Dear Pepita, Please Listen

  • San Antonio Mayor Wants Riot Police On The Streets For Summer
  • Request Made To New Balearic Director of the State Roger Sales
  • Says The ‘Antidisturbios’ Are Essential For The Safety of San Antonio

San Antonio Mayor Pepita Gutiérrez asked the new Balearic Director of State Roger Sales for a unit of Spain’s Antidisturbios (Riot Squad) police on the streets of San Antonio during the coming tourist season. During the meeting on Tuesday, her first with the newly appointed director, Mayor  Gutierrez said that the objective in deploying the specially trained police is “to increase public safety during the tourist season”. The head of San Antonio council went on to stress to the Director that the presence of the Civil Guard Antidisturbios in the town centre and in areas of tourist concentration was essential for the safety of San Antonio.

In the meeting, pictured right, the implementation of the SATE agreement (Foreign Tourists Customer Services) was also discussed. The Mayor described the agreement as defining and strengthening the existing partnership between the Local Police and the Guardia Civil.

News of the request for Riot Police has caused considerable  surprise, particularly amongst those working and with businesses in the areas of San Antonio likely to be targeted for patrol.

In that we support the interests of the British and Irish communities of Ibiza, and those of worker and tourist visitors, The Ibizan newspaper finds the Mayor’s decision quite simply baffling.

Such was our view that such a request would be incomprehensible that we sought confirmation from Spanish news desks that we had translated the mayor’s comments issued in a press release correctly.

This latest news comes just s few months after the aborted ’Don’t walk home alone’ campaign in association with the British Embassy, the backlash of which was seen as demonstrating a big political blunder, particularly with much opposition and criticism coming from within her own party.

Then, as will surely be the case now, the issue is that of the way such an initiative portrays San Antonio as a tourist destination.

The similarity of a town portrayed as one where you are not safe, to one where it is so unsafe as to routinely deploy a riot squad, must be seen to have the same damaging potential in adverse publicity.

There will also be considerable surprise that in light of the death of Luke Rhoden whilst in the regular Guardia Civil custody, and two further cases where British men are pursuing legal action against the Guardia Civil, the reaction is to adopt an even tougher stance in the policing of tourists.

Both the don’t walk home alone campaign, and Luke’s death, gained widespread negative publicity in the UK national press, publishing an image of Ibiza that will deter visitors – seemingly at complete odds with all the efforts and achievements at last week’s Fitur trade fair.

We asked for discussion with Mayour Gutiérrez today – though it was short notice to reach this week’s deadline.

On social media discussion was near unanimous in condemning the decision.

San Antonio businessman Martin Makepeace said “Incompetence on a grand scale & another PR disaster. What SA needs in my opinion is more local/tourist police trained to make sure that everybody behaves themselves & to solve problems not create them. This situation has come about because of zero police presence in previous summers allowing the situation to get out of hand so they are think a bulldozer is required when a screwdriver will suffice. It goes to show that even after all these years the ‘powers that be’ in our town still don’t understand tourism & the tourists who bring in the hard currency. Epic fail. “

There was some dissension. Robert Morris said “Before you castigate the Police for dealing with drunken English men, speak to people who have dealt with such drunken behaviour. It isn’t as easy as you think.”

In our humble opinion, the actions of the Police, be they good or bad, is not the immediate issue – we can worry about that when we get to it. The real issue, the unavoidable problem, is how this message will be conveyed in the British press. In the last year we have had page after page of tabloid exposé presenting Ibiza as the worst kind of destination possible. This latest news will only serve to feed that media frenzy.

In that respect  it seems an absolutely baffling decision on the Mayor’s part, but we imagine the town’s businesses – already struggling with reduced opening hours, restrictive regulations and the endless bad press may have rather more to say about it than that.

We ask that Pepita Gutiérrez listens to our views and uses the benefit of our community knowledge. If the problem is one of hooligans and bad press, well you couldn’t come to a better place ;-)


More West End Corruption Claims by PSOE,  Refuted by PP

The PSOE-Pacte in San Antonio have again denounced the council and certain employers claiming that “a deal” was in place allowing some businesses to flout the regulations governing the operation and particularly the closing time of bars in the vibrant West End area of San Antonio that caters for a primarily young British and Irish market. The Socialists said that the City “operates on corruption and cronyism” claiming that throughout the summer an “explicit order” was in place for police to turn a blind eye.

In response by the ruling PP group cllr. Xicu Cardona said “there is no secret agreement in the West End” adding “the local police are working rigorously to enforce the regulations” citing 50 complaints filed, of which 5 have lead to sanctions, in evidence.


Ibiza News

Suitcase Murder Suspect May Be Hiding In Ibiza…

Thai police named 45-year-old Britain Shane Kenneth Looker as being wanted in connection with the murder of bar tender “Pook” Manochat. Looker is said to have  strong Ibiza connections and Police have included the island in their hunt which is being assisted by Interpol.

Looker, originally from Stoke, entered Thailand on October 31st. He is said to be the last known person to be seen with Ms Manochat on November 2nd. Police say they now have DNA evidence connecting him to her murder.

On 9th November 2014 it was reported that the cut up body of a woman had been found in a suitcase thrown into the Mae Klong River. The body in the suitcase was linked to a missing bar worker and CCTV images of the victim with a well-built white man lead to tip offs giving Looker’s identity.

Following a police search of the accommodation Looker had been staying in around that time, Police took DNA samples from several items including nail clippers and a toothbrush, and matched DNA found in the victim’s nails.

Police then found a taxi driver who took Looker out of Bangkok and from there police confirmed he had crossed the border into Malaysia.

The Bangkok website Stickyboy who have covered the case in detail said they understood he had headed for Ibiza where he spends the summer months and allegedly has a share in a hotel located in Ibiza Town.

It was then reported that he may be a suspect in two similar murders carried out in the north of Thailand. The report stressed that although these reports were not yet substantiated, but went on to add that the same source that provided the clues to Looker’s identity had said ““He has been known to do things like this in the past, after taking bodybuilding drugs. He is hiding in Ibiza and Thailand away from England for various other crimes”.

Cala Tarida Marriage Proposal Ends in Cliff Plunge  Tragedy

  • Woman falls to her death after jumping in excitement during cliff edge marriage proposal.

A 29 year old now confirmed as Bulgarian Dimitrina Dimitrova fell over a cliff edge at Cala Tarida on Ibiza’s South West Coast. The UK Daily Mail quoted Police as saying she lost her balance as she jumped in excitement after a proposal of marriage, then suffered a heart attack brought on by injuries caused by the 65ft fall.

According to the report Ms Dimitrova was unconscious when paramedics arrived and died where she had fallen despite efforts to revive her.

The couple, both from Bulgaria, were at the famed sunset viewpoint. Press reports quote an undefined source as saying the Man has been living and working in Ibiza for some time, and that she had only just arrived to join him and look for work.

The Mail quotes a Guardia Civil officer as stating “Everything is pointing towards the death being the result of a tragic freak accident. She fell seconds after her partner surprised her by proposing to her as she jumped up and down with emotion.”

San Antonio Boats Banished from the Bay.

The ‘Consell d’Administració’ of Ports de les Illes Balears yesterday approved the implementation of environmental works and management of moorings in the bay of San Antonio, with the temporary authorization for San Antonio’s Club Nautic for installation and operation of 81 anchor points.details are as yet unconfirmed, it is understood that boats currently using unregulated moorings in the bay will have to leave to make way for the new environmentally friendly anchorages.

The Board also approved the 2015 Annual Action Plan which includes the implementation of the Ports Act, commencement of dangerous goods transportation in the dam Son Blanc, also the approval of plans for port security and the declaration of Schengen port.

Socialist Call For Company’s Resignation

The secretary general of the ESF-PSOE and candidate for the presidency of the Consell d’Eivissa, Vicent Torres, yesterday called for the resignation of Minister of Environment, Biel Company, for his “inability” to solve the problem of the sewer outflow in Talamanca. In addition, the PSOE-Pacte de Ibiza considers the limits imposed by the Government to replace the pipe “unacceptable” since the infrastructure would not be changed – at least until 2018. Rafa Ruiz went on to criticise both Biel Company and President Bauzà saying they had “still not understood that in Talamanca we have a very serious problem, not only image and tourism, but also public health.”

Ibiza’s Catalina Guasch Ferrer Gets Silver Medal

The Minister for Employment, Fatima Banez, awarded seven Silver Medals of Merit in Employment on Thursday, one of which went to Ibiza’s Catalina Guasch Ferrer, who works in the hospitality sector and has racked up 63 years of social security contributions.the medal ceremony, the minister said it was important to “give visibility to anonymous people who have lead full and generous professional lives.” Besides Catalina Guasch, the following people received the distinction. Former mayor of Telde (Gran Canaria), Jose Macias Santana, Julian Ortiz Quevedo from the furniture manufacturing industry, doctor Manuel Olmedo, and public administrators Pedro Lafuente, Inmaculada Medina and Angela Santamaria.

Council Access Refused at Sa Penya

The City of Ibiza has brought before the Court of Administration in Palma, an appeal in which it claims that an order of 15/12/14, for which authorization was granted, or perhaps refused, hard to tell – as you can probably guess of all translations legal can be the trickiest to get your head round due to the terminology used and often archaic language. Basically it is one of either; the council wanted to get in and the squatters wouldn’t let them; squatters were trying to get back in and the council was preventing their access; or squatters were already in and the council are trying to get them out – but it all boils down to the same thing – Council vs. Squatters and the ongoing battle in Sa Penya.

Mixed Unemployment Results in January

Statistics for the first month of the year show Ibiza’s jobless tally to have decreased slightly in the last year, whereas Formentera figures are up. January ended with 11,000 people out of work in Ibiza, 274 fewer than in 2014, representing an annual decrease of 2.8%. However, it has increased in Formentera where there are about 500 unemployed, 15 more than in the same period last year (+ 6.2%). The data, published by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, also show a further decline in the number of unemployed is the construction, agriculture and hospitality sectors. At regional level the Balearics have 7,600 fewer unemployed than in 2014, continuing a downward trend of over 2 years.

Vicente Juan Segura celebrates 10 years as bishop

Thursday January 22nd marked the tenth anniversary of Vicente Juan Segura being appointed the bishop of Ibiza and Formentera by Pope John Paul II.

It was not until a few months later when, on May 14th 2005, he officially became the thirteenth bishop of our diocese in a ceremony during which he received the ‘sacramento del orden del día’ from the Argentine Cardinal Leonardo Sandri.

Vicente Juan Segura replaced Agustín Cortés Soriano, who was Bishop of Eivissa from 1998 to September 2004.


Green Ibiza

  • “Formentera leaves us green with envy, but it’s the sin bin for San An & San Juan”
  • “Ibiza’s record on rubbish is quite simply rubbish”

Although the raw tonnage of selective waste (paper, plastics and glass) recycled in Ibiza increased by 8%, the overall percentage of total waste recycled has remained at 12.75%, the same percentage as in 2013. According to figures published by the Consell d’Eivissa, in 2014 Ibiza recycled 14,903 tons of waste, compared with 13,771 tons in 2013. However this increase is not due to an increase in the ratio of recycling, it is simply a reflection of an increase in overall waste – the amount of general landfill waste going into the grey bins has also increased by 8.3% from 108,030 tons in 2013 to 116,950 tons last year.

Formentera is already way ahead of Ibiza in the recycling stakes and they recorded another increase in last year from 20.67% in 2013 to 21.49% in 2014. Formentera’s overall waste increased by 10.8%, reaching 1,975 tons.

The combined statistics of the Pitiüses in 2014 is 13.3 percent, the same as in 2013.

Within Ibiza the level of recycling varies considerably around the municipalities. Santa Eulalia leads the field with a rate of 16.44%, followed by Ibiza Town on 15.87% and San Jose with 12.38%. Some might be surprised to see San Juan lagging behind in forth at 10.2% but the borough which is truly rubbish with rubbish is San Antonio with a woeful 8.22%.

Friends of the Earth Warn of Ses Salines “Precarious State”

Environmental campaigning group Friends of the Earth issued a warning on Monday, the designated International Wetlands Day, regarding what they say is the “precarious state” of both the Ses Salines national park and the Ses Feixes area. They claim the Parc de Ses Salines needs “firm and decisive management”, with more staffing for management and monitoring due to the huge visitor numbers in the summer months.

The group are also concerned as to why only part of the Ses Feixes protection and restoration project has been completed, stating that there is no reason for delay as the funds, a total budget of 1.9 million euros are available.

New HQ for Agricultural Cooperative of Formentera

The ‘Grup de Accio Local per el Desenvolupament Rural de Eivissa i Formentera’ (rural development authority), has confirm grant aid of 200,000€ to build the agricultural headquarters and distribution warehouse serving Formentera.said the construction project was “a very important part of the overall plans to rejuvenate Formentera’s agriculture.”are expected to be awarded in the next few days to the company Tragsa who will begin work immediately with a lead time of about four months.project of Formentera Cooperative has an overall amount budget of 614,000€.

Green light for green land

Formentera’s administrators unanimously approved a joint project between the Countryside Cooperative and the Rural division of the Caixa de Balears bank, to promote the land lease initiative which aims to allow Cooperative members the use of abandoned and fallow land. The project has received the backing of Formentera’s Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Santi Juan, who confirmed the Council’s funding of 95,000€, from within the 2015 budget.cooperative is responsible for establishing procedures and resources to farm the fields, and the trade of crops.

Farmers Reap €56k Grant Aid

The Consell d’Eivissa is to distribute grants in agriculture and hunting worth 56,000€. Grant aid of 2,250€ each will go to five farmers with the specific aim of encouraging the use of biodegradable plastics in their work, with a further 15,700€ being divided amongst 14 arable farms to help in the conservation of traditional local varieties of cereals at risk of genetic erosion. In addition, the Sant Mateu residents association will receive a direct grant of 3,000€ towards the cost of staging the annual wine festival. Finally, the Consell has allocated a little under 27,000€ to be shared among six hunting societies.

Fitur ‘15


“Madrid’s important Fitur Tourist Trade Fair ended with  the Ibiza & Formentera delegation full of optimism for a strong 2015 season”

Ibiza Town aims for Chinese tourism in 2016

  • Eivissa to participate in the Beijing tourism fair

The mayor of Ibiza Town, Virginia Marí, and the Councillor for Culture and Heritage, Lina Sansano, met with tourism consultancy Chinese Friendly at the Fitur trade fair on Friday. “The company specialise in tourist destinations for the Chinese market.company advised representatives of the borough to promote a single product, and it is felt the city status as a world heritage site would be most likely to attract travellers from the world’s most populous nation. Ibiza Town is already part of the ‘Chinese friendly’ network, which held a conference in March,” Sansano said after the meeting that this was a particularly attractive market as they usually travel between January and March which would help Ibiza’s out-of-season trade. The next step is to attend an international tourism fair in Beijing, to be held on April 16th.Ibiza representative went on to say that it is important to reinforce Ibiza’s qualities as a destination through such initiatives as press trips, a blogger who can travel to the island to relay their experiences, and encouraging Chinese artists to visit and then exhibit their work back in the East.

4,000 beds booked for Ibiza Gay Pride

  • Ibiza Gay Pride aim for No1 position in LGBT tourism

Gay Pride week in Ibiza is taking shape.company promoting the initiative, Ibiza Gay Pride, presented at Fitur yesterday the calendar of events to be held from 8th to 12th July in Eivissa and estimate they will attract “thousands of people”.”The first thing we did was to contact associations of the island and the island entrepreneurs and institutions,” said Toni Balibrea, promoter of the idea, who thanked the collaboration of employers, the Consell and Ibiza Town Hall.the 11th, he explained, will be the Gay Pride procession through town, ending in the port where they will give speeches before a big party at night.initiative also has the support of some of Ibiza’s biggest night-clubs and entertainment venues.said “At the moment, we have about 4,000 beds reserved with some of the best hotel chains in Ibiza.objective is to return Ibiza to the number one ranked holiday destination for gay tourism worldwide.

Thursday’s Fitur also included a presentation of ten sporting events designed to extend the season. Athletes such as Marc Tur and Irene Colomar have given their support to promote Ibiza as an ideal destination for sports. The audience included many representatives from the sports media and magazines.is so much to enjoy in Ibiza before, during and after the sporting event itself” said Martinez.

Pitiüses Positive of Being Best in Balearics.

Eivissa and Formentera closed the Fitur tourism fair with great expectations of a strong 2015 season. The Councillor for Tourism in Ibiza said the 2015 fair was characterized by the massive support of the Pitiusan entrepreneurs: “The forecasts are very good. Our success at the fair has been due in large part to private sector events and promotions.” said Ferrer, who highlighted the particularly good reception and impact on specialist media to five-star luxury options and sports events. Our delegation came away confident that Ibiza and Formentera could expect better results in 2015 than the rest of the Balearics.

Palladium Award

Palladium can take a bow following the hotel group’s accolade of an award for excellence in “promoting sustainability in tourism”. The award as part of ‘Excelencias Turísticas 2014’ was presented at the Madrid International Tourism Fair (FITUR) last week. The Ibiza based hotel chain said the award was “a recognition of the hard work of all in our company which, although developing a new corporate image, remains true to it’s philosophy of offering a high standard of quality in our product through the services we provide.” The ‘Excelencias’ were launched in 2005 by communications company Grupo Excelencias in order to promote and recognise excellence in the industry.

Ocio Confirm 2nd Conference at Hard Rock.

The Leisure association of Ibiza ‘Ocio’ formed by Amnesia, Privilege, Bora-Bora, Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel, Nassau Beach Club, Ocean Beach Club, DC10, KM5, and Blue Marlin, used Fitur to announce their second international conference to be held on the 7th and 8th of October 2015 at Hard Rock Hotel in Playa D’en Bossa.

The event is expected to attract tourist leisure providers worldwide in representing what association spokesman José Luis Benitez described as “Ibiza being the birthplace of global entertainment.” The event will include lectures competitions and parties whilst also helping to extend the tourist season beyond the closure of Ibiza’s clubs.

Radio Radio; Global Pump Up The Fitur Volume

The Ibiza and Formentera stand upped the ante at Fitur Saturday with Global Radio setting the annual trade fair beat on the first day open to the public.

Throughout the day hundreds of people visited the Pitiuses promotional stand enjoying live music from Ibiza’s electronic dance music radio station and gifts provided by Las Dalias and the Ocio de Ibiza association of venues.

The station broadcast their show live to listeners in Ibiza and worldwide through the internet. DJ’s playing on the day included Anna Tur, Miguel Garji, BNY, Ed is Dead, and Christian Varela.

All about ME; hotel group positive for 2015.

The hotel ME Ibiza which trades as Melia Hotels International, announced to press at the Fitur tourist trade fair that they are looking forward to a very promising year for business, a season for which they have “great expectations.”

The group predicts reservations “well above last year” with strong growth in all areas.

More Tourism News ..

Ibiza Promotion to Germany and Belgium

Ibiza will participate in the tourism fairs in Reisen Hamburg and Brussels this week under the umbrella of the World Heritage Cities association.  The Group will be present promoting and publicizing tourism in the 15 cities that make up the network, including Ibiza. The Reisen Hamburg Fair is the most important fair of the North German tourist industry and will be held from 4 to 8 February at the Hamburg Messe und Congress of the German city, which will bring together over 900 exhibitors from all around the world. The Salon des Vacances in Brussels, which will be held from 5 to 9 February at the Heysel Exhibition Centre, is the most important tourism fair in Belgium.

1,500 sailors to attend San An’s Ruta de la Sal

The mayor of Sant Antoni, Pepita Gutiérrez, and representatives of the ‘Asociación de Navegantes de Altura del Mediterráneo’, ANAM, announced at Friday’s Fitur news on the this year’s ‘Ruta de la Sal’ race, to be held from 2nd to 5th April.said the race “is one of the most important sporting events we have in Sant Antoni, as it opens the tourist season and coincides with Easter.” The regatta expects 1,500 sailors and 180 boats to attend the event.

Health & Care


 “Can Misses, 30 years of  healthcare for the people of Ibiza”
  • Official opening by Minister of Health Ernest Lluch, who was assassinated in 2000 by ETA.

Few organisations have been in the public eye as often as Can Misses Hospital, which celebrates thirty years since it’s official opening this weekend.

On January 31st, 1985 the Minister of Health, Ernest Lluch, inaugurated the new hospital in the presence of public and political representatives a little more than a month after the hospital opened for patients on December 22nd, 1984.

Lluch toured the new facilities accompanied by the director of the centre, the haematologist José Antonio Muñoz-Roman, who had only ten days earlier replaced surgeon César Hernández Soto as head of the facility.

On that day the Diario de Ibiza newspaper reported that the socialist minister, who would be murdered by the terrorist group ETA in the year 2000, stated that “Ibiza deserved this new hospital” and recalled that during the last session of parliament he had promised not to return to Ibiza until the hospital was opened – a commitment which prevented him spending a weekend with her daughter on the island during the preceding summer.

At the time it was questioned whether the hospital was too large for Ibiza’s needs – and since then it has become clear that we needed the 250 bed capacity and more.

Consell d’Eivissa says Can Misses opening is “imminent”

The Regional Minister for Health and Social Welfare, Mercedes Prats, announced yesterday in the full session of the Consell d’Eivissa, that the full launch of the new hospital Can Misses is “imminent” and that the transfer from the old facilities is being carried out progressively.”The new services will be in accordance with professional standards to ensure the safety of patients,” Prats said.chamber adopted the point of the motion presented by the PSOE-Pacte urging the Government to immediately allocate sufficient financial resources to initiate any new medical specialties under the functional plan of the new hospital.socialists criticized that the management of recent years which, they claimed, has lost up to 70 million euros.

Can Misses Completion Expected in February

  • Surgical, inpatient and accident & emergency remain.

Ibiza Health Authority management have said they hope to complete the transfer to the new Can Misses hospital before the end of February, as long as “security conditions are met”. The move has been underway progressively since the new facility opened in July. All that remains to move into the new buildings are the  surgical centre, inpatient services and the accident and emergency department.

On Monday the Balearic Parliament rejected a motion of the PSOE-Pacte requesting the opening of the new hospital Can Misses “in the first two months of the year.” Deputy Vicenç Thomas, reported that since November 2013 a total of 18 million euros has been paid out “for a hospital that does not work” and lamented the situation of “loss of quality of care” in public health due to PP policies, he claimed.

Many departments are already housed in the new centre including paediatrics, dermatology and haemodialysis. It was stated that though the Balearic Government may have ultimate control, only the fulfilment of technical and professional criteria  could determine the exact date.

Whilst the politicians continued in their party point scoring, the Department of Health announced details of further departments now having been relocated including the Ambulance service.

More Emergency Beds Found

The Department of Health in Ibiza and Formentera yesterday expanded the number of beds available in Can Misses hospital to tackle the recent surge in emergency cases presenting for treatment. A total of 18 additional beds have been made available using the old Dialysis building, and they are available for use immediately. Staffing has also been strengthened with an additional doctor, a nurse, a nursing assistant and a guard. The Department of Health says these additional measures are essential if it is to be able to respond to the forecast of further increasing demand due to flu cases, which last week reached ‘epidemic’ levels and show no signs of abatement.

New Scheme to Help Parents Tackle Drugs with Children

Ibiza Town Hall’s drug advisory department, El Pla Municipal sobre Drogues (PMD), are to introduce a Project designed to help parents in communication with, and education of, their children in relation to the dangers of drugs and alcohol. The scheme is aiming specifically to target the all important time in the life of adolescents when they are likely to come into contact with drugs and alcohol for the first time. A spokesperson said “The aim of these programs is to acquire knowledge on educational strategies to facilitate family education, foster communication between parents and children and prevent the first contacts of adolescents with alcohol or drugs.”

Doctors complain of “lack of foresight” for emergency care.

President of the Medical Association of Baleares, Isidro Torres, today said he regretted the “administration’s lack of foresight” in tackling the influenza epidemic running rife on the island, stating that “all hospital beds have been opened after the flood has arrived, and catching the authority totally off guard.” In related news the PSOE-Pacte group will present a motion in the Consell on Friday to gain agreement for the opening of the new Hospital at Can Misses. They are requesting that the Government provide “sufficient economic resources to provide the services within the operational plan of the new hospital.” They are calling for the Minister of Health, Sansaloni Martí, to appear before Parliament “to explain the further delay in the opening of Ibiza’s long awaited radiotherapy unit.”

The Home Service …

… Ibiza in the British & Irish Press
  • A real touch of class in this week’s UK

54 Year Old Pub Landlord Runs Away To Ibiza With 19 Year Old Girl.

A pub in Beckwood near Scunthorpe shut down unexpectedly on New Year’s Eve after 54 year old manager Mike Sargent upped sticks amidst reports he had run away to Ibiza with a 19 year old.

Having left many who had bought tickets to the pub’s end of year bash without a party on the 31st, a handwritten sign stating ‘Closed due to manager being a heartless pig’ appeared overnight.

The Scunthorpe Telegraph reported that Mr Sargent had left the country with 19-year-old Chloe Myers, leading to Chloe’s dad, Gary Myers, issuing a public appeal for her return via the facebook page Ibiza Winter Residents.

Jordan Wants Big Hits In Ibiza

Singer Katie Price is reported to be in the recording studio and targeting the Ibiza club market.

The 36-year-old celebrity wants to work with friend Lauren Goodger and is aiming for what she said would be a “massive Ibiza hit” for summer. Some reports speculate a remix of ‘A Whole New World’ – her duet with then-husband Peter Andre.



Amanda Zips It Up

  • Amanda O’Riordan

Greetings Zipsters. YES! We are so close, we can almost touch it. January 2015 is finally over and out. Goodbye to the most depressing month of the year, detox, diet and.Hello February. Time to raise a much missed glass of something tolonger days and one of our favourite calendar dates – Valentine’s Day!.

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Ultimate Valentine Gifts

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  • 50 Shades Bondage Kit

This Valentines weekend, the movie version of ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’our cinema screens across the country. So if he hasn’t offered to take you to see it – show him my gift recommendation belowI bet you a grand’ll get front-row tickets.

After watching the movie and back at home, you’ll be Anastasia and heGrey. Close the curtains, turn your bedroom into the Red Room and get ready for some pain. Anne Summers has it all tied up with their Introduction to Bondage kit. fantastic way for beginners to experiment with new bedroom thrills, the set comes with a “Flogger”. It can be lightly stroked over the skin for ticklish sensations, or used a whip for more intensity. Also contained are Fluffy Handcuffs – soft handcuffs that are perfect forwith domination and submission. And last but not least, theSatin & Lace Blindfold. A blindfold is the ultimate way to enhance your senses. Comes with a delicate lace strap & black satin front.

Intro To Bondage Set£20


  • Curry Fridays

Men love a Ruby Murray. This Friday Night Curry subscription contains all the fresh spices and recipe cards you’ll need to cook upfantastic curry withdishes every Friday night for six months.’s a lot of Ruby date nights.

The key considerationcooking with spices is that they work best when really fresh. The monthly spice box makes things easy and convenient. Every month a new curry spice box arrives in the post with all the spices measured out forrecipes to feed four.are Thai curries, fragrant with lemongrass and lime leaves, a fiery Sri Lankan seafood curry, rich sweet Caribbean curries, flavoured with herbs and allspice, as well as the familiar Indian classics. You’ll learn how to cook curries that will impress your friends and family for years to come. Or (better still)  teach him to cook for you.

Complete Six Month Friday Night  Curry Subscription by the Spicery £40


How To Kill Jealousy In Your Relationship

  • Sophia V.

Jealousy can destroy a relationship. Nobody wants to feel like they’re stepping on eggshells in a relationship, not being able to be themselves, or make decisions without consulting their partner or seeking their opinion first through fear of annoying them.

There are two types of jealousy: Slight jealousy which can sometimes be flattering, or extreme jealousy which can ruin your relationship completely.

Slight jealousy is when your partner gets a little annoyed if someone looks at you, flirts with you, and whatnot. This is completely normal. Have a think at how you would feel if in their situation. Almost all relationships have some jealousy going on.

Extreme jealousy is when your partner is trying to control you, and their behaviour is upsetting you. For example: your partner shouldn’t be telling you what to wear, you’re your own person, and capable of dressing yourself and wearing whatever you feel comfortable, and attractive in. Controlling where you go, or when you go out isn’t acceptable. They also shouldn’t be telling you whom you can be friends with. They’re meant to be your partner, not your parent. If they have an opinion on everything you say, or do, this may make you withdrawn, and you may lose your own identity.

How do you kill the green monster? Try to reassure your partner as much as possible that you’re with them for a reason. Remember, jealousy is a disease, no-one wants to have feelings of jealousy, paranoia, and insecurity. If you can tone down on certain things, such as an outrageous outfit, do it, or changing small things to avoid fights. Your relationship should be important to you both. Communication is key! Try to find out where all the jealous emotions are coming from, and try to resolve the issues. Get them to focus on what is positive in your relationship. Alternatively, go to couples counselling.



Thursday  29th January to Wednesday 4th February

ARIES – Justice

Practice skills in discernment. Weigh up everything you’re being presented, in all areas of your life. What counts most is how you react to what you’re being shown or told. You’re at a pivotal point where changes are on your horizon. A new life direction beckons and you must decide what you take with you and what you leave behind.

TAURUS – The Lovers

Be in love with life, discover or rediscover your passions. You’ll get the most enjoyment by reconnecting with others on a heart level. This is not a week to remain disconnected from feelings, endeavour to keep them upbeat. If your thoughts head down a negative road pause, acknowledge and dissolve. You’ll make a choice that will have far reaching consequences.

GEMINI – The  World

This week marks the beginning of a new cycle in at least one area of your life. Some will be thinking of career or home moves, others will acknowledge that it’s their inner world of thoughts and feelings that need to move on. New beginnings give us all opportunity to have a fresh perspective. Move forward with confidence and optimism.

CANCER – Ten of Wands

The more we struggle to find solutions to a problem the harder it seems to find a solution. This week make it a priority to relax and sift through what’s important and what’s not. By eliminating outmoded thought patterns and looking for a fresh approach, you will find clarity. Have a stress free attitude and keep a sense of humour.

LEO – The Hermit

You’re not deliberately cutting yourself off from others, but you’ll appreciate your own company this week. Healing, through meditation or other means is essential to your wellbeing at the moment. Your thoughts inspire you to help heal old wounds as you acknowledge that your outer world has only reflected what’s within. Turn to the sun & feel happy.

VIRGO – The Hierophant

If you’ve been experiencing a little chaos in certain areas, then it will be up to you to set boundaries or impose some much needed discipline or routine. You’re co-ruler Mercury is retrograde at the moment and this can make you feel you’re on shaky ground. Have faith that the structures on which you base your life are sound.

LIBRA – Transformation

A situation is past it’s sell by date, so why are you reluctant to move on? Whether it’s over a relationship, career or domestic set-up, one thing is for sure, time to ring in the changes. Face whatever fears are preventing you from taking a leap of faith. The longer you leave it the more others will set the pace.

SCORPIO – The Devil

You might be examining your reasons for getting involved with certain people or situations that no longer excite you. Looking back it all looked so rosy and you felt you could make gains. However, somewhere on this journey you had to sacrifice a part of your soul and now you’re feeling uncomfortable about the price you have to pay. Stop.

SAGITTARIUS – King of Wands

The element of fire that is associated with this card promises a week of increased energy and creative ideas a plenty. You’re also able to take these ideas and convert them into something tangible. This signals a highly productive time ahead. Fire sign men, fellow Sagittarians, or Aries and Leo are your best allies in business and in love.

CAPRICORN – The Chariot

Have absolute trust in your intuition this week, you’re being given the green light to move ahead with an important project or decision so have your radar up to be able to grab opportunities as they arise. Don’t worry about the details of how you will achieve your goal. Just keep at it and believe that you’ll succeed, because you will.

AQUARIUS – The Magician

The arcane message of the Magician reminds us to focus our attention, like a laser, on every aspect of our life. By doing so we’re capable of becoming Magicians, able to create whatever ‘magic’ we want. Some give up on their dreams and aspirations so easily by accepting what others or society tells them is the norm. Follow your truth.

PISCES – Six of Disks

As much as finances are creating a drain in certain areas, in others you will be pleased that there is some financial growth. Money energy is never static so there is no need to feel you are always playing catch-up financially. This is particularly true this week as a debt that is outstanding to you is likely to be repaid.

Local Life

Live music in Sant Antoni

  • Claire B

On Saturday February 7th, as part of the ongoing fiestas in Sant Antoni, live bands are playing in the tent in Passeig de se Fonts. All the local artists playing are finalists in a competition held by the Asociación Artística Antorsion y Dismember, a non-profit organisation created in 2013 to promote musical culture and performing arts through audiovisual events and activities. From 8pm the line-up includes Encabal, Ibiza Creativ, Las Delincuentas, La Guineu, Ses Genetes plus invited local rock band MRC. The winners from the night will be rewarded with the opportunity to record four songs and make a music video. Free entrance.

Sant Antoni Fiestas

  • Nicole Torres

The fiestas in Sant Antoni started on January 9th, but there are still plenty things left to do until they finish officially on February 22nd.

On Saturday February 7th there will be a concert offered by the Sant Antoni Music School at noon, and at 8pm the second edition of the Sonorizante music competition will take place, both in the tent on the Passeig de ses Fonts.

On Sunday 8th, starting at 10am, there is a 14k cycling route, which leaves the Passeig de ses Fonts. At 11.30am the Sant Antoni Basketball club will present its teams at Sa Pedrera sport’s centre.

On Sunday February 15th there will be a homemade un-motorized kart’s competition on the Can Coix slope at 10am.

On Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd the eight Stock Fair will take place, opening at 10am and continuing all day long, in the tent on the Passeig de ses Fonts.

Also on Sunday 22nd at 10am, and as a closing ritual for the fiestas, the sixth cleaning of Sa Talaia de Sant Antoni will take place. If you would like to collaborate, the meeting point is the parking lot next to the Cala Gració roundabout.

For more detailed information you can download the full programme from the town hall’s website


Guided walks

  • Claire B

The winter months are an ideal time for exploring the island on foot, when it’s quiet and the temperature is ideal for walking. At this time of year the island is beautiful – with an abundance of wild flowers and the almond blossom starting to come out, it’s a perfect time for walking. There are several walking groups in Ibiza but these two are run by English people, so there are no language barriers in seeing what’s on offer, but you’ll find that the people who go on the walks are from all over the world. As well as a great to way to see the island, they’re also an enjoyable way to meet like-minded people and make new friends.

  • Ibiza Walking Association

Set up by Rob Smith, author of the book ‘Secret Beaches’ in Ibiza, the IWA is a non-profit organisation that aims to improve the walking community on Ibiza and promote the island as a walking destination. Rob has spent the last couple of years researching walking trails for his soon to be published ‘Secret Walks’ in Ibiza books, so he’s got an impressive repertoire of walking routes to draw on. At the moment there are regular walks on Sundays of varying lengths and difficulties plus extra walks for special occasions, such as Valentines Day and to coincide with the full moon, when it’s light enough to walk at night. On Feb 8th the walk is a hillside challenge up Cap Nunó, and on Feb 15th, a coastal stroll from Pou d’es Lleó. Check the website or Facebook page for the upcoming schedule and full details.

The walks have become so popular that Rob is now supporting a local charity on each walk and requesting a minimum 5€ donation which goes in full to the charity. On January 25th the walk from Sant Agustí raised an impressive 415€ for ‘Food For Ibiza’.

If the walk is a long one, people take their own lunch/snacks to eat in a well-deserved break and there’s often an informal drink in a local bar at the end for anyone who wants to partake.

Facebook: Ibiza Walking Association


  • Walking Ibiza

Toby Clark has been organising regular guided walks under the guise of Walking Ibiza for several years now. He infamously walked around the island with only a euro in his pocket with his faithful dog Cosmo and since then has turned his passion for walking and exploring this island into a career. Most weeks there is a walk on Friday, starting at 10am, but others are scheduled on other days of the week or to coincide with special events, such as the full moon and Valentines Day. Many of the walks start in the morning and Toby will either suggest bringing a picnic or will organise lunch in a local restaurant at the end of the walk, depending on the location and what is available. Upcoming walks include Cala D’Aubarca on Feb 13th and a Valentines Day walk on Feb 14th in Es Broll.

A new offering is ‘Short and Sweet’ walks, which are led by Toby’s lovely mum, Sheila, and take the form of a gentle two-hour walk that includes homemade cake and tea at the end. These walks are usually on Wednesdays, starting at 10.30 in the morning.

Also being organised are walks for kids that include a short, easy walk combined with activities to keep the little ones amused.

The walks are by donation (a suggested 10€ or what you think the walk is worth). Sign up for the newsletter at

Facebook: Walking Ibiza


Valentine’s Day 

Love is in the air…

Valentines day is just around the corner and we hope to hear of some reader romance to give the February 12th edition a loving feeling. We’d love to hear about or from anybody getting engaged, married, renewing their vows or even changing their facebook status to “in a relationship”. Please send us as much of your story as you care to share along with a photo and we’ll be pleased to tell the (Ibiza) world your lovers tale.

Free Love …

We will be pleased to print your valentine messages be they anonymous or an open public celebration of affection. Please send your messages with a maximum of 25 words (25ish – we’re not counting) to nicole.torres@theibizasun.com



It’s Good To Talk

  • Kate Stillman

Dear Kate

This problem isn’t really about me but more about how I need to handle a situation with a member of staff. There is a lady who works here who is amazing at her job and is always absolutely correct in everything she does (she mainly works with figures). However, her ability to relate to others is in a nutshell terrible. Our business is very fluid and quite unpredictable, things change very quickly and at very short notice, especially in the middle of the season, which is fast approaching. This means that everyone involved needs to be flexible and adaptable. The truth is she finds this very difficult and when figures that she is working with change she gets very agitated and inflexible towards her colleagues. When I have talked to her about this she becomes very upset and angry, on occasion storming out the office.

I really want to keep her as a member of the team and hoped after the Christmas break she might have had a think about things and curtailed some of her behaviors, and though she is amazing at her job her inability to fit in with the team is beginning to make it more and more difficult to justify her staying.

Thank you, Annon.

Dear Annon,

Thank you for your letter and I completely understand that you feel it is your colleague that has the “problem” but in reality it is your issue and you have to find a way to manage your reactions and responses as we can not assume that we can change her behavior unless she acknowledges it and chooses to make changes.

So it seems as if you need to do an exercise in what is more important, the technical skills that she gives you vs. her lack of “people” skills. If you really want to keep her as part of the team and it seems as if you have good reasons to do so then you have no choice but to assume that she probably will not change, so this means that you need to create a structure for her that allows her colleagues to get what they need form her but also creates as little anxiety for her as possible. This of course is going to entail an increased work load for yourself but I get a sense that the pluses of what she is able to contribute far outweigh the negatives.

I have a feeling that you were looking for advise on what to say to your colleague, so I am sorry if what I have written was not exactly what you had hoped for. I hope you understand that your colleague will only address things once she sees a need and nothing you or I do will necessarily speed up that process so in the mean time you need to ensure that you do what you need to do to make the situation as manageable as you can for yourself.

Warm Regards,


For contact details see Kate’s advert in local services.

  • NB: We have had a great response to both the Free support Group for those with Life Altering Diagnosis and also the Women’s Psychotherapy Group. Both start on Tuesday 3rd March please e-mail me if you would like to join or have any questions. Thank you.

Letter From Juan

So here we are in February already, and the days are getting longer but don’t get lulled into a false sense of security, our winter usually starts here. Also don’t think it will be all over in March as usually it has a few nasty surprises up its sleeve. However, the way the weather is these days, who knows what will happen? Talking of a false sense of security, did you read last month that Stephen Hawking told the BBC that:”The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race. Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete, and would be superseded.”? His warning came in response to a question about a revamp of the technology he uses to communicate, which involves a basic form of AI. The physicist, who has motor neurone disease, is using a new system to speak. This technology, already employed as a Smartphone keyboard app, learns how Stephen Hawking thinks and suggests the words he might want to use next. Prof Hawking says the primitive forms of artificial intelligence developed so far have already proved very useful, but he fears the consequences of creating something that can match or surpass humans. It would take off on its own, and re-design itself at an ever increasing rate,” he said.”Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete, and would be superseded.” Not everybody agreed with this view but it does make you think, especially these days when you see everybody’s lives being totally dominated by Smartphones and Tablets. You begin to wonder if they could exist without them. Even small children sit with their thumbs hammering away at the keyboard. How many times do you now see people sitting in a expensive restaurant and all they do is sit facing each other and both of them head down on their phones? Conversation seems to have become a thing of the past. So who knows, maybe machines will take over the world because even now I know people who would be completely lost without them. So I will finish this letter on my computer with a wish that you have a good week – or is it really my computer writing to you now?  Yours, Juan.

View from the Pew

As the toy stores and even souvenir shops start displaying a myriad of costumes to fill the fantasy of every child, we realize that Carnival is only just around the corner. The word Carnival, Italian for farewell to meat, is quite self-explanatory. Also Mardi Gras, French for Fat Tuesday, gives a hint about the following days. Then there is Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day, deriving from the word Shrive… meaning “confess”. The bottom line is; Carnival, Mardi Gras and Shrove Tuesday are different ways of saying….eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow, Ash Wednesday, starts the 40 day Lenten season of fasting.

Carnival processions are great fun here on Ibiza! You can enjoy the variety of colorful costumes and originally designed and decorated “floats” in the streets of almost every town and village. Carnival lands on Tuesday February 17th this year, however the merriment begins a week before. Sunday the 15th is the Grand Day of parades.

So how does all this tie in with the Christian faith?? Lent, the 40 day period leading up to Easter, represents the 40 days that Jesus fasted in the desert before beginning his world-changing ministry. Each time Jesus was tempted, He found victory by standing on the Word of God… quoting the appropriate verse of Scripture to combat the taunts of the “evil one”. There is a lesson to be learning from the Lord of Lords and King of Kings! Lent is a time of self-examination, considering what behavior we need to change and what amendments of life or spiritual growth we especially need to ask God’s help in dealing with.

However we realize, as believers, that the cross humbles all pride and dashes all hope of self-salvation. For God is merciful to sinners not because of their good works but because of Christ’s sacrifice for them on the cross. I guess that’s why the Gospel, Greek for “good news”, is such a Great Commission! Christianity is all about God’s grace (unmerited favour) and that is really something to celebrate!

Next Service: Sunday 8th, Holy Communion with Praise and Worship, Santa Eulalia at 11am.


Felicity Reid

Dear Sir,

Can I appeal through the newspaper for any information regarding the wellbeing of my friend Felicity Reid?

Felicity Reid (nee Pope) was born 14th July 1929 and moved to Ibiza many years ago. She is an Artist and wrote Gardening columns for Ex-Pats for a newspaper or magazine.

She had a fall and as a result lost the 5/6 languages she had known. Felicity had a Cephalic X-Ray scan on 13th/14th February 2013, but although I have e-mailed her I have had no reply. Many other friends would be glad to hear about her.

Please may I ask you to help in finding anything about her.

Thank you for your help.

Yours,  Joan Littlejohn

  • If you can help Joan please contact the Ibizan and we will forward replies.
  • editor@theibizan.com


“Thank Goodness Ghandi’s Dead”

Some Paws For Thought On The Subject Of Cat Culling …
  • Cat Milton

Last week I got wind of an alleged cat cull due to take place in the Sant Joan district. News came through to me that the Mayor had authorised a ‘trap and kill’ policy of all street cats inJoan, Miquel, Vicent and Llorenç.

It was, on one level, understandable. The number of feral-born and dumped cats on Ibiza is, without question, an appalling problem.

Simply from the cats’ perspective, often starving, frequently injured, or painfully sick, their lives are about as God forsaken as can be. Anyone under the impression that a domesticated cat, once dumped will ‘be ok’ is sadly, horrifically wrong. Not the idyllic Ibiza we like to think of.

The island charity Care4Cats has known of this horrendous street/feral cat problem for fifteen years. Started in 2000 by Angela Collins and surviving solely on donations (no Govt. assistance whatsoever) they’ve been actively working to remedy the issue. Yet, in a far more effective and humane manner than the proposed cat cull.

In resolving challenges, it helps to have as much knowledge as possible – and when it comes to taking the lives of any other creatures, a little compassion also wouldn’t go amiss.

‘Trap and Kill’ doesn’t work. It creates, in simple terms, a ‘vacuum effect’. Other cats move into the area and breed to capacity and your problem simply repeats. It’s both inhumane and financially inept.

What has been proven to work is a ‘Trap, Neuter and Return’ (TNR) policy. Care4Cats has undertaken this TNR policy across the last fifteen years on Ibiza and to date, over 14,000 cats have been neutered. The charity also offers a discount for neutering of friendly strays that people feed, in the region of 50€ – a great deal less than the standard vet price.

The cats are healthier, peaceful (no seasonal fighting) and sterile – no more kittens running under the wheels of your car or wrecking your day by calling in terror, sickness and hope of help at roadside bins.

As I write, I’ve been told the proposed cat cull was just a rumour. One would think my mind was at peace but it is not. The simple fact is the problem of street cats on Ibiza still exists. In looking to resolve that, the Mayor of Sant Joan de Labritja is quite right. There will be more kittens at the bins, more young lives hit and killed, or possibly worse, injured and left to die in agonising pain and terror by passing cars.

Malicious, ill-educated minds will continue to lay down poison to kill these innocents. A death which can last weeks and induce an agony beyond our imagining as their insides rupture and they bleed to death, unable to eat, drink or know a moments relief or compassion. Sadly, poisoning doesn’t just impact on strays but pet dogs and cats alike.

It’s our island. Taking responsibility need not break the bank or ruin one’s day. The solution is both simple and compassionate. If you’ve rescued or are feeding a friendly stray that needs neutering, Care4Cats offers an amazing discount system. Go to their website or Facebook page (Care4CatsIbiza) and ask for a D2V (Direct 2 Vet) voucher. You’ll be able to have the cat neutered for 50€ rather than the standard 100+€ cost. If you’ve a few spare cents in your pocket, please pop it into the Care4Cats collection tins you’ll see in supermarkets, bars, etc. around the island. This will help fund the operations where the TNR volunteer teams go out and collect the ferals.

With minimal effort and great effect, we can help ourselves and these animals.

Let us be an honourable island, and reflect the best of Gandhi’s observation, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” He wasn’t wrong.

Ps. Care4Cats just today have launched an emergency fundraiser. There’s 20 volunteers flying from UK at their own expense for the next Trap, Neuter and Return operation, with a list of 480 cats. They’re 5,000€ short on vet bills though!

480 cats, with just 6 kittens each = 2,880 cats by end of season if not addressed!

GoFundMe link


Public breastfeeding;

Why is it even an issue?

  • Carly Sorensen

Since witnessing the Claridges hoo ha over breastfeeding, hearing chauvinistic plebs like Nigel Farage and Jeremy Clarkson say nursing mothers should sit in corners with a blanket over them or compare breastfeeding to urinating in public and seeing signs up in British shops announcing that rooms are available for breastfeeding (yes, let’s show how supportive we are of breastfeeding by sending the naughty titty barers off to a private little place!), there is something I need to get off my chest (if you’ll pardon the pun).

It seems to have escaped the attention of many people that the reason women have breasts is to feed their babies. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, they are not there to advertise underwear, make dresses fall nicely, be plastered over page three of a newspaper to be leered at, be slapped all over billboards, wiggled in men’s faces in strip clubs, or pumped full of silicone and bounced around in music videos. The primary purpose of breasts is not to give men sexual pleasure but to give babies the vital nourishment they need. Somewhere along the way (and I source it to the Victorians… those outwardly prim, inwardly deviant, sex obsessed folk who were happy to have theirs almost bursting out of their corsets but employed wet nurses to feed their offspring) breasts have become naughty, tantalising playthings which many women have been made to feel ashamed of and are therefore reluctant to put into their child’s mouth, despite there being hard scientific evidence that mother’s milk gives a baby the best start in life and prevents a plethora of common infant illnesses, as well as reducing the mother’s risk of breast cancer later in life and saving the NHS millions in dealing with the gastro-intestinal illnesses so common in bottle fed babies. Yet, despite all of this, many mothers still choose not to breastfeed (I’m not referring to those who are physically unable to) because they don’t feel comfortable doing so. It’s incredibly sad when you think about it.

‘But you’re missing the point!’ I hear some of you cry, ‘we’re not against breastfeeding in general, just Public breastfeeding.’ Opps, sorry! Silly me! That’s totally different. Everyone else eats in private at home, so of course babies should too. Oh no, wait, everyone else goes out to restaurants, picnics outdoors, eats sandwiches on trains and buses, picks up fast food and snacks whenever they’re hungry. There is an entire industry built around public eating, so why is it unacceptable for some when babies eat in public? There are no two ways about it, breastfeeding Is the most natural thing in the world, yet in some places breastfeeding babies and their mothers are treated as freak-shows and told to do it in the bathroom, put a blanket over themselves and the baby or asked to stop because it’s offending the delicate sensibilities of someone else in the same place. It is absolutely farcical.

You wouldn’t want to eat your lunch in a bathroom or with a blanket over your head or in a corner away from the rest of your family, so why should a baby be expected to do these things? Why should they miss out on nourishing, vital food just so you don’t get offended? Never have I seen a breastfeeding mother draw attention to herself. We don’t whip both boobs out, give a primal yell, fire milk around the room and force people to watch. No-one bats an eye when a mother pulls a bottle from a bag and gives that to her baby but if a mother discreetly pops out a nipple and pops baby on, some people react as if she’s just defecated amongst the diners. Shame on her for revealing less breast than most celebrities in a designer gown at an awards night. Shame on her for making you feel uncomfortable. No. Shame on You for making a complaint, for shooting those disgusted disapproving looks at her and for making Her feel uncomfortable doing something human beings have done without shame since our time began.

Information …




Readers may recall our recent feature of Cat Milton, (as in our regular cover photo contributor – including another stunner this week), and her iphone photography course. This eclectic selection of images reflecting a real feel of Ibiza are   the work of Cat’s class of 2014. Fast learners? Good teacher? We think it’s probably a good helping of one with a dollop of the other. Good work snappers. Details of Cat’s next course on page 4.

Finally Time To Learn Spanish?

Plus Basic Catalan For Parents.

The adult schools in Ibiza are enrolling students for the second part of the Spring term.

Enrolment is from February 10th – 16th.

There are classes offered in Literacy, Secondary education, Spanish, Catalan, Computers and German. The classes are held various centres in Santa Eularia, Sant Antoni, Cala de Bou, Sant Josep and Sant Jordi, though not all classes are available in all locations.

The courses are very low cost, just a registration fee which last time we heard was just 16€, for a 16 week course.

Spanish and Catalan is available at all levels from absolute beginners. We talked to the centre and understand that the beginners Catalan class would be perfect for parents struggling to help their young children with homework, and as a lot of the work is oral, your child’s Catalan book at bedtime  could actually start to sound something like Catalan.



All Change at JDs

It’s time for a change at JDs in Playa D’en Bossa. Jo and Darren, who have been welcoming locals and tourists alike for the last 11 years and keeping them fed and watered in style, have decided to call it a day to spend more time watching their boys grow up. We’ll all miss Darren’s wonderful Sunday roasts and their lovely hospitality but wish them and their family the best of everything for the future and whatever it holds for them.

Classifieds & Local Services




Lessons From The Moors

  • Ibiza 27-24  Ponent B
  • Johnny Ruckard

If you travel along the road past Can Tixedo at Buscastell there is a little know turn in the road that will take you to one of the best kept secrets on the island a place call Nightingale Valley, probably named by the 60s hippies who loved this beautiful place. At the top of the mountain there is a natural spring which carries water through canals, cleverly engineered by the Moors, all the way down the mountain and through the valley. Each landowner’s terrace has a sluice gate which is opened on sequential days to provide an equal flow and distribution of water across the whole valley.

The Moors clearly understood the importance of taking care of this precious commodity, not wasting it and providing even distribution to it farthest arterioles. There are parallels with rugby and being able to distribute a good supply, efficiently, to the wide channels will yield a good harvest. On Saturday last, Ibiza played magnificently for 20 minutes of the first half against Ponent B who were league leaders until this point. They were rewarded for their industry and went 17 points ahead, Danny Langley Ribas with the pick of the tries from 35 meters and splintered the Ponent defence with pace and power.

He was justly awarded “Man Of The Match” for his unrelenting efforts in every corner of the pitch. He harried, chased, tackled and snaffled up loose ball often creating something from nothing. For the first twenty minutes there was structure, shape and organisation across the whole team both in attack and defence. The attacking line looked more balanced with Nick Strange, a natural leader, in the midfield who organised the defence and distributed the ball from the 12 channel. With Alex Perez at 9 and Pablo Ruiz at 10 both supplying good ball from a strong forward platform Strange opened up opportunities for the pacey players outside him, much needed after the previous weeks debacle in the back line.

With 30 mins on the clock Ibiza were awarded a penalty 10 meters from the opposition line, an attempted quick tap penalty was snuffed out, the subsequent cross field kick gave possession away and a series of silly mistakes cost Ibiza 4 penalties, 90 meters and a try by Ponent. It should have been a simple conversion and a 20 pts lead instead it was 17-5 and newly found confidence for the opposition, who up to this point were not in the game. It changed the balance and momentum in favour of the visitors.

It was a tense game for spectators in the second half as the errors mounted. Like the water of Nightingale Valley, the ball is a very precious and highly valued possession and spilling it means your harvest will yield far less and some one else will profit from your carelessness. Indeed Ponent scored 18 points in the second half and Ibiza only 10. The final score Ibiza 27-24 Ponent B. So high was the error count (by some players from Ibiza) that I heard someone question which team they were actually playing for.

In the end it was a great victory and takes Ibiza a step closer to the play offs. To be sure of a place in the play offs, they must win all their remaining fixtures. Celebrate the result by all means. Great teams, like great cultures, have the ability to look (honestly) at themselves and their own short comings. There is a great deal Ibiza can take from this win, from the first 20 mins and especially from the Moors who came to Ibiza, taking care of your most valuable possession, distributing it to the outside channels and working as a team sharing responsibility so all may prosper. Probably the most famous Moor, Othello would have guided Ibiza towards understanding and learning from Iago’s conversation to Rodrigo when he said, “I will wear my heart upon my sleeve for daws to peck at; I am not what I am.” (Act I, Scene I, lines 64-65).

Ibiza play away against Demonis next week and their next home game is 14th Feb in Can Misses against Toro, who are one place above Ibiza in the league. Please come and support your local team and consult The Ibizan for details.

Jezza´s Sports Report

  • Jeremy Parmenter

Phew, that was some wind at the weekend, wasn’t it! Great for the kitesurfers off Es Puet beach by the Hawaii but not much else – couldn’t even go for my usual Sunday morning waterski! Anyway, rather wind and blue skies than rain and grey! Interesting week in the sporting world so to keep you in the know:

  • Tennis

What a shame for Our Andy at the Aussie Open as he had performed so well to get to the Final, overcoming Tomas Berdych in the semi, but, as per usual, he came up against one of his nemesis’, namely Djokovic, in the Final. Although he lost the first set on a tie-break, he came storming back to win the second and then completely lost his rag and cool, as he succumbed 6-3 and then 6-0 to hand the title to Novak, who won his 8th Major and 5th Aussie Open, becoming only the second man, after Roy Emerson, to win 5 or more. For Murray, that’s his 4th runner-up in Oz and he is fast becoming the perennial bridesmaid Down Under but, there’s always next year! In the Women’s Final, World No 1 Serena Williams defeated No 2 Maria Sharapova in straight sets to record her 6th Aussie Title and her 19th Major and looks on course to break Steffi Graf’s record of 22.

  • Cricket

In the pre-World Cup warm-up in Oz, England won again (my goodness, things are looking up!) to reach the Final of the Tri-Series, once again over India, but then came up against their nemesis Australia, and, yes, you guessed it, got rather stuffed! Having said that, Captain Morgan’s boys did have their hosts reeling at 66-5 but then let it go with some wayward bowling as well as some great Aussie batting, being eventually set a gettable target of 278. Unfortunately, our batting then sort of collapsed, being all out for a paltry 166. Still, there have been some positive points for England in these warm-up games and let’s hope they can work on these before the real biz gets under way later this month.

  • Rugby Union

Apart from the fact that dear Mike of Ibiza RFC seems to be getting carried away in his local rugby report, stepping on my size 11’s by informing y’all of the upcoming 6 Nations Tournament (you keep to your match reports, ole mate, and leave the bigger picture to me!), after the recent European Champions and Challenge Cups group stages, t’was back to the domestic scene and specifically, the LV Anglo-Welsh Cup last w/end, resulting in an overall score line of 2-2 between the 2 countries. Cardiff beat Wasps by 3 points in an 87 point thriller, holders Exeter beat Newport 37-32, Gloucester beat Ospreys 32-25 and to redress the balance Scarlets beat London Irish 27-18. Elsewhere in the Cup, in the East Midlands derby at Welford Road, Leicester came out on top against League leaders Northampton, Bath overcame Harlequins at the Stoop with a last minute penalty, Newcastle surprisingly beat Sale and Saracens won at London Welsh. As for the annual 6 Nations this gets under way on Friday with England playing Wales in Cardiff (should be tasty this one with both sides having points to prove!) and on Saturday, Italy take on holders Ireland in Rome and it’s France/Scotland in Paris.

  • Footie

In the Premier League, it’s as you were and honours even (1-1) at the top after leaders Chelsea held on for an important point at the Bridge against chasing Man City with the gap still 5 points, although it must be said (and it does pain me to say this) City were the better team overall but just didn’t take their chances to put one over the Blues.

Also to be fair, but not an excuse, City did have a free week whereas Jose’s team had already played a 120 minute League Cup semi-final with Liverpool to reach the Wembley Final where, digressing slightly, they will play Tottenham in an all-London derby after Spurs overcame a very plucky Sheffield Utd in the other semi. Back to the Premier and the much-vaunted but stuttering Man Utd strikers came good at last as they beat bottom club Leicester 3-1 at OT to go 3rd, a resurgent Arsenal jumped in to 5th spot after their 5-0 home hammering of pathetic Aston Villa, Southampton dropped to 4th on a single goal diff after surprisingly losing at home 1-0 to Swansea, Tottenham stuffed West Bromwich 3-0 at the Hawthorns with that man Kane on the score-sheet yet again with a brace, England man Sturridge came back from a long injury break to spark Liverpool to a 2-0 win over West Ham, Stoke registered Our ‘Arry’s QPR’s 11th consecutive away loss (surely a record in the Premier), Everton got back on the winning trail with a hard-earned 1-0 win at Crystal Palace, and there were wins for both the North East’s sleeping giants as Sunderland beat Burnley 2-0 at the Stadio de Luz and Newcastle recorded their first win in 5 as they beat Hull 3-0 on the Wash.

In the Championship, it’s neck and neck for the top two, as Bournemouth lead Derby only on goal diff after both won, but Middlesboro’ are only a point behind and Ipswich 2 points further adrift after their goalless draw. (Ed: By the way, just to clarify, B’mouth and Ipswich I quoted over the Xmas period as my New Year “hopes” not “tips”!!)

  • Golf

It’s congrats yet again to that man Rory McIlroy as he won the Dubai Desert Classic in a strong field just to prove how consistent he is now, since becoming World No 1. 4 wins and 3 2nds in his last 7 tournaments is some record but this week he faces an even bigger challenge, as he takes a month away from the greens, this time in the courts, as he’s being sued by his former management company for a multi-million compensation claim.

  • American Football

As a died-in-the-wool and long-in-the-tooth ex-rugby player, I, like a million other sports fans I’m sure, have never understood or particularly liked this stop-start game, played by a load of wimps who wear crash helmets and shoulder pads in case they get hurt and use under-inflated “footballs” shaped like rugby balls, as well as calling the game a “world” sport when it’s actually only played professionally in North America, but, being a sports “reporter” I feel obliged to report on Sunday night’s Super Bowl Final between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks. Suffice to say (a) I didn’t stay up to watch it because I had to watch the paint in my study dry and (b) the Patriots won 28-24 with superstar Tom Brady giving a man-of-the-match performance to secure his 4th Super Bowl in apparently, a thrilling match. That’s it but give me rugby union and league any day. Nuff said!

On that note, t’is all for this week! Jez.