Javier Arranz, Spokesperson for the Autonomous Committee on Contagious Diseases

Javier Arranz, spokesman for the autonomous committee on Infectious Diseases, said on Sunday that “The Peak is Over” in the Balearic Islands, though he warned against complacency and said daily numbers may go up in the normal course of an overall slowdown.  

Arranz is also in favour of lifting the Coronavirus regulations in the Balearics before other areas, to use the islands as a ‘live laboratory’ in assessing the effects of lifting the quarantine on an isolated community, before doing so in Spain as a whole. 

The comments were made at a regular press briefing in which Arranz was able to confirm that in the Balearic Islands as a whole, the latest 24 hours show that almost twice the number of patients have recovered from Coronavirus Covid-19, than have been added as new cases. 

There were 22 new infections on Sunday, 1,293 in total, and 39 recoveries, 491 in total. 

Total hospitalisations in the Balearics are 515 in Mallorca, 55 in Ibiza and 17 in Menorca. 

As for health care staff, there are 194 current cases, 2 fewer than yesterday, with a further  407 being monitored.