Cover Photo Formentera, March 2015, Photo: Cat Milton

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Green Gracio To Go?

  • Sant Antoni seek permission to to urbanize Cala Gració,Gracioneta, Ses Variades an Sa Talaia
  • Plans for 268 buildings up to 3 storeys high

Sant Antoni Council are looking at building development in the area north of the town including the areas of Ses Variades, broad tracts at the foot of sa Talaia, plua Cala Gració, Cala Gracioneta and an area of totally undeveloped rural land away from coastline. The plans propose development of 268 homes in buildings of up to three stories high.

The proposal must go before the Consell for their consideration and approval. It is essentially a reclassification of land which the Insular Territorial Plan (PTI) currently categorises as rural land ‘Common Floor or Rustic Forest’, as much of the area is wooded.

Currently, Cala Gració and Cala Gracioneta have some scattered houses, mainly low-rise, set among pine forests, and away from major hotel developments relatively discreet in their impact of the natural surroundings. The  controversial plans will allow the now free space between the current properties with new builds of up to 3 storeys, something critics say will irreversibly alter the entire area.

To reclassify this space, the town hall have utilised legislation that has in itself a very controversial record in its use and application. The Rural Settlement (AMR) legislation was initiated by Regional Ministry Gabriel Company as a means of legalising existing properties that had been developed without sewers or licenses. The regulations will allow the area to be developed whereas the normal regulations requiring mains sewerage as a pre-condition of any development, would have made development in this area unattractive due to the topology of the area and difficulty connecting to mains services.

The new constructions in Cala Gració and Cala Gracioneta would not be required to connect to the mains sewers, as acknowledged by Town Planning councillor, José Torres, who has said they would only need septic tanks.

The virgin land earmarked for development behind the two creeks that run into Cala Gració and Cala Gracioneta,  covers an area of 153,257m2. The plans allow for municipal facilities and public space in addition to new homes..


Two Years Prison for Drink Driver after Fatal Crash

  • The tourist driver found to be over the legal alcohol limit following a fatal car crash on June 26th 2011 has been sentenced to a two year prison term, though it is said to be likely he will avoid internment.

The trial heard evidence that he caused the accident that killed a man and the sentence of two years in prison was given on charges of  driving under the influence of alcohol and reckless homicide. It is considered unlikely that E. K., a Dutch tourist aged 42 who was in Ibiza on holiday, will go to prison as he does not have a prior criminal record and the sentence is less than 24 months.

The family of the deceased have been compensated with around 120,000 euros, 82,000 euros of which goes to his widow and the rest divided in equal parts for her four children. The deceased was a 71 year old resident of Sant Antoni, a native of the island.

The lawyer of the accused, the insurance company that rented the car and the prosecutor, had agreed to a settlement which led to a reduction of the sentence, since the prosecution had called for three years in prison before the hearing. The sentence passed by Judge Martina Rodriguez includes the removal of the man’s driving license for five years.

The tourist travelled from the Netherlands for the trial. He was in custody for 5 weeks when he was arrested before being paroled after paying bail of 25,000 euros.

The accident occurred on June 26th, 2011 at 8.40pm. E.K. was driving a rented Citroën C4. In the car were three other people. He  stated that he rarely drank but that day he had two pitchers of sangria between five people. He lost control of his car and crashed into a Ford Fiesta that was turning into a forest road near the radar which is before the tunnel of Sant Rafel, heading towards Ibiza Town. The tourists were unhurt but the now convicted crashed into another car which in turn crashed into a wall. The sole occupant was transferred to Can Misses, where he later died as a result of the serious injuries he suffered. The Traffic Guardia Civil breathalysed E.K., with a positive result, 0.69 milligrams of alcohol per litre of breath, almost three times the maximum rate (0.25).

  • 2015 is the 50th anniversary of anti-drink drive campaigning. Over the decades road deaths caused by drink drivers in Spain have fallen significantly from 1,640 in the mid 60s, to 230 deaths in 2012.
  • Spainstricter drink driving laws than the U.K., only allowing 0.5 milligrams of alcohol per millilitre of blood compared to 0.8 in the UK. drivers in Spain are effectively forbidden to have any drink when driving, with a lower limit for those who have passed their test in the last 2 years.

Consell Reject Legalisation of Private Apartment Renting

The insular Councillor for Tourism, Carmen Ferrer, stated that the institution will not support the proposal by the Association of Tourist Apartments (APTUR) of Ibiza and Formentera which proposed that individuals can legally rent their apartments during the summer. Ferrer said that those responsible for the group, Carlos Roig and Mario Alonso, have been in contact with the Consell and will meet soon with them, but only to inform them that the Consell does  not agree with their proposal. “We’ll have that meeting, we did not have it because they were outside the island and could not speak, we understand what they propose, but we disagree,” she said.

“It is incompatible to combine residential and tourist use in one building,” said the Councillor, “and allowing owners of apartments to rent during the season would generate conflicts with residents. There are people working, who get up early. It is not fair to disturb people’s rest just because someone has decided to rent the apartment next door for holidays” she insisted.

The Councillor believes that combining the two uses in one building hurts both residents throughout the year, who cannot rest, and tourists, who cannot enjoy the same freedom as they would in tourist facilities, but she went on to confirm that the law does allow rental of houses to tourists. “They have isolation that apartments do not” she explained.

Guardia Manhunt after Woman Stabbed in Cala De Bou Apartment

A 25-year-old Spanish woman was admitted to Can Misses on Tuesday having received three stab wounds at her own home in Cala de Bou, Sant Josep, close to the Pinet Playa beach.

The incident occurred at 3:40 a.m. in the Calma apartment complex on calle Guipúzcoa which leads from the main through road of Cala De Bou to the Pinet Playa beach.

A neighbour alerted the Guardia Civil following “noise and commotion” in the woman’s apartment.

When officers arrived at the house, they found a woman who had received three stab wounds to the abdomen, neck and leg. She was alone and the alleged assailant had fled.

The woman remains hospitalised in Can Misses hospital however her condition is not considered serious.

Reports in Spanish press described as based on ‘unofficial sources’ said she had offered accommodation to a Brazilian man, thought to be the alleged perpetrator sought by the Guardia. The woman’s partner was out of the house at the time of the assault.

4,600 fireworks confiscated from San Antonio shops caught selling to children

The Local Police of Sant Antoni inspected on Wednesday simultaneously three stores of the municipality in which they confiscated 4,600 fireworks, many of which were sold to children.

Those responsible for these establishments face fines for serious infringements that can reach 30,000 euros, as stated in the law regulating the sale of pyrotechnics and ammunition.

The inspections were aimed at avoiding the risks to public safety by the uncontrolled sale of these products, especially for the little ones. Agents of the Juvenile Unit, found out that in some shops they were selling fireworks to minors. After several investigations, they located a facility and decided to visit two similar ones.


Government Offensive Against the Rubbish” Tourism in San Antonio.

British Police Confirmed.

“We have had enough of that type of tourist and that type of business, the message is very clear”,

Minister of Tourism, Jaime Martínez.

“We have had enough of that type of tourist and that type of business, the message is very clear”, said the Minister of Tourism, Jaime Martínez, at the opening of the Berlin tourist fair at which it was also confirmed that British Police, referred to as Bobbies widely in the Spanish media, would be patrolling the streets of San Antonio alongside their Spanish counterparts this summer season.

It was announced that nightlife venues will be controlled to avoid practices such as pub crawls and inciting excessive consumption of alcohol.

“The repositioning of Magaluf and other areas of the islands can not be reversed. The investments of hoteliers in these mature areas have to go hand in hand repositioning destinations of this type “said Martinez.

Illegal in UK, illegal in Spain

The presence of bobbies aims to address the issue of British tourists who come to the islands and are not intimidated by the Spanish police. It was explained.

The mayor of Sant Antoni, Pepita Gutiérrez, confirmed yesterday that these British police, four to six pairs will walk during the peak months in areas with more influx of British in the town, and will be  accompanied by Guardia Civil, “which will favour the increased security that we offer to both tourists and residents,” she said.

“Currently, the central government is negotiating with the British government regarding the arrival of these police, and hoteliers in Sant Antoni have already offered free rooms for the officers” added Gutierrez.

“The presence of the British police does not seek confrontation, it seeks normality”, said the former Minister of Tourism, stating that Sant Antoni is already working “for a declaration of being a mature tourist area.”

Gutiérrez added that this statement “is linked to a competition of ideas on public display.” “Once all the projects have been presented and it has been decided what to do, we will ask for the statement of mature tourist area to the Consell, in a document that also collects all the arguments why Sant Antoni deserves qualification” advanced the mayor. The goal is to get extra funding for Sant Antoni improving public spaces and facilities.

Meanwhile, Martinez explained that the declaration of mature tourist area binds all the tourist establishments, whether or not accommodation, to draft and implement plans for modernization and quality. “That means that all licenses will be checked and if they do not comply with the law, they will be closed,” he warned.

“We will be on top of all regulatory compliance and civic ordinances to achieve normality in these areas,” remarked Martínez, who spoke at the ITB ‘tourism, health and labour controls session. “It will be 100%  compliance with all regulations,” he said.

Secretary of State for Tourism, Isabel Borrego, confirmed that she is working with the Government Delegation in the Baleares, and with individual municipalities and the central Government to improve security in tourist areas. “It is an opportunity to work together and we are informing all these developments to tour operators in the UK and also the Foreign Office,” he said.

Martinez added that these measures in dealing with British tourism “are in line with pilot projects that have already been tested by Italian police and German police in hotspots elsewhere.

Moreover, Borrego said that “no question about oil exploration off the coast of the Baleares had arisen in any of his meetings with travel companies.”

International Tourist Fair Berlin

  • Nicole Torres

The ITB Berlin was closed with the finding of interest of many entrepreneurs to bring forward the start of the season to April, taking advantage of the thrust of recent years in which May has seen increases in passengers of over 10% in both 2013 and 2014 and some wholesalers as TUI gave figures of up to 10% increase. Furthermore, it is noteworthy the good forecasts of German and Dutch markets, who have been major increases accumulated in recent years. The German market recorded increases of 12.4% in 2014 over the previous year. Although forecasts for this year are yet to be confirmed, early booking data point to a slight increase over last year; thus, the data of the Balearic Government are between 3 and 5% increase.

The president of the Consell, Vicent Serra, recalled in his trip to Berlin this fair “is the number nine since decided to start a separate stand from the Balearics and Turespaña, and it is the last fair of the legislature.”

“It was a decision supported by the sector, and we assumed itall its risks, since I had to go run by the Consell own funds. But the formula of public-private partnership is maintained and has been very successful,” said Serra.

This differentiated promotion has contributed to the success of Ibiza and to the growth of tourism in the months of the beginning and end of the season. The president of the Consell also linked the decision to go separately to the claim of tourism promotion, “we will get the percentages that the sector had always wanted”.

For its part, the Councillor and staff of the Foundation for Promotion of Tourism in Ibiza held meetings with specialized agents and marketers in the interest for family, gastronomy and nature tourism.

Santa Eulalia decided to present the most authentic Santa Eulalia, the more rural Ibiza, more unknown island and its treasures, that’s what the town offered this year in their participation in the ITB tourism fair. A proposal that adds 85 miles of hiking and active tourism mixed with cultural heritage, a combination that always finds a wide spread between the German tourist, eager to know the environment where you travel at your own pace.

March against Colon Cancer …

“Early detection is essential in this type of tumour which has an 80% survival rate if detected in it’s early stages. “

IFCC President Helen Watson M.B.E

Ibiza and Formentera Contra Cancer have issued an important reminder to everybody aged 50 and over that now is the time to get yourself screened as part of the current programme offered free of charge to residents in the Balearics. March is designated as a month of action in the fight against what is the second highest killer of all cancer forms. The colon cancer campaign has adopted a blue ribbon – we will carry the ribbon on our masthead for the remainder of March to help keep the issue in mind. The message is clear,  Prevention & Early Detection is key to fighting this disease. Don’t put it off, sign up now.

The Ibiza and Formentera programme for early detection of colorectal cancer is offered to people at risk, i.e those aged 50 to 69 and also any age where there is a family history of the disease.

IFCC funded the pilot program of Screening for Colon Cancer for two of Ibiza’s municipalities in 2013 and 2014. “We have been working very hard to get the programme extended across the two islands, so the news that the Balearic Health System was going to include the rest of the Pitusus was a great joy for us.” Helen Watson explained.

Though the  results of the pilot go to highlight the importance of taking the test, participation in this initial programme was very low at only 20%. “We must encourage everybody at risk to take this simple and painless test, which can save many lives”. Helen stressed.  People registered with the Health Services, aged 50 – 69 years will be invited by letter to take part. If you do not receive a letter or have any queries you can call the dedicated phone line 900 102 560 Mon – Fri 9am to 2pm or email: infocolon@caib.es  or go to


(under The Govt/Ministers page click on Health)


Friday Morning Solar Eclipse

A Partial Solar Eclipse will be visible from Ibiza Friday 20th March.

Only areas as far North as the Faroe Islands will be able to see the full solar eclipse, however we will see approximately 60% of the Sun covered when the Moon crosses our line of sight to the Sun.

It is very important not to look directly at the Sun during the eclipse, and sunglasses are not adequate protection from the very damaging affects of the Sun to eyes. It is only possible to look at the event directly with special glasses made for the purpose, or using welding goggles. For the same reason it is also very dangerous to attempt photography of the event using a viewfinder.

  • Below: Partial solar eclipse, below right, infographic showing the way a solar eclipse occurs, above right, timings of the event from Ibiza

Forada Market

  • Nicole Torres

As you drive out of Sant Antoni into Buscatell, there is a very small town called Forada, and every Saturday from 10am to 4pm this little town comes alive with a market that offers handmade, healthy and natural products, where you can do your weekly shopping and enjoy great live music, themed activities, a tasty vegetarian paella and other surprises! All this in a pastoral setting in a market built with 100% recycled pallets, including a dining room and children’s area.

This market is part of the Cooperativa Integral d’Eivissa (The Integral Cooperative of Eivissa) which was born as an area of freedom, creativity and solidarity whose intention is to address the needs and economic, social, environmental and cultural aspirations common to all members: work, social currency, responsible consumption (preferably local), organic farming, joint marketing, free education, ethical banking, renewable energy, holistic health, and more.

Their markets are the living expression of their activity. You can find them all and much more information on the Cooperativa Integral d’Eivissa visiting:



Local Life

San Jose Flower Power

  • Claire B

Last Saturday night saw the town of San Jose transformed for the annual Flower Power night as part of its fiesta. There were decorations throughout the streets, food and drink stalls aplenty and parties in many of the local bars. The main event was in the square outside the church, where The Bon Scott Band from Salamanca played AC/DC tribute songs and DJs Pharma and Javi Box got everyone dancing to some great tunes from the 50s, 60s and 70s, mixing up a bit of disco with Elvis, The Beach Boys and a bit of soul and lots more for good measure. The church became the perfect backdrop for the colourful images that were projected onto the facade and looked stunning. Many partygoers dressed up for the occasion, wearing afro and colourful wigs, hippy-chic fashions and flowers in their hair to join in the fun and dance in the streets, apparently until 4.30 in the morning. It was a fun night out, there was a great atmosphere and the town became one big party venue – one for the calendar next year!

Mums Meet Ups

  • Carly Sorensen

This is a call to all mums, dads, carers, nannies, grannies, play parks, family venues… well, you get the picture!

Last April I set up a Facebook group called Mums Meet Ups Ibiza with a view to getting parents and kids together for social time for both the little ones and the grown ups! A core of us have met up regularly, but we’ve yet to have many ‘new’ faces. Please don’t be afraid to come and join any of the events we sort out, it’s all very informal and friendly and anyone can propose a meet up, organise an event or share a new found kiddie haven! If you’re a parent who hasn’t yet joined the group, search Mums Meet Ups Ibiza and request to join.
Our next get together will be at IParc, a new soft play area, bar and restaurant in C/ Burgos, Cala de Bou on Saturday 21st March from 2pm.

A couple of us have also just started taking our toddlers to Sirenis Spa kids pool in Playa D’en Bossa on Wednesday mornings… we welcome anyone else who wants to join. See you soon!

I’d also like to compile a list of family friendly restaurants/bars, etc. on the island as well as play areas, pools, kids activities and groups to share with Mummies so please get in touch. If you’d like to promote your business by advertising with us and having me write you a review, give The Ibizan office a call on 971 348 271

IbiZenEco Organic Fruits & Vegetables

  • Ibizenco are a small independent company promoting the benefits of organic produce. We love the taste and the home delivery, so we thought we would share it with you.
  • Locally grown, freshly picked, 100% organic, 100% love…Home delivery all over Ibiza.
  • Delivering fresh, local, seasonal, fully organic certified fruit and veggie baskets straight to your door.
  • Baskets & prices: Small (1-2 people) – €21 Medium (3-4 people) – €29 Large (5-6 people) – €40 Deliv- €3

Each basket is designed to last a week for the amount of people specified.

When you would like to make an order, please visit our ‘shop’ at www.ibizeneco.com, to choose and purchase your basket. You will be prompted to enter your delivery address on the payment page and you can give directions in the ‘instructions to merchants’ section. Make your order by Monday 6pm and we will get a beautiful, fresh, organic basket to your door on the Friday. From the fields of Ibiza to our customers plates within 24 hours!


Photos Nic Clic @ Essential Ibiza


Can Tomás Fiestas

  • Nicole Torres

Can Tomás, right outside Sant Antoni, celebrates its fiestas in honour of the World Water Day.

On Saturday 21st of March at 7.30pm an exhibition, showing the participants of the 3rd comic, drawing and photography competition with the motif of the World Water Day at the Molí d’en Simó.

On Sunday 22nd, which is the Can Tomás day, the celebrations will start at 2pm to lunch on frita de porc, listen to a sonada pagesa, and watch a gymnastics exhibition and a magic show by magician Albert. Hope you all have a great time!

For the full programme visit the Sant Antoni Town Hall website:


Fiestas Sa Cala

  • Nicole Torres

The fiestas of Sant Vicent de sa Cala start this Saturday, don’t miss them.

Sat 21st March: In the morning there will be a children’s fishing competition, meeting point is at Can Miquel at 8.30am. And at 7.30pm Benjamí Costa will present the book “Sa Cala Ports I Llaüts” by Antoni Marí Marí at restaurant Can Miquel.

Sun 22nd: The adult fishing competition takes place, meeting point is at Can Miquel at 7pm. The IX BTT (mountain bike) race also takes place on Sunday morning, inscriptions at the port at 9am, race starts at 10am. At 2pm you can enjoy paella for lunch at the social club. At 4pm you can compete or watch the simultaneous chess competition against Adrià Marí Copa, winner of the 4th open of Ibiza. At 6pm there will be ping-pong and parchís competitions. And at 9pm why not join the locals in watching The Classic, Barça – Real Madrid, in the social club.

Sat 28th: There will be a walk to Port de ses Caletes, leaving at 10.30am from the social club (we recommend you arrive early for indications) and returning for a barbeque with live music by Dominique de Larrard at 2pm. At 4pm the table football competition will take place, followed by a real football game at 6pm which will see single vs. married, who will you support? And at 8pm there will be a cards competition at the social club.

Sun 29th: At 6pm there will be a mass and a procession with live singing at the church. And at 8pm you can watch the Es Cubells theatre group perform at the theatre.

Sat 4th April: At 8pm the “repicada de campanes” (ringing of the bells) will take place followed by the performance of the play “Quin Embull” (What a Mess) at the theatre. At 9.30pm you will be able to enjoy some dancing with “Remember Hits” with DJs Aaron and Jose María.

Sun 5th: Patron day of Sant Vicent! At noon there will be a special mass with a procession, ball pagés by sa Colla de Balansat, orelletes and bunyols (typical Ibicenco deserts) and wine. Enjoy! At 7.30pm there will be a new talents concert at the theatre. At 9.30pm the duo Isabel will perform at the social club followed by an award ceremony at 11pm.

Sat 11th: At noon there will be a mass with ball pagés by sa Colla de Balansat followed by a lunch at restaurant Can Miquel at 2pm, with live music, for in honour of the elderly of the town.

For the full programme visit the Sant Joan fb page:



  • Carly Sorensen

This Saturday we awoke to an overcast grey sky, mist-laden damp air and chilly temperatures and wondered if the Mini Flower Power party in St Josep would be cancelled. We did a quick Google search, found nothing saying it wasn’t going ahead as planned, decked ourselves out in floral finery and faux fur and drove over.

On arrival at 11am we were met with local schoolchildren manning stalls selling homemade food, drinks and cakes, flower garlands and bric a brac and Piruleto and his assistant painting faces. Despite the gloomy weather, the atmosphere was bright and cheerful and the kids played, chattered and danced regardless. My little one loved toddling about and decided to take to the ‘stage’ (church steps) for a boogie before the party had even started!

Once face painting was over, the party began with Piruleto leading the kids in several sing and dance along songs, showing them magic tricks and handing out balloons. When the rain began to fall, we all moved further into the porch and continued the party in the shelter of the church entrance, the laughter, song and shouts of a hundred odd kids echoing off the walls until Piruleto waved goodbye at 1pm.

All in all it was a great morning where community spirit, happiness and that insatiable Ibiza desire to party, even in a group made up of mainly primary and infant aged children and their parents, more than made up for the dingy, dirty weather. Well done St Josep council for putting together such a lovely event… I only wish there were more of these fantastic family mornings!

Musical Days

  • Claire B

A series of concerts under the banner of ‘Musical Days’ is now taking place across the island (Dies Musicals in Catalan). Concerts from 15 small and medium groups of various musical genres including classical, flamenco, blues and gospel are being held in each of the major towns throughout March, April and May.

Ibiza Town (Conservatori Professional de Música)

March 19th: Canblaugospel

April 9th: Isidor MaríJoan Barbé

April 23rd: ‘Nocturns’, Sira Hernández (piano & Antoni Marí Muñoz (narrator)

May 7th: Jóvenes Flamencos

Santa Eulalia (Teatre Espanya)

April 9th: Ana Puche Rosado (soprano) and Pau Damià Riera (piano)

April 16th: Violin and harp from Lina Tur and Cristina Montes

May 7th: Trio Pro Arte

San Jose (Sala de Plens de l’Ajuntament)

March 22nd: Un tast d’ones

April 12th: Jazz and Bluesmafia

April 26th: Ángela Cervantes

May 10th: Quartet Neuma (flute concert)

San Antonio (Auditori Centre Cultural Cervantes)

March 20th: Núria B. Quartet

April 10th: Jazz and Bluesmafia

April 24th: Veus d’homes de Sant Agustí

May 8th: Trobairitz

San Juan (Sala de Plens de l’Ajuntament)

March 28th: Ana Puche Rosado (soprano) and Pau Damià Riera (piano)

April 17th: Joan Murenu i una colla de gent bona

May 2nd: Veus d’homes de Sant Agustí

All concerts start at 9pm and tickets cost 3€ (with reductions for children, youths and pensioners), available from the venues. Full details and program at:


Es Polvorí Video

  • Claire B

Currently on in Es Polvorí in Dalt Vila is a video installation ‘I’ve been thinking a lot about you lately’ by Mallorcan artist Bartomeu Sastre. A piece of text is recited (in English) using synthesised speech whilst the words are simultaneously projected onto the stone walls of the building, via the use of a projector and mirror on the floor. Copies of the complete text are available in the gallery (in three languages) so you can read the full piece, which is an intimate love story, in conjunction with the projection. It lasts for 2.30 minutes and whilst it’s a simple concept, it’s an effective and interesting piece of work, and something a bit different for Ibiza. Sastre has a degree in Fine Arts from the Universitat de Barcelona and has won several awards and fellowships, including the Art Jove del Govern Balear in 2012 and the Contest d’Arts Plàstiques Vila de Binissalem last year. Highly recommended if you’re in town – it’s free and Es Polvorí is a great little gallery space and you’ll probably have the gallery to yourself at this time of year. There’s a small café and toilets on site so it’s an ideal place to fit in on a walk around Dalt Vila during the quiet season.

Es Polvorí, Baluarte de Santa Lucia, Ronda Narcís Puget Viñas, Ibiza. On until March 29th.


At Night

This summer it really is Sankeys on steroids

David Vincent, Director, Sankeys

Hard to think that Sankeys Ibizainto only its  5th season in 2015. The Manc monster has put those early rocky days well and truly behind it and is bent on “truly pushing its boundaries” this year.  The line up includes the return of some tried and tested nights, with some new kids on Bossa’s block breaking the weekly programme. Take no prisoners – they lay claim to “the loudest, finest and clearest sound system on the island” to which you can add new lighting rigs in the three rooms.  Honcho David Vincent said “This summer it really is Sankeys on steroids. Sankeys Ibiza really is awakening on all fronts and I am excited to see my new sound and light toys in action”. Line Up

Monday 25th May to 28th September,

Amine Edge & DANCEwill return for a second weekly residency with their label.only the toughest, rawest house sounds from this French crew with friends Sirus Hood, Syap & Stuff.

Moving toTuesdaysfrom the 28th of May through to the 1st of October is the super on point house and techno, one and only night, the legendary and world famousTribal Sessions. Residents Darius Syrossian, Sidney Charles, Sante and Jozef K

Wednesday! To be announced soon.

everyThursdayfrom the 18th of June through to the 24th of Sep, will see the debut of the legendary party Colors. First run by David Vincent at the Hacienda from 95 to 97. Spelt the American way, and Spanish, but Sankeys dropped the U to reflect the US house scene that was hot then and hot again today, so hot they might have to drop the U from house and spray you all down.

Original residents Matt Jam Lamont and Sam Holt  return, plus no less than Noir, EZ, Chris Lorenzo & legend Todd Terry, Time to bang your banjo people.

Fridays signal  the night you need to   take Shelterthe W.A.R.! And Ibiza Rocks that will be raining down from 22nd May to 25th September. Expect indie leaning and raved up sounds from drum and bass to urban, with resident Doorly keeping control.

From 30th of May to 26th of September, everySaturdaywelcomes back the  London carnival party kings and house loversare Magna Cartawith a long list of top UK  talent including East End Dubs, Leftwing and Kody, Josh Butler, Max Chapman and Igluu.

Last in the list but never in the love, rouse yourselves for ViVA Warriors Sundays from 31st of May to 4th October. King of the Basement, ViVA label boss Steve Lawler and hisAnek and Detlef among the troops firing chunky house and tech.


Blue Marlin Back to London

After their success at London Fashion Week, Blue Marlin return to London on Friday, March 27th, “taking the essence of the island beyond its borders”. This time the party is all about the Roaring 20’s, in the uber-chic club Le Peep Boutique. Sets by UNER, DAX & So Serious.


Double Prodigy

“We’ve all been there, patiently waiting for a prodigy, then two come along at once. A tale that starts with some statistically ridiculous coincidence, and ends leaving you suddenly feeling your age”

  •  Nick Gibbs

The emerging golf talent Maxwell Iveson, who lives with his ex-pat family in Santa Gertrudis and celebrates his 10th birthday next week, was first conveyed by a very enthusiastic, excited even, Billy Orafferty  – a chap that will be known to many of our readers as having something of a track record in future talent spotting.

Despite Billy’s glowing testimonials and following video clips, it was one that sat buried in my inbox for a few weeks, in large part due to the fact I know absolutely nothing about golf and so had no terms of reference as to what “9 hole level scratch” meant, let alone whether it was in any way remarkable. (I have since been told that for a 9 year  old it is indeed remarkable).

A further call from Billy to tell me that having won a important junior tournament in Majorca young Maxwell was now rated the No1 golfer in Spain at his age prodded me into action and so I contacted dad Jason through Facebook to ask him more about the accolade.

“It’s the federation of golf for the Baleares, probably the most prestigious in Spain,” he told me “It’s a tour sponsored by Mapfre, over 1 year in the Baleares, of which Max is currently ranked No 1 after entering only 8 months ago and playing against the Spanish Champion Bruno Marque’s.”

Jason then went on to tell me that Maxwell was currently embroiled in an administrative limbo land as, being English he cannot currently play in the Spanish nationals, and is not recognised in England because he lives in Spain.  He is clearly very proud of his son’s achievements. “I’m going to be really honest, even as any father would say, but Max is capable of being the best in the world, you just need to see him, to believe me. I gave up playing after he constantly beat me, I am now just his caddy helping him progress. 9 holes level scratch, he’s only 9.” Fantastic, I replied, now armed with my new found golf knowledge.

Jason stressed the thanks owed to the dedication of Maxwell’s coaches who work with around 50 youngsters at the Roca Lisa course in Ibiza.

Thinking of Lewis Hamilton’s father, who made a tidy sum betting on his son being F1 world champion, I asked if Jason was tempted to have a flutter, but he told me he doesn’t bet. That doesn’t stop us though does it? Show your support for Maxwell at


Find out more about golf at Roca Lisa


Maxwell Iveson, Age 9 & 11/12ths

  • Who is your favourite golfer?

Seve Ballesteros

  • What is your favourite course?

Al Canada, in Alcudia, Mallorca, the No 1 golf course in Spain

  • How old will you be when selected for the Ryder cup team?*

21 years old (to be fair it was dad that answered that one on Maxwell’s behalf.)

  • Recent Facebook Post

13 March at 19:24·

had the best practice ever today, 6 holes, 2 Birdies, 3 Pars, 1Boggy, round of 23!!! Practice does make Perfect!!!


It was during my conversation with Jason Iveson that the coincidental element of this story occurred. Facebook in my job is a definite double edged sword. It is used extensively in Ibiza and so much communication and information can be made through and on it. But it is also the worst procrastination distraction.  I had sent a friend request to Ibiza resident but generally globetrotting headline DJ Jack Eye Jones. Admittedly not a personal friend but I think a fair ’add’ in my professional interest. For those who do not use the blue capped monster, such a request to somebody of Jack Eye Jones stature would often receive an automated response that their friend list was full, sometimes accepted, sometimes no response at all (fair enough if they don’t know you). What you don’t expect is a personal greeting back from them, and so when Jack’s “what is your favourite Ibiza sessions” message came through whilst messaging back and forth with Maxwell’s dad, I was surprised, and thought it had the odour of a professional Social Media company behind it. So in response I decided to have a bit of fun and deliberately misinterpret the message. Our thread followed thus:-

Jack Eye Jones: What’s your favourite of the ibiza sessions?

Nick Gibbs: until recently probably Saturday afternoons in Stevie D’s watching football, but as Ipswich have managed to make a right mess of their season, the last few matches have been more ordeal than fav. In light of that I’d have to say Sam’s in Cala de Bou for after hours messy-sessions. Nice angle, contacting followers, feels a bit more like Ibiza Digital Media than Mr JEJ though?

Perish the thought, so i’ll say you’d have to go a long way to beat Roger Sanchez’s Release Yourself for a piece of pure Ibizan collective.

Jack Eye Jones: Pretty wrong, I closed my personal account to make an account where everyone on it is verified personally by me, with a question, no point having fb with 5000 people on ur personal account and people only add you as their friends have. Hence the question when you added me. (Whoops – my face was properly eggy) Ibiza sessions is the name of my podcast so you failed in supplying an acceptable answer that would let you be here, but I do like your answer – made me smile.

Nick Gibbs: Ha! that’s funny – glad you took it ok. (relieved actually) I’m actually friends with kev at ibi dig media, and thought it had their ‘stamp’ on it. He’ll make me pay for this – especially after I ribbed him when I called him on snoop dog’s antics being a p.r. stunt.

Nick Gibbs: Jack – the friend request was with my hat on as editor of the Ibizan, we publish a good deal of content on Ibiza’s club world, and so though I can’t profess to be able to name a specific session of yours, nor even a tune (as a vinyl dinosaur I still know most of my records as ‘that one with the blue label with a star logo and the beer bottle stain’), I hope that in failing your assessment miserably you will still let me sit here with a watching brief. Plus of course if there is anything specific you want to push our way for the music pages please do.

And if you are ever in that ‘not ready to stop’ place at 6am, give Sams a try – old school seedy, but has it’s special charm.

Jack Eye Jones: Hahahaha, Brilliant. I’m behaving myself these days so don’t see many 6ams. Want a story, look at the post I just made on my fanpage.

Nick Gibbs: (you can see the post inset) No way – how freaky Friday is this – I’m right now in another chat window with the dad of 9 year old Max Iverson, a lad from Ibiza, who has just become Spain’s no 1 junior golfer. But i’m not bothered, my boy built some mean duplo bunk beds yesterday.

Jack Eye Jones: Hahahaha. No pressure. As long as not from IKEA, he’d deserve a medal.

Jack,, went on to tell me a little more about Charis’ DJCME work (DJ – See Me – I didn’t get it at first).  “She’s right in to her podcast, there is a big difference between her first show and the last, her voice is showing much more confidence. I have her research all the artists that she’s picking for her show, so it’s kinda like homework as well, so she’ll use soundcloud / fb to get details on them, helps with her script so she knows what she’s talking about, also she’s building her own knowledge.”

Future star? Well I have had a listen and I wouldn’t bet that future is too far distant. Expect to see the name on a Mambo flyer soon, and Ushuaia, why not? See and hear more of DJCME here



Charis, a.k.a. DJCME, Age 10

  • Apart from your dad, who is your favourite DJ?

Calvin Harris.

  • What club, or festival, or event would you most like to play at?

Cafe Mambo and Ushuaia as that fits my music style more.

  • How old will you be when you become the world No 1 DJ?

16 years old

  • Do you think you could win a DJ battle against your Dad?

Of course, Because I’m cute and talented.

  • Recent Facebook Post

4 March at 20:44

Get YOLO Live it on iTunes for free – every month, or when I’ve finished my homework .

Feeling old yet?

Jack Eye Jones Facebook Post Re His Daughter Charis…

“2 years ago, this wee girl was 8 and came on stage with me at a festival and playd an acapella, and got the bug for music, a year later she grabbed the attention of DJs like Laidback Luke & Junior Sanchez with a video of her mashing up 3 tracks on a set of 2000s, which encouraged her to play in some clubs even as far as getting a set in ibiza, a year on she’s done a live radio interview followed by a half hour live set & made 6 podcasts for iTunes called YOLO Live It, focusing on deep, future, tropical and tech house, she makes her own show from scratch inc track selection from promo lists from companies like Spinnin, she mixes the tracks herself on her traktor s4, researches all the artists and writes her own script, some of these tracks get playlisted months later on Radio1, she recently got copy of Logic and been mixing tracks, just imagine the next 2 years, so proud this is my daughter DJCME.”

When will I be famous?

“You will note that I asked both of our prodigies to predict the age at which they would reach the top of their game. Last year I interviewed current world number 1 DJ Hardwell (I’d guess this is the first time he’s ever been the old man of an article). When Hardwell was 13 years old he appeared on a chat show on Dutch television. He quite famously predicted  that he would be the world number 1 DJ before he was 20 – much to the amusement of the audience at the time. Well he went on to achieve that accolade at age 19. So when these two are at the top of the tree, remember where you heard it first. Now, where’s the number for Ladbrookes?


Community …

 Age Concern

Dinner Dance

Dinner Dance to be held at Muay Thai Restaurant Cala de Bou, Saturday 2lst March 2015. 8pm till late. Three course meal, wine/water. 30€ per person, Raffle – prizes appreciated.with Vinnie. Bookings with Lyn on 971 346094. Please state if you have seating preference. Help us to help the Elderly.

Letter From Juan

I can’t believe that another week has gone and here I am sitting down in front of my computer looking at a blank page. The joys of writing a letter, but fear not you only have another couple of weeks to suffer my ramblings as I hang up my pen, as promised, in 4 weeks time on my 500th letter. I first started in January 2005 so I think I have bored you long enough and it is time to go. So, perhaps during the next four weeks I should do a nostalgic look back at some of the gems or pearls that I have modestly cast before you! Not that I am suggesting that you are swine! Meanwhile, back in real life, the weather has taken a turn for the worse – mind you I predicted it might back in January “Also don’t think it will be all over in March as usually it has a few nasty surprises up its sleeve”. In fact, I was surprised to read on a weather website that November to May had the same number of days of rainfall, but when I went to check it out for this letter I went on several websites and all the records were different as far as the number of days and the amount of rainfall. Perhaps it is due to the microclimate weather we have here where it can be raining in Santa Gertrudis but nowhere else or in Santa Eulalia but not in Sant Josep. You would think that the facts were the facts, but not apparently when it comes to the weather in Ibiza. They were agreed on the wettest month – October and the number of days of rain was highest in October, November, December and January share second place. Theoretically, the locals will be happy to know that there should be as much rain in April as March and more than February. One can only hope that this year it does not rain on the Easter parades. I would not fancy carrying one of those heavy religious artefacts down through Dalt Vila on the wet cobbled streets. If you have never been to Dalt Vila for the Easter parade I can highly recommend it, it is an amazing spectacle. However, it can be very crowded and it has not been unknown for the parade to start late. But give it a go, and talking of going it is time I stopped this letter. Have great week and enjoy the rain. Yours, Juan.

View from the Pew

“A cheerful heart is good medicine…” Proverbs 18:21

There’s this guy who had been lost and walking in the desert for about two weeks. One hot day, he sees the home of a missionary. Tired and weak, he crawls up to the house and collapses on the doorstep. The missionary finds him and nurses him back to health. Feeling better, the man asks the missionary for directions to the nearest town. On his way out the backdoor, he sees this horse. He goes back into the house and asks the missionary, “Could I borrow your horse and give it back when I reach the town?”

The missionary says, “Sure but there is a special thing about this horse. You have to say ‘Thank God’ to make it go and ‘Amen’ to make it stop.”

Not paying much attention, the man says, “Sure, ok.”

So he gets on the horse and says, “Thank God” and the horse starts walking. Then he says, “Thank God, thank God,” and the horse starts trotting. Feeling really brave, the man says, “Thank God, thank God, thank God, thank God, thank God” and the horse just takes off. Pretty soon he sees this cliff coming up and he’s doing everything he can to make the horse stop.

“Whoa, stop, hold on!”

Finally he remembers, “Amen!”

The horse stops 4 inches from the cliff. Then the man leans back in the saddle and says, “Thank God.”

Proverbs 18:21 -“The tongue has the power of life and death…”

Next Service: Sun 22nd at 11am in Santa Eulalia, Holy communion followed by the 2015 AGM (Palm Sunday March 29th – family service at Can Truy, 11:30am, followed by a Pasta Party – Adults 10€, children 5€)

Fasting for Food for Ibiza

  • Claire B

In last week’s paper on our piece ‘Poverty in Paradise’ we mentioned the new charity ‘Food for Ibiza’, which is helping to feed local families in need. To raise awareness and much needed funds a group of Ibiza mothers and their friends (initially instigated by Charity Altman, Christina Boseman, Jade Gandey, Jeni Becket and Sadie Mills) are embarking on a 30-hour fast ‘Hungry for Hunger’, starting on March 18th. By the time this edition of the paper comes out they will have finished their fast, but you can still donate money or food to help them keep up their good work. They’re hoping to raise 1,000€ from the fast and need your support in helping them to reach their target.

Ibiza for many is an island of plenty: great restaurants, cafes and bars, a selection of wonderful food markets, delicatessens and more. But there is also a very real food crisis for families in Ibiza who, for example, do not have work in the winter, who live below the breadline and cannot feed themselves. A few months ago, a group of people, passionate for the cause, formed a charity called Food For Ibiza. They feed around 14 families (single mothers, families with kids, young couples, older people…) but they desperately need help with donations however big or small to keep the charity going. You can donate at:


Ibiza baby!

Congratulations to photographer Rüt Huyzentruyt on the birth of her baby boy Jules-Jerome, who was born on March 12 at Can Misses, weighing in at a healthy 3100 grams (6.83 lbs).

Rüt risked life and limb (quite literally) squeezing herself to the front of the stage to take some great photos for us last summer of Kylie and The Prodigy, amongst others. Jules-Jerome is the latest addition to Rüt and her husband Dieter’s family of 3 girls and we wish them all the best for a wonderful and happy life together.


Co- dependency

It’s Good to Talk Special Feature

  • Kate Stillman

Hi Everyone. Apologies for the absence of an article for the last two weeks, there has been no letter this week so a colleague has written this fantastic article on co-dependency, I hope it is of interest to you.

Warm regards and thank you for writing. Kate

For contact details see Kate’s advert in local services.

What Is Co-dependency?

The earliest recognition of Co-dependency, according to Wikipedia, appears in the family-related nature of Alcoholism, where the co-dependent perceives him/herself to be the healthier member of an addictive relationship, but who in fact is part of the alcoholic’s (or addict’s) network and even inadvertently enables them. A co-dependent is described in 1941 by a German psychoanalyst thus: “to overcome their basic anxiety… people move toward others by gaining their approval and affection, and unconsciously control them through their dependent style. They are unselfish, virtuous, martyr-like, faithful, and turn the other cheek despite personal humiliation. Approval from others is more important than respecting themselves”. (Karen Horney)

For the purpose of this article I would like to speak from my own experience and understanding. Any definitions you find here are relevant only if they make sense to you and serve you on your path of growth as an individual.

As I came to accept, understand and treat my co-dependent tendencies, I coined a phrase, which I am happy to share with you: “Co-dependency is the painful attempt to fill the unfillable void within, by depending on an undependable other.” Sounds pretty futile, doesn’t it? Co-dependency is not a “one size fits all” illness, it doesn’t look the same on all co-dependents, and it is often undetectable. It isn’t easy to pinpoint, because there is no chemical or bottle to blame. This distinguishes it from substance addictions, making it difficult to identify and treat.

As co-dependents, we are convinced that we want the best for others and have learned to always put others before ourselves—consciously or unconsciously, and I do not mean in a “Mother Teresa” kind of way (although people in the helping professions can be co-dependent as well as altruistic). In fact, partnering in a relationship with a person who has a chemical dependence or a personality disorder gives the co-dependent a sense of worth and excessive responsibility, possibly even a feeling of superiority. Still it is not limited to romantic partners but co-dependency can manifest in social, family and work relationships as well.

Co-dependency may be mild to extreme, causing symptoms anywhere from mild anxiety and distress to stress-related illness or involvement in life-threatening situations.

Identifying Co-dependency

There are five types of behaviour patterns and a comprehensive list of descriptions too long to publish here. The five categories are: Avoidance, Control, Denial, Low Self Esteem, and Compliance.

Here are a few examples of what I might do if I am co-dependent:

Avoidance – I suppress my feelings or needs to avoid feeling vulnerable – I use indirect or evasive communication to avoid conflict or confrontation.

Control – I attempt to convince others what to think, do, or feel – I adopt an attitude of indifference, helplessness, authority, or rage to manipulate outcomes.

Denial – I have difficulty identifying what I am feeling – I do not recognize the unavailability of those people to whom I am attracted.

Low Self Esteem – Iwhat I think, say, or do harshly, as never good enough – I am unable to identify or ask for what I need and want.

Compliance -I give up my truth to gain the approval of others or to avoid change – I am extremely loyal, remaining in harmful situations too long.

If you suspect that you or someone you know might be co-dependent, as you read these behaviours you might notice that you fall more into one or two categories or that you have a sprinkling of behaviours across all of the patterns.


Where does it begin? Co-dependency typically begins in childhood, when one develops coping behaviours to handle the pain, powerlessness, loneliness and distress in a dysfunctional family situation where addictions and/or abuse may (or may not) have existed.


Is it possible to heal from co-dependency? Like any chronic illness there is always hope of recovery. And in the meantime, we can “act as if,” using our new understanding, the tools available, and introducing new vocabulary to support the new, healthy behaviour and integrate it into one’s thinking and perception, gradually replacing the old self-destructive mind set. This can be likened to learning a new language to help support a healthier life style.

I begin to heal from co-dependency when I recognize my behaviour patterns. This involves Acceptance. Then I make myself available to healing by becoming Willing to change. And finally I decide, no matter how lost or burdened I feel, to Trust that healing is possible.

Sometimes it seems the best place to begin is at the bottom, when we are at a loss and feel there is no way out, or we feel we are going insane. Just like an invisible disease, co-dependency can be elusive. But once it is recognized it can become an opportunity for real personal growth, healthy relationships and even happiness. Ultimately you discover that the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.

What Does Recovery Look Like?

As I move forward I acknowledge myself for surviving life and now I begin to Live my life, with patience and love.

I no longer look to others for my sense of worth. I communicate my feelings and my needs. I don’t need to control others. I recognize that I am not a victim. I make healthy choices. I am no longer controlled by shame and fear. I am responsible for myself and I let others be responsible for them. I experience genuine compassion and respect for myself and others. I am willing to experience a new sense of freedom and love. I embrace life with courage and dignity. I am capable of healthy and loving relationships. I choose friends and situations that support my recovery. My generosity comes from a place of self-worth. I know I am a lovable and precious creation. I continue the practices that support my recovery.

Suggestions For Recovery

– Find a psychotherapist or counsellor familiar with co-dependency.

– Visit a 12 Step group for support and information Co-dependents Anonymous CoDA deals with relationships with Self and others.

(For dealing with other specific issues that might or might not be related to Co-dependency there are other 12 Step programs: N.A. – substance dependency, A.A. – Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon is for friends and families of alcoholics, S.L.A.A. – Sex and Love Addiction)

– Read about co-dependency.

Here are some authors who write about co-dependency and recovery: Melody Beattie, John Bradshaw, Pia Mellody, Robert Burney.

Please remember the Free support group is running every Tuesday from 12.30-1:30pm, it is a wonderful welcoming group of people so please do get in touch if you would like to join.


Information …


Thursday  19th to  Wednesday  25th March

ARIES – Ten of Wands

You’re feeling overloaded and about to explode so why take so much on? Find someone you’re able to delegate the small stuff to. If your thoughts are chaotic, give yourself time out this week. Yes, you do have a lot to accomplish, but it will get done. Being less muddled gets better results. Seriously, take time out to chill out.

TAURUS – Four of Swords

Legal matters and the art of negotiation becomes the main focus of your week. Intuition is telling you to be wary of other’s intentions whatever they offer; there’s no need to be rushed into any decision. Take your time; your strategy needs to be well thought out if you’re too out manoeuvre those hoping to get the better of you.

GEMINI – Knight of Swords

You may be challenged to stand up for your principles or to take on those who seek to question your motives. At times you may feel that you’re lying on a bed of nails; others around you can be so prickly! If a cool understanding approach doesn’t work, think creatively outside the box and stun associates with your inventive thinking.

CANCER – Temperance

Finally you’ll be given recognition and praise for what you have been diligently working on recently. Introduce a more harmonious and balanced routine into your day to day life; as it’s true that what you project on to others is a reflection of your own inner world. If any discordant situations arise, handle them right and you will be alright!

LEO – King of Wands

The element of fire that’s associated with this card, promises a week of increased energy and creative ideas a plenty. You’re also able to take these ideas and convert them into something tangible, so get going! This signals a productive time ahead; with Fire sign men; fellow Leo’s, Sagittarians or Aries as your best allies in business and in love.

VIRGO – Eight of Wands

It’s a great week to expand a business idea and to talk to a select few about the exciting new opportunities coming your way. If you need investors; you’ll offer convincing arguments as to why they should jump on your bandwagon. You’re confident and that’s infectious! If you’re a creative type; others will be impressed by your talents.

LIBRA – Seven of Wands

You’re battling to get a straight answer from someone; however, getting that will be quite difficult. Be skilful in your choice of words; you may have go around the houses to get the response you seek, even though you’d much rather take the direct approach. You hear words of love from an admirer; are they from the right person however?

SCORPIO – Three of Disks

A great week to consolidate business opportunities; you’ve plenty of enthusiasm and are excited about your future prospects. This is especially so if you are working as part of a team. If you’re looking for funding then meetings will go well and you’ll be able to convince those in positions of power or influence that you can do the job.

SAGITTARIUS – Five of Disks

If you’re worrying about finances, help is on hand in the form of an unexpected bonus, gift or rebate. This card always comes out when you deserve a break. You’ve helped others in the past and the universe finds a way to bring something to you. Remember, your own attitude counts; what you give out in life, you get back.

CAPRICORN – Six of Cups

People from your past turn up or contact you out of the blue indicating happy reunions and also a reconnection of feelings where they’re concerned. This card indicates pleasure on a deep and nurturing level and as a result, you’ll enjoy life more than usual. Any recent disappointments fade away this week and you’re more than happy to help others.

AQUARIUS – Three of Cups

You’re here to be happy and this card reminds you of that fact! The best way to ensure this happens is to spend more time with those who bring you joy. If you’ve not caught up with friends or family lately; now’s the time to do that. Golden opportunities, abundant times socially, financially and career wise through plentiful networking opportunities.

PISCES – Ten of Cups

Your social life picks up this week so expect more than your fair share of visitors, although you’ll want to get out and about. This is such a happy card whose energy reminds you to celebrate and appreciate friends, family and the good times. Others show generosity on

San José Fiestas

  • Week 3

Fri 20th: At 8pm there will be a comedian’s show at the CEIP Urgell (entrance 5€). And at 8.30pm the programme “Sant Josep, un poble de cine” will show the film ‘Los Fenomenos’ (Spain, 2014).

Sat 21st: This day is especially for the smallest of the family, with children’s workshops, games, bouncy castle, a show by Cachirulo (7pm), etc. from 11am-2pm and 5pm-8pm in the Pere Escanelles street. At 11.30am there will be children’s basketball day at Can Guerxo. At 2pm there will be a special lunch for the elderly. At 4pm there will be a ping-pong competition between Sant Josep – Ripollet (Barcelona) at Can Guerxo. Also at 4pm there will be a scrabble (in Catalan) competition at the Escuelas Viejas

From 5pm to 8pm Ibiza Vertical Club organizes a climbing event, ages 4 to 17, residents 5€, non residents 10€. (For inscription go to www.ibizavertical.com

At 8pm the 8th Correbars (Bar-run) starts with tapa + drink for 2.50€ and live music in: Es Galliner, Racó Verd, Can Llornç, Can Bernat Vinya, and Can Xicu. And from 11pm, Dimonis els Mals Esperits will put on a show alongside the Correfocs (jumping of fires).

Sun 22nd: At 10am there will be another archery competition. From 11am to 1.30pm there will be skating at the parking Cas Vildo. At noon there will be a concert by the municipal band. At 9pm as part of the programme “Dies Musicals” (Musical days) there will be a poetry-concert Un Tast d’Ones in the Town Hall.



Greetings everyone, from Mallorca.

It’s a mallorquín weekend with friends, one of many this year. I’ll be working as well (sort of), presenting my fashion slot on Radio One Mallorca .

As it’s such a short journey down to the Balearic Islands, there’s only just enough time to grab a handful of tacky mags from WH Smith and catch up with what’s ‘trending’ amongst the Z-listers. So, everyone is either pregnant or ditching the diet and it appears that Katie Price’s leaking breast implants stink of dead people. Yawn.

However, what did catch my eye was the latest skincare secret storming the beauty scene. It’s extreme but gives you perfect skin. Is it a cream, a serum or a face lift? Nope. It’s a face shave.

Apparently, it’s the latest buzz in beauty for women in search of the ultimate glow and dewy complexion. ‘Dermaplaning’ or ‘Blading’ removes the top layers of skin plus baby hairs with a super-fine blade and is said to reveal a brighter, more youthful complexion. Make-up apparently goes on smoother and skincare products penetrate better.

Now, call me Miss Picky, but I’ve seen my legs and bikini area, a couple of days after a shave, and I can’t say the words ‘youth and dewy’ spring to mind. We all know that once you start shaving, there’s no going back. It returns bigger and bushier every time. Just look at your other half come 5pm… Lunacy is the only word I can think of.

Supposedly it’s a twice monthly treatment and here’s that really insane part – it costs £100 per ‘dermaplane’. Great gig if you can get it. I wish I could start charging my other half for a ‘dermaplane’ but his beard gets in the way. Perhaps his-and-hers dermaplaning kits will catch on in time for Christmas? Or perhaps not.

Onto this week’s Zips It Up and its spring time in Ibiza and the almond trees are blooming. We get fresh, seasonal make up tips from Marie Ducher Clark, a professional make-up artist from the White Isle.

Get out into in the garden, slip your shoes off, soak up some rays and enjoy this week’s Amanda Zips It Up.

Read Amanda’s fashion blog at


Balearic Make-Up For Spring ‘15

Spring has finally sprung, from London to Ibiza. Time to come out of hibernation and expose that skin to the fresh air and a fresh new look. Before it gets too warm to wear make up, what should we be bracing ourselves for this Springtime?

Meet a friend of mine, Ibiza-based make-up artist Marie Duchar Clark, originally from Essex but now a fully fledged Islander. Marie has some 2015 beauty expertise to help you look spring fresh. Having earned her stripes at Benefit and Estee Lauder, Marie holidayed Ibiza in 2006, and never came back. She has successfully set up shop as a mobile beauty therapist and make-up artist on the island. I’m not jealous at all (says she, coughing).

Today, Marie’s business in Ibiza takes in private clients, photo shoots, fashion shows, weddings and television shows. Her client list includes Blue Marlin magazine, Ibiza Style and Hello magazine, to name but a few. Fashion shows have included Bizar Fashion and the famous Urban in Ibiza, while wedding clients have ranged from the girl next door to A-list celebs.

Spring is unique in Ibiza and paints a very different landscape from the barren and tinder dry summer months. Across the island almond trees are starting to blossom and make up gets fresher. Hot looks for this season include soft pastel eyes and sheer lip layering to build up a stronger colour. Pink lips make a huge impact. I’m sure we’ll be seeing lots of them on the dance floors of Ibiza 2015”, says Marie.

“In Ibiza, my personal fave right now is a light lavender eye, as shown at Matthew Williamson. I’ll definitely be recreating this beautiful look at some of my upcoming shoots. For nails, camel nude tones look stunning right now. Also, I’m loving Laura Mercia Watercolour Mist Eye and Cheek Colour” comments Marie.

If you’re planning a wedding in Ibiza this summer, look no further. Weddings are a particular area of expertise. Marie – who also speaks fluent Spanish and Italian – can turn every Ibiza bride’s dream a reality. Starting with a full trial to ensure happiness, Marie’s calm demeanour makes wedding mornings a breeze.

Marie Duchar Clark, brightening complexions from the UK to the Balearics. Tel 689 253 670 or  marieducharclark@me.com


Glamorous Gladiators

Need a shoe that’s as powerful as it is pretty? Well, get laced up in spring’s gladiator sandal. The deity-derived (think Hercules, Aphrodite, et al) sandal fits comes in suede and snakeskin to buckled and buff. Gladiator sandals will have you feeling—and looking—like a total goddess come spring, battling through to the Balearic islands this summer. Less traditionally Roman and more rustic, it’s all about knee-highs. Wear with a pretty lace dress.

“Of  1,200 people tested in our pilot, 100 need further tests and 38 people are now receiving the treatment they need.”

Classifieds & Local





Pitch Invasion at Villa

  • Des Toshini

Disgusting scenes at football tonight. made me feel sick to my stomach – one after one these lowlife scum ruined the game, as a good old fashioned pitch invasion was marred by the scourge of our time – the tv pundits. How sickening it was to see them desperately trying to outdo each other in their sanctimonious condemnation of some fans who appeared to be finally getting some pleasure equitable to the cost of admission. How my blood boiled to see their wringing hands delighting in the fees they would earn from exaggerated and sensationalist columns declaring a return to 80’s hooliganism in the Sunday Mail. How repulsive to imagine their already bloated self importance pumped up further by Mr and Mrs Vanilla Missionary of the Breakfast news sofa asking for their advice on how we could protect our children from this menace of momentary muslim-esque madness. “Disgusting, … oh my … this is disgusting … oh oh ” said Mark Lawrenson, in the style of Alan Partridge watching a sick ladyboy sexfest “it’s like a return to the 1980’s”, but the pain really hit home when our Kylie of the football world Gary Lineker had to have a pop too. Don’t worry Gary, i know you had a BBC exec off camera holding a gun to a puppy’s head, but back to Mark-my-face-is-made-of-one-of-those-sharpei-inside-out-dogs-Lawrenson, how is that a return to the eighties? the vast majority had huge grins on their faces, natural ones, not new ones that had just been carved for them in a stanley knife ballet-slash, and they were dancing with players, not dancing on the head of the poor unfortunate in a backstreet who got left behind when his mob ran. What has it got to do with you anyway? the villa fans had right and reason to be angry if the game was at risk, but you can just sit behind your 10 layers of pleb-excluding-glazing on your designer swivel chair displaying your testicles at a thigh stretching 90plus degrees and shut your stupid baggy mouth.

The worst of hooliganism was awful, but it was eradicated from Stadiums with no regard for the sanitisation of the passion and pleasure enjoyed by the vast majority of vocal fans. Thousands of fans had more than a game, their lifestyle, removed without qualm to control the badness of a few. If you applied the same to MPs and Bankers they would all be strip searched at the start and end of every shift and recorded for sound and vision during every waking moment.

But tomorrow’s press will be all about ‘shit on the villa’. Mark Lawrenson pontificated that the fans “will have ruined the Villa manger’s day”. No it won’t you nerk, you seriously think that the dressing room will be in a state of silent and solemn shame? He has just got through to Wembley and his wife will be the best person to tell you how happy he is by how much extra time he awards her tonight in bed. Those who don’t understand how football can raise a passion that could lead to such rash behaviour as running about the place whooping with delight can sod off back to their sky subscriptions, or if in attendance remember that, as Millwall would say “we know where your coaches/executive saloons are”. Mark was almost over the arousal-edge to point out they would all be on CCTV, the pure pleasure of excluding hundreds of fans on lifetime bans to free their seats for Chinese businessmen. Go ahead, you’ll be doing them a favour, few would pay the ridiculous price of admission if it were not for the genetic compulsion to support your team, and if you chuck enough out we can come and ruin your Rugby instead.

Jezza’s Sports Report …

  • Jeremy Parmenter

Hi there sports fans


Our friends in the West Indies will now be sighing with relief as their team scraped in to the Quarter Finals of the Cricket World Cup after their win over the UAE, coupled with Ireland’s defeat against Pakistan. So, with the Group stages over, this week sees the said Quarter Finals line-up being South Africa/Sri Lanka, India/Bangladesh, Australia/Pakistan and New Zealand/West Indies and I’m going for the semis to be between S.Africa, India, Australia and New Zealand. And what of England, well might one ask! Well, having lost 4 of the 6 group games, finishing with a straightforward win over Afghanistan, we just didn’t deserve to be there, made all the worse for the fact that 7 of the top 8 got thru’ and B’desh are there instead of us!

Rugby Union

We English had something to crow about as, in the 4th round of the 6 Nations Championship, we’re on top of the pile after a not wholly convincing 25-13 win over Auld Enemy Scotland, but only on points diff (4) as Ireland, going for the Grand Slam, were turned over by Wales 23-16 in Cardiff, with all 3 now on 6 points with one match to go on Saturday. Wales have, arguably, the best chance as they face Italy in Rome, while Ireland are in Edinburgh and England at HQ against France, who won against Italy 29-0. So all to play for at the w/end then.

Domestically, it was the semis of the English LV Cup, of which the Final will feature last year’s winners Exeter and Saracens, as the former beat Leicester and the latter beat Premiership leaders Northampton.

Rugby League

In the Super League there was in incredible match between Catalans and bottom club Hull KR as the latter, 20-4 down at half-time, staged a miraculous second-half comeback to score 46 unanswered points and take the plaudits (you do the math, as they say in the States!). With this win Hull KR moved up to mid-table, with leaders St Helens now the only 100% side left, after Leeds lost at Warrington.


Our Andy was back in ATP action after his successful GB Davis Cup exertions, this time at the Paribas Open in Indian Wells, US, and he’s now in to the 3rd round together with his nemesis’ Djokovic and Federer, Rafa having been knocked out already.

In the Women’s congrats to Brit Heather Watson, as she scored the best win of her career with a straight sets win over World No 8, Agniezka Radwanska, being the first time she had beaten a World top 10 player and best of luck to her in the last 8.


Let’s start with last week’s European ties, and in the CL, Chelsea were left reeling at Stamford Bridge as, having taken the lead twice, they weren’t able to capitalise, eventually being knocked out in extra-time by Paris SG, leaving the tie at 2-2, 3-3 on aggregate, but losing on the away goals rule. No excuses from Jose, but it does appear a trifle unjust that in 6 matches including the Group stages, the Blues went unbeaten but still went out! Mind you, they were nearly joined by Real Madrid after an incredible match at the Bernabeu against Schalke. Leading 2-0 from the 1st leg in Germany, holders Real lost 4-3 on the night and one more goal from the Germans and t’would have been “adios, Cristiano”. In the Europa it was well done and good luck to Everton, Britain’s sole rep in this cup, as they take a 2-1 lead to AVB’s Dinamo Kiev on Thursday.

In the Premier League, after Man City’s surprising 1-0 defeat at strugglers Burnley, leaders Chelsea were unable to take full advantage as they were held to a 1-1 draw at the Bridge, but still increased their lead over City to 6 points with a game in hand, and although Man Utd scored an easy 3-0 win over Tottenham at OT to go 4th and only 2 points behind their city rivals, City are in grave danger of being overtaken by Arsenal, who continued their rich vein of form with a 3-0 win over West Ham at the Emirates and are now only a point behind the champions in 3rd. Liverpool, in 5th, play their game in hand tonight at Swansea and a win for the Reds would put them only 2 points behind Utd so it’s seriously hotting up for those CL places in the top 4. Elsewhere, Stoke lost 1-0 in the Midlands derby with West Bromwich but remain mid-table, whilst biggest winners were Aston Villa after their 4-0 away win at Sunderland to climb outta the bottom 3. As for the Black Cats their situation is beginning to look pretty dour as they are now only un point off the drop-zone while Crystal Palace, under the guidance of Alan Pardew are now nicely placed mid-table after their 3-1 home win over QPR, who barring a small miracle, are now looking doomed as they are second from bottom and 4 points from safety, together with Leicester, in bottom, but a further 3 points behind, after their dire scoreless draw with Hull. Finally, Everton capped off a great week with a 3-1 home win over mid-table Newcastle.

‘Tis getting seriously exciting in the Championship for those two automatic promotion places up for grabs as the top 3, Bournemouth, Watford and Middlesboro’ are only separated by goal difference, but more importantly, Derby and Norwich are only 2 and 3 points respectively behind, and even then, with 9 matches to go, the mix has to include Brentford and Ipswich.

Also exciting in La Liga as both Barça and Real Madrid won 2-0, to leave only a point between them.

That’s all for this week, Jezza


F1 Australia

  • Rhian Gibbs

It’s the start of the season again and the question is – will anyone be able to challenge Mercedes?

Melbourne, Australia.

The dramas were unfolding even before lights out – Marussia did not qualify due to software incompatibility, it is the hope they will be ready for Malaysia though this remains uncertain. Bottas for Williams was unable to race due to a back injury in qualifying, there is still no word as to whether he will make Malaysia.

Hamilton had a great start from pole, though it was not without incident as the Lotus of Maldonado got caught up in the clash between Raikkonen, Sainz and Nasr on the first lap sustaining vast damage and with the safety car out, the race continued however Lotus suffered another blow with Grosjean retiring in the same lap due to power loss.

With the safety car in, Hamilton pulled away comfortably with Rosberg in his shadow and this was how it remained for the rest of the race although Rosberg never let the World Champion out of his sight – another 1,2 for Mercedes and Hamilton’s 30th win. Vettel of Ferrari made a good start and a subsequent perfect strategic move ensured he passed Massa for the third podium spot, while Raikkonen struggled with numerous contacts and was eventually forced to retire lap 41 with a loose wheel. It was the same wheel that caused problems on his first and second pit stop and though it was improperly fastened, it seems no further action will be taken as the car was off road when the wheel came off.

With Williams one man down, it was up to Massa to challenge the Silver Arrows starting third on the grid. He did indeed hold that position for a while, but lost time during a pit stop and crossed the line 4th.

What a difference we have seen in Sauber, whilst they failed to collect any points in 2014, both drivers finished in the top 10 with Felipe Nasr taking a commendable 5th after holding off Raikkonen, Sainz and Ricciardo, his team-mate Ericsson passed Sainz in the closing stages to bring home more points in 8th.

Red Bull also suffered a pre-race casualty with Kvyat not starting due to transmission failure, which left Ricciardo to impress his home crowd, 6th was not quite what he had hoped for, but with poor driveability it was the best he could do.

Force India had a decent race with Hulkenberg taking 7th and Perez 10th despite his scuffle with Button and then a costly pit stop. The Toro Rosso drivers showed great composure and were in the end particularly unlucky – Carlos Sainz Jr. made it look easy and was in the top seven until his rear wheel got stuck during his pit stop in which he lost 4 places, though he managed to claw back 9th. His team-mate Max Verstappen was making an impressive run as the youngest ever driver in F1 at the tender age of 17, but was forced to retire lap 33 with smoke billowing from his cockpit.

McLaren’s Magnusson retired on his way to the grid and Button was last to finish the race 11th, a full 2 laps down on Hamilton’s winning Mercedes. Whilst this may seem disappointing, it will provide the team with vital data on how to improve the Honda engine.