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2.7 Million Tourists in 2014, Up  12.9%

A Total of 2.7 million tourists visited the Pitiüses in 2014, 718,814 arrived from Spain with over 2 million international holidaymakers.

This equates to an increase of 12.9 percent compared with 2013 based on data provided by the Balearic Ministry of Tourism. Ibiza and Formentera continue to lead the way compared to our Balearic neighbours. In Mallorca tourist arrivals increased by 2% and in Menorca by 1.9%. The Balearic Minister of Tourism, Jaime Martínez said that prospects for 2015 are better than 2014, stating he felt it would be the best year ever. There were also some negative trends within the bigger picture e.g. occupancy of tourist apartments dropped by 0.4% and hotel occupancy by 1.57%.

Illetas beach No1 in Spain and No5 worldwide

Ses Illetes beach in Formentera, has won the 2015 Traveller’s Choice award from Tripadvisor internet search engine, as the best beach in Spain. This distinction is made through the feedback the website’s users, and Ses Illetes achieved a satisfaction rating of  94%, beating off all of its Spanish competition. Illetas has also been rated as the second best beach in Europe, loosing out to Isola dei Conigli, on the island of Lampedusa (Italy), and also attained a global 5th place in the annual awards. In Spain, after ses Illetes, 2nd place was awarded to Bologna (Tarifa); 3rd to de las Catedrales (Ribadeo); 4th to de la Concha (San Sebastián), with 5th place also taken by the Pitiüses, won by Ibiza’s own Cala Compte, which scored a satisfaction rating of 93%.


New Bay to Jose Bus Service

President of the Consell, Vicent Serra, used facebook to announce a new bus service running from Cala de Bou to San Jose, specifically designed to meet the needs of residents in the Bay of San Antonio travelling to the new San Jose health centre.

The year round route has 3 scheduled return services each morning from Monday to Friday.

The service was made possible following a 55,000€ injection of public funds.

Cala De Bou Day Centre Opens

The Ayuntamiento of Sant Josep held an official opening ceremony for the new elderly day care centre in Cala de Bou on Sunday 15th February. The facility, consisting of 470 square meters on the ground floor, has a main room of 120 square meters, a cafeteria with kitchen, a secondary room of 25 square meters, toilets, an office and a store. At the rear of the building users have a floodlit garden area. The mayor of Sant Josep, Neus Mari, said they are very satisfied with the work, which has been completed with an investment of 400,000€ in public funding. The building can be expanded in the future by construction of a second floor.

Ibiza Town Motion On Port

  • Council insist Es Martell must be Public Square
  • Reversal of decision to leave Es Martell future until after elections.

Ibiza Town is set to pass a motion requiring the Port Authority (APB) to make sweeping changes to their redevelopment plans. The town hall announced that a motion had been agreed stating “Ibiza Town is a city with a port, not a port city”. The motion to be heard at their next meeting requires that the APB accepts that the Ayuntamiento represents the views and interests of all the people in the City, residents and businesses, and that they cannot act solely on their own criteria. The Town Hall wishes to protect areas including la plaza de Antoni Riquer, and in the Old Port, from the yacht club to the lighthouse, they require the APB to abandon aspects of the development altogether.

The motion also calls for jetties used for fishing to be maintained for that use, and that the yacht club should extend its jetty to the south and not north, to avoid difficult manoeuvres for the fishing fleet. The city will also reject the proposed extension of facilities at the old sea-wall Illa Grossa-Illa Plana and request special conditions for the sea-wall/pier at Botafoch. Finally, all groups of the Town Hall are united in insisting that the ‘es Martell’ area should become a public square, for which the current building should be demolished “as soon as possible” and only replaced by a building that will blend into the surroundings.

News of the impending motion was at direct odds with information released to press late last week in which it was said the Council and APB had met and agreed to suspend a final decision on the future of the Es Martell area of the port until after the May 24th elections.

In the earlier announcement issued Thursday 12th February  Consell President Vicent Serra, and the president of APB, Alberto Pons, confirmed that works on the seafront continue as planned whilst awaiting the final decision on es Martell. According to reports from the Consell, APB were insisting on the need to include port servicing facilities, while the Ajuntament rejected the draft submitted on the grounds it exceeded the scope of the plans initially agreed.

Port Authority president, Alberto Pons said at that earlier  meeting that the current building can not be demolished until a new building is assured. The APB say there must be a port building at Martell and that the revised plans “do not exceed those initially proposed, but now incorporate important improvements”.

For its part, the Association of Residents and Businesses of Ibiza said on Wednesday 11th February that APB must not be allowed to extend the plan. “If the solution is to make a smaller building and demolish the existing larger one, do it. But it is another thing altogether if they want to incorporate shops”.

Printer Suffers Broken Heart!

Last week’s Ibizan caused something of an upset at Ibiza’s rotary press printing plant, causing a terminal crash in the print run and a day’ delay getting the newspaper published.

During the Wednesday night  print, what has been blamed on our “complex graphics”, caused the entire computerised printing press servers to crash. On investigation it was found that page 9, our Valentine’s feature including your love messages, was the culprit. We understand the servers received emotional counselling the following day and were able to print again  the following night.


“I will ask who is responsible”

  • Consell president meeting European Environment Commissioner
  • Formentera withdraw from talks

The president of the Consell de Ibiza, Vicent Serra, has announced his intentions in advance of the meeting to be held on Wednesday with European Commissioner for Environment, Karmenu Vella. Serra wants to know who is responsible for the illegal underwater tests that were conducted between July 2012 and July 2013 in the Mediterranean Sea off the Ibiza coast. “It has been shown that these tests had a negative impact on cetaceans (marine mammals including whales)” said the president, after his preparatory meeting yesterday with representatives of the Mar Blava alliance and ‘Eivissa Diu No’ anti-oil prospecting group.

The Commissioner has restricted attendance to government representatives. Alongside the Consell president will be President of the Consell of Formentera, Jaume Ferrer the Balearic Minister of Environment, Biel Company, and from the Partido Popular, Rosa Estarás. Serra says the purpose of the meeting is to “insist on the stand against the planned surveys and for the European Commission to pay particular attention to the environmental impact statement on issues such as SPAs (Special Protection Areas for Birds).” The president concluded by saying “it is important to again “expose the Commissioner to the great social opposition to exploration on our islands.”

Formentera pulls out of Brussels Meeting

The president of the Consell de Formentera, Jaume Ferrer, will not participate in the offshore oil exploration meeting to be held on Wednesday with European Environment Commissioner, Karmenu Vella. Ferrer will not attend the meeting because he believes that the responsibility to stop the surveys “sits with the Spanish government, not Brussels”. Ferrer said he was “surprised by the ease” with which travel to Brussels to meet with European leaders was organised, in light of  “the  numerous obstacles that prevent us from going to Madrid and telling our own ministers of Industry and Environment that we must end the nonsense of oil exploration.”

98 Day Average Wait For Surgery, 15% Increase In Wait For Specialist

  • 1,176 on surgical waiting list in Ibiza and 18 in Formentera
  • 58,606 patients awaiting consultation with specialist

The surgical waiting list at Can Misses Hospital as at December 31 2014, was effectively identical to data recorded in 2013, from 1,174 patients waiting for an intervention to 1,176, a change of just 0.17%. In Formentera the list has grown from 7 to 18 though the change is due more to the very small sample than any underlying issue.

Average wait time has been reduced in both hospitals. In Eivissa there is an average wait of 97.95 days, when in 2013 it was 100.7, while in Formentera the average waiting time was 32.2 days, 36.5 in 2013.

Taking the Balearics as a whole, the surgical waiting lists have grown by 2.4%, standing at 14,487 patients who had pending action at the end of 2014, compared with 14,140 the previous year.

The most disappointing figure has to be the 14.7% increase in the number of patients waiting for an appointment with a specialist, taking the total number of patients awaiting consultation to 58,606 at the date of December 31, 2014.

The figures were released at a press conference on Wednesday by the Minister of Health, Martí Sansaloni, together with the director of the Health Service, Miquel Tomas, who said the numbers “are not good enough”, although he insisted that there is significant scope to reduce these lists, with the further assistance of organisations such as the Red Cross.

16k Emergencies in 2014

The ‘112’ Emergency Service of the Balearic Islands attended a total of 184,809 incidents in the archipelago during 2014, of which 33,539 were vital emergencies. The service processed 926,448 calls.

Of the total Mallorca had approx 80%, Ibiza 15%, Menorca 4% and Formentera 1%. As you would expect, by far the greatest percentage of incidents occurred during the peak summer tourist season, due in part to the pure increase in people on the islands, but also as a result of the particular emergency types tourists are at greater risk of experiencing, e.g. from overindulgence of drink and drugs, sunstroke, sporting injuries etc.

Santa Eulalia gets go ahead for Ibiza’s first Crematorium

The City of Santa Eulalia announced on Tuesday that it has received favourable reports from the relevant departments of the Balearic Government to allow the development of a crematorium in the borough.

At present cremations have to be undertaken in Mallorca at a cost of several thousand euros in transportation alone.

The council must now go through normal administrative and licensing procedures prior to work commencing.

It is not known when the likely start date will be, as progress of the project will be dependant on whether any objections or problems arise during the next stage of planning application.

Plans for the proposed new crematorium are on public display for inspection until February 23rd.

‘Sobrassada d’Eivissa’ Trademark Scheme

The Consell’s Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, have joined with the Association of Butchers and Charcuteros (PIMEEF), in developing regulation of the use of the trademark ‘Sobrassada d’Eivissa’. The aim is to provide a recognisable assurance of quality and local origin for consumers. To qualify as ‘Sobrassada d’Eivissa’, the local spicy sausage must be made from a pig no older than 8 months when slaughtered, weighing a minimum of 130 kg, and have been raised on the island. Further conditions control ingredients and production.

2 Illegal Garages Closed Down in San Antonio

The Civil Guard and the local police in Sant Antoni de Portmany have moved to close two illegal and unregulated garage workshop premises. The investigation began with the death of a pedestrian in January, from which agents collected information on two locations where vehicles were allegedly being repaired clandestinely. The officers found that two workshops, one in Sant Rafel and another on the road to Santa Agnès, lacked the necessary permissions to perform this activity. In relation to vehicle involved in the accident, the investigation remains open and ongoing.

renovation works at Cas Dominguets

Ibiza Town council is taking the necessary steps to implement renovation works at Cas Dominguets overflow parking. The PSOE Pact spokesman in Ibiza, Rafa Ruiz, had previously called on the mayor Virginia Marí for “urgent action” to improve the car park at Cas Dominguets next to the fairgrounds, due to its “lamentable state”. Subject to budgetary approval, the works should be able to start in a week or so. Various improvements are included in the schedule, which will cost around 6,000€, including filling large pot holes and work to remedy the regular flooding problems.

Cala d’Hort Observatory Discovers 81 Asteroids

The Cala d’Hort observatory, which comes under the authority of the Department of Culture of the Consell d’Eivissa and is managed by the Astronomical Association d Eivissa, discovered 81 asteroids last year. This brings their tally to 212 discovered since 2011. According to reports from the Consell, the number of asteroids discovered has been increasing over the years. They identified 5 in the first year, 14 in 2012, and 36 in 2013. Of their discoveries a total of 36 have been properly approved and registered by the two organisations with global responsibility for astronomical data of asteroids, the Minor Planet Centre and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA.

Ibiza Town Tackles Youths And Alcohol Problems

 The advisory council on ‘Youth and Alcohol’, established by the Ibiza Town Hall within the auspices of the municipal drug plan, held its first meeting on Friday. In attendance were representatives from all municipal departments linked to preventive strategies including Youth, Social Welfare, Local Police, Police Tutors, Driver Education and the Municipal Drug Team. The aim of the project is to effectively coordinate the different municipal strategies that address the relationship between young people and alcohol, to maximise the success of preventative work.

Contract For Demolition Of High Risk Building.

Ibiza Town Council has announced the contract for demolition of the old Consell Government buildings for a total amount of 248,750€. The deadline for completion of the works, once begun, will be two months. The one thousand square metre building has stood abandoned since the late 1990s when the structure was determined to have an unacceptable risk of aluminosis – a form of pneumoconiosis due to the presence of aluminium bearing dust in the lungs.

The demolition of the building has been announced on several occasions since the closure. Interested companies have until March 12th deadline to submit proposals.

IBANAT First Fire Safety Course.

The Balearic Institute of Nature (IBANAT) is in the midst of their first fire safety and emergency training course. The course takes place over two days for a total of 10 hours at the centre in Sa Coma. The 40 participants will receive instruction on a wide range of fire safety, prevention, emergency procedure and control topics. The attendees will receive instruction in both theoretical classroom work and practical hands on training.

There is a particular focus on safety on extinguishing forest fires. This will include use of vehicles and water hoses, plus the creation of security zones and fire breaks.


Baleària Announce Mallorca To Ibiza For 25€ Return.

Following last week’s news of cut price inter-island flights by Air Europa, the Baleària shipping company has announced new cut price rates for inter-island travel between Mallorca and Ibiza. Residents can travel on foot for 25€ return between the two islands and with a vehicle from 99€. The fee is in effect for the next few months, except for the Easter holiday period, from March 25th to April 15th. The company operates daily between the two islands by the ferry Nissos Chios, with a journey time of 3.5 hours. The ship  departs from the port of Palma at 8am and returns at 9.30pm.

Air passengers off to a record start in 2015

  • 106,430 passengers up 10.7%.

Ibiza Airport recorded 106,430 passengers in January, up 10.7 percent compared to the same period in 2014. The figures represent an all time record for the first month of the year. According to sources from Aena, of the total 106,326 passengers using commercial services, the volume of domestic traffic in January increased by 10 percent to 102,524 passengers, with international journeys increasing by 35 percent to 3,802 passengers. The percentage growth of international travellers is due to the new direct winter service to Eindhoven, which began earlier this winter, adding to the continuing London City flights which operate 3 times a week.

The total number of arrival and departure flights totalled 1,425, an increase of 1.2 percent compared to January 2014. Of these, 1,312 were commercial flights, also 1.2 percent more the same month in 2014. Domestic flights increased by 1.1 percent and international, by 1.9 percent, totalling 1,203 and 109 respectively. January was the tenth consecutive month in which Ibiza airport has set a new record in passenger numbers.

Chinese Culture Day #1

On Monday Ibiza Town held its first  ‘Day of Chinese Culture Awareness’.

The day was divided into two parts, one specifically for staff of the town hall, and the other for the tourist and commercial sector. The goal is to meet the needs and preferences of Chinese tourists, to look at how to adapt to the cultural differences between East and West, and to create a ‘model profile’. The training sessions, which are free of charge, are designed to give Spanish entrepreneurs the key skills needed to work successfully in the Asian and specifically Chinese tourist sector.



Were Pink Floyd in Formentera?

Were you in Ibiza late 60’s/early 70’s? we have received an enquiry from an author who has published a tome on Pink Floyd and is seeking info for a second updated edition. Here is what he wants to know:- “I’ve recently been made aware of a concert they may have given at the Club Tipic in Formentera in the early 1970’s. It’s all over the internet if you Google it. It alleges that the band performed at the club at its opening in 1971 whilst they were filming the French director Barbet Schroeder’s movie “More” which they wrote the soundtrack for. However, this timeline is incorrect – “More” was filmed on the island in the summer and winter of 1968 and the soundtrack recorded in London in February 1969, and released to cinema that summer. The band do not appear in the film. It would be interesting for me to try and fathom if the concert was in fact true, and I wondered if it would be at all possible to write a request for further information from your readers. ”
I’ve no doubt we’ll be able to help so over to you ..

Agricultural Centre open in June

The Minister d ‘Infrastructures, Agriculture and Fisheries, Santiago Juan, signed contracts Thursday with Angel Campuzano, manager of Tragsa, for the construction of Formentera’s new storage and distribution centre for the agricultural co-operative. Completion of the contracts will allow the works will begin next week. Santiago Juan said, “this is a very important element of the comprehensive program of recovery and enhancement of Formentera’s agricultural business, which also includes other measures such as the creation of a land bank”. The 500 square meter building will cost 614,000€ and is expected to be inaugurated in June.

Finalising Formentera Film

On Wednesday morning the coordinator of Film Formentera, Joan Ferrer, confirmed that the cinema refit currently underway is now reaching it’s final stages. The project to replace screening equipment includes the installation of a new digital system to replace the analog projector that had been used for the past 27 years. The changeover has meant the closure of the cinema for 1 month, but Ferrer is confident of making the February 20th target when he says “cinema will again shine on the island, but now with much higher quality picture and sound.” The new projector, acquired by the Consell Insular, at a cost of 50,000€ will debut with the release of 3 films next weekend: ‘Annie’, ‘Big Hero’ and ‘The Cave’.

Bank debt written off.

The Consell de Formentera has negotiated an agreed settlement of bank debt which, after payment of the agreed 613,301€ figure, will allow it to write off the balance  due. The insular Minister for the Economy, Bartomeu Escandell, talked of the zero bank debt outcome on Tuesday. “The indebtedness of the Consell de Formentera reached a critical level in December 2012, when it totalled 11.5 million euros, resulting in 500,000 euros in bank interest each year. Escandell explained that the reasons for such a massive debt were “the debt between the Balearic Government and the Consell, which at that time was 18 million euros, and the contractual terms relating to the servicing of the debt.”

77 Planning Infractions.

The Consell de Formentera’s planning department has reported that a total of 77 breaches of building and planning regulations were reported in 2014. The infractions ranged across works undertaken without any licence or with incorrect and insufficient licences. This equates to a new case being opened every 4.7 days, or one every 3.2 days if the calculation is based on weekdays. Of these cases, 14 have resulted in demolition orders, and 19 have been closed following either the building being returned to its original state, or by obtaining the correct licences to allow the works to proceed. The year has seen 28 disciplinary proceedings initiated resulting in fines of 280,000€.



At Night

Defected in the House @ Amnesia with Together

The Terrace at Amnesia is built for clubbers, pure and simple, and we intend to make it our house this season”

Simon Dunmore

Following a very successful year at Booom, Ibizan office playlist regulars Defected were left needing a new home following the late 2014 court case that looks like it might be the final nail in the coffin of the Botafoch club.

The rumour mill has been grinding away with many putting Sankeys at the top of the suitors most likely, however following the Mancs at Sanks statement that Defected would definitely not be with them in 2015 the field was open again.

Defected issued a statement on Friday 13th confirming their move to the Amnesia terrace at the invitation of Together.

For 16 weeks from 9th June to 22nd September, Defected In The House will host the Terrace at Together’s Tuesday night residency during what is Amnesia’s 25th anniversary.

Full story


Libertines top Rocks 10th Birthday Party

The Libertines, British indie rock band led by Carl Barat, will be headlining the Ibiza Rocks 10th birthday party on July 22nd. The Libertines dissolved in 2004, but after a decade’s absence from the music scene reformed in 2014 with news of a third album and tour.

Speaking to London radio station XFM Carl Barat said: “Ibiza Rocks one of the greatest gigs there is. The strange and debauched energy of the place never fails to provide the perfect backdrop for bacchanalian reverie of the highest order.

“Everyone there is gonna be ‘mad for it’, I can’t wait. One of those nights actually worth the b***ard hangover. Bring it.”

Other acts confirmed for Ibiza Rocks 2015 are the Grammy winners Clean Bandit (August 5); Mercury Prize nominees, Jungle and Shura (July 1); winners of the BBC Sound 2015 Years & Years (June 17), and the eternal Fatboy Slim (Sept 16). Mancunian band The Courteeners are playing at the Closing Party on September 16th.

Live bands play every Wednesday from June 17th with the schedule running to September 16th.W.A.R! will continue to feature DJs every Friday from June 5th to September 18th.

International Music Summit

  • Claire B

The International Music Summit (IMS) will be held in Ibiza at The Hard Rock Hotel again from May 20th-22nd. Speakers have not yet been announced but the two Dalt Vila party line-ups have been, and with more live acts this year and a return to the stunning location of Baluarte de Santa Lucia, they will both be ‘must-go-to-events’ as the summer season gets underway.

Thursday 21st May

Line-up in alphabetical order:

Luciano, Pete Tong, Solomun, Sven Väth plus Damian Lazarus and The Ancient Moons (Live)

Friday 22nd May

Hosted by Black Butter Records:

Rudimental (Live), MK, ZHU (Live), Kidnap Kid and Thalab (Live)

Tickets are 45€ per night or 80€ for both and are on sale now from:



Special Feature …

“3new enterprises that, though very different in their spheres of operation, share the common  trait of bringing something new and exciting to the Ibiza Mesa. All 3 are owned or part owned by ex-pats from our own community; more positive  examples of Brit-Business  contributing to the island economy.”

Recharge, Body, Mind & Soul …

RECHARGE, is the new fitness centre in San Antonio, equipped with Ibiza’s only Octagon.

FRIDAY: 6-10pm Opening party @ Plastik on the Egg Roundabout.

Demonstration of highly effective classes with 2 of the top trainers you’ll find anywhere, never mind Ibiza.

Includes trampoline & combat exercises and combat demonstrations in the newly fitted octagon. Also a few nibbles, drinks, DJ & discounts on memberships.

SATURDAY: Guest appearance by Mirella Clark – fitness model, life coach & nutritional expert.

Mirella usually holds  seminars to hundreds of people, so Saturday is a rare treat to hear her advice on nutrition in such close quarters. Mirella will also share her six pack secrets and give special advice to expectant and post-natal mums.

We hope to see you at one of our weekend special events, but if you can’t make it, please pop in any time to find out about our range of programmes suitable for everybody from complete beginners upwards.



Tel 653 35 80 69

3-5 Avda Dr Fleming, San Antonio, Ibiza (on the Egg Roundabout)

Exodus, a new era for the boat party…

The Ibiza boat party market is about to take a giant leap forward as 2015 sees the launch of brand new Super Yacht Event – Exodus.

Created by titans of the Ibiza boat and club scene with over 10 years experience the Exodus Super Yacht Parties will define the dawn of a new age for Ibiza Boat Parties.

Sailing exclusively from San Antonio and so capturing the island’s iconic sunset.

Taking place on the largest Event Yacht of its class this side of the equator 400 lucky clubbers will be able to experience the Ibiza Sunset at sea in impeccable style with an expertly crafted party.

This Super Yacht is one of a kind with four floors of music, VOID sound system, VIP terrace and lounge, underwater VIP rooms, four bars and a hot tub.

Premium alcohol bars and table service are order of the day as you are treated to the best visual entertainment and party atmosphere only possible at sea on a Luxury Yacht.

Musically programmed by the islands most influential artists and bookers the brand new VOID sound system will frame the most memorable day of your holiday with the finest Balearic house.

Re writing the rule book with ticketing you will be able to purchase tickets to the Exodus Super Yacht Party including transport from major island hot spots Playa Den Bossa and Ibiza Town and pre book advance VIP tables and access online.

The Super Yacht has some impressive stats:

The ultimate in VIP with full table service!

  • Top Deck Beds with complimentary towels and Hot Tub!
  • Underwater Rooms – themed with private bed!
  • Mid and Lower Deck Tables – in the heart of the action!
  • 6 Luxury Toilets – no more long queues or nasty niffs!
  • 4 Impressive Floors – There is space for everyone whether chilling or raving!
  • 4 Premium Bars – no delays queuing for a drink!
  • 1 Restaurant – Sushi, Finger Food and More
  • 1 Shop – Local island trinkets with our own twist!
  • 1 Brand New VOID sound system – crystal clear sound to every floor with the finest Deep and Tech beats from our international resident team.
  • The finest in production, and not just limited to on-board as we fly in an International Water Stunt artist team for our guest’s entertainment.

VIP Reservations available on request.  See contacts below or reach me directly at


TEL: (0034) 634077620

MAIL: reservations@exodusibiza.com

INSTAGRAM: @ibizasuperyacht

TWITTER: @exodusibiza



BeFree internet & communications …

We reported on BeFree’s move into Ibiza late last year. Until now they have been involved in Commercial installations – big Hotels and many of Ibiza’s landmark venues such as Mambo and Ocean Beach.

From the interest in response to the previous report, we think many of you in all corners of Ibiza – and perhaps particularly the corners because this is a go anywhere service unrestricted by underground cables – will be very pleased to hear BeFree have now commenced installations to homes and small businesses.

All About Community …

First things first they need to assess demand and so if you want the connection it is in your interests to rally your neighbours to register too.

Registration is quick, easy, and does not commit you. It just tells BeFree where people want the service.

We know that these days having good internet is fundamental to all aspects of life. Ibiza’s cabled internet has been notoriously poor in the past and Be Free aim to fix that.

Waiting to hear from you …

To launch their residential service, Be Free need to identify which areas want their connection the most. The guys there have created a roll-out campaign which requires you and your community to register online to help them to establish areas with the highest density of demand.

The idea is that you rally round with your neighbours and pals in your hood, like, share and register via Facebook and you could also be in with the chance to win a year’s free connection plus a VIP bed and free cocktails at Ocean Beach Club who successfully pioneered the Be Free service last summer. To register visit


Proof of the pudding …

Sound too good to be true? Here’s what Be Free user, Director of marketing services company The Sharma Company and local girl about town Leena Sharma has to say about her connection:

“Since getting my new speedy Be Free connection, life has actually changed. I used to find it perfectly acceptable that I couldn’t FaceTime and stream on Soundcloud at the same time! But it isn’t just the faultless wifi that has impressed me. When my antenna came loose during last week’s storms, their technician was round and on my roof within a couple of hours to plug me back in despite torrential rain and gale force winds. Talk about going the extra mile!”

For more information and/or to register please see our website or facebook




Community …

Letter From Juan

It is one of the special times of year when we realise how lucky we are to live in Ibiza, the time? Almond blossom time! This year is not the best show of blossom that we have ever had but it is still well worth going out to for a few hours and enjoying the spectacular show of nature. The classic place to visit is Sant Inés/Agnés valley but personally I prefer the Sant Agustì valley, as the blossom is in the valley and on the hillside, but whatever you choose please go out and take a walk or even a drive through one of the areas of blossom. You will not fail to be captivated by the beautiful blossom. On the subject of sights, did you go out last sunny and warm Sunday and watch the carnival parade? I hope so because if you didn’t you missed a lot of fun. People keep complaining about the lack of things to do in the winter but when there is something on they are the first people not to partake in the event. So don’t be a moaner groaner, get out there next time and have a look, and who knows you might even enjoy it. As you can see, apart from my advice on going out to admire the blossom it is obviously one of those weeks when I don’t have a lot a lot to say or anything to complain about – the sun must have mellowed me. Or perhaps it is the lack of alcohol as my New Year’s resolution not to drink in February is still on track and also the resolution I made last year to stop writing my letter to you every week after my 500 letter is also still on track and the countdown has really started as this letter is number 492 – so just eight weeks to go! I mean to say I passed my 10th anniversary in January so I think it is about time that I let some new young blood take over. But in the meantime have a good week, yours, Juan.

View from the Pew

Revd. Dr. Peter Pimentel mentioned in The Ibizan Christmas issue that “the origin of the universe is often explained by a big-bang from which our space-time universe emerged. (The big bang is God!)”.

The Oscar nominated film portraying Stephen Hawking, “The Theory About Everything”- currently playing in Santa Eulalia – portrays the brilliant and courageous theoretical physicist who brought his ideas about black holes, the big-bang and quantum gravity to a broad public audience. How do his views on intelligent design measure up to the views of other geniuses?

The question of whether a Creator and Ruler of the Universe exists has been answered in the affirmative by some of the highest intellects that have ever existed.

–Charles Darwin, the founder of evolutionary biology, as cited in his book Descent of Man.

“This sense of wonder leads most scientists to a Superior Being – der Alte, the Old One, as Einstein affectionately called the Deity – a Superior Intelligence, the Lord of all Creation and Natural Law.”

–Joseph H. Taylor, Jr., whothe 1993 Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery of the first known binary pulsar, and for his work which supported the Big Bang theory of the creation of the universe.

“The more I study science, the more I believe in God.”

–Albert Einstein

“God [is] the author of the universe, and the free establisher of the laws of motion.”

–Physicist and chemist Robert Boyle, who is considered to be the founder of modern chemistry.

“It may seem bizarre, but in my opinion science offers a surer path to God than religion.”

–Physicist Paul Davies, the winner of the 2002 Faraday Prize, (amongst many other awards).

“Astronomers who do not draw theistic or deistic conclusions are becoming rare, and even the few dissenters hint that the tide is against them. Geoffrey Burbidge, of the University of Calif. at San Diego, complains that his fellow astronomers are rushing off to join the First Church of Big-Bang God”. –Astronomer Robert Jastrow, physicist and founder of NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies –

“If you study science deep enough and long enough, it will force you to believe in God.”

What about JESUS? “He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation.” Col.1-15

Next service: Sun 22nd of Feb 11am: Holy Communion with Praise and Worship, Santa Eulalia.

It’s good To Talk

  • Kate Stillman

Dear Kate

My partner and I are kind of happy, well I am content with the relationship and have no thoughts of leaving or having an affair. The thing is we haven’t had sex for over 18 months, in some way I am not sure why I am writing to you because actually I am ok with it, but in another way I think it must be weird or at least a little odd that a 40 something couple seem to have gone off having sex at such a relatively young age. Do you think I should do something about it, is it normal or are we living in some sort of bubble thinking its ok. I wouldn’t even be writing except some of us went out the other week and the started talking about sex and most our friends seem to be enjoying the same sex life they did in their 30’s.

Thank you in advance, GR.

Dear GR

Thank you for your letter, sex is a big subject and undoubtedly very important and yet it seems to be the one that many people avoid. Thank you for talking about it. To put your mind at rest, if both of you are happy with the way things are then there is absolutely nothing wrong in not having sex. It is only an issue if you want different things.

The important thing is that you and your partner talk, it is only through open and honest communication that you will be able to see if you are both feeling the same way or if one is compromising for the other. Ask questions, find out what you both want and don’t be afraid to address what your needs are, regardless of what those needs maybe.

You and your partner are the only ones that matter in this scenario, many people equate a good relationship and love with sexual activity but more importantly is that you have a relationship that works for you both.

Take care, Kate.

NB: Don’t forget our two new groups start on Tuesday 3rd March. Please contact me if you would like more info.

Group 1 at 10am is a psychotherapy group for Women who want to explore their part in their relationships. Group 2 is a Free support group open to anyone who has had a life altering diagnosis.

For contact details see Kate’s advert in local services.


Breastfeeding; Still an Issue?

Good afternoon,

I have just finished reading Carly Sorensen’s article ‘Public Breastfeeding; Why is it even an issue?’ I agree with her on some of the points and not others.

I was one of the unfortunate mothers who was physically unable to breastfeedI desperately wanted to.think the whole world is aware that mother’s milk is best and want to give their children the best start in life and I agree that mothers should have public places to be able to attend tolittle hungry babes.

BUT… last week as I stood in a queue at the local chemist there was a mother at the front with her baby on the breast and did I feel sorrythe shop assistant. One thing is sending the ‘naughty titty barers’ (your words not mine) to a private place to breastfeed and another thing is having it pushed in your face literally! Using one of your comparisons and yesare right, I certainly wouldn’t want to eat Myat the front of a queue in a busy chemist… I would definitely feel that I was bringing attention to myself!

So maybe a compromise is needed and a little more consideration from Both parties.



Local Life …

Believe In Liberty Seguros

Believe in the market leader is the main message that Liberty Seguros, the expats number 1 choice of insurance company, wants to convey to its ever-growing international customer base across Spain. The campaign, geared to re-affirm its position as the favourite choice when it comes to insurance, is focused heavily in areas including the Costa Blanca, Costa Calida, Costa Almería, Costa del Sol, the Canaries and the Balearics. Principality, it will target Britons, Germans, Scandinavians and Dutch for both permanent and temporary residents. Liberty emphasizes its: ‘better care, better service and better insurance’ attributes, as well as simplicity and convenience, in dealing with a company that works with over 200 brokers with face to face personal assistance at all stages of the insurance process.

As Iván Ortego, Expatriate’s Commercial Manager of Liberty Seguros explains, “many expats are disenchanted at having to listen to recorded messages from a machine and much prefer to discuss their insurance needs with a friendly face in one of our broker offices and to receive advice from an expert in their field. Additionally, our products which include car, home, marine, pet, commercial and personal liability, are specifically suited and written for expatriates in their language in an easy to understand format making the process less daunting”

To contract insurance from Liberty Seguros, there are many ways to get in touch. One can telephone 902 255 258 for an instant quote and the name of your nearest broker or visit


Alternatively, if you know where your nearest broker is, just pop along and talk to someone in their nice warm office; you never know, you might even get a cup of tea!

Santa Eulalia Fiestas Week 2

  • Nicole Torres

The Santa Eulalia patron’s day has passed, but the Fiestas’ programme still has a lot to offer:

Feb. 20th: At 5pm there is a board-game’s competition at Punt Jove. And at 7.30pm at the Palacio de Congresos, the 6th conference cycle La Aventura de Educar en Familia (The Adventure of Educating as a Family).

Feb. 21st: This Saturday if full of fun for all: From 10am to 2pm there will be a photographic gymkhana at Punt Jove. From 10am to 1pm there will be a Diving Baptism at the Municipal Swimming pool (free activity) for people over 10 years old, previous inscription at the pool. At 11am there will be a boat race from Santa Eulalia finishing in Ibiza Town. At 6.30pm the Santa Eulalia Fiestas Concert will start in the Palacio de Congresos. At 7pm the Rock’n’Bars will start, with live music by various groups including Los frigolos and Morning Drivers amongst others, in the main street (San Jaime), the street of the restaurants (San Vicente) and the Plaza Espanya. Also at 7pm there will be a children’s Flower Power party at Punt Jove with a costume competition and body painting, which will become an older children’s Flower Power party at 11.30pm.

Feb. 22nd: At 10am there will be a bicycle outing leaving the Punt Jove. And at noon the Artisanal Fair will open at Puig de Missa.

Feb. 26th: At 8.30pm ‘No Hay Ladrón que por Bien no Venga’ (Every thief has a silver lining) be will be performed at Teatro Espanya, entrance 8€.

Mar. 1st: At 10.30am the 4th Street Football tournament will take place in the main street. And at 11am there will be a dog parade in the Plaza Espanya.

Mar. 6th: At 9pm there will be a Piano concert by Vera Sykora’s students at the Palacio de Congresos.

Mar. 7th: At 11am will be the inauguration of the firs ever Gerret Fair! Come and taste the different ways of cooking this fish while you enjoy live music in the main street of Santa Eulalia.

Mar. 12th: At 8.30pm there will be a choir concert in the Teatro Espanya, entrance 8€ – money goes to Caritas.

Mar. 20th, 21st, 22nd: Will be the 2nd Barruguet Teatre Familiar Festival which will take place around town and in the Palacio de Congresos. For the full programme visit


Green School Ibiza

  • Ibiza has a new international school opening near Santa Gertrudis. Initially for nursery and primary school age children, they have plans for a secondary school to follow. We invited them to tell us a little about their school.

“We have completed our vision for the Green School of Ibiza and we’re currently building an ecological designed, international school, which will be opening close to Santa Gertrudis. We have an international curriculum and we follow it with a Montessori approach. We will also incorporate other active pedagogies such as the Steiner philosophy. We’d like to make not only a school, but a Green Community that involves parents in the project.

Our mission is to have a school that will be focused on a natural and student-cantered education with a Montessori approach; similar to our existing school in Italy. Our International school will have a bilingual project containing Spanish and English for our early year’s program, primary and middle school. French and Catalan will also be optional..

Early years program will start at 2 years old, 6 years old for the primary and the middle will be from 11 years old. We’d like to go forward with the high school in the near future. Part of our educational project will include afternoon activities such as, English playground, guitar lessons, art classes, recycling programs, yoga and Montessori activities. We will also be able to provide courses for parents.”

We wish Green School all success in their new venture. For more information visit:-  



Information …


Thursday  19th to Wednesday 25th February

ARIES – Two of Cups

Reciprocated love and harmony in all your relationships is what this card is all about! You’re willing to compromise for the sake of love. New romance has a chance of becoming more of a commitment. Good fortune through the efforts of others. Recognise that love is the key to happiness which includes looking in the mirror and loving yourself more.

TAURUS – Two of Pentacles

You’re weighing up different scenarios and are unsure which path to take. How much it costs should be the deciding factor. Financially you’ll be in a quandary as your outgoings are more than expected; be prepared for an expensive week and conserve what you can. This situation is only temporary and you should be on track by the months end.

GEMINI – Eight of Pentacles

By the end of this weekly forecast, you’ll be reaching for the smelling salts as you’re working hard and are super busy. You will however, be raking it in financially so it will be churlish to complain. People like what you’re doing and are willing to reward you accordingly. If you need help achieving deadlines, out source for extra help.

CANCER – The Moon (reversed)

You’ve been diving into the realms of your subconscious and have at times, been overwhelmed by your thoughts and feelings. Imagine you’ve been in an Ocean and you’ve been down to the very depths, into the cold darkness. This week you’re kicking yourself up to the surface and finding you’ve come up with a pearl of an idea. Treasure indeed!

LEO – Five of Wands (reversed)

You’re in danger of getting into a muddle unless you’re clear about what you want. That also goes for communicating what you want, in a clear manner. Certain relationships could be under some strain due to a lack of understanding. This in turn leads to difference in opinion, no need to let that get out of hand though.

VIRGO – The Star

This card promises a new lease of life; especially within your close personal relationship and brings hope if you’ve not had much of that lately. Life’s offering you a blank canvas and urging you to have faith that a certain path is the correct one. You’ll be given plenty of signs this week that you’re on the right track.

LIBRA – Strength (reversed)

You may feel you’re being tested; as what you’re presented with by others makes you feel unable to fight back. Don’t throw in the towel because through tiredness and low energy, you can’t be bothered. That would be the easy thing to do. Control your emotions and don’t lose the plot, otherwise you’ll lose more than just your dignity.

SCORPIO – The World

This card brings you the freedom to finally choose your own path as you’ve now learned from past mistakes and don’t intend to repeat them. Remain open to new opportunities and ready to act. Scorpio’s always know the right time to strike, so don’t miss those lucky breaks this week. There’s every sign that a new venture will be successful.

SAGITTARIUS – Transformation

A week of endings and beginnings; as doors closes, others will open. You’ll not be afraid to cut loose from ties that are toxic or destructive; this clear out will be very through indeed. We’re not just talking about household items, clothes or shoes; you’re pruning away people or situations that no longer serve the new life journey you’re on.

CAPRICORN – The Emperor

You’re on tip top form this week. Anything you need to accomplish is easily done. Your leadership qualities stand out and you will be approached to organise or take charge of a new or existing project. This week is a week where you say YES to practically everything; just don’t overdo it and burnout by the end of the week.

AQUARIUS – Ten of Wands

You’ve so much going on that you’re in danger of going round in circles or acting like a headless chicken. Calm down, draw up a ‘to do’ list and systematically tick off each task when completed. It’s the only way you’ll manage your work load plus the demands of family and associates. Make efforts to socialise and reconnect with friends.

PISCES – Four of Swords (reversed)

If you feel like you’re heading down a rabbit hole, don’t panic! Stress will only have a physical effect in your body; making you more susceptible than usual to health problems. To avoid being laid up take note of what your body’s telling you. You need to take a break. Shy Pisceans need to offload what’s currently niggling them.


Carnival …

Carnival in Ibiza Town

  • Claire B

Sunday February 15th saw the annual carnival parade livening up the streets in Ibiza Town. Carnival is traditionally the fiesta that takes place before the fasting or giving up of something before Lent begins. It’s one of my favourite events of the year, as the normally quiet winter streets of the town are transformed into a riot of colour, music and dancing as the town’s population comes out in force to watch and have fun. Over 2,000 people took part in the parade this year, with costumes ranging from bees, to soldiers, paperboys, princesses, flapper girls, bullfighters, bankers, pirate taxi drivers, chess pieces, mermaids, super heroes and lots more. After the parade, the party continued into the afternoon in the Vara de Rey, with the prize giving ceremony, live music from Bluesmafia i es Saligardos and huge pans of Arroz de Matanzas were cooked for lunch. All accompanied by beautiful February weather: the clouds evaporated, the wind dropped and the sun shone down on the partygoers.

San Jose Carnival

  • Carly S

We very nearly missed St josep carnival this Saturday due to my running slightly late, compounded by the less than genius decision to carry out roadworks on the road into St josep and have traffic only moving in one direction on a busy Saturday! Were it not for the driver of the ‘Abu Gym’ float completely misjudging the corner and jacknifing as we raced up to catch what was left of the procession, we probably would have missed it.

So, whilst it may have been somewhat embarrassing for you to have to disconnect the float from the tow hitch, drive around the corner on your own and have the participants drag the float around (absolutely hilarious and somewhat poetic given that they were all dressed as exercising OAP’s, their float carrying the slogan ‘nunca es tarde pa ir al gym’ – it’s never too late to join the gym), I send you a heartfelt thank you! It provided great entertainment and allowed myself and my little fairy princess to enjoy most of the procession.

And what a lovely procession it was! The schools made a huge effort with particularly impressive entries from L’Urgell with Robin Hood and his Merry Men, who won first prize in their category, and the highly creative art theme; by Es Vedranell, I believe, which saw human framed masterpieces walking alongside their white smocked, paint flecked creators.

The atmosphere of the carnival was one of celebration and community with cake sales, refreshments, music and entertainment from clowns in the square afterwards. Both myself and my daughter thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and loved to see the great array of colours, themes and smiling faces. Great stuff St Josep!

San Antonio & Santa Eulalia Rescheduled

In the midst of howling winds, frequent downpours and very cold temperatures on the planned night of the Carnival procession in both Santa Eulalia and San Antonio, Tuesday the 17th February, both Town Halls had litle option than to cancel the evening parade.

San Antonio have confirmed that the event will now be held on Saturday 21st February with all times and details exactly the same as scheduled on Tuesday. This means the procession will gather at 4.30pm then start it’s route from the car park on Doctor Fleming along the waterfront. The Town Hall are confident there will still be the same record number of over 2,000 people taking part in the parade.


Matters are a little more complicated for Santa Eulalia as they are in the full swing of their fiesta and so most available days already have other events scheduled.

In a press statement they thanked everybody involved for their patience and co-operation, reassured them that their hard work would not go to waste as the event would be rescheduled, and that they are working on finding the best solution around the other fiesta events.


As we go to press Sta Eulalia confirm Saturday 5pm

 Classifieds & Local Services



Sport …

Jezza’s Sport Report

  • Jeremy Parmenter

Whoops! There must have been a glitch at the printers in my report last week, as the capital M was missing (i.e. an Utd, an City, r annering!) so apologies, but funny how it was only on the back page. Anyway, hope this week’s will be error free.

  • Football

as it was FA Cup 5th Round w/end, there were midweek Premier League games last week, with the overall result being that Chelsea kept their 7 point lead at the top over Man City intact, but left it late with a last minute winner against Everton whilst City won 4-1 at Stoke. Man Utd kept their impressive form going, only one loss in 18 games, with a 3-1 win at OT against Burnley, Southampton dropped a point in a scoreless draw at home to West Ham, Arsenal in 5th, scraped through a 2-1 win at home to Leicester, now firmly rooted at the bottom, Liverpool came out on top 3-2 at home to Tottenham, Hull won 2-0 at home to crisis club Aston Villa, West Bromwich beat Swansea 2-0 at home, and Crystal Palace and Newcastle shared the points in a 1-1 draw. However, biggest surprise of all was QPR’s 2-0 win at Sunderland, their first points away from home all season and ironic how it came about after Our ‘Arry’s departure!

Back to the FA Cup and yet more shocks as Bradford, conquerors of Chelsea in the last round, overcame Sunderland 2-0 to reach the Quarters for the first time since 1979. Another shock at Blackburn where the hosts stuffed Premier team Stoke 4-1, Reading beat Championship form team Derby 2-1 at Pride Park , Aston Villa, after a half-time pep talk from new manager Tim Sherwood (who we all expected to take over at QPR), beat Leicester 2-1, West Bromwich trounced Big Sam’s West Ham 4-0 in the Midlands, and as for the big 3 favourites left in, well, Liverpool are in to the Quarters after coming from behind to beat Palace 2-1, Arsenal were comfortable in their 2-0 home win over Middlesbro’, who were unable to repeat their previous round’s success at Man City, and, finally, Man Utd faced a potential banana skin at Preston on Monday night and much to the delight of “’er indoors who must be obeyed!”, as she is a PNE fan, they took the lead early in the second half and looked good for yet another cup upset. The league 1 team couldn’t hold off the onslaught from Manchester United however who came from behind to win the day.

This week also sees the resumption of both The Champions and Europa Leagues, with the first knockout rounds taking place, with, in the former, Chelsea off to Paris for Tuesday’s first leg match in which they took the lead before being pegged back by Paris an ultimately came away with the draw. In the Europa league Liverpool are at home to Besiktas, Tottenham at home to Fiorentina, Everton in Switzerland against Young Boys, and Celtic at home to Inter Milan.

  • Rugby Union

Despite not having things all their own way, England took the honours in their second 6 Nations match against Italy at Twickers, winning 47-17 including a stunning brace of tries from centre Jonathan Joseph, who is fast becoming the “new” Jez Guscott, to lead the table on points diff from Ireland, who beat France 18-11 in what I can only describe as a pretty dour encounter in Dublin. Everybody is going on about how strong the Irish are but without No 10 Johnny Sexstone, who doesn’t appear to do a lot apart from kicking, either an up-and-under Garryowen, for territory or at goal, they didn’t seem to have too much in the locker but we shall see on the 28th when the two remaining unbeaten teams go head to head in Dublin for a potential title decider. In Edinburgh, Wales just managed to hold on 26-23 to get their first win of the tournament, in a much more exciting match.

On the domestic front in the Premiership, Northampton stole a march on Bath, in 2nd, as they opened up a 5 point gap after beating London Irish while the latter lost at Saracens who moved up to 3rd, Wasps jumped in to 4th after their stuffing of Harlequins, Sale trounced bottom club London Welsh, Leicester beat Gloucester 18-15 in a thriller at Welford Road, and Exeter, at home, beat Newcastle 46-17.

  • Cricket

With the World Cup now well on it’s way with the Group Stages, co-hosts New Zealand and Australia both got off to fliers, with the former beating Sri Lanka to kick off the tournament, followed by the latter doing their usual and beating England by the small matter of 111 runs. Although not in disarray, England were second to the Aussies in all aspects of play but all is not lost (we hope!) as they still have to play Scotland, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan of the lower ranked sides but next up, New Zealand on Friday. Biggest shock so far came this morning when, in Group B, Ireland stunned the West Indies with a 4 wicket win. Set a pretty high target of 305 to win, the Irish romped home with 4 overs to spare but this shouldn’t come as a real surprise to those in the know as, if you recall, they embarrassed England in 2011.

  • Tennis

Woe for Our Andy, now World No 4 after his exploits at the Aussie Major and top seed in the ABN AMRO ATP in Rotterdam, as he came a cropper in the Quarters against Gilles Simon with the title eventually won by World No 6, Swiss Stan Wawrinka, beating Berdych in the Final. Double woe really for the Murray boys as brother James, after doing so well to reach the Doubles Final with partner John Peers, fell at the last hurdle, losing 2 sets to one.

Well, sports fans, that’s all I’ve got time for this week so have a good ‘un! Jez


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