The clocks go forward tonight – In central European time including Ibiza, at 2a.m. it becomes 3a.m.  To avoid carnage among confused roosters or howling dogs or something the change of time happens simultaneously across Europe so in the UK the change happens at 1a.m.

The clocks are changed to DST – daylight saving time, throughout most of Europe on the last Sunday in March, the exceptions being Belarus, Iceland, Georgia and Armenia who have always remained on Permanent Standard Time, plus the new addition of Russia who have now opted out of DST as they don’t seem to want to play with the rest of us any more.

Though the change leads to welcome longer evenings, tonight’s change does mean an hour less in bed – but since the majority of our readers will be in Ibiza the obvious way of avoiding this loss of duvet duration is to stay out all night.

Two of the many options are at Veto – from Jazz to techno, and Pacha featuring our own Graham Sahara, will let you dance through till 6.30 with ‘party’ the only time that matters. For those that still can’t face a return to the normal world Sam’s infamous afters will let you booze till you snooze, with that great old school mantra of while you’re paying, you’re staying.

If tonight’s not for dancing perhaps you are up for some romancing, and for gentlemen everywhere a well timed advance will leave you forever able to recount your prowess, the night it lasted for over an hour, ok perhaps only an hour and five minutes, but fair play, you were distracted by all those howling roosters.