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With no stand out lead story this week, and the news recently dictating several negative front pages for the Ibizan, we thought a simple reflection of the Island’s mood would be justified in giving our pages a shot of positivity.

The ’Season of Success’ is not based on any of the endless and often quite meaningless statistics issued with great regularity by the institute of statistics and others, it is not based on any financial evidence or research, but it is based on something that perhaps gives a more reliable benchmark – the outlook of the many business owners we talk to both direct in work connected to the newspaper and indirect through press statements etc.

It is the first year in at least 4 or 5, so long I have lost count, that not one business has used the word ’crisis’, other than an occasional reference to the fact it is over.

There are many examples of firms who had been treading water for the last few years, holding their position during some tough conditions that are spending again on expansion. The focus is on business development, not consolidation – again I cannot remember the last time the default position of businesspeople was looking for opportunities, whether or not they are yet moving, their eyes and ears are open and ready to take opportunities when they come.

And then you have the businesses who have been leading the way, the Ocean Beach Clubs of Ibiza pulling in huge crowds of ready to spend tourists, and the Hotels who have refined their business model to keep their occupancy at maximum levels whatever the general state of the economy.

Time will tell, but from this side of the newspaper looking out, 2015 is showing a complete change in the mood and confidence of Ibiza’s businesses. Great times ahead, and if not, who cares, we still live in Ibiza.


“Dear Readers, Please note that due to the additional time pressures of Semana Santa, and that the Diario are screaming for the copy now (it’s the miserable old git on duty tonight), none of the news stories have had any proofing and were written as a ‘second language’. Sorry if some of it is a little clumsy, but most of us would be very happy if our Spanish was as good as this English.”



Ruta de la Sal

The next April 2nd, Holy Thursday, will be the beginning of the 28th edition of the Regatta Ruta de la Sal (Salt Route) which will start from Port Ginesta in Barcelona for the Northern version of the race and from Denia for this version, the arrival in both cases will be Sant Antoni de Portmany in Ibiza. Trasmediterranea will be collaborating once again with the Salt Route, where about 150 boats and 1000 sailors are involved.

The departure of the North Version is scheduled for April 2nd, at 10am from the Port Ginesta in Barcelona, and will compete for a distance of 140 miles with a straight course to Sant Antoni. The East Version will sail at 2pm from the RC Náutico de Denia, to cover a 120 mile circuit that involves navigating Formentera to port, the Isle of Tagomago and browsing the northern coast of Ibiza, to reach the Cap Negret, about two miles north of the port of Sant Antoni, where both versions of the race will end.

The arrivals of the participants to Sant Antoni, depending on the weather conditions, are expected in the early hours of Friday morning. For more information visit



Mayor Gutiérrez will depart Proud, but with a bittersweet taste

“Pepita Gutiérrez, Mayor of Sant Antoni, is leaving the council with bittersweet taste, as stated in a breakfast briefing Monday in which she balanced her performance since she was elected in 2011. On the one hand he says he feels “proud” of all the work done, especially “behind closed doors” of the Consistory. On the other, she recognizes that these have been four years of crisis after crisis (the resignation of two councillors, the problem with the Can Coix pool, the subsidiary regulations…) and the finale has been the charges made against her and a couple of councillors for the case of the parking of Plaza España – which prevents her from being a PP candidate in the next elections – and the disaster of the heritage protection catalogue concerning the farm houses, which revolted half the countryside.

Gutierrez believes the neighbours would appreciate her mandate otherwise if the recession had not manifested so crudely between 2011 and 2013: “There are mandates to spend and others to pay. This one has been to pay” she told the press bitterly.

Gutierrez denied blaming her predecessor, Pepe Sala (who replaces her as the PP candidate for mayor), for leaving her a wretched economic heritage, although “the situation was as it was and the debt was what was. Here and in all the administrations.” Still she made clear that the next mayor will find a ‘sanitized’ treasury that has little to do with what she found. The mayor recalled that the debt amounted to 19.2 million euros when he took the reins of the City Council in 2011. It is now 10.1 million, so it has been reduced by 47% in this period.

After four years in which “there haven’t been any dramatic investments” – of the type responsible politicians can boast about – “the Consistory is now prepared to deal with investment and debt,” according to Gutierrez. For example, to build the new cemetery or to extend the workforce of the local police, one of her unfinished jobs.

In that sense, the mayor believes that “the citizen does not appreciate all the effort that has been made”, sacrifices that ultimately “have resulted in improvements for the people”. She highlighted the changes in the Consistory, as the electronic office and the implementation of the Gestiona software, but also recognized that those improvements ‘behind closed doors’ are difficult to assess by the voters.

With respect to planning, she insisted that people are wrong to criminalize the new subsidiary regulations: “We do not want to built on the coast or more cement” and reminded that the state Coastal Act prevents building within 100 meters of the shore, in relation to the great criticism her plan of building in the area of Cala Gració and Cala Gracioneta, criticized by the opposition and one of the main reasons for the manifestation organized last Sunday by Reinicia.


Gas Reaches 1,000 and More In Pipeline

Although politicians and the Redexis Gas Company responsible staged on Monday, with the opening of a key in the Endesa central at is Gorg, the arriving in Ibiza of natural gas, the fact is that more than a thousand homes in Ibiza Town already enjoy this fuel, greener and cheaper than electricity generated by fuel.

Monday’s act served however to know some more facts about the progression Redexis is doing in the gasification of the island. In addition to their work in Ibiza Town, where next year they hope to incorporate another 850 homes in their list of connected, the company announced that it expects to open the gas valve in Sant Antoni in 15 days. They also plan to supply to Platja d’en Bossa and Ses Figueretes, although these areas won’t be active until the summer of 2016.


Air Europa Guarantees Palms Flights All Year

The assistant to the president of Air Europa, Álvaro Middelmann, and the counsellor at Globalia group – which owns the airline – Abel Matutes, announced the start of flights between Ibiza and Palma from May 1st, so this company will become the second covering the flights between islands after Air Nostrum. Middelmann and Matutes confirmed that operations are not limited to the summer season, but that will last all year and keep prices “affordable” for residents.

After meeting with President of the Consell, Vicent Serra, and the insular Councillor for Tourism, Carmen Ferrer, the two responsible for the airline stressed the importance of these flights, which will “end the monopoly of Air Nostrum” for tourism in Ibiza and encouraged the island entrepreneurs “to seize this opportunity” to “develop new initiatives, be more creative and take risks in new business ventures”.



Presidents at Can Misses

Council President, Vicent Serra, visited the new Can Misses hospital, which became operational in full on March 9th. The visit was also attended by the President of the Balearic Islands – José Ramón Bauzá, the councillor of Health at the Govern – Martin Sansaloni, the Mayor of Ibiza – Virginia Mari, and the Councillor of Health and Social Welfare of the Consell – Mercedes Prats, among others.

The new hospital has 273 hospital beds (against the 195 of the old one), 26 boxes in emergencies plus 4 in paediatric emergencies (before they were 15 and 2, respectively); 15 boxes for ICU (they were 9 in the previous); 8 operating rooms and one room for natural birthing; 5 units of labor and recovery, which is a new concept of delivery room, and 9 rooms of neonatal care. As a novelty, the new hospital has a unit of magnetic resonance (the old facilities lacked this equipment).


Cala Llonga Clean Up

Throughout Sunday morning, around sixty volunteers participated in a voluntary cleanup of Cala Llonga convened by the residents of the town, an event that is repeated every year and has the co-operation the City of Santa Eulalia and the Ibiza Island Council to provide the necessary equipment for cleaning and proper management of the waste recovered.

On this occasion, they filled various containers with different types rubbish, from bicycles and cabinets, to metal waste classified as hazardous, such as paints and solvents, water heaters, PVC pipes, furniture, etc.

After the recovery of rubbish, the participants were able to enjoy a barbecue, attractions for children and live music by Chris Langley


Spanish Lessons in Santa Eulalia

The City of Santa Eulalia will launch introductory courses of Spanish for European residents to facilitate the learning of the basics of the language and so help them further integrate into the local life of the island.

The courses, which are the result of contacts and demands of different groups of European residents in the municipality, will be from April 9th to June 9th, the sessions will take place on Mondays and Thursdays between 10 and 11:30am, at the Oficina d’Atenció als Residents Europeus (European Residents Attention Office) on Calle Marià Riquer Wallis 9 (the office where you do the padrón).

In total the course will be 40 hours intended to facilitate communication to both new and long term residents but who do not have sufficient command of the Spanish language. The idea is that users can master the basic concepts and terms of conversation, read simple documents, participate in any everyday situation or address the administrations for simple procedures.

You can contact the office for more information on 971332800 (Ext 427) or via e-mail



Memorial To Don Pep Negre

The Department of Education and Culture of the City of Sant Antoni has awarded the Madrid sculptor Pedro Requejo Novoa the realization of a monument in memory of José Planells Bonet, Don Pep Negre (Sant Rafel, 1928-Ibiza, 2014) dedicated to this distinguished ‘rafaler’, of recognized intellectual, religious and human trajectory, and whom in life received the Gold Medal of the municipality. The sculptor has two months to complete the monument to be delivered to the City Council in late May.


Ibiza’s Dumbest Criminals

The man that Saturday morning stole a car, which he crashed shortly after, left a backpack inside the car with his licenses and other documentation in it, tried to deceive the police to get it back and even appeared in the barracks of the Guardia Civil to report that he had been robbed. As expected, he was arrested and eventually confessed to being the protagonist of this bizarre story.

A young woman who had rented a Citroen C3 left the keys in the car. Around seven o’clock on Saturday the thief stole the car and began circulating at high speed on Avenue Pere Matutes Noguera, from the area of Playa den Bossa to Ibiza Town. When he reached the Lido building, lost control, went off the road, gave a somersault on the sidewalk, and swept away two small walls and a phone booth. The vehicle was embedded on the steps of a business. The damage suffered was considerable. Several bystanders took pictures with their mobile phones and police patrols arrived at the scene.

The National Police reported that the fugitive ran out of the car but forgot a backpack with documents that identified him, among other forgotten property. Instead of escaping, he returned to the crash site, limping, and began to give false explanations to the agents to try to recover the documentation and prevent them from relating him to what happened.

As if that were not enough, after leaving he called the 091 and said his backpack had been stolen and that he had nothing to do with the car theft. The police didn’t believe him and tried to get him to go to the Police Station, but he didn’t fall into the trap.

Not content with trying to deceive the National Police, shortly before two in the afternoon he presented himself at the headquarters of the Guardia Civil de Sant Antoni, in Ses Païsses. By that time the National Police had already informed the rest of the police forces of the island and were on alert to arrest the offender Once transferred by agents of the military institution to the police station, Police investigators explained to him that there was a lot of evidence against him, so he confessed and they arrested him.


Food & Drink

Restaurante Martina

Richard Lawson

A flat calm laps, the beach almost silently under the gaze of a milky winter sun. The numerous mooring buoys out to sea are unoccupied, as most of the island’s boats are either under wraps or out of the water for the winter. The beach too is deserted and all of this meets with the approval of dozens of cormorants serving as an audience on the nearby rocky outcrop of an offshore islet.

We’re sitting on the beach in front of the Restaurant Martina on the Cala Martina beach awaiting the imminent sunset – and life is good. Two old Ibicencos in flat caps row slowly past, having cleared the pile of accumulated seaweed from the front of their ancient boathouse. They disregard the option of an outboard motor, perhaps to better preserve the authentic tranquillity of this perfect Ibizan winter afternoon.

Sparrows hop around expectantly in the sand at our feet beneath the table, occasionally brawling over the odd crust lobbed their way by the audience of diners. In the meantime wagtails studiously inspect the water’s edge, as if to prove their superior intelligence and decorum. This is clearly a venue preferred by the birds for its laid back vibe…

A waiter politely breaks into the moment and responds to our request for a menu with a memorised breakdown of today’s specials. This basically consists of a summary of the best of what the local fishermen delivered to this morning’s fish market. Today they have magnificent looking St. Peter fish, Roya and both Silver and Red Pagel.

The name “St. Peter’s fish” comes from the story in the Gospel of Matthew about the apostle Peter catching a fish that carried a coin in its mouth and it can be found in hieroglyphs dating back to 1500 BC. Having only a few small bones, it is relatively easy to prepare and is delicious when freshly fried.

Roya, also known locally as Rotxa, is similar to red mullet and scorpion fish, but is renowned for the fullness of its flavour. The Pagel, also known as the Pandora, is similar to sea bream and has soft and delicate flesh. However, it doesn’t keep for long, which is why Restaurant Martina buys it in on a daily basis. They’ve been buying fish for the Chiringuito every day for some fifty years now, so you can rest assured that they’re at the front of the queue of local restaurants seeking the best fish at the market on any given day…

All of this we discovered after the waiter returned with the menu, upon which we found all of these delicacies simply described as ‘Another Fresh Fish of the Day’. Quite understandable as a pre-printed menu can’t forecast what’s going to be the best choice at the fish market on any given day. However, the menu does feature Prawns, Squid, Mussels, Hake, Sole, Monkfish, Sardines, Grouper, Sea Bass and Gilt-head Bream so you’ll always be spoilt for choice, but if you want to try the day’s ‘specials’ you’ll have to check out the chilled display cabinet to the left of the bar.

On the other hand, if you just don’t fancy fish whilst you’re sitting there with your toes in the sand soaking up the view, and often down to your T-shirt in the sun even in the winter, the menu offers a range of meaty options, pizzas, pastas, paellas, sandwiches or baguettes that constitute a meal in themselves, and so on. You can even have bacon and eggs (5€) if that’s what rocks your boat?

However, the reason for the longevity of this place and its popularity has a lot to do with its location. Very often, when the rest of the island is wearing its hat of cloud, this place always seems to bask in sunshine. It could be because there are no hills nearby to attract and accumulate clouds, or simply a gift from the gods. On one occasion we did witness a huge electrical storm out to sea from here and it was hugely entertaining, but generally their motto is true – “Sun all day long”…

Restaurant Martina is one of the few remaining authentic Ibicenco chiringuitos on the island. It has no aspirations to become a ‘beach club’ and this is reflected in the prices. The opening hours haven’t changed much over the last fifty years either. They’re open for a morning coffee, while you read the paper for a couple of hours on the covered terrace if that’s all you fancy, and they won’t close until the sun goes down, or until the last of the regular locals decides to go home…


Food & Drink


At Night

IMS Ibiza speakers announced

Claire B

The first speakers have been announced for the International Music Summit (IMS) to be held at the Hard Rock Hotel, May 20th-22nd. IMS is a 3-day conference that focuses on electronic dance music, bringing in many of the key players in the industry, and this year’s timely theme is ‘Consolidation, Co-operation, Curation’. Already confirmed are:


Industry icons:

Alexander Ljung, Soundcloud, Founder and CEO (keynote address)

Greg Consiglio, SFX Entertainment, President (keynote address)

Roger Ames and Henry Village, Black Butter Records (in conversation)

Patrick Moxey, Ultra Records (keynote interview)

Jake Udell, TH3RD BRAIN Management

Judy Weinstein, Def Mix CEO

Stefan Lehmkuhl, Melt! Festival/Lollapalooza Berlin

Rick Stevens, Y Entertainment Group CEO)

Bob Barbiere, Dubset Media CEO



Artists announced so far are Trevor Horn, Sarm Studios (keynote interview), with these artists all taking part in panel sessions: Carl Craig – Planet E Communications, Mike Banks – Underground Resistance, B Traits – BBC Radio 1, Damian Lazarus, Kidnap Kid, Uner, Becky Tong and Juice Box Shadowchild will be in charge of remixing the IMS Anthem 2015.


Panel topics:

The A-Z of Artwork Billing Politics (featuring Bullitt Agency, Coda, WME, London Warehouse Events, Melt)

AFEM presents Can You Buy Success in Electronic Music? (featuring Beatport, Coda, Spinnin Records)

Digital Landscape Debate: Streaming and Monetisation

Young Guns presents Marketing to Millenials – Turning Followers Into Fans (what relationship do modern fans event want?)

Detroit Love presented by Carl Craig and Mad Mike (designed to bring together and support the sounds of Detroit)

Back to Live, (featuring Gibson, Ibiza Rocks, Live Nation, Uner)

State of Mind presented by B Traits (drug usage within the industry and beyond)

Market Focus: South Africa (Black Coffee, Bridges for Music, Ultra SA)

Africa: The Music Industry’s Final Frontier presented by the Lagos Music Conference

Film: A Short Film About Chilling – Ibiza 25 Years On (featuring Charlie Chester, Angus Cameron and Kevin Sampson)

Sven Väth and his Cocoon party will receive the 2015 ‘IMS Legend Award’, joining the ranks of Nile Rodgers, Carl Cox and Pete Tong, and the IMS Legend Dinner on May 19th will be in his honour.

Speaking of the theme for this year’s event, IMS founder, Ben Turner said: “This feels like a critical year for electronic music – probably the most important since the year IMS launched eight years ago when the genre was rock bottom and nobody outside of our world wanted to know us – brands, major labels, radio stations, TV channels. Here we sit in 2015 with the opposite situation but with huge concerns of a major retraction going on around us and within us. IMS 2015 is designed to really focus on the huge potential we have still if we stand tall and united. The solution is in the theme of this year – ‘Consolidation. Co-Operation. Curation.’. None more relevant than our main keynote address from the founder of Soundcloud – Alexander Ljung. The most influential discovery platform for our genre today.”

For full details about the event, the speakers and to purchase tickets go to:



Atzaró Spring Party

Nicole Torres

Agrotourismo Atzaró held its famous Spring Festival on Sunday, which could be seen for miles round the Sant Llorenç valley as people had to park as far as the main San Juan road—I’m glad I only live 300 metres away and walked!

From noon, the resort hosted a festive atmosphere throughout the day with activities for children, culinary workshops, art exhibitions, buffets and food stands, performances and live music.

This traditional party is the first major party and marks  the beginning of the season for many of us, and allows residents and visitors to discover one of the most charming places of the island. The good weather also accompanied, making this Welcome to Spring an overall plan for Sunday for the hundreds of people who attended the event.

Atzaró offered activities for all ages. Younger children could enjoy workshops such as face painting, tattoos or sports, while parents enjoyed Karis Scarlette (Royal Ballet) and Diana Moore (Tribal Belly Dance) who offered their dance performances.

The music, which could be heard from noon until dawn around the whole Sant Llorenç valley, was carried out by some of Ibiza’s talents as the Ibiza Global DJs Anna Tur and Miguel Garji, plus other great island DJs as Iban Mendoza, Luar, Xavier Arak or Ibizalights Boogie Band.

Amid the activity you could also find different food stations ranging from barbecues, vegetarian dishes, rice and curry, desserts or paella. In addition, Atzaró enabled a buffet with a variety of dishes salads, pastas, meats and fish.

The decor, the sun, the colouring and good vibes made it a great day and night for everyone!

For more information on Atzaró Agroturismo and further events visit:





Amanda Zips It Up

Greetings everyone. Welcome the final March instalment of Amanda Zips It Up.

This week reflects a new sign of the times in the shape of super-glossy Vogue and a surprising front cover. The honour belongs to Chiari Ferragni, who has made history on Vogue Spain’s April edition as the first ever fashion blogger to be featured on its cover. It has caused even more furore than Kim Kardashian’s recent Vogue appearance.

Chiari has a site, just like this, called The Blonde Salad. It just goes to show how much popularity, influence and clout blogging seems to have right now. Go to Google, type in the letters ‘Ch’, and watch her name pop up immediately. I was greeted by an advert for Burberry when I logged on, so ‘kerching’ to Chiari! There’s a new cyber generation of fashionistas in town. While The Blonde Salad is more pictorial and Zips It Up borders on a mini editorial fashion magazine, theres no denying Chiari’s on the blogging ball.

To be fair, it helps that she is gorgeous and stylish and I’m sure you wouldn’t get Perez Hilton on the front cover of anything, but didn’t I get there first?

As you read this I am preparing to jump on a plane and head down to Ibiza for a couple of days, to spruce up our pad. This translates into general cleaning and tidying of our gaff and getting it ready for summer. Not the most glamorous of jobs but these new shoes ensure I look fashionable and en vogue whilst still being practical and fulfilling my cleaning duties.

On the subject of Kim K, I recently read an article about how she manages to maintain that insane hourglass shape and curves. To emphasise her rear she has to have a tiny waist, and Kim achieves it with something called ‘The Waist Trainer’.

No, it’s not a local council rep teaching you how to recycle. It’s a corset which you wear six hours a day. Waist Trainers are made from a combination of Lycra, Spandex and Latex and they work by pulling you in around the middle. This makes you sweat more around your waist, meaning you lose inches in that specific area.

You can carry one in your handbag everywhere you go and wear it in the gym, which means you get quicker results. You can even have sex and sleep in it, it’s perfectly safe, apparently. It seems that the waist trainer has a cult following now, with women of all shapes and sizes using it. Even Kerry Katona is giving one a bash. It needs to be tighter Kerry.

What they forget to mention is that you can’t eat or drink anything and you must keep close to the nearest toilet as your poor bladder will be squeezed to within an inch of its life. Six hours of being unable to breathe sounds like utter torture to me. I’d rather have an inch to pinch and be able to hold a conversation. But then could Kim hold a conversation without the ‘Waist Trainer’ anyway? The verdict is out on that one.

Undo that top button, kick off those Asics and indulge in a cold glass of something over Amanda Zips It Up. X

Read Amanda’s fashion blog at



Beauty Tips


Sophia V.

Contouring – Contouring is used amongst the stars, and by many make-up artists on runway models. One celebrity that swears by contouring is Kim Kardashian. With a few simples steps, you can have high cheekbones, a slender nose, higher brows, and can even change your face shape altogether. Contouring is the use of different colour shades, namely browns, and pinks, to enhance your features. Contouring is achieved by the concept of shadowing and highlighting. Think of your face as a blank canvas, and your products as your artistry tools.

Contouring palettes can either be creamy or shadow-based. If you’re a beginner, cream palettes are best, as they are easier to blend. Contouring should be applied with a different selection of make-up brushes – angled brush, blusher brush, flat brush, bronzing brush amongst others.

Contouring products can be found in most make-up shops, and are available online.

Apply your foundation as normal. Suck your cheeks in, and using your angled brush, sweep bronzing powder / brown shade along your cheekbones, toward your earlobes. To alter your facial structure, apply lines near your jaw, for a slimmer face, or underneath your hairline to create a smaller forehead.

Pink shimmer powder also works great as a highlighter, so apply this to the top of your cheekbones in circular movements with your blusher brush.

If you want a slimmer / shorter nose, apply a brown shade down each side of the nose with a small flat brush, and lightly along the bridge. To hide a bulbous nose, apply the shade near the nostrils in a triangular shape.

For a healthy tanned complexion, apply bronzer using your bronzer brush to areas that the sun would usually tan – cheekbones, bridge of the nose, along the forehead, and chin.

To create wide-awake eyes, apply a stroke of pink / white shimmer across your brow bone, under your eyebrows, to create a higher defined arch. Also add some to the inner corners of your eyes. White pencil also works brilliantly on the lower rims of your eyes, and you can also wear your black eyeliner on the outer.

Contouring should be subtle. And don’t forget to blend, blend, blend!

Contouring can even be used to enhance your cleavage, giving the appearance of a fuller bust, popular amongst celebrities, in particular Kylie Jenner.

There are many video tutorials on contouring online. Check out Superdrugs step by step guide, and video on the below link. I will also share how to create the illusion of fuller plump lips, the false eyelash effect, the perfect foundation shade, au natural make-up, achieving the perfect brows and more beauty tips and tricks. Coming Soon!


For more of Sofia’s articles and tips check out her new fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog:




Circa Ibiza Vintage Jewellery

Amanda O’Riordan

Reworked vintage jewellery brandIbizais the latest ‘Need to know’ label to launch from the creative shores of Ibiza.’s clearly something in the (Mediterranean) water as Ibiza’s creative juices are flowing more than ever. We’ve seen a number of interesting collections come out of the White Isle recently and Circa Ibiza is sure to make an impact this summer.

The brainchild of Elle fashion journalist and best-selling author Grace Saunders and her husband Michael, Circa Ibiza encapsulates a cocktail of romance, history, and the Balearic style we all love. Their range of intricate antique and vintage jewellery, alongside charms and lockets from yesteryear, can either be bought as a single piece or can be customised to create a bespoke piece to fit in with any theme. For example, Circa Ibiza were recently commissioneda keen traveller to make a retro passport charm, and by a professional dancer to create a pair of silver antique ballet shoes. The possibilities are limitless.

In 2013, Grace and Michael Saunders and their three children swapped north-London life for a rambling northern Ibiza hilltop finca where they now live and work, dividing their time between London and Ibiza.

Grace says “I began my career in the style industry at the fashion department of British Elle. I would get a real buzz from mixing a Victorian vulcanite locket and pearl set charm from a niche antique emporium with a coveted pair of Vivienne Westwood pirate boots”.was as a fashion writer on the magazine that she really fell in love with antique lockets and charms and the story they told of the past. While writing best-selling lifestyle books she has refuelled her passion for one-off treasure trove jewellery by customising her very own collection.

Grace’s creative eye combined with her husband Michael’s three decades of experience in the international jewellery trade means together they can ensure authenticity and the design foresight to breathe new life into unique and one-off antique pieces. Sourced from around the globe, from international dealers, specialist trade fairs and thirty years of connections within the jewellery business, every Circa Ibiza piece has a unique tale to tell.Locket Collection is based on a build-your-own-story concept, starting with a chain, then adding a locket, charm and bead combination to suit your personality and style. The intricate charms range from old-fashioned typewriters, oyster shells set with tiny pearls, to initials set with semi-precious stones and turn of the century silver skulls with 70’s Moulin Rouge dancing girls.Beads vary from classic pearls to 1920s hand painted beads. Phew! A lot of work has gone into this, clearly.

The Classic Collection comprises hand-picked, lovingly restored and remodelled vintage and second hand rings, necklaces, bangles and timepieces from eras gone by, beginning at turn of the century and leading up to the ‘70s.

Perfect with your Kaftans and Maxi dresses for summer nights and al fresco dining Balearic style this summer.

Both Circa Ibiza collections are exclusively available at La Galeria Elefante and La Paloma in Ibiza or via direct enquiry or online at


Prices from £50 for a single charm to £1,700 for a reworked antique piece or a bespoke locket and charm combination necklace.


Community …


Don’t Forget the Chocolate…

Nick Gibbs

I hope we have given enough page space to the spiritual Easter in this week’s Easter edition, that we can be safe in having earned our credentials recognising the importance of what is for many the most important week on the religious calendar. Our thanks to the Revd Dr Peter Pimentel for his special Easter address, and as ever to Claire B for her interest in Ibiza’s culture well beyond the normal tourist path.

So with due reverence to Easter’s importance in many people’s faith, there is another group of people, particularly small ones, for whom Easter is about a different type of eternal bliss, that being the pursuit of Chocolate.

We are looking forward to visiting some of the good number of fairs over the weekend. One with a very good reputation for putting on a special day is the Hidden Bar, tucked away through the village of San Vicente on the way to Cala San Vicente.

That this year’s event is raising fund for the ’Food in Ibiza’ project we have reported on several times recently, makes it all the more a definite on our weekend travels.

A quick glance at the promotional flyer and you might think it was the same as many other Ibiza days, – cool venue, cool people, cool dj’s, brilliant, BUT it’s the stuff they haven’t put on the flyer I’m looking forward to more, or to be more precise I’m looking forward to on my 5 year old son’s behalf. They have an Easter Egg Hunt, Easter Treats, by which i assume they mean gorgeous little home made things and hopefully a hot cross bun or three, but the thing that had me donning my rose coloured specs and spiralling down sentimental lane, was the Easter Bonnet competition.

We always had Easter bonnets at school, a hundred kids lining up in ridiculous creations of jumble sale hats covered in any assortment of chicks, eggs, flowers, rabbits – and everyone seemed to enjoy it without realising or caring how desperately crap it all was.  We didn’t have palm-sized screens to distract us with a universe of techno-wonder, but once a year we were all happy because we could wear ridiculous camp hats and possibly,  if you had access to felt and pipe cleaners and stuff, you might win one of those extra big eggs. Clear cellophane and ribbon? There were only two ways of obtaining such luxury, the Easter Bonnet competition or winning the pools.

But all of our Easter Eggs took on a much greater significance than for most children now. You may as well take it as me saying “when I was a lad” as that seems to be where it is heading. Aside from Christmas and a brief period on your birthday after you’d eaten savouries, both of which involved such annoyances as sharing, Easter was the one time of year that you were in a chocolate surplus zone. People are far more aware of health issues now so it’s not that all kids now are eating as much chocolate as they want, but it certainly doesn’t have to be a special occasion to justify chocolate overindulgence.

The Easters I remember had lots to make them special. Eggs were only given on Easter Day and if delivered earlier by a visiting relative there was no question you could start eating it until Easter Sunday. The count was an all important social event in the streets you lived – more was best no question, but then you had the ongoing ‘how many have you got left’ creating ever shifting sands of status among the local 8 year olds.

Eggs had their hierarchy too. The extra big was from Mum and Dad. This was a substantial beast with a weighty amount of filling, possibly even tray chocolates and some ribbon. Not the word filling – that in itself was special. Whatever the Egg contents, fun size bars, tootie fruities, milk buttons, etc, were inside a sealed Egg. A more complicated production than the current way of just chucking a bag of whatever it is in the same box, but this was important chocolate and worthy of the effort.

The next tier of eggs were from grandparents, close aunts etc, mid size, still very good, quite often with additional box functions such as a working windmill or yorkie bar lorry with turning wheels. I remember a Crucifix Calvary hill egg – can you imagine that now? Sometimes these would medium eggs would be substituted for a mug with egg, egg cup with egg, basket of eggs etc, anything was game as long as it fulfilled the absolute requirement of including in some way eggs made of chocolate.

Lastly there were the regulars. These were the base price and size that friends of family may give. Crucial to the numbers game, and still with enough quality for the treats to be sealed inside the egg (there was no other way), but having put all of your eggs in a display, and standing back to admire your wealth, you knew the small ones would be first to go.

I vaguely remember school lessons re the crucifixion and resurrection, and my Grandfather sometimes took me to Sunday School, but to nothing like the clarity nor fondness of eggs and hats.

Theologians are in a constant search for the answers as to why the world has turned away from faith towards its secular modern form.

But you have to wonder if the Church really did slip up there. Throughout history it has been quick to impose its authority on any activity or pastime it thought would loose the obedience of its flock, yet it allowed chocolate at Easter. Basic hearts and minds stuff really. Give any of the 4 urchins below a choice between celebrating the sacrifice of Jesus and tucking in to a Celebrations Easter Egg and there will only be one winner.

Best leave that there before I wander into a world of blasphemy and offence.

The Hidden Fair is on Saturday, but preceded by San Rafael so no reason not to do both, Then for us it will be over to Mariposa for another great fundraiser on Sunday.



Easter In Ibiza

Claire B

Holy Week or Semana Santa as it’s known in Spain begins the week before Easter Sunday with Palm Sunday, which this year falls on March 29th.

Semana Santa is a Christian religious holiday, celebrated from the last week of Lent up to Easter Sunday (the Pascua de Resurrección). Spain is well known for its Semana Santa traditions, with processions taking place each day during the week, throughout the country, and these also take place in Ibiza. The processions are steeped in tradition and are a sombre celebration of Jesus Christ’s last few days (The Passion of Christ). Church brotherhoods (cofríadas) carry large, ornately decorated, religious statues through the streets accompanied by the thud of drums and the mournful wailing of trumpets. Some of the statues are huge and can take up to 18 people to carry them. In each procession will be ‘nazarenos’, who wear a hood, tunic and belt in their cofradia’s special colours. Many wear ‘capirotes’ – tall, pointed hoods with eye-holes – designed so that the wearers could repent for their sins anonymously. In the darkness and candlelight they look somewhat reminiscent of the outfits worn by the Ku Klux Klan (apparently early KKK members were influenced by what they saw during Semana Santa). Traditionally, the nazarenos would often walk barefoot or have shackles and chains on their feet as penance, but these days and in Ibiza they’re more likely to carry crosses. With mourners walking alongside the musicians, nazarenos and the bearers carrying the statues, the processions are a moving and interesting spectacle, and are worth experiencing if you want to immerse yourself in the culture of Spain and the island, whether you’re religious or not.

Palm Sunday (Domingo de Ramos), was the weekend just passed, March 29th and it commemorates the triumphal entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem, traditionally marked by the blessing of palms and a procession.

Semana Santa spans March 30th to April 3rd, and there are processions every night (in major towns, and certainly in Ibiza Town), led by a different brotherhood from its corresponding church. The processions in Ibiza Town and Santa Eulalia are the biggest and most impressive. There may also be concerts in the major towns, so we advise checking locally (there will be posters at the main churches).

Ibiza Town

April 2nd, 7:30pm: Procession of the Cofradía Santo Cristo de la Agonia from the Rosario de la Aurora with the effigy of Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza to the Cathedral

April 3rd, 9am: Via Crucis (the way of the cross) sees Jesus being carried on the cross from the parish of Santa Cruz to the Cathedral

April 3rd, 8pm: Procession of Santo Entierro (the holy burial) from the Cathedral, in which all of the cofradías take part



Community …


Santa Eulalia

Nicole Torres

On Jueves Santo (Holy Thursday), April 2nd, there will be special mass in commemoration of Christ’s last supper at the Puig de Missa at 7pm, and later at 9pm there will be a procession leaving the Chapel of Lourdes to reach the Puig de Missa.

The Viernes Santo (Holy Friday) starts with a living Via Crucis which will leave the market for the Puig de Missa at 11am. At noon the municipal band will play in the Plaza España. In the evening there will be a celebration of the Lord’s Passion at Puig de Missa at 6pm, and a procession at 8 which will leave and return to Puig de Missa.

On Saturday, there is an Easter Vigil at Puig de Missa 10pm.

And Easter Sunday will start with the procession del Santo Encuentro (of the Holy Encounter) at 10.30am followed by an Easter mass at Puig de Missa at 11am.



Sorry, we did hunt for San An, Jose and Juan – but couldn’t find any published details.



View From The Pew

What happened on the First Easter Day? Fortunately, we have first century historical documents written in Greek and subsequently incorporated into the Bible and known as The Gospels. These Greek texts are in agreement with each other that on the Sunday following the death of Jesus two remarkable experiences happened. The tomb of Jesus was seen to be empty and the resurrection appearances occurred. But are the Gospel accounts at this point reliable?

Followers of Jesus, very soon after the events of that first Easter Day, spread out from Jerusalem in Israel to all parts of the Greco-Roman world. A spiritual explosion occurred and Christian communities were springing up all over the Roman Empire. This great Christian movement (consisting of Jews and Gentiles) was incredibly diverse. There were many “Christianities”. And yet these communities all had one strange thing in common. They gathered together to worship God through Jesus and in the power of the Holy Spirit on the first day of each week. These worship celebrations were incredible events.

This universal custom of meeting on the first day of the week authenticates the account of the Gospels that the central Christian event of the resurrection occurred on a Sunday. This shows that the account of the visit to the Tomb on the Easter Sunday and the remarkable events of that day were not a late invention read back into history. If we extrapolate lines back from all these diverse Christian communities (always meeting together on a Sunday), spread throughout the Roman Empire, we end up at a remarkable Day. Easter Day! On that day an explosion of spiritual power took place that gave rise to communities of the resurrection throughout the Greco-Roman world.

Easter Day is obviously the most important day of the year for Christians, but actually from the beginning of Christianity every Sunday is Easter Day! Every Sunday is the day of resurrection. The Bible says (in another First Century Greek text): “I want to know Christ and the power of His resurrection!”

English-speaking Church of Ibiza and Form. Tel. 971 343383


Community …


Letter from Juan


We have had the rain and now we have the heat and sunshine, bring on the poppies! I remember a few years ago there was a spectacular show of poppies in the Sant Josep Valley with three large fields covered in blood red poppies. These days it is not quite so easy to find big displays as there is a tendency for the locals to plough their fields but if you look hard enough you will be rewarded. So don’t forget, if you are going out take your camera. I know you can always use your phone, but if you get a really good show you get a much better with result with a good camera. So keep your eyes open and once you start seeing a few poppies coming out, get in your car and have a search for that magical field or even fields- Just one of the delights that await us in the coming months. On the subject of delights and looking out for things, it is that time of year when you should look out for the 2014 bottles of white wine as there are now starting to appear on the shelf. Very few Spanish white wines ever get to be vintage as they are better drunk young. So you will find that the new young whites are now much fresher and lighter than the 2013 wine which is now getting a little tired. It is also an opportunity to pick up some bargains as the stores often reduce the prices of the old stock but their Staff are not always the best at rotating the stock and as a result you can get the new young wine at the lower price. So lots of things to look forward to, the evenings are lighter, all the restaurants are opening up and everywhere you go the staff are laughing and smiling and happy to see you. No excuse not to get out and about and have a good time, yours Juan.



It’s Good to Talk

Kate Stillman

Dear Kate

We came to live here in the 80’s and have had a fantastic life, well we still are. Our children grew up here and it was probably one of the best choices we ever made.

Our son met a lovely girl one summer they fell in love, she moved over here and had two beautiful children. However, over the last year things have turned sour and they have separated. The heartbreaking thing for us is that she has moved back to the UK and we have “lost” our grandchildren. I understand why she has gone, all her family ad friends are there but that logic doesn’t stop me and my husband feeling utterly devastated for ourselves and trying to stay strong for our son who is shattered, it is proving very difficult indeed. Any ideas would be useful at this time. Thank you, PH.

Dear PH,

Thank you for your e-mail. I can hear how the break up of your family is affecting you, your husband and your son. I am sorry you are having to go through this. There are no easy solutions when a partnership breaks down especially when children and geography are involved. Life here in Ibiza is so child friendly that I can imagine you are finding it difficult to reconcile her decision to move.

However, she has moved and you now have to face the journey of acceptance whilst at the same time maintaining a good relationship with her so your access can be as frequent as possible. There are possibly a few practical steps you could consider. Have you set up Skype so you can actually see them? Are you aware that BA offers a service for unaccompanied minors to escort them, I do believe there is a fee involved but it is probably cheaper than you going to collect them for their visits here. Do you have relatives in the UK that you could go and stay with enabling you to see them in the UK. My feeling is that you need to arrange times / days for phone calls / Skype and general catching up with your grand children so relationships remain strong and you feel as much a part of their lives as possible.

In the mean time, whilst all the practical is going on, it is also important for all three of you to try and get out and do things as much as possible to keep busy and not allow yourselves to dwell on the situation. You need to establish a slightly different life now which in some ways opens up some opportunities. So focus on the positives and take time for yourselves.

Warm regards,


For contact details see Kate’s advert in local services.


Cala Llonga

The Association of Vecinos de Cala Llonga would like to thank all those who came to help with this year’s Beach Cleaning Day. A varied amount of items were collected including of course a mattress (there’s always a mattress) by an enthusiastic group of volunteers who were then invited to a BBQ prepared by Toni, Felipe and friends, with entertainment by Jordi, Chris and Vinnie. The party then moved to Bar Pio where Frankie Riley and Ron (1 half of the Skiffle Kings) kept the atmosphere rocking. Thank you all once again. Vecinos de Cala Llonga.

Easter Fair. This coming Sunday 5th April we are holding our annual Easter Fair at Bar Mariposa, Pueblo Asparagus, Cala Llonga. This year’s event is rather special as we will be raising money to help two well loved local people, Jack and Lyn. Jack, who was once one half of the newspapers Jack and Ian local footie reporting team, is battling against cancer and we would dearly love to help them through this difficult ltime. Starting at mid-day we will have cake stalls, tombola, raffles, Duck Races, Pig Racing and more. The restaurant will be open for the normal daily menu. See our ad for full details and we hope you’ll come along and join in the fun.

Viva Cala Llonga. On Sunday 12th April Cala Llonga will be staging its First Annual Beach Football Competition. There are already quite a number of 5 a side teams entered but if you would like to enter a team or participate yourself, ladies teams more than welcome, then come to the beach at 9am, see our new web site


or visit us on facebook. In addition to the football there’ll be live music from the recently formed Girl Band- Rebel Hearts plus a chance to try Felipe’s amazing Paella. It’s a day out for all the family. (See our ad for more info)


Singing Fingers

Carly Sorensen

For the past year I’ve been looking for a fun and friendly parent and toddler class to take my little monkey to, and this week it seems I have finally found one! Ela and I had the pleasure of taking part in the lovely Kate Burkinshaw’s free introductory class to her new ‘Singing Fingers’ course on Friday. The class is aimed at one to four year olds and was fun from start to finish! We began with all the mums and toddlers sitting in a circle and names whilst singing the little ones names whilst they banged a drum and it was clear from the outset that Kate knows kids. She connected with each of them beautifully and was warm and energetic from the start. She was not at all afraid to be silly or demonstrate by doing and this encouraged the kids to have as much fun as possible too.

At only just sixteen months, Ela didn’t quite have the understanding to follow the class and after a shy start clinging to me, she wanted to do everything five minutes later than everyone else (when she wasn’t looking at herself in the mirrors!), but by the end she was toddling about clapping and dancing. Kate was great with Ela, encouraging her to join in, but not putting any pressure on her when she didn’t want to.

As a teacher myself, I know only too well how hard it can be to keep a room full of energetic, excited young things entertained and engaged and Kate did it with panache, switching up the activities every five or ten minutes to stop the kids getting bored and bringing finger puppets, percussion instruments, cloth, a keyboard and a little wicker toy chest to make the class as multi-sensory and enjoyable as possible. We sang nursery rhymes with actions, danced, clapped, played instruments and games, did the hokey cokey and even learnt a few notes on the piano… mums and kids all smiling and energised.

It was lovely to see the little ones so enthused and happy and we’ll certainly be going again after our Easter break. I can highly recommend ‘Singing Fingers’ to any and all parents and toddlers with a love of music and fun! See you there!

Classes run on Friday mornings at 9.45am at La Galeria Elefante Studio in Santa Gertrudis and cost 10 euros. For more information contact Kate at





Mercedes Miss in Malaysia

Rhian Gibbs

Only the second race and it looks like we are in for some real battles this season. Hamilton had a good start and looked in control until Ericsson spun out and the safety car was deployed lap 4. Both Mercedes came in for new tyres showing their hands as having a three-stop strategy whilst Vettel in his Ferrari stayed out – this would prove to be the game changer.

For the rest of the race it was cat and mouse with the silver arrows trying to catch the formidable Ferrari, they did a sterling job but failed to pass the German and so the podium stood as Vettel 1st, Hamilton 2nd and Rosberg 3rd.

This wasn’t the only excitement in the race as Raikkonen of Ferrari started from 11th, suffered a puncture and had to scramble his way back through the pack crossed the line 4th. It certainly looks like Mercedes will have some competition this year!

Next and unsurprisingly the Williams team brought both cars home with Bottas 5th and Massa 6th despite Bottas being held up in a minor collision at the start of the race with Maldonado and then the Williams boys tapped wheels before Bottas got the better of Massa on the penultimate lap.

The rookies on the grid did a fantastic job for Toro Rosso with Verstappen 7th and Sainz 8th – they battled between themselves and Verstappen has now become the youngest-ever point scorer, he is definitely one to watch.

It was a little surprising to see both Red Bulls this far back (and behind their junior team), they lacked pace and added to that Kyvat survived an impressive spin; Ricciardo sustained front wing damage on the first lap, hence their positions 9th and 10th respectively.

Lotus had a difficult race with Maldonado retiring lap 47 due to his brakes; earlier he had suffered a puncture after making contact with Bottas. His teammate Grosjean at least finished the race 11th , but couldn’t climb further after surviving a spin courtesy of Perez. Sauber also had a troublesome race with Ericsson retiring after getting his car beached lap 4 Nasr struggled with handling difficulties and could only manage 12th.

Force India lacked pace, Perez received a 10 second stop-go penalty for sending Grosjean off track and his team-mate Hulkenberg joined him on the naughty step for a similar incident – nudging Kyvat into a spin, his punishment also a 10 second pit stop penalty.

Marussia started with one car and finished with one car – Roberto Mehri may have finished the race last in 15th, but it does give the team vital data for future races. Stevens unfortunately had to withdraw after suffering fuel problems in free practice 3.

McLaren were forced to retire both cars during the race, Alonso on lap 22 with and ERS cooling problem and Button lap 41 with a turbo issue. Whilst disappointing, they did at least get to run with the lower end of the pack and improvements have been made since Australia.

So with Vettel taking his first win with Ferrari, Mercedes now wondering what they will need to do to keep the Prancing horses behind them, Manor Marussia making the grid and Toro Rosso beating their senior team for the first time in years, this season may be the best yet.


Ibiza C.C. vs Redbourn C.C. (Hertsfordshire)

Robin Parmenter

Sat 21st March. 25 overs.

There were several firsts to begin the 2015 Ibiza cricket season: playing on a green mat placed on a rolled pitch at the beautiful Ibiza Polo club ground, near San Lorenzo, playing in March for the first time, and with a new captain, Graham Boe, and playing against a cricket club established in the 19th century (1823), where cricket matches were first recorded on Redbourn Common in 1666!

Ibiza decided to bat first to get an idea of the pitch, and it proved immediately to be harder to score runs than at the San Jose football astroturf ground. In addition, the Redbourn players bowled very tidily throughout and kept up the pressure on the Ibiza batsmen, so that the latter scored at less than 4 runs per over (6 runs/over had been the norm in San Jose). In fact, only skipper Graham Boe (17), Sam Gooda (12) and Martin  Makepeace (10) managed to reach double figures, with Ibiza finishing their 25 overs on an under par 85 for 9. Of the visitors’ bowlers, Dan  Thatcher (2/18), Liam Beere (2/16) and Dan Roe (2/4) were the most successful, while Simpson, Ben Benfield and Bas Bassill obtained a wicket each.

Redbourn then batted sensibly, with their opener Smythe scoring a rapid 31, aided by Rob Ashcroft (13) and Jon Fleming (16 not out), allowing them to reach their target on 89 for 4 in the 18th over, thus winning by 6 wickets.
Ibiza bowlers Mike Amos (2/21) and Jeremy Parmenter (2/13) got the only wickets to fall.


Sun 22nd March. 35 overs .

This time Redbourn batted first and started well with openers Tonio Maulder (40) and Toby   Ashcroft (27) compiling a useful  opening stand of 68. Once this partnership was broken, wickets fell more regularly, but the visitors still managed to score runs steadily thanks to cameos from  Bassil (15) and Ronnie (20), and finished on a competitive 158 for 9. The Ibiza bowlers adapted better to the pitch, with Graham Boe (3/18) and Jeremy Parmenter (2/29) having the most success, while Paul Cruttwell, Mike Amos and Robin Parmenter contributed a wicket each.

Ibiza now needed to bat more positively then the day before, but once again were held in check by accurate bowling from Redbourn. Graham Boe managed a steady 20 before falling, and then a batting mix up causeda run out, so that Ibiza were struggling on 37/3 in the 14th over and behind the required run rate. The hosts needed a good partnership and this was provided by Martin Makepeace (28) and Robin Parmenter (61 not out) combining in an unexpected and useful stand of 76 runs to bring the score to 113/4 in the 30th over. However, Ibiza still needed 46 runs off 30 balls, which ultimately proved too much and they fell short by 13 runs, finishing on 145 for 6. Again the Redbourn bowlers performed well, managing to restrict the scoring when needed, with Dan Thatcher (2/11), Jon Fleming (1/19) and Benfield (1/16) obtaining wickets. However, the Ibiza team, despite missing several influential players and dropping a couple of catches, were more competitive, so the resulting contest could have been even closer and was enjoyed by all.

All in all, this was a wonderful weekend of cricket in the stunning setting of the Ibiza Polo Club, and there will be several more double headers in April and Many thanks to Geoff Tookey for organising the tour and to the Redbourn team for their sporting and friendly spirit throughout and we hope to welcome them back soon.

Many thanks also to Gabriele of the Polo Club for providing the ground, to Sam Gooda, Paul Partridge and Paul Cruttwell for working so hard to roll and prepare the pitch, to Lyn Carpenter for providing the food and refreshment, and to Dave Reynolds for scoring.

Next cricket matches on 11th/12th April, leading up to the Balearic Cup, hosted by Ibiza from 8th-10th May. see facebook for info! RPHood.


Jezza´s Sports Report

Jeremy Parmenter



and the World Cup down under, where the Semis were contested in the early part of the week, with, as I predicted, the best two current ODI sides making the Final, as Australia sorted out current holders India and New Zealand ousted South Africa in what I can only describe as the best match of the whole tournament, as it ebbed and flowed with the Kiwis needing 6 of the last 2 balls, and achieving the target in 1! So to the Final, played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Sunday in front of an Australian record for an ODI match of 93,000 odd. Unfortunately, my tip, the Kiwis, never really got going, or rather the Aussie bowlers never let them get going, and it all really turned into a bit of a damp squib as Australia won their 5th WC with ne’er a blip, by 7 wickets in only 33 overs. Shame, really, as I felt the Kiwis really deserved to win over the course of the tourney, but there you go. Hats off to Michael Clarke’s experienced team and a fitting way for the skipper to bow out of ODI’s after some 245 matches.

Rugby Union

With the 6 Nations over t’was back to the Premiership in England, and leaders Northampton cemented their top spot with a 52-30 trouncing of Wasps to open up a 10 point lead over 2nd placed Saracens, 42-14 winners over Harlequins in front of a world record for a club match crowd of 84,068. Elsewhere, Bath jumped in to 3rd with a 29-14 bonus point win over London Welsh, confirming the capital’s side’s relegation, Leicester in 4th, beat nearest challengers Exeter at Welford Road, London Irish overcame Newcastle by one point in a 43 point thriller, and Gloucester were beaten by Sale up north.

Rugby League

In the Super League, St Helens lost their 100% record and their lead at the top by losing 24-22 at Hull KR, being usurped by Leeds, 38-22 winners over Catalan Dragons, Huddersfield are in 3rd after their 29-10 win over 4th placed Warrington and Wigan jumped in to 5th as they demolished bottom club Wakefield.


and after Andy Murray’s recent disappointing exit at the semi-final stage of the Paribas ATP event, it was back to basics as he cruised in to the 4th round of the Miami Open with a straight sets win over Colombian Giraldo, and now faces 6’8” South African Kevin Anderson to reach the Quarters.

But, as always, his 3 nemesis’, namely Djokovic, Federer and Nadal are all still in the mix, although Djokovic did have a wobble in his match against Martin Klizan, losing the 2nd set 7-5, but he came back to win the final set 6-1.


No Premier or Championship matches last weekend, as the group games for Euro 16 continued, and yet another group win for England, their 5th from 5, as they demolished Lithuania 4-0 at Wembley. Good win, featuring skipper Rooney’s 47th England goal, now only 2 behind Sir Bobby’s record but don’t quite agree with his comment “We’ll take on the world!” I mean, come on guys, we were playing a League 1 back 4 and to be honest, it could and should have been a lot more so my answer to the Roo is, yeah, we’ll see when we come up against a decent team! Mind you, ’tis Italy on Tuesday in Turin, so that should give us a pointer to the future. As for the other Home countries, what a brilliant win for Wales, 3-0 in Israel to keep them top of their group and congrats to Gareth Bale for his brace and well deserved for manager Chris Coleman who certainly has got the ole Dragon spouting fire, at last! Scotland were taking on the European giants Gibraltar (population 10,000, only joking Mr Strachan!) in their group at Hampden Park, but, having taken the lead, succumbed to the Gibraltarian’s first ever goal in Europe with a serious shock on the cards but, thanks to the island’s Scots born goalkeeper, he obviously couldn’t let the country of his birth suffer the ignominy of a draw with the lowest ranked European team, even lower than San Marino (in England’s group with a Euro 16 record so far of P5 W0 D1 L4 F0 A17 Pts 1!) and promptly let in a further 5 goals. Great news for Northern Ireland as they beat Finland 2-1 in their qualifier in Belfast with a Lafferty brace to stay 2nd in their group.

Finally, good to see so many stars, past and present, at Anfield on Sunday in a charity match as Steve Gerrard’s Invitational X1 took on Jamie Carragher’s X1. Fitting result, 2-2 in the end, but well done to stars such as Fernando Torres, Luis Suarez, Thierry Henry and John Terry, to name a few, who all turned out but star of the show, apparently, was the ‘Pool’s current Reserve team striker Balotelli who scored one and made one for Carra’s team which begs the question, why can’t he do that in the Premier League!

On that note and until next week, have an enjoyable Easter. Jezza


Ibiza Rugby Club

We have not received any reports lately, but we understand things are going very well for Ibiza towards the end of the season. Congratulations on getting this far and good luck in the final push.


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Thursday  2nd  to Wednesday  8th April


ARIES – The Tower

There is, somewhere in your life, a false ideal or belief that requires dismantling. This needs great courage on your part as it will have ramifications in all your relationships, work and play. If you don’t begin this process, events can be taken out of your hands. The result will be the same, radical change.

TAURUS – Ace of Wands

You will want to begin something new, whether it is your career or a fresh start. Accept social invitations as they can lead to useful contacts that can help you move your cunning plans forward. Births are also indicated by this card so expect some good news within the family or for someone close to you. Be creative and inventive!

GEMINI – Eight of Swords

You feel besieged this week, as if there is no way out of a certain situation. Don’t put all your stress eggs into one basket! Not everything is bleak and if you stopped struggling with problems you would find solutions. Nor can you do it alone; seek trusted advice from professionals or friends who have your best interests at heart.

CANCER – The Lovers

Relationships with those you’re closest to bring happiness and contentment this week. You’re also presented with a few choices that if you choose wisely, will have you dancing along your merry way for joy. It’s a wonderful card for new beginnings; the people who you take on your new journey are ones that make you smile and your heart happy.

LEO – The Moon

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth; should be your mantra this week. This applies to the illusions you’ve been hanging on to within yourself as well as what you have been fed by others. Don’t give your power away. Let your intuition be your guide and don’t doubt it this week; it whispers your truth.

VIRGO – Ten of Pentacles

Adding to your material security is easy this week as others like what you do and are willing to dig deep for your services. This card also indicates an unexpected windfall, so you might want to speculate to accumulate. Life is offering you opportunities that a year ago would have been hard to imagine. How wonderful, so be thankful!

LIBRA – Ten of Wands

Don’t take too much on or you’ll find yourself regretting it. Be mindful that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Yes you do have deadlines to meet, but by being more methodical and less muddled you’ll get better results. Take time to chill out with friends or if you meditate, make sure you don’t let your practice slip.

SCORPIO – Two of Wands

Don’t sit on the fence this week Scorpio, time to get back into the swing of things. Life’s a party that’s waiting for you to join it! Your problems are solvable; don’t waste valuable head space creating difficulties where few exist. Your mind is your biggest obstacle this week; don’t give in to negativity when all is in fact, OK!

SAGITTARIUS – Six of Wands

It’s an excellent week to further your career interests, but don’t let all that success go to your head. Your will fail to impress someone important if you behave in an arrogant or high handed manner. Sure you’re good, but if you’re fighting off competition from other fire signs, it’ll be a bun fight! Success with dignity shows real leadership.

CAPRICORN – Page of Swords

If you must confront others regarding their actions then make sure you know all the facts before wading in. Loved ones or associates are easily provoked, which could lead to arguments. You’re in no mood to slack off so expect to get a lot done this week; however avoid being bossy. Best to work by yourself as much as possible!

AQUARIUS – Three of Wands

Your creative talents are being recognised by colleagues and associates and you are being encouraged to develop your knowledge and to explore new techniques. International travel is indicated and you’ll want to plan a trip to for business and pleasure. Some of you are even thinking of relocating to foreign shores and are lining up useful business contacts.

PISCES – Ace of Pentacles

Pisces love their creature comforts, which is why they’re willing to work hard to get what they want. This is the best money card in the deck so is great for benefiting materially. The energy of this Ace brings gifts of wisdom; if we acknowledge our intuition. Be open to new ideas and expand your spiritual side.