Factory. The Hacienda. Does it get any cooler than that?

The club that launched a thousand gurns is coming to Ibiza, and with Factory Fridays sure to be on the clubbing diary A-List, their Eden hosts continue to impress with another coup for San Antonio.

Full line-ups are to follow, but we already have Fabric’s Terry Francis confirmed as weekly resident.

Industrial Revolution

It is no exaggeration to say Factory founder and empresario, Tony Wilson, revolutionised the music industry. With his no-contract contracts he left the artists in control of their output, and he could spot a sure thing from 2 years away. No less than Joy Division were part of Wilson’s early stable, and it was in 1982 that The Hacienda opened in Whitworth Street – it was the 51st Factory project hence adopting its FAC51 designation.

Fast forward to 1988 and something very, very, special was happening in Manchester. The Hacienda was at the heart of it all and in July of that year Jon Da Silva hosted their first Acid night ‘Hot’, and things all started to get a bit wobbly, a bit mad, a bit Madchester.

The Happy Mondays were of course up front and centre, along with the likes of the Chemical Brothers, M People, Mr Scruff, Nightmares On Wax, Greg Wilson, the list goes on and on!

The Shopfloor

So that is the pedigree, what of the now? Fabric’s Terry Francis is the resident shop steward (not a bad start, right?) who will be keeping order of a line up that will be bound to impress. Factory have promised a “music styling of the fresh and credible and immediately digestible with a focus on the floor and the vibe that will keep you dancing into the early morning.”

Much more to come very soon, but for now just rejoice – Thank Funk its Factory Friday

  • Religion presents Fac51 / The Hacienda at Eden Ibiza from June 1st to September 29th.