the term we use for most of the winter, spring and autumn. In these we accept more or less anything, but try to keep the quality as high as possible. We accept second hand furniture, contents of garden sheds and garages, everyday stuff as well as top quality artwork, antiques, designer furniture, etc. I always think that a bit of ‘tat’ is fine, after all that is often where you find something really good in an auction.”

In a nutshell, they will auction, sell on commission from the direct sale Gallery, or buy if the seller prefers. They have a quality client list built up since 1973 and the auction commission is completely flexible, depending on the type of object being offered for sale.

There’s no harm in asking then?


At Night


SuperMartXé Opening

Nicole Torres

Privilege is known for being the Biggest Club in the World, with a capacity for 10000 people, and a place where Friday nights become a paradise for EDM lovers… Of course I’m talking about SuperMartXé, whose opening party last Friday I wouldn’t have missed for anything.

The doors opened at midnight, but the main room didn’t open as a full until about 2am, when the huge Privilege stage opened its curtains to reveal a merry-go-round in the centre and dancer’s dressed futuristically in bright coloured costumes, including some with TVs/screens on their heads.

The music wouldn’t let me stop dancing – my legs hurt the next morning, but it was great exercise! It was my third consecutive opening and it’s my humble opinion that it was the best so far, so thank you Brian Cross, Yves V, Abel The Kid, Alex Guerrero, Javi Reina, Manuel De Diego, AB Garcia, and Salva Di Nobles for the great DJing!

Nalaya came on stage for the first time close to 4am and wawd the crowd with her strong colourful voice and very well rehearsed choreography. She is a great vocalist and considered one of the great voices of Europe’s dance music circuit.

As usual, the party had all its usuals: laser shows, robots, strippers, girls half naked in giant champagne glasses, flame throwers, pyrotechnics, the guy on the bike crossing over our heads on a string, other acrobats, drag queens, me wanting to jump in the pool but knowing it’s not a good idea… Over all spectacular!

The Vista Club saw the opening of SuperMan by SuperMartXé for its second year with DJs Hugo Sanchez, Leo Blanco and Guena LG. I didn’t have a change to go in but have heard from some of my gay friends it was amazing and they are sure SuperMan’s second year will be better than the first.

If you missed the opening, go to at least one of the SuperMartXé parties, they are all different, from Brazil to Disney to Asia including Porno Star night, and you never know who might be invited, last year Akon took the stage with Nalaya! Next Friday’s party (19th June) is called We Are Royalty, with Brian Cross and Yves V to accompany the SuperMartXé DJs and Jean Roch as Star Guest!

For more information and tickets




At Night


Annie Mac Presents

Claire B

Last Sunday saw DJ and producer Annie Mac return to Ibiza to host her Annie Mac Presents (AMP) party in association with IMS. Held in the Baluarte de Santa Llucia in Dalt Vila, positioned above the harbour with views across to the hills and upwards towards the cathedral, there isn’t a more picturesque location for an outdoor event on the island. Ibiza residents were offered a 50% discount and so the crowd was a pleasant mix of locals, workers and tourists. AMP is known for supporting and breaking new talent and for this first of two parties in Ibiza this year, she brought some new names to the island. DJs SG Lewis and 2Vilas along with Ibizan Manu Gonzalez kept the crowd entertained, followed by a live performance from Lion Babe who AMP booked two years ago for the SXSW festival. DJ Après took to the stage as the sun went down behind the hills in the background and as the evening turned into night and the stage lights started to perform their magic across the venue. Annie Mac appeared just after 10pm and played for nearly two hours, before everything finished at midnight and everyone dispersed into the night.

The next AMP party is scheduled for September 6th in the same place, but so far the line-up has not been announced.


Judge Jules

Fridays At Eden

Fridays on the island are to dance at Judgement.

Judge Jules is one of those DJs destined to mark a time and be part of Ibiza history. His party Judgement is a real success on the island, and this 2015 Judgement comes back stronger than ever each Friday from 19th of June till September 11th. Welcome to Judgment by Judge Jules, the best plan on Friday nights to dance this summer in Ibiza till the sunrise!

«I’m so excited to back to the island. It’s impossible not to be excited by Ibiza. There’s really nowhere else in the world that’s similar, with an entire culture and infrastructure dedicated to music and music lovers».

What can people expect on Friday night this summer at Eden Ibiza?

«Good music, wonderful atmosphere, best sound system, an authentic Ibiza nightclub experience», says the DJ and producer behind the longest standing DJ residency in Ibiza.

«I’ve been playing in Ibiza for roughly 20 years and my Judgement parties are the longest standing DJ residency on the island. When I first came, initially I played for an assortment of different promoters and clubs but when Eden came along, and I was given the opportunity to create my own party and identity, I jumped at the opportunity. My relation with Eden nightclub is actually one of the most passionate project of my career».

From the 19th of June until September the 11th


Parties at Pikes

Claire B

The summer schedule is getting underway at Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes. Friday nights sees a rotation of parties, including Melon Bomb, Carwash and Make It.

Friday June 19th – Make It

Purveyors of quality underground house music, Seamless Recordings, are back with another of their infamous ‘Make It’ parties. DJs Martijn ten Velden, Graham Sahara, Trevor O’Neil and Lorcan will be creating a unique vibe that blends the darker side of house music with a fun atmosphere.

Pikes on Sundays

Sunday afternoons see Mark and Sarah Broadbent and Andy Livesey making the ‘House’ their home. Having sound tracked Sundays on Ibiza since 2000, promoting the original Balearic party spirit with the legendary ‘We Love’ at Space, Mark and Sarah Broadbent together with Andy Livesey (Big L) are joined by sets from friends and family, label nights, island residents and surprise special guests until the small hours. From 2pm to 2am, starting round the pool and moving indoors later. Reservations for the restaurant and Sunday Roasts are advisable.

Rock Nights on Wednesdays

Rock Nights are back this year with ‘The Mansion’, after the Ibiza Rocks concerts every Wednesday from midnight. Anything can happen is one of the characteristics of these parties, where the crowd is the star and the atmosphere is reminiscent of Pikes’ parties in Ibiza during the 80s and 90s. Guests will be presented with a map so that they can go on a magical mystery tour along with the Rock Nights Girls to all the crazy attractions that are on offer: Karaoke in the bathroom with Sunny, The Boudoir, The Photobooth, the Rock Nights Stage and the Sleeve Faces Corner are all back this year plus new features and surprises, such as the tarot area and the darts corner. Different DJs each week will play tunes in Freddies and Chez Fez with a more distinctive rock and indie flavour than you might get at Pikes on other nights. Free entrance but you need to email for guest list.

More info on Facebook:



At Night


At Night


Nik Turner R.I.P.

Gone, but not forgotten

Long-time Ibiza resident, Nik Turner, passed away this week after a long battle with illness. To see how beloved this man was, you only need to scroll through the outpouring of support and condolences on his Facebook wall.

My memories of Nik are of a gregarious, larger than life character who I must admit, initially put me on edge. I first met him on the upstairs terrace in Eden during a Judgement Sunday night quite a few years back. He was in what I found out to be his usual spot, a large and somewhat intimidating throne containing a large and somewhat intimidating man. I introduced myself and he smiled, cracked a joke and threw his head back laughing. I was instantly at ease.

Over the years, I got to know Nik a little better (mainly on the same terrace) and saw the way he treated everybody, from DJ to owner to dancer to poster boy, always with respect and kindness. He was always ready to help out anyone who asked him, and was a constant source of stories and entertainment.

One of my favourite memories of Nik, was when he started waxing lyrical about butterflies. You could hear the passion he had for beautiful and vulnerable things. And that sums up the man; large body, large personality and large heart. He will be missed by everyone who he touched throughout his exceptional life.

Amanda & Jules Quote

Nik was the boss of our Judgement nights in both San Antonio and Magaluf. To say that Nik was a unique character would be an understatement. Fluent in many languages, although he looked English it was hard to say whether Nik was more Spanish or English, as he was so immersed in both languages and cultures that he would think and dream in both. It is solely thanks to Nik and his understanding that, as promoters and ultimately visitors to the island, we have to give something back to the community that we are still around promoting Judgement events now. Nik was always upbeat and never lost his unique wicked sense of humour or positivity, even when very ill in his last months.infectious personality and comfort in any social situation made people warm to Nik immediately, which is why there has been such an outpouring now that Nik has been taken away from us. There is such a big hole in our lives that Nik has left behind and we will never forget ‘Big’ Nik. He remains embedded in our personalities for ever.

Judge Jules & Amanda O’Riordan xx


Boat Party Round-Up

This year, more than ever, Ibiza is all at sea with a plethora of boat parties. We list the major players with a run-down on what they offer. Check the websites for prices and that all important health and safety information.

Float Your Boat

In past years Cream always used to do one boat per season, but for 2015 they have teamed up withFloat Your Boat crew to put on a party at sea. Everyfrom now to 17th September, the sunset boat party sets sail from San Antonio. Departing at 6pm (5pm in September), Float Your Boat takes you out for a three hour cruise filled with banging music and that famous San Antonio sunset. The price of the ticket obviously includes free entry to Cream. Bargain


Pukka Up

One of the original boat parties, Pukka Up head out on every Friday from the port of San Antonio fromuntil the 18th September. The boat takes in the glorious west coast sunset and also delivers amazing value. The package includes sunset boat party, one free drink and entry to both W.A.R!Ibiza Rocks HotelSankeys. Not only that, but you also get free entry the next day to Ocean Beach Club to chill out.


Cirque De La Nuit

New kids on the block are running boat parties on an almost daily basis out ofd’en Bossa.

The price of a ticket gets you both sea and land. The boat party is held on a 300 capacity catamaran that takes in both Ibiza and Formentera, while the CDLN resident DJs (Ryan Platts, Sebastian Lahm and Paul Vince) provide you with the latest deep house, house and techno tunes. The 3 hour evening shindig takes place in the CDLN hostel with a grill, bar and DJs.


Beautiful People

This boat leaves from Figueretas at 2:30pm and gets back between 9:15pm and 9:45pm (depending on the sunset time), and has a more international crowd. This almost seven hour party concentrates purely on the daytime fun with jet skis, flying bananas, beach activities and snorkelling, delicious food, cool drinks and a proper Formentera beach stop at the beautiful Illetas.



Connect will be offering 12 boat parties and 10 club nights. These events will be back2back and will set a new benchmark for trance in Ibiza. Every Monday, launching 6th July for 12 consecutive weeks, ConnectIbiza boat parties will deliver the hottest trance DJs with pre-parties to be held at Backyard in San Antonio. ConnectIbiza will then sail from San Antonio port into the sunset between 17.00-21.00 and continue back on shore at Tropi Bar in San Antonio.



Foreign & Commonwealth

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office have issued details of what it will and will not do to help British Nationals when abroad …

Can you recommend a Scottish chef in Brussels who can make haggis? How do I set my antennae to receive English TV channels in Italy? Can you find me cheap flights to New Zealand? These are just some of the recent enquires the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has received from around the world.

Last year the FCO’s Contact Centres received more than 365,000 calls from British nationals. The vast majority of these were genuine calls from people who needed our help, but we still receive thousands of enquiries every year relating to issues we are unable to assist with. These enquiries can take valuable time away from those in genuine need of assistance.

Some of the more unusual calls we received in 2014 include:

  • A caller asking for help with setting up ‘British-style’ hanging baskets at a trade show because the professional gardener hired for the purpose had stage fright.
  • A British woman asking the consulate in Albania how to find out if her son’s fiancée was already married.
  • A caller asking for advice on how to treat a cat’s infected paw.
  • A man called requesting that staff at the Embassy in Mexico City go to the airport to check whether he had left his mobile phone on a plane.
  • A woman in Italy calling to enquire how she could synchronise her TV antenna to receive English channels.
  • An event coordinator in Brussels asking for the name of a Scottish chef based in the country who could make Haggis for a Burns Night event.

Such enquiries stem from a lack of understanding of what FCO consular teams can do for British nationals overseas, so we are launching an awareness campaign to remind UK travellers and residents overseas of the services we provide, and what we can and cannot do.

The FCO’s priority is to protect the welfare of British nationals abroad, and consular staff will always do their best to assist people when they find themselves in difficulty. However, it is important for travellers to understand what services we provide before getting in touch. There are also some simple pre-travel steps that you can take to reduce the risk of getting into difficulty and needing our help, such as taking out comprehensive travel insurance, researching the destination and any health risks and ensuring access to emergency funds.

Foreign and Commonwealth Office Minister, David Lidington, said:

“It is important for FCO consular staff to be able to focus on our most vulnerable customers, such as victims of crime, those who have lost a loved one abroad or people who have been detained or hospitalised overseas.

“Consular staff support thousands of British nationals who encounter difficulties overseas every year and we handle over 365,000 enquires annually. We will always try to help where we can but there are limits to what we can do, so it’s important for people to be aware of how we can help.

“We can issue an emergency travel document if your passport is lost or stolen, offer support if you become a victim of crime or visit you in hospital or prison, but we aren’t able to pay medical bills, give legal advice or get you out of jail, or indeed act as veterinary surgeons.”

Head of the FCO’s Global Contact Centres, Meg Williams, said:

“The role of the FCO Contact Centres is to help enable consular staff to focus on what is important and to concentrate on those in need, but we continue to receive misdirected enquiries from British nationals. We receive hundreds of thousands of calls every year and while the vast majority of these are from British nationals in genuine need of our assistance and services, in 2014 38% were not related to consular support at all.

“For example, one caller asked us to help find his son’s missing suitcase – as it had apparently been lost by a British airline, the caller thought the British consulate would be able to locate it.”

Recent research revealed that the number of people who have knowledge of what embassies and consulates do has dropped to the lowest in three years among young people (aged 16-24), from 62% in 2011 to 55% in 2014.

For more information on how the FCO can help British nationals overseas visit,



The FCO can:

  • Issue you with an emergency travel document.
  • Provide information about transferring money.
  • Provide help if you have suffered rape or serious sexual or physical assault, are a victim of crime, are ill or in hospital.
  • Give you a list of local lawyers, interpreters, doctors or funeral directors.
  • Contact you if you are detained abroad.
  • Contact friends and family back home for you if you wish.
  • Provide help in cases of forced marriage.
  • Assist people affected by parental child abduction.

The FCO cannot:

  • Help you enter a country if you do not have a valid passport or necessary visas.
  • Give you legal advice or translate documents.
  • Investigate crimes or get you out of prison.
  • Get you better treatment in hospital or prison than is given to local people, but we will raise concerns if treatment falls below internationally recognised standards.
  • Pay any bills or give you money.
  • Make travel arrangements for you.


Mind Body & Soul

It’s Good to Talk

Kate Stillman

There is no letter today so I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about technology and how it is impacting our lives and relationships. Now some of you may think this is me on my soap box harking back to the good old days but, and I and really mean this, I am a great advocate of technology and the new advances it brings, but at the same time am painfully aware of some of the negative aspects that come with it.

Technology allows us to communicate in a way that simply didn’t exist pre “www”. We can research and investigate all sorts of things and people in a second, discovering things that would have taken weeks, if not months, previously. Families have been reunited, old friends put back in touch after years of separation, and the good that has come out of it has been life changing for many.

However, the art of communication has for me at least in some ways been lost. Conversation has been replaced by SMS, MSN, or WhatsApp, all of which have their place. But when I see kids, and for that matter, adults, in the most beautiful places Ibiza has to offer and they are all sitting heads bowed worshipping the screen, it makes me sad. Sad they don’t look up and see what is around them, but also sad that they are not enjoying each other, not talking, not laughing, not arguing and making up but being absorbed by something on-line that somehow, for me, allows them to miss the essence of who they are and for that matter who the person is they are “talking” to. You can be anyone on-line, often it is easier to say things on-line than it is face to face and the scope for misinterpretation is huge especially with texting. The soul gets lost and is replaced with a fantasy, an image that we hide behind, and makes real interaction an even more daunting prospect, because we know we aren’t really the person we have created, and the fear of not living up to the fantasy can be too much, often leading to social withdrawing and ultimately isolation, the only companionship is a screen and so the cycle continues… and the impact on society as a whole begins to get noticed.

Easy to point out the obvious, but what can we do to change it? How do we address it for ourselves and our children, we are all victims in some sense but anyone over 30ish will have had a time in their life when mobiles, I-pads and computers did not exist and our imaginations kept us occupied. People respected others, turned up on time and had difficult and wonderful conversations in person. I suppose the key is to learn how it use it rather then let it dominate us, moderation and trying for short periods to see how life can be different without screens. Giving ourselves the opportunity to be together to, talk, have eye contact, tell jokes, play, cry and become aware of the intricacies of non-verbal communication that all too often get lost in a text or on face book.

I embrace the opportunities that technology has given us, living abroad and having the benefit of Skype is amazing, the world has become a smaller place and for that and all the other wonderful differences it has made to our lives I am grateful. I just hope that the fantasy of online existence doesn’t somehow take over from the reality of who we really are.

For contact details see Kate’s advert below.


Forgiveness is the Key

Sabina Brownstein

One of the most powerful tools that we have for living a more peaceful, balanced, and meaningful life is the practice of Forgiveness. Everyone has had painful experiences in their lives that they feel were caused by other people, and we have the choice to either carry those negative emotions around with us forever or learn how to let them go. Holding on to these feelings of hate, anger and resentment from the past makes it impossible to achieve true happiness in the present. You may be perfectly justified in being upset about what “they” did to you, but if you continue to carry it around in your consciousness you will only be hurting yourself. As Nelson Mandela once said, “Holding a resentment is like drinking poison… and hoping it will kill your enemy.”

“If we really want to love, we must learn how to forgive”. Mother Theresa

The way to free yourself from this emotional prison is by learning how to let go of old emotions through the practice of forgiveness. Remember that forgiving someone does not in any way mean that you condone or approve of their negative behaviour. The act of forgiveness is your own personal decision to set yourself free from the pain of the past and it does not excuse the other person from any wrongdoing. Forgiveness is essential for healing and staying healthy. Letting go of past hurts and resentments towards yourself and others helps release stagnant, heavy energies in your body.

“Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is a permanent attitude”. Martin Luther King

I like to use the analogy of working at the computer. Let’s assume you have a variety of different programs open at the same time, but you are only using one program at a time. While you are not seeing the other open programs they are still running and taking energy from the computer (slowing it down). The same thing happens when you carry around unresolved past hurts. Even though you don’t think about them most of the time, in your subconscious mind these old ‘programs’ are still running and draining away your vital life energy. Forgiveness shuts down these ‘programs’ by releasing you from the past so that happiness and well-being can flow into your life. Those qualities can only be found in the present moment… the Now…

“Forgiveness is the fragrance a violet sheds on the heel that crushed it”. Mark Twain

A good way to practice forgiveness is by writing a letter to the person you want to forgive. You are Not going to send this letter, and you are the only one who will ever see it, so feel free to be completely honest. Start by describing in detail what happened in the situation and how it caused you emotional pain or distress, and then tell the person that you forgive them. When you have finished the letter read it over to make sure that you have fully expressed how you feel… and then throw it into a fire. Writing it all down will bring your negative emotions into the light of awareness, and the fire of forgiveness will put them to rest.

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong”. Mahatma Ghandi

It is also important that you remember to forgive yourself. We often hold on to guilt and anger directed at ourselves for decisions that we have made in the past. There is a simple but powerful practice for letting go of this suffering. Whenever you feel these emotions just stop for a moment, find a quiet space within, and say to yourself: “In every situation of my life I have done the very best that I could with what I knew at the time.”

“Forgive those who insult you, attack you, belittle you, or take you for granted, but more than this, forgive yourself for allowing them to hurt you.” Anon

If you have any related questions please get in touch with me via my email below, or see my advert on this page.



Mind Body & Soul


Thursday    18th    to   Wednesday   24th   June


ARIES – Knight of Swords

You’ll be challenged to stand up for your principles or even to take on those who seek to question your motives. You may feel at times that you’re lying on a bed of nails; others around you tend be prickly. If the patient approach doesn’t work, get creative and think outside the box in order to reach the right solution.

TAURUS – King of Cups

A week to express your loyal and loving self as you take off the mask to let your sensitive side come to the fore. Being vulnerable allows others to offer support and by being caring, you’ll be appreciated all the more. Family means everything this week. Water sign men, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces help you the most this week.

GEMINI – The Star

Oh to be you this week! This card is a wonderful affirmation that you’re on the right path, so go ahead and dream your dreams as they will soon become your reality. If situations have stagnant in an important area of life, you’ll now see hopeful signs of progress. You’re supported by the heavens so have faith in your vision.

CANCER – Ace of Disks

Water signs love their creature comforts, which is why they’re willing to work hard for what they want. This is the best money card in the TAROT deck so is great for benefiting materially. The higher energy of this Ace brings gifts of wisdom; if we acknowledge our intuitive ability. Be open to new ideas and expand your spiritual side.

LEO – Two of Swords

You should be feeling less upset about recent differences in opinion that can now be settled amicably. Blessed are the peace makers, as the saying goes. Admit where you went wrong and associates will be keen to kiss and make up. When emotionally challenged you more than most, go on the attack; however, your week ends on a calmer note.

VIRGO – Two of Disks

Like ocean tides, the ebb and flow of our finances can be influenced by lunar energy. Therefore, I suggest you curb any unnecessary outlay until after the full moon on the 2nd of July. Virgo’s are sensible when it comes to money and love to spend money on gadgets, which come at a price. Unforeseen expenses could crop up.

LIBRA – Strength

You’re able to show others just how strong and resilient you are, especially if the going gets tough this week. Whatever presents you with a challenge is easily dealt with and you are an inspiration to friends, family or colleagues when it comes to dealing with obstacles. Stand your ground, but do so with dignity. Resist the urge for revenge.

SCORPIO – The Fool

Trust is a key issue for you this week. The Fool card certainly doesn’t mean you are one; quite the opposite in fact. He’s urging you to take risks and to have self-belief. That it doesn’t matter, follow your heart and believe in your intuition. There are no wrong moves; it’s your reaction to unfolding events that makes the difference.

SAGITTARIUS – The Hanged Man

Why sacrifice your time or energy for someone, or a project when to be honest, you don’t have the time or the inclination? If you cannot give it 100%, bail out early rather than disappoint others. A retreat or spa will do you the world of good, if only to replenish the energy you’ve expended in the past few weeks.

CAPRICORN – Four of Swords

Meditation, yoga, tai chi, chill music etc. are all good methods for helping you to unwind. This card advises you to take life easy; to withdraw from a recently hectic lifestyle; take stock of the past few months and plan for the next part of your journey. Be peaceful and balanced in all your dealings and gentle with all refusals.

AQUARIUS – The Tower

There is, somewhere in your life, a false ideal or belief that requires dismantling. This needs great courage on your part as it will have ramifications in all your relationships, work and play. If you don’t begin this process, events can be taken out of your hands. The result will be the same, radical change. This is an amazing opportunity.

PISCES – Five of Disks

Help arrives when you most need it this week; especially if you have been struggling financially. Although investment or money-wise it’s been scary; you’ve been shown heaps of love and affection by those you care about the most. Just remember, it’s the tough times that help us tap into our strengths and most importantly, reveals who our true friends are.




Amanda Zips It Up

Hey everyone and welcome to this week’s Zips It Up

It’s my birthday this weekend. I love that my birthday is on the longest day of the year, 21st June, summer solstice. It equates to the start of full-on summertime. I know there’ll be three months of sun, sea and Balearic fun in front of me.

I usually spend my birthday on the White Isle with a big gang of gal pals. But this year it’ll be tainted with sadness and dark moments, as an incredibly close friend and part of my Ibiza family sadly lost his battle against cancer this week and tragically left us.

His name was Nik Turner and he was my hubby’s right man for the last 20 years. He looked after us and was our absolute rock. We trusted him with our lives and Ibiza will never be the same without Big Nik.

I remember him throwing me over his shoulder and carrying me out of Eden, the club we held our parties in every summer in San Antonio, when I was too smashed to walk, with my shoes in his other hand, carrying me (and them) all the way home. Nik was a legendary larger than life character who was loved by thousands of people around the world.

We will miss you so much and will never forget you. We are left with such a huge black hole. Thank you for everything Big Nik. Okey Smokey and lovely jubbly. Xxx

I’m flying with BA from London City, which always beats the ‘budgets’.

My birthday plans involve lots of pampering, a new suitcase of Ibiza beachwear, plenty of bubbles and a cruise around the island. Typically I shall overpack, end up paying for excess luggage, queue for ages waiting for the baggage carousel and miss my case as it goes round for the fourth time. I’ll blame this on the champagne breakfast that I’m sure my friend Nicole will force me to endure on the journey out.

Ultimately, I will end up wearing just the one outfit over the whole weekend and I can 100% guarantee I’ll end up losing one of the five hats I bring out, as well as jewellery, one of each pair of flip flops, possibly my passport and the icing on the cake, a smashed iPhone. Yes, all these things happen pretty much every year. It wouldn’t be my birthday otherwise.

This edition is a wedding special as we are officially in wedding season.

I’ve temporarily branched out into menswear and written a guide to what the trendy Groom would be wearing if he wants to avoid the traditional morning suit. Plus, if your BFF has chosen you to be her bridesmaid, don’t shudder at the thought of a meringue, I have the best alternative and stylish dresses by ASOS’ new bridesmaid range without a puffball in sight! And lastly, what do guests wear to a wedding without upstaging the bride whilst still making a major fashion statement?

I’ve got it all zipped up for you so that wedding day will become the most stylish event on your calendar this year.

Deckchair out, sunnies out, ice and lemon in the G&T and enjoy this week’s Amanda Zips It Up. X

Read Amanda’s fashion blog



All You Need Is Mr Big!

Back in 2013, our favourite fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker, AKA Carrie Bradshaw, launched her first shoe designs which brought to life the shoe fetish she played out on Sex And The City.

Now Sarah, 50, is making fantasy a reality by adding a brand new bridal range to her SJP Collection shoe line.

She’s famous for playing Manolo-crazy Bradshaw, but Sarah Jessica Parker’s passion for cool kicks started long before that. “Growing up in Ohio, my brothers and sisters and I would make a special trip twice a year to buy new shoes,” she recalls. That obsession led her to create the SJP collection, a line of killer styles that had fans flocking to stores just a year ago. Now she’s focused on the big day, debuting a bridal capsule of ultra-aisle-worthy heels that feature classic shapes, unexpected shades (like moonstone, a shimmering pinkish white), and elegant details (like a “something blue” grosgrain ribbon stripe up the back). Here, we pick a few of our favourites.

Where Carrie Bradshaw’s style ends and Sarah Jessica Parker’s begins has long been a grey area, and the direct inspiration behind the new range is no exception. But while her most famous alter ego finally married her Mr Big in a pair of blue, jewel encrusted Manolo Blahniks, SJP says her own wedding look was far more subdued.

If she was able to do it all over again, she comments ‘I would want my dress to have an Oscar de la Renta feel, pockets below the waist, a very fitted bodice, a huge skirt, in taffeta or duchesse satin.’ That silhouette appeals to me because it’s old-fashioned yet can look very modern.’ So is this her chance to right her own bridal fashion faux pas?

The embellished Tempest heels, costing around £356 and pictured here in Blush Satin, also come in Tiffany Blue, Candy Pink and Skyline Satin. The shoes have earned almost 10,000 ‘likes’ on Instagram in just six days

The actress’ new bridal range features high heels in a whole host of bright colours, not typically associated with wedding shoes. While some are delicate and strappy in cream and ivory, others are bright blue, rich purple, and some even come in bold shades of jade green, hot pink and turquoise.

One of the most popular styles among fans so far appears to be the white lace Fawn heels.

It’s true to say Sarah Jessica Parker is continuing her quest to take over the fashion world.

The range is only available online now at Nordstrom, Zappos.com and Bloomingdales.com, so you’ll have to pay for postage and packing plus endure a bloody long wait. But it’ll be so worth it.




The Groom’s Alternative To The Morning Suit

It’s Wedding Season Guys.

There’s no turning back now for grooms. The venue’s booked, the invites are out, and it’s dawning on you that you’re about to make what is arguably the biggest commitment a fella can make in their lifetime.

So, you’d bloody better look good whilst doing it.

Given that you likely already have enough things to lose sleep over, I thought I’d branch out briefly into the masculine world with a guide guys out on what wear if you want to look distinctly cool, on-trend and away from the traditional top-hat ‘n’ tails or ‘Morning Suit’ image. Which, let’s face it, is a little dull.

But before we start, a word of advice from the experts concerning the importance of fit: “A well-fitting suit can hide a multitude of sins,” says the Man at Moss Bros. “Even in the case of men who are more portly, or who have ‘grown into themselves’.” As with tailoring, good fit is paramount, so regardless of which option below you go for, you’ll want to ensure you’re meticulously measured before trying anything on.

Here’s my guide to the coolest suits for you trendy bearded and non-bearded hipsters.

The Tuxedo

Not just an evening-appropriate option, the tuxedo sits somewhere between the grandeur of the morning suit and the comparatively casual feel of the lounge suit. What’s more, you’re bound to get plenty of post-wedding wear out of a quality tux. It’ll quickly become your go-to for everything from a New Year’s Eve ball to a work-related awards ceremony. So, it’s best to cough up and buy, rather than hire.

While black is the classic choice (and likely your best bet if you want to wear your tux for a whole manner of other occasions), midnight blue is a slightly more stand-out option, especially if it complements other hues in the wedding colour scheme.

The Lounge Suit

If the idea of donning a morning coat or tux makes you shudder, then turn to less formal types of tailoring instead. While a wedding is very much your day for wearing what you want, there are a few options that are so ‘well-suited’ to the occasion.

First up, you need to decide on style and cut. A slim-fit, single-breasted two-piece is a slick and contemporary choice for the groom who wants to keep things simple, but still look exceptionally sharp. However, classic-fitting double-breasted or three-piece suits are also worth considering – especially if you’re looking for something that makes a statement but is still resolutely timeless.

The Smart-Casual Alternative

Impromptu wedding in Vegas? Beach wedding in Bali? Sometimes formal tailoring just isn’t required, so why not loosen the tie knot a little?

Now, we’re not suggesting you rock up to one of the most momentous occasions of your life in a pair of distressed jeans, a fraying T-shirt and beanie, but there are plenty more laid-back alternatives to traditional groomswear. These are typically made up of a combination of the following elements: smartly-fitting chinos or casual trousers, a long-sleeved button-down shirt, and a blazer.

Mix and match classic hues such as navy, black and grey with lighter neutrals like beige and stone and you’re on to a winning look that’s slightly more relaxed but still smart enough to take your vows in.

Whether it’s the budget or potentially making a serious style blunder that you’re concerned about, the above advice should see you look just right for the all-important rites.

Now you can turn your attention and energy to the honeymoon.

Mmmm… what to wear on your honeymoon…? I feel another feature coming on.








ASOS Bridesmaid Dresses Launch:

The Best Fashion News Of The Whole Wedding Season

Brides-to-be, rejoice. ASOS has launched the bridesmaid dress shopping solution that wedding planning dreams are made of.

Being a bridesmaid is always an honor until you’re fitted for the dreaded meringue. You have to swallow your horror and put on a brave face because it’s your bestie, and you can’t upset her.

There’s no need to shudder any longer. The new one-stop bridesmaid shop offers 30 gorgeous bridesmaid dress styles in complementary fabrics, colours and prints so you can mix and match the bridal party’s look to your heart’s content.

They offer the same delivery and returns policy as any other ASOS purchase and best of all, prices start from £38.00. As in £38. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?

‘We noticed a gap in the market to supply our 20 something customer with contemporary bridesmaid dresses with a fashion approach’, Womenswear Design Director Vanessa Spence tells us. ‘Having seen dresses from our mainline collection bought as bridesmaid dresses we felt like this was a natural addition to our occasion wear offering.’

Gone will be the days of trawling shops looking for something that everyone likes, that suits everyone’s size, colouring and that all-important strapless versus sleeved preference. You’ll now be able to click and clash floral prints with solid colours, maxi lengths and minis without the stress of trying to scramble the perfect combo look together yourself. I’ve zipped up my faves here with an equally attractive price tag, so we never need fear the dreaded meringue again.

And for the bridesmaids themselves, getting dressed up may actually become an enjoyable experience. As Cadbury purple puffballs become a thing of the past, people might actually want to wear their bridesmaid dresses again, in real, everyday life. Stop the fashion press.

Now all you bridesmaids can concentrate on the most important job of all– organizing the Rampant Rabbit themed Hen Night.





Jezza’s Sports Report

Jeremy Parmenter

Lots to get through today, so straight in!

  • Cricket

What an ODI Series the current matches are turning out to be, between England and New Zealand as after 3 matches last week, the score is 2-1 to the Kiwis. First off, new look England surprised us all, including the opposition, with a resounding 200+ run win in a stunning all-round performance at Edgbaston, with ODI records tumbling all over the place. Then at the Oval, NZ came storming back, as we knew they would, to record a brilliant win, altho’ Morgan’s boys made a huge fist of it, really only being beaten by 13 runs, due to the weather and the ridiculous D/L method. On to Southampton on Sunday with the Series at 1-1 and again the Kiwis showed their experience with a 3 wicket win to go 1 up with 2 to play. However, even if NZ do win the Series, England at least have shown they can compete at this level with the best, with a positive and aggressive attitude and it is so refreshing to see an England team full of youth but with a dash of experience. So, over the next two matches, go for it boys, don’t worry ’bout the consequences and you never know, you could still win the Series!

  • Cycling

and congrats to Brit Chris Froome as he won both the penultimate and final stages of the Criterium du Dauphine in France, to become overall winner, and set himself up nicely for the coming Tour de France. Talking of that, I sincerely hope that my spy-in-the-camp Jules, being a Tour nut, will keep both you and me expertly informed as the race takes it’s course!

  • Golf

and congrats to another Brit, this time Chris Wood, who won the Lyoness Open in Austria on the European tour with a flawless final round 67 to win by 2 shots, only his 2nd win of the Tour. And commiserations to yet another Brit, Greg Owen as he was beaten in to 2nd at the St Jude Classic in America, on the US PGA Tour. Don’t forget, you lovers of the pin and tee, the US Open starts on Thursday so good luck to all the Brit and European stars taking part, led by World No 1 Rory McIlroy and let’s hope the maestro, Tiger, can rediscover some good form for the good of the game. Also good luck to Phil Mickelson, as he goes for a first win, having been a runner-up SIX times!

  • Footie

Lots going on here, with the Euro 2016 qualifiers taking centre stage over the last week and congrats to both England and Wales as the former, after their miserable friendly scoreless draw with Ireland, came back to form with an exciting 3-2 away win over Slovenia, featuring 2 goals from m-o-m Wilshere (at last!) to keep their unbeaten run (‘tis a year since those miserable World Cup performances) in the Group going. With San Marino to come in September, qualification should be a formality now as the 3 Lions head the Group by 6 points from Switzerland and a great opportunity for skipper Rooney, now on 48, to break Sir Bobby’s goal record of 49, mind you, he fluffed at least 3 golden opportunities agin Slovenia so really should have broken it then.

On to Wales and a brilliant performance at Cardiff as they beat World No 2 Belgium 1-0 with a gift of a goal from Real’s Bale to take over the leadership of their Group and now with a great chance of qualifying for a major tournament for the first time for decades. All credit to manager Chris Coleman as he really has done wonders for the Welsh game and good luck to them in the remaining fixtures. As for the other Home Countries, Scotland, still in with a chance of qualification, drew 1-1 with Ireland and Northern Ireland also have a great chance as they drew 0-0 with Romania to be 2nd in their Group.

For those of you interested, the Under 21 European Championships start on Wednesday in the Czech Republic and great news that Tottenham’s Harry Kane has now joined the squad to boost their chances so good luck to the boys who start their campaign on Sunday against Portugal. This is not just another to-be-dismissed tournament as many European stars, such as Platini, Maldini, Gullit, Van Basten, Bergkamp, and Ronaldo all starred as youngsters and took their opportunities to become World stars so well worth watching.

On to our Ladies in the World Cup, currently taking place in Canada, and after two group games, England lie 2nd in their Group having lost to France 1-0 (by dint of a screamer which even the men would have been proud of!) but then beat Mexico 2-1 to go in to their final Group game needing to win against leaders Colombia to go through.

Finally for this week, congrats to Gareth Edwards, who was awarded a knighthood in the Queen’s Birthday Honours and well deserved I say, a true legend of Welsh and World Rugby, the player who most of us who can remember, who scored “that” try for the Barbarians against the NZ All Blacks back in the ’70’s and arguably the best ever scored. Also congrats to Chelsea legend Frank Lampard for his OBE, amongst others.

Until next week. Jezza




Tennis – Rafa recovers form

Rafael Nadal gears up for the upcoming Wimbledon tournament by winning his first grass-court title since 2010 at the Mercedes Cup final

The Spaniard, who has suffered a dip in form over recent months, beat Viktor Troicki 7-6 (7-3) 6-3 in Stuttgart with an impressive display of serving.

Victory will boost Nadal’s world ranking from a 10 year low of 10th in the world and will see him again placed in the higher echelons of the game.

Next up for Nadal is Ukraine’s Alexander Dolgopolov in the first round at Queens, before he begins his challenge for Wimbledon on 29th June.


Fútbol – La Peña, So Close …

Santa Eularia’s very own, Deportiva La Peña, said goodbye to their dreams of promotion to the Spanish football second division after losing narrowly to Algeciras in the second round of the play-offs.

Algeciras took the field and immediately went on the offensive, whilst Laña were content to play counterattacking football. The first half was even-handed and saw a penalty shout on José Carlos Moreno which was not given by the referee.

After the break, it was all Algeciras and it was only a matter of time until the goal came. Berlanga whipped in a corner in the latter minutes of the game and Adan deftly headed in. Condolences to La Peña!

Motor Racing – Nico is Le Mans

Nico Hulkenberg became the first active F1 driver to win the mammoth 395 lap Le Mans race for 24 years, alongside partner Nick Tandy in a Porsche.

Ex Formula 1 star Mark Webber was a lap behind in second in another Porsche, with Audi trailing in third place.

Hulkenberg, the first driver still racing in F1 to win since Britain’s Johnny Herbert in 1991, helped to end a run of 13 wins in the previous 15 editions by Audi.

Porsche are ecstatic with the win after only returning to Le Mans last year after a 16-year absence from the top category.


Ibiza Cricket Club

vs Ovingdean C.C. (Sussex)

Robin Parmenter

  • 06 June 30 overs per side. Ibiza (139/2) beat Ovingdean (138/6) by 8 wickets

The visitors batted first and began cautiously, reaching 51/1 at the halfway stage. Opener Luke Selway top scored with 42, and ensured the scoring rate increased to a run a ball, helped by a rapid 26 from Dominic Andrews and 17 not out from Umesh Patel. Ovingdean lost several wickets as well, but managed to reach a competitive 138/6 off their 30 overs. The Ibiza bowling was more wayward than usual, so that 30 extras were conceded, and the wicket takers were Paul Cruttwell, Jeremy Parmenter, Robin Parmenter and skipper Graham Boe.

Ibiza then batted and, despite losing an early wicket, Sam Gooda (44) and Pete Essex (37) forged a solid 76 run partnership to set them up for victory. The returning Neill Tobitt then contributed a rapid 30 not out, and the target was reached in the 21st over. Ovingdean’s opening bowler Dave Hart (2/18) took the 2 wickets to fall.

  • 07 June 25 overs per side. Ibiza (130/4) beat Ovingdean (94/9) by 36 runs.

Ibiza began their innings by welcoming back opening batsman Adam Johnston who set up a 59 run stand with skipper Graham Boe. The former struck several boundaries in his 42, and when he departed with the score on 77/2, Robin Parmenter (20 not out) and Pete Essex (11) continued to score steadily. The visitors allowed over 30 extras as well, so Ibiza were able to complete their innings on a defendable 130/4 off 25 overs.

Their wicket takers were Umesh Patel, Jay Chawla, Dom Andrews and Luke Selway.

When Ovingdean batted, they were put under immediate scoring pressure by Ibiza opening bowlers Paul Cruttwell (2/6) and Pete Essex. After 13 overs they had scored 41/3 and were well behind the required run rate, with only Nick Boe (the Ibiza captain’s son!) providing resistance with a stubborn 20. Umesh Patel and Dave Hart struck some boundaries, but could not prevent their team falling to 94/9 in 24 overs. Of the Ibiza bowlers, Robin Parmenter (3/19), Mike Amos, M.Bagu and Jeremy Parmenter also contributed wickets.

We thank Ovingdean skipper Jay Amin for bringing his team mates to Ibiza for a friendly weekend of cricket, and also Sarah Parmenter for preparing the food and refreshments on both days.

That’s all the cricket now until mid September, so we wish all players, members and supporters a great summer!


The Guide …


Last Call

The Night of San Juan

Claire B, Nicole Torres

One of the most colourful fiestas on the island and one that takes place in many locations is the celebration of San Juan on June 24th, the Patron Saint’s day of John the Baptist or San Juan. It is widely celebrated all over the world and on mainland Spain, and Ibiza is no exception. Being the patron saint of the town of San Juan, the fiesta and celebrations will continue over several days, but there are also celebrations in many other parts of the island. The focal point of the celebrations is the eve of San Juan (La Noche de San Juan), starting in the evening of the 23rd with music and bonfires and/or fireworks at midnight to see you into the 24th. As it occurs just a few days after the Summer Solstice (the longest day on June 21st), it is also used as a celebration of the start of the summer.

Traditionally, and this still happens in some places, people jump over the bonfires, or run over hot coals, as a way of purifying the body and soul by fire. Others believe that you should throw something old into the fire that represents something you no longer want in your life or a piece of paper where you write down the things you want to change. Some choose to purify themselves by bathing in the sea. It is also customary in Ibiza to eat San Juan macaroni, made with curly noodles cooked in milk, sugar, cinnamon and lemon rind. Other typical Ibizan products such as orelletes, wine or traditional spirits are also consumed in family homes.

At the time of going to press, details of many of the fiestas on the island had not been released so look out for posters locally and with your Spanish neighbours for hidden parties.

  • Ses Figueretes

Figueretes usually puts on a great show for San Juan on the seafront/beach. A DJ plays music from about 10pm, with a fireworks display at midnight (some of them launched from the Isla de las Ratas across the water from the beach), followed by the lighting of a bonfire on the beach afterwards. A bar sells drinks and food but most people watch the spectacle from the beach.

  • Talamanca

Talamanca also usually has celebrations on the beach and in recent years buses were put on from Ibiza Town to shuttle people there and back. There’s also usually a party outside the Hotel Ses Figueres further along the beach. Look out locally for posters to find out what’s happening.

  • Puig d’en Valls

As part of their fiestas programme, the small town of Puig d’en Valls has prepared a special San Juan eve that will start with children’s workshops at 5pm. At 8pm there will be a Macarrons de Sant Joan competition, followed by a Sardinada or a Sardine BBQ at 8.30pm, so we are nicely fed before the dancers from Es Xacoters de sa Torre come out at 9pm for some traditional pagés dancing. At 10pm the Duo Dejavu will come on stage to entertain people until the lighting of the bonfires at midnight!

  • Beaches of San Jose

Many of the sand beaches in the San Jose area have been used in the past to light bonfires and as in any Spanish celebration, someone will have organized for food and drink and probably music, so ask one of your Spanish neighbours to see where the party will be.


Atzaró Fashion Festival 2015

Nicole Torres

The beautiful setting that is the Agroturismo Atzaró will combine its beauty with that of models and fashion designers in two dates this summer for the Atzaró Fashion Festival 2015, June 30th and July 28th.

June 30th at 7:30pm will see the designs by Beatrice San Francisco, Coco Riko and Ibiza Soul, La La Land swimwear, Sacred Love Child, Reina and Roses, Ibiza Boheme, with Italian for Italy and It Girls. The Art exhibitions will be held by Agnes Cartairade and Linda Naili.will also be spectacular performances by Earth Lights Boogie Band, a British group full of energy with the best funk, pop and boogie.

July 28th will also start at 7:30pm and the designers and brands will be World Family Ibiza, Elephant Gallery by Victoria, Evitaloquepuedas, Felt by Natalie and Charo Ruiz Ibiza. This time the art exhibition will be held by Jack Melville and his collection of portraits “Faces”, also we will have the band Earth Lights Boogie Band to finish dancing under the stars at Atzaró.

Footwear for both days will be provided by Haute Couture Shoes by Joey Rolon, wonderful jewellery by Natasha Dalberg and Linda Naili, glasses of the brand I Moon by Night and Pure Form to complete this spectacular staging at Atzaró Fashion Festival 2015.

Many of the designers were participants in the Adlib fashion show which took place a couple of weeks ago.

For more information visit the Atzaró website



In The Back Row


Pitiuses at the Pictures

A series in which we look at all English language films shot in Ibiza and Formentera. A full list can be seen

at … http://www.silver-screen-spain.com/index.php/film-index/movies-by-provinces/ibiza


F For Fake

PG :min::March 1975(France)

Link at IMDB:




This was not exactly a film but more of a colour documentary, written and directed by Orson Welles, and filmed on, where we catch glimpses of the port, winding narrow streets and white houses, and the Bohemian lifestyle of its foreign residents.

The film deals with the painter and art forger Elmyr de Hory, as well as Welles’s own deceptions, such as the radio programme with the War of the Worlds hoax.

Some scenes, interiors in his own villa, were also shot at Puerto Rey in Vera,.


Several narratives are woven together throughout the film, including those of de Hory, Irving, Welles, Howard Hughes and Kodar.

About de Hory, we learn that he was a struggling artist who turned to forgery out of desperation, only to see the greater share of the profits from his deceptions go to doubly unscrupulous art dealers. As partial compensation for that injustice, he is maintained in a villa in Ibiza by one of his dealers. What is only hinted at in Welles’s documentary is that de Hory had recently served a two-month sentence in a Spanish prison for homosexualityconsorting with criminals. (De Hory would commitfew years after the release of Welles’ film, on hearing that Spain had agreed to turn him over to the French authorities.)

Irving’s original part infor Fakeas de Hory’s biographer, but his part grew unexpectedly at some point during production. There has not always been agreement among commentators over just how that production unfolded, but the now-accepted story[2]that the director François Reichenbach shot a documentary about de Hory and Irving before giving his footage to Welles, who then shot additional footage with Reichenbach as his cinematographer.

In the time between the shooting of Reichenbach’s documentary and the finishing of Welles’, it became known that Irving had perpetrated a hoax of his own, namely a”authorized biography”Hughes(the hoax was later fictionalized inHoax). This discovery prompted the shooting of still more footage, which then got woven intofor Fake. Interweaving the narratives even more, there are several pieces of footage in the film showing Welles at a party with De Hory, and, at one point, De Hory even signs a painting with a forgery of Welles’ signature. Some of Hughes’ career is outlined in the form of a parody of the “News on the March” sequence inKane. Welles also draws parallels between the De Hory and Irving hoaxes and his own brush with early notoriety by including a recreation of part of his 1938of the Worldsdrama, which had simulated a newscast about a Martian invasion and sparked panic among some listeners.

Exactly one hour before narrating Kodar’s story, Welles promises that everything in the next hour of his film will be true. Exactly one hour later, the film tells a story where Kodar sits for a series of nudes forPicassogetting him to agree to give her the finished portraits, and then selling not those very portraits but fake Picassos in their place. The story climaxes with Welles and Kodar re-enacting a tense exchange between Picasso and Kodar’s grandfather, the alleged forger of the paintings, before Welles reminds the viewer that he only promised to tell the truth for an hour and that “for the last 17 minutes, I’ve been lying my head off.”

In the commentary to the Criterion Collection DVD release offor Fake, Kodar claims the idea for this segment as her own. She also claims credit for the movie’s opening sequence, which consists of shots of a miniskirt-clad Kodar walking down streets while rubbernecking male admirers (unaware that they are being filmed) stop and openly stare. This sequence is described by Kodar as inspired by her feminism.