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Ryanair Booze Ban for Manchester & Glasgow

  • Rules demand ‘no accessible alcohol on board, bags searched, maximum 2 drinks per person in flight.’
  • News carried by national press in Europe, S.A. & Australia.
  • Ibiza resident confirms ban extends to Manchester and Glasgow

Ibiza made the international headlines again this week with all the wrong connotations following Ryanair’s announcement of banning carry on alcohol on their Glasgow to Ibiza service.

The story was first carried in the Scottish Daily Record who reported that the airline had “banned booze on a notorious flight from Scotland toisland Ibiza” stating further that Ryanair told passengers travelling from Glasgow Prestwick to theislethey will no longer be able to take alcohol on board and that “Bosses   confirmed it is the only one of their flights hit by the new restrictions.”

This is at odds with reports of passengers travelling via Manchester who have also received the same notification prohibiting alcohol. An email sent to passengers flying toboth routes states “Customers will not be allowed to carry alcohol on board and all cabin baggage will be searched at boarding gates.”

“Any alcohol purchased in airport shops or elsewhere must be packed in a suitable item of baggage, which will be tagged and placed in the aircraft hold free of charge. Customers attempting to conceal alcohol will be denied travel without refund or compensation.”

The ‘notorious’ reputation of the Glasgow to Ibiza flight hit the headlines in September 2014 when a passenger video was released showing apparently drunk passengers chanting, swearing and stamping their feet while the plane was in flight. In 2013 the flight was diverted to land at Paris because drunk passengers were being disruptive.

News of the ban soon swept around international media carried by newspapers in Europe, America and Australia – though up to the point of the Ibizan going to press all were stating the regulation applied to the Glasgow flight only.

Former Ibiza resident Savana Marie is travelling Manchester to Ibiza Wednesday 8th April and received an identical email in advance of her flight (inset).

Travelling on one of the first flights falling under the new regulations, Ibiza resident Jade Gandey said on facebook “Glasgow to Ibiza – bags searched for booze, no duty free allowed in hand luggage and in-flight service restricted to two alcoholic drinks per person. Ryanair putting their foot down, the most chilled flight I ever got into Ibiza!”

Meanwhile Ryanair’s issued press statement said “The comfort and safety of our customers and crew is our No1 priority and we will not tolerate unruly behaviour at any time.”

Three injured in Sant Joan accident.

A 25 year-old Spaniard and two German women, aged 30 and 35, were injured yesterday in a traffic accident on the San Juan – Ibiza road. Two vehicles were involved in the crash (a Citroen C3 and Volkswagen Polo) at kilometre 19 of the road, near restaurant Ses Arcades. The two foreign women were moved to Nuestra Señora del Rosario. One, DM, remains hospitalized in the Neurosurgery unit. The passenger, NS, remains in ICU.

The driver of the Volkswagen Polo was trapped inside his vehicle and had to be freed by firemen. He was transferred in serious condition to Can Misses Hospital suffering from facial trauma, fractured humerus and contusions. (photo right)


Blue Zone Parking for  Formentera

Since April 1st the residents of La Savina in Formentera will have to start paying to park in this area as the new phase of regulated parking co0ntrols comes into force.

The parking meters are already working and there are three traffic wardens patrolling the area and checking that everyone has paid and put the ticket in their car. Nine more wardens  are being selected by the Consell Insular of Formentera.

The users of the green zone – the residents of that particular area who have special reduced parking prices – will start being controlled from April 10th.

Consell Confirms   3.725.000€ in Municipal Funds

The president of the Consell, Vicent Serra, presided over the last ordinary session of the Mayor’s Council for the current term of office, which took place in the Town Hall of Santa Eulalia. In this session the Consell decided on the budgets available for later distribution to the Town Halls.

First a total 3 million euro investment plan for municipal works and services was confirmed.

Also reported was the 425,000€  supplementary amount for investment in, and maintenance of, rural roads.

Alongside this financial assistance, they have agreed to draw up a census of rural roads to plan  maintenance needs.

Thirdly, a budget of 300,000 was confirmed for the renewal of heritage projects. This last fund will be divided between all the municipalities with the exception of Ibiza Town, who already have a special amount for the preservation of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The President thanked all the mayors for their cooperation during this term and said that in this last session the role of the Consell was as “investor and backbone” of the town halls.

 ‘Gent per Eivissa’ call for moratorium on Beach Clubs.

“We are too close to being an entirely nightclub island. We need to preserve the beaches as public spaces”

Juanjo Cardona, GxE

Juanjo Cardona, the candidate of GxE to the Island Council, said: “We are too close to being an entirely nightclub island. We need to preserve the beaches as public spaces. One of the most common complaints by residents in recent years is the proliferation of the so-called ‘beach clubs’ that are being built in a rush in every corner of the island with impunity.”

In a statement issued to press, the GxE propose to immediately implement a moratorium on beach clubs to stop the “degradation, privatization and overcrowding of beaches.” The party position continues by stating that they consider most of these businesses to be “legally dubious, too often they break or exceeded the limits and conditions of the concessions regarding use of the beach or the prices they charge.”  GxE would like the Consell Insular to create a similar prohibition to that made for the after hours parties in previous years and according to their point of view, this would be a logical measure as the beach clubs have replaced the after hours as daytime parties.

The proposed moratorium would involve: A general prohibition of the introduction of new beach clubs in any form. The strict legal control of the existing ones, both in public and in private establishments. And finally, lead to the gradual disappearance of those who depend on a concession in the public domain, because the conditions for its renewal would include the ban on this type of activity.

Last Week’s Dumbest Criminal Suspected Of 20 Robberies

The National Police have arrested an individual while committing a robbery in a central hotel in Ibiza town. According to police sources, it is the same man as we featured last week as the latest in the series of Ibiza’s dumbest criminasls, having crashed his stolen car and then returning to the hands of the police 3 times the same day. The week of our hapless hombre did not improve as it is now considered likely that he is the perpetrator of another 20 crimes against property and vehicles in the Ibiza Town area.

According to Police, the person arrested is the same man who , on March 28th, was ultimately arrested after stealing a car and crashing it in Es Vive. The thief had forgotten his backpack containing important documents within the damaged vehicle and initially tried to mislead the police saying it had been stolen from him, but after his arrest, he eventually confessed.

Specifically, he is being charged with six thefts in as many establishments, of which two are located in Ses Figueretes, three in Playa d’en Bossa and one in the downtown area. He is also accused of theft or attempted theft of 12 vehicles in areas of Can Misses, Es Viver and Pablo Picasso. In addition he is associated with theft and misappropriation in two other hostels in Ibiza Town.

It is understood that in the face of overwhelming evidence the offender confessed, providing details and the ‘modus operandi’ of various robberies.

Police have said that investigations continues as they wish to be sure whether the arrested man has been behind more crimes.

Consell & Hotels report Positive Easter

The Councillor for Tourism in Ibiza, Carmen Ferrer, said that the evaluation of Easter is “positive, both in hotel occupation and due to the sports events that have assisted in the increased trade”. Ferrer also pointed out the importance of subsidiary services. “Other sectors have also decided to open and therefore the perception is positive. There has been more open in leisure and retail, and international airlines, for the second consecutive year, have started operating in late March.”

According to the councillor we shouldn’t focus so much on Easter, but more the entire month of April and the opportunities it affords.

In turn, the president of the Association of Hoteliers in Ibiza and Formentera, Juanjo Riera reiterated that occupation during Easter was positive thanks to the fact that since late March low cost companies have started their international connections with British and German cities. The occupation has also increased due to the numerous sporting events that were organized for Easter. Occupation has hovered around 65 percent in the open hotels, 100 establishments of a total of 545.

“Last year, Easter was in mid-April, much closer to May, the official start of the season. It is also important that many complementary services such as restaurants or rent a cars have felt encouraged to open,” said Riera.

80.000€ for Ibiza’s Foster Children

On Tuesday the Executive Council approved an amount of 80.000€ to aid children living with foster families for 2015.

Foster care is a measure of welfare within the child protection system, which involves assuming custody of the children.

The role is to ensure the child is cared for, fed, educated and everything else required for a well rounded childhood.

The funds will be allocated among the foster families that where inscribed in the foster family lists at the Consell Inslular between October 1st 2014 and November 30th 2015.


Eivissa supports  PIMEEF artisans for 32nd year.

The mayor of Eivissa, Virginia Marí, and the president of the Association of Artisans of PIMEEF, Jose Antonio Pérez, signed the collaboration agreement for the realization of the XXXII edition of the craft fair “Plaça d’Art” and the XXXII edition of the “Plaça d’Art i Fira de Tardor”. The goal of these initiatives is to promote and stimulate local crafts and offer products for visitors to get to know the craft that takes place in Ibiza. The City will provide 6,000 euros grant for the realization of these fairs.

Semana Santa Sporting Success

  • Nicole Torres

The Pitiusas have left behind another Easter full of sporting events that have managed to gather some 4,200 people, among which there are some of the best local and international competitors.

Included in the Easter programme was the fifteenth edition of the Ibiza mountain bike Tour. About 900 bikers travelled 200 kilometers divided into three stages, which accumulated in their legs (ed – I bet it did – sometimes you have to leave translation bloopers) around 4,500 meters of uneven terrain. Italians Fabian Rabensteiner and Johnny Cattaneo were crowned winners for the men and Mayalen Noriega and Sandra Santanyes for the women. Riders highlighted the organizational level of the test, which had a frantic pace at all stages, with average speeds of 25 kilometers per hour.

In addition, the waters of Ibiza and Formentera became the protagonist during Easter with the Ruta de la Sal and Ophiusa. On the one hand, ‘Coratge’ in the North stage of the race, and the Ibizan ‘Aivis’ in the South were proclaimed winners of the Ruta de la Sal, whose fleet of 150 ships sailed Thursday from Dénia and Port Ginesta, and arrived Friday in Sant Antoni. On the other hand, the twelfth edition of the Ophiusa gathered around 450 people, including crew and family, on the smallest pitiusa and the main protagonist was the sailboat ‘Enigma’ steered by Lluís Tort and Elsa Poveda.


Food & Drink

Ibosim Craft Beers – Tasting Review

“If  Carlsberg Made Meetings …”

  • Nick Gibbs

Actually we are rather pleased Carlsberg don’t get involved in the world of business organisation, otherwise they would have surely insisted we sip on their insipid brand of chemo-lager. Strange that such a bland brand should have come, through the power of advertising, to be  the phrase that dictates the very best  a man can get. Hold on wasn’t that something else?

It was on the occasion of meeting with the fine fellows of Tapas and Relish to discuss their expansion to what will be their third establishment, a fine one at that situated on the beach in Cala De Bou, that we decided to multi task and incorporate the offer of a tasting from the also fine Ibicenco fellows behind what is as far as we know Ibiza’s first and only craft beer, Ibosim.

Craft beers and the whole world of micro brewing is big business in the UK, and so perhaps we have missed a trick by leaving it to the locals to exploit that gap in the Ibiza market.

Ibosim describe their love of craft beer with sufficient passion that you are pretty well convinced before cracking a bottle top on any of their range of 5 specialist ales, all complete with a thin veil of reassuring sediment at the foot of the bottle. Whereas my own fondness for good beer has been refined over many a decade searching for the perfect tipple, the professional input of Mssrs Tapas, Relish and Co. would give some additional weight to the supping verdict.

We started light on the appropriately named Light Ale which for me brought back memories of the Light & Bitter mix that was a mainstay of many a bar before Lager and all its catchy straplines took over the mantle as the refreshing beer of choice.

The technical verdict? There were plenty of “it’s lovely that”, type comments coupled with a study of the bottle to make sure we knew what there was to know (as if we really knew anything), and as we worked our way through the range similar exclamat6ions of satisfaction and praise were greeted to all varieties.

There is little doubt that the meeting suffered to some little extent by this most welcome distraction, but a small price to pay, small beer in the general scope of things.

Among the bottle and flyer studies we learnt that Ibosim is so named as it was the name given to Ibiza by the Carthaginians and means island of the god Bes. We probably knew that but had no reason to avoid any of the reasons to keep up our research.  That Bes was a God associated with fun, good luck and partying we also had advantage on, it being the name we had chosen for the newspaper company, but you cannot argue with it being all the more fitting for a new beer’s tribute.

The brewers go beyond the historical association and are keen to use all local materials and collaborate with local suppliers. They promise

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No pasteurisation or filtration
  • Natural Carbonation
  • No additives


And so to the range and the Ibosim team’s descriptions, all of which fit the character of the beer very well and loose little if anything in translation.


Essence of the rural Ibiza. Amber colour with sweet and spicy nature due to the addition of orange peel and rosemary. Our view – The name put me off, but do not be fooled into thinking it is a herby beer for gimmick sake. Delicious, a great bitter.


Aromatic, with notes of mango, passion fruit and orange bold and different beer, slightly coppery colour. Our view – nope didn’t get any of that except the colour. A great pale ale, nothing more needs to be said, though such is the nature of marketing, much more always is.


It is a smooth and balanced wheat beer. A fresh interpretation of traditional German Weissbier. Our view – it will surely be as popular with the German drinker as the more British beers are with us.


It is a delicate light but persistent and lager. It highlights a genuine citrus and floral character. Our view – the least favourite for me, but as the Landlord himself Al Murray says, you have to have one for the ladies.


Carob, so present in our landscape, is the star of this dark beer with sweet notes of cocoa and nuts. Our view – at 6.1% drink too much of this and the emphasis would be very much on the nuts. Much more drinkable than many similarly strong beers though, which is good and dangerous.


I guess the best way to highlight how impressed we all were is that an order for more immediately resulted. It will appeal to those who prefer natural food and drink as much as it will the ale connoisseur. Those most excited will be the real ale drinkers from the UK who miss that room temperature, cask drawn, shaggy beardness, of craft beer Britain. Take away the room temperature (c’mon that would be madness in Ibiza) and this is as close as you’ll get. We are fans. Contact Ibosim on 605,520,258 or email info@cervezaibosim.com

Ibosim is starting to appear in bars and bodegas around Ibiza, a good one to start at would be Tapas Restaurant.



You will see there are also a couple of bottles of wine in the photo, left for us by a couple of Irish chaps new to Ibiza but established on the mainland. They never did send us the promised press so we can’t tell you much about them, but thanks for the drink anyway.


At Night

Cocoon, Mon, Amnesia

Väth and Villalobos get top billing in ‘15 for 18 Dance 16

  • Nick Gibbs

Sven Väth will continue the 2014 room hoping format and Ricardo Villalobos will play 6 gigs on the terrace, promising some very special friends.

Cocoon press commits that in their 18 Mondays at Amnesia 2015, “the dancefloor is going to rule once again as we offer up a devilishly di- verse mix of dynamic artists. Established Cocoon names will feature along with some carefully chosen talents who are going to make 16 DANCE.”

Confusing innit? Continuing on 2014, in 2015, their 16th year on 18 nights. At least there is nothing 17. Sven-been (sorry about that) on a world tour  and this year’s Cocoon will see him play 9 of his 14 dates on the terrace and the other 5 in the club.

Adam Beyer was electric last year and he will be back for 5 performances including a couple of terrace sessions. Richie Hawtin will make his customary visit and for the first time Solomun joins the line up. The Innervisions crew reappear led by Dixon and A^me. Eats Everything returns for 4 shows and there will be live slots throughout the season.

Rock In Riu

  • Claire B

The 2nd Rock In Riu festival takes place in Santa Eulalia on Friday April 24th. Part of the First of May fiesta, four bands will play outside the town hall in the centre of the town. Heading the bill is O’funk’illo from Andalucia, Los Brazos from the Basque Country and two Ibizan bands, Morning Drivers and Señor Buho. DJ Ezekyel will keep the crowd entertained in between the bands. This was a great event last year and it’s worth going along if you like your music live.

From 8pm, Plaça de L’Ajuntament. Free entrance.

Beach party @ Cala Llonga

  • Claire B

On Sunday April 12 there’s plenty of fun to be had on the beach in Cala Llonga. There’s a 5-a-side beach football tournament, paella on sale for 10€ and live music.

Playing live will be Ibiza’s new all-female rock band, the Rebel Hearts, fronted by Nell Shakespeare, who will be playing some of their favourite rock songs from Aerosmith, T-Rex, David Bowie, AC/DC, Thin Lizzy and more.

If you want to take part in the 5-a-side football tournament, just turn up at 9am on the day with your team.

Facebook – Viva Cala Llonga:


Melon Bomb @ Pikes

  • Claire B

Pikes is closed on Friday April 10th whilst the annual makeover takes place, but the Friday night parties resume on April 17th with Melon Bomb.

DJ’s Ben Santiago, Paul Reynolds and Scott Gray with special guests Jo Mills and Steve Altman will be playing some funk, soul, disco and house anthems.

Expect all the usual fun: Karaoke with Sunny and special winter offers on drinks.

More info on Facebook – Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes:


W.A.R.! + Shelter

  • Claire B

The initial line-up for We Are Rockstars (W.A.R.!) at Ibiza Rocks has been announced, curated to give party-goers a decisive snapshot of UK underground dance music culture. Incorporating names from across house, techno, drum and bass, garage and grime, including Gorgon City, Skepta, Sigma, Hannah Wants and many more. Two exclusive firsts come courtesy of pioneering grime act Boy Better Know and legendary David Rodigan MBE who presents ‘Ram Jam’. W.A.R.! is on at Ibiza Rocks every Friday from June 5th to September 18th.

This summer also sees Ibiza Rocks teaming up with Sankeys to put on a new W.A.R.! after party called ‘Shelter’ at Sankeys over in Playa d’en Bossa. Firmly rooted in house and techno, Shelter will be fronted by long-time W.A.R! resident DJ Doorly and will showcase some of contemporary dance music’s best names, including TEED, Shadow Child, Oliver Dollar, Bondax, Toddla T, Waze and Odyssey, Jaymo and Andy George, Kidnap Kid, Disciples, Chris Lorenzo, TCTS, Eli and Fur and Krywolf. Also collaborating with a host of labels, radio stations and festival brands throughout the season, including Moda Black, Rinse FM and Bugged Out, the joint announcement is a nod to the continued expansion of the Ibiza Rocks brand in the year that celebrates a landmark 10th anniversary.

Shelter launches on May 22nd with Disciples, Eli and Fur and two very special guests to be announced.

Jordan Hallpike, W.A.R! Promoter said: “2015 marks our 10th year in Ibiza as well as our 4th year for W.A.R! and it’s another genuinely exciting year for the electronic and UK talent. I’m also really looking forward to launching Shelter at Sankeys with trailblazers of the electronic underground scene such as Shadowchild, TEED, Waze and Odyssey, and Oliver Dollar. We’ve always wanted a W.A.R! afterparty and we’ve finally found the perfect venue for us. Two parties. One night. Exciting times all round.”

A host of further line-up additions are to be made over the coming weeks. For full details of the line-ups see:



We Love… Wednesdays at Sankeys

  • Nicole Torres

It was with considerable surprise that Sankeys announced Space stalwart ‘We Love…’ would be moving a few hundred meters down the road in Playa ‘en Bossa to make the last night of the Brit-Club’s summer line up.

In a press release issued this week, David Vincentexplains just how much it means to him to be working with Darren Hughes.

“The word ‘legend” in dance music has been used too frequently and not correctly recently on various people but I know Darren Hughes is one of them. Darren was a huge inspiration in my younger university days and one of the few people I truly admired for that Acid House Old School mentality of promoting. If you ever watched Darren back in the Cream Full On days he always was on the dance floor “watching the crowd and partying, similar to the David Vincent mentality now, I wonder where I got that from? Anyway it is an amazing final piece to the Sankeys Ibiza Jigsaw to get Darren and We Love join our ever growing team, Wednesdays are now “We Love Sankeys”.

After 17 years at Space,Hughes explained how he felt about the move

“After 17 years of We Love on Sunday’s at Space” it is now time for the next phase in the genesis of We Love, and that it is to be now moving on to work alongside David Vincent and Danny Whittle (Danny being an integral part of Home at Space/We Love Space right at the very beginning back in 1999), and I cannot wait for this to start, We Love Sankey’s… yes we do!!!”



Local Life

Postbag …


My wife and I today (Sunday) visited the Pato Peking Chinese restaurant in Santa Eulalia and on arrival we were presented with a 10€ note from the waitress. It appears thatweeks ago when we were last there, in addition to the tip, we by mistake, left an10€. We feel so humbled by this honesty, we are not even regular customers. No wonder we visit Asia every year.

Arthur and Barbara Lee (Sa Carroca)

Bar Mariposa Easter Fair.

Dear Editor. May we, through your newspaper, sincerely thank everyone who contributed to the success of our Charity Easter Fair last Sunday which raised the incredible amount of 3385.07€ which was presented to Lyn and Jack to help them through the difficult times they are experiencing at the moment. In addition to this a donation is promised from the Ibiza Lodge 44 Fund Raising St Gorges Day event to be held at Linekers, S’Arenal Paseo, San Antonio on Thurs 23rd April. There are so many people we’d like to thank that we would probably fill the whole page if we listed them all but we hope you will find enough room to acknowledge the following. Tur Vaqueta, Pio’s Bar, Ibiza Del Mar, Frankies, Cacatúa, Can Lluch, Marias Supermarket, White Island Shop, Mariposa Lady, Bocana, Amante, La Casita, The Wild Asparagus, Pirates Bar, Kathmandu, Olga’s Hairdressers, Suma, The Baron, Nick Gibbs (the Ibizan newspaper editor), the San Antonio Sh1t Party for their most generous donation of 300€, and sa Peña Football Team, who arranged for Jack to receive a signed and framed football shirt. We would also like to make a special mention to Frankie Riley for waiving his fee and to Jo for enthusiastic role as compeer/auctioneer. Thank you all once again.

Di and Jo. Bar Mariposa Cala Llonga.

Spring Walks & Easter Fair

I would like to offer my many, many, thanks to those who took part in, or sponsored, my Spring Walks in March, which raised 2,350€ for Contra Cancer Ibiza and Formentera.

I would also like to say a huge thank you to everybody who supported the Easter Fair held on Saturday 4th April which raised,200€ to be divided between Age Concern Ibiza and Formentera and Los Olvidados.

Love to all the helpers, we couldn’t do it without you and your hard work and the support from all corners of the island including The Ibizan. Once again I thank you all. Margaret x

  • More great examples of the ex-pat community’s brilliant work in supporting those in need. Our own Easter weekend visits prompted my own post on social media, which I will repeat here as a letter to the editor, from the editor – in essence I’m talking to myself …

Community Rocks!

Over Easter we spent time in 3 very different ex-pat communities around Ibiza. The people were different, the formats were different, the prices were very different, but they all had one thing in common – that strength in community values that finds everybody rallying to the cause of helping others. Though it is not about ranking any one over another, a special mention has to go to the Cala Llonga locals at the Mariposa Bar Easter fair. They raised a brilliant 3,400€ in one afternoon to assist one of their own facing some very tough times. At my best guess that works out to around 30€ per adult in attendance, with most people leaving laden with tombola prizes, home made produce, chocolate eggs and big smiles. The term ‘ex-pat’ is used often enough in the negative with connotations of union-jack-waving, ketchup-insisting, integration-phobic, everything-wrongness – but when it comes down to what matters, north, south, east and west, we ain’t too shabby.

Nick Gibbs

“Google Me”

  • Richard Lawson

This is the unlikely name of an exhibition that celebrates the opening of a new art gallery in Santa Eulalia.

The gallery opened on April 6th, by a certain Kevin Sharkey, who can indeed be easily found on Google (rubbing shoulders with the Senior Vice President of Martha Stewart’s interior design empire, with whom he shares a name.) The new gallery can be found next door to the Vodafone shop on the town’s Paseo. It’s small, but appealed to Sharkey because of its large round ‘Jackanory’ window and interior arches. He doesn’t like straight lines, and he doesn’t like questions like “What were you thinking about when you painted that?”

There is much more for this artist to talk about than the paintings that have brought him the accolade of the most “bankable artist” by the Sunday Times, or “A true Irish Legend” by Ireland’s own Sunday Independent, as you’ll discover on Google…

For the benefit of anyone out there who doesn’t have the technology, or the will, to Google him, here are a few snippets of what you’re likely to find:

He was adopted by an Irish family in Donegal in the early 1960s at around the time that he was learning to walk, and didn’t see another black person until he was 12 years old. His was a large family and his upbringing was tough, being black and Irish – a thoughtful and well-meaning neighbour would always give him a banana, rather than the biscuits that she gave out to the other kids.

However, being in a minority made him a fighter, unafraid to take on a challenge, to the extent that he had accumulated 37 medals for Irish country dancing by the time he was 12. At about that time a passing artist pointed out his artistic ability and since 1972 he has been a prolific full time artist and produced over 9,000 pieces. Since Charles Saatchi first bought his work, Whitney Houston, Courtney Love, Kate Moss and even Michael Portillo have all followed suit…

“Full time” could possibly be over-egging it as he’s also fitted in rising from dishwasher to Head Chef at the Hard Rock Hotel, being Kirsty MacColl’s cleaner, become Ireland’s first black TV presenter on Irish TV’s hip music equivalent of The Roxy, written music for Boney M and Bob Geldof, and had his private parts photographed by David Bailey…

That’s not a bad return, even by Google’s standards.

Charity Walk: Sat April 11

  • Claire B

Organised by The Ibiza Walking Association, ‘The Long Walk’ is taking place on Saturday April 11th. You can either take part in the 30km walk, which starts in San Antonio and finishes in San Jose, or you can donate money to spur on those taking part. All the money raised goes to Ibizan charities. The charities have been handpicked and they are all very deserving causes – they include organisations set up to preserve Ibiza’s beautiful countryside (The Ibizan Preservation Society), helping children with special educational needs (APNEEF), feeding needy families (Food for Ibiza), a children’s orphanage (Centro Menor del Consell de Eivissa), an animal sanctuary (Mojis), Care4Cats and 24-7 Ibiza. I’m taking part and you can donate via the website, for a particular walker or even for a specific charity of your choice, and rest assured, every cent raised goes to the charities:


If you want to take part in the walk, it starts in San Antonio at 10am, the route follows the coastline to Cala Conta, on to Cala Tarida, then inland to San Agustin, ending in San Jose late afternoon/early evening. The route is planned to be as inclusive as possible, and the first part is very easy and suitable for kids, prams and people who are less mobile, and so families can take part. You don’t have to do the full 30km and there are stop off points along the way where you can get a lift back to the start. So you can walk as much or as little as you like.

At Cala Conta there’ll be a stop for a well-deserved picnic on the beach. Afterwards, those with the energy and who want to continue will carry on along the coast to Cala Tarida. The route then heads inland and becomes slightly more demanding, with a walk over the hills to San Agustin (where there’ll be a quick pit stop at Bar Can Berri) and finally on to San Jose to complete the 30km.

There’s a 5€ participation fee that will go towards covering safety costs for each person walking, transport back to the start, insurance, etc. Any money from the participation fees not spent on actual costs for the walk will be passed on to the charities. All the other costs of organising the event will be paid for by the Ibiza Walking Association.

If you don’t want to walk then please donate and support Ibiza’s charities. Last year, the 27 dedicated participants of The Long Walk raised an incredible 9,377€. This year, with help from a few more people taking part, here’s hoping that total will be beaten.


Felix Serra Retrospective

  • Nicole Torres

The gallery Ibiza Best Photo and Art will inaugurate on Saturday April 11th the first retrospective exhibition centred on the figure of the artist and painter Felix Serra.

The exhibition is composed of 29 works, including oil paintings and watercolours. Most of the works are unpublished because they belong to the painter’s family’s fund.

The paintings of Felix Serra reflect the love and admiration he had for Ibiza. A gaze to an existing landscape, towards a real Ibiza, where the landscape, people and customs of the island stand out through his thick brush strokes.

His painting evolved from the clear and perfect landscapes of the districts of Dalt Vila and the Marina, to a more personal and impressionistic style that gave value to the form and content as evidenced by his work dedicated to the farmers and customs.

Felix Serra was a well known and esteemed painter on the island. His profession, a teacher at Juan XXIII and Portal Nou, and his outgoing and friendly personality, made him a very popular person in Ibiza.

The retrospective of Felix Serra opens this Saturday April 11th at 7.30pm. Numerous relatives and friends of the painter as well as his widow and two children, Patricia and Felix are expected to attend.

The retrospective of Felix Serra can be visited at the gallery Ibiza Best Photo and Art until next May 2nd, mornings from 10am to 1.30pm and afternoons from 6pm to 8.30pm.



We are delighted to feature more work from Ibizan fave photographer Tamas Kooning Lansbergen, this week with a selection of his work taken during Semana Santa within the Dalt Vila.



Guiri Time …

  • Group to Represent the Interests of British & Irish Ex Pats in Ibiza.
  • Call for Candidates in all Districts, and Fields of Special Interest.
  • Vote for your Representatives alongside the Spanish Municipal Elections in May.
  • Participation, Contribution, Integration and Identity
  • Nick Gibbs

The British and Irish resident communities of Ibiza need and deserve a mandated group of representatives who are able to take up issues of common interest. There has been a very high level of engagement amongst our community in the Voter registration initiative undertaken by ourselves, Martin Makepeace, Colin Butts, Nathan Viva, Jade Gandey and others.

If our involvement in the local life of Ibiza is to move beyond that of moaning Guiris it is logical that we have a group with some degree of authority and credibility who can speak for the British and Irish communities. If anything, it seems surprising that we do not have one already.

The difficulty in establishing a group is in turning people’s thoughts into actions. Many people may think it a good idea, but turning out to vote on the day is not always as easy as the good intentions to do so.

In this respect we have a window of opportunity. Those who have engaged in the voter registration process are perhaps those most likely to wish to have their say in the forming of a representative group.  By combining the election and formation of  our own group with the Municipal elections we can expect to maximise participation in the process.

The first step has been a call for candidates. We have had a very good response with candidates from around the island and bringing different areas of specialism and interests to the group.

There are still some gaps, we have not had anybody yet approach us from the North of the Island. Though it is not essential to have somebody on the ground in each of the municipalities it would be an advantage in the cohesion of the groups and in its mandate from the people represented. The door is open to further candidates and can stay open until the early part of May when, in aiming to take votes on the same day as the municipal elections, we will have to come to a starting line up.

The broad framework will be to attend 4 to 6 meetings a year and an open agm, and to take up work both arising from the group and assisting individuals.

Any Ibiza or Formentera resident can stand for election, and whether we get  200 or 2,000  votes, it is the foundation of a group that will have the credibility to stand up and be heard.

We need to consider it our aim that we can achieve the same standing as organisation such as the Mar Blava environmental group who, though not holding official office, are able to make their voices heard in the local corridors of power.

We should not think of the group merely as a more formal way to complain however. I hope our role could be a positive force in adopting principals such as Participation, Contribution, Integration and Identity

Please spread the word for candidates in your own networks.

Anybody interested in finding out more can please email me at gibbs@theibizan.com

Key Info:-


President. A figurehead role however carrying powers to ensure the group stays within its remit.

Chair. I will open the first meeting as chair and can immediately be voted out if it is the wish of the group. I will be happy to continue working alongside the group be it as a non-voting chair or any other capacity, but I do not wish to stand for election as A) I feel it better the only newspaper can take an impartial, objective position. B) to avoid any question of hidden agenda in establishing the group (the conspiracy theories were bad enough changing the newspaper name, I dread to think what appointing myself as voting chair would give rise to C) I don’t think I would be very good at it. It would not be too long before sarcasm would get the better of me and the politicians are much more likely to respond to those good politicians among us, of which I am not (just ask the San An mayor)

Regional Representatives. Following the model of the Consell, but keeping numbers to a reasonable level I propose a maximum of 2 representatives for Santa Eulalia and San Antonio, and 1 for the other 4 municipalities, this based on a general acceptance of where the British and Irish communities reside.

Specialist representatives, e.g. Education, Business & Employment, Government & Administration, Health Services.

The Vote:

The vote will be taken on, but is in no way connected to, the municipal elections on May 23rd. The idea is simply that people will have their voting hats on and that if they are voting in the municipal elections they will choose to do so for our group at the same time. We still need to work out whether it will be possible to have some sort of voting area at the Town Halls or whether we will have to deal with our own group online or by some other means.

Who Can Vote?

Initially any ex-pat resident of Ibiza. One of the first items for agreement once the group is formed will be whether membership should be extended to other non-Spanish nationalities (as has been requested by some) and also whether those Ex-Pats living in Ibiza but not yet officially registered as resident on the pardon should be entitled.

What Proof is Required to Vote?

Either your voter registration, or a copy of the padron.

How Many Votes are Required to Establish the Group?

It really does not matter, though in gaining the greatest respect for the group from those we are working with, the more the better. As with all such initiatives it may require a small start and to build upon it as the work of the group is recognised and valued in the community.

What Rules will the Group Work To?

I have obtained some standard working procedures and rules from similar groups which dictate issues such as quorum and voting rights, attendance etc. I will propose we adopt one of these ‘ready made’ constitutions to get the group underway without getting bogged down in procedure.

I will publish updates and more information as it becomes available.

Nick Gibbs

What About The Name? Guiri, G.U.I.R.I, as in Group of  United Kingdom &  Ireland Residents of Ibiza.

I expected a mixed response at best. As it turns out nobody has directly opposed it, certainly not as much objection as when changing the name of the newspaper. Then again I cannot remember anybody telling me they think it is fantastic – so in answer to the question ‘what about the name’, the answer is probably fairest described as ‘indifference’.

The word Guiri comes with mixed views as to whether or not it is a disparaging term. Some online sources argue it is used differently in different parts of Spain, some very negatively and others if not fondly at least neutrally. Personally I do not mind if it is negative. Claiming ownership of the negative and turning it round as a demonstration of the fact you are proud to be in that group has worked successfully for Gay and Black people, both of which had far more to complain about than any discrimination we may feel is inflicted upon us.

Of course the group will be within it’s rights to immediately change it, though I hope not as I’ve bought the domain name. (It was only a tenner :-) )


Community …

Letter From Juan

You can tell that the hot weather has really arrived, you just have to look at nature because apart from the wild flowers springing up, the flies are back, the lizards are out and about and the rice krispies are starting to fall from the pine trees! Also, I sat on the beach having a very pleasant Easter Sunday lunch and have ended up sunburnt! I also noticed another sign of spring in the air. I was in the garden and heard this squawking, screeching seagull overhead. I nearly didn’t look up as they often make a noise when they are travelling between Es Vedrá and San Antonio or when the farmers are ploughing their fields. However, I did look up and I witnessed an amazing sight as a seagull swooped over this bird of Prey that was gliding in the sky, it was too big for a Kestrel and the wing shape looked more like a Red Kite. But whatever it was, this seagull kept squawking and gliding in towards it at speed and then moving away and back again until it had moved it from the right hand side of the valley to over on the left side. It was a spectacular sight and I was surprised how passive the bird of prey was and how aggressive the seagull was. I can only presume she was protecting her young or her nest. Whatever it was, it is just one of the remarkable things you can see on this Island if you keep your eyes open. The final sign that the weather is warming up is the arrival of visitors and the continual thump, thump of the bass note of their sound system. You can only hope that they realize how far sound travels and that they have consideration for their neighbours. Well it is a nice thought but not very likely. Ah, well, you can’t have everything perfect or life would be really boring. Have a good week and remember, learn from my experience, the sun may not seem very hot because of the cooler air but you can get burnt so make sure you take precautions, wear a hat and put on sun cream. Yours, Juan.

View from the Pew

  • Chaplain Revd. Michael Savage

“I’ve got a surprise for you, so shut your eyes and hold your hands out” – how often we have said that to our children, and the excitement mounts, wondering what’s coming!

This week, dear reader, I’ve got a surprise for you. So can I ask you (in so many words) to shut your eyes and hold your hands out? I don’t know anything about you or your circumstances, you may be excited, you may be down in the dumps, depressed, disappointed, weighed down with problems to do with family, health, work, worries about the future, or whatever.

Whatever it may be, the surprise is that the Risen Lord Jesus is right here and now available to you, coming alongside (as in the Upper Room that first Easter) and saying “Peace be unto you”. Right from New Testament times onwards, the Good News has been that on the first Good Friday, Jesus took all the rubbish of our lives, all the mess that we have made of things, or that others have done to us, and cancelled it out on the Cross (somehow, beyond our understanding, destroying its potency). In its place He offers us His peace and love and energy in exchange – if we will but hold our hands out to take hold of His gift. And some of you reading this will know this in experience already.

Others may be asking “But how?” Two walkers on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24) and Saul of Tarsus (Acts 9) were similarly bewildered, but then had a ‘eureka’ moment. Likewise in our own day C. S. Lewis’s story can be found in his autobiography “Surprised by Joy”. Another writer who thought it was all poppycock was Frank Morison, a lawyer, who set out to examine the evidence and disprove the resurrection story once and for all, only to find that the evidence he gathered compelled him to change his (and many others’) minds – see his book “Who Moved The Stone?”

Yet others may feel they are no-hopers, too far gone to qualify for such a gift, too messed up even to hold out hands to receive such a gift. I know it is not easy to admit to that. Don’t let yourself be put off by such negative thoughts – because wherever you are today, whatever your past, whatever your problems, the consistent message of the Scriptures is that God wants to bless you, heal you, forgive you, raise you up and restore you.

That’s the Easter surprise – so shut your eyes and hold your hands out, ask and receive!

Next service: Sun April 12th at 10:30am San Rafael (note venue and time change). English-speaking Church on Ibiza and Form. Tel. 971 343383

Viva Cala Llonga

Just a reminder that this coming Sunday 12th April Cala Llonga will be staging its First Annual Beach Football Competition. There are already quite a number of 5 a side teams entered but if you would like to enter a team or participate yourself, ladies teams more than welcome, then come to the beach at 9am, see our new web site


or visit us on facebook. In addition to the football there’ll be live music from the recently formed Girl Band- Rebel Hearts plus a chance to try Felipe’s amazing Paella. It’s a day out for all the family.

It’s Good to Talk

  • Kate Stillman

Dear Ibiza Counselling

I think you had a similar letter to this one probably around this time last year but anyway I need some help.

I am Really nervous about the start of the season, last year I partied far too hard and got involved in the whole club scene which led to after parties, an array of drugs and far too much alcohol. The people that I mixed with were all good fun people and not bad in themselves but the combination of us all led to days at a time where I didn’t come home. I actually didn’t have anything to come home to but over the winter I have met a really sound woman, have kept away from the drugs an am only drinking sensible amounts, we are even talking of children in a couple of years so everything is amazing and when I compare to last year I can’t believe that I have managed to turn things around in the way that I have.

My job like, most peoples, is to ensure holiday makers have a good time and I work in quite a high end market where money isn’t an issue, and more times than not, if I am looking after clients they either expect or offer for me to go out with them and of course temptation is everywhere in Ibiza!

I’m wondering if I should change my job to keep those temptations at bay or if there is anything you think I can do to ensure that I don’t go down the obvious path.

Thank you, Anon.

Dear Anon

Thank you for your e-mail and congratulations on creating a life you want to maintain. It seems that the winter has given you time to reflect and process how the summer has impacted you and as a consequence you have been able to sustain a successful relationship and steer clear of drugs as well as moderate your alcohol intake, to a level that you find acceptable. This is a huge achievement and one not to underestimate.

Over the summer you will realize you have choices, it is possible to maintain your new way of being whilst working in an environment you used to be a part of in a different way. My feeling is that the work you have done over the winter will set you in good stead for the summer and if you are in situations that feel familiar in an alarming way, the bells will ring and you will have those few crucial moments to make a choice rather than just go with the flow, as you might have done in the past.  You may even find that the temptations that you think are going to cause you issues don’t even arise, due to the fact that you are now enjoying a different way of life, so take each day as it comes and cross each bridge if and when it appears.

There are NA and AA (narcotics anonymous and alcoholics anonymous) meeting that happen in various parts of the island and you may find it useful to get some support form people in similar situations  – if so do get in touch and I can point you in the right direction.

Similarly, Ibiza Counseling holds a weekly support group which is free and open to all, it takes place every Tuesday at 12.30. All the best for the season and do keep in touch.

Warm Regards, Kate.

For contact details see Kate’s advert in local services.


Mind Body & Soul

A Good Night’s Sleep

  • Sabina Brownstein

One of the most important parts of any healthy lifestyle is making sure to get enough quality sleep every day. Giving your body the rest that it needs is essential to having the healthy and fulfilling life that you desire. After a good night’s sleep we feel invigorated and energised – ready to face any challenges that may arise. Quality sleep benefits both the mind and body, it makes us smarter, happier and healthier.

However, the majority of people whom I see in my healing practice are not getting enough sound sleep. Most have some kind of problem with sleep, but others are just staying up too late. Poor sleep can impact virtually every aspect of your health. The reason for this is that your ‘circadian rhythm’ – your sleep-wake cycle – controls the timing of your entire biological activitythe cellular level. Research has shown that sleep deprivation has the same effect on your immune system as physical stress or illness,may help explain why lack of sleep is tied to an increased risk of numerous chronic diseases. Getting a good night’s sleep helps to lower our stress levels, and as we know, stress impacts every aspect of our health. The equation is simple: better sleep leads to less stress, equals better overall health.

Another great benefit of getting regular quality sleep is that it improves your overall mental well-being and helps to ward off depression. In addition, it allows the body to release more human growth hormone, and as we age this helps to strengthen bones, increase muscle mass and thicken the skin. Sleep is the best time for your body to repair any damage that may have occurred during the day. Having this ‘repair work’ done during a peaceful rest reduces the amount of inflammation which the body’s immune system creates in response to the damage. This is a crucial element in the natural healing process as chronic inflammation has been linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis and premature ageing.

The first thing that most people want to know is exactly how much sleep they should be getting. Expert opinion on how much is needed for optimal health ranges from a low of six hours to a high of nine, but for the vast majority of people that ideal number is close to eight hours. There are many simple changes in your lifestyle that will help to insure that you are regularly getting a good night’s sleep. Having a calming bedtime routine is one of best – perhaps a relaxing bath, a short meditation practice or just some quiet time to ease the mind. Make sure that you switch off from all electronic devices a good hour before you go to bed. This will help your mind and body to slowly wind down from events of the day. Stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol are best to be avoided in the search for serene sleep, as are late meals that activate the digestive system. Make sure that your sleep environment is comfortable, quiet, free of electronic devices, and dark. Studies have found that sleeping with a minimum of light is an important aid in your quest for all of the wonderful health and wellbeing benefits that come with restful sleep. Sweet dreams…

If you have any related questions please get in touch with me via my email below, or see my advert in local services.


The Endocrine System

  • Kevin Russell

Homeostasis refers to the internal control that is essential for our body to function. If the body needs a very rapid response to a stimulus the nervous system is normally used, for example withdrawing a hand from pain in a reflex reaction. If a more sustained approach is needed then the endocrine system will be used to secrete hormones to maintain our internal balance, for example insulin that controls blood sugar levels.

The system is composed of glands that secrete hormones directly into the blood stream, which then carries the hormone to where it is needed. There are many of these glands including: the pituitary, the pancreas, thyroid, ovaries and testes and the hypothalamus. Take the thyroid gland as an example. It produces three hormones, the most well known and important being thyroxin (tetraiodothyronine or T4). It stimulates both oxygen and energy consumption in the body thus controlling our metabolic rate, and protein synthesis, giving us energy to do what we need to do. Proteins are needed throughout the body to build and repair cells, make genes and act in chemical reactions.

The thyroid gland also produces calcitonin that has an important role in bone growth and repair by keeping calcium in the bones – a lack of calcitonin leads to weak and brittle bones which means they may easily break.

The hypothalamus, located in the brain, is the endocrine hub, stimulating other glands to produce hormones. If this is damaged by disease (notably tumours) or by trauma the body loses control of many systems including fertility, metabolism, appetite and sleep.  The hypothalamus reacts to low thyroxin levels in the blood and stimulates the pituitary gland to release thyroid stimulating hormone which in turn stimulates the thyroid gland to release thyroxin in a negative feedback system. It is a complicated process, but essential to avoid hormonal peaks and troughs.

Over production of thyroxin is called hyperthyroidism and is seen in diseases such as Graves’ disease. It is more common in women than men and is characterised by tachycardia, muscle weakness, excessive sweating and sleep disruption. A classic sign of this is the bulging of the eyes. Medicines can be taken to reduce thyroxin production or even surgical removal of the thyroid gland (thyroidectomy).

Alternatively, hypothyroidism is a deficiency of thyroxin. Anyone with hypothyroidism may have problems with fatigue, developmental delays, weight gain and slow intellectual development. The most common cause of this worldwide is diet low in iodine which is an essential component of thyroxin. Goitre is a classical sign of hypothyroidism. In past times this would be frequently seen in people who lived far from the sea.

Most hormonal imbalances can usually be corrected with appropriate treatment.

If you want me to discuss any health related issue please get in touch via my email below or see my advert.



Pamela Deakin

  • Nick Gibbs

Visitors to the Ibizan office are a welcome excuse to tear ourselves away from the screen for some good old fashioned human conversation. Recently we had a most pleasurable distraction in the company of Pamela Deakin, resident of Ibiza since 1967. Pam will be known to many through her work raising funds for Ibiza’s cancer charities. It seems more likely her M.B.E. was awarded for such worthy efforts than another claim to local fame, having established Ibiza’s first English language newspaper. As might be expected, it was the newspaper that held main focus chatting over a coffee, however I am not too sure if it was a good idea as one by one I had to cross all my martyrdom moans off the list to be replaced with “we don’t know how lucky we are” compared to Pam’s pre word-processing, pre-spellcheck, even effectively pre-telephone days, with calls having to be booked on the one line between San Antonio and Ibiza Town.

Pam has put all those years tapping away at the keyboard to good use in now fulfilling a long held objective of writing her first novel, ’The Power of Love’. I will leave it to the jacket notes to explain enough of the plot, without giving too much away.

The Power of Love is a compelling story of a never forgotten love which had its origins in the early part of the Second World War.  A family saga, it dates from the 1920s to the 1980s and is seen through the eyes of three generations, in particular five family members.  It plays out in the empire days of pre-war England, through the traumatic and turbulent years of World War 2 in the UK and France, in the bustling advertising scene of 1960s London and New York, and in the pre-mass-tourist destinations of exotic Thailand and the enchanting, then virtually undiscovered Mediterranean island of Ibiza.  Here the innocent Kate falls in love, but her future destiny and happiness are darkened and threatened by secret and tragic events in her family´s past of which she is unaware. Can murder threaten the power of love in such an idyllic setting ?

We are delighted to have the opportunity to publish the prologue to The Power of Love, inset right. We have listed some local stockists below and you can find out more including how to purchase online at


On Thursday April 16th at 7 pm. the Biblioteca Publica de Eivissa are hosting a presentation and book-signing for “the Power of Love”.Anyone interested is invited to attend.

Local stockists:-

  • Thomas Green, Cami des Moli, Cala de Bou,San An.
  • Estanco Cala Llonga,Av Cala Llonga 60, Sta Eulalia.
  • Libro Azul, Sa Nova Gertrudis, Sta Gertrudis.
  • White Island Corner Shop, Calle Juan Tur, Sta Eulalia.
  • Sa Lluna, Plaza Isidoro Macabich 29 Bj,Sta Eulalia

On line from.co.uk and on Kindle.from most UK high street stores inc Waterstones and Smiths.

The Power of Love, Prologue.

Ibiza, Spain.  3.11 am. Tuesday July 20th 1967.

                The growl of a powerful sports-car broke the black and silver silence of the hot still Mediterranean night.  The  gleaming vehicle streaked like a phantom down the long straight highway which stretched some ten miles from the east coast of the island to the west – a legacy from Roman invaders who had made Ibiza a strategic cross-roads in their vast empire.

                A pale crescent moon hovered low in the heavens, but a million stars, shimmering and glittering against the black velvet of the sky, radiated almost as much light as a full moon.

                The driver of the open car, a lean young man with thick blond hair and a neatly-trimmed beard, sat alert but confident at the wheel of the Lotus.  Well-acquainted with this narrow road – one of the few asphalt highways on the island and the main link between the two island centres, Ibiza Town and San Antonio Abad – he knew the chances of meeting an oncoming vehicle at that early hour of the morning were a thousand to one against.  But he kept a wary eye open for any farm-cart which might pull out from the numerous tracks at the side.  Although imaginative and fearless in his driving, he hated to be unduly reckless.

                Exhilarated by the surge of the engine and the smooth response of the powerful car, he glanced at the girl at his side and smiled.   Her sun-streaked hair streamed in the wind;  her face glowed, her eyes gleamed with excitement.  The magic of the night had obviously infected them both.  Knowing their closeness of thought and mood, he felt sure she shared his own euphoria, relishing like him every new sensation – the radiant night-sky, the deserted road, the rush of hot air and the thrill of speed, as intoxicating as a fine wine.

                The girl sensed his glance, placed her hand affectionately on his knee.  She stared up again at the glittering night sky.  Breath-taking, she thought, quite breathtaking!  So many stars – so bright and clear, she could almost reach out and touch them.  A sudden awesome feeling of splendid isolation enveloped her, as if the two of them were completely alone in the world, speeding towards some unknown destiny.

                She turned eagerly to the young man, shouted above the roar of the engine and the fierce rush of air. “Darling, there’s not a soul about.  Let’s go for the six-minute record!”  Ibiza’s fast young set had already established a seven-minute record for the fifteen-kilometre stretch between the two town centres, but it was always open to challenge.

                He grinned back at her, his teeth reflecting luminous white in the darkness.  “What about the timing?”

                “I´ve already set my stop-watch at the starting point – it’s become a habit!”  She gave him a mischievous sidelong glance.

                His foot was already to the floor, but the car, seeming to find some extra source of energy from their youthful excitement or the sparkling night air, sped at well over a hundred miles an hour down the gleaming stretch of road.

                “Don’t forget the bend at San Rafael!” yelled the girl, referring to the only curve on the otherwise straight highway.

                “Don’t worry,  I know exactly the speed I can take that one.”

                The car flashed on, slowed marginally as it approached the sharp bend.  Nearly round, the driver put his foot to the floor again, accelerating smoothly out of the turn.

                A sharp explosive crack resounded like rifle-shot through the still night air, swiftly followed by a fierce hiss.  The car slewed wildly across the road.  White-faced but deadly calm, the young man fought to regain control.

                “A front-wheel blow-out!” he yelled to the girl.  “Hold tight!”

                He tried frantically to rectify the steering – breaking hard would only aggravate the skid.  The car continued to lunge to the left.  Despite the heat of the night, he felt suddenly ice-cold.  His stomach churned wildly.  The girl sat still as a statue, completely mesmerised by the speed of events, too terrified to utter a sound.  Her sun-tanned face blanched with fear.

                The car careered wildly down the road, bounced along a dry-stone wall.  The slim dark shadow of a telegraph pole loomed suddenly in front of the bonnet.  The girl managed a fierce squeeze of her companion’s hand before everything went black.

                Her scream pierced even the harsh strident sound of shattering metal and breaking glass.  Its ghastly echo continued to reverberate through the still, star-lit Ibiza night.

                Then… silence once again.



Amanda Zips It Up

  • Amanda O’Riordan

Happy Easter Zipsters! Here’s to the most calorific weekend of the year, besides Christmas of course. An indulgent spell spent gorging on the brown stuff. Not because you fancy something sweet but because chocolate egg temptation is everywhere. It’s so hard to avoid Easter Eggs when they are piled high next to the dishwasher tablets at Tesco, (she says, making excuses).

The guilt afterwards totally outweighs the sugar rush and supposed endorphins provided by chocolate. I love to hate it. Especially come Tuesday when I’m wearing dark glasses and a hoodie, sneaking out the recycling box, over-flowing with chocolate packaging, onto the street.

On the subject of pigging out, a good story caught my eye this week. Fast food giants, McDonald’s have officially hotfooted into the fashion industry – yes, really – with its Big Mac Collection, launched in Sweden this week.

In fact, calming my ire for a moment, profits from the lifestyle line – think sweaters, raincoats and cosy comforters – will benefit the Ronald McDonald’s House Charities, so it’s all for a good cause. The line debuted at a catwalk show in Stockholm last night, attended by the likes of Jessie J, as part of the company’s “imlovinit 24” marketing campaign: a campaign that involved 24 McDonald’s-themed stunts in 24 cities over 24 hours. And they didn’t forget pets. The collection also features a range for burger-loving pooches.

For now, only Sweden will get to say ‘I’m wearing it’, as the Big Mac Shop doesn’t ship to us Brits just yet. But I have a space lined up in my wardrobe in expectation…

With Easter out of the way the next eagerly anticipated event in the diary is the general election.

Last week, I watched the main leaders Ed and Dave battle-it-out in the ‘heated TV debate’. As they were grilled by Jeremy Paxman, I couldn’t help thinking how dull they both looked. Boring suits and ties. Ed’s tie wasn’t even the symbolic red of Labour. A sharp suit would definitely have impressed the voters. A smart three piece, snug in all the right places, works wonders in creating good impressions. Just look at Bond, Beckham and Clooney. Hearts melt everywhere. Our politicians clearly don’t have stylists and I would quite happily take the job and secure No.10 for sure. Which one of you wants to give me the nod first?

Onto this week’s Zips It Up and as it’s a new month, it’s time for April’s competition. I’m giving away astylish monochrome collar dress by label of the moment, Lavish Alice, to one lucky winner. Go to the competition section of the online blog for the question and check out my video. X

Read Amanda’s fashion blog at



  • Sophia V

Hey all. So, summers well on its way, and for some, achieving that bikini-body may be your goal. I’ve already started ordering bikinis online, and I admit, I absolutely pigged out over Christmas. Ibiza is the perfect place for exercise, whether it’s yoga classes, walking / jogging along the beach, working out at one of the many gyms, or swimming at the indoors pools. Unfortunately, it’s still a little bit chilly to use outdoor pools at the moment, however some actually do brave it.

Anyway, I have found the absoluteDVD to ensure you tone up, look, and feel fit. Exercise isn’t just great appearance-wise, but for your mind too. Exercising releases feel-good endorphin’s that make you feel better, and it helps to clear the mind. So, whenever you’re feeling a bit down, or bored, and even if you don’t feel like leaving the house, then try workout video’s from YouTube, or this DVD I’m about to share. It’s called Insanity. And oh my God, you have to be Insane to be able to complete this workout. If however you can do it, then hats off to you.

Insanity is an extreme workout programme and promises results in only sixty days. It comes with ten’s, so you can choose which area you want to work on. The DVD’s are: fitness test, cardio circuit, cardio power and resistance, cardio recovery, pure cardio and abs, cardio abs, core cardio and balance, max interval circuit, max interval plyo, and max cardio conditioning and abs. You also get a wall calendar, a nutrition plan complete with 60 days worth of recipes, so you have the right fuel to strip away the fat. There is also a website whereby you can speak with trainer Shaun T and thousands of other people doing the Insanity challenge each day.

By working out for only 25 minutes, you achieve the same results as working out at the gym for an hour.

Review: How did I find it? I have the Insanity DVD. It’s extremely difficult. It makes you push yourself as hard as you can. I focused more on the abs DVD’s. Could I do the whole 25 minutes? No chance. Although I did manage about 15, which isn’t bad considering how hard it is. I do highly recommend the DVD.

If Insanity is too difficult for you, then maybe purchase some dance workout DVD’s, which I find to be more fun, and much easier to follow. You can even find hundreds of Free workout videos on YouTube.

For more of Sofia’s articles and tips check out her new fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog:


High Street Alternatives to Designer Must Haves

  • Amanda O’Riordan

Fashion is so fast-moving that itpassé to even mention London Fashion Week right now, even though it was only a matter of weeks ago. Here atIt Up, we’ve pretty much covered all the new and exciting trends you’ll be seeing for the rest of 2015, as seen at LFW. We know the 70s and 80s are influencing labels everywhere and denim and florals enjoying popularity of gargantuan proportions right now.

The process is well worn (pardon the pun). The high-end designers set the benchmark with their key pieces, which filter down to the High Street for a fraction of the price. But what arekey pieces that will become wardrobe stables and never go out of vogue?

I’ve chosen four of the master looks andtheir signature garments, as seen on the catwalks, and rooted out some High Street alternatives. Invest in these and you’ll have a few carefully chosen pieces guaranteed to remain bang on trend forever.

Tommy Hilfiger’s Star All-In-One … When Kendall Jenner stormed the runway in’s sheer stars, we knew it would be a spring must-have and the Jumpsuit is hugenow. Not literally – one size fits all, apparently. Thanks to‘s version for just£42,can all get in on the act. Add heels and aleather jacketit’s still chilly, and asummer tanonce it warms up www.rarelondon.com

Chloe’s Denim Dress and Gladiators … The denim dress is shaping up to be a spring blockbuster thanks to the likes ofAlexa Chung. Look no further thanIsland‘s shirt dress at£40your high-street glads at£68. www.riverisland.com and www.topshop.com

Gucci’s 70’s Suede Jacket … Nailing two of spring’s hottest trends with its kimono-style sleeves and tan suede fabric, this£150is a dead ringer for‘s. Add flares and leather platforms for that nod to the 70s. www.oasis.com

Balmain’s Peekaboo Jumpsuit …  Told you Jumpsuits were hot right now! Rosie shimmied down the runway in this fearless-all-in-one. The cut-out sides make it strictly evening wear but thisat just£35be worn with a bikeror cardi, flats or heels. www.naanaa.co.uk

These garments are worth the little investment to ensure you up bang up to date and totally clued up when it comes to the key trends. Depends if you’re brave enough to say they’re high street or designer…

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Thursday  9th  to  Wednesday  16th April

ARIES – The High Priestess

Take timeout to reflect and to process any important life changes that have occurred recently. Having had the confidence to trust your intuition when making important personal or professional decisions; now is not the time to give in to any nagging self-doubt. As the week progresses you find your feet and become more self-reliant. New opportunities are on the horizon.

TAURUS – Six of Swords

No looking back at what might have been this week. You may have a few regrets, but mentally you will be relieved that you no longer have to deal with problems that were not really of your making. Professionally you can say goodbye to a stressful time and relax into a new set of circumstances. Emotionally, you feel relief.

GEMINI – Page of Cups

New beginnings, fresh starts – the time is now! This is the ultimate spring-clean card. What areas of your life need a makeover? Start with yourself and take it from there. Situations or people that suck the joy out of life should be avoided at all costs. Some of your associates need to get a grip, be kind but firm.

CANCER – The Queen of Wands

Take time to study, acquire knowledge or work on self-improvement. Itemise what makes you happy and what doesn’t. Be less concerned with what’s going on in other people’s lives. Fire sign women, Leo, Sagittarius and Aries make good friends or allies as they spur you on to greater things. Their innate courage and daring do inspire you to be bold.

LEO – Eight of Swords

You feel besieged this week and feel trapped by circumstances. You want to break away from something or someone but don’t know where to start. Repetitive situations are wearing you down; however; don’t put all your stress eggs into one basket! It’s not all bleak and if you stopped struggling with your problems, you will find solutions. Seek trusted advice.

VIRGO – Seven of Swords

If you feel misunderstood by others who don’t get where you’re coming from – you can be forgiven for feeling hard done by. Think, what’s the point continuing with certain associations if they’re nothing but bad news. You’re a bright light so don’t let others pull you down. Ignore or avoid jealous types; they want what you already possess – class.

LIBRA – Five of Cups

This card reassures that happiness lies ahead; however, you must be prepared to cross an emotional bridge in order to release some hurt that took place in your past. Allow the power of that memory to fade; remember that it’s through our disappointments that we grow in order to transform our present situation. Gently let go and move on.

SCORPIO – Three of Cups

A week to let out your hedonistic side. You want fun and lots of it. The best way to ensure this happens is to spend time with those who make you happy. If you’ve not caught up with good friends lately, now’s the time to reach out. This card signals abundant times, socially, financially and career wise through networking opportunities.

SAGITTARIUS – The Hierophant

If you’ve encountered unforeseen obstacles to important plans, don’t give up on them yet. The tide turns in your favour as you receive help from an unexpected source. It’s time to let go of the past; look inward for inspiration and let intuition guide you. Ditch old routines and embrace the new as it’s good to ring in some changes.

CAPRICORN – The Chariot

You’re on the move this week so there’s not much chance of pinning you down to specifics. You’ll create more business opportunities by putting in an appearance at various events, even if you’re bone tired! Success often features with this card, promising rewards for the effort you’ve put your heart and soul into; whether it’s a person or a project.

AQUARIUS – Ten of Cups

Lost a bit of your sparkle recently? Well, this week will certainly make up for it. You rediscover your joy and love of life. The best times are had with family and good friends. Your social scene expands to include some who’ll become lifelong friends. Single? You’re not short of admirers; if you’re in a relationship, love is splendid.

PISCES – Ten of Swords

If you’re feeling run down or burnt out, don’t despair! Heavy or oppressive situations are lifting and if you’ve not felt in the best of health, you will be on the mend or can find a solution to your problem. The worst is over and the universe is about to give you a hand up. Not before time you say!



Jezza’s Sports Report …

  • Jeremy Parmenter

A really busy period in the sporting world, and just for a change (because Jon-Jon, I wouldn’t want you getting bored with my jottings!) I’m going to start with

  • Footie

mainly because I’m sure a lot of you will have seen, in the press, YouTube, Facebook, (gone viral I understand, whatever that means!) that “wonder” goal by Charlie Adams for Stoke against Chelsea in the Premier League on Saturday, just voted by Sky Sports viewers as The best goal in the Premier since inception. Some praise indeed and even better than Beck’s and the Roo’s long distance efforts which have been replayed o’er and o’er again, even “’er indoors!” and Jose were suitably impressed as was I, altho’ it just shows that you need a special goal to score against a special team (ahem!). Shame was that it came to nowt as the Blues won 2-1 to open up a 7 point lead and with a game in hand over Arsenal, now in 2nd, after their 4-1 home demolition of a very poor and disjointed Liverpool. Mind you, I would think that Monsewer Wenger must be suffering from vertigo, because his team haven’t been that high since I don’t know when! Manchester Utd, on a bit of a streak at the mo’, jumped in to 3rd after their pretty standard 3-1 win over Aston Villa at OT, pushing poor ole “noisy neighbours” City in to 4th, altho’ this could be temporary as the Light Blues played at Crystal Palace on Monday after my d/line. Makes this w/end’s Manc derby at OT very interesting, doesn’t it. Fortunately for the ‘Pool, their chasers for that Europa Cup spot, Southampton and Tottenham, both dropped points, the former losing 1-0 away at Everton, themselves needing to show a bit of form, and the latter in a pretty drab scoreless draw at Burnley. With this point, the Claret and Blues jumped over QPR, despite the Londoners fine 4-1 away win over WBA, but both are still in the brown stuff, together with Leicester at the bottom, who also recorded a fine win, 2-1 at home to West Ham. Biggest movers at the wrong end were Sunderland, who were only a point above the drop-zone but climbed 4 points clear and 14th spot after their 1-0 home win over neighbours Newcastle, who must be sick and tired of seeing the Black Cats win the Tyne/Wear derby yet again, their 5th consecutive win from 6, with the other being a draw. Finally, Hull (City or Tigers?) are still not safe, as they suffered another setback, 3-1 away at Swansea.

In the Championship and it’s still  neck and neck for the top 4 chasing those 2 automatic promotion places, with only 2 points between them. Middlesboro’ went top after their 1-0 win over Wigan, Bournemouth are a point behind in 2nd after a 1-1 with play-off hopefuls Ipswich. That other East Anglian team Norwich are in 3rd, a point further back as they won 1-0 at Brighton and Watford are in 4th, on ditto points, after their creditable 1-1 draw at Derby. In La Liga, what a match at Granada, where Real Madrid recorded a Nine one win to get their act together at last, with Cristiano bagging Five, to go 4 clear of Messi with 36 Liga goals for the season to date. However, Barça are still 4 points clear after their scrappy 1-0 win at Celta, with Atlético 3rd and Valencia 4th.

  • Rugby Union

European trophy time again at the w/end and in the Champions Cup, real woe for 3 of the 4 English sides in the last 8, as Premiership leaders Northampton were stuffed 37-5 away at Clermont, Bath were narrowly defeated 18-15 by Leinster in Dublin, altho’ the Reccers at least had the pride of scoring 2 tries to nil (typical Irish rugby score of 6 penalties and no tries!), Wasps were beaten 32-18 by holders and favourites Toulon leaving Saracens carrying the flag for St George in to the Semis with a nail-biting 12-11 win away at French side Racing Metro, with a last 15 second, 55 metre penalty. So, in the semis, it’s Toulon/Leinster and Racing Metro/Saracens with an all-French Final in prospect.

In the Challenge Cup, some English pride was restored by Gloucester and Exeter as both are in to the Semis with the former beating Connacht 14-7 at Kingsholm and the latter beating Newcastle 48-13, but London Irish were given the boot 23-18 by Edinburgh and in the all Welsh tie, Newport Dragons got through thanks to a 25-21 win over near neighbours Cardiff Blues. Finally, more English pride was restored as England won the Tokyo Sevens title, their first title of this season’s 7’s World Series, beating South Africa 24-14 to jump in to that final Olympic qualifying spot, so good on them.

  • Rugby League

Humdinger of an Easter derby at Wigan as they beat St Helens, 2nd in the Superleague, 12-4 to go 3rd, with Leeds still 1st, with Salford 4th and Huddersfield 5th.

  • Tennis

Andy Murray reached the Final of the ATP Miami Open, defeating Tomas Berdych in his Semi, and as I write, I’m going to have to leave you, as he’s making a real fist of it, coming back from a set down to 1-1 (6-4) against his nemesis and World No 1 Djokovic. Stop Press: Back at the keyboard again and a bit of a letdown as Our Andy appears to give up the ghost losing the final set 6-0 to give Djokovic his 3rd title of the year and his 7th win out of the last 7 matches against Murray. Nemesis, what nemesis?!

  • TV Week

Two great TV spectacles this week. Thursday marks the start of the US Masters in Augusta with World No 1 Rory McIlroy aiming to complete the Grand Slam, having won the other 3 Majors already but watch out for the US contingent headed by Mickelson, Speith et al and a welcome return for Tiger. Saturday is  that Grand Old Dame of the English jumps scene, the Grand National at Aintree. With soon to be retired 19-time Champion Jockey AP McCoy, having just won the Irish Gold Cup at Fairyhouse astride Gilgamboa, aiming to make his final National a memorable one as he goes for a win on current 7-1 favourite Shutthefrontdoor. If successful he has promised that he will retire there and then as against his planned final race day at Sandown on April 25th, so go for it, Mr Genius and go out on a high, you deserve it!