Mumak Under New Ownership

  • Nick Gibbs

You just click with some people. Synergy? Empathy? Call it what you will my first meeting with Sanjay Das Gupta, the man behind the all new Mumak, definitely falls into that bracket. Being born in England and raised in India gives Sanjay that more English than the English quality. Impeccable manners, a love of cricket, and of course 100% authentic, not to be argued with, knowledge of every Englishman’s passion, Indian food.

Sanjay put this to practical use in some of London’s finest upmarket Indian restaurants before opening a restaurant in ultra competitive Barcelona, and the verdict of the Catalan critics, well suffice it to say Sanjay along with his two business partners now have two thriving restaurants in Barcelona and clearly a glutton for punishment Ibiza came next.


The owning directors divide their expertise between kitchen, finance, and Sanjay’s front of house.

The all new Mumak opened in  May 2015, relaunched after a renovation based on  tropical inspiration both in décor/ appearance and taste.

I think the effort in delivering a business with the words  ‘The all new…’ in front of the name may be one of our greatest areas of empathy.

Playa d’en Bossa was my home and stamping ground for a good few years and Mumak was a known name with a well known owner.  I know only too well how it can take time to change people’s preconceptions and so let me do my bit to help Sanjay in his quest right now.

Forget everything you may have known about Mumak aside from the location. It is so totally different in style, management, and menu.


The location is an enviable one. Between Ushuaia and Bora-Bora and right on the beach—you step from their terrace to sand, though being set back behind some dunes the ambiance is a million miles from Bossa’s hedonist excess.

Comprised of the interior restaurant which flows out to a dining terrace and beyond that the beach lounge area, the style is an eclectic mix of bright exuberant colours of Asia with the sophisticated modernism of Milan. Think Kumharas blended with Botofoc and you’ll get the idea.

This eclecticism is also reflected in their cuisine. The menú comprises dishes from Thailand, India, Peru, Jamaica, Mexico and Morocco. Plus a range of sandwiches and gourmet burgers.

Now I have to say this normally worries me, and it is usually the (forgive me for using the term Sanjay) curries that suffer most. But of course we need have no such fears in Mumak’s case. I tried the Biryani and Jerk Chicken on this first visit. Both top drawer. Remember to stress you are British if ordering anything spicy though, or you risk the kitchen cooking to Spanish spicy tastes, i.e not spicy.


A first summer among the throng of  Bossa’s  beach eateries would leave many thinking that they had bitten off more than they could chew, but Mumak did well and were particularly encouraged by the proportion of returning customers. (We can vouch for that as one superstar DJ and friend to the newspaper swears by them,  his default diner on his frequent trips.)

With the mention of superstar DJ custom you may now be thinking this as priced aiming for the rich and tourists—not a bit of it. The pricing is reasonable throughout but the 13.50€ Wednesday to Friday menu including drink, yes I’ll repeat that, including drink, is nothing short of brilliant. I am really looking forward to the Sunday Brunch which I understand includes roast meats with a tropical spiced twist.—not a word I am fond of but justified in the context of an intriguing combination of what for many of us are two of our favourite flavours.


The Ibizan welcomes the new Mumak as a new advertiser,  and after your first visit I feel sure you will also welcome them for being new, also for being different, professional, and most of all very tasty.

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