Spanish Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has used the fourth weekly Health Commission of Congress to speak to the consequences of lockdown for Spain’s children. Facing increasing calls to prioritise the mental and social wellbeing of children, many of who have had no access to outdoor space in a country where a high proportion of the population live in apartments, the Minister said  “I am following the evolution of the coronavirus epidemic day by day so that as soon as possible, and in an orderly manner, children can go out into the street”.

Illa said that Spain’s boys and girls were deserving of special praise for having behaved in an exemplary manner throughout the crisis. 

“We know that confinement is being a challenge for all of them and for their families and we are aware that it also affects their health,” said Illa, who continued that “it is necessary to act with caution for the health of the the whole of citizenship.”

2019 -2020 School year

Meanwhile the ministry for education has confirmed details of the 2019 to 2020 academic year. We are grateful to Sra. Phoebe Liddiard for the translation of this section

This afternoon the minister of education, Isabel Celaá, has spoken. These are the main points:

First, she gives thanks to all students and teachers for all their hard work during this difficult situation.

  • The school year will continue, albeit online if the situation so requires, until the end of the term in June. It will not continue later than June.
  • In summer, specifically July, VOLUNTARY reinforcement activities will be available in schools, mainly focused on students with difficulties. This program is yet to be developed.
  • The school curriculum will be adapted due to the situation.
  • Specific measures will be taken with students with difficulties.
  • For a student to repeat the school year, it will have to be under very exceptional circumstances.

The state secretary of education, Alejandro Tiana, adds that the parents’ trust must be placed in their children’s teachers.

Nothing was said referring to when schools would open again, as that depends on how COVID19 evolves and nothing can be confirmed as of yet.