The Lolly & The Slimy

  • 50m € Ibiza Budget relies on Opposition Support
  • No Funds for Talamanca Sewage Works
  • 25m € San Antonio Budget
  • San An spends 4.5m € a year on leaning

2015 budgets are in for both Ibiza Town and San Antonio with the grimy side of life forefront in expenditure prioritisation and opinion.

Ibiza city council had to rely on opposition support to carry their fiscal plans for the new year whilst the remaining opposition, the opposition opposition if you will, complained strongly at the absence of any funding to address the problems of Talamanca’s sewage that left the beach close in the latter party of the year.

Meanwhile San Antonio town hall announced a 10% increase in it’s cleaning budget to a mind boggling 4.3 million euros, an amount that has in reality increased by more than 10% as that budget category no longer includes gardening services.

Both authorities focus on the need to adhere to fiscal stability regulations and both report positive progress in reducing debt and maintaining balance and solvency in their money management. Detailed reports follow.

Ibiza Council budget counts on opposition.

Ibiza City Council yesterday approved municipal budgets amounting to 50 million euros. The backing of 5 opposition councillors was required to give the ruling party the majority on the day.

During the process of negotiation, the Government team made some concessions to opposition demands including the installation of traffic radar in Avenue de Sant Josep. The 50 million budget in 2015 represents an increase of 3.5% over the previous year. Capital investment is reduced to 1.3 million to be used for the maintenance of public roads, historical heritage, beaches and sports facilities.

Councillor for finance, María Fajarnés said that 20 million euros held by the City Council Treasury must be reserved to pay off debt, as mandated by the law governing Fiscal Stability. “They are realistic budgets and meet objectives of accountability, balance and economic solvency” Fajarnés said.

The accounts received criticism from the spokesman of PSOE-Pacte, Alfonso Molina, who was disappointed with the omission of 1 million euros for a new sewage plant in Talamanca, and also considered the 2.3 million € administrative expenditure of the institution as wasteful.

25,6M € for San An in 2015

Representing an increase of approaching 10%, San Antonio’s  budget for 2015 will be 25.6 million euros. The bulk will go on running costs and personnel however 4.3 million euros has been earmarked for new investment. Of this, 2.1 million euros will go on the new 504 capacity cemetery currently under constructed and due for completion in March 2015. 1 million euros  will go to paying off the debt created by the compulsory purchase of land needed when the new bus station was built several years ago.

Criticised in the media for not completing their often repeated promise to remove architectural barriers that make the town difficult for those with push chairs and disabled people to get around, PP Conservative Mayor, Pepita Gutierrez, said that they improved streets in the town on a one by one basis, and that they will gradually achieve this promise. An amount of 330,000€ has been allocated next year to resurface certain streets in the town and renew pavements starting with the Ample and San Antonio streets.

Another 4.3 million euros will go on the cleaning of the town, 11% more than in 2013 even though the new contract for cleaning and rubbish extraction excludes gardening services which had previously been accounted under the same cost heading. Gardening will now be contracted out under a separate private tender.

Pleased that the Town Hall has reduced its debt by 50% since 2011, the treasurer, Vicent Ribas, explained that they now only take 66.5 days to pay for services and goods provided to the Town Hall compared to the 155 it used to take in 2011.

  • Ed I think that must sound far more credit-worthy to Spanish citizens than it will to most ex pats.

Also, there will be no increase in municipal taxes to residents in 2015 and in a positive move  towards encouraging year round business hotels will get municipal tax recessions if they open 8 months of the year, and bars and cafes similar benefits if they open all year. There was no mention of how the tourists are expected to get to Ibiza in the first place but we won’t be bah humbug about it, a positive move.


PSOE demand 1 Million € to resolve Talamanca’s sewage situation.

PSOE-Pacte have demanded the ruling PP Conservatives find 1 million € in the 2015 municipal budget to resolve Talamanca’s problems with sewage emissions into the sea. The beach was closed in the latter part of the season this year when raw effluent was found to be polluting the popular tourist destination. Councillor Rafa Ruiz stated that the Town Council has the economic capacity for this investment without cancelling or reducing any other part of the budget. The councillor insisted that the job of politicians is to “provide solutions, not to report on problems” adding that “at least we trust it to be the last PP budget in a long time”.

Passenger Number 6 Million

A couple from Santa Eulalia, Juliet Mitchell Hennen and Pedro Sánchez Jiménez, became record holders as they were recognised when they disembarked from their Ryan Air flight from Valencia as being passenger number 6.000.000 to use Ibiza airport this year. The couple received  flowers, a book on the airport’s history and 2 free Ryan air tickets as recognition.

Ibiza airport has beaten all past records in 2014. Ryan air is now the biggest operator using the airport carrying 1.350.000 passengers this year.

They have told the bloke counting the people off the planes he can go home now.

Ibiza to Palma flights at risk

A big increase in demand for flights to Ibiza has put Air Europa’s planned inter-island schedules into jeopardy next year. The Bureau of Air Transport (AENA) met yesterday with Council for Tourism President Carmen Ferrer to address the problem affecting Air Europa’s planned schedule of 6 daily Palma to Ibiza flights.

Speaking in the meeting, airline project leader Juan Jose Hidalgo said that Air Europa, the AENA and the government have equally strong desire that the inter-island routes should be maintained.

The allocation of flight slots is governed by European legislation which now falls under the auspices of the Special Association of Control. It was stated that the initial allocation of slots available in Ibiza did not fit the plans of Air Europa and so at the current time the project has problems. Speaking in response Carmen Ferrer said that nothing would be decided until January 31st and that between now and then work could be undertaken to incorporate more Air Europa flights. Consellera de Turisme Ferrer went on to say that “despite there being many more applications for flights in the summer of 2015, the will of the people is to increase inter-island connectivity”, asking Ibiza “to be patient” while the Special Association for Control considered the matter further.

Presidential visit for opening of new home for the elderly

Balearic government president José Ramon Bauza and Regional Minister for Family and Social Services Sandra Fernández, were in Ibiza Monday for the official opening of Sa Serra, the much needed home for the elderly in San Antoni. During the ceremony Buaza commented that the home had been a fundamental objective of the Balearic government and Consell Insular since the building’s foundation stone was laid in 2006. He expressed his confidence that the facilities and services would be of the highest quality and that Sa Serra would become a “home from home” for the residents”.

When fully operational, Sa Serra will reduce Ibiza’s waiting list for residential care by 40% and create 70 jobs. It has 94 residential beds, 70 of which are public and 24 private, and a further 20 day centre places.

New facility for Formentera ferries

President of the Balearic Islands Port Authority (APB) Alberto Pons has presented a blue print for Ibiza’s new terminal to serve Formentera’s ferries. Situated in the old commercial docks the new 30.000m2 building has a 2016 target date for completion. The project incorporates panoramic glass walls with views of the Dalt Vila, shaded garden areas and playgrounds within a low rise design minimising visual impact on the surrounding area. Pons described the customer friendly facilities as being important to ‘make waiting bearable’.


Hoteliers fed up with illegal renting

  • Call for property rentals to be on even playin

Bemoaning the ever increasing practise of renting private property as holiday accommodation to the tourist market,  the association of hoteliers in Ibiza and Formentera (FehiF) has stated that it is “fed up” with the situation in a written complaint to the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC).

Quoting examples such as the AirBnB website which actively encourages private individuals to rent their accommodation to visitors, the association lists liability and property insurance, staff on legal contracts with social security contributions, adherence to food hygiene regulations and corporate taxation among the reasons that make fair competition impossible hence leaving them at an unfair disadvantage.

Presenting written arguments, FehiF president Juanjo Riera states there can be “only two solutions”. Riera’s missive argues that “Private renting must be either prohibited, punishable and thus pursued, or accepted and allowed, in which case it must operate under the same strict laws and regulations as the Hoteliers.”

Riera also raised the issue of private holiday rentals blurring the lines between residential and tourism demarcation in town planning legislation.

Double Dutch to Eindhoven

Airline Transavia commenced a twice weekly direct flight from Ibiza airport to Eindhoven in Holland on Tuesday. The inaugural flight landed in Ibiza at 9.15a.m. and was greeted by Airport Director Roberto Llamas and Carmen Ferrer, Councillor of Tourism. In true Ibiza fashion the new service was celebrated by the serving of a special commemorative tart to passengers and crew.

The Eindhoven route which will fly on Tuesdays and Fridays throughout the winter and is one of only two direct international flights to the island this year, the second being British Airways to London City.

Environmentalists say no to Seabird

Ibiza’s environmental lobby group GEN-GOB have published a report objecting to seismic surveys undertaken by Norwegian listed company Seabird Exploration in the Balearic seas during 2013. The tests were undertaken along a thousand kilometre stretch of seabed between the north coast of Menorca and Cataluña. The complaint follows publication of a report by the Agriculture, Environment and Territory Council in which it is revealed that between April and July of 2013 2D seismic surveys using air-canons  were performed in the Gulf of Leon during the migration period of the fin whale.

Ibiza rubbish is rubbish.

Ibiza is falling far short of the 50% recycling target set by the European Union to be achieved by the year 2020. Formentera can take some credit in achieving a 21% recycling level, however Ibiza’s 13% is well below expectations.

Taking the Pitiuses as a whole, recycling between January and October this year reached 13.5% a fractional increase on the 13.3% and 13.2% achieved in 2013 and 2012 respectively.

Despite having a marginal effect on the overall level of recycling there has been an increase in use of the material bins, paper by 4.3%, plastics by 9.3% and glass 13.6%.

Illegal San Rafael camp cleared

San Antonio police moved to clear an illegal encampment in San Rafael following a tip off from local residents. An unnamed individual had moved onto private land establishing a campsite and accumulating rubble, debris and assorted junk. The public cleaning department, Servicio Municipal de Limpieza, attended and two large trucks were required to remove the 2500 kilos of rubbish that had accrued on the site. Police also had to arrange for four dogs to be impounded as they were discovered to be without vaccinations.

Sailing club sales to the 4 wins of charity

Employees of San Antonio’s Club Nautic have filled themselves of festive spirit in undertaking a four stage plan of worthy works to help the needy over the Christmas period. The first named ‘Operation Kilo’ is the collection of non-perishable foods which will be donated to Caritas. The second is a raffle with prizes donated by various companies both within San Antonio and throughout Ibiza. Proceeds of the raffle will be donated to the Red Cross classrooms without borders project. Third up is a charity market selling household products and finally fourth they are collecting toys for the Red Cross. The seamen gains will be presented to the charities at a party to be held in the social club on 5th January from 5pm. If you have any toys to donate please take them to the clubhouse before 5th January.

Rural road funding approved for San Jose.

San Jose town council have approved funding of 220,000€ for works on rural roads in the borough. Falling within the qualifying criteria for a 90% cost subsidy from the Consell, specific works include new asphalt laid in Des Cullet d’en Marí and Cap des Salt and new safety barriers and signs on the Cas Colls road. The project extends to include levelling and general improvements to uneven pavements, and finally the clearing of ditches. Ditches are traditionally left until last on any public works schedule as being low priority their inclusion is considered far from certain. But it is always worth having a last ditch attempt.

Encyclopaedia of Ibiza and Formentera, Volume 12

Culture Councillor Pepita Costa and Encyclopaedia director Felip Cirer yesterday presented the 12th and penultimate edition of the Encyclopaedia Pitiusa (a much better title in our humble opinion). The final edition is released in 2015 and marks the project’s 20th anniversary. Volume 12 contains 386 pages and a total of 1101 entries. So that’s about a page a day with 7 years off.

Rumours persist that Ibizan is to become an Encyclopaedia

0.67 pages a day is what they’ve averaged. What the report didn’t mention is that the 0.67 page per day rate has been achieved by a team of 104 contributors and 14 heads of subject. That works out to 0.005 pages a day, probably just about equal to this piece of envious whining. OK I’m sure they are not all full time and other factors may come in to it but it is hardly an impressive work rate. I mean there’s research and there’s not being bothered and watching Jeremy Kyle in your pants instead.

Heritage Commission Approves Sa Penya Project Plans

The Commission of Planning, Urbanism and Artistic Heritage (CIOTUPHA) have approved Ibiza Town Council project ‘AU-27’ relating to redevelopment in Sa Penya. The heritage commission looked favourably on option 1 from those presented, “smaller buildings while conserving the original street”. In response to this option, CIOTUPHA stated they “greatly appreciated the outcome of the proposition in returning the area to its original state. CIOTUPHA now has to submit a draft to the Ibiza World Heritage Consortium before the plans get the final green light.

1.4 million € tender for Jesus crossing.

The Consell’s executive committee have approved tenders on the redevelopment of the PMV-810.1 crossing in the centre of Jesus. The 1,434,908 € tender submitted by Vias y Construcciones SA was ranked first and their appointment recommended by Councillor Pepa Costa.

The Consell also approved the payment of 10,727€ in aid to the island’s agricultural co-operatives for the 2014 year.


Local Life

Broner Exhibition

  • Claire B

An exhibition of artefacts from the archives of German architect Erwin Broner is on display in the Museum of Contemporary Art (MACE) in Dalt Vila and also in the house that Broner designed in Sa Penya. Casa Broner was built in 1960 for Broner and his wife Gisela to live in and was left to the city of Ibiza after his death along with its furnishings, paintings, books, objects, letters, photographs, and personal documents. All of the documentation associated with his architectural career was given to the Ibiza and Formentera branch of the Balearic Islands’ Architect Association. Casa Broner was restored and opened to the public as a museum in 2011 with the original furnishings designed by Broner himself on display.

The current exhibition taking place in both museums features some of the artefacts that were bequeathed following his death. We learn that Broner was not only an architect, but also a painter, a musician and that he worked in the film industry as a set designer and on animation films, spending time in the USA, Paris, London and Barcelona as well as periods on and off the island of Ibiza, where he finally settled in 1959. Photos of Broner and his wife Gisela are projected onto the walls of the museum, many taken in the house in Sa Penya. Also on display are plans and drawings of many of the 30 houses that he designed, mainly for friends, in Ibiza as well as several of Broner’s paintings and drawings.

Having visited the house on a couple of occasions it’s fascinating to see photos and find out more about the man who designed and lived in it. If you’re interested in 60s architecture and design it’s a must-see.

The exhibition is on until March 15th. Open Tuesday-Friday 10am to 4.30pm, Saturday-Sunday 10am to 2pm. Always closed on Mondays. Both museums are free.

More info at:


Photo Exhibition

  • Claire B

A new gallery Ibiza Best Photo & Art opened in Ibiza town last Friday on Avenida España. Located in the premises of the former Altamira Gallery, the new gallery will focus mainly on photography and has arisen from the Facebook page ‘Ibiza Best Photo’ which in just over a year has accumulated almost 5,000 fans and has promoted the work of over 100 photographers. The gallery will house exhibitions of photographs and art and will run photography workshops and painting and drawing classes taught by professionals. The space is also available for hire.

The opening exhibition, Photo Christmas Market, is a group exhibition involving 25 photographers and over 70 photographs taken on the island, which are available for sale from 100€.

The gallery is open from Monday to Friday from 10am to 1.30pm and from 6pm to 9pm, and Saturday from 10am-2pm. Ibiza Best Photo & Art is on Avenida España, 29, Ibiza Town.


Cañas ‘n’ Roll finale with ‘Led-Zepp’

Claire B

Cañas ‘n’ Roll in Sant Josep ends on Saturday December 20th. Back for its 5th edition, Cañas ‘n’ Roll is a musical gastronomic event taking place at weekends in various bars and restaurants in the area since the end of November. For the finale on Saturday, Led Zeppelin tribute band from Mallorca ‘Led-Zepp’ will play in the square in Sant Josep from 8pm with other bands and DJs to be announced. During the day and into the night there will be live music from local bands and performers plus special offers on food and drinks. Twelve establishments are participating in the area, and tapas, pinchos, snacks and drinks personalised with musical names will be on offer. Pinchos with a caña (beer) or wine, water or soft drink will cost 2€ or 4€ for a drink with a tapa. This year there is also a competition of ‘mini burgers’ where each participating establishment will offer a speciality burger for 3€ with a drink.

Facebook: Cañasnroll




Beverley Ibiza, New Year’s Eve Party

Offering an open bar party, for open minded people, they open at 11. It’s all about open.

Beverly, Port Des Torrent,


Pikes Parties, 19th, 27th, 31st December

Winner of the more excited than a 6 year old Christmas morning award is Lisa Chadderton for this this facebook post on the news she is playing the midnight slot on the 31st…

“Yeeeessss! Best news ever! Guess who’s got the 12 o clock spot at Pikes on NYE! Omg! What to drop at 12!??? Xxxxx “

Royal Plaza, New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner

If you are looking for a night of opulent indulgence the Royal Plaza is the perfect choice.

Their New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner includes an 8 Course Banquet with Fine Wines and Taittinger Champagne included in the price. Dance to live music til 3a.m. and then why keep the 4 star feeling going and take advantage of their fantastic deal on overnight accomodation with breakfast.  Gala Dinner 120€ p.p. Gala Dinner, Double Room & Breakfast 150€ p.p Junior Suite Upgrade +50€ p.p. Also see ad on front page.


Villa Mercedes, New Years Eve Celebration Menu

Fantastic menu, all drink included until midnight and then there is that very special Villa Mercedes service. What more could you ask for?

Electric Circus, Various

New kids on the block, that block being the seafront promenade of Figueretes. What can we tell you about them? Absolutely nothing – but it’s somewhere new in the winter so that alone is deserving of a plug. We do know the venue though – Somni, a great small space and ideal for December Dancin’ and January Jive.  No Contacts on the promo so we suggest go via Somni




When in Rome, or Madrid in our case. Time to take in some of the local Christmas traditions…

Spanish Christmas Lottery

El Gordo

El Gordo, the Fat One, to most Spanish people, represents two things: the ex Brazilian footballer Ronaldo and, much more importantly, the Spanish Christmas Lottery.

There have been lotteries in Spain since the first was established by King Carlos III as far back as 1763. The first ‘Christmas edition’ of the lottery, officially called ‘Sorteo de Navidad’ was held in 1812 in the city of Cadiz with hopes of increasing state revenue for the public tax authority and has since been organized by the Spanish Public Administration. In 1814 the draw was held for the first time in Madrid, which has become the centre for Spanish National Lottery draws.

The Spanish Christmas El Gordo Lottery numbers are drawn in a special way, much different than any other lottery in the world: students from the San Ildefonso School draw the results and sing them aloud to the public at the Lotería Nacional Hall of Madrid.

It was estimated last year that 98% of all Spanish adults participated in El Gordo, which meant that the total amount of the prize pool was an incredible 2.25 billion euros, which equates to 70% of the sales of tickets. The probability of picking up some sort of prize is about 15%, which makes it quite a worthwhile gamble in the scheme of things.

 So, How Does El Gordo Work?

Tickets go on the sale from July onwards so it’s not necessary to make sure you’re in Spain for Christmas to be able to participate. The organizers clicked on to the idea that people on their holidays might have a bit of spare money or think that they were ‘feeling lucky’ because they were so relaxed and decided to exploit it. Anyway, with online sales now widely available you can buy anytime, wherever you are.

The tickets themselves are expensive. The good news is that you don’t have to buy a complete ticket. Most tickets are usually sold in decimos, (tenths). Some families have been playing the same numbers for decades passing them down through the generations.

Because of the phenomenal number of tickets sold, and because the tickets only have 5 digit numbers, there are quite a few winning tickets. Obviously, it’s quite common for families or work colleagues to club together to buy a ticket – or even regulars at a local bar. You’ll frequently see signs proclaiming ‘Jugamos con el numero’ … and inviting you to participate with them. This type of communal gambling can mean that whole villages or groups of workers can suddenly become wealthy. In 2005, the town of Vic, north of Barcelona, shared 500 million euros amongst its inhabitants.

However keen you might be to have a share of the winnings, you will almost certainly be close to despair should you ever have the misfortune to watch the draw itself on television. Or, even worse, listen to it on the radio. For between four and five hours every December 22nd, Televisión Española and Radio Nacional de España will enthral the nation by broadcasting the whole event live from Madrid where little boys and girls from the San Ildefonso School will draw out the wooden balls and sing the numbers out to the waiting world.

 Quick Facts:

  • The lottery offers the largest prize pool in the world of 2.24€ billion.
  • 100,000 available pre-defined numbers, each containing a five-digit code ranging 00000-99999.
  • Each ticket is printed in 160 identical copies.
  • All tickets are made up of 10 shares which can be purchased separately.
  • 100,000 tickets x 160 copies x 10 shares = 160 million shares on the market!
  • 1:100,000 chances of winning the 4 million euros top prize – 160 jackpot ticket winners.
  • Winning odds start at 1:7 per prize.

The distribution of prizes, quantity of tickets and shares, and their prices may vary from year to year. In 2004, there were 66,000 different five-digit numbered tickets in 195 copies. In 2005, the number of tickets for sale was 85,000 which were offered in 170 copies. In 2011, there were 99,000 tickets printed in 160 copies.

 Winning El Gordo

The highest prize available is 4 million euros, with 1:100,000 chances of winning the top prize – 1,160 times better than the odds of winning the EuroMillions jackpot.

A player owning all ten shares of a 1st prize winning ticket is eligible to claim the 4 million euros jackpot prize. Lotería de Navidad will award a total of 640 million euros in jackpot prizes to the 160 tickets with the winning raffle code. It is expected that more than 27.5 million share holders will collect prizes from the 15,304 possible winning combinations in every ticket.

Serious Stuff

100,000 small wooden balls, each printed with a different 5-digit ticket number, are placed in one drum. A laser is used to mark numbers because paint could cause inconsistencies in the balls’ weight. The balls are all uniformly 19mm in diameter and weigh 3 grams each.

Be In It To Win It

To buy tickets online in English you can visit theLotter.com

Direct link


Spanish Christmas

So  how Americanised has the Spanish Christmas become? We gave this text-book account to our own Ibicenco Nicole and asked her to edit it to reflect modern changes. Perhaps surprisingly in the face of consumer driven English television, cinema and music pushing Christmas as a time when frenzied shopping has become the way we mark the birth of lil’ Jesus, she left most of it intact. Nice to see some Ibizan twists, but is the Salsa de Nadal booze based? We’ll find out by next week and either way see if we can get the recipe.

Noche Buena

Christmas Eve

24th December

Noche Buena is the most important of the Christmas fiestas for families. On this evening, the whole family gathers to celebrate together with a meal, drinks and lots of sweets. Food and family are the centrepieces of this fiesta, and the meal can last for hours. Although each region will have their favourite dishes for this special occasion, some ingredients will appear on the majority of tables across the country.

At such an important meal, Noche Buena wouldn’t be the same without some form of seafood to start. The most popular is the ‘langostino’, or king prawn or crayfish, and the price of these rockets weeks in advance. There may also be some kind of fish and seafood soup on the menu too.

The main dish for this evening is generally roast lamb with potatoes, but some families may choose roast suckling pig, roast ‘capón’ (castrated fattened up cockerel) or even their roast turkey.

And the Christmas Eve meal wouldn’t be complete without the delicious sweets traditionally associated with this time of year. They include turrón (almond sweet), mazapanes (figures made from marzipan), polvorones (crumbly biscuits made from flour, lard and sugar) and mantecadas (crumbly cakes). In Ibiza there is also another tradition, drinking the Salsa de Nadal (Christmas Sauce) which is a sweet brownish almond hot drink which is served with the deserts.

After this meal, many families will attend their local midnight mass if they’ve finished eating by then.

It is traditional to watch the King’s Christmas speech on Television.

Día de Navidad

Christmas Day

25th December

Christmas Day is not as important as it is in other countries, like the UK. Children may receive one or two presents, but this is just because of the influence of traditions from outside that portray Santa Claus as the giver of gifts. Although, the 25th of December is a national holiday where all the shops are closed and transport services are limited, if existent at all, this day is a calm and peaceful one where the highlight of the day might be a nice stroll or coffee in a bar.

Most families will have a big Christmas lunch.



Amanda Zips It Up

  • Amanda O’Riordan

Yo Yo Yo – not quite Ho Ho Ho yet…  ‘Twas the night before the Xmas party. I love getting ready for a big night out.

I kicked off my party season in Hoxton last weekend with the gang adorning an array of dazzlingly naff Xmas jumpers. They were so bad that they actually edged on cool. Over the past fortnight I’ve seen various hipsters out and about wearing their festive knitwear, devoid of any shame whatsoever.

An unfashionable trend can suddenly become all the rage when somebody decides to stick their tongue in their cheek and go for shock tactics. Then others observe, assume it’s cool and follow suit. I suppose that’s what you call ‘followers of fashion’.

Friday was ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ with an estimated ten million people donning garish knits for Save the Children. Try on some Santa emblazoned winter woolies, no matter how much they grate on the cheese-ometer. It’s all good December fun, because before you know it we’ll be into miserable January.

So, reality TV season is mercifully at the wrap party stage. Jungle cock and ball gorging Z list celebrities can finally gorge on their ‘hard earned’ cash instead.  We kiss them goodbye, leaving our screens free for a deluge of repeats over the holidays, including Only Fools and Horses and The Queen’s Speech. That’s my plasma screen set to ‘off’ then. Christmas TV is a very strong hint that you should be going out and having a good time, instead of sprawling out on the sofa with your underwear cutting grooves into your torso. Which brings me onto the subject of this year’s Christmas number one.  Actually, on second thoughts, I’ll pass.

Over to the Balearics, and the festive magic has started to make waves amongst the blue skies and sunshine of Ibiza and Mallorca. The Spanish celebrate Christmas much later than we do in the UK – January 6th, the Feast of the Epiphany (Día de los Reyes Magos), when the Three Kings arrived in Bethlehem. For Spanish children this is the most important day of the year, when they wake up to find that Los Reyes Magos (the Three Kings/Wise Men) have left gifts for them. Santa may leave a token gift on December 25th but the Three Kings are the favourites, especially Baltasar, who rides a donkey and is the King believed to leave the pressies. During the day of 6th the Three Kings continue their good work and are seen distributing gifts to children in hospitals all over Spain. With the chance to celebrate two separate Christmases on different dates spread over two weeks… where is my passport? I’ll be in Ibiza on 10th /11th January for the next Flower Power festival – more about that next time.

Amanda x

ForAmanda’s full blog go to



Is Mistletoe The Answer?

Sophia V looks at how to turn friendship into something more

  • Sophia V.

So, you have a friend, which you happen to fancy. What can you do to get out of the ‘friends zone’? You want them to see you in a different light and find you appealing.

You need to change the way that they see you and your friendship. You need to stop being readily available as a friend, being there at their beck and call, and discussing topics that only friends would. Become a bit more distant, playing hard to get, and letting them know that you have other plans, with other people. This may make them chase you.

Discuss more personal subjects such as: feelings, what their type is / ideal partner, questions about their past relationships to get an idea of what they’re looking for.

Change the way that you act around them. Dress to impress. Invite them on a night out and choose an outfit which they’re not used to seeing you in.

Flirt with them and drop subtle hints that you fancy them. Sometimes, people can be clueless and you need to show them how you feel.

Maybe making a bold move such as taking hold of their hand, sitting closer than usual, however be sure to look for their reaction, whether they seem pleased, or uncomfortable.

Try hinting that you need a date for a certain event and see if they’re willing to accompany you.

If all else fails, be bold, take the risk, and tell them that you like them, and if they ever see your friendship developing into something more.

You need to be strong enough to face possible rejection.

If they’re up for giving it a go, think carefully about taking it to the next level. If it doesn’t work out, you may lose your friend.

Wonderbra Celebrates 20 Years,

  • Nick Gibbs

Following last week’s news of Jockey Y-Fronts 50th Birthday we, well I, couldn’t have been more delighted to receive Wonderbra’s press pack for their 20th Birthday event in Madrid.  Packed full of interesting information they said, er, actually I can’t blag this. I wasn’t really paying attention. Strangely distracted. Suffice it to say I’m sure we all want to give them our support.



Santa Eularia Programme


On Wed 17th, at 7.30pm, the Morna International School children will be representing ‘What’s New Pussycat?’ at the Palacio de Congresos. Tickets are 15€ for adults and 10€ for under-16s (If you can’t make Wednesday, it’s on again on Thursday 18th at the same time).

On Sat 20th at 8pm there will be a Christmas magic show ‘Navidad Mágica III’ at Teatro España, tickets are 10€ and 5€ for under 12 year-olds. This show is on in the Jesus Cultural centre on Sat 27th 8pm.

Sun 21st at 8pm there is musical play in Teatro España ‘Vaporustedes’, tickets are 5€.

‘¿Cuántos regalos?’ (How many presents?) will be on at Teatro España on Tue 23rd at 12pm, free entrance.

On Christmas Eve you can also see a play at Teatro España ‘La Magia de la Navidad’ (The Magic of Christmas) with the magician Albert and the visit of Santa Claus, free entrance.

On Boxing Day at 12pm ¿Dónde está la Paloma? (Where is the pigeon?) is a magic show on at Teatro España, free entrance.

Sat 27th and Sun 28th at 12pm the film Niko 2 is on at Teatro España.

On Mon 29th and Tue 30th at 8pm Es Gat will be representing at the Jesus Cultural Centre, entrance 10€.

On Wed 31st at 12pm at Teatro España, Cachirulo the clown brings Amapola y Alpargata y su gran Aventura de Navidad.

On Sat 3rd and Sun 4th at 12pm, Teatro España is showing Big Hero, entrance 4€.


The children of the Municipal Music School will give a Christmas concert at Teatro España at 6pm, free entrance and on Sat 20th they will offer a free street concert starting at 11am on the main streets of Santa Eulalia. At 7.30pm Sat 20th there is a Christmas concert at Puig de Missa.

Sat 27th at 6pm there is a Children’s concert in the Cultural Centre of Jesus. And at 8pm there’s carol singing at Puig de Missa.

Sat 3rd at 8pm there is a Piano concert in Sant Carles.

Christmas Shoping

At 8pm the Art Supermarket in the Santa Eulalia Showroom opens and will be on until January 4th, opening hours Monday to Friday are 10am-2pm and 5-9pm, Saturdays and December 24th/31st open only in the morning.

Children’s Events

On Fri 19th there will be a ‘Chocolatada’ (Hot Chocolate party) at the Puig d’en Valls football field at 5.30pm.

On Sat 20th at 6pm in the football field of Puig d’en Valls there is a Turrón (the traditional Spanish Christmas sweet) workshop. At the same time in Jesus there will be Christmas workshops and the arrival of the Kings’ page-boy (because Spanish children get their presents from the three kings).

On Sun 21st, from 12pm in Jesus, there will be a Nativity Scene’s exposition.

From the 21st onwards there are ‘Games and workshops’ from 10am-1pm in the cultural centre of Jesus and in the cultural centre of Puig d’en Valls.

On Mon 22nd, from 5-9pm, ‘Joveland’ starts almost every evening during Christmas at Punt Jove with workshops and games.

Also on Mon 22nd Santa will be in Las Dalias to collect the letters of the Sant Carlos children.

Tue 23rd is the beginning of Riuland, 10am-12pm at Punt Jove in Santa Eulalia.

Story telling at Teatro España at 12pm, on Mon 29th Contes D’Aqui I D’Alli, on Tue 30th Un Trineu Carregat de Contes, and on Thu 2nd Cosquillas en las Orejas.

On Sat 3rd there is a children’s play at the Cultural Centre in Jesus at 6pm.

On Sun 4th at 5.30 in Puig d’en Valls there will be a big Children’s Party with a magician arriving at 6pm.

The Kings’ page will be in Plaça España at 6pm on Sun 4th to collect the letters for the Kings.

Midnight Mass services:

7pm in Sant Carles, midnight in Puig d’en Valls, Puig de Missa (Santa Eularia), Santa Gertrudis, and Nuestra Señora de Jesus.

On Christmas day there are special Christmas services at Puig de Missa at 11am, at Nuestra Señora de Jesus at 12pm, and at the Lourdes Chapel in Santa Eulalia at 7.30pm.

You can find the official programme at


Sant Josep Programme

Sant Josep de sa Talaia

On Fri 19th Dec at 6pm there will be a Christmas workshop for children at the library and at 8.30pm the film Jack Goes Boating will be shown at the old schools.

Sat 20th at 8pm is the closing of Canyes ‘n’ Roll with the performance of Led-Zepp.

Sun 21st from 10pm is the start of VII Cursa Popular de sa Salsa (7th Sauce Popular Race), to inscribe yourself go to www.elitechip.net

And at 6pm there is a children’s hat party, II Barrets Festival, with prizes for the best hat and a magician.

On Christmas Day at 12pm there will be a Christmas Mass with a live nativity scene and at 7pm there is a charity bingo in aid of Manos Unidas.

On Boxing Day at 8.30pm the play Es Garroters will be represented.

Sat 27th at 7.30pm there will be a Mass with Carol singing and at 9.30pm the VI Sobrasada Rock with the performance of Projecte Mut and Sonora.

Sun 28th there is a walking tour through the Broll of Buscatell, starting at 10am at Es Vildo, and at 4pm there is a Holy Innocents Party organized by the UE Sant Josep.

Sant Jordi de ses Salines

On Thu 18th the CC Mare de Deu Christmas party starts at 5pm.

Fri 19th the CEIP Sant Jordi Christmas party starts at 5pm and at 9pm there will be a representation of the play Un Señor con Barba (A Man with a Beard).

Diver Nadal opens on Sat 20th, from 5-8pm, and again on Sun 21st from 10.30-1.30pm and 5-8pm.

Sat 20th at 5.30pm there is a living nativity scene representation followed by a children’s Christmas concert and at 8pm there is another Christmas concert.

On Sun 21st there is a dancing performance at 5pm and at 7.30pm starts the Xacota Pagesa (typical Ibizan music).

On Christmas Eve at midnight there is Midnight Mass followed by a Salsa degustation.

Sun 28th there is a walking tour through Es Rafal Trobat, starting at 11am at the Club de Campo, and 6pm there will be storytelling and music for children and adults.

Sant Agustí des Vedrà

On Sat 20th at 8.30pm the play Es Garroters will be represented.

On Christmas Eve at 10.30 there is a visit to the Reina Sofía Residency, the meeting point is the Sant Agustí parking.

On Boxing Day there is a charity bingo at 7pm and a wine competition at 9pm.

On Sat 27th there at 8pm there is a book presentation followed by Xacota Pagesa (typical Ibizan music).

Cala de Bou

On Sun 21st at 5pm Santa will give out presents.

On Boxing Day there is a cycling route to Cala Comte starting at 10pm.

On Sun 28th at 8pm there is a cake competition!

Es Cubells

On Fri 19th at 5pm there is a children’s workshop at the library.

On Sat 20th there will be storytelling at 5pm and a children’s cinema at 7pm.

On Christmas Eve there will be Midnight Mass.

On Sun 28th there is a walking route to Cala Llentrisca, starting at 9.30am at the town square.

Mon 29th and Tue 30th have other children’s cinema sessions at 7pm.

Find the full programme at


Sant Antoni Christmas Programme

On Fri 19th of Dec at 5.30pm the Christmas market opens in the main tent on the Passeig de ses Fonts (Sat-Sun opening hours 10am-8pm) where there is also a nativity scene competition which can be entered until 8pm while there is a children Christmas concert which starts at 6.30pm.

On Sat 20th there is a children’s Christmas decorations workshop from 11.30am-1.30pm and a party for them at 5pm.

On Sun 21st there will be a bouncy castle from 11.30am-1.30pm, at 6pm there is a Christmas Show (story telling, theatre and fire) and carol singing at 8pm.

On Christmas Eve the Midnight Mass will be at 8pm.

On Christmas Day there is the V Swim Crossing Christmas Cup, for more information


On Sat 27th at 8pm MRC will present their first album with the performances of Indulgentes, Magnam, and Fortline.

you can check the official programme at


Ibiza Town Christmas Programme

On Fri 19th Dec at 7pm there is a tribute concert for Raimond Andrés at Can Ventosa.

On Sat 20th Santa will be picking up letters at the Old Market at 6.30pm.

On Sun 21st the Symphonic Orchestra of Ibiza will give a Christmas concert at 7pm in Can Ventosa.

Can Ventosa has Christmas cinema sessions at 11am, showing Lego the Movie on Mon 22nd and Frozen on Tue 23rd, Futbolin will show on Mon 29th and Aviones on Tue 30th. Tickets 1€.

Sat 27th at 5.30pm the Christmas Swimming Cup takes place at Es Viver. At 6pm in Vara de Rey there will be Xacota Pagesa (traditional Ibizan singing).

A play called Espacio (Space) will be performed in Can Ventosa at 9.30pm on Sat 27th and at 8.30pm on Sun 28th.

The C19 comes out on to Vara de Rey on the 29th and 30th (5-9pm) for an exhibition of plastic, scenic and playful arts (breakdance, giant scalextric, etc). Free tryouts.

For the whole programme visit


Sant Joan Christmas Programme

On Christmas Day at 8pm there will be a Christmas concert by the Trio Artis Barcelona – Claudia Valetta, Joaquim García, and Mónica Marí.

Our apologies to readers in the North. We did hunt high and low for more details of events in Sant Joan by the Adjuntament had nothing to offer us :-(

Operation Santa at Sa Vinya

This Christmas a new family musical is staged: “Operation Santa, once upon a time there was a Christmas musical”. Sa Vinya presents this story filled with Christmas magic, humour and above all music, carols and choreographies which will bring rhythm to this Christmas story. The elves and Father Christmas are getting ready for Christmas, little do they know that Nasty Jack and his helpers are planning to destroy Christmas… Will Father Christmas be able to give out the presents or will Jack finish Christmas off? Come and find out in the new Sa Vinya theatre on Saturday 20th (two performances at 5.30pm and 8.30pm and Sunday 21st at 5.30pm! Happy Christmas everybody!!!

Pacha Christmas Charity Party

The organizers of the Pacha Charity Christmas party in aid of the Geriatric Platform and the Association of People with Special Needs of Ibiza and Formentera (Apneef) have gathered more than 300 gifts for the raffle. The celebration, aimed at children, will be on December 21st from 5pm at the disco. Although the organizers are happy with the 300 gifts, they trust that the island’s companies will imbibe the spirit of Christmas and donate many more in the coming days.

Tickets for the party, which will run until 9pm, cost 5€. As every year, there will be dance performances, makeup workshops, a raffle, entertainment, clowns, and various rides. The money raised will go to both associations to maintain their social and health activities.

Las Dalias Christmas Market

An overflowing homey fireplace warms you up as you walk in the front door, the tables full of smouldering coffees and glasses of typical German mulled wine that revives the spirit… not the worst idea before you start exploring the Christmas market at Las Dalias! Inside the market, a soft scent of incense and Christmas music give the climate to the stalls which offer unique, exclusive gifts, a variety of exquisite original pieces that are only found here: bags, clothes, toys for kids, antiques, handmade painted fabrics, natural Ibiza products, gems and jewellery, incredible designs… If you are looking for an original garment, how about getting a lovely sweater with the best wool and fabrics? Or coats with hair beading, leather boots with fringes and beads… The market will stay open until January 5th. During this time the restaurant offers traditional dishes and the food selection with exotic touches that have made it so popular. And to complete a holiday spirit, the market will welcome Santa on December 22nd, at 7pm with gifts for the little ones.


Local Life

The Far East

Two Old Rockers

Amazing. Last Sunday’s Christmas Fair in aid of Contra Cancer Ibiza and Formentera was an outstanding success, with hundreds of people turning out to support the Association, pick up a bargain while having a great day out. Every stall was busy selling the donated items, the games were as popular as ever and the onstage live entertainment truly fabulous. Even at the end of the day the Recinto Ferial was still packed. At the time of “going to press” the figure of the amount raised wasn’t available, but we hope to let you know the final total in next week’s edition. None of this would have been possible without the generosity of those, both individuals and companies, who made donations and of course the “volunteers” who gave up so much time to ensure the event was such a success. The organizers cannot thank you all enough for your contributions which will help the Association to give help to those on Ibiza and Formentera who are affected by cancer.

Cinema. Or should that be no cinema as there isn’t an English language film showing at Teatro España until the New Year.

Letter from Juan

When you retire and are old, people ask what on earth you get up to every day. What they don’t realise is that every day is an adventure, a continual game of hide and seek. Half the time you can’t remember what you are looking for and the other half you are looking for the item you have misplaced. I had one such adventure the other day when I went into Ibiza Town. After shopping I went back to the car park to pick up my car and I couldn’t find the car park ticket. I searched high and low in the car – to no avail and even went back to a store to see if I had dropped it there when I paid my bill, but no it was nowhere to be seen. Fearing I was going to be slapped with a hefty charge for losing the ticket I pressed the “information” button and asked for help. I was directed to their office and the good news was that after having supplied my driving licence and my car documents I received a substitute ticket and I only had to pay for the time I had left the car in the car park. This is obviously the advantage of having TV cameras at the gate which record you car number. So don’t panic if you lose your ticket providing you have the necessary documents in the car you should be alright, well at least you will be in the old bull ring car park in Eivissa town. Finally I hope your Christmas shopping is going well and don’t panic, there are still a few shopping days left before the big day. Have a great week, yours Juan.

It’s Good to Talk

Kate Stillman

Dear Ibiza Counselling,

I can’t sleep, I go to bed and fall asleep very quickly because I am shattered but then find myself waking at 1, 2 or 3 in the morning for what seems like hours and hours, I then drift off for a while but am always up by 6am.

This was manageable at first, but now several months on it is beginning to take its toll, I’m snappy, moody and have noticed that I look awful. My weight is creeping up, my eyes are red and puffy and I just can’t be bothered to do anything.

What do you suggest I do? I am reluctant to go to the Dr as I know he will just give me sleeping tablets and they don’t really solve the problem.

Thanks for taking the time, SD.

Dear SD,

Thank you for your e-mail and I am sorry to hear you are so exhausted. Sleep deprivation has huge consequences on us being able to function as positive and valued members of society, so it’s really important to get your sleep back on track and take some time to try and establish what might be causing your disturbance.

We all wake and move in our sleep usually without realizing quickly falling back to sleep again so we do not even remember it happening in the morning. However for some the ability to slip back to sleep gets disturbed and once the “moment” has gone it can be frustrating not being able to get back to sleep as quickly as we’d like.

The irony of the situation is that the more sleep is disrupted then the more tired we become making us less inclined to do all the things that could improve our sleeping habits. Exercise is important, not only does it physically make us need rest and sleep it also makes us feel more positive about things and thus able to relax. Relaxation is key to sleep, learning how to truly relax can be quite hard work and we all know that looking at screens often send us to sleep but it is not a relaxed sleep.  As tiredness takes its toll and we begin to see the effects of tired eyes, etc, self esteem and confidence levels drop. Eating habits often go awry and a previous healthy diet may be substituted for convenience options which often lead to weight gain. Motivation for many things drops which can lead to isolation and relationships suffer.

So what can be done? There are no magic answers but it is worthwhile taking the time to consider what might be going on in your life that could be causing anxiety and stress levels to rise. It might be that you don’t feel anxious or stressed as you might imagine anxiousness and stress to feel, but bad sleep could be your symptoms of anxiousness and stress. Address as many of the areas mentioned above as you can and I appreciate this is difficult when motivation is at an all time low but these really are the things that will help you.

I was heartened to read that you do not want to go down the medical route, sleeping tablets are a great invention but far better to try and establish the route cause rather than treat the symptoms.

All the best, Kate.

For contact details see Kate’s advert in local services.

View from the Pew

Carol Service At San Rafael Church On Dec. 21st At 10:30am! Following the Christmas Carol Service will be a Christmas cake and produce stand at the side of the Church! Come and join us for a joyful sing-along, a powerful message from our Chaplain Peter… plus an opportunity to purchase minced pies, Christmas cakes and other festive delights!

Why do we sing Carols? The word ‘Psalm’, translated from Hebrew to Greek means melody of praise. The Psalms have been around as far back in history as Moses’ time (circa 1400 BC). Psalm 100 includes the verses: “Enter God’s gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise, give thanks to God and praise his name. “Singing has always been an essential expression of communication between man and God. Much of Old Testament prophesy is about the coming of the Messiah (the anointed one), so when the fulfilment of that prophesy takes the form of a baby named Jesus (Saviour), what better expression than that of thanksgiving, praise and song! “God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16) Now That is something to sing about!

Christmas Carols are first recorded back in AD 129 when a Roman Bishop said that a song called “Angel’s Hymn” should be sung at a Christmas service in Rome. However, carols did not become popular until 1223 when St. Francis of Assisi started his Nativity Plays in Italy. The people in the plays sang songs or canticles that told the story during the plays. However, it was not until Victorian times that Christmas carols were revived and they once again became popular. Next Services Sun Dec 21st 10.30, San Rafael Church. Wed Dec 24th 23.30 Sta Eulalia Christmas Midnight Communion, Chapel of Lourdes. Thu 25th Dec 9am San Rafael. Sun Dec. 28th 11am, Sta Eulalia.


Mind Body & Soul

Healing Mind & Body with EFT

  • Sabina Brownstein

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a simple yet remarkable healing process that combines ancient Chinese acupressure with modern psychology to achieve amazing results. It has proven to be effective for a wide range of problems including the release of deeply held anger, anxiety, fears and phobias. It is also a powerful tool for dealing with pain relief, childhood traumas, limiting beliefs, food cravings, weight loss, and body image. The way that it works is by tapping a combination of specific meridian (energy) points on the face and body, while at the same time voicing the problem. This has the effect of clearing the emotional blockage or “short circuit” that is the root cause of the issue.

Dr Roger Callahan was the first to discover the power of tapping on energy points, but his technique was not very practical as you had to tap on many points before finding the ones that worked. EFT was created by Gary Craig who’s genius was to find a way to simplify the tapping process so that it was fast, easy to use and accurate. Starting in 1995 Gary Craig made EFT available to therapists through training seminars, and later spread it to the general public via the internet. Today there are healing and counselling therapists throughout the world using EFT to cure their clients’ emotional and physical problems with great success.

With so many alternative therapies available these days it is important to be able to separate those that really support the body, mind and soul from others that appear to be just smoke and mirrors. A growing amount of research is proving that EFT produces real, lasting breakthroughs which significantly improve conditions that conventional medicine and psychotherapy often fail to adequately heal. Studies done at the Harvard Medical School support these assertions by finding that the brain’s stress and fear responses can be lessened by stimulating the meridian points used in acupuncture, acupressure, and of course, tapping.

Further research was undertaken by Dr Dawson Church whose team studied how EFT would impact stress levels. To do this they measured the patients’ levels of cortisol, a hormone secreted by the body when it undergoes stress. One group was given a one hour EFT session while the second group was given an hour of traditional talk therapy. The average level of cortisol reduction in the EFT group was 24%, and some were as high as 50%. By comparison, the group that had the traditional talk therapy showed no significant reduction of cortisol. Dr Church also teaches EFT to war veterans suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and the results have been extremely positive with an average 63% decrease in symptoms after only six rounds of tapping.

Research like this has converted many sceptics in the scientific community to the benefits of EFT. But the real proof is the fact that millions of people are healing their physical and emotional problems by using this simple and safe process. What makes this technique so empowering is that it gives you the ability – literally at your fingertips – to heal a wide variety of challenging conditions in both mind and body.

For contact details see Sabina’s advert in local services.



ARIES – Nine of Wands (reversed)

You know that money isn’t everything, so if put people first rather than counting the cost in your time, you’ll have an enjoyable week. Projects can wait and be picked up once you’ve done your social duty. Time to enjoy what you have and share the love. Be discerning however; avoid gold diggers as that’s not true friendship is it?

TAURUS – Three of Wands

Prospects or projects that see you looking further a field, ignite your passion. You’re open to anything that enables you to travel this week. Foreign people or places will make an impact, especially if your work includes setting up international deals. Don’t allow your imagination to be stifled so dream away and cook up some exciting opportunities for the near future.

GEMINI – Queen of Swords

You might be overwhelmed by the demands of others this week but don’t worry, help is at hand especially if you enlist the support from one of the Air sign women of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. They will be able to offer firm but fair advice. They are especially good at advice regarding finances and legal matters so pay attention.

CANCER – Eight of Swords

You may feel extra sensitive this week and others will feel like they are walking on egg shells around you. Try to not to feel claustrophobic about your current circumstances as this too shall pass! You’ll only fuel your current anxiety if you let external circumstances get to you. Be around upbeat and caring people to help you week shine.

LEO – The Empress (reversed)

You may be disappointed that a plan’s not working out the way you hoped. However, this might be because you had unrealistic expectations of others or they simply cannot do things your way. Back to the drawing board Leo, don’t withdraw into depression. Instead, get in touch with those who can offer good advice that gets you back on track.

VIRGO – The Wheel of Fortune

If you’ve wondered when life will pick up; then this week you’ll find it hard to keep up, as you try to complete deadlines before the festive break. You’re pretty adaptable, which is great as you’ll be ready for the lucky breaks coming your way. Examine new idea’s carefully and remember, when you’re down, the only to go is up!

LIBRA – Knight of Swords

Someone’s your Knight in shining armour this week and will be looking out for you. If you must speak your truth about a difficult situation, it will be easier than you think to be frank. By all means defend your principles against those challenging your ideology. Others may think you’re their emotional dumping ground. Well, time to put them straight.

SCORPIO – The Emperor

It’s a case of mind over matter this week Scorpio. You’ll be determined to make yourself heard or be in the driving seat when it comes to important decision making. For some of you, he represents a person in a position of power; they have the ability to influence the outcome to a situation that’s of great importance to you.

SAGITTARIUS – Ace of Wands

If you’re invited to an event this week by all means go; it could lead to a new encounter that will have a far reaching effect on your life. Career wise, new opportunities become available; you may find you have some promotion or bonus to look forward to. Some of you may receive news of a birth to someone close.

CAPRICORN – Four of Wands

Celebration’s on the horizon and not just because the festive season is upon us. Career wise you hear some news that promises to make this a Merry Christmas indeed! Those in a relationship will be thinking of taking it to the next level. Commitments of all kinds are auspicious right now. You have a sense of harmony, peace and satisfaction.


Trust that what’s unfolding in your life right now is for the best. You’re being given the opportunity by the universe to be free of fear regarding your future. This is a liberating week when your trust is rewarded. You have learnt from past mistakes; so if you’re at a crossroads, think carefully about the decisions you’re about to make.

PISCES – Seven of Cups

It won’t be easy to make your mind up; too many options to choose from. This of course makes your festive gift buying a nightmare! If you receive an unexpected invitation to a social event you should definitely go. It brings you in contact with new people that may have a future opportunity for you to follow up on.

Doris Love the World

Star Bright

Lying down staring at stars so bright,

Don’t know them by name nor even by sight,

I know them by heart from a long time ago,

Agreeing to come here some fun to show,

Three in a line, some call the Plough,

But Toby’s a fruitcake – he calls it the cow,

High above new constellations pull,

My attention is drawn to one like a bull,

For a long time now they’ve shone on me roof,

While I’m busy running around on the hoof,

Now planets line up for time to stand still,

And I must lie down before I get ill,

Feet up communing with Venus and Mars,

Forget all about me housework and cars,

Banking and counting, business and work,

If world ends on Solstice I’d look a right berk,

Wasting me energy on all that old crap –

No I won’t get caught in darkness, a trap,

I’ll look up, listen and chat to Star Nations,

Carefully watching us all from their stations,

Ready to help us when we take that leap,

Of faith in our future, rewards to reap,

So I’m looking forward to helping her birth

Our planet ́s ascending, dear Mother Earth!

One day she will shine and turn into a Star,

‘Til then it’s our Sun’s turn to wave from afar

With all of our neighbours in a straight line,

Ancestors gathering, it’s a sure sign –

Them Mayans were right – at least in one sense,

We don’t have to inhabit bodies so dense,

We now have the chance DNA to change,

Lighten up to envision a brand new range

Of people connected by beacons of light,

Spaceships that hover over cities at night,

I don’t doubt it’s coming, not hard to conceive,

Skeptics might twitter they just can’t believe,

No, my only conundrum is how could I fly,

With a belly so full of pastry mince pie?!

Luv doris, the new age guru x





Though the price of real trees is prohibitive in Ibiza, the Poinsettia is one Christmas tradition from home that we can continue without breaking the bank. If you are used to throwing yours out with the last of the turkey, think again. As John Hitchin explains, Ibiza’s warmer climate means the poinsettia can be grown into a small tree for annual December garden colour.

The Meaning and Symbolism of the Poinsettia

Poinsettia plants are native to Central America, especially an area of southern Mexico known as ‘Taxco del Alarcón’ where they flower during the winter. The ancient Aztecs called them ‘cuetlaxochitl’. The Aztecs had many uses for them including using the flowers (actually special types of leaves known as bracts rather than being flowers) to make a purple dye for clothes and cosmetics and the milky white sap was made into a medicine to treat fevers. (Today we call the sap latex!)

The poinsettia gained fame in the west due to the first United States ambassador to Mexico and keen hothouse gardener Joel Roberts Poinsett While visiting the Taco area in 1828, he became very interested in the plants and sent some back to South Carolina home from where he started sending them to friends and botanical gardens.

Robert Buist, a plants-man from Pennsylvania, was the first person to sell the poinsettias under their latin botanical name, ‘Euphorbia Pulcherrima’ which means ‘the most beautiful Euphorbia’. They became known as Poinsettia in the mid 1830’s when people found out who had first brought them to America from Mexico.

There is an old Mexican legend about how Poinsettia’s and Christmas came together which you can read below. Buy a beautifully illustrated book telling the legend of the Poinsettia here


Considered by the ancient Aztecs to be symbols of purity, in today’s language of flowers poinsettias, the December birth flower, is said to symbolize good cheer, success and to bring mirth and celebration.

Poinsettia Crafts (see page image)

To make this Poinsettia Gift Bow


To make a fancy Martha Stewart silk Poinsettia wreath visit


Or for a simpler version which can be made in felt or paper go to


Legend of the Christmas Poinsettia.

There was once a poor Mexican girl called Pepita who had no present to give the baby Jesus at the Christmas Eve Services. As Pepita walked to the chapel, sadly, her cousin Pedro tried to cheer her up.

‘Pepita’, he said “I’m sure that even the smallest gift, given by someone who loves him will make Jesus Happy.”

Pepita didn’t know what she could give, so she picked a small handful of weeds from the roadside and made them into a small bouquet. She felt embarrassed because she could only give this small present to Jesus. As she walked through the chapel to the altar, she remembered what Pedro had said. She began to feel better, knelt down and put the bouquet at the bottom of the nativity scene. Suddenly, the bouquet of weeds burst into bright red flowers, and everyone who saw them were sure they had seen a miracle. From that day on, the bright red flowers were known as the ‘Flores de Noche Buena’, or ‘Flowers of the Holy Night’.

The Poinsettia

  • John Hitchin

The Poinsettia is the plant that is bought for it’s displays of bright colours at Christmas. Though  usually discarded after it dies back after the celebrations, in  Ibiza’s climate it can survive and grow to a smallish tree that will give welcome winter colour in the garden with it’s December flowering.

A member of the diverse Euphorbia family which thrive all over the world from the smaller forms  with green flowers in February common in English gardens to the huge cacti that will grow outside in Ibiza and in deserts such as the western states of the USA including New Mexico, Arizona and Utah. Any fan of western movies would have seen them on the screen many times.

The Poinsettia Pulcherrima we are familiar with grows from heights of half a meter to about 4 meters and has leaves that are about 12cm long and dark green. It also has bracts which can be bright red, orange yellow, pale green pink or white, these leaves are often mistaken for flowers.

The leaves can change colour through a process called photperiodism in which the plant must be kept in the dark for 12 hours a day for 5 days. The flowers are found in the centre of each leaf bunch and are yellow and quite small.

The plant is not only known as a Christmas plant as it is also called the Easter flower in Central America, and Attaturk’s flower in Turkey as the founder of the Turkish republic loved this plant so much he contributed to its cultivation.

Poinsettia’s can be grown outside but a frost will normally kill them so a sheltered sunny spot will need to be chosen. It is normally best to grow them in pots so they can be brought inside for the winter and kept at a temperature between 15-18 degrees. They should be kept in the dark at night to encourage coloured bracts and that includes any light such as street and car lights.

They will also need bright sun during the autumn months to develop their colour. Poinsettia’s should not be over watered and the pots should not be kept in a tray as they need to drain freely.

Though the Poinsettia takes some effort to produce the spectacular colours they are known for, they are certainly worth it for the end results.

Contact John Hitchin via:-



Information & Local Services







Pretty Boys get Run or Bum threat from Scrum

Shamrock 14 – 35 Ibiza CR

  • Mike Blackburn

Exactly 511 years ago today (14th December) or according to some 20th December, Michel de Nostredame was born in Saint-Remy, de Provence, Provence, France. Physician, seer, prophet, philosopher, astrologer and translator Michel was a busy chap and spent much of time treating people with the plague whilst also writing “The Prophecies” a book of 941 rhyming quatrains and one non rhyming quatrain all of which predicted significant future events.

With Ibiza facing Shamrock Rugby, the newest club to form in the Balearic league in their first full season, it was predicted they would come away with a win against the newcomers on Saturday.

It was a hard fought game and Shamrock are building a well balanced side. Scrums were fairly even, with Ibiza gaining the upper hand as the game progressed and some fine line out work by the home side. Their three quarters were well organised and were not without pace and guile.

Ibiza once again made hard work of the simple tasks early in the game but stepped up after eight minutes to score a fabulous try working through the phases for both forwards and backs. Ryan (Rhino) Harvey looks more and more lively with each season and romped around the paddock like a young Maverick as well as dominating his opponent in the scrums. His work in the contact area and carrying the ball disrupted an otherwise good defence.

Ibiza’s ball winning ability was a hallmark of their performance and they would have furnished the scoreboard much more lavishly if they had not squandered overlaps by kicking aimlessly in the 10 channel. The final outcome of the game was, as predicted a comfortable win Shamrock 14-34 Ibiza CR.

Like Nostradamus I would like to make a future prediction in the form of a non rhyming quatrain and a rhyming quatrain. “The league is almost halfway through, We are sitting in 6th position. With a little application and organisation, There is a place in the play offs amigos” That is the non rhyming prediction! Finally, my rhyming prediction… “Pretty boys please don’t give the ball away/When we have grunted in the scrum/Run at ’em and make the blighters pay/Or we forwards will shove it up your Bum!

Jezza’s Sports Report

  • Jeremy Parmenter

Great to see quite a number of you at the Cancer Fair last Sunday – well done to all the organisers, helpers, donors, etc. I ended up with a giant teddy bear, christened Jezza, so he now sits proudly in my office with a blue and white scarf on (no, not Everton or Wigan or even Blackburn, Ipswich or Portsmouth!) – I know, sad man, but there you go!


Huge congrats to that bundle of blonde fun Brit Charley Hull, who, at the tender age of 18, has just won the European Order of Merit a year after being named Rookie of the Year. She cemented her place after coming in 5th at the Dubai Ladies Masters but having secured 9 Top 10 finishes in 2014 she now plans to split her events between Europe and the lucrative Tour in the US, and who can blame her. Brilliant and a real shot in the arm for English, let alone European, Ladies golf.


And here were we hoping that England would win the 6th ODI in Sri Lanka after their great showing last week, and hoping to tie the series score to 3 each. Dream on, friends, as we was wupped, yet again, to give Sri Lanka an unassailable lead of 4-2 in the 7 match series. Once again Captain Cook failed miserably, out for 1, as well as dropping an easy catch that ‘er indoors could have pouched, and let centurion Sangakarra off when he was on 41! Time to go my friend, so do the decent thing and fall on your bat ie. resign and let Root or Morgan take over the mantle.

Also, following on from last week, great to see Sean Abbott, the Aussie bowler who bowled that fateful delivery to Phillip Hughes, come back with a bang as he took 6-14 for NSW against Queensland in a Sheffield Shield match helping bowl the oppo out for just 99!

Rugby Union

In Europe last weekend, it was the 4th set of group matches in both the Champions and Challenge Cups where, in the former, there were wins for Saracens, Bath, Northampton, Wasps, and Leinster, and losses for Sale, Leicester, Harlequins, Glasgow, Ospreys. In the latter, wins for Ldn Irish, Exeter, Gloucester and Newport, and losses for Cardiff, Ospreys, etc. etc.


Last week saw the final Group games in both the Champions and Europa Leagues with the prize being qualification for the first knock-out rounds, and in the CL all English eyes were on Liverpool and Man City, both needing to win to progress and, having put my money on the Reds to go through with, on paper the easier match at Anfield against Basel, true to form, Rodgers side blew it, only managing a 1-1 draw and so drop down to the Europa and were drawn against Tottenham’s conquerors Besiktas. As for City, brilliant, as they beat Roma 2-0 away to go through, albeit in 2nd, which meant the short straw as they drew Barcelona in Monday’s draw. As for Chelsea, well, they cruised through as Group winners, and will now play Paris SG, who they beat at the same stage last year on the way to the semis, and Arsenal went through as well but in 2nd, and typically, being so lucky, drew Monaco, one of Wenger’s previous clubs and one of the weakest seeded teams.

As for the Europa, Tottenham, in pole position and already qualified, lost and ended up 2nd in their group drawing Fiorentina, Everton also lost but still won their group and now play Swiss club Young Boys, and Celtic went through as well, and will now play Inter Milan. So, 3 English sides in the CL last 16, and 4 Brit sides in the Europa, so not too bad!

As for the Premier League, leaders Chelsea kept up their 100% win record this season at the Bridge after beating Hull 2-0 and Man City kept on their heels with a 1-0 win at bottom club Leicester, courtesy of Lampard’s 175th PL goal (now tying with legend Thierry Henry and I do wish he would b****r off to New York as he’s already cost the leaders 5 pts – you City fans know what I mean, don’t you Richard!). Man Utd made it yet another miserable week for Rodger’s Liverpool as they hammered them 3-0 at OT, West Ham, still in 4th, drew 1-1 at and I’ll give you one guess, regular followers of this report – yes, Sunderland, who recorded their 10th draw from 16; Southampton, going thru’ a bit of a slump at the mo’, surprisingly lost at Burnley; Tottenham squeezed past Swansea at the Liberty with a late winner; near the bottom, Crystal Palace drew 1-1 with Stoke at Selhurst, whilst in the midland derby, West Brom got back to winning ways at home with a 1-0 win over Aston Villa.

BBC Sports Personality of the Year

Finally, it was the Beeb’s end of year sports jamboree, aka their Sports Personality of the Year and I really can’t understand the British public as they voted for Lewis Hamilton. OK, he did brilliantly to win his 2nd World F1 Championship, but, in my opinion, (and, I hasten to add many more sports pundits better than I) golfer Rory McIlroy was much more deserving of the award. After all golf is a much more individual sport with all the competition having as much chance as Rory to win tournaments, whereas Hamilton just happened to have the best and most competitive car. 2 Majors, World and European No 1, the Ryder Cup, says it all really, doesn’t it?