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I’m Ibiza, Fly Me

  • A. Increase Winter Flights by 50%
  • French Air Traffice Strike Cancelled.
  • EPIC Party Propose Ibiza’s Own Airline

British Airways have given a boost to confidence in the winter market with their announcement this week that it intends to increase its London City to Ibiza direct flights by 50%. B.A. will remain the only airline operating a direct Ibiza flight from the U.K. with the only other direct international service to Ibiza being operated out of Eindhoven in Holland.

Luke Hayhoe, British Airways’ general manager commercial at London City, said: “The island is now attracting thousands of visitors looking for some winter sun and alternative places to visit.

“It’s a great short break destination, and with our year-round flights customers can board an aircraft in the heart of London and be in the sun in under two and a half hours.”

Carmen Sánchez, director of the Ibiza Tourist Board said: “The Ibiza Tourist board is delighted that British Airways is further increasing flights to Ibiza. The airline has always been very supportive of the destination and has continued to increase its London City to Ibiza route since its launch in 2010.

“The capacity increase is testament to the appeal of the island throughout the winter when the balmy climate, scenery, Unecso culture and relaxed atmosphere make Ibiza an ideal break from the UK winter.”

Air Traffic Control Strikes Called Off

We can also confirm that through a press release from French Air Traffic Controllers Union, the proposed strike that was planned for the 29th April – 2nd May has now been cancelled.

EPIC proposes the creation of an island airline.

The Epic political group are proposing to establish an Ibiza based airline set up an Ibiza

In a statement issued this week they said “It is obvious that there is a problem of isolation mainly during the winter months and despite the various statements made ‌‌by citizens, such as thefor Regular Air Transport and Economic Worth,central government is not solving this problem affecting both people living all year, foreign residents, and to promote tourism outside the summer season. In our view the current situation Pitiusa condemns society to isolation, to pay a high price for a basic transport and continue a short tourist season. The group’s ambitious plans are based on a business model of

  • In the first, inter-island flights. (All year).
  • In the second flight Ibiza (All year).
  • Subsequently overseas flights. (All year)


Don’t Feed The Trolls

An Open Letter to a Lady named Lyn …

“Hello Lyn.

I do not know you, though you have been a fairly prominent part of my life this week. I’m hoping one of your many friends many convey this letter to you.

Firstly I must make an apology. I printed an article about you, at least I know it is you now, I didn’t at the time, and used the ill considered headline ’Mad Cat Lady’. To me it is just an affectionate term, based on years watching the Simpson’s with my children.  I doubt in your situation you would see the funny side, sorry about that, my bad, I changed it after a few minutes.

I’ve since found out quite a lot about the work you do. So many people hold you in very high regard. I’ve read stories of people dumping litters of Dogs on your doorstep and even throwing them over the fence.

I can’t believe how people can do that, but Ibiza is bound to have a bigger problem than most with so many people coming and going with the seasons.

I’ll tell you about our own dog story and you can make your own mind up whether I am the sort of person that would want to do you harm.

We took a Dog from Sa Coma 6 years ago now. Tinkerbell. I definitely chose with my heart rather than my head that day. She was the most timid of all the Dogs, absolute skin and bone and shaking with fear at the back of the kennel. I suppose I had a bit of Knight in Shining Armour come over me. So off we went to our new home for what we hoped would be a path to recovery. Unfortunately Tinkerbell was, it seemed, damaged good s beyond all hope. I was told that, as an English Pointer, her likely back-story would have been as a hunting dog that wouldn’t hunt, so she was beaten until she would, but in her case she never would so she was just beaten to a psychological mess. I don’t know if that sounds likely to you, but given her reaction to men, all men, it would makes sense.

I’ve lost count of how many dog whispering types thought they had the key to her recovery, how many different types of training were recommended,  but if you lived with her you just knew she was messed up for good. We hoped she would improve but she would never be the full ticket.

In dog terms, what you hope to have with a dog, she was a complete liability, often quite comical because of it, but always sad. Public spaces were not her friend and the only times she was really happy was cuddled up indoors with my wife, or when we would take her to run on Figueretes beach out of season at stupid o’clock in the morning so there was nothing to be scared of. Bounding along the beach at 3a.m. you could see the Dog she was meant to be. It was great to see. With my wife heavily pregnant and wanting to return to the U.K. we booked a ferry on the last day they would let her travel. Unfortunately for Tinkerbell she was one week short of being clear for her jabs. My wife found the kennel she thought seemed least like a kennel in Northern France. 300 bloody mile detour, but I may as well have asked her to dump her child in any old orphanage as to protest that one nearer the port would do.

We went on to the UK and 5 days later I was back in the car driving across France to pick her up and take her back with me. Quite a palaver, and cost a fortune, but if you have a Dog it’s for life right? I can’t see how people can just dump them on you.

Had quite a happy ending, we lived in London for a while then stayed in a remote place on the Essex coast for a couple of months before coming back to Ibiza. In this little village an old black Labrador took a shine to her. The first other Dog she’d ever accepted. Lovely couple, settled for good, unlike our transient selves at the time. We left her with them.

Back in Ibiza we went rescue again as a pet for my son, but this time more modestly with a cat. It’s a rubbish cat too to be honest, I don’t seem a very good picker, it’s not in the slightest bit interested in laps and strokes, best I get is the side swipe of some claws as it lies in wait to get me as I pass the stairs. But it’s our cat so that’s that.

The article I reported, was based on a Police press release re the visit you had recently. Once I published it some people soon came to your defence stating the report to be unfair and highlighting the good work you do. I added their opinions to the report.

I do hope you can see the issue is in no way personal. I print many press reports every week – that is my job. I don’t sit here deciding which ones might be about nice people or bad people.

It seems however that the addition was not enough and what ensued would give the impression I had been sitting at my desk one morning and decided I would attack your character. Absolute madness. At the outset I may have considered, as I would any news, a more detailed response in your defence, but I’m afraid those ’supporting your cause’ did so in such a way that I now would not print it. I doubt I have to tell a women in your position that you must never give in to bullies.

I understand you are not an online person and so would have been oblivious to all of this going on. Well ironically I think the outcome will be an awful lot of support coming your way. I don’t care about these people berating me, I’m big and ugly enough to look after myself, but however it came about I guess if you have not been aware, the incredible level of support the issue has generated will be a welcome and I’m sure much needed aid in your work.

A lot has been said about the damage to your reputation. I don’t know you, but I’ve a fairly strong feeling a lady like you doesn’t give a damn what people think, newspapers or otherwise. Last week you were feeding 70 dogs, this week you are feeding 70 dogs and I doubt a great deal has changed because of what has been written. But  Lyn, it would be a tad churlish of me to ask where they all were last week.

Best Wishes

Nick Gibbs

An Open Letter to those in Ibiza Winter Residents etc who were not in the Lynch Mob …

Having spent some time trawling through the extensive comments on Social Media regarding this issue, I know there are many people who posted regular, fair, interested comments and suggestions. Please know that the text to follow is not directed at you. Also thank you to those who were decent enough to put their head above the parapet and offer support. Very much appreciated. Thank you also to those who sent personal messages and I understand entirely why you would choose to do so that way – golden online rule – never feed the trolls.

Best Wishes

Nick Gibbs

An Open Letter to the Lynch Mob …

What a pathetic rabble of self righteous, self congratulatory, self indulgent hypocrites.

I respect the Ibiza Winter Residents mantra of no (almost) censorship, but my God some people have abused that recently. I’m not as ardent a viewer as some, but people talk of it as a spectator sport – and ironically the most synergy in a sport would be that of a fox being ripped to bits by a pack of hounds. Pity the fool who does not know the ‘don’t feed the trolls’ rule.

Well you are stuffed here because you can’t overwhelm every statement with misdirection, ignorance and blinkered mindsets. Feel free to start scribbling over the paper overemphasising the minutia of irrelevances, throw the paper to someone else after jotting ‘blessing and light to you’ in the margin,. Doesn’t quite work the same way does it? Because the trolls are restricted to their environment of hiding behind their computers. A modern scourge. Adult bullies.

I’m not fooling myself that anything of this will sink into you, it seems that sometimes those who portray themselves as such free thinkers and loving hearts have the most closed minds of all. In that respect this is as much as anything for the consumption of those who have taken a passing interest, or wondered what the fuss was about. I am sorry for those who do not know anything about it that this is taking so much space that should be conveying news, but after a week of sometimes vicious character assassination and professional slur I am sure you would also feel compelled to set the record straight.

So I will go through the issue step by step.

Police press release received. Published standard. Crap pun headline, pretty standard too. This one bad taste, acknowledged, changed. Alternate views come forward. I amend the post reflecting these.

So there’s the first point. If anybody cares to call a newspaper and tell them they disagree with something they have published, you watch how quickly they jump to change it. I’m not saying I would do that to every post but I had some respect for the person making the comments and so I changed it. I also picked up on a translation error and changed that – but before getting so high and mighty about it, they happen. If you were processing around 17,000 words of text a week I dare say they would happen to you too. In this instance the error was from a missed double negative – particularly sneaky little fellas especially in the very formal legalise of documents from the courts and police. Nicole Torres in the office has a Scottish mother, Ibicenco father and a degree in languages from Granada university – she speaks 4 fluently, 5 if you count Ibicenco, but we still often find ourselves trying to figure stuff out.

So what have we got at this stage, a police report, with error corrected, and ‘reader view’ applied in balance.

I would have thought that was pretty damn good, not the work of the insidious and evil perpetrator of a plot to destroy a lady with lots of dogs and cats.

Clearly it was not enough for some people and the prods and insults started coming. “An appalling lack of investigative journalism” was an early charge which I understand has been levied several times since. What? I mean listen to yourselves. This is the Ibizan and a story about a Police inspection, not the Wall Street Journal uncovering a complicated international banking fraud. But OK I’ll go with that for the sake of explanation. Let us say to correctly investigate a story would take 2 days. In reality far longer wouldn’t it, visit protagonists, consult experts, review legalities, far longer than 2 days but it will do as an average. Now if each report is 1000 words long and we process 17,000 in one week, that means 34 man days per week. So 7 full time journalists at what 20,000 a year average – OK that will do you see where it is going. The cover price of the paper would be about 50€ an issue.

Of course with the rather more modest resources we have we do the best we can. And let us for example assume I had selected this from the 50 or so press releases a day as one for special attention. Exactly what reaction do you think I would have received if I’d gone into the Police station and said look here matey, you’ve sent out this police statement about someone I know nothing about and I demand you prove it to me as truthful and factual. I’m sure my next stop would have been to the Accident and Emergency having a truncheon delicately removed.

Anyway, such considerations were clearly not in the minds of those who started pushing that I must do more, must write what they thought should be written. Sod off. What the hell makes you think you have the right answers by default? As one well observed message I received privately said, “Nick if you were reporting on a drug dealer and I said hold on pal he’s a really nice guy,” would you change your story?”

Of course not and you wouldn’t expect me to. What should have happened if, when Cat Milton submitted a long piece opposing the cat cull, a friend/reader/random contacted me and said. I disagree. I want them all dead and I’m gonna keep asking you and insulting you and rubbishing you til you write that they are should all be killed. It might not be your view but it is his view and he holds it equally passionately as you. So do I change Cat’s story to say they should all be killed? Absolute and utter ignorance.

When I read the post, “I’m deleting it here and reposting it in Ibiza Winter Residents” I checked out of the whole thing. I mean talk about a declaration of war. I have not read it since – because you must not feed the trolls – but people have kept me advised of some of the juicer insults and threats.

I repeat again that I know these were not the majority, just the aggressive minority. It feels a little odd having yourself dragged through it but ’a little odd’ is the worst of it. This rant will get it out of my system in a single session compared to days wading through that nonsense. I’ve heard of threats of legal action, bankrolled something or other, nobody has yet told me Isis are behind it but it wouldn’t surprise me. There are two things in closing that really grind my gears. Firstly that there is considerable evidence that I have done a reasonable job through the paper for the voices of those with animal rights concerns. In addition to several articles, 2 of them substantial pieces, I actually set up an animal re-homing section in the paper. Something of actual positive benefit to somebody like Lyn. You know what we stopped it after a couple of months as we were having to chase round the various centres to get details of animals. It turned out none of them could be bothered. Surprised me really.

Firstly that there is considerable evidence that I have done a reasonable job through the paper for the voices of those with animal rights concerns. In addition to several articles, 2 of them substantial pieces, I actually set up an animal re-homing section in the paper. Something of actual positive benefit to somebody like Lyn. You know what, we stopped it after a couple of months as we were having to chase round the various centres to get details of animals. It turned out none of them could be bothered. Surprised me really.

I know there are a few of the people involved who have done far more than I have, I respect them for it, and some I used to respect, but I would wager there are quite a few of those so ready to join in the blood letting who’s main contribution to the cause has been exactly that, online pontificating. You know what, to be honest I don’t care much about the general plight of animals. I don’t. It is  a long way down my list of priorities. Tomorrow I am involved in a fundraising effort that provides funds for sight saving eye surgery for children in Africa, food for the homeless, and a relief fund for a member of our community that has fallen of hard times. All of those I consider way more important and that is my choice, you are not the boss of me and in so far as wanting to achieve anything through this press your approach has been hugely counter productive. The reason I did the little I did for animal causes is because I care that others care. You’ll either get that or you won’t.

The last but oh so obvious problem in what you have chosen to do this week which highlights all of those traits of the troll mob, is the absolute and utter hypocrisy of it. Here you are acting as judge and jury over something where you do not have direct personal knowledge. And the crime? That I said something about somebody without personal knowledge.

I don’t know what it is that drives the troll to do it (I’m sure you’ll have looked it up by now), some deficiency in your life, and if that’s how you get your kicks a pretty sad and lonely one it must be.

And for the love of god adding ‘blessing’ or ‘spirit and light’ to words full of aggression and bitterness do not stop them being words of aggression and bitterness. It just makes it pathetic.

Nick Gibbs

That feels better.

Apologies for the lack of news this week. More really to do with St George’s than this nonsense.. But not to worry, we make it all up anyway. Xx

P.s I said a couple of weeks ago I’d be no good as or working with politicians. This is why.


Postbag …

Dear Editor,

I have today sent this email to Señora L.Prats if the Partido Popular, San Antonio.

Dear Ms Prats,

I was delighted to read in the local papers that at last, the fact that many thousands of ex-patriots have decided to settle and live in Ibiza, has been recognised by the political parties.

Our Man In San An’, was the headline in the local English paper, ‘The Ibizan’.

Martin Makepeace had been approached and he has agreed his candidacy for the Partido Popular (PP) to become the first non-Spanish citizen to stand for election in San Antonio.

However,, a degree of hypocrisy began to emerge as I read ‘between the lines’ of the article.


To quote Marlon Brando in ‘The Godfather’in order to win the election, Pepe Sala, the leader of the PP appears to believe in “keeping your friends close, and your enemies closer”

Martin, is an active member of the San Antonio community. Hehas, along with others and the support of the aforementioned newspaper, been active in encouraging the ‘extranjeros’ Ibiza to register their vote.Their decision may well determine who wins the election.

Realising the potential benefits of getting the ‘Ex Pat’ vote on-side, it seems Pepe Sala has invited Martin to stand but has placed him at point 12 on the list, where he is unlikely to achieve a seat on the council. Thus a vote from the ‘Ex-Pat’ community, should they decide to elect him, would not fact secure the first ‘extranjero’ seat on the council.

It’s a fact of life that in the 21st Century, people from all walks of life and faiths now live in the Balearic Islands.Ibiza is rich in diversity; Environmental, cultural and commercial. Except of course in the forthcoming elections where the livelihoods of many are once again being put to the public vote.It is apparent from reading between the lines of the article that hypocrisy, a ‘closed shop’ mentality and institutional xenophobia prevail.

Like Marie Antoinette, before the French Revolution, The Partido Popular appear to be wanting to ‘have their cake and eat it.’

On May 24thhave the opportunity to change this situation forever and I urge you to grasp it with both hands. If you are truly serious about having the first ‘non-Spanish’ councillor you surely must place him in a position on the list where he stands a fighting chance of being elected.

Yours Faithfully, David Reynolds.

Food & Drink


Chiang Mai

  • Richard Lawson

Chiang Mai can be found in Santa Eulalia and has in fact been open in the town for some 13 years, albeit keeping a low profile in the back streets until 2014.

All that changed with a move to the historic premises at the gateway to the renowned ‘Restaurant Street’ made famous by Sandy’s Bar back in the late 1950s and swinging sixties by the collection of latter day superstars who made up their clientele.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with Sandy’s Bar, it was located next to the ‘tabac’ adjacent to the Town Hall at the head of the Paseo. The front terrace overlooks the fountain square and the plaza that serves as the main focus for the townsfolk celebrating the many fiestas.

One of the town’s best kept secrets at the height of summer is the gorgeous oasis of a shaded garden restaurant terrace at the back, where it is quite easy to forget that not only are you in the centre of this bustling market town, but less than a stone’s throw from its historic centre.

Inside the restaurant there are two distinct dining areas: the old bar area has become a cosy winter restaurant with a huge fireplace, the second option is a slightly elevated, light and airy space with a conservatory style from which you can hear your stir-fry sizzle while you try to guess the herb or spice causing the aroma emanating from the adjacent kitchen. In fact you’ve got no chance as traditional Thai cuisine is known for its complex interplay of at least three, and often four or five, fundamental taste senses in each dish – or most certainly the whole meal: sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy.

You should by now be able to find this little gem of a restaurant, so let’s cut to the chase and enlighten ourselves on the delights of traditional Thai cuisine… They say that a country’s food reflects its culture, and in the case of Thailand the following words might be best applied – intricate, attention to detail, texture, colour, taste and the use of ingredients with medicinal benefits. All of these are combined in the pursuit of good, if not fascinating, flavour.

However, the staple grain of Thai cuisine is rice. In fact the words for rice and food are the same (‘eat rice’ means ‘eat food’). To westerners it might sound ridiculous that Thai farmers have historically cultivated tens of thousands of rice varieties and a traditional recipe for a rice dish would include as many as thirty different rice varieties. (Genetic modification has significantly reduced the number of varieties found nowadays.)

Fish sauce is also a staple ingredient in Thai cuisine and gives Thai food its unique character. It is prepared with fermented fish made into a fragrant condiment that provides a salty flavour. However, there are many varieties and many variations in the way that it is made. Furthermore, Thailand is as big as Spain but borders the sea only on its southern coast, so much use is made of freshwater fish from the inland rivers, lakes, ponds and paddy fields. European cuisine tends to use freshwater fish sparingly nowadays, so these sauces contribute enormously to the other-worldly flavours that you’ll encounter in traditional Thai cuisine.

The most notable influence from Western civilization was the introduction of chilli peppers from the Americas around 500 years ago. These are now one of the most important ingredients in ‘modern’ Thai cuisine, along with rice. However, nowadays Thai food is renowned for its enthusiastic use of fresh herbs (i.e. not dried) and spices. Common Thai flavours come from garlic, coriander, lemon grass, shallots, peppers, shrimp paste, fish sauce and chillies.

However, we digress, to return to the Chiang Mai of Ibiza, and specifically the words of the boss, Suit, to sample the real deal featuring “fresh vegetables, lightly cooked with the meat or fish of your choice and an incredible mix of herbs and spices cooked from the heart”, check out the Chiang Mai Restaurant in Santa Eulalia. They’re currently open daily from 1-4 and 7-11:30 pm, apart from Thursday evenings.

Don’t expect to pay the ‘high-end’ restaurant prices of the ‘fusion’ restaurants either. The ‘menu del dia’ is just €9,95 (even on Saturdays) and the evening menu just€16. If that’s not good enough to tickle your taste buds consider a visit on Wednesday evenings till the end of April when a 50% discount applies too!

We’ve often heard it said that it’s impossible to park in central Santa Eulalia nowadays, but they’ve covered that too, because their original restaurant was in the heart of Ibiza town and people really did find it impossible to park anywhere nearby. If you ask for a parking permit with your bill they will give you a ticket that pays for the first two hours that you spent on parking your car in order to eat at their establishment.

So don’t let parking put you off – it really is worth the visit – you’ll be sufficiently distracted by the unique flavours of Thai cuisine at its best to forget such trivialities…



  • Nick Gibbs

The 4th season of San Antonio’s Primavera Gastronómica commenced Monday 20th April.

The festival of food is designed to be a celebration of local, seasonal produce and each of the participating restaurants offer a 3 course menu at a fixed price of 14€ weekdays and 18€ weekends and holidays.

That’s a pretty good deal, but when you see the restaurants participating and the menus on offer it becomes an astonishingly good deal.

There are 10 in this year’s event including Grill Sant Antoni, S’Avarader, Club Es Nautic and our very good friends Villa Mercedes.

The great thing about these festivals is that the establishments seem to be getting ever more competitive, and in their desire to outdo each other come up with menus for which you would struggle to get the ingredients alone at the price charged.

Here is one example I particularly liked the look of:-

  • Starters

Marinated salmon carpaccio with a pistachio vinaigrette or

Cold Vichyssoise and smoked melon cream with Iberico ham shavings

  • Mains

Baked sea bass fillet with a pumpkin purée and seasonal vegetables or

Breaded rosemary lamb chops with a vegetable honey timbale

  • Deserts

Lemon meringue pie or

Leche Frita, a typical Northern Spanish dessert, with red berries

Runs until 31st May. Not all participating restaurants offer the menu on every day of the week.

For a full list including timetable go to


Though not really relevant I do rather like their logo and colour palette this year.


Ibiza Rock

Full Metal Cruise

  • Claire B

The Full Metal Cruise ship docked in Ibiza last Tuesday and put on an onshore gig in Dalt Vila, in the Baluarte de Santa Llucia. It was the second time that the Full Metal Cruise had sailed on its six-day journey from Palma to Ibiza via Barcelona carrying 2,000 metal fans, but the first time that they had organised a concert here. Having secured the best outdoor venue on the island, nestled within the old walls above the port and below the cathedral, I headed up to Dalt Vila full of expectation and excited to see some live rock bands. When I arrived just after 7pm, local band Indulgentes were already onstage and in full flow. I’ve seen them a few times before and they always put on a good show. That night was no exception and their energetic rock went down well with the assembled crowd, despite the fact that it was still light and they played without the added drama of stage lighting. The lads clearly enjoyed themselves, undoubtedly revelling in the setting and the occasion. Next up was Spanish singer and songwriter Leo Jiménez and his band, which began their set just as the sun set for the day and cast a yellow glow over the venue from behind the stage. However, the show emanating from the stage was far from chilled, as Leo paced around the stage and belted out song after song. The relentless eastern wind provided an ongoing natural wind machine, as long hair flailed around in the breeze to rhythmic head banging. Veteran German rockers U.D.O. were headliners and put on a sterling show. Fronted by 63 year-old singer Udo Dirkschneider who commanded the stage whilst his 21 year-old son Sven led the rhythm section on drums at the back aided by Ibizan resident Fitty Wienhold on bass, joined by a young keyboard player, and Andrei Smirnov and Kasperi Heikkinen on guitars. Having released several albums over the years with a changing line-up, they’ve recently been touring with their latest album ‘Decadent’ with this line-up and are on fire at the moment. Udo belted out the vocals and the guitarists strutted around the stage and head banged in synch at every available moment. They were having a ball on stage, as was the crowd in front of them, mainly from the cruise ship docked in the port below plus local rock fans from the island who had come to enjoy the show.

Hats off to the organisers. The choice of bands rivalled the location and it was great to see a local band in the line-up. The Hard Rock Café ran the bar efficiently, and at 5€ for a large beer, for once the drinks prices at an Ibizan event were reasonable. Instead of Ibiza’s usual offering of dance and DJ-oriented events, it made a pleasant change to see the metal boys out in force engaging in some head banging, hair flicking and belting out rock songs as they strutted around the stage and posed with their guitars. A great night and let’s hope they stop in Ibiza on the cruise again next year!

Rock in Riu II

  • Nicole Torres

The second edition of the Rock in Riu festival will take place this Friday April 24th at 8pm at the Plaça d’Espanya, in front of the Town Hall, and will be headlined by the Seville group O’Funk’illo, led by Andreas Lutz on vocals and Pepe Bao on bass, one of the more valued and virtuoso bass players on the national scene.

The band will use this performance at Rock in Riu Festival to present their new album entitled “5mentario”.

Besides O’Funk’illo, the festival will also feature a performance by the Basque group Los Brazos, coming from their recent US tour, and local bands Morning Drivers, residents at the Hard Rock Hotel, and Sonora, an instrumental post rock group, second prize winners of the contest Sonorizarte. Plus, DJ Ezekyel who will be playing between band and band.

After the festival, the party will continue at Guarana, a post-party organized by Lemon Emigrants and friends group, who will offer a Jam Session with all the musicians of the festival and all those who want to participate.

Let’s Rock!


Local Life

Sant Jordi Fiestas

  • Claire B

The annual fiesta in San Jordi (or St George in English) continues until May 17th. There’s an impressive range of concerts, cultural and sporting events and activities for children including workshops taking place from now until then.

Friday April 24th, 10pm – La Movida, the 80s and 90s disco with DJs Petit and Vázquez.

Saturday April 25th, 10pm – live music from Lemon Emigrants, Aupa Quarter (Barcelona) and Yeshe Ryser. Jazz, blues, rock, swing and funk is promised.

Saturday May 2nd, 9pm – Concert with the municipal band of Sant Josep de sa Talaia in the church in San Jordi.

Saturday May 16th, 9.30pm – Festival of Youth Rock, with Aarón Coll, Difference, Tales of Gloom and Please (U2 tribute band).

Most of the main events take place in the Plaça de Sant Jordi, which is the open space behind the church.

Full programme:


Wine festival and record fair @ Sluiz

  • Claire B

Two events are taking place at Sluiz in Santa Gertrudis on Saturday April 25th.

The 5th Wine Festival organised by Vino and Co takes place from noon until 8pm. Entrance is 7.50€ and you can sample over 100 wines that will be on offer. Food, including local Ibizan products will also be available. More info, including the winemakers that will be there is here:


Also taking place on the same day from noon-6pm is the 4th Vinyl Record Fair. Entrance is free and you can buy, sell and trade vinyl records. Email for more info:


Sluiz is just outside Santa Gertrudis, Ctra Ibiza to San Miguel, Km 4.

First Sunday of May Fiestas in Santa Eularia

  • Nicole Torres

Of the various fiestas that are celebrated in the town of Santa Eulalia des Riu, one that is distinguished by its magnificence is celebrated on the first Sunday of May.

In earlier days, it was a impressive spectacle to see the flower decorated carts, as well as men and women dressed in traditional costumes from the most diverse places of the island, gather in Santa Eularia to celebrate this fiesta.

They said: “anem a maig” (let’s go to May) with great enthusiasm at the start of the festivities, and “venim de maig” (we come from May) pronounced with discouragement and fatigue once the festivities were over.

The origins of this fiesta come from a legend: Next to Ses Estaques there is a small hill known since ancient times as S’Església Vella (the old church). They called the summit this way because the first church of Santa Eularia, probably a small chapel, was settled there. One day the faithful had finished hearing Mass in the same, and after leaving the place, they heard a huge boom, looking back the church had collapsed and the walls had fallen, along with the bell, over the cliff into the Sea. The fact that the collapse had occurred when the people as a whole had left the church, was interpreted as a miracle and inasmuch as this event took place on the first Sunday in May, thereafter, every year they began to celebrate this festivity. Also, legend has it that on stormy nights, boats passing by near the site can hear the tolling of the bell from the seabed, which warns sailors of the proximity of the coast and of the danger.


Fri 24th April: At 5pm there will be storytelling for children at the library. At 8pm the second edition of Rock in Riu will take place at the Plaça d’Espanya.

Sat 25th April: At 9am there will be a Tennis tournament for children. At 9.30am the stock fair will start in the main street until 8pm. And at 9pm the table football tournament will take place at the Jardi d’Or.

Sun 26th April: At 9am there will be a popular walk leaving the Plaça d’Espanya. Also at 9am the Tennis tournament continues. At 10am there will be a car exhibition and a Slalom competition next to IES Xarc, and next to the hotel Tress Torres there will be a remote controlled cars’ competition. At 11am there will be an archery competition. At 1pm there will be a gastronomic sampling in the main street until 7pm.

Wed 29th April: At 9pm there will be a concert at the Teatro d’Espanya.

Thu 30th April: There will be children’s storytelling at 5pm and adult’s storytelling at 8.30pm in the library.

Fri 1st May: Many events start on this day, like the basketball tournament (lasting 3 days) and mountain bike ride which start at 10am, the autochthonous races exposition at Can Planetes (lasting 3 days) opens at 11am, the twelfth edition of the Nautical Fair will start at noon (lasting 3 days), the crafts exhibition opens (also lasting 3 days) at 5pm. The gymkhana pagesa will take place at 6pm – inscriptions at the Punt Jove. At 8pm at the Teatro Espanya, the Santa Eularia gold medal and the Xarc prizes will be handed out. And at 10pm there will be live music with Jose Javier el Mariachi, Moonshine, and My Generation, at the Plaça d’Espanya.

Sat 2nd May: The tennis tournament and the basketball tournament continue. At 10am there will be a synchronized swimming exhibition, and there will be a pilgrimage to the Creu d’en Ribas from the Plaça d’Espanya. From 11am to 2pm there will be games on the beach for children. At 1pm the veteran football cup will be played at the municipal football field. At 5pm the antic cars and motorbike expo will take place in the canon square and the Isidoro Macabich street, personalized cars will be on the Passeig de la Pau at 5.30pm, and truck and machinery will be on the Passeig de S’alamera at 6.30pm. In the Teatro Espanya there will be a flower and plant exhibition from 5.30pm. At 7pm there will be street theatre in the main street. At 9pm there will be live music next to the Palau de Congressos, which will include the Spanish international singer David Bustamante presenting his new tour (10pm). And at midnight there will be a show in the Plaça d’Espanya with La Movida and Els Mals Esperits.

Sun 3rd May: First Sunday of May! The town will wake at 8pm with the ringing of the bells. The whole day is filled with the ending of the many exhibitions and sport’s tournaments, apart from the typical mass (11am) with ball pagés and live music, football (5pm), street theatre (5.30pm), horse exhibition (6.30pm), another mass with a procession (7.30pm), live music at 10pm in the Plaça d’Espanya, and finally fireworks in the bay at midnight.

There are many other interesting things to do: more sporting events for all ages, live music, art expositions, and Swan Lake interpreted by the national Moscow ballet (15th May). Anem tots a Maig! (Lets all go to May!)


Koningsdag..  Kingsday..

Koningsdag Celebrations Around Ibiza

On the East coast Cala Llonga has two parties – one at each end of the village and on different days. The first will be held by Vicki and Appy at ‘Bar Pio’ on Sunday 26th April and will feature the Dutch guitarist Albert Aznavour for a sing-along between 6 & 8 pm.

In San Antonio our featured venue on the opposite page, Tulp, have solved the Sunday or Monday dilemma by deciding to hold a 2 day party on both Sunday 26th and Monday 27th April.  Complimentary Orange Cava and Dutch snacks will be served and they will have their DJ’s playing into the night.

All of the remaining celebrations are on Monday 27th April, Koningsdag itself.

The second Cala Llonga party takes place at the lovely Sigrid and Renate’s ‘Baron (…esas)’, from 2 pm till close of play – which will presumably be more or less when the last person leaves… For those who don’t yet know, ‘Baron’ is in the area unofficially known as the Dutch Corner at the bottom of the long straight down which you enter the village. This party will feature ‘Timothy’ performing Dutch favourites, although we’re a bit sketchy about how often or when we’ll get chance to sing? Nonetheless, there’s still plenty of time to dig out your songbook of Dutch favourites and get in a little practice, as the British often struggle with Dutch vowels.

Elsewhere on the island, in Figueretes the main party area would appear to be the Calle Formentera, Asturias and the beachfront itself. Krimo at Café de Hoeck confirms that he has all of his party plans in hand including Dutch tapas between 8 & 10 pm. Just a short walk down the road they’re all prepared at ‘Mari Playa 2’ too. The third Dutch bar within convenient distance is the speciality tapas bar ‘Home Loos’ at C/. Asturias 2. Julian there assured us that there would most certainly be a party, and thanked us for reminding him about King’s Day – he’d completely forgotten about it!

Reading between the lines, it sounds as if they’re planning one almighty pub crawl in that area on the night, as no-one seems to be able to remember much about last year’s. However, you should have a good time as long as you remember to keep turning left (or right) on leaving one establishment for another – and stick to that plan for the whole night…

Rough Guide to Koningsdag.

  • For the benefit of those Non-Dutch readers who want to join in the party we provide this guide to the key things you need to know about Koningsdag.

Monday April 27th is a national holiday in the kingdom of the Netherlands, and we all know that Ibiza and its residents like the occasional day off for a fiesta. It won’t be an official ‘national holiday’ on Ibiza, but when was the last time a minor detail like that was allowed to stop any excuse to party?

Unfortunately, Monday is not generally a great day to let your hair down, so some have decided to hold their festivities a day earlier, but it has never been fixed as with St Patrick’s or St George’s Day – the Dutch have had a habit of changing it to suit, whenever the mood has taken them – so flexibility is the order of the day (or days).

The first celebration was held in 1885 when, upon the 5th birthday of the unpopular King William III’s infant daughter, a crafty civil servant came up with the bright idea of parading the beaming and wildly waving little princess through the streets to popularise the monarchy – and it worked!

Activities for children were organised throughout the kingdom for the celebration of the infant Princess Wilhelmina’s birthday on August 31st each year, which coincided with the last day of the summer holidays, as the positive effects spread nationally. When Wilhelmina acceded to the throne the annual party was ‘officially’ named Queen’s Day (Koninginnedag).

Not one to miss a trick her daughter, Juliana, spotted an opportunity when she took over the throne and moved the party date to her birthday (April 30th), thus creating an extra national holiday at a stroke – a very popular move, especially with the young!

Juliana’s daughter, Beatrix, marked her own card as a popular and much loved queen by ‘not’ moving Queen’s Day to her own birthday. This falls on January 31st, which would have been far too intemperate for the outdoor activities associated with this splendid Dutch party.

But there has been a recent twist with Queen Beatrix’s abdication on Koninginnedag 2013. Her son, now King Willem-Alexander, took over the throne, changed the name of the party to Koningsdad and moved it to his birthday – April 27th!

It has to be said that the people of the Kingdom of the Netherlands have responded well to this constant indecision and taken the Ibizan path of extending the party to cover the whole weekend, just to be sure…

What to expect.

King’s Day has historically been about children and outdoor activities, but since we’re on Ibiza and all of the above party venues are bars, plus the kids have to go to school in the morning, we’re predicting that, in addition to more orange balloons than you can shake a stick at, large quantities of bittebollen, Frikandellen, (see Tulp review opposite) orange pastries and a curious orange liqueur known as ‘Bitter’ will be consumed. To go native you need to follow the Dutch tradition of kissing three times, not two as in Spain, and insist upon 2 fingers of head on your beer, but if your Anglo-heritage finds that a sacrilegious waste of beer space you could try  asking “mag ik het zonder schuim alsjeblieft”, which means “may I have it without the foam, please” . Good luck with that


Tulp.. Tulip.. Tulipan ..

  • Nick Gibbs

My own fondness for Dutch food was developed way back in the days of school trips and the rather odd concept by today’s standards of the ’booze cruise’ on which families would endure the worst of the North Sea on rolling boats to gain the duty free advantages on Alcohol and Tobacco bestowed upon our European neighbours. Though sometimes a lux version would include a longer stay and venturing inland, quite often the procedure was to disembark, follow our Dads around the closest ’fag n ale’ superstore listening to gasps of awe as to how much more cheaply the worst habit in the history of the world could be maintained, and then an hour or so on a bleak and windswept seafront, the booze cruise season being very much when nobody else in their right mind would cross the North sea. In it’s bleak greyness the seafronts resembled those along the corresponding stretch of coast across the water, but the ports and resorts of Belgium and Holland had something different, something supremely exotic. They had sauce.

Of course we had sauce, a red one and a brown one, each with their function in life, but I remember walking into the first Dutch/Belgian take-away where they had shelf after shelf, row after row of every sauce you could imagine. Actually more than I could imagine because I hadn’t imagined anything other than red or brown existed or needed to exist. I can’t remember what I had and doubt I’d have had a way of knowing, so perhaps the man selling chips just squirted a big dollop of suitable for foreigners on my chips. Did I mention that – every bottle had a big jar top pump dispenser – and there we were slapping the flat ends of glass bottles like Neanderthals. I decided there and then that clearly these people knew what they were doing on the food front, and it stuck.

Perhaps the best known Dutch snack/taps/take-away foods are the Bitterballen and Frikandel. They are to Holland what fish and chips is to Britain, the difference being they still sell and eat theirs.  Tulp will prepare a mixed platter of tapas (plenty of other options aside from the Dutch specialities – their pot of prawns are renowned) and it is a great option for sharing as the prelude to a big night out. Today was about the Dutch specials including Bitterballen, a deep fried ball of chopped beef, parsley and spices rolled in egg and breadcrumb coating, and everyone’s favourite sausage patty Frikandel, and I do mean everyone. We have taken various friends and families to Tulp over the years and everybody likes it. It is like sausage but somehow friendlier, easier. It even comes in its own house to stop any risk of plate roll, being compliantly delicious with every easy-cut slice. My advice is to go Dutch as typically Tulp will serve Frikandel to English speakers plain as it comes. Probably too many instances of confusion and disbelief when serving it the Dutch way, with fresh chopped onions and a tangy relish-cum-sauce. “What’s this stuff mate, its like sauce, but it’s not red and it’s not brown, what the hell is it?”. What it is, I am happy to volunteer, is very, very, good. If Frikandel is every man’s friend then another of their specials, the pickled whole herring is much more the acquired taste to us Brits. I really like it with a beer, great pub snack, but only when you see Tulp owner and all round good guy Paul Hopman throw his neck back and consume one with the style and love of a performing seal, do you realise what a staple they are in the Dutch food repertoire. All the Dutch snacks have the common thread of being ’light’, hence the perfect party starter food comment, but this thread doesn’t stop at Tapas. Nasi goring is to the Dutch what Madras is to the English, but whereas a big curry can leave you feeling heavy and sluggish, The Nasi Goreng packs the same punch, the same richness of flavours, but in a much less artery clogging way. And it comes with a fried egg on top  which I like in its randomness. Literally meaning ’fried rice’ nasi goring comes in many varieties—Tulp’s with some delicious skewered satay, lemongrass, egg and a huge cracker—but it is in the rice there is the ’knack’.

My bad, I cannot at time of writing find my note of the name of the Pork in Pitta bread dish. For me it is a perfect football lunch – big game on the telly, in the sunshine, pint, pork-pitta-chips-salsa combo (I’ll call it that), what could be better? Actually not having the match on the box. Though they wheel one out for big occasions Tulp is a bar that does not have a TV. Nor do they have P.R’s, and though it is one of the most relaxed and easy going bars I know, they actually maintain a limited dress code – just that blokes can’t be bare chested at night – pretty astute as this usually equates to having been on the lash all day, and without a bouncer in sight I have never seen them have a spot of trouble.

All of these things go to make up the best thing about Tulp, and that is it’s ambience.   It is relaxed but stylish, cool without trying too hard, it has the high tables, typical of a Dutch bar that encourage communication instead of TV gawking, it has an interesting but unpretentious menu, it has every type of seating possible from hammock to sofa to dining to oil drums. All of these quirks come together to make it a special place, one of that limited number of places that you have a certain mood for.

Of course Tulp does have a good following in the Dutch community and I have met many new faces there. Though dangerous to ever generalise about nationalities, as this is a King’s Day feature I will say that in my experience the Dutch as a people seem far more engaging than many others. Often when meeting new people you find they are solely interested in pursuing their own agenda, talking about themselves. Dutch people see more inclined as a rule to engage in mutual conversation. A dialogue feels genuine more often than superficial. Well it’s a better stereotype than lager lout.  Find Tulp on the San Antonio Promenade, see Ad for Details. Did I mention they have a direct view of the best sunset in the world?


Community …

View from the Pew

Messy Church will be meeting on Sunday the 26th of April at 4pm in the Social Centre of San Rafael (across from the petrol station). This is church geared to the young and young at heart, and allows kids to get messy in a creative way. Come and join us! Along with the artistic messiness, the get together includes a brief talk on the theme, some lively songs, plus a light snack of sandwiches, `healthful´ cake or fruit.

“A cheerful heart is good medicine….” Proverbs 18:21

“At Sunday School they were teaching how God created everything, including human beings.
Little Johnny seemed especially intent when they told him how Eve was created out of one of Adam’s ribs.

Later in the week his mother noticed him lying down as though he were ill, and said, “Johnny, what is the matter?”

Little Johnny responded, “I have pain in my side. I think I’m going to have a wife.”

Kids Are Amazing! I think we all agree that kids are spontaneous, creative, imaginative, honest, and entertaining! What would we do without them, They Are Our Future!

It is vital that they feel significant, accepted and secure… that they know they are loved unconditionally! Besides the nurturing of caring parents, they need to know about their Creator and Saviour. Messy Church is the perfect venue for the young and young at heart! It’s a place where kids can be themselves and make a “creative mess” and at the same time learn about the lover of their souls!

Next Services: Sunday April 26th at 10:30am in Santa Eulalia – Worship with Holy Communion. Messy Church: Sunday April 26th at 4pm in the Social Centre of San Rafael.

The English-speaking Church on Ibiza and Form. Tel 971 343383

It’s Good to Talk

  • Kate Stillman

Dear Ibiza Sun help page,

This isn’t an urgent issue by any means but something I have been aware of for some time, and keep meaning to address, and this seemed like a good time. It’s pretty basic: I find it nearly impossible to say no. For example, the season is about to start and I have loads I need to do to get ready but people keep asking me to do things for them and I keep saying yes. Then I get frustrated with myself and end up being totally disorganized!

Any pointers would be much appreciated.

Regards, PD.

Dear PD

Thank you for your letter, its interesting because what seems to strike me is that by what you are saying you are putting everyone else’s needs before your own. So I wonder how you feel about your own self worth and what is it the makes them more important then you. If you are settled and feel organized then you could actually do more for them in the long run and be more focused.

So, maybe its time to reclaim some time for yourself, focus on why you do not give yourself what you deserve, and where those thought may have originated. Sometimes that thought process can be an uncomfortable one, but it will enable you to see why you are in the situation you are in and hopefully increase your feelings of self worth because you do deserve to be top of your priority list.

Warm regards, Kate.

For contact details see Kate’s advert in local services.

The Far East

  • Two Old Rocker’s

It Is Now! Even the very chilly wind couldn’t cool the enthusiasm of the participants and spectators at Cala Llonga’s First Annual Beach Football Tournament held on Sunday 12th April. The tournament, organized by Paolo in conjunction with the Vecinos de Cala Llonga and the Viva Cala Llonga Team, was a very keenly but respectfully contested event, as beach football normally is, and was won by a team from Santa Eulalia beating the Cala Llonga team with the last penalty kick of the “shoot-out” that was necessary to decide the outcome. The penalty was taken by Carlos, the Santa Eulalia goalkeeper, and he’ll be telling everyone about it all season. The youngster’s game, equally contested, was won by Vincente’s team. As reported last week (They Think It’s All Over – But It Isn’t) the presentation of trophies, the paella and live music had to be postponed and took place last Saturday. There were a few nervous moments early on when a sea mist shrouded the bay and the bar delivery was a little on the late side, but once these were sorted out the party soon got into full swing. Felipe’s paella satisfied the appetites while the newly formed girl band Rebel Hearts put in a stunning performance. Match-winner Carlos and Ian accepted the trophy on behalf of the “champions” with Vincente collecting the medals for the youngsters winning team. Hopefully next year’s scheduled tournament will be equally as successful as this one. Thanks to everyone who helped to make the two days the success they were, Vecinos de Cala Llonga and The Viva Cala Llonga Team.


Mind Body & Soul

The Law Of Attraction

  • Sabina Brownstein

Most of you have heard about the Law of Attraction, so let’s have a closer look at what it is and how it works. The basic idea is that your thoughts and feelings create your reality, and this is based on two underlying principles:

1) Our thoughts and emotions have energetic vibrations.

2) Like attracts like – which means that all things which vibrate at the same level are attracted to each other.

The way that this applies to you and me is that the vibrations created by what we think and feel will automatically attract similar experiences into our lives. That seems quite simple so why is it that since all of us want to be happy, healthy and wealthy, not everyone actually is?

The reason for that is because the Law of Attraction works just as well for negative thoughts and feelings as it does for positive ones. “Energy flows where attention goes”, so wherever your attention goes that is the type of energy that you will attract. For instance, if you are having difficulties with your work situation then much of your attention is probably focused on those problems. This means that your point of attraction is “problems with my job” and that is exactly what you will attract – more problems. The way to transform that situation is to change your point of attraction by consciously focusing your thoughts on what you actually desire. In this instance you could centre your attention on something like: “I can make my job enjoyable and fulfilling” and this would begin to attract that harmonious situation into your life.

Once your thoughts are vibrating on this positive level the next step is to align your feelings and emotions with that same point of attraction. One can think good thoughts and repeat positive affirmations all day long, but if at the same time you are having feelings of fear and doubt then you will not manifest what you desire. In fact, according to the Law of Attraction, if you are stuck in negative feelings and emotions then you will attract that same kind of negative energy into your life. Have you ever had one of those mornings that from the moment you got out of bed you just didn’t feel right, and then everything seemed to go wrong for the entire day? If so then you have experienced the downside of the Law of Attraction in action. Your initial negative feeling was your point of attraction and that snowball of negativity got bigger and bigger as it rolled through the events of your day. The way to get out of that downward spiral is by making a conscious choice to use your free will and imagination to “change the energy”. You do this by choosing to focus on something that is positive and joyful so that you can experience the good feelings that flow from those happy thoughts.

The Law of Attraction tells us that we are all co-creators of our experiences because whatever we focus our thoughts and feelings on will be reflected in our lives. But is it really a law or is it just wishful thinking dressed up in a shiny New Age package? Scientific validation of this law is suggested by the “Observer Effect” of quantum physics and studies of the power of perception. If you are still sceptical then I suggest that you try your own experiment: consciously raise the vibrations of your thoughts and emotions and see what happens in your life…

If you have any related questions please get in touch with me via my email below, or see my advert in local services.



Long Distance Relationships.

  • Sophia V.

So, you’re going to be apart from your partner for a while, and have decided to give the whole ‘long distance relationship’ thing a go. There are many things to be aware of when deciding whether your relationship can last the distance.

It helps if the relationship is strong, obviously. If you trust one another, and love one another, then you will have more chance of succeeding. You may be apart from each other for a long amount of time and this can be very testing. When communication is limited, you will not know what the other person is up to. If your relationship isn’t strong, or it’s only early days, and you don’t know that person well, being absent may lead to paranoia and trust issues. You may hate the thought of not knowing where they are, and what they are doing. Your mind may play tricks on you, you could be thinking all sorts of awful scenarios, worrying if you will receive a phone call that it’s too difficult for them, and it’s over. Or, there may be too much communication. You or your partner may contact one another continuously due to worrying feelings, which can become suffocating and push either one away. You will need to discuss the rules early on, if the relationship is exclusive and you’re not to see other people, then ensure that this is made clear from the start.

Long distance relationships can be expensive such as internet costs, telephone calls and texts. Talking to one another via webcam, instant messenger, facetime, perhaps even old-fashioned letters or postcards are the best form of communication. Don’t forget to use your time apart to also focus on yourselves, whether it’s getting a job, catching up with friends and family, whatever it is, ensure you’re keeping your mind busy.

Overall, push worrying thoughts aside: they do say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, so it may do wonders for your relationship.

For more of Sofia’s articles and tips check out her fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog:


Yellow Is The Colour Of Sun Rays

  • Amanda O’Riordan

They say that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Andthing about lemon as a colour is that it cuts both ways, just like the fruit. Itbe sharp and acidic, but it is also optimistic in a simple, powerful way. It is the colour of a child’s picture of sunshine, drawn in bold strokes of waxy yellow crayon.

Yellow is very much a traditional pastel, but as a colour for women’s clothing it is more challenging than pink, by virtue of its relative androgyny. It is currently reigning supreme as the top pastel for a global tribe of, fashionista’s and A-List celebs.

Wearing lemon yellow is an easy way to win at summer fashion, because the thing about yellow is that everyone likes looking at it, but few people wear it. When you walk into a room wearing yellow, it is odds-on that someone will say what a gorgeous colour it is. Sometimes they say, “Aren’t you brave!”, which I choose to take as a compliment.) Quite a few people are on to this lemon trick –reported atrade in lemon-yellow coats and dresses (above) this spring. This is notable because the Lemon Coat is not exactly a wardrobe staple – but if you pick up the habit now, you will still look pithily bright and ahead of the curve.

So, the golden rule is look for lemon, not yellow: the lighter, zestier shades are much easier to wear than the heavier yellows. That unappetising shade of yolk you find in a cold hard-boiled egg never did anyone any favours (except an egg cup). Second, keep the other colours in your outfit to a minimum. Contrary to popular opinion, lemon does go with other colours, but not too many at once – looking like a slice ofice-creamnot chic. Yellow looks excellent with black & white and distinctly upmarket with a Balearic tan and toffee cats eye sunnies. It also looks very-this-season with silver. (A lemon-yellow coat and a pair of silver broguesbasically all you need now.)

The only other shade of yellow to avoid is stained teeth – so get those gnashers zapped at the dentist so they dazzle with that tan.

Yellow is the colour of sun rays. Sobold and accept these compliments with a sunny smile!

Read Amanda’s fashion blog at




Bahrain Grand Prix

  • Hamilton takes 36th victory
  • Raikkonen back on podium
  • Toro Rosso further problems

Rhian Gibbs

In a dusty Bahrain we hit the 4th round of the 2015 season. Mercedes have shown they have the pace but with Vettel on the front row with Hamilton, the dramatic improvements made to the Ferrari’s, combined with Rosberg’s desire to win; the race was most definitely on.

Hamilton made a good start off the line blocking off his team-mate and both Ferrari’s at the first corner – from there on the lead was firmly in his hands, despite exiting the pit lane worryingly close to Rosberg and Vettel at the first pit stop and having to manage his tyres. Hamilton 1st.

Ferrari saw the tables turned with Raikkonen faster on the medium tyres – a change in tyre strategy resulted in the Finn having a chance to make a final push at the end of the race. Rosberg and Raikkonen did close ranks on Hamilton but it was too late and Raikkonen took 2nd place. This was at complete odds to Vettel who struggled to control his prancing horse and made several unforced errors, one costing him a 3rd pit stop and nose change due to damage; putting him firmly out of contention, he managed 5th but could do no more.

Rosberg drove his best race of the year, making some ballsy passes and having to repeatedly overtake the Ferrari’s, while catching the leader was impossible he defended 2nd place right until the end when his brakes faded and he could nothing to stop Raikkonen from taking 2nd. Rosberg had to settle for 3rd.

Massa lost position on the track when his Williams stalled on the grid and he was forced to start from the pit lane, taking a shunt from Maldonado scuppered him further and even with aerodynamic damage he still came home 10th; Bottas on the other hand drove a great race and kept Vettel in his rear crossing the line 4th – more valuable points for the team.

Red Bull had a tough race with Ricciardo making it across the line 6th, he was lucky to be classified at all with his engine expiring at the final corner of the last lap. Kvyat of Red Bull also made it into the points after a well-executed race finishing 9th. Grosjean of Lotus finished 7th with further points welcomed by the team, his team-mate Maldonado endured a 5-second penalty for not lining up on the grid correctly, he could have gained further points had it not have been for anti-stall kicking in during the second pit stop which dropped him to 15th.

Perez snuck in the points finishing 8th, once again the Mexican drove an aggressive race and debates continue about his methods but Force India will take the points happily with Hulkenberg unable to conserve his tyres finishing 13th.

Sauber missed out on the points this week with Nasr crossing the line 12th after a battle with Massa and Maldonado, Ericsson however was in the points early on but lost ground with a problem with his left front wing – 14th place.

McLaren had problems before lights out with Button out of the race due to an issue with his energy recovery system and whilst Alonso did all he could with the Honda, he narrowly missed out on points 11th. Marussia made it again to the end of the race with both cars, Stevens 16th and Merhi 17th, and they may have been 2 laps down but at least reliability is coming through now.

Finally Toro Rosso,  I’m pained to say what an awful race for them, Sainz was given a 5-second penalty for a reconnaissance lap infraction, then a loose wheel meant retirement for him lap 3;. Verstappen then retired lap 35 with an electrical problem.

Photo Note: I was recently asked why we print so many F1 photos compared to other sports, I think there was a suspicion of ‘spousal privilege’ at play. Though I may treat myself to an occasional Ipswich Town photo, the reason for the F1 bias is that we have licence to use the Diario de Ibiza’s sports photos.  As they do not carry photos on Rugby or English football (and surprisingly few on Golf) our options are often limited. We would love to carry more local sport photos and so if  follow Ibiza Cricket, Rugby, Polo or any other sport and are willing to share your photos, please send them in. Editor

Jezza’s Sports Report …

  • Jeremy Parmenter

Hi there Sports fans, and yet another hectic sporting week to report on, so straight in!

  • Tennis

T’wasn’t to be for local Balearic hero Rafa Nadal at the Monte Carlo Masters, as, having reached the Semi, he was pitched against World No. 1 Novak Djokovic and although he looked a lot stronger, after his recent injuries, and playing on his favourite clay surface, he eventually lost in straight sets to his arch rival, who then went on to defeat Tomas Berdych in the Final, to claim his 3rd Masters tournament of the year and his 16th straight win.

  • Rugby Union

No Premiership matches last weekend as Europe took precedence with the semi-finals of both the European Cup and Challenge Cup taking place. In the former, England’s only representative, Saracens, lost out to Clermont 13-9 in a closely fought match in France on Saturday, whilst on Sunday favourites and holders Toulon, with Wilko now acting as a coach, were looking to retain the Cup, and defeated Ireland’s sole reps Leinster 25-20 in another tight match, also in France, to create an all-French Final next month.

In the Challenge Cup, Edinburgh were too strong for Newport Dragons winning 45-16 in Scotland and reached their first ever European Final, to be played at Twickers on May 1st, against Gloucester, who surprisingly beat Exeter 30-19 at Kingsholm in an all-English eliminator.

  • Rugby League

Leeds continue to set the pace in the Super League after their resounding win, 41-16, over 2nd placed St Helens, whilst Wigan remain in 3rd after their 30-20 win over Warrington, this despite being 20-10 down at half-time, and buoyed by the great news that one of their favourite sons, Sam Tonkins, is returning to the club for next season after 2 years Down Under. Elsewhere, Huddersfield, in 5th, won 38-14 at home to Catalans and Widnes beat Castleford 46-16.

  • Cricket

The 1st Test between the West Indies and England, in Antigua, concluded in a rather tame finish as the Windies survived the last day to force a draw having been set what would have been a world record last innings, thanks mainly to a fine maiden, unbeaten century from Jordan, their World Cup skipper which thwarted England’s attempts to force a win on the last day. Lots of positives tho’ for the Red Rose as both Bell and Ballance scored centuries, bowler Stuart Broad is looking good after his recent injuries and that old warhorse and strike bowler Jimmy Anderson, with his 384th Test wicket, broke Sir Ian Botham’s longstanding record to become England’s highest ever Test wicket-taker, this in his 100th Test and in front of his parents and family. However, wasn’t all good news as both openers Captain Cook and Jonathan Trott failed yet again, which has put Cook under even more pressure than he had pre-World Cup earlier this year. Come on Cookie, sort yourself out, otherwise you know what’s going to happen as it doesn’t take a genius to work out, especially with all this euphoria over maverick KP (scorer of a massive 19 yesterday in his first county match of the season for Surrey!), cricket’s equivalent to a certain J. Clarkson, coming back, and promoting Bell, after his 23rd Test century, to open with “His Highness I have no Ego and I am a Legend in my own Mind” coming back at 3! No let up here though as the 2nd Test starts later today, Monday (as I write) taking place in Grenada and as I am a half-full kind of guy, maybe, just maybe, it will give the skipper the opportunity to score a hatful of runs and ram his critic’s comments down their throats!

  • Football

The FA Cup took centre stage at the w/end with the Semi-Finals at Wembley with the result that Arsenal, the holders, will meet Aston Villa, surprise-to-an-extent winners over Liverpool. In the former, Reading took the Gunners to 1-1 before extra-time and were holding there own but were undone by a tragic error from their ‘keeper to gift Mnsr Wenger’s team the winning goal to keep their hopes of retaining the Cup whilst Villa trailing 1-0 to Stevie G’s ‘Pool, fought back to win 2-1 and dash Gerrard’s hopes of a Cup Final appearance before jetting off to a happy and lucrative “retirement” in the MLS in the US.

In the Premier League, leaders since day 1 Chelsea took a major step towards winning their first title since 2010 as they celebrated a “smash-and-grab” 1-0 win at the Bridge over in-form Manchester Utd, with a superb goal from Hazard, but created by Terry, Fabregas and Oscar. With only 30% possession those not in the know described the win as pretty uninspiring but this is the business end of the season and it’s not the stats that count bar 1 – just look in the book! So the Blues went 10 points clear over Arsenal in 2nd who ironically meet on Sunday at the Emirates and only a win for the Gunners will do, to have any slight chance of catching, let alone overtaking, the leaders. With Utd dropping 3 points, neighbours City took full advantage with a 2-0 home win over West Ham to keep up the pressure on the Gunners and Utd with only 2 points between all three and they also created a 7 point gap between them and the ‘Pool to almost cement their place in the top 4 and those coveted CL places. With Southampton losing 2-1 away at Stoke, Tottenham came back to form with a 3-1 win at Newcastle to share the same points as Liverpool and as for the Magpies they created a new and unwanted club record of 6 consecutive defeats, no doubt spelling bad news for manager Carver in the long run. Ex-Palace manager Tony Pulis put one over his last club as his West Bromwich side won 2-0 at Selhurst Park but biggest story, at the bottom, was Leicester’s recent resurgence as from being bottom only a few weeks ago, 3 wins on the bounce, including Saturday’s 2-0 home win against Swansea, has given them a real lift and belief and altho’ they are still in the drop-zone they are now separated from Hull only on goal diff and a point behind Sunderland 2 places above. With Burnley, now bottom, losing 1-0 at Everton methinks that this is going to the wire with only 3 points separating the bottom 5.

The Championship has been on fire over the last few weeks and with only 2 games to go, those all-important two automatic promotion places (and the small matter of a 120m GBP bonanza!) are still in the melting pot with 3 points between the top 4, headed by new leaders Watford, followed by Bournemouth and Middlesboro’, both only a point behind and only apart on goal diff and then Norwich a further point adrift. Derby and Ipswich are in the play-off places at the mo’, but don’t write off Brentford or Wolves just yet, as both are only 3 points behind.

Champions League Quarter Final 1st Leg took place last week, where Barça took a big step towards the semis with a 3-1 away win at Paris SG, the two Madrid clubs battled out a superb scoreless draw with Atlético, in my mind, having the slight advantage for the second leg this week at the Bernabeu, and The Old Lady, Juventus, winning 1-0 at home to Monaco but biggest surprise was Bayern Munich’s 3-1 away loss at Porto, altho’ much as I’d like to see the Portuguese go through, I can just see the German outfit pulling this one out of the fire with a 2-0 win. So, for me, it’ll be Real Madrid just, Barça easily, Monaco just and Bayern, just, in the semis next month so I’ve put my money where my gob is with a massive 50 céntimos bet with a Spanish friend, so we’ll see!

Finally, in La Liga, status quo at the top, as Barça kept their 2 point lead over Real Madrid after their 2-0 home win over Valencia featuring Messi’s 400th goal for the club and Real’s win over Malaga featuring Cristiano’s 50th goal of the season!

That’s it for this week, enjoy the Spring sunshine and until next week, Jezza.


Ibiza Cricket Club

Ibiza C.C. vs. Cambridge Sharks C.C.

RP Hood

  • 11/04/15 35 overs.

Ibiza batted first and had reached 30 off 4 overs before losing 2 quick wickets. The returning Sam Feasey then stabilised the innings with a typically robust 67 which maintained a steady run rate of 6 per over, and was helped with contributions from Pete Essex (15), Mike Amos (13) and resident Kiwi Andy Davies (15). However, Ibiza kept losing wickets and finished on 192/9 off 35 overs, a more competitive score than in the previous games, helped somewhat by 40 extras being added by the visitors. The Sharks used 10 bowlers of whom Adam Brown (2/19) and Jason Cole (2/16) stood out, with skipper Ralph Woodward, Dave Lafflin, Pat Cummins, Paddy Connors and Vaughan-Shaw obtained a wicket each.

The Sharks then began their innings steadily, with wickets in hand, but were well below the required run rate at 74/1 at the halfway stage. They then accelerated their scoring but began to lose wickets, especially in the 25th over when 3 wickets fell and their task became even harder, with 84 runs needed off 10 overs with 4 wickets in hand. Opener Perkins batted well for his 59, supported by Connors (38) and Adam Brown with a rapid 42, but they fell just short on 180 all out in 33 overs, losing by 12 runs in a close and exciting contest. Of the Ibiza bowlers, Jeremy Parmenter (3/20), responsible for the 3 wickets to fall in one over, Paul Cruttwell (2/18), Mike Amos (2/24) and skipper Graham Boe (2/50) stood out, while Pete Essex obtained one wicket. Ibiza wicket-keeper Sam Gooda took 3 catches behind the stumps.

  • 12/04/15 35 overs.

This time, the Sharks batted first and were determined to set a stiff target for Ibiza. Their all-rounder Adam Brown came in early and produced a belligerent and rapid 69, ably supported by Marc Wilson with his first 50 for his club. After their departures, skipper Ralph Woodward (26 not out) and Jamieson (15 not out) continued to put on runs, with the visitors finally closing on a competitive 205/5. The Ibiza bowlers worked hard but only Paul Cruttwell (2/25) and Mike Amos (3/22) had some success. It was evident that the Ibiza fielders have not yet adapted completely to the uneven outfield, and they allowed several misfields along with a couple of dropped catches, which allowed the visitors to score more than initially seemed likely.

However, when Ibiza came to bat openers Graham Boe and Sam Gooda combined well in a 61 run partnership at 6 runs per over, which was unfortunately broken by a miraculous, juggling catch from Manny, the ball bouncing up from his toe and chest before being held. Graham Boe continued to score in his fluent 67, but no other Ibiza batsman was able to stay long enough with him, and wickets fell too regularly, with the hosts subsiding to 150 all out in the 32nd over, and losing by 55 runs. The Sharks’ players held their catches and fielded well, while their bowlers kept up the pressure, with Gilly Jamieson (4/32), and Paddy Connors (2/26) standing out, and a wicket each for Ralph Woodward, Adam Brown and Jason Cole.

Ibiza C.C. thanks the Sharks skipper Ralph Woodward for organising their first visit here and for their friendly and sporting attitude overall. We look forward to welcoming them back soon.

There are now 3 weekends of cricket at the Ibiza Polo Club before the Balearic Cup on 8-10 May, so we need all players to come and get some much needed match practice! Please contact Captain Graham Boe on our Facebook page.

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Thursday  23rd  to  Wednesday  29th  April

ARIES – Five of Swords

As much as it is tempting to put yourself first, you would be wise to listen to what others have to say this week. You won’t make friends by forcing a point or riding roughshod over others opinions. However, it may be difficult to keep your temper if you discover any intrigue or deception going on behind your back.

TAURUS – Four of Cups

You’ll be tempted to accept an opportunity that is on offer; however, you would be wise to wait for a bit. Something’s on the horizon that will be more to your liking; so don’t make hasty decisions that you’ll regret later. This is especially so regarding your closest relationships; are you fully committed or just going along with a situation?

GEMINI – Queen of Wands

You’re on a voyage of self-discovery as you look inward to what drives and motivates you in life. If you need a second opinion ask a Fire sign woman; Aries, Leo or Sagittarius are the can do ladies who help you from anything to do with business ideas to personal advice. They cut to the chase and help you prioritise.

CANCER – Two of Swords

Blessed are the peacemakers, as the saying goes. You may be working through a difference of opinion with someone who has a completely different outlook on life. You do make progress however and may even get an apology or peace offering when you least expect it. There’s now hope that this is the end of an exhausting and frustrating time.

LEO – Two of Wands

Any problems can be sorted out, so long as you don’t take the moral high ground. Acting in a superior fashion won’t make you popular. If you don’t care about that, then you’ll be putting yourself in a vulnerable position. Who knows when you might need support from friends? Come out of the cold and give the world a hug!

VIRGO – King of Wands

The element of fire that is associated with this card promises a week of increased energy and creative ideas a plenty. You’re also able to take these ideas and convert them into something more tangible. This signals a highly productive time ahead. Fire sign men; Sagittarians, or Aries and Leo are your best allies in business and in love.

LIBRA – The Empress

You’re a force to be reckoned with this week as others become aware of just how powerful you are. Colleagues come around to your way of thinking and if you’ve thought of setting up your own business, now’s the time bring your dream closer to reality. What you start now brings dividends within a year; heralding a powerful time ahead.

SCORPIO – Seven of Wands

Competitors will keep you on your toes this week, but that shouldn’t worry you too much as this card indicates that you have the strength and perseverance to see off any opposition comfortably. You’re willing to work hard towards a personal or professional goal so won’t mind the extra time needed to see dreams become a reality. Stick with it!

SAGITTARIUS – Ten of Swords

Emotionally, you’ve had an intense time over the last few weeks and have found it difficult to contain your feelings; good or bad. Having recently hit a brick wall, you need time to gather your thoughts. Don’t be tempted to over-analyse situations; mentally you need rest. It may not seem like it at the moment but life’s on the up.

CAPRICORN – Four of Swords

Meditation, yoga, tai chi and chill music are all good methods for helping you unwind this week and for you to take life easy. Avoid a hectic lifestyle and take stock of the past few months by planning for the next part of your journey. Be at peace and in balance with all your dealings and gentle with all refusals.

AQUARIUS – The Hierophant

If you encounter unforeseen obstacles to important plans, don’t give up on them yet. The tide turns in your favour this week; you receive help from unexpected sources. Let go of the past and look inward for solutions to help you to ditch old attitudes and embrace the new. It’s good to have a personal shake up now and again!

PISCES – Nine of Cups

The Nine of Cups is one of the three wish cards in the tarot deck which basically hands you a blank cheque with regards to personal fulfilment and happiness. Affirm what you want out of life. Worries are fading as new, exciting opportunities start to materialise. You can attract what you want so think positively. You feel happy and content.

Motoring Advice

N332 are  a group of Guardia Civil Traffic Police providing motoring advice in English.


ITV Sticker Questions

An often confusing aspect for drivers in Spain is the appearance of a coloured rectangle on the windscreen of cars. That sticker corresponds to the Inspección Técnica de Vehículos, or ITV for short, which displays that fact that the vehicle has passed a periodic and mandatory test of roadworthiness.

There are 3 colours for the ITV sticker, and each colour means when the ITV expires, if you have a sticker coloured;

Yellow (Your ITV expires in 2014), Red (Your ITV expires in 2015), Green (Your ITV expires in 2016), which then rotate once again through the three colours, so Yellow in 2017, Red in 2018, Green in 2019, etc.

You can check that in your sticker, there is a small hole, which informs you the month when your ITV expires.

  • Do I have to display the sticker in my vehicle?

Yes, of course. The sticker is placed on the windscreen of cars and is regulated by Royal Decree, which states that “vehicles that have favourably passed the periodic test shall display in a conspicuous place a distinctive, which date indicate they must pass the next inspection”. Anybody who has been for one of these inspections will know that it is much like the equivalent of the M.O.T. in the U.K., albeit with different qualifying criteria, but on passing the test the vehicle’s documents are updated, and the sticker to be displayed issued.

  • Where do I have to display the sticker?

As for where the sticker is displayed, that too is dictated by law, and it Is mandatory to place it in the upper right corner of the windscreen as you are looking out, affixed to the inside, so that the sticker can be clearly observed from the outside of the vehicle, where it will subsequently be displayed in the upper left hand side.

  • Can I have several ITV stickers on my windscreen?

A common question relating to this sticker is whether old ones have to remain as time goes by. The simple answer being that as the sticker is used to indicate the date of the next required test, then the answer has to be “NO”, only the current and valid sticker should be present.

There is a fine for not displaying the sticker correctly, but simply ensuring the sticker is in the right place, and valid, can avoid a lot of undue hassle during routine vehicle checks.

“The ITV sticker informs the police that your ITV is ok, so if you do not display the sticker you could be stopped to check if your vehicle has a valid certificate”.


Back Garden


  • John Hitchin

Mushrooms are a fascinating subject as there is a lot more to them than many people think. To the average person they are the fungi that grow in the woods and appear in lawns where they are not wanted.

To others they are wonderful food that can be grown quite easily in their own home or collected in the woods. Setas, for example, that grow in Ibiza in the winter monthsare used in many recipes from stews, soups or even cooked with a scandalously large amount of garlic that would put most British people off until they have fully acclimatised to a Mediterranean way of life.

There is far more to mushrooms than being simple food. Over the last 20 years the study of mycologist Paul Stametsled to some astounding discoveries about these plants.

He found that mushrooms and fungi form a connection between plants in forests almost like a biological internet that can transmit information and even nutrients between plants. This is done by the growth ofwhich is a root system that grows through the earth.

Mushrooms inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide like humans and they can also be infected with some of the same germs that we are. They also consume other life forms such as trees, dead animals and insects rather than feed by photosynthesis like other forms of plant life.

Over the last 20 years he has developed and patented some new uses for mushrooms such as clearing up oil spills because they use the carbon in the oil to turn into carbohydrates that feed the mushrooms. He collected hundreds of different types of mushrooms and carried out experiments on them and has developed further uses for them such as water filtration systems because the mycelium(the root system) could filter water.

He then found that certain mould could kill insects and set out to develop a pesticide made from this mould which would kill insects. They even found that mushrooms would sprout from the dead insects after a few days. They also found that other insects of the same type would not renter the house afterwards.

Some pharmaceuticals have been developed from mushrooms such as antibiotics from reishi and meadow mushrooms as well as drugs used in chemotherapy. Stamets has also found that some cancer treatments have been improved because ingesting certain types of mushrooms helped boost the immune system.

There are current investigations with mushrooms being used to clean up radioactive waste around the Fukushima PlantJapan.

Mushrooms are being used to help re-grow forests by spreading wood chippings and mushroom spoors that will lead to rapid mushroom growth that will attract insects and birds into an area of deforestation which in turn will lead to a faster growth of new trees and other plants.

Anybody can grow mushrooms in their own home as mushroom growing kits can be bought online and they are a great way of learning more about these plants.


Grow Your Own Mushrooms In Coffee Grounds

The Espresso Mushroom Company  offer Kitchen Garden kits for a variety of Mushrooms which are grown in used coffee grounds. Pictured is their Oyster mushroom kit which the company recommend not only for their taste, but also a whole list of health benefits. Espresso say they are high in protein and fibre, low calorie and contain zero fat and cholesterol. Oyster mushrooms are naturally rich in vitamins and nutrients including vitamin B and vitamin C and significant levels of zinc, iron, calcium, phosphorus, folic acid, potassium and niacin. They go on to state that Oysters also contain polysaccharides which can strengthen the immune system, can naturally help decrease cholesterol levels and may even have a positive effect on some tumours. Perfect for Ibiza’s apartment dwellers as they don’t take up much-room.