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News …

Tributes to 150 Lost

  • Black Box audio recovered.
  • European leaders visit crash site.
  • Manifest includes72 Germans, 51 Spanish & 3 British.
  • Ibiza pays tribute in a one minute silence.

Investigators at the site of crashed flight 4U 9525 have extracted cockpit voice recordings from one of the black boxes of the Airbus plane that smashed into the Alps on Tuesday. The announcement of the discovery came late Wednesday through Reuters, however it is expected to be some days before any findings will be released.  We just have been able to extract a useable audio data file,” Remi Jouty, director of France’s BEA air incident investigator told a news conference at its headquarters outside Paris.

But it was too early to draw any conclusions about the causes of the crash, he said.

“Detailed work will be carried on the file to interpret the voices and sounds that can be heard on the file,” he said, adding that he expected to have more analysis of the voices in “a matter of days”.

Jouty declined to give details of the recordings. While stressing it was too early to form a clear picture, he said the crash scenario did not appear to be linked to depressurisation and he ruled out a mid-air explosion having taken place.

Most of the victims are German or Spanish, including 16 German schoolchildren returning to Duesseldorf airport after a trip to the Barcelona region.

The crash happened just before 11a.m. Tuesday. An Airbus A320 passenger jet flew into the side of a mountain in the French Alps after skimming the mountain topsa steep descent that killed all 150 people on board.

All 144 passengers and six crew aboard the flight from Barcelona to Dusseldorf were killed when it crashed into the side of the 9,000 metre-high Estrop massif 100 miles north of Nice.

The regional newspaper La Provence quoted a local mountain guide as saying: “I took a dozen gendarmes up to the crash scene. From the Mariaud pass, I could see the wreckage. It was obvious to me that the plane had flown into the side of the mountain.” Sébastien Giroud, the owner of a saw-works in Prads-Haute-Bléones, said that he had glimpsed the plane for two or three seconds as it struggled over the village. “It was very low, only 1,500 or 2,000 metres and it seemed to be falling. I said to myself: ‘that’s not going to make it over the mountains. I never heard a thing.”

Flight 4U 9525 vanished from radar screens at about 10.47 am local time, 46 minutes after take-off from Barcelona. French officials said that debris had been found on the 2,961 metre-high Estrop massif near the smalltown of Barcelonette in the Alpes-de-Hautes-Provence.

French President Francois Hollande went to the remote Alpine region to join the leaders of Germany and Spain to pay tribute to the victims. Hollande, Merkel and Rajoy thanked search teams and met residents in the village of Seyne-les-Alpes, where the salvaging operation has been set up.

“Dear Angela, dear Mariano, rest assured … we will find out everything,” a visibly moved Hollande told German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, pledging to get to the bottom of what caused the crash. “France stands by you.”

Merkel replied: “It feels good that in a difficult hour like this that we’re standing so closely together in friendship. Dear Francois, I’d like to say to you a heartfelt ‘thank you’ in the name of millions of Germans who are deeply appreciative of this German-Franco friendship.” Hollande and Merkel had earlier flown over the nearby ravine where the Germanwings airliner came down.

A simple tribute ceremony took place on a site with a view in the distance of the mountain against which the Airbus crashed. French officials arranged it to give the families a mental image of the area in which their relatives died.

In Spain the central Government announced 3 days of official mourning. In Ibiza the Consell announced that a minutes silence would be observed at noon on Wednesday 25th. The mark of respect was observed by many throughout the island in public and private businesses and homes.

In the Consell offices municipal spokesman José Antonio Verdugo  gave what were said to be some very moving words at the end of the observance to show “solidarity with the families of the victims”. All flags on Public offices will remain at half mast for the three days of official mourning.


The World’s Most Rubbish Graffiti Artists Caught Red (Black) Handed.

Sant Antoni Local Police and Guardia Civil have identified the authors of the ‘graffiti’ made in local facades of the municipality. In a joint operation, officers used surveillance cameras located in various parts of the municipality to identify the perpetrators.

Those identified, both minors, were recorded by surveillance cameras in various parts of town whilst vandalising property. The act is considered a criminal offence but as both are under the age of 14yrs, they will be liable for the damage.

Tourism Promotion Round Up …

The Foundation for the Promotion of Tourism in Ibiza has participated in two fairs that ended on Sunday, March 22nd. These are the TUR fair in Gothenburg, the most important in the Swedish tourist market, and the Destination Nature in Paris, specializing in nature tourism, cycling, hiking and other outdoor activities. It is their 31st edition and 2014 had an attendance of 63,000 people, of which 230 were journalists. As for the TUR fair, it closed 2014 with 35,000 visitors, 460 exhibitors and 111 countries.

Also, the Tourism Promotion Foundation has started on a round of ‘workshops’ (meetings with commercial and promotional character) in the area of Spanish Levante, with the aim of promoting the destination Ibiza in the domestic market and to further extend the tourist season. The Minister of Tourism, Carmen Ferrer, will attend these meetings accompanied by 16 companies of Ibiza. The meetings are planned with travel agencies, in order to let them know the multiple possibilities of Ibiza. The schedule is as follows:

– Monday 23rd: Alicante, – Tuesday 24th: Valencia, – Wednesday 25th: Murcia

And the promoting continues with the Minister of Tourism, Carmen Ferrer, who has been present at the Cruise Shipping Fair in Miami, the most important fair in the world of cruise tourism. Ferrer made a “very positive” balance of the promotion of Ibiza as a cruise destination, a fair “in which we are working already thinking of 2016 and 2017”. The Minister stressed the importance of not focusing on promoting the great vessels (which are, moreover, increasing in the most recent years), but also in the smaller cruise ships, “with a more selective and alternative public, which is what can help us grow at the beginning and end of the season.” The Minister explained that 2015 119 cruises are expected in Ibiza, with more than 170,000 passengers, and companies like TUI will go from not having any stops in 2014 to 17th this year. It is a company with German clients, mainly families. Carmen Ferrer also praised the fact that the Balearic Islands Port Authority is expanding the space for the extension of a cruise dock, as she had requested to the Ibiza Island Council: “Nowadays, we can say that we have very competitive facilities to receive cruise ships.” She also stressed that, in recent years, cruise ships are tending to increase their stays in Ibiza, up to 12 hours, when before many were only here for three hours.

Cala de Bou Roundabout Costs  A Cool Quarter Million €

The City of Sant Josep announced that it has completed the construction of a roundabout on Albacete street. According to municipal sources, it was a much needed infrastructure due the volume of vehicles travelling along this road.

The Consistory has reminded that the crossing where the roundabout has been built was a hotspot for the safety of pedestrians and drivers, where there have been several accidents and many jams.

The cost of the work amounted to 244,709.32 euros and although it started in the spring of 2014, the project was stopped when the tourist season started, so it has been finished now.

Our repost of press relating to the roundabout caused considerable criticism of the project.

Just a few of the comments made..

“€245K to put in a badly designed roundabout”  “Outrageous” “..at one point they did have roughly 127 people planting greenery on it. Seems reasonable.” “1 planting & 126 watching “

Jesús Residents Agree  to Postpone New Crossing Until After Season

The Minister of Transport, Pepa Costa, members of the Department of Highways and representatives of the City of Santa Eulalia met with several members of the Association of Neighbourhood of Jesus to treat the proximity of the renovation of the Road of Jesus, which are scheduled to begin next week.

At this meeting, the neighbours have expressed their willingness to postpone the start of the works, given the proximity to the summer season. The City of Santa Eulalia also reported their willingness to postpone the works.

The work of the Jesus crossing includes a general improvement of the entire track, lighting, drainage, sidewalks and bike lanes, with a budget allocation of 1,434,908 euros for the company Waterways y Construcciones SA, which was awarded the work by agreement of the Executive Council on December 15th.

Sign Language Classes

The Minister of Health and Social Welfare of the Island Council, Mercedes Prats, has presented the Sign Language Interpretation Program Ibiza (PILSE), an initiative aimed at people with hearing impediments of the island. A press conference was also attended by the head of section of Care for People with Disabilities, Carlos Lara, and sign language interpreter Marina Bonet.

According to the Centre Base of the Government of the Balearic Islands, Ibiza Island had a total of 324 people with impaired hearing.

The Ibiza Island Council will enable telematic tools necessary (text messages, WhatsApp, mail, fax…) so that recipients can make their service request. Also you can make the request in person at the offices of Career and Counselling Service for People with Disabilities.


Pinet Playa Upgrading to 4 Star

Vice President and CEO of Meliá Hotels International, Gabriel Escarrer, advised that the chain will refurbish the Pinet Playa Hotel of Sant Antoni, from a three to four-star superior in 2016. All three Meliá establishments on the island are to be completely refurbished with the latest standards of product and service in 2016.

In Ibiza, Meliá own the ME of Santa Eulalia, five-star luxury, opened in 2014; the Sun Beach House, Santa Eulalia, a superior four star (formally known as Sol Ibiza, three stars), and the aforementioned Pinet Playa, which goes from being three star to four star superior in 2016.

Meliá’s commitment to increase their establishments coincides with other projects to improve the hotel infrastructure – Insotel Tarida Beach Sensatori Resort located in Cala Tarida, which goes from four to five stars, will be part of the hotels that the TUI includes in its Sensatori Resorts brand, and Fiesta Hotel Club Palm Beach, four star, which this season became the five star Grand Palladium White Island Resort and Spa.

In addition, four hotels are undergoing refurbishment to grow from three to four stars this season: Club Cala Llenya, Grupotel Oasis, Hotel Hawaii y Club Stella Maris.

200 New Traps For Capturing Snakes

The Minister of Agriculture Antonio Mari, and the Minister of Environment, Pepa Costa, presented the new traps that will be used for the second phase of the project to eradicate snake species considered invasive. It is an initiative launched by the institution and manufacture of these systems is being developed by students of the School of Art of Ibiza.

The traps will be placed in areas with the highest number of snakes, such as Santa Eulalia, San Lorenzo, Santa Gertrudis, San Miguel, and in general, the centre of the island, among other points. This pilot project has a total budget of 44,232 euros.

EPIC Worries About Party Boats

The Citizen Movement EPIC Ibiza have expressed their concern at reports of emergence of new party boats next summer without the Balearic Parliament having approved a regulation of this sector.

It is a high priority that the Balearic institution establishes a regulatory framework for Party Boats that clearly determine the limits of this segment in water sports, to avoid inconvenience to other visitors and residents, as well as accidents that have occurred, some of the which have tragic outcome.

This regulation is one of their proposals to Balear level within the electoral program to achieve coexistence of the different tourist profiles we have in our island.

112 Announce Reinforcements For  Tourist Season

The 112 emergency services in the Balearic islands began a 30 day training course of emergency managers that will reinforce the existing staff of the operating room. Once completed, the 14 students will be able to respond to the increased number of calls that are recorded on the island from June until October.

As reported by the General Directorate of Interior, Emergencies and Justice of the Government, trained staff will allow the number of operators to respond to more calls whilst maintaining quality of service.

Specifically, the course will be taught by professionals and will consist of two parts: the theoretical, lasting 80 hours (five hours daily for 16 days), and a practical—100 hours (five hours for four days and ten days in shifts of eight hours). The first part will deal with issues such as interpersonal communication, emergency calls in English, general geography and specific to the Serra de Tramuntana, call handling, management and tracking of incidents.

Police to devote attention to tourists

This summer, the National and Local police will devote more attention to foreign tourists in the town following the Local Security Board meeting with the mayor, Virgina Marí, and the curator, José Luis Santafé in attendance. One of the main conclusions of the meeting was the importance of getting the Service for Foreign Tourists (SATE) working again, In a statement from the Balearic government delegation press office, ‘SATE was not working because of political changes undergone by the Consistory.’

SATE will be re-activated in the Summer and will feature translators at peak times, when there are more tourists on the streets.

Baleària Offer 75,000+ Seats During Easter

Baleària is to offer over 75,000 seats during the Easter holidays (from March 28th to April 12th) on lines operating from Barcelona, Valencia and Dénia with the Balearic Islands. In addition to these routes, the company will offer daily services between Ibiza and Formentera and on routes between Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza.

As part of their  fun and entertainment on board, magic shows, children’s entertainment, 3D cinema screenings and adult entertainment have all been scheduled for these dates. The ferries providing these performances are the Abel Matutes, which operates the Barcelona-Palma line, the Nissos Chios that goes from Denia-Ibiza-Palma, and Visemar One, between Valencia and Palma.

Club Náutico Reform later this year?

On receipt of a favourable environmental impact statement from the Ministry of Environment,  Club Náutico Ibiza (CNI) will speed up the process of renewing their grant and remodelling their facilities. Describing the situation as “almost five years riprap,” the director of CNI, Luis Mariano Arabi, is confident that the Port Authority of Balears (APB) will now expedite the processing as fast as possible.

“Let’s see if this year it will be resolved,” said Arabi, who explained that ideally he should receive permission from the APB to carry on with the reform before the end of the year.

The draft reform provides an investment of over seven million euros and work could be completed “within a year” if they can start this winter. The works, as reported by CNI president, Juan Mari, are distributed in two phases, allowing for a break during the summer and completion could be the following winter

Council Approves Churches Promotion

The Executive Council have approved an agreement with the Bishopric for the management and promotion of cultural churches in Ibiza for 2015. With 64.400 euros, the agreement will ensure the churches are open for everyone to enjoy ecclesiastical heritage. Sant Josep, Sant Agustí, Sant Jordi and Sant Francesc, Sant Antoni, Sant Rafel, Santa Agnès and Sant Mateu, Sant Miquel, Sant Llorenç, Sant Joan and Sant Vicent, Santa Eulària, Santa Gertrudis, Sant Carles and Jesús are included and are the most important elements of their respective historical sites, declared of cultural interest (BIC) by the Plenary of the Island Council on March 29th, 1996. It also includes the Ibiza Cathedral (Church of Santa Maria ) and San Pere (el Convenint), which are within the monuments declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999.


Food & Drink

Welcome Back David’s, We Missed You …

With its stylish French-Italian cuisine David’s Restaurant/Pizzeria located in the heart of San Antonio is one of the very welcome returns to local life as we head into another season.

David’s has everything to keep the local and tourist happy —great food, express service, a lively atmosphere and very good prices – for example their superb value daily menu which, at 12.50€, has been a workers favourite for many years. The full menu is extensive and their pizzas can be cooked on thin crust or as a Calzone. However there is far more on offer than you would normally find at a regular pizza joint. Our office favourites from the starters include the hot Goat’s Cheese salad, a simply sublime combination of lettuce, tomato, bacon, mushrooms and hot goat’s cheese, and the deliciously different  Salmon with dill oil and toast from the starters. On the main we, and everybody it seems, adore the Magret of Duck with mashed apples and honey. Tastes as good as it sounds.

Other top choices include sirloin steak “perigourdine” style with mushroom sauce truffle and foie-gras (don’t be put off by the fancy ingredients—you can’t grumble at 20.50€ for such a splendid steak). This, as with the entire menu, is prepared by the creative kitchen using the finest, freshest ingredients in Ibiza.

The restaurant itself consists of two parts – the comfortable lounge, colourful and fresh, or the bustling terrace which is closed off and heated during cooler months, and during the heat of the summer refreshed by a vapour spray system making it the perfect place for a bit of al fresco dining.

These are just some of the reasons that David’s has remained one of the most popular restaurants on the island for couples, families and larger groups – but don’t just take our word for it, head down there to try their delicious food for yourself and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

David’s are currently on their low season hours (see advert below) but they are open all day every day over the Easter holidays. You can find David’s at calle Madrid 12 in San Antonio. Tel 971 340470, FB Pizzeria David’s



Though much of Bossa goes into winter hibernation a hardened few brave it out to give the people what they need in the winter months, and if the people are anything like us they need chopstiqs.

And the lucky lot on the East of Ibiza can get home delivery.

ChopstiQs food is a fusion of South East Asian cultures – traditional cuisine from Indonesia, Japan; Philippines ; Singapore , and Thailand.

And though it may be served in Asian street style takeaway containers, you should not let that make you think it is anything other than cuisine – wonderfully cooked and so flavoursome, yet also much less of a guilty please as they do not rely on the artificial enhancers of some sectors of the take-away market.

Owner Gilbert, a very helpful chap willing to advise on the array of dishes offered,  said “We aim to provide a healthy , nutritious and filling alternative to the regular fast food . Our food tastes unique yet the value and speed of service is familiar.“ Perfectly put, I think he might have been working on that – and if he takes so much trouble over his soundbites you can guess the edible ones must be good.

I’m sorry, I follow Gilbert’s eloquence with a clumsy, rubbish, play on words.  They deserve better. Best I leave it to pictures, but doesn’t that look good?  The Sukiyaki traditional soup from Japan –  a perfect winter warmer.

See ad right for Winter hours.


Traditional Cooking For Professionals

Ibiza’s Departments of Agriculture and Tourism have joined forces to organise a professional course of traditional and innovative Ibizan cooking. It is a completely free initiative within the Ibiza Breaks programme, which will take place from April 7th to 10th at the Vocational Training Centre of SOIB Blancadona.

The aim of the course is to present professional cooks with traditional recipes linked to the primary products of the island, in addition to spreading the knowledge of primary agricultural products of Ibiza.

The course consists of four days of training (4-8pm) and the training will be coordinated by Felipe Peña, a chef who has actively promoted the Ibicenco kitchen, gaining recognition for such with the Citizen Merit Award in 2013. Also teaching  will be professional chefs such as  Paco Mari from Mesón de Paco and Toni Mari from Cas Pagés.

Those interested can apply to the Department of Agriculture on 971 195493 or by email to



At Night

Carwash @ Pikes

  • Claire B

Friday March 27th sees the legendary Carwash bringing disco back to Ibiza at Pikes (Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes). With the original Carwash founder, Nigel Atkin on the decks and seasoned Carwash resident Steve Altman coming together with Ibiza residents Scott Gray and Ben Santiago to recreate the original essence of this much loved event, it’s going to be a great night.

Carwash proudly holds the title of Europe’s longest running disco and funk night, holding residencies in London, Paris, Vienna, Ibiza and Saint Tropez. It is hard to find anybody who was in London and going to clubs in the 90s, who did not at least once go to the famous Carwash. Over a thousand people each week, dressed in sequin hot pants, feather boas and platform boots – and that was just the boys! There was nothing like it anywhere.

Back to Ibiza, Freddie’s Suite will host the crowd in stylish 70s glamour, with the coolest original Disco and Nu Disco remixes, laced with Funk and Soul. Chez Fez will become the ‘Psychedelic Shack’ and will be home to Rock, Northern Soul, Hip Hop and Psychedelic grooves. Expect to hear Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Clash, Joy Division, De La Soul and much, much more.

And there’ll be the usual Pikes shenanigans: bathtub karaoke with Sunny and a special disco fancy dress boudoir, for those who don’t own their own sequins. Plus winter drinks prices and happy hour until 1am.

It’s time to dust down those sequins and dancing shoes and get out the glitter in preparation to dance the night away. The party starts at 10pm and entrance is free.


Atzaró Spring Party

  • Nicole Torres

As they do every year Atzaró Agriturismo are celebrating the start of Spring with a party, though this year it will be on Sunday 29th of March instead of the 21st March (the first day of Spring and their usual party date) This indeed got many partygoers confused who arrived at Atzaró expecting a huge party to find a Backgammon competition!

The party will start at noon with kids activities, market, art exposition, Davie Brown’s “A collection of DJ Portraits”, Dancers, food and drink stands, Buffet (open from 1 to 7pm), plus loads of great Ibiza DJs like Howard Hill, Oriol Calvo, James Regal, Miguel Garji and Anna Tur and many others.


Amnesia 2015

opening party line-up

30th of May will be a big one for many a clubber –  Amnesia’s 2015 Big Opening. They are calling it “the best Line Up of the season” – and they are not alone in thinking they have something pretty memorable on their hands.

OK that’s the obligatory Amnesia/Memore pun done  – here’s the line up and inset left what one good friend of the Ibizan had to say on the subject.

Elrow Back In Space

Elrowfor a second season at Space (its fourth on the white isle) to turn Space on its head every Saturday from theth of Junetheth of September. From the moment Elrow landed on Ibiza it felt like it had come home; the party’s wild and playful attitude, colourful aesthetic, bouncy tech-house to get your grooving and, last but not least, its lavish, humorous and incredibly creative party themes and decorations – are just what partying in Ibiza is all about. Space proved to be an incredible home within which Elrow could spread its wings and create a party of huge and hilarious magnitude.

Elrow are also introducing a new element to their party:Ker Club, the famous Barcelona brand will bring its quality electronic music to Space Ibiza Sunset Terrace with a carefully curated set for the seventeen summer dates.

Like last year, Elrow continues its friendly symbiotic relationship with aesthetically subtle (relatively speaking) Kehakuma, which will be smashing your ears a new one with top quality techno over in the terraza every Saturday.


Local Life

Charity Walk

  • Claire B

The Ibiza Walking Association is organising ‘The Long Walk’ on Saturday April 11th in which you can walk and raise money for Ibiza charities. Starting in San Antonio at 10am, the 30km walk will follow the coastline to Cala Conta, on to Cala Tarida, then inland to San Agustín, ending in San Jose late afternoon/early evening.

The route is planned to be as inclusive as possible, and the first part is very easy and suitable for kids, prams and people who are less mobile, and so families can take part. You don’t have to do the full 30km and there are stop off points along the way where you can get a lift back to the start. So you can walk as much or as little as you like.

At Cala Conta there’ll be a stop for a well-deserved picnic on the beach. Afterwards, those with the energy and who want to continue will carry on along the coast to Cala Tarida. Then the route heads inland and becomes slightly more demanding, with a walk over the hills to San Agustín (where there’ll be a quick pitstop at Bar Can Berri) and finally on to San Jose to complete the 30km.

There’s a 5€ participation fee that will go towards covering safety costs for each person walking, transport back to the start, insurance, etc. Any money from the participation fees not spent on actual costs for the walk will be passed on to the charities. All other costs of organising the event will be paid for by the Ibiza Walking Association.

If you don’t want to walk then please donate and support Ibiza’s charities. The charities have been handpicked and they are all very deserving causes – they include organisations set up to preserve Ibiza’s beautiful countryside, helping children with special educational needs, feeding needy families, a children’s orphanage and an animal sanctuary. I’m taking part and you can donate via the website, for a particular walker or even for a specific charity of your choice, and rest assured, every cent raised is passed on to charities.

Last year, the 27 dedicated participants of The Long Walk raised an incredible 9,377€. This year, with help from a few more people taking part, here’s hoping that total will be beaten.

For full details of the walk and how to take part or donate visit:


IIbiza Town Resumes the Consolidation of D’alt Vila Walls

  • Nicole Torres

The Town Hall of Ibiza, through the Consortium Eivissa World Heritage Site, undertake this week the consolidation works of the foot of the wall of the bastion of Santa Tecla, next to the cathedral and the Portal de ses Taules, as was done in the last year with the bulwark of Santa Llúcia and allowed to discover a number of caves at the bottom of the canvas. The total cost of both projects is 15,000 euros, VAT included, and their duration is one month, as stated by the Consistory.

In the first case, the works will consist of the removal of vegetation, as well as the remains of stones and other existing outside material into the hole on the rocky ledge above rests resting bulwark. Then, the rock will be cleared for further treatment and the rock stratigraphy will be rebuilt with natural stone. Mismatches and fissures that are at the bottom of the ramp walk in the Portal de ses Taules will also be repaired.

The replacement will be made with concrete tight, toned and adjusted in colour and texture with surrounding materials.

  • An interesting post on Facebook by Ali Pittam

Why Do Old Ibicencan  Houses All Have Date Palm Trees Close By?

I just had a chat with one of my favourite people – my ibicenco neighbour and all-round island oracle, Carmen. I was asking her why so many traditional houses here seem to have an old date palm near to the house.

Apparently, several generations ago, lots of local men had to go off in search of work in the Canary Islands and South America because of poverty and unemployment on Ibiza. When they came home to visit, they would bring a date palm seed back to Ibiza. They planted them near the house to grow a tree to remind their women of them while they were away!

  • And one that certainly could be useful on your wanderings around the island (sorry – didn’t get the name)…

What do the Black & White Signs Fixed to Trees etc Around the Countryside Mean?

¡Cuidado!, you are in a hunting area!

“We don’t block traffic, we are traffic!” Ibizicritica

  • Nicole Torres

If you like cycling around Ibiza, you will surely love this new series of events. A group of people will be meeting at Vara de Rey in Ibiza Town at 8pm on march 27th to cycle around the streets of Town for a BiciCritica!

BiciCrítica is a march – cyclist monthly celebration that takes place in many cities around the world to celebrate and claim the use of bicycles as transportation.

A statement for the group read “We use the bike every day and once a month we ride together in an organized celebration for alternative and friendlier means of transport, a vindication of another way to get around and experience the city.”

The gatherings take place every last Friday of the month. For more information visit:




Time & Space …

  • Richard Lawson

The stone circle that has mysteriously appeared on the island and caused much speculation since its arrival does indeed have a connection with UFO’s. The macro-sculpture was commissioned by the billionaire Guy Laliberté and stands in front of his house, close to Cala Llentía, on the west coast of the island.

Guy Laliberté, the billionaire founder of Cirque du Soleil, was the seventh space tourist in the world and went into orbit wearing a red clown’s nose. It seems he has no interest in keeping his feet on the ground. His wife acknowledges that since he came back that “something changed” after his trip into space in 2009.

Last summer, growing numbers of tourists passing near his mansion in Cala Llentía, encountered the circle of 13 gigantic basalt monoliths, the largest of which, in the middle of the work, is no less than 20 metres high and is topped with 23 carat gold.

Laliberté has built his sculpture between his spectacular mansion and the island of Es Vedrá. His wife, former model and designer Claudia Barila, says they both love to watch it from home because it has “very strong magnetic vibrations” that transmit a lot of energy.

The sculpture’s appearance feeds the ongoing legends on an island that has a long history of UFO sightings. In 1979 the issue was raised in the House of Representatives followingdiversion of a plane to Manises, after the pilot spotted strange red lights. In addition, the notes of the Carmelite Father Francisco Palau, who decided to become a hermit in the caves of Es Vedrá, wrote about his relationship with strange beings of light.

“I see stars, I see darkness and emptiness, but the planet earth looks wonderful and also very fragile,” Laliberté said from the International Space Station. The Canadian had used his trip to promote his One Drop Foundation, which seeks to combat global poverty through access to drinking water. Inspired by its international One Drop programme for street children, Cirque du Monde, makes use of the circus to promote public awareness about water, and funds projects that make it accessible in the Third World. “I’ve decided to use this privilege to call attention to the water problem. I sincerely believe that through art and emotion we can send a message” he explained from space.

The construction has fuelled UFO legends in an area which already has enough history.it looks like a sundial, the Laliberté sculpture aims to represent the motion of the planets around the sun, aligning the set of columns with the sun of the winter solstice. In addition, each of the basalt columns has a weight and alignment following the Fibonacci sequence, in which each number is the sum of the previous two.

This sequence is repeated not only in nature, e.g. in daisies, sunflowers and rabbit populations, but in the actual life of a billionaire who one day took to the streets as a street musician, stilt-walker and fire eater, but is now considered by Time magazine to be one of the most influential people in the world.

Perhaps mathematics also had something to do with his success as an amateur poker player. Two and a half years before going into space he won $700,000 in a tournament in Las Vegas, a pittance compared to the $24 million he had to pay to become the seventh space tourist in history.

The Cala Llentía sculpture on the grounds of Laliberté appeared so unexpectedly that itput the willies up ecologists, consequently the municipality of San José opened a file on the grounds of urban infraction, fearing that the eccentric artist had decided to initiate a work without a license, and just a few metres from the sea. The artist, Rogers, had cut the pieces in Cala Llentía and they were then anchored in basalt pots with a crane. This makes the entire structureand therefore legal.

Dubbed ‘Time and Space’, the work is integrated into the ‘Rhythms of life’ project that has involved Rogers spreading more than fifty monuments throughout the world, with a certain fondness for deserts. A case in point is the Gobi, where a thousand soldiers of the People’s Army of China helped to move the stones.

We don’t really know what the objective of Laliberté is, or if he received a message from beyond the Space Station, but for now that is entertaining meditators and yogis. Meanwhile the local administration does not know how to take the fact that suddenly, and without spending a penny, the island now has what is possibly one of the world’s most spectacular pieces of outdoor modern art. In fact, some tour operators are now featuring hotels that are close to the works of Rogers.

Laliberté has now targeted a new project on the island that aims to unite the kitchen of the Adrià brothers (chefs Albert and Ferrán), the Casino de Ibiza and the Cirque du Soleil show. Although the Casino Ibiza remodelling project has already been submitted to the Ministry of Tourism, and the Adrià brothers have announced their restaurant opening in May 2015, the fact is that significant economic differences between the parties are hindering the agreement at present.


Community …

Letter From Juan

  • Juan

There have been many people over the centuries waxing lyrical about the joys of Spring but I am not sure if they ever lived near Pine trees! What a mess they make at this time of year, with the yellow pollen scattered all over the place like a yellow carpet. No, that is far too friendly a term to use, more like a thick yellow coating of sneezing powder. Fortunately I don’t suffer like some people do, I just have the occasional sneeze and a few curses at the mess that is left around the terrace and over the cars. However, with a bit of luck we will have some rain this week not only to help fill the wells but to wash the pollen off the terrace and more importantly, off the trees. Then we can enjoy the full joys of Spring and we can all look forward to the clock changes at the end of this week and to the light evenings. It will be interesting to see what the rest of Spring has in store for us. The winds over the last week or so have certainly made me glad that I was not out at sea. The weather seems to have been somewhat erratic this year which appears to have affected plants and wild life. I didn’t think the almond blossoms was as good as usual, so I wonder what the poppy show will be like. Mind you, that is more likely to be affected by the increase in the ploughing of the fields than the weather. Talking of increases, have you noticed the increase in metal barriers on the roads? Somebody must have found a pile of money left in the road works department and had to spend it quick before it was taken back. I am glad to see that the new installations are being built to E.U. regulations with the metal plate being installed underneath the barrier to ensure that any cyclist falling is not severely hurt by sliding into the uprights. Let’s finish on a happier thought and I quote that eccentric and extraordinary comedian Robin Williams and one that is appropriate to Ibiza “Spring is nature’s way of saying “Let’s Party!”. Have a great week. Yours, Juan.

View from the Pew

This Sunday is Palm Sunday! We have a special service for all ages at Can Truy – followed by a Pasta Party Lunch. (More info below) Everyone is welcome! Bring the kids! Wave that palm!

There was such happiness at Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem! In St Luke’s Gospel, he describes how even the rocks and stones could have shouted for joy! That event certainly “rocked” their world! Sharing that joy is all a part of it! Jesus states, “I’m saying these things in the World’s hearing so my people can experience my joy completed in them.” (John 17:13)

There will be a basket to collect non-perishable food for Cáritas which will then be passed on to the needy and homeless people in the Santa Eulalia area. Please bring along something, anything, for this ‘much needed and much appreciated’ appeal. Something as plain and simple as Maria biscuits can be a very welcome source of calories, thus warmth to the homeless or those who may not be able to cook for themselves.

As part of the church’s ongoing collaboration with Cáritas, the collection basket will remain at the altar in San Rafael Church until the end of the month. So, please feel free to drop off your food donations whenever it’s convenient. Cáritas supply many local families with basic needs, including more than 100 families in the San Antonio area alone.

Miguel Angel Sanchez, the Catholic priest who helps run Cáritas in Ibiza, speaks of solidarity as: everyone being responsible for everyone else. This could also be a wonderful definition of integration – to share in a community’s burdens is surely as important as sharing a language or political interests!

Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” Matt. 26:40

Next Service: Palm Sunday 29th at Can Truy Restaurant at 11:30am (all age service) followed by a Pasta Party Lunch at 13:30pm. For bookings or directions, call Rose on 971 325073 or Kerry on 618498580.

It’s Good to Talk

  • Kate Stillman

Dear Kate

I have been off work for 6 months after an accident, it has been hard doing the physio, etc. to get my strength back but I am now ready to go back. However though there have been times at home when I have been board and said I wished I was at work I am now really nervous about going back and not sure why. I have always got on really well with everyone so it feels strange to be like this.

Thank you for your reply,


Dear CH,

Thank you for your e-mail and I am sorry that you experienced the accident but it seems as if you have worked really hard and have made good progress. Sometimes we spend a great deal of time in healing what we can see, the physical injury is usually much more obvious than the emotional one and, though I don’t have the details of your accident, I can imagine that when you can’t perform physically as you have done in the past ii can affect confidence levels which in turn affect socialisation and wanting to be around people, make conversation and so on.

On a practical level it is important to visit your GP or talk to your physio to ensure that you have a graduated return to work starting of with half days every other day before gradually building up to your previous full time hours over a month or so. This will help you to acclimatise to being back at work gradually and hopefully not leave you feeling overwhelmed. You might also want to arrange a time when you can go into work on an informal basis, simply to say hi to your colleagues and see the environment again, maybe arrange to go in for 15 mins and then out to lunch with a few of your closer colleagues. It might also be an idea to let your line manager or someone you feel close to know how you are feeling so if you need any additional support or feel you need to be away from your desk for a few moment, that it is ok for you to take short breaks as and when required.

The most important thing is to be honest with yourself about how you are getting on and talk to someone you feel comfortable with, about what your anxieties are, and what you think you need to help you get over them.

Please do feel free to come and join our free support group, which meets every Tuesday 12.30-1.30pm in San Lorenzo.

Warm Regards,


For contact details see Kate’s advert in local services.

One Year On …

  • Nick Gibbs

The weekend marked the 1 year anniversary of my first Ibiza Sun publication. I’m sure the timing of this message I received on Facebook was coincidental, but when I read it I can’t deny it felt pretty cool,so, with apologies for the self indulgence I repeat it here:-

“You have revolutionised the Ibizan (love the name change by the way). It really is inclusive – when you read it, you feel that you are part of the island family – and that’s down to the lovely warm tone of you and your team. It’s hard for all of us being away from family and our roots – and a read of the Ibizan reminds us all how lucky we are to belong to such a warm, kind, supportive community of people that had a dream and made it happen! I can only imagine how much time, commitment and energy – and sheer hard work – goes in to pulling off a weekly newspaper. I salute you Nick – you’ve done an amazing job and it’s appreciated by so many of us on the island. Thank you ever so much – and to you and your fantastic team – a big well done! Looking forward to a read of the latest issue tomorrow morning with a nice cup of tea. xx”

Having relayed this on Facebook, and with due warning the self indulgence is now going into overdrive, It prompted a further, similarly glowing, testimonial from Cat Milton.

“Ha, here’s an undiplomatic and probably politically incorrect status update… Prior to a year ago, there was an Ibiza island newspaper.was called “the Ibiza Sun”. Sadly it reflected much of what was wrong about its UK namesake, ‘The Sun’.

Had I been asked to contribute or be associated with it in any way, I’d frankly have squirmed somewhat uncomfortably, whilst battling the wish to promote Ibiza.

Then a year ago a man calledGibbsup and took over running the paper. He renamed it, ‘The Ibizan’ and that was just one of the cosmetic changes that hinted at a far deeper, more impacting number of adjustments…

The Ibizan has very much come into its own.
The quality of the articles, the coverage and its at times, still refreshingly opinionated stance has ensured it is firmly on my weekly ‘must read’ for Ibiza news and goings-on.

Across this last year Nick has also asked me on occasion if my images could be used for the Front Page and I’ve not squirmed at all. In fact, I’ve been quite proud to be part of the team in my own small informal way, in sharing the best of Ibiza.

Congratulations Nick. It’s been one helluva year and from where I sit, you’ve done the island proud. Here’s to the next year!”

I am not delusional in thinking these are representative of everybody, or anybody else at all, but overall we do receive quite a few positive messages of encouragement in the office and so I will gladly accept this particularly praising prose on behalf of everybody who has helped make it happen including, in no particular order,

Nicole Torres Mcglynn,B,Marie Sorensen,O’Riordan, Brian & Di,Langley,and Robin Parmenter,Nicholls, Sophia Valentine,McDonald,Harris,Gibbs,Mai Froggatt, Daniel Darvey,Stillman,,Sarah,Hague,Cat Milton, John Hitchin,Wharrie,Russell, Richard Lawson, John Stables,Adams, Ian & Jack,Brewster,Blackburn, several vicars and a special thanks to anybody I’ve missed,  plus thanks to all of our advertisers, readers and for the greatest contribution of allRhian GibbsBlue. xx

Loved Cat’s comment “Refreshingly opinionated” so much so I used it as the basis for a promotional ad, and ordered it printed onto a coffee mug!


Mind Body & Soul …

Be Your Own Guru

  • Sabina Brownstein

A big part of what makes Ibiza such a special place is the prevailing feeling of freedom. Our island attracts a wonderfully colourful variety of people – often with views and lifestyles that are far removed from the mainstream. We are very fortunate to live in a place that is so open and tolerant, it gives everyone a lot of space to express themselves. That freedom of expression is evident in the variety of teachings and philosophies that are available to those who are curious to explore new ways of living and being. Having so many choices can be confusing, so it is important to keep one simple rule in mind: don’t look for a “guru” to transform your life… search instead for sources and teachers that awaken your own inner wisdom.

Of course it is natural to look for direction from outside sources like books, videos, teachers, and organizations. How else could we grow and evolve? The problem arises when people who seek to change their lives get fixated on one teacher or one way of looking at life. They begin to depend on the dogma and opinions of this “guru” and forget that it is only through the awakening of their own inner wisdom that real transformation can be attained.

The actual meaning of the word ‘Guru’ comes from its Hindu origins and refers to a spiritual teacher or master, and many great teachers have brought wisdom to the world throughout the ages. However, when you rely strictly on a guru for ultimate answers it can keep you from developing your own innate abilities. We have all heard the stories of people who have felt exploited, misled or disappointed by a person or group they were following. This is always a possibility when we allow someone else to lead the way for us. The more we live in a conscious way, the more we discover the core truth that the highest answers needed for our happiness are already within us… our task is to uncover them.

Learning to trust your inner wisdom means that you are actually becoming your own guru. Who could be better for the job? No one knows your life, motives and longings better than you do. You already have within you all of the guidance that you will need for the rest of your life. This doesn’t preclude you from reading books, listening to inspiring teachers or joining organizations. But you do these things to support your own inner guidance – not to replace it. As you absorb the ideas of others you can constantly check with your inner guidance to see if what you are receiving aligns with your own intuition.

These are exciting times as more and more of us are searching for answers to life that are beyond our surface reality. In seeking this higher consciousness it is important to keep in mind that everything we need to know is right here within us. Being your own guru means releasing personal attachments to someone else telling you what to do or how to proceed. The key is to discover your essential uniqueness, and how best to express it in the world. This is the path to self-discovery that will lead to greater awareness and happiness.

If you have any related questions please get in touch with me via my email below, or see my advert in local services.



Information …


Thursday  26th March to Wednesday 1st April

ARIES – Three of Wands

Your creative talents are being recognised by colleagues and associates and you are being encouraged to develop your knowledge and to explore new techniques. International travel is indicated and you’ll want to plan a trip to for business and pleasure. Some of you are even thinking of relocating to foreign shores and are lining up useful business contacts.

TAURUS – The Moon

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth; should be your mantra this week. This applies to any illusions you’ve been recently attached to; look at situations as they really are not how you’d like them to be. Don’t doubt your intuition this week, it is not fooling you and you’d be wise to go with your ‘hunches’.

GEMINI – Two of Cups

This card highlights the importance of relationships; it’s all about feeling the love this week and you will want to reciprocate in kind. Equality in relationships, whether in business or pleasure; are important now and you’ll expect back what you’re giving out. Do remember however, that the trick to a successful relationship is to give the other person their space.

CANCER – The Magician

You’ll be at your most industrious AND clever this week and will turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse, as the saying goes! The Magician in you conjures up the situations and results you desire. Which is why you must exercise discernment and moderation in all your decision making; it doesn’t only affect you, but also your close associates.

LEO – Three of Cups

You’re here to be happy and this card reminds you of that fact! Spend more time with those who bring you joy. If you’ve not caught up with friends or family lately; now’s the time to do that. Golden opportunities, abundant times socially, financially and career wise through plentiful networking opportunities. News you’ve been waiting for comes through at last.

VIRGO – The Hermit

This is the ninth card of the TAROT and therefore signifies completion of a cycle. The figure stands on top of a mountain; he’s alone but not lonely, shining his light so others can see the way. It’s your week to be a shining example to others; to be a peacemaker not an agitator; a healer of hearts no less!

LIBRA – Eight of Disks

You will, by the end of this weekly forecast, be reaching for the smelling salts as there is so much to do in so little time. Mind you, I wouldn’t complain; although you’re busy, you’re raking it in financially. People like what you’re doing and are willing to reward you accordingly. Look ahead to see where you’ll need extra help.

SCORPIO – Nine of Wands

If you feel in a bit of a rut and life’s a tad stagnant, then this is the week to spring clean your attitude and make decisions that see you taking more risks than usual. Get with the plot over a career matter; others are calling the shots so you must speak up in order to get your point across.


Oh to be you this week! This card is a wonderful affirmation that you’re on the right path, so go ahead and dream your dreams as they will soon become your reality. If situations have stagnant in an important area of life, you’ll now see hopeful signs of progress. You’re supported by the heavens so have faith in your vision.

CAPRICORN – Seven of Swords

You’ve a big heart and are kinder to others than you are to yourself at times; because of this, some might try to take advantage of you. Sleep with one eye open and watch that competitors don’t attempt to steal your ideas as you attract jealousy though your success. If you’re battling with officialdom, expect a few frustrating moments.

AQUARIUS – King of Wands

The element of fire that’s associated with this card, promises a week of increased energy and creative ideas a plenty. You’re also able to take these ideas and convert them into something tangible, so get going! Fire sign men; Leo, Sagittarius or Aries are your best allies in business and in love. Financial good news is on its way.

PISCES – King of Cups

Someone’s subtly trying to get through to you; maybe you’re a bit over the top at the moment and need to be less abrasive and listen more. Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio men offer the best advice this week. If you follow their advice and are guided by them you’ll have an ‘ah’ moment of clarity when dealing with difficult situations.



Hello everyone. Here we go with another instalment of zip It up.

I’m back from the Balearics with a lovely little dose of hay fever. I had a glorious time in Mallorca with my friends and managed to cram lots of sightseeing into just one weekend. As well (regrettably) as plenty of eating, which is why I now have an exercise bike in the lounge at home in London, bang in front of the TV. I can burn off those Spanish pounds and still enjoyguilty pleasure,. That’s hello to an hour of my favourite programme and goodbye to 500 calories. Who said women can’t multi-task?

Malllorca in springtime is beautiful and I’m looking forward to heading back over Easter, when hopefully, I’ll return to the UK with a tan and not hay fever. I presented my fashion slot live on Radio One Mallorca in the studio with hosts Richie and Ayesha. It was Comic Relief weekend and they were preparing to do a shark dive in a huge tank later that day for the charity. I was gassing on about gladiator sandals and denim shoes whilst I’m sure they were far more concerned about losing a limb or two.

I’m off to the Alexander McQueen exhibition this weekend at the V&A Museum in London. As you may know, the AMQ look is gothic and dark. Celebs and A-Listers turned out for the opening night this week giving it their best Goth vibe. Obviously, it’s all about black attire but also dark make-up, which we feature in this weeks Zips It Up online. It is a very current, bang on trend and a difficult look to nail. VB was a little unconvincing. We know she’s on the skinny side but teamed with smokey eyes and hollow cheeks, she looks more like skeletal Spice than Posh. One person who never gets it wrong is Miss Moss. As usual.

I’ll bring you plenty of pictures from the exhibition in the next issue and of course there is loads more in the full blog online. See you next week, Amanda xx


Keeping The Romance In Your Relationship.

  • Sophia V.

So, you’ve been together over a year, and the spark that you once had has now fizzled out. The sex isn’t as great as it used to be, and the last time you received flowers, or cooked your partner a romantic meal was months ago. You stopped making one another feel special.

Relationships require hard work and effort. A good, healthy relationship doesn’t just fall into your lap. There are many ways in which you can keep the romance alive.

Do something different. Don’t stick to the same predictable routine. Try something completely new, whether it’s visiting a new place, bar, restaurant, something new in the bedroom, or perhaps out of the bedroom, not the usual: ten PM, lights off, same old. If you introduce new things to your relationship, you’ll have something to look forward to.

Surprise one another. Buy your partner a small gift. If you don’t have the money, then make a gift. You can’t to wrong with a card or love letter reminding them how you feel about them, a CD of their favourite songs, or a DIY photo album storing your favourite memories. Memory jars are also a nice touch – a jar full of strips of paper, which your partner selects a paper each day, with a written memory on it – times you have shared, thoughts you have of them, etc. Transform your usual dinner together to a romantic meal for two. Bring out the wine, the candles, and make it special.

Put your partner first, not them always being second best to work, friends, family. Make them feel important by taking the time out to really sit and listen to them, and spending quality time together.

Have a date night once a week, or once or twice a month. Go out of the house, and away from the children, if you have any, whether it’s a bar, cinemas, a drink at a friend’s house. Really enjoy one another’s company. Even if it’s just a movie indoors, snuggled up together. Be that person that they fell in love with, avoiding stressful topics, such as work, money, or general life problems, and let go for one night.

If you want to keep the romance alive, work at it.

Don’t just tell your partner that you love them, show them!

Pretty Platforms!

Amanda’s Step Into Spring No2,

With the 70s influence in full force right now, single soles rule the roost. Strut your stuff in a pair of retro wooden Platforms and step back in time in patterned versions with disco details. Wear with this season’s kick-flares.

Carly @ Ego

I’d avoided salons since having a bad experience with a stylist giving me something akin to the old bowl haircut years ago and have always waited to visit the UK and my super talented hairdresser sister to have my hair done. After today though, my hair will be getting cut more frequently than its usual tri-annual UK visit. For I just had the pleasure of spending an hour and a half in a sleek, sparkling and wonderfully welcoming salon in San Antonio

Fitted out in black, white, chrome and glass and offering a huge range of hair and beauty treatments, Ego is modern, stylish and inviting. However, unlike other equally cool looking salons I’ve visited, its staff is warm, welcoming and friendly. Cathy greeted me with a huge smile, Kevin chatted happily and entertained my little one and the charming, friendly and talented Eider gave both myself and my toddler fantastic haircuts. This girl is not only a whiz with the scissors, she listened carefully to what I wanted and did exactly what I asked for, only better than I’d pictured it in my mind. Not something that can be said of every stylist! As if this weren’t enough, she was patient and playful with my 16 month old, gave her an adorable haircut and interacted with her throughout.

I highly recommend Ego to anyone…Professional, warm, friendly, skilled, welcoming, patient and brilliant with my little one, it’s the perfect salon. We are two very happy customers indeed. So, thank you Eider and Ego …you have enabled me to conquer my fear of salons!

Classifieds & Local Services




Jezza’s Sports Report

Luvly, jubbly! Played our first two matches of the Ibiza cricket season at our new ground at The Polo Club near the Atzaró Agrotourismo over the weekend, the first time in the club’s history that a match has been played on real, actual grass here on the island. Won’t report on the games, as bro Robin will be doing that, but such a nice experience to play on grass rather than Astroturf and also great to hear the sound of leather on willow again! Talking of

  • Cricket

and let’s go Down Under where the current World Cup is reaching it’s climax as we’re now into the Semis, with later this week, Australia playing current champions India and my tip and dark horses, New Zealand, facing South Africa, the Kiwis having seen off the West Indies in the final Quarter, by a massive 143 runs and featuring a stunning, unbeaten new world record of 237 (11 sixes and 24 fours) and this after being dropped when he was on 5, in the first over! Should be two fascinating matches with, fittingly, the best 4 one day sides in the Semis but I’m going for an all Antipodean Final with the Kiwis coming out on top, just!

  • Rugby Union

and who would have anticipated such a climax to the 6 Nations Championship. The 3 final matches were played on Saturday, at different times, with Wales, Ireland and England all tied on 4 wins each and only separated by point’s diff. First off Wales set the ball rolling by stuffing Italy 61-20 in Rome, followed by Ireland doing the same to dire Scotland (no wins from 5 and wooden spoonists) by 40-10 leaving the Irish top of the table and England needing to beat France by at least 26 points at Twickenham. Oh, dear oh dear, the poor Red Rose came so close in a topsy-turvy encounter with Les Bleus in a match that had everything, with England eventually winning 55-35, and falling 6 points short. Seriously, it was such a humdinger of a game that I don’t have enough space here to do it justice, but suffice to say, one of the best international matches that yours truly has seen for many a year with England coming, literally, within 6 inches of the French try line in the dying minutes to score what could have been the title winning points. Mind you, if Scotland had had their last minute “try” allowed at Murrayfield, England would have done enough to win, so it’s the Scots fault really! Still, if if’s and but’s, you know the saying! However, and despite Ireland’s pragmatic (and fairly boring I must say!) tactics what a splendid 6 Nations and let’s hope this year’s World Cup reaches the same standards.

It was also the climax of the Women’s 6 Nations and a double-whammy for Ireland as they won the title, also on point’s difference, after their 73-3 win against Scotland whilst France beat England and Wales lost to Italy.

Domestically, Saracens won the LV Cup Final beating holders Exeter in a close-fought encounter 23-20 to take the season’s first silverware.

  • Rugby League

and in the Super League, St Helens continued their 100% record to lead the table from Leeds in 2nd and Warrington in 3rd.

  • Tennis

and in the Paribas ATP Tournament at Indian Wells, as predicted, Our Andy Murray came a cropper in the first Semi against Djokovic, losing in straight sets and with the Fed beating Raonic in the other semi, this set up an intriguing repeat Final of the last ATP tournament in Dubai where the Swissmeister came out on top. Not this time though, as World No 1 Novak got his act together from the start to win in 3 sets to gain revenge and break Federer’s 19 match unbeaten run. Hats off to Roger, though, with two important finals in 3 weeks and here’s to his continuing success in his so-called dotage!

  • Golf

With the first of the season’s Majors coming up next week, the U.S. Masters at Augusta, World No 1 Rory McIlroy got some good practice in at the USPGA Arnold Palmer Invitational in Orlando, but didn’t quite make the final leaders as he faltered in the last round, but good news for European Golf as Swede Henrik Stenson led going in to the final round but was just pipped at the post by one shot by American Matt Every who retained his title from last year.

  • Football

In both European competitions t’was a disaster for the remaining English teams as both Arsenal and Manchester City were sent tumbling out of the Champions Cup, the former on away goals on aggregate in Monaco, although at least the Gunners put up a fight, whilst City, as expected, were beaten in Barcelona, to follow Chelsea’s exit the week before. Intriguing Quarter Final draw in this as Real Madrid now take on local city rivals Atlético in an all La Liga tie, and Barça face Chelsea’s conquerors Paris SG. In the Europa it was adios to Everton too as they were thumped 5-2 to leave no English reps in either tournament.

Talking of La Liga, yet another “Clásico” took place at the Nou Camp on Sunday, with ex-Liverpool star Luis “The Biter” Suarez scoring the winner for Barça in a 2-1 win, now leaving Real Madrid, going thru’ a bit of a slump at the mo’, trailing by 4 points.

In the Premier League, leaders Chelsea ground out a 3-2 win at Hull to keep their 6 point lead with a game in hand over Manchester City, 3-0 winners at home to West Bromwich, whilst the battle for the top 4 continues unabated, as Arsenal overcame Newcastle 2-1 at St James’ Park to stay in 3rd, only 1 point behind City, and only a point ahead of Man Utd, 2-1 winners over arch-rivals Liverpool at Anfield in a pretty feisty (as usual!) encounter with ex-England and ‘Pool legend Stevie Gerrard being red-carded for a reckless stamp, this within only 38 seconds after coming on as a sub! Southampton continued their push for Europe as they beat Burnley 2-0 whilst Tottenham (in 7th) are on the same points after their 4-3 win at the Lane over bottom club Leicester, featuring a first League hat-trick for England’s new boy Harry Kane. At the bottom as Leicester continue to prop up the rest, it’s looking pretty dire for QPR as they lost yet again, this time at home 2-1 against Everton and Sunderland are still in danger, only a point above the relegation zone after an 88th minute winner at West Ham. Aston Villa, FA Cup semi-finalists, are only two points ahead after an 87th minute winner from Swansea beat them at Villa Park. Finally, Crystal Palace look to be totally safe now after their 2-1 win at Stoke but what a transformation since manager Alan Pardew arrived from Newcastle.

No Premier League this weekend as the European Championship Group stages continue with England hoping to continue their unbeaten start, this time against Lithuania at Wembley with, I would imagine, man-of-the-moment Harry Kane making his debut, whilst Wales take on Israel and Scotland play Northern Ireland in a friendly on Wednesday.

It’s all chop-and-change in the Championship for those two automatic promotion spots as new leaders Bournemouth had a 6-pointer against Middlesboro’, now in 3rd, winning 3-0 on the South coast whilst closest rivals Watford are only a point behind despite losing 1-0 at home to Ipswich, themselves now well in to the play-off places, together with Norwich, 3-1 victors at home to Notts Forest and Derby who lost 2-0 against Wolves earlier in the week.

‘Tis all for this week. Jezza.


Hippy Market Punta Arabi Opening

  • Thomas Hofmann

The first Hippy Market of Punta Arabi of the 2015 season will take place on April the 1st from 10am to 6pm. At 1pm we will have a live performance from Aura Mari in our tent.

This year we celebrate 42 years of the Hippy Market Punta Arabí with fantastic live acts in our multicultural tent during the whole season. We will have bands and artists from Ibiza, as well as groups from the mainland of Spain, England and Germany. The 1st of July we are proud to announce the singer of well the known band “Ojos de Brujo” Marinah with her new project.

From May the 20th on, we will continue with our permanently growing kids area where we will offer lots of funny and interesting workshops for the little ones like for example workshops for designing your own T-shirt, recycling workshops etc. The children can enjoy an unforgettable day wearing self-made crown flowers, fantasy makeup and catch these moments in a photo made in front of our colourful hippie graffiti wall made by well-known graffiti artist El Pez.

On May the 13th, we will continuing our tradition of exhibitions next to the grill restaurant, and will inaugurate an exposition of the Bulgarian artist Ivo Simeonov, member of the Route of Art, Ibiza association which will show paintings of characters from the Hippy Market and Ibiza.

As every year all this will be surrounded of more than 500 stalls of craftsmen and artists who offer a variety of their most exclusive creations of crafts, fashion, jewellery, scarves, natural cosmetics, antiques, musical instruments and original and curious things brought from different parts of the world.

We will continue highlighting the craftsmen stalls with their products 100% made in Ibiza. In our street of the craftsmen you can see craftsmen producing their unique creations of leather goods, jewellery, etc. live. We will expand this area and create a little wellness corner where visitors can enjoy natural therapies or relax with a alternative massage.

An unforgettable experience for the whole family.

Opening hours:

April, May, October: 10am6pm

June, JulySeptember:am to 7pm

August:am to 8pm