• Nick Gibbs

If you are reading this you may have already seen the post on my personal Facebook regarding an expression of thanks to the staff of the Can Misses Urgencias (accident & emergency) department. If not, you can read the full text and reasons behind this initiative below.

It seems there is a good level of support to do something – so here is what I have cobbled together.

Below is a form for participation and donation. As this is effectively holding a charity fundraiser, I feel inclined/obliged to give more information, but if you just want to donate a fiver without hearing me witter on, feel free to scroll straight to the form.

Can Misses Community Thank You

Several people have offered baking and other gifts – which is brilliant and I am sure the A&E would welcome your delicious things at any time – but for the purposes of this, and particularly as everybody is so busy in August, I thought it best kept simple with a straightforward donation. (I may contact one or two of the prolific bakers to see if they want to do anything to take along with the hand over of flowers or whatever).

I don’t personally think the success of this should be measured by raising some huge sum of money. The idea is that the staff feel our gratitude and know that we have some empathy and feeling for the difficulty of the job they face.

So in terms of a ‘big bunch of flowers and tin(s) of quality street‘ approach I am suggesting 5€ donations – thinking 40 people x 5€ is achievable? But I have set the form up so that people can participate and express their thanks without having to make a donation. If you want to say thank you but don’t want to donate, just enter 0 (zero) in the amount field. Equally, if you want to donate more – feel free.

There is also space to add a message of thanks if you wish (quite a few of the comments on the FB post had a personal story).

I’ll let the responses run for a week until next Thursday and keep people posted with how it is going on FB in the meantime.

If it gets as good a response as the FB post indicates, I think I will share the initiative with the Spanish press. This is about the hospital staff, but hell knows we could do with an ocasional bit of positive press.

Note: Re the title – from the British ‘and other foreign’ residents, I don’t want to tar others with our brush, but some non-British residents have expressed desire to participate. 


  1. People participate and if they choose make donations until next Thursday.
  2. The money will go through The Ibizan’s Stripe credit card account. We’ll cover the fees, so what you donate will be passed on in full.
  3. I’ll ask a couple of the great and good among the participants to act as our community representatives in choosing how to spend the money and doing some sort of handover to the hospital.
  4. The handover will include the list of participants and messages of thanks.
  5. Anything over 200€ target will be donated to the 24-7 Vomit Van appeal – hope that will be OK with everybody, they also work in similarly very difficult situations and I know they are held in very high regard by the Urgencias staff.

Can Misses Urgencias Donation

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