Simply Stunning

  • Above, The spectacular sunset of Tuesday 5th of May, by who else than the Ibiza iPhone photographer who put the lover into our covers, Cat Milton.
  • See back page for more phenomenal photos from Ibiza residents.

If there is one thing we are not short of in Ibiza it is amazing sunsets, but even by our high standards, the heavenly spectacular of Tuesday 5th May was a very special feast for the senses.

Quick to share our good fortune with a worldwide audience on social media, posts were soon popping up on facebook, each with their own variation of colour palette dependant of viewpoint and time, but all exceptional – Tuesday made pro-photographers of us all..

The Ibizan 782 text version 07 May 15
The Ibizan 782 text version 07 May 15

As a last gesture to Ibiza’s tranquil off-season life we decided to devote one more cover to represent our island’s beauty before everybody, and our front cover, become swamped in the full summer season. Good luck everybody, be ready to breathe again on the other side.


News …

Last week, Ibiza Town saw something unusual as five massive cruise ships with a combined capacity of 5,000 passengers managed to dock in the port.

The largest ship was the majestic ‘The World’, a luxury boat-residence who travels the world with between 150 and 200 people on board, most millionaires.


Open It And They Willkommen

Due to increased demand, Ibiza airport are scheduling two new routes between Germany and the white isle this summer.

Germania airlines are flying between to and from the capital of Berlin, operating on Mondays and Fridays until October.

TUIfly will connect Ibiza from Hannover, flying on Thursdays and Saturdays for most of the summer.

These two new routes are in addition to existing flights from Bremen, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Greven, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich, Weeze, Nuremberg, Stuttgart and Berlin-Schönefeld.


Coastal Clean Up

The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Territory has allocated 1.1 million euros for the cleaning of bathing waters throughout the Balearic archipelago. Thirty three boats are currently operational until September 30th, with eight of them clearing up the waste around Ibiza and Formentera’s coastline.

Since the initiative was launched in 2004, a total of 1,889 tonnes of waste have been removed from the waters of the Balearic coast.

The Minister of the Department, Biel Company explained that “in recent years the Government has strengthened this and for this year has doubled the budget for this service.”


Dead Set On A New Archaeological Park In Ibiza Town

The Ibiza City Council candidate for EPIC, Toni Villalonga, has proposed the creation of an archaeological park in the necropolis of Puig des Molins in Ibiza Town. The goal is to “use the space as a green area” and “enhance the necropolis for tourism.” The earliest tombs within this ancient burial ground date back to the 7th century BC and the Phoenician era. More than 3,000 tombs honeycomb the hillside and visitors can see finds such as amulets and terracotta figurines discovered within the site. The proposal will include security guards, maintenance and wooden walkways throughout the new park.


Civilian drone use banned across the whole of Spain

In a five-page document, Spain’s State Agency for Aerial Safety (AESA)the ban in more detail:

“The use of aircraft piloted by remote control with commercial or professional ends is not permitted, and never has been, for carrying out activities considered aerial work. The ban includes photogrammetry, intelligent agriculture (detecting those specific plants on an estate that might need intervention), any type of visual reporting, the inspection of high tension or railway lines, border surveillance, detection of forest fires, reconnaissance of places affected by natural disasters in order to direct adequate aid, etc.”

According to El Confidencial, the new ruling by AESA would render useless two multi-million euro projects under development in Spain: the new €4.5 million Atlas Experimental Flight Centre in Jaén and a €40 million aerodrome project in Doñana National Park that wants to operate drones weighing up to 650kg.

Carrying out specialist aerial tasks will require authorisation from AESA but that, until the new regulations regarding drone use are ready, AESA cannot issue said authorisations because there is no legal basis to do so.

Model aircraft are exempt from the ban as long as they are used for leisure or sport.


Physician proposes how to get to sleep in a minute

A doctor from the prestigious Harvard University (USA) says he has developed a method to fall asleep in 60 seconds. Just follow a few simple steps to maximise your downtime and fit in more fun in Ibiza. We advise that this may not work, but it’s worth a try.

  • Step One: Inhale for four seconds.
  • Step Two: Hold your breath for seven seconds.
  • Step Three: Breathe for about eight seconds.
  • Step Four: Repeat this process three times.
  • Step Five: You will start to notice that you’re nodding off.

According to the doctor, this process helps to relax and forget the problems of the day.


News …

Cyclist killed in Sant Carles – confusion over who did it

A man with the initials A.M. was arrested on Saturday morning after running over two cyclists on the road to Sant Carles, one of whom tragically died shortly afterwards. He acknowledged in his testimony that, on the previous night, he had “three or four drinks” and smoked a joint.

The Guardia Civil conducted two tests on the 32-year-old driver, both with positive results. According to the drug test, methamphetamine had been consumed. The breathalyzer returned a result of more than 0.60 milligrams of alcohol per litre of exhaled air; the limit at which alcohol consumption becomes an offense and is judged criminal by law.

An ambulance transferred a 37-year-old man to the Polyclinic Nuestra Señora del Rosario, where he died soon after because of the seriousness of his condition.

The other cyclist who was run over – a 25-year-old woman – was admitted to hospital where she was treated for a head injury and several superficial wounds and abrasions. She was discharged on Saturday afternoon.

Two witnesses, a cyclist friend of the deceased and a van driver who was behind them when the incident occurred came forward to give statements. It transpires that the van driver does not believe that A.M. hit the deceased and instead it was a car with 3 occupants that fled the scene. The Guardia Civil believes it is A.M, as originally thought because of marks on his car.

To confuse matters further, it seems that another car was also involved according to witnesses. The driver of the third vehicle actually went to the Guardia Civil headquarters to report he had seen cyclists and believes he may have hit something with his mirror. The man was not arrested.

The deceased leaves behind a 10 year old son whose mother died last year. Social services are caring for the orphaned boy, but there are efforts from the deceased friends to raise money to give support. We’ll have more news on how you can get involved and also more news on the case as it unfolds.



Back in the U.K. it’s been long understood that summer starts on the first bank holiday in May. Of course, the sun doesn’t always agree with this statement and there’s no surprise that the heavens decided to dump a load on Britain. Meanwhile over here in Ibiza, the sun was firmly on board and treated us to a mini heatwave with some glorious 28 degree weather over the weekend.

The coming weeks are set to cool down to a more manageable 24 degrees, but the sky will be blue and the little yellow ball blazing. Not bad for May! Just make sure you don’t forget that sun protection…


Gastos Gripes

Traditionally, the tenant was in charge of paying the, water and phone bills, and theof the propertypay taxes and bills such as the, community charge or the fee for collecting rubbish. Many landlords are now trying to pass their bills onto the tenant.

A national survey by property portal.com found that 53% of tenants are currently paying one or more of the aforementioned payments with 79% considering this unfair.

Tenants are most disgruntled at having to pay the IBI (50%); followed by the rubbish collection fee (13%) and then the community fee (9%).


Rock Idols Exhibition

Rock Idols is a new exhibition at Km5 showcasing the photography of Spain’s Javier Porto, Sweden’s Mats Bäcker and Germany’s Alfred Wertheimer. Images include those of Elvis Presley, Iggy Pop, Grace Jones, Andy Warhol and Robert Mapplethorpe. The photos, collected under the title ‘Rock Collection’, belong to the Madrid gallery Mondo Gallery and show the unique ‘rock stars’ of the 70’s and 80’s in natural settings.

Elvis Presley takes precedence, with the photos charting the rise of arguably the United States biggest cultural icon. The exhibition is open until June 1st.


Medieval Fair underway

Arab dances, medieval concerts, pirates, falconry exhibitions, fire shows, puppets, juggling … and 157 different stalls with 67 dealing solely in local produce. Stalls will provide everything from street food to trinkets and bags.

The Ibiza Medieval Festival kicks off on Thursday May 7th at 6pm starting in La Plaza del Parque and continues over the weekend. Like last year, this is a monumental event with over 20 artistic groups and a hundred shows. The main part of the action will be between the Marina and Dalt Vila with an expected turnout of 50,000 daily visitors.

The budget for this year’s event is 135,000 euros and Valencian company, The Forge of Vulcan will be in charge of the opening show. In addition to artistic troupes from outside the island, entertainment will be provided by several artists from Ibiza including Nur Banu and Layali dance group, Cor Ciutat d’Eivissa, the GAT gupo theater, the Municipal Band of Ibiza, Zorah Leduc, Grup Zinue and Grup Ibiza Tribal Clan, Trobairitz, the Eivissa Consort and Study Center Capricorn. Among the traveling shows returning from last year are the standard bearers of Tuscany, Els Mals Esperits, els Cavallets Conqueridors and Esperitrons.


Food & Drink


Cocktail Masterclass

Tapas Restaurant which is found on the little road opposite Burger King is well renowned for its amazing food and drink. Now they’ve decided to throw a little alcohol love our way by teaching us how to come up with gloriously tasty and strong beverages.

Tapas Cocktail Masterclasses are a great way to celebrate any occasion or just have a great afternoon of fun. Suitable for groups of 2 to 20 for a minimum of 1 hour allowing 30 mins for each 5 people. Each guest will be provided with Cocktail equipment and all ingredients need to make the drinks in the package of choice from the options below.

Guests will be greeted with a complimentary glass of Cava so everyone can mingle and start their afternoon off in style before the hosting Bartender can get the Masterclass underway.

Each guest will take their place at their own Cocktail station which will be ready to make the chosen drinks for the day. The host will be engaging, funny and informative. Lots of fun with a bit of fact and a complete understanding of why we make drinks the way we do. A completely interactive and fun afternoon. Guests will follow the host’s instruction as He makes the drink for the guests to replicate. Parties can choose from the following:


3 Classic Cocktails @25 Euros per head

French Martini


Espresso Martini


3 Tapas Signature Drinks @30 Euros per head

Tapas Berry Fizz

Tapas Mojito

Espresso Martini (with Canape Brownie inc.)


3 Tailored Dinks of choice @35 Euros per head

Sit down with our Cocktail Bartender and design a bespoke menu to suit your party.

They also offer various Canapé plates: selection of 3 choices for10 Euros or 4 choices for 12 Euros.

See ad above for contact details and bookings.


Food & Drink


At Night

“Savannah opens its doors for the summer on Friday 8th May and they are doing it in style. They have special guests DJing who be live on Ibiza Global from 8-10 and a new cocktail and food menu to try out. If you are unlucky enough not to make the opening, then don’t worry too much as they’re open 7 days a week.


Parties at@ Pikes

Claire B

Opening party

Friday May 8th sees the Opening Party at Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes, as the hotel opens its doors for another season. Featuring an array of the islands favourite DJs and promoters playing poolside from 7pm whilst Rock Nights take over Chez Fez, Lo Cura Lounge swap pillow talk for party vibes in Bedroom 12 and Freddie’s welcomes Island Heroes and special guests for surprise sets until 6am. Plus, the return of Sunny’s famous bathtub karaoke and fancy dress boudoir.

Poolside: Nigel Atkin (Carwash), Ben Fhurst (Lucky Life), Scott Gray (Melon Bomb).

Chez Fez: RockNights Takeover with Marcos Torres, Morini b2b Tiki Boy, Jordi Cardona.

Bedroom 12: Lo Cura Lounge Takeover with Dave Phillips, Daisy Heartbreaker, Andrew Livesey and Mark Broadbent, Da Rock Buddha.

Freddies: Island Heroes and Special Guests.


The legendary Carwash returns on Friday May 15th, bringing disco back to Ibiza. The original Carwash founder Nigel Atkin and seasoned Carwash resident Steve Altman will come together with Ibiza residents Scott Gray and Andy Bailey to recreate the original essence of this much loved event.

Carwash proudly holds the title of Europe’s longest running disco and funk night, holding residencies in London, Paris, Vienna, Ibiza and St Tropez. It is hard to find anybody who was in London and going to clubs in the 90s, who did not at least once go to the famous Carwash. Over a thousand people each week, dressed in sequin hot pants, feather boas and platform boots – and that was just the boys! There was nothing like it anywhere.

Freddie’s Suite at Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes will host the Carwash crowd in stylish 70s glamour, dancing to the coolest original Disco and Nu Disco remixes, laced with Funk and Soul. Chez Fez will become the ‘Psychedelic Shack’ and will be home to Rock, Northern Soul, Hip Hop and Psychedelic grooves. Expect to hear Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Clash, Joy Division, De La Soul and much more. So if want some cool retro sounds, put it in your diary, Friday May 15th. You only have little while to think about your outfit, so get cracking!


Colada Club @ Ibiza Rocks

Claire B

New at Ibiza Rocks Hotel this summer is Colada Club, a weekly pool party on Tuesdays from June 9th to September 15th. Every Tuesday the Ibiza Rocks Hotel will be transformed into Colada Springs where the sun always shines, the drinks are always cold, and the music is as loud, fun and colourful as the shirts! Sit back and relax under a palm whilst laying on the new poolside day-beds, grab yourself a wedge of fresh fruit, a frozen cocktail, or get stuck into some chicken from Hector’s BBQ Wing Shack.

As the day heats up, so does the party – giant inflatable swans will bob their heads in the Ibiza Rocks Pool to the sun drenched sounds of UK and Balearic inspired electronica. Poolside fun turns to main stage action as the uniquely eclectic sunshine sounds go a little deeper – beds turn to dance platforms, neon signs begin to glow and everyone dances until the sun goes down.

The weekly line-up includes Alexis Raphael, Anushka, Arches, Billon, Blonde, Bodhi, Geddes, Isaac Tichauer, Just Kiddin, LE YOUTH, Lxury, PurpleDiscoMachine, SG Lewis, SlothBoogie, TCTS, Ten Story, TIEKS, Toyboy & Robin and Yasmin. More info



Back2Live showcase Hard Rock Hotel, 20 May

Claire B

Part of the International Music Summit, just announced is Back2Live, a very special live showcase event featuring a host of brand new talent representing the spectrum of artists currently breaking ground on the live stage. The event takes place after the Back2Live panel session where live music in general will be discussed, on Wednesday May 20th from 8pm to midnight at the Hard Rock Hotel and is free for everyone to attend.

The line-up includes April Towers, Harley Maxwell, PowerDress, The Wolf, This is a Recording, Uner and Andy Baxter.

More info at:



Glitterbox to sparkle in Space

Glitterbox has announced a move to Space Ibiza to host the Terraza. The weekly Friday party will open on 12th June, and run for 16 weeks until 25th September.

Joining the Glitterbox line-up this summer are special guests Fatboy Slim, Hercules & Love Affair, Todd Terje, Groove Armada, and Julio Bashmore, together with Glitterbox residents Joey Negro, Dimitri From Paris, Horse Meat Disco and Simon Dunmore.

Todd Terry, Joey Negro, Horse Meat Disco, The Revenge and Simon Dunmore play the Glitterbox Opening Party on Friday 12 June.

Last year, Glitterbox’s weekly soundtrack of expertly curated DJ sets of classic and contemporary house, disco and electronic music, drew a loyal following of locals, industry, club freaks, workers and fashion folk with the buzz quickly reaching international clubbers. By August, Glitterbox was selling out on a weekly basis, culminating in a typically hedonistic, riotous closing party.




Danny Avila

by John Stables


You’re 19, but doing so well, how did it all begin for you?

I started playing the piano when I was 7, the violin at 9 and then when I was 12 I got myself some cheap decks. I loved, it, whenever I was out and saw a DJ playing I would always stand and watch for ages, I admired them all so much.

No promoters wanted to trust me because I was so young, they didn’t believe I could do it. So age 12 I decided to throw my own party. I told my brother, “Yo, let’s do a party, let’s rent a club, invite our friends, charge 10 bucks entrance and I’ll play all night.” And that first night was a success, everyone enjoyed it and I got great reviews.

From then I never looked back, I just kept practising.

Who inspired you?

I think the whole music industry has changed a lot. When I stared the whole industry was mostly house. But for me my biggest influence was definitely Tiesto, he was so important. And now to have played so many big shows with him, over the years I’ve become a very good friend of his, it’s pretty much been a dream come true.

What advice would you give to a new DJ?

Six years ago I would say learn how to DJ first. But now you have to learn how to DJ and produce at the same time, because there’s a lot of competition in the industry right now and if you can’t find the balance, then it could be difficult to make it.

When you’re playing these big venues, do you ever relive those first night nerves?

Yeah, Ultra music festival was one of my best gigs, mostly because it was so important, there were almost 200,000 people watching that show, so I really felt that I had to prove myself.

Do you improvise your sets?

Depends on the scenario, when I do long sets, 3-5 hours, it’s so important to read the crowd throughout. When it’s a short set though, only an hour or so, it’s a lot easier, there will be a lot of structure, my intro will be pretty much standard, and then I just read the crowd for the middle bit.

And which track can you always rely on?

Without meaning to sound too modest, I’ve just made a remix of Ellie Goldings ‘Burn’. It’s such a good cover and I always play this, lately I’ve been closing my sets with it, but I know if I see the crowd aren’t where I want them to be I just play this track and they all go crazy!

Tell me your history with Ibiza.

The first time I came to Ibiza, I was invited by my friend Fonsi. I was only 15 and couldn’t really afford the trip, but he got me out here, gave me a place to stay and looked after me. He took me to Pacha, maybe I shouldn’t say this, but he sneaked me in through the back entrance. Being in this club, seeing Swedish House Mafia for the first time was amazing.

Now I’m headlining in Ibiza, playing my own shows it’s a dream come true.

What’s next for Danny Avila?

I’m setting up my own Deep House radio show via my Soundcloud channel, plus I’ve made a documentary of my summer, which will be screening on YouTube in the next few weeks.



Thomas Gold

by John Stables


How did it all begin for you?

Well, when I was 7 I started playing keyboard, at 15 I got my first synthesiser and then I started aiming towards being a Music Producer as I was really into House music. I soon started to DJ as a hobby; and I eventually got my first residency when I was 18; but they threw me out because I was so bad.

Oh really?

Yeah I was a bad DJ, so I took some time off then went back a year later, and this time it went down a lot better; for me though, it was always the production side which appealed most.

Who inspired you?

At the beginning there was a lot of inspiration from Eric Morillo and Roger Sanchez, then later on Swedish House Mafia and Axwell have been big inspirations. But now, I’m just listening to everything, I’ve found my own style and I find inspiration everywhere; it’s an all over vibe.

When you’re playing these big venues, do you ever relive those first night nerves?

Yeah sure, I mean, probably not so much in venues where I play often; but when I played Governors Island in New York recently, it was my biggest show so far, I was really excited and nervous because we had a lot of production, a really big performance, I also premiered my new track there with the vocals performed live, I was really nervous; but it went down really well, I loved it.

Do you improvise your sets?

My intro and outro are generally planned, but I then choose the tracks I want to play in the middle, depending on the crowd, venue and set time.

And which track can you always rely on?

Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Otherside and Reload.

What do you think it is that makes Ibiza so special?

Ibiza is so hard to describe, there’s something special about it. I came here 30 years ago with friends, not working, just partying and hanging out in clubs watching Eric Morillo and Roger Sanchez. There’s a special vibe here and beautiful beaches and restaurants. Actually this summer I’ve been lucky, I’ve been hanging out with friends in a villa, we all took a week off, visiting the local restaurants, you know, the small bars etc. and that’s one of the special things about Ibiza, it’s not just a big party island with a huge music scene; although that side is great.

I played amnesia last night for example, with Dimitri Vegas, it was amazing.

Ah yeah it was the house of madness closing party wasn’t it?

Yeah it was so amazing, we had so much fun. I also played the Reveal party last Tuesday in Ushuaia, and y’know, these clubs are amazing, Pacha, Privilege, Space, and even Ushuaia which is relatively new on the scene.

It’s my 7th time here now, there’s just something so special about it.

I’d love to DJ, any advice to me and the many others contemplating this?

You wanna play with me tonight?

Ha! Not a chance.

Well, take your time, find your own style. In the beginning, learn from others, copy them, take the important elements, but add your own style. It may take a while and you need some patience, sometimes things may not work out immediately, I had to work hard, but if you really want it you have to be dedicated and passionate, don’t see it as a job.

What’s next for Thomas Gold?

My tour, Colourblind, started September 19th in Vegas, I’ve a few other dates in the states and Canada, then it’s back to Europe.

My new track released on the 6th October, it’s called Colourblind on Revealed Records and has Kate Elsworth doing the vocals.



Amanda Zips It Up

Hola Zipsters.

This week’s blog comes from La Isla Bonita, Ibiza. I’m on the white isle this week,everything that shifts and moves in a stylish Spanish fashion.

I am wearing my new favourite crystal necklace by new jewellery designerOlive, so perfect for Ibiza. Scarlet has been designing jewellery for a few years, but only launched Scarlet Olive at end of 2014, so she’s still taking baby steps and still falling over!like the glamorous dazzle of a Swarovski crystalstyle yourthis season

Sheto mix textures and colours so that each Scarlet Olive piece has a unique character – the mood of each design changes depending on the combination of materials, and as theof a Scarlet Olive piece, I will treasure and associate it with a favourite place – Ibiza! If you want to get your hands on one of these, she hand makes them in all the colours of the rainbow.



It’s an exciting time of the year in Ibiza with the summer season about to explode. Billboardsgoing up all over the island advertising the opening parties, including Space, Pacha, Privilege and Amnesia’s – all important events in any avid clubber’s summer schedule.getting ready for the onslaught.

We go from winter peace and harmony to summer chaos and mayhem inthe blink of an eye.

I’ll throw a random one in here– what do you wear on your feet to the beaches of Cala Tarida, Cala Jondal, Salinas and Cala Gracio? Don’t be like me and lose oneevery pair of your flip flops in Ibiza. I have 5 pairs of missing ‘other halves’. What happens in Ibiza, stays in Ibiza.

Ibiza Soulflops have becomefootwear collection to be seen in on the island, as previouslyIt Up.Lutz, the Aussie behind the label, came to Ibiza and kicked off his ‘thongs’ collection (as they call them in Oz).



The brand has become huge and all hisflops feature images of the island.in a pair. Don’tone like I have.

The classiest flip flop collection in Ibiza…


So we flew over to Ibiza on British Airways from Heathrow’s glamorous Terminal 5. The husband had reserved extra legroom seats. It was a beautiful clear day and I was excited about seeing the sights from the plane: the UK’s south coast, France and the Pyrenees, followed by Barcelona and the largest Balearic Island of Mallorca (witnessedreaching Ibiza). As I reached my seat I realised it was all about the husband’s long legs and zero about my view. Our seats didn’t have windows at all. We might as well have gone by DHL.

This was my view. The emergency exit door.


I know many of you love Ibiza so I thought I’d give you 10 interesting / anal facts about the white isle.

  1. Ibiza was founded in 654BC, by Phoenician settlers who called it ‘Ibossim’ and dedicated it to Bes, the god of music and dance.
  2. Punk musician Sid Vicious, film director Orson Welles and comic Terry-Thomas all lived in Ibiza.
  3. The Ibiza hound, also known as the Ivicene, is said to be descended from ancient Egyptian hunting dogs.
  4. Ibiza is a World Heritage Site, not for its famed nightlife I should add, but for its architecture, coastline and sea life.
  5. Ibiza is visited by about 3tourists a year (including 800,000 Brits) and the airport handles 26,000 flights.
  6. The orange colour of the soil in Ibiza comes from the tannin in the pine needles that fall from the island’s many pine trees.
  7. In 2007, the island’s government decreed that all new hotels in Ibiza must be five-star.
  8. The population of Ibiza in 2010 was estimated to be 132,637, which is 437 more than Naarwich.
  9. The mystical islet of Es Vedrá, off the coast of Ibiza, is said to be where Ulysses encountered the sirens in Homer’s Odyssey.
  10. The area of Ibiza is 571 square kilometres, which is 1 sq km smaller than the Isle of Man.

Amanda. X Read Amanda’s fashion blog at




Is Online Dating for You?

Sophia V.

Finding a partner has never been easier with the likes of websites such as: Plenty Of Fish, Match.com, Tinder, eHarmony, and more. Whether you’re looking for something casual, a bit of flirtation, or a full-on relationship, your dating pool is certainly widened with online dating.

From the comfort of your own home, you can browse through profiles, trawling through photographs until you find a person that catches your eye. You can read a profile and get to know a person in seconds.

It’s the perfect way to meet people if you’re shy, your friends have settled down and no longer go out much, you don’t have the time nor money to go on several dates, and you want to meet someone with the same expectations as you, whether that’s a short or long-term relationship.

And there’s nothing wrong with being fussy with the amount of choice on the websites. You’ll have the opportunity to meet people outside of your geographical area which you wouldn’t normally meet.

There are no feelings of nervousness when meeting the person, as hopefully you’ll already have built a solid foundation with all the chatting. It saves time and online dating is available twenty four hours to suit you, and your mood.

Also, if you have a single friend or family member, and want to help them meet someone, Mysinglefriend.com is a great way for you to find dates for them. Maybe you can sell your friend / family member better than they can with praise.

However, there are also pitfalls of online dating. It may affect your self-esteem and can put you off dating altogether. You may feel rejected if you don’t receive a response back, competing with thousands of other people in a crowded digital marketplace. People are pickier, having a long list of what they do and don’t want in a partner.

Photographs can lie. Face to face, a person may look completely different. Their profile picture may be ten years old, photo-shopped, or the profile content may be completely false.

Others may judge you stating it’s an unromantic approach.

You won’t know if you have chemistry with a person without meeting them face to face. And if you do like a person, but they live in another town / country, there’s the issue of whether you can make it work, due to long distance difficulties.

Online dating can also become addictive and you can find yourself online too much. At worse, it can be unsafe, and you may attract a person who was nothing you thought they were.

There’s always a first time for everything though, and at least you’re putting yourself out there to find somebody. Perhaps give it a month’s trial, and see how you get on. Whatever you do decide to do, keep your wits about you, and always tell a friend before meeting a person from the Internet, the location, especially. Happy hunting!

For more of Sofia’s articles and tips check out her new fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog:



Adlib Fashion Show 2015

Nicole Torres

This year’s Adlib Fashion Show will take place in the Recinto Ferial in Ibiza Town on June 6th. This 44th edition will see the participation of 17 designers, five of which will present their collections for the first time, which sets a record of participation.

This year’s participants will be Beatrice San Francisco, BSF Men Ibiza, Dira Moda Ibiza, Ibimoda, Isabel Castellar, Ivanna Mestres, Jannine Helbling, Luisa Tur Adlib, Marta Raffo, Piluca Bayarri, Rebeca Ramis, Tanit Jeans con corsés de Victoria Celety, Tony Bonet con complementos de Elisa Pomar, Vintage Ibiza, Virginia Bald, World Family Ibiza and the students of the Escuela de Arte.

All designers produce their collections in Ibiza, which is a fundamental requirement to participate.

National and International models will walk the runway together with Ibizan models which will be selected in a casting which will take place on May 9th at 10am at the Recinto Ferial. A novelty for this year will be the inclusion of a “curvy” model.

Last year’s was a great show with Ibiza’s fantastic fashion, music, and the runway finishing at the fountain at the top of the Passeig de S’Alamera, don’t miss what will surely be a fantastic show at the Recinto Ferial.


Community …

View from the Pew

Would you like to experience an exhilarating ‘spiritual high’ atop the loftiest mountain on our fair isle? The 360º views are breathtaking! A glimpse of the sun majestically rising from the placid sea is worth an early effort!

Our annual Ascension Day Sunrise Service will be held on Thursday the 14th of May on Sa Talaia Mountain at 6:30am. For those coming from the east side, there will be a meeting point at the lower Can Truy car park an hour before the service begins and a car-pool to the destination will be arranged from there.

Are you familiar with Ascension Day?

According to the accounts in the gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles, Jesus appeared to many of his disciples during the 40 days following his resurrection. On the 40th day, he came again to the Apostles and led them out to the Mount of Olives where he instructed them to wait in Jerusalem for the promise of the Holy Spirit. Then, as they were watching, he ascended into clouds. As they continued to watch, two angels appeared and declared to them that, just as he ascended, Jesus would return in glory.

According to Augustine of Hippo, one of the early church fathers, the Feast of Ascension originated with the Apostles. John Chrysostom and Gregory of Nyssa, contemporaries of Augustine, refer to it as being one of the oldest feasts practiced by the Church, possibly going as far back as AD68. There is no written evidence, however, of the Church honouring Ascension Day until Augustine’s time in the 4th century.

For many Christians, Ascension Day’s meaning provides a sense of hope that the glorious and triumphant return of Christ is near. It is a reminder of the Kingdom of God within their hearts, and of the ever-present Spirit of God, watching over and protecting them as they spread the light of Jesus’ truth throughout the world.

Next Services: Sunday May 10th at Santa Eulalia 10:30am and the Ascension Day Sunrise Service on Thursday 14th at 6:30am on Sa Talaia Mountain.

The English-speaking church on Ibiza and Form Tel. 971 343383


It’s Good to Talk

Kate Stillman

Dear Ibiza Sun,

I have no idea where to begin. I am female, married for 13 years, and recently have started to spend a lot of time with the mother of one of my son’s friends. We get on so well and I have started to have feelings for her which confuse me.  I have never had this kind of feelings for a woman and I find myself wanting to spend more and more time with her. I don’t know what to do, is it a phase that will pass, are they real feelings that I should act on or do I just wait and see what happens… I am stuck and don’t know what to do.

Best wishes, KJ.


Dear KJ,

Thank you for your letter. I am sorry to read you are confused and can really get a sense of the confusion you are feeling. You don’t mention in your letter if you have spoken to the lady in question and discussed how you feel. Would her response make a difference? No one needs to stay in a marriage if they are not happy but from your letter I don’t particularly sense that you are unhappy as such more confused and almost surprised that you are feeling the way you are.

No one can tell you what to do, you are the only person living your life and the only person who has to live with the repercussions of any choices you make about your future and the impact it might have on those around you.

There is no urgency about this situation from what I can gather, so maybe you can sit with the feelings you have, take time to process and reflect on what is happening for you and how you feel about it. Until you get to a point where you feel able to make a decision about your future.

Take care and please do get in touch if you would like to talk in more detail.

Warm regards,Kate.

For contact details see Kate’s advert in local services.


Beach BBQ

Whether you’re a tourist or a resident the place to be this coming Sunday 10th May is on Cala Llonga beach where we are holding a Beach BBQ starting at 12 mid-day. With live music from The Calypso Steel Band, DJ’s, plus of course a very yummy BBQ for just 10€, it’ll be a day you don’t want to miss. See our poster add, join us on facebook or visit our web site www.vivacalallonga.com

We all look forward to seeing you. Vecinos de Cala Llonga and The Viva Cala Llonga Team


Medieval festival May 7th-10th

Claire B

The annual Medieval Festival in Ibiza Town is on from Thursday May 7th to Sunday May 10th. Held to celebrate Ibiza’s World Heritage Site status, the streets in and around Dalt Vila become a huge open-air street market and theatre. Everywhere is decorated for the event, and the streets are filled with market stalls, selling everything from crafts, clothes, jewellery, food and drinks, and there will be free live entertainment and performances in various locations throughout the town. The festival opens on Thursday May 7th at 6pm with a parade from Plaza del Parque through the streets to the Mercat Vell, featuring all the theatre, music and dance groups that will participate in the festival. Later there’s a show in the Parque Reina Sofia at 9.30pm, “Essence, air, fire, earth and water”. The festival continues throughout the weekend from 10am until midnight, ending on Sunday evening.

Full programme of events:



Anarem A Maig

Nicole Torres

Last weekend were the Santa Eularia May Fiestas and the town celebrated!

The town has been decorated with different floral designs. Saturday and Sunday saw a great amount of cars, tractors, lawnmowers, motorbikes, race cars, etc. all around the Passeig de S’Alamera and the Cannon Square, with the typical food stalls like the Companatge where you can get a piece of bread with sobrasada and a wine chupito for 1€ – there was a new one I had never seen which served German sausage hotdogs, delicious! Also the nautical fair was on down in the port.

Saturday evening there was a live free concert by international Spanish singer David Bustamante and there were many things on in most the bars and pubs in town, we chose to go to Sunrise, a new place on the port, where my friend DJ Dave Mantra played his usual great music! If you hadn’t heard of him you will soon!

Sunday was the floral cart procession through the main street, after the commemorative mass, in remembrance of the old church falling after everyone had left the building in 1543. Menorca horses were rode down the main street, where there was also a street theatre show with bears! (the bears were men dressed up of course) All a lot of fun! If you missed it, don’t miss it next year!

There are still many events on in the following weeks



Mind, Body & Soul


Qigong (Chi Gung)

Sabina Brownstein

Qigong is an ancient Chinese health and wellness practice which integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention. The word Qigong (Chi Gung) is made up of two Chinese words: Qi and Gong. Qi is pronounced chee and is usually translated to mean the life force or vital-energy that flows through all things in the universe. The second word, Gong (pronounced gung) refers to a steady practice that accomplishes your goals. So taken together, Qigong means cultivating your life energy by working through this practiced system to attain the goals of health, healing and increasing vitality.

China is where Qigong originated and when you go there you are likely to encounter people early in the morning in public parks swaying gently in groups – watching their hands while performing slow repetitive movements. They are engaging in their morning practice, which can range from a quite simple routine to a very complex one. This practice is growing rapidly and it is estimated that more than 100 million people all over the globe use qigong to connect their minds with their bodies. Because it is more accessible than practices like tai chi or yoga – and takes far less time to learn – it is growing in popularity. From senior centres to kindergarten classes, the peaceful, gentle, and graceful exercises of qigong have become a natural way to calm fears, spur learning, increase concentration and promote health.

Qigong has been recognized by progressive health care experts as a highly effective and important form of alternative complementary medicine. It brings to the table an awareness of deeper dimensions of our being that are beyond traditional exercise programs. Working out at the gym and good nutrition are both important steps to keeping a body healthy, but what’s missing is the-body connection.

Qigong has been designed over centuries to add mental intent and breathing techniques to its physical movements so that the energies that travel through your body are fully activated. The gentle, rhythmic movements of Qigong reduce stress, build stamina, increase vitality, and enhance the immune system. It has also been found to improve cardiovascular, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic and digestive functions. In addition, people who practice qigong are said to use almost 90% of their brains during the exercises – far higher than the normal. This stimulation of brain cells improves your ability to learn new tasks and may have beneficial effects for people with dementia, chronic, mood swings and insomnia.

The most important long-term effect of a consistent Qigong practice is that it establishes and strengthens the body/mind/soul connection. Integrating these three aspects of our being encourages a positive outlook on life which helps to eliminate harmful attitudes and behaviours. It also promotes a balanced lifestyle which leads to greater harmony, stability, and enjoyment. Of course the key is to do the practice on a regular basis. That is why when beginners ask, “What is the most important aspect of practicing Qigong?” The answer is always… “just do it.”

If you have any related questions please get in touch with me via my email below, or see my advert in local services.





Jezza’s Sports Report …

Jeremy Parmenter



“They thought it wasn’t over but it is now!” Just a play on this famous saying for two teams who clinched their relative titles over the weekend! So congrats to both Chelsea, after their 1-0 home win over Crystal Palace, and Bournemouth, who won the Premier League and Championship respectively. Firstly, (and I’m desperately trying to be neutral here) Chelsea thoroughly deserved the title over the course of the season, having led the Premier from Day One, won more games, lost the least (2), scored the second highest amount of goals and conceded the least and as for the various negative comments coming from those who should know better, all I will say is this: “That we’re even having a debate about whether Chelsea bored their way to the brink of the title because some Arsenal fans, out of frustration or jealousy, chanted the b-word, as the Blues, more or less, wrapped it up, seems bizarre” quoted Brian Reade of the Daily Mirror after the 0-0 draw at The Emirates. Also, as for Theo Walcott’s public comment that Arsenal would have won the title had they not had the injuries they had, absolute piffle! Sorry, Theo, but that’s the point of a squad surely and not only that but every team gets injuries throughout a season, don’t they? Just ask Diego Costa! Naive Theo also rather stupidly said that Arsenal were the best team in Europe since the turn of the year. I would think Barça, Bayern, Real, et al, would have something to say about that. Nuff said, methinks! Moving on to Bournemouth (because I don’t want to crow too much!) what a success story! 6 years ago they were on the brink of being relegated from the Football League and in desperate financial straits and yet here they are just about to join the elite, and with a massive £120m in the bank. So a massive well done to all at the club inc. the owner, management (and what a fantastic job manager Eddie Howe has done over the years) the players and not forgetting their loyal fans as they enter a new phase of their history. They wrapped up the title in style as well, winning 3-0 at Charlton to pip plucky Watford who at least qualified automatically, leaving the play-offs for that 3rd Premier spot, to be fought out between Middlesboro’, Norwich, Ipswich and would you believe, Brentford. Spare a thought for Wolves, who won 4-2 but missed out on goal diff and poor Derby, favourites for the playoffs, and needing only a draw to qualify, as they were stunned by a 3-0 home loss to Reading, so don’t be surprised to see manager McLaren taking the reigns at Newcastle next season, that is, of course, if the Magpies stay in the Premier which is certainly not a foregone conclusion as they are only 2 points off the relegation zone after their 8th consecutive loss, this time 3-0 at Leicester. It’s gonna be a real dogfight in said relegation zone, as it now looks as if Burnley and QPR, both beaten by West Ham and Liverpool respectively, are on the way out but there are still 5 clubs separated by only 2 points, including Aston Villa, 3-2 winners over Everton, Newcastle, Hull who play tonight, Leicester and Sunderland, 2-1 winners over Southampton. So watch this space! Elsewhere, bit of a shock at Man Utd as visitors WBA won 1-0, Man City won 1-0 away at Tottenham to guarantee their CL place whilst Arsenal play tonight and could go in to 2nd. Finally, mid-table and Swansea won 2-0 at home to Stoke. This week sees the first legs of the Champions League semi-finals with, on Tuesday, Real Madrid (4-2 winners over Sevilla at the w/end with yet another hat-trick from Cristiano) at Juventus and Pep Guardiola returning to Barça (8-0 winners over Córdoba with a Suarez hat-trick) with his Bayern side on Wednesday. Both ties should be fascinating but sorry Pep, I’m going for an all Spanish Final, Real/Barça in Berlin. Wouldn’t that be a showdown and a half!


Ibiza Cricket Club vs South London Oddballs C.C. (S.L.O.B.S)


  • 25/04 35 overs per side

Ibiza welcomed back the eccentric and friendly S.L.O.B.S cricketers on their second consecutive visit, and skipper Graham Boe decided to bat first. Although he fell early, Martin Cooper (47) and Sam Feasey (18) ensured a good start, and, once they went, Pete Essex (66) and the returning Graeme Cooper (52 not out) continued to score at a run a ball in a productive stand of 125 runs which allowed Ibiza to finish on a competitive total of 218/4 off 35 overs. The visitors’ bowlers Roger Cannon, Ben Banks, Phil Taylor and club chairman Steve “Stitchie” Richie contributed a wicket each.

The visitors then batted and found themselves restricted by accurate Ibiza bowling and alert fielding, which maintained scoreboard pressure on them so that, in mid innings, they were well below the required scoring rate at 68/4 off 18 overs, despite some defiance from skipper Kevin Ebbutt (14) and Tom Goodwin (26). Then, after the drinks break, several more wickets fell rapidly, and it was only a stubborn stand of 52 runs between Roger Cannon (29) and Ben Lyle (26) that allowed the visitors to reach 134 all out in 30 overs, Ibiza winning by 84 runs. Of the Ibiza bowlers, Mike Amos (4/32), Paul Cruttwell (2/23), Graeme Cooper (2/11) and Pete Essex (2/23) had the most success, but it was an encouraging all round performance from the Ibiza team that shows how they have adapted to the new ground.

  • 26/0425 overs per side

The S.L.O.B.S batted first this time, and openers Ben Banks (18) and Ben Lyle (19) threatened a good stand, after the latter had been granted a “Mulligan” or another chance to bat, having been run out in the first over! But Ibiza kept up the pressure and the wickets started to fall, with only lower order batsmen Kevin Ebbutt (20) and Steve Ritchie (11) reaching double figures and preventing a rapid collapse, the visitors totalling 87 all out in the last over. Ibiza bowlers Mike Amos (again!) with 3/7 and Sam Feasey (3/17) stood out, while Paul Cruttwell and Pete Essex obtained a wicket apiece.
It was now Ibiza’s turn to bat, and with a target of under 4 runs per over, it was not necessary to take unnecessary risks, so openers Sam Feasey (47) and the prodigal Shahid Hannan (12) played themselves in, creating a 68 run partnership in 15 overs that ensured no batting alarms. Once they fell, the asking rate had dropped to under 3 runs per over, and Ibiza duly completed the run chase in the 21st over, reaching 91/3 and winning by 7 wickets.The visitors’ bowlers Roger Cannon, Ben Banks and Tom Goodwin got the wickets to fall.
It was a pleasure to welcome back the S.L.O.B.S and play 2 such friendly and sporting matches, so many thanks are due to Chairman Steve Ritchie for organising the trip this year.Now that one of his team-mates owns a villa here, hopefully we shall see them back here regularly! And thanks as ever to Lyn Carpenter for preparing team refreshments and to Dave Reynolds for scoring.


Howzat! Cricket’s Balearic Cup in San Lorenzo

Ibiza Cricket Club is hosting this year’s annual Balearic Cup at the Ibiza Polo Club ground, next to Atzaro in San Lorenzo. Entry is free and ICC needs the island’s support as they battle to regain the cup which they lost last year in Mallorca. There will be sun, the smack of leather on willow and lots of white clothing in one of the most beautiful locations on the island. Grab a bevy and cheer on our boys!
Fri 8 May Ibiza v Mallorca
Sat 9 May Menorca v Ibiza
Sun 10 May Mallorca v Menorca
All games start at 11am – EVERYBODY WELCOME


Beach Rugby

Jason J Harvey

This weekend, Saturday 9th of May on S´Arenal Beach, Ibiza Club de Rugby is celebrating the 4th Ibiza Beach Rugby Festival with more than 300 people taking part.

There are teams from 6 different countries all here to play rugby under the sun in two categories, men’s senior and women’s senior competitions.

The Women’s Teams

Rugby Maasland (Belgium)

Lady Wasps (Holland)

Harlequins Ladies (England)

Gent Ladies (Belgium)

The Stings (Holland)

Central El Salvador (Valladolid)

Ibiza C.R (Ibiza)

All Greens (Madrid)


The Mens Teams

Ca Brive (France) – 2 Teams

Melksham Rfc (England)

Ross Rfc (Wales) – 2 Teams

Madrid Barbarians

Highlanders (Ibiza)

Invtation V (Various)


The rugby starts on Saturday at 10.30am and will be all day until around 7pm.

On the Friday evening (8th May) from 5-8pm we will hold the schools beach tag rugby tournament between all the primary schools in San Antonio for children from the ages of 9 – 12 years. If there are any children from the UK on holiday who would like to take part please get in touch with Jason on (0034) 616148730 or  ibizarugby@gmail.com

Classifieds & Services

Information …


Thursday   7th   to   Wednesday   13th   May

ARIES – Two of Wands

Avoid procrastination this week Aries; now’s the time to get back into the swing of things. Life’s a party that’s waiting for you to join in! Problems are solvable so don’t waste time or energy creating difficulties, where few exist. Your mind-set is the biggest obstacle to achievement especially if you give in to negative thinking. So don’t.

TAURUS – Nine of Disks

You’ve the knack of accumulating money at the moment and are determined to hang on to it – you’ve big ideas and that, you know, requires future investment. By all means save what you can, but don’t deny any small pleasures. Someone you care about wants some financial help or advice; help where you can, but don’t scupper your plans.

GEMINI – Eight of Disks

There won’t seem that there are enough hours in the day this week as you battle with your work schedule and domestic life. Yes, it’s great that things are looking up financially; however, it’s not leaving much time for a personal life or for those you care about. It will be a balancing act, but remember to count your blessings!

CANCER – The Devil

Don’t get wrapped up with your material life or you’ll end up being pretty lonely. Nobody likes to be around someone going on about their problems, especially if they can be termed “luxury” problems. Others may be far worse off than you and could be offended by your insensitivity. Don’t take life so seriously, get out and have a laugh!

LEO – Knight of Swords

You may be challenged to stand up for your principles or to argue with those who question your motives. At times you feel that you’re lying on a bed of nails; others around you can be so prickly! If a cool, understanding approach doesn’t work, you’ll have to toughen up. A male friend needs to be put in their place.

VIRGO – Five of Wands

It’s time to tackle the actions of someone close that’s been troubling you for some time. If a friendship, relationship or business association is causing concern; communication’s the key to sorting the problem. Suggest a meeting and use your excellent negotiation skills to bring about some progress. If the worst comes to the worst, you can agree to disagree.

LIBRA – Four of Cups

You’ll be tempted to accept the opportunities now on offer however, you would be wise to wait for a bit. Something’s coming that will be more to your liking; so hold off making hasty decisions that you’ll later regret. This is especially so when it comes to close relationships; are you fully committed or just going along with a situation?

SCORPIO – The Magician

A good week to get your point across in ways that make others sit up and listen. If you’re in Marketing or Sales you score brownie points for your flair, presentation and original ideas. Being a skilful negotiator brings you financial rewards and in romantic situations you’re able to make the right impression, even if you don’t really mean it!


Oh to be you this week! This card is a wonderful affirmation that you’re on the right path, so dream your dreams but also take steps to bring them into reality. If there’s been stagnation in one important situation or relationship, you’ll now see hopeful signs of progress. You’re supported by the heavens so keep the faith with your vision.

CAPRICORN – Queen of Wands

Immerse yourself in study or self-improvement this week and look inward in order to know yourself and to have awareness of what you are creating in life. Be less concerned with what’s going on with others’ lives. Fire sign women, Leo, Sagittarius and Aries can help you on this voyage of self-discovery. Their innate courage inspires you to be bolder.

AQUARIUS – Three of Disks

A great week to consolidate business opportunities; you’ve plenty of enthusiasm and are excited about your future prospects. This is especially so if you are working as part of a team. If you’re looking for funding then meetings will go well and you’ll be able to convince those in positions of power or influence that you can do the job.

PISCES – Five of Cups

Happiness ahead is indicated by this card; only if you are prepared to cross an emotional bridge and heal a hurt that was influenced by events that took place in the past – but still has the power to wound. It’s through disappointments that we’re able to grow and work towards transforming life. So, let things go and move on.