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The Gran Plan

2 million € budget for Gran Hotel casino expansion

Collaboration with Cirque de Soleil and world class restaurateurs the Adria brothers

  • Jane Charilaou, Ibiza Spotlight.

Voted 6th best hotel in the World back in 2011 by Trivago travel and hotel website, Ibiza Gran Hotel is once again in the headlines as negotiations continue for a new, ‘advanced’ casino to be added to the hotel premises.

Plans include moving the location of the current main casino building to a new, purpose built space that will be linked by a corridor to the hotel itself. Ambitious plans for the brand new casino include incorporation of a restaurant and high-tech performance space along with refurbishment, redecoration and a new zone for slot-machines.

The project is the result of a collaboration between the hotel and casino owners, along with acclaimed restauranteurs and brothers Albert y Ferran Adrià, widely said to have revolutionised the World of international cuisine and Ibiza resident and owner of Cirque du Soleil, Mr Guy Laliberté.

The Ibiza Gran Hotel is already a consistently popular resting-pad for visiting celebrities. Famous for its superb location with stunning views of the World Heritage sites of Dalt Vilaand Ibiza Cathedral, the hotel is also distinguished by its wonderful light and cool, modern design featuring tasteful works of art. Add its fine restaurant and lush spa facilities and it’s easy to understand the hotel’s enduring popularity with some of the island’s most distinguished visitors. This new development sets to catapult the hotel into a much higher league.

The original casino offered a wide range of games including Black-Jack, American Roulette, Punto Banco and different kinds of Poker spread across the main casino and private gaming rooms.

This project of expansion, described by some as ‘an adult-style theme park’ and expected to attract around a thousand visitors everyday, is reported to be costing around 2 million euros and will no doubt considerably raise the bar of Ibiza’s World-class entertainment portfolio. The combination of accomplished, international performers such as Cirque du Soleil along with the high-end cuisine of the Adriá brothers in a state-of-the-art casino is a completely new concept for the island. Work began at the end of October and the expected date for completion is mid-April 2015.

Tagomago Island to Be Protected.

All the political parties represented in the Balearic Parliament have agreed to push forward a proposal to protect the island of Tagomago which lies off the coast in front of Santa Eulalia’s coast line. The island will be classified as a Special Conservation Zone, meaning that there will be an environmental protection plan drawn up and adhered to, especially by the owners of the house on the island, as well as an environment management plan. Once this is in place then, the confusion and protests about an alleged beach club on the island and jet set parties and luxury yacht moorings in the midst of the protected and delicate environment of the island, will be a thing of the past.

Hospital Short Of Anaesthetists.

The Can Misses hospital has had to reduce the number of operations taking place daily over the last 15 days because two anaesthetists have left the hospital and two more are off, sick. Since the situation first arose in mid-October, it has taken this length of time to publish official announcements in the BOIB (State Bulletin) advertising that the hospital needs at least two more anaesthetists. These positions are expected to be filled by the end of this week and operating surgeries will return to their normal level of activity. Officials at the hospital refute claims that patients have been badly affected saying that, by prioritising the operations in terms of urgency, nobody has suffered.

Social Exclusion on the Increase.

Throughout the Baleares, social exclusion is on the increase. 27,8% of the population are classed as being so poor they could face social exclusion. This equates to 306,000 people or 115,000 homes of which 130,000 people are in a situation of extreme risk. Worst still is the statistic that 4 out of every 10 people who at present are managing to maintain a minimum standard of living could fall into a state of poverty if the economic situation does not improve.

A good education helps as 7 out of every 10 university graduates have jobs on the islands, whilst only 4 out of every 10 of those with only secondary school education are employed. In all cases the quality of the employment is questionable with lots of temporary contracts and workers being over qualified for the job they are doing. Irregular work increases the risk of social exclusion by 75% and it is the under 30’s who are most likely to be employed in this category of job on the islands.

Finally, statistics have revealed that 30% of the population is not participating in any political or social aspects of life here in the Baleares. The level of not wanting to take part in the politics or society has been recorded at 22% of the population. Three times higher than the figure for the whole of Spain.

The statistics show the continued economic bi-polarisation of society on the islands. Larger numbers of residents are getting poorer or just surviving whilst there is an increase the number of residents who are getting richer. The statistics show that 30% of the population of the Baleares is at no risk at all of social exclusion in any shape or form.

Caught Impersonating The Police.

A 21 year old man robbed a jacket and other personal belongings from an unoccupied police car parked in San Antonio. He then travelled by ferry to Lleida, near Barcelona, and tried to buy, at a specialist supply shop, police badges and wallets by putting on the jacket he had stolen and by pretending to be a policeman. This ploy failed so then the youth stole what he wanted from the shop before fleeing the scene. Boarding a ferry to return to Ibiza with his loot, he was stopped getting off the ferry at Ibiza Port. Apparently, the man alleged to be a Barcelona police officer as he was detained. A search of the man’s car located the police jacket and personal belongings stolen from the police car in San Antonio. Also uncovered were a false ID card, a false driving license, a false Barcelona police identity plaque and a false Prison officer’s plaque.

Top Bag Snatcher Caught.

A 41 year old Italian man, classed by police as being the most active bag snatching thief operating in Ibiza, was detained this week. Though he had robbed bags, jewellery, cash, etc. in incidents all around Ibiza town, his detention came after he was waiting for treatment at the emergency centre at Can Misses hospital and he robbed the mobile phone of the patient waiting for treatment next to him. Making off without waiting to be seen by a doctor, the description of the thief, given to police by the other patient, led to his detention in a street close to the hospital and subsequent identification as the perpetrator of many more robberies.

Quiet Tourism for Santa Eulalia.

Changes in planning laws announced this week have been introduced by the Santa Eulalia Council so that the town never develops in the same way as San Antonio and Playa den Bossa and remains an area known for quiet tourism. To achieve this, the new laws restrict the installation of new discos, live music venues and dance halls etc, with capacities of over 500 persons to the recognised tourist zones of Cala Llonga, Es Canar, Es Figueral and S’Argamasa. Now classified as recreational areas, open air musical activities will also be allowed only in these areas as long as it stops at midnight. No disco, live music venue or dance hall of any capacity will be allowed to be opened anywhere in the borough if the floor above the establishment is occupied by a dwelling or if the business is to be located within 400 metres of a school. Such businesses will not be allowed in any area classed as residential or industrial in the borough and certainly not in the historic centres of the town or surrounding villages.

Underground Parking Disaster.

The underground parking in San Antonio has become an economic disaster if reports released this week are to be believed. The company who built the parking for 6.5 million euros and were granted the exploitation of the installation for 75 years have entered into receivership because they cannot make the installation pay, especially since the town hall ordered that the parking should be free to residents. Seemingly running at a 700.000€ operating loss over the 3 years the parking has been open and owing 2.5 million euros in interest to the banks. So bad is the economy of the parking concession holders, that they have not been able to repair the generator providing lighting to the parking and can no longer afford to hire a replacement. Hence, they have closed the parking for safety reasons and are now trying to sort out the financial situation they are in. In response the Town Hall has stepped in and sought a judicial order to gain control of the parking so that it can be reopened as soon as possible. The long term aim is to find another concession holder to run the car park after carrying out certain necessary improvements to the installation. Not only is the general public affected by the closure, but also a large number of people who purchased private parking spaces in the parking when it first opened. It was reported that the parking closed without telling anyone and that cars were actually trapped inside. Though they were removed later, the owners cannot access their private spaces for the time being.

Sunday Shopping.

It appears that the Balearic Government has extended the length of time throughout year during which in tourist areas on the island shops can trade on Sundays and bank holidays. No longer stopping on the 30th October, the businesses can now trade on these days from 15th March until the 31st December. With most urban areas of the island been classed as tourist zones, only a few small areas of the island and areas classed as industrial estates will see no Sunday trading for most of the year.

Frankfurt Tourist Fare.

The local tourist authorities are this week in Frankfurt attending the tourist fare organised by Thomas Cook for their travel agents in Germany. Representatives of the island will be present at our stand dressed in the white Adlib fashion. Apart from information about the island and what we can offer German tourists, as always there will be local savoury and sweet products, typical to Ibiza and Formenterra, for visitors to our stand to try as well as local wine and Hierbas! Germany is the 3rd most important tourist market for the islands after the UK and Italy.

Alcohol Abuse.

2,801 residents have been treated in the Baleares in the last year for alcohol addiction. Alcohol is the most consumed drug on the islands with 80% of the population having a drink or more in the last year whilst 4,6% of all residents have admitted that they have been drunk more than once in the last 12 months. Those that think that they need help with alcohol addiction can ring the 902075727 help line or e-mail

Sensatori Luxury.

The Insotel Hotel group is reforming the complex they own in the resort of Cala Tarida to make it a 5 star Sensatori hotel commercialised by Thomson / TUI, mainly to the very rich section of the UK family tourist market. When open in 2015 and after having spent more than 22 million euros on the reform, the hotel complex is to be called Tarida Beach Resort. It will be one of only 7 Sensatori hotels in the world which is a brand being developed by Thomson to represent luxury. The reformed hotel at Cala Tarida will have spas, heated pools, luxury restaurants, sport’s installations and a fantastic sunset view. Luckily, the owners had purchased a large plot of land next to the existing hotel in the 80’s and they are using this to extend the present installations and to provide the services needed for a 5 star hotel covering 57,000m2 of prime location by the beach. Costing up to 2.822€ per person per week, the hotel owners reported that they have already got reserves for 42% of the beds they are offering at Tarida Beach Resort next summer.

Spectacular Port Traffic Increase.

As summer finishes, the analysis of the maritime traffic through the port of Ibiza Town and La Savina in Formentera are showing a spectacular increase of 9% in the first 9 months of the year. Whilst the number of passengers and cargo travelling between Ibiza Town and the other ports in the Baleares and the mainland of Spain has increased, the connections between Ibiza and Formentera are the busiest in terms of maritime traffic throughout the whole of Spain. In August alone 289.557 passengers used this route whilst 372.535 passengers were recorded as travelling between Ibiza and Barcelona or Denia or Valencia in the first 9 months of 2014 which is a huge 30.000 plus increase on 2013.

Monarch adds Ibiza

Leisure destination specialist Monarch Airlines have added 6 Ibiza flights per week in their summer 2015 schedule.

The Ibiza flights will depart from Gatwick along with new routes to Cyprus and Rhodes.

Airline spokeswoman Marisa Blanco said the addition of Ibiza was part of a “strategic review of our network, looking at where our customers want to fly”.

Hot Hatch

The afternoon clientele of Brit Bar Stevie D’s in Cala De Bou had a welcome distraction from the need to fill their winter days as they were treated to the excitement of a pyrotechnic display as a car, described by one onlooker as ’just a normal car really’ burst into flames.

Onlookers watched the blaze for what some claimed to be a ‘fairly long time’ with others protesting it as of ‘average timeframe’ compared to other vehicular combustions. Despite the dispute in destruction duration there appeared to be universal agreement that the jovial crowd had taken comfort in the knowledge that no local Masons were involved in the burning hence minimising the risk of being hit in the face by flying incendiaries. Sadly it is  believed that the fire caused several people to miss Dickenson’s Real Deal.

One eyewitness called the Ibizan to say he had seen the car “smoking a little bit, then a little bit more, then it was really smoky, then it started burning, then there was flames and smoke all at the same time”. We consider that man to be, in all likelihood, an idiot.

Stevie D’s host with the most unless you want roast (after 6) Karl Thackaray wasted no time in posting photos on social media along with a trademark Thack-Attack at the ineptitude of the fire service who didn’t arrive until the morning after. Of the incident Karl said “Our customers have been watching in amazement all afternoon, which makes a nice change because normally it’s just our low, low, winter prices that are amazing them”.

Interesting …

Pacha founder Urgell pictured above during an interesting in depth interview with the Diario this week.

When Urgell created Pacha, he had opened seven clubs before on the Mediterranean coast and the first company was a water ski school in Sitges, where summered as a child. In 1965 he opened the Tito’s, there it all started.

The Ibiza Chamber of Commerce  awarded the group of Pacha companies and its founder for their ability to expand and diversify its business and achieve the internationalization of the brand, present in several countries.

The Pacha in Ibiza business group generates 1,470 jobs in high season. When Urgell opened the club in 1973 there were 16 employees, a turntable and a couple of refrigerators. They ended the year with a gain of two million pesetas (12,000€). In the 2104 season have spent 15 million euros only in paying the DJs who play the main room. David Guetta, when he started working at Pacha he charged 500€ per session and now he charges 160,000€ per night. That is 640,000€ for the French Dj from Pasha in one month alone.

Urgell received ten years ago one of the few Gold Medals for Merit in Tourism Government .


Cat Milton; Photographer, Observer, & Day-Maker …

  • Nick Gibbs

I consider myself and the newspaper very fortunate to have been graced with several of Cat Milton’s superb Ibiza land and seascape photographs in recent months.

Cat’s first contribution was in our ‘all good news’ celebration issue 750 – and a Cat Milton photo was one of the first things on my  ‘must include’ list.

Cat is without doubt a great photographer, and having had so many positive comments regarding her cover images I know I am not alone in thinking so. What comes as a big surprise to most people is that all of the images we have published and all those in the showcase on this page, have been taken with a camera phone.

Cat takes the functionality and capability of her handheld much further than most of us, but it would be a mistake to think it is just about pressing the right buttons. Cat is also and observer. In my opinion her eye for a good shot is at least equal, probably far more important, than the technology in her hand. Not so much about thinking outside of the box as in it – viewing life as contained in a 3:2 or 16:9 ratio square.  There is a great series of Humans in Ibiza photos where Cat seems able to pull the personality out of people.

The final aspect of Cat-ness I would like to mention as going to make Cat’s photography genuinely stand out amongst, to be frank, much mediocre work by people taking themselves far more seriously, is that of the Day-Maker. Many of Cat’s breathtaking landscapes are taken around dawn in the hills around her San Juan home. For me and I’m sure many others a typical morning may include some gloomy news in the press, wading through mounds of junk mail, and a facebook full of moans and negativity. However, if you are a friend of Cat’s on facebook, one of the first things you are likely to come across is one of these uplifting images. You think ’wow’, sometimes ’double wow’ and think the world is a great place, Hence Cat the day-maker.

I couldn’t care less for sniffy ’pro’ photographers that may wish to point out the technical limitations – Cat’ photos make me feel good and I’ll take them over moody and over elaborate works of technical perfection any day.

I think Cat was quite pleased when I told her that one reason I love weeks when I have one of her images in hand is that it makes it easier if the headline is bad news. Ying and Yang and all that.

If you are interested in photography, have an iPhone and have 250€ and 5 days to spare, I am sure Cat’s training will not disappoint.

Local Life

Saturday Market in IbizaTown

  • Claire B

The Natural Is market continues to be held every Saturday from 10am to 3pm in the Mercat Vell in Ibiza Town. There are stalls selling local products, crafts, foods and therapies, plus music and entertainment for all the family. Ideal for a bit of Christmas shopping.

Mercat Vell, Ibiza Town. Saturdays from 10am-3pm.

Sculpture Exhibition @ Es Polvorí

  • Claire B

Karl Trompert (Amsterdam, 1942) has an exhibition of his sculptures made from materials from the everyday environment in Dalt Vila until November 30th. The artist selects his materials intuitively or consciously and leaves them in his studio until ‘matured, exploring its possibilities and creating a work that gives it its own value. Trompert is inspired by ancient cultures and nature and cites Duchamp and Kurt Schwitters amongst his influences.

Free entrance. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 1pm and 5pm to 8pm (shut on Mondays) until November 30th. Es Polvorí, Baluarte de Santa Llucia (the cultural space below the Bastion of Santa Llucia in Dalt Vila, behind the terrace bar).

Menus de Matances in Santa Eulalia

  • Nicole Torres

The Restaurant Association of Santa Eulalia (ARSE), together with the Town Hall, have organized until the 19th December the third edition of the Jornades Gastronómiques del Porc (Pig Gastronomic Days), known as ‘Menus de Matances’, a local produce promotional campaign in which many restaurants in town offer a special priced menu serving typical eivissenc dishes.

The Menús de Matances campaing consists of 15€ menus at lunch and dinner time where you can eat some of the best known and apreciated dishes of the island like the frita de porc, arròs de matances, sobrassada and botifarra. Some of the restaurants will also offer other, more modern dishes, but all centred on porc as the main ingredient.

Ten Santa Eularia restaurants will participate in this iniciative: Celler Can Pere, El Naranjo, Es Farallo, Es Pins Cala Pada, Es Faralló, La Rambla, Lalola, Royalty, Sal Marina, and X Tu.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to taste our island’s specialities!

Care for Cats

(article supplied)

What a year this has been! We started out as a trap, neuter and release (TNR) charity which involved trapping feral cats, sterilizing them and returning them to their colony. Our only real costs were sterilizations… but as the years have gone by we have become active in all aspects of cat welfare on the island.

We have been told by numerous individuals and charities that it’s not sustainable to be involved in rescue and fostering, in adoption and in transporting cats to other countries to loving, forever homes.  Right now it appears that they may be right but with your help, we can do it all!

First we have the box babies, bin babies, rubbish babies, buried alive babies, thrown from a bridge babies… however you want to phrase it. These are litters of domestic kittens from birth up to a few weeks old that someone didn’t want to deal with and thought it was OK to simply throw these lives away to a slow suffering death of starvation, dehydration of suffocation.

For every litter found there are probably a dozen not found…and how can we possibly turn our backs on the lucky ones rescued? Some are so dehydrated and malnourished they require a vet hospital stay to receive fluids and nutrients through a bone drip as their tiny little veins are too small to go intravenous and they’re too close to death to suckle a bottle.

They often have severe worm infections that quickly turn to bacterial infections that need to be treated with de-wormers, antibiotics and anti inflammatory drugs… and the vet costs and milk replacement costs quickly add up.  So many of these situations could be avoided if people would simply sterilize their pets.

We have preformed numerous surgeries on cats and kittens with broken hips, legs removed when they couldn’t be saved, hernia operations… we’ve treated severe burns, given cancer treatment, eye treatment and removal when the eye couldn’t be saved…

and the costs mount up.

The founder of the charity as well as the volunteers can’t turn a blind eye at the suffering of cats and kittens that is brought about mostly through human carelessness but it’s just hit November and we’ve blown our budget… we’ve never been in this situation before but then we’ve never accomplished as much before and to continue we need your help!

We’ve reached a point that the trustees have told us we can’t do any more work until next year except extreme emergencies. Our veterinary bills run in excess of 60,000 euros per year.  Please help us by making a donation, visiting one of our vets offices and making a payment towards our bill or donating food to our foster and feeding programs. We want to prove the naysayers wrong we can do it all but we depend on all of you to help. Donations can be made via our website

or call us on 646574602 to find out how you can help.

Cañas ‘n’ Roll in Sant Josep

  • Claire B

Back for its 5th edition, Cañas ‘n’ Roll is a musical gastronomic event held in and around Sant Josep between November 29th and December 20th. Held on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from noon in various bars and restaurants in the area, there will be live music from many local bands and performers and DJs plus special offers on food and drinks. Tapas, pinchos, snacks and drinks personalised with musical names will be on offer. Pinchos with a caña (small beer) or wine, water or soft drink will cost 2€, or 4€ for a drink with a tapa. This year there will also be a competition of ‘mini burgers’ whereby each participating establishment must offer a speciality burger for 3€ with a drink.

Get hold of and complete your passport Cañero, you’ll get tickets for the next Sant Pepe Rock event.

The establishments participating have not been announced yet, but last year twelve places took part, including Racó Verd, Sa Plaça, Can Jordi and Can Berri in Sant Augustine and La Gormandise in Sant Jordi, so expect something similar this year.

Check the Facebook page and website for venues, performers and the schedule.



Have an early Christmas Present on Liberty

Liberty Seguros are ending the year with some special rewards for new customers. Spain’s leading expatriate insurance provider has extended its promotion for new policies until December 31st 2014. Any new car or home policies issued before the end of the year will receive either a discount of 50€, a fuel voucher, or a shopping voucher for El Corte Inglés.

For home insurance, if you pay by direct debit and your premium exceeds 225€, you will receive 50€ directly back into your bank account. If your premium is under 225€ you still get 20€ back.

If you prefer not to pay by direct debit those with premiums over  225€ receive a gift of a 20€ shopping voucher for El Corte Inglés to spend as you choose.

New motor insurance clients with premiums over 400€ receive a 50€ bank refund if paying by direct debit, or a 20€ fuel voucher if not. All motor insurance clients will benefit from Liberty Seguros’ commitment to offering the very best level of roadside assistance available – every policy comes with an assistance in under one hour promise.

Also, in case of theft, fire or accident, a replacement vehicle is available. Liberty understand the ex pat market and you can be sure that  you will be attended by a team of highly qualified experts interested in your peace of mind.

For more information call Liberty on 902 255 258 or, for the name of your nearest agent visit

Food & Drink

And who said Ibiza in winter was quiet.?

It seems not a day goes by without some new way to eat drink and be merry.

Gorila Market Roasts.

With a menu starting at only 7.95€ for one course the Gorila market Roast Dinners offer excellent value and, alongside 2€ pints and live music, will be keeping the San An locals happy on winter Sundays. Mobile number if you can’t get through on the landline in the advert is 633 924 166.

La Cava

Perfectly situated for the Christmas festivities on the Vara de Rey, it seems everything at La Cava is fizzing with a great range of new promotions. We love the Friday night ‘after work’ idea – a blast from many an ex-pats past as the regular pastime of Friday nights in town. Add to that an excellent value new menu del dia and Sunday Brunch service – we’ll bring you more on that next week – and it seems the capital is the place to be.

Villa Mercedes

Another UK institution is ready willing and waiting for your party season participation as Villa Mercedes are offering an unbelievably good value staff party package with all wine included so even the most Scrooge of bosses can enjoy themselves. They have even ordered Christmas Crackers – the big decision though is daytime or night?  We suggest start in the day and go through to night – why not it’s Christmas!


View From The Pew

Our recently arrived Chaplain and wife, Rev. Dr. Peter Pimentel and Sue, are here to stay… and to seal Peter’s position as our permanent chaplain, his official Induction, by Archdeacon Geoffrey Johnston, will be held on Nov. 23rd in the Chapel of Lourdes, Santa Eulalia at 11am. Come and join us for the celebration! Peter’s preaching is worth a listen… brief, powerful, life-changing stuff.

With Christmas only just around the corner, the English-speaking Church will be collecting imperishable food for the homeless and jobless… passed on to the local charity, Cáritas, who run soup kitchens and a food pantry for the needy, plus a caring home for children. When seasonal jobs dry up, many are caught short and the abundance of marginalized seem to triple during the winter months.

For the past few years, there has been a shift in the way Christmas is celebrated here. People on the island are now becoming more aware of the joy in sharing with those in need and there has been an increase in giving. Thanks for your generosity!

Baskets will be placed in San Rafael Church and the Chapel de Lourdes in Santa Eulalia during the month of December. The White Island Corner-store in Santa Eulalia has once again kindly agreed to be a collection point. On the San An side, Thomas Green’s British Supermarket will also happily continue to have a food donation basket.

Cáritas have asked if we can include some Christmas treats as well as the usual staples. They supply many families with children and hope to give them some fun-food to celebrate with – Turrón, chocolates, cake or biscuits are gladly welcomed.

Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” Mat 25:40

Service Sun Nov 23 11am,  Rev Dr. Peter Pimentel’s Induction Service & Holy Communion (RC Chapel of Lourdes, San Jaime 85, Main Street, Sta Eulalia)

Letter From Juan

 “Rain before seven, fine by eleven” seems to be a proverb that works pretty well in Ibiza. We had some fine rain the other day, it fed the wells, cleaned the trees, dampened down the campo roads and washed the cars, and then it stopped, and the sun came out! What more can you ask for? Well I could ask for the potholes in the campo road to be filled in because when I drove along it after the rain with my bright shiny rain washed car, then I ran over a puddle and when I parked and got out the whole side of the car was splattered with mud. It will teach me to be more careful in the future. Well at least until the puddles have dried out. What other exciting adventures have I been up to? Well we went to the closing lunch at Tropicana in Cala Jondal. Such a shame it will now be closed until March/April, we will just have to make up a picnic basket and take a rug and go and lay it out on the golden sands and rough it! Mind you there is always the possibility of a storm crashing on to the shore and removing every trace of the sand. On the subject of the sea rushing in it is incredible to think that the terrible Boxing day Tsunami in Thailand is coming up to its 10th Anniversary! Yes, it is difficult to believe that it was 10 years ago next month when that catastrophic event took place. Let’s hope that no cataclysmic disasters occur this Christmas, and on that topic, I can’t believe how early the Christmas decorations go up these days in Ibiza. It is getting nearly as bad as the UK and the USA. Bah humbug I hear you cry don’t be such a spoil sport! So I won’t, I will just say have a good week and remember there are only 35 shopping days ‘til Christmas! Yours, Juan.

Freemasons Lodge Ibiza 44

  • Chris Langley

Freemasons Lodge Ibiza 44 starts its official winter meetings this November with the Installation of the new Worshipful Master on November 21st. All Freemasons on the island are welcome to attend. Call 609693988 for more information.

This year the charity being supported by Ibiza lodge 44 is Progreso y Desarrollo Humano

This is a hands on charity who finance doctors & medical staff to operate on people with eye problems in the village of Pawe Benishangul-Gumuz Ethiopia twice a year. At present one of our members is out in Ethiopia helping with the project & the next planned operation program will be in March 2015. Check out the type of work of this charity is undertaking on You Tube. Type in “Proyecto Visión Ethiopia”

Apart from the collections that we make amongst the members at every meeting, the first public charity event of this winter will be a family Christmas party on Saturday 6th December starting at 4pm & held at the Gorilla Hippy Market, Cala de Bou, Bay of San Antonio. There will be a Santa’s Grotto where the youngsters & young at heart can visit Santa & get a small gift. Games will be organised for the children & there will be free rides. Musicians & Entertainers will be performing & there will be DJ’s to get the party going. Mulled wine, mince pies & other Christmas treats will help get us all in the Christmas spirit so we can join in with the carol singing. Please remember, Everyone is welcome & the proceeds go to charity!

Myths about Freemasons:

Lots of people believe that Freemasons are a “secret society”. We are not a secret society but an organisation open to anyone who is interested to join if they make an application & are accepted. We share certain customs & norms of behaviour amongst our members, which we do not share with other people who are not in the lodge. This is similar to the way each golf club has an application procedure for becoming a member, norms of conduct in the club house & rules of fair play, which only members are given copies of.

Mind Body & Soul

Living in the Now

  • Sabina Brownstein

Do you sometimes see the present moment as an obstacle to overcome as you rush to the next moment hoping it will bring the fulfilment you are looking for? So often we believe happiness is somewhere in the future… just around the next corner… as soon as I have this (or that) I will be happy. But if you miss the present moment, you miss your entire life… which only happens in the Now. By continually racing from one thing to the next, we create impatience and stress… and we miss out on the Now moments which are life itself. How did we get this way?

From birth until about the age of six, children’s brains are primarily in a theta wave pattern which is similar to a hypnotic trance. In this completely open state the child downloads and stores everything from its environment into their subconscious mind without question or discernment. They absorb every word that they hear, every emotion that they feel, and every image they see. This accumulation of input from your family, religion, television, society, etc., becomes your basic persona or habit mind. Throughout your life, the subconscious continues to be moulded by outside influences as it obediently takes on the norms and beliefs of your schools, friends, culture, government and media.

Whenever you are not being mindful in the present moment this subconscious programming from early childhood takes over your moods and behaviour. When you are living from an imaginary past or future instead of the Now, these downloaded fears, limitations and perceptions are what make you anxious, nervous and stressed. But you don’t have to be a victim of this early programming and it is not necessary to go through years of therapy to be free of them. Every moment we have the free will to choose to be aware in the present moment. This doesn’t mean that you never can make any plans for the future… or look back to your past and learn from it. Choosing to be in the Now means not getting stuck in either past or future concerns, always coming back to the present moment and creating an empowered life from here.

When your mind wanders too much to the past or future you can bring it back easily to the Now moment by concentrating on your breathing for a few minutes, or by really looking and silently naming the things that surround you. Exercising, or a short walk in nature, are also very helpful to keep you centred in the present. Using simple awareness tools like the ones mentioned above are helpful to bring you back into the only time there really is… The Now. Here is what the Tibetan Lama Mingyur Rinpoche has to say about the present moment… the Now:

“All that we are looking for in life – all the happiness, contentment, and peace of mind – is right here in the present moment. Our very own awareness is itself fundamentally pure and good. The only problem is that we get so caught up in the ups and downs of life that we don’t take the time to pause and notice what we already have.”

For contact details see Sabina’s advert in local services.

The Mediterranean Diet

  • Kevin Russell

The classic Mediterranean Diet consists of lots of fruit and veg, cereals, fish, and poultry and it is commonly known to be beneficial to health. Some reasons are obvious when compared to diets of other countries. Less saturated fats, less fried food, less red meat and, in recent times, less processed food (so less sugar and salt). The quest goes on however to try and isolate even more information about the diet and its components, in the last month three new sets of findings have been published. Firstly, researchers at King’s College London think that the unsaturated fats found in olive oil, avocados and nuts combine with nitrates and nitrites found in vegetables like spinach, lettuce and carrots, to form protective nitro-fatty acids that prevent high blood pressure. That all sounds like quite a mouthful (pardon the pun) but practically speaking a dose of olive oil on your salad or nuts with avocados might do you some good.

Obesity and being over weight is another issue often mentioned in this column, well now the same famed Mediterranean Diet has been forwarded as an alternative way to control or lose weight better even than calorie counting. Published in the Postgraduate Medical Journal, doctors acknowledged the diet reduced heart attack and stroke, but also that it may be better for losing weight than a low fat diet. Maintaining a balanced diet and avoiding sugar ‘highs’ and high fibre content. Complex carbohydrates take longer to break down that simple ones like glucose so the sugar rush is avoided and so is the resultant insulin surge. The insulin surge tells our bodies to store the excess calories from the sugar as fat. Furthermore, afterwards when the insulin levels drop again it can make us feel hungry and want to eat more. Complex carbohydrates in the traditional Mediterranean diet include foods like legumes, nuts and healthy grains and we have it all on our doorstep.

Good news now if you like olive oil. The boffins at University of Sant Joan de Reus, now tell us that an bit of extra olive oil with the traditional Mediterranean diet can reverse metabolic syndrome, which increases our risk of heart diseases and diabetes. Those in the research who stuck to the Mediterranean diet with a bit of extra olive oil were 35% more likely to reverse metabolic syndrome than those on a low fat diet.

So the message is choose and prepare your food well, enjoy it and let the riches of the local produce give us a longer life.

If you want me to discuss any health related issue please get in touch via my email below or see my advert.

Solar Pool Heating – Feature

Heat your pool with Solar Energy and Double your Swimming Season

The Balearic Islands enjoy the sun for twelve months of the year, but unfortunately outdoor swimming pools are only in use for five of those months. This is because the cold nights, before and after the hot season, cool the pool water down a great deal. As a result there is not enough sun during the day to heat the water up again to a comfortable temperature.

Although there are many sunny days in the months of February till April and September till November with outside temperatures of 20ºC and more, the water in the pool will only reach 10º to 15ºC without a heating system.

Thanks to the recent arrival of Blozoen solar collectors on the islands, it is now possible to enjoy the pool for at least two months earlier and, at the end of the summer, for two months longer. The temperature of the water during these periods is up to 10ºC higher than that in unheated swimming pools.

The Blozoen solar collector stands just 40 cm high, yet has a net surface area of 4.64m2, while their spherical form means that sun shines on them from dawn till sunset. This means that they will receive up to five more hours of daily radiation from the sun in May than an ordinary plate solar collector, and by mid-June eight more hours.

The collector itself is made of a material that has the quality of converting the ultra-shortwave radiation of light directly into heat, even under a cloudy sky.

Little wonder that water heating installations equipped with Blozoen solar collectors have been in use for more than 25 years in municipal swimming pools, swimming pools at campsites, hotels and private swimming pools.

Operation of the system

The temperatures of the swimming pool and the solar collectors are constantly compared with one another, while the regulating system controls the solar collector pump, which becomes operational as soon as the solar collectors supply energy. This means that the solar collectors generate energy at the slightest input of energy received from the sun. i.e. at sunrise.

Blozoen solar collectors offer both high energy output and efficiency because of:

Their spherical shape, which means they catch the sun from dawn to daybreak

The tubes connecting the system parts are protected against the wind, so water won’t cool down in transit.

Easy to install on a roof as there is no need to fasten the collector, because even in stormy weather the  wind won’t blow it off the roof thanks to the spherical design of the collector. This means no roof perforation, so no leaks afterwards.

Totally recyclable, technical support and ten year guarantee.

For more information and for your own no obligation quotation, feel free to call Jos Steeghs, our exclusive dealer for the Balearic Islands based in Ibiza, on: 650 440 089 or by email to:

Christmas Crafts

  • Carly Sorenson

Christmas isn’t that far off now, and I am incredibly excited about it! Not only are we travelling to Devon to spend it with family, it is my also the first Christmas in which Ela will be an active participant (she was only five weeks old last year). With this in mind, I decided to design and make my own cards featuring some handprints and scribbles from my monkey and we had great fun doing it! Making your own cards with your kids is a great way to spend an afternoon together, create unique greetings and get you in the festive spirit!!

Here is the ‘Blue Peter’ bit for anyone wishing to make their own handprint cards..

You will need:

  • Poster paints and a tray to pour them in
  • Coloured pencils or crayons
  • Metallic pens
  • Card & Paper
  • Glue
  • Newspaper or bin bags to protect your table
  • Wet wipes or water and a towel to minimise mess!
  • Scanner/printer (optional)
  1. Cover your table with newspaper or bin bags and make sure you are wearing old clothes!
    2. Pour your paint of choice into the tray.
  2. Put baby or child’s hand in to paint and give it a good mush around! Alternatively, paint child’s hand.
  3. Place hand on to paper and apply gentle pressure to transfer paint…you may need a few attempts! Ela was pretty keen to finger paint us and her hair.
  4. Clean hand and tray and repeat with as many colours  and sheets of paper as you like.
  5. Leave to dry.
  6. Use pencil crayons or crayons and metallic pens to complete your design. I’ve turned a green hand print into a Christmas tree. I also let Ela have a scribble on the paper to add a personal touch from her! I will be using the purple print as the dress of a fairy, and also adding hand print wings and a photo of Ela as the head and the red print will become Father Christmas.
  7. Stick your design on to card. You can layer up colours, add text, or glitter or whatever you want! If you want to make duplicates, or use a computer programme to add text,  scan your design first.
  8. Write your message inside.
  9. Send to family and friends as unique Christmas cards!

Obviously, these steps were the ones I took with a one year old and older kids can do much more on their own. Supplies are easily obtained in stationers (Folder and Oficopy have great craft sections), Chinese shops and Merca 100 shops. Right, now I’m off to finish my craft project.

Happy Crafting!


Euro 2015 Qualifiers

San Marino’s goalless draw with Estonia earned them their first point in European Championship qualifying history on what turned out to be quite a weekend for the minnows. The result ended a 61-game losing streak for the tiny principality’s national team. San Marino, who are in England’s qualifying group, played their first official game in 1990 and have never won a competitive fixture. They are  208th and joint-last alongside Bhutan in the Fifa world rankings.

Elsewhere Liechtenstein went a step further to get a 1-0 victory in Moldova, and on Friday, Joan Edmundsson’s goal gave Faroe Islands, ranked 187th in the world, a shock win over Greece.

Andorra and new boys Gibraltar are now the only teams never to have won a European qualifying point.

Among the home nations Scotland had most reason for vociferous celebration with Maloney getting the goal that gave Strachan’s team a 1-0 win over Ireland keeping them in contention as one of 3 teams joint second in their group on 7 points.  Tournament head to head rules put Scotland above Ireland  and Germany, the other team on 7, only managed to beat Gibraltar 4-0 in another match that had minnows celebrating like it was 1966. England failed to impress Ibizan sports writer Jezza in their 3-1 win over Slovenia, taking them 6 points clear at the tope of their group with 4 wins from 4.

Northern Ireland suffered a setback losing 2-0 v Romania but in 2nd place they still have a great chance of qualifying.

Wales were up against the world’s 4th ranked team Belgium and put on a gritty display to earn the 0-0 that keeps their hopes well and truly alive for what would be their first major championship qualification since 1948.

Meanwhile, Spain, the current European Champions, went top of their group with a good win against Belarus.

Benidorm Tour

  • R P Hood

8 /11/14  Ibiza C.C. vs Sporting Alfas 1st XI 30 overs per side.

Ibiza skipper Graeme G-man Cooper, in his last match as skipper after 3 successful years, won the toss and decided to bat on an overcast day. The openers scored runs steadily until rain stopped play after 7 overs. When play could resume, Sam Smiler Gooda (43) and Brad Castaway Van Byleveldt (40) set up a fluent 64 run partnership before falling in quick succession to leave Ibiza on 116/4 with 8 overs remaining. Graeme Cooper (16) and then Robin  Dopey Parmenter (20 not out) added some more runs to allow Ibiza to finish on a competitive 169/8. Alfas bowler James Piwi Perman bowled tidily with 3/36, while Phil Pennick, Christian Muñoz, Paul Taylor and the elder Perman brother contributed a wicket apiece.

With Sporting Alfas strong and experienced line-up, the target was not expected to test them too much on their home ground, however Ibiza opening bowlers Paul BskyB Cruttwell (1/14) and Stuart Bradford Browne (2/28) made early breakthroughs, along with a spectacular direct hit from Brad van Byleveldt, running out the Alfas skipper Ben Fletcher, which reduced the hosts to 36/4 after 10 overs.

Ibiza did their best to apply more pressure, but the Alfas batting strength showed with a steady and unbroken partnership pf 134 runs between David Armani Climent (65 not out) and Asian Mohammed Shazad (61 not out). This stand finally won the match for Alfas by 6 wickets with 3 balls remaining. This was a highly competitive game of cricket, unfortunately marred by the rain delay and dark skies resulting in a 6pm finish, and the fielding side’s task that much harder towards the end. It is very rare that Ibiza have an opportunity to beat the Sporting Alfas 1st XI in the Andrew Bond cup, so well done to the team for playing so enthusiastically and making the match go down to the wire!

9/11/14 Ibiza C.C. vs Sporting Alfas 2nd XI. 30 overs per side.

Today was Ibiza’s new captain, Graham Bose Boe’s, first game in charge, and he also chose to bat on another cloudy day. He and fellow opener Sam Gooda had to weather some accurate opening bowling hence runs coming more slowly than the day before. Graham Boe (20) and Brad van Byleveldt (21) got off to good starts but when they fell, it was left to Graeme Cooper to show some typical aggression in his lusty 59 which boosted Ibiza’s score to 141/8 at the end.

Sporting Alfas bowlers Abdul (2/26) and Jamie Roper (3/18),  bowled well and prevented Ibiza from posting a higher score.

It was the hosts’ turn to bat, and they also started slowly, reaching only 32/1 after 10 overs. Although Ibiza managed to grab several more wickets, all rounder Jamie Roper was given a couple of lives and went on to score a match winning 90 not out, guiding his team to 145/5, once again in the last over. Of the Ibiza bowlers, Robin Parmenter took 3/30, with Stuart Browne contributing one wicket too. This was the second consecutive game that Ibiza lost when seemingly in a winning position, so commiserations to all their players who nevertheless contributed to a great weekend of cricket.

Many thanks to Sporting Alfas players and clubhouse for their usual welcome and hospitality, and also to outgoing skipper Graeme Cooper for his efforts over 3 years. Welcome now to Graham Boe and good luck next year!

Jezza’s Sport Report

  • Jeremy Parmenter

It’s true what they say, the older you get the more time flies. Having just celebrated my big 6 I just can’t believe where the time has gone as it seems only a few years ago that I arrived on our beautiful little island, in the summer of ’66, as a rebellious 11 year old. I was chased off Es Puet beach by a horde of Germans after celebrating (rather too vociferously I presume!) Geoff Hurst’s hat-trick at Wembley and England winning the World Cup. Now I may be old and set in my ways but, fast forward 48 years, and I still can’t get excited about present day England. They won again in the Euro 2016 Group stages, and though it was good to see the Roo equal Jimmy Greaves’ goal record and celebrate his 100th cap, I do fear for Hodgson’s team when, we qualify from what is a pretty easy group and come up against the big boys.

Rugby Union

England succumbed to South Africa, who we haven’t beaten in 11 matches, by a scoreline of 31-28. Although the Red Rose matched the Bok’s try count of 3, they gave away far too many silly penalties and didn’t really deserve to win. I watched the match with a serious rugby nut and ex-player (Fylde and Rosslyn Park) who sank in to a bout of depression. Ever the optimist  I told him not to commit hari-kari until after we’ve played Samoa and Australia in the next two weeks. After all it’s only the 2nd Test England have played in 5 months and both the Blacks and Boks are match hardened from their  Southern Hemisphere championship.

Scotland took New Zealand all the way in Edinburgh, and it was only in the last 5 minutes that the Blacks scored a face-saving try to win by a flattering 24-16 margin.  Wales just managed to beat Fiji 17-13 in a pretty scrappy match. Ireland had less trouble with minnows Georgia winning easily.

In Paris it was France 29 Australia 28 – good on you Les Bleus and let’s hope England can do the same on Saturday week.

Rugby League

Just to dot the i’s and cross the t’s New Zealand, England’s conquerors, beat favourites Australia 22-18 in the 4 Nations Championship. England came 3rd  proving that they can compete with the very best.


What a thrilling end of season ATP championship that concluded on Sunday at the O2. Our Andy had to beat the Fed by 2 sets to nil to get through to the semi’s – unfortunately for the Brit he caught the Fed in one of his most professional moods and the latter just took the former apart winning in straight sets 6-0, 6-1. It was such a humiliation for Murray as he lost the first 11 games and was facing a complete whitewash until he managed to win the penultimate game.

Djokovic also breezed in to the semi’s loosing only 9 games and creating a new record in the process. Neither had an easy ride in the semis as both were taken all the way – Novak by Nishikori and the Fed by compatriot Wawrinka – to set up the predicted final between them.

With everybody anticipating a scintillating match, it all came to nowt as, much against type, the Fed withdrew with a serious back injury, letting Djokovic take the plaudits and win his 4th championship, compared to the Fed’s 6.

Let’s hope Federer recovers in time for this weekend’s Davis cup final v France, a tournament the Swiss have never won.


Congrats to Rory McIlroy as without even playing in the last two tournaments his points tally was enough to take European and World No1. An incredible season of 2 Majors, the Ryder Cup and the title best player in the world. Some feat for the young Brit!

Local Squash

Finally, “Rocking” Arthur has written in with the result of the recent Open tourney held in Ibiza last week which had a great entry of 27 players. Congratulations to Nestor Tur, the No 1 seed, as he won a gripping Final 3-2 against the No 2 seed Cristobal Arcoa. The Plate Final was won by Stephan Oetjen.

That’s it for now, until next week hasta lluego!