Think Google Streets but for the Ibiza & Formentera Coast.

  • Nick Gibbs

We may look back on 2019 as the year Ibiza came of tech-age. Earlier this year we reported on the stunning awesomeness (for Ibiza at least) of the Ibiza Taxi app. Last week we reported on the Electric vehicle charging point availability software. Add to this that Ibiza Consell is investing over a million euros in new technology projects, and at a very personal but hugely welcome level, The Ibizan’s own switchover to 600mb Fibra last week will make this the first newspaper edition to be transferred to the printer in minutes, not hours.

Now the latest piece of local tech wizardry to hit our inbox is the Shoreview marine app.

We have to start with a caveat. This article is written theoretically. If your phone is either more than a couple of years old, or a brand that builds its own version of Android, you might not be able to install it at all. Though my phone is only a year or so old, I couldn’t install it.  I have written to the developer and asked for their comments on compatibility.

Shoreview Functions

The analogy with Google Streets is a good one as Shoreview is far more than just mapping software.

Augmented Reality

The most visually impressive trick in its box is the augmented reality function. Simply hold the phone up to the coastline and a host of information is displayed on top of your real view.

  • Interesting information on topographical features – name that hill, beach, town etc.
  • Important Maritime information – buoys, channels, signals etc.
  • Useful Local information – restaurants, hotels, leisure facilities etc.
  • Essential Environmental & Navigational information – the areas of prohibited mooring in the Posidonia meadows are defined, and you can see your current distance from the shore and other navigational information that might not be sophisticated in comparison to the equipment on Ibiza’s cruiser fleet, but could certainly be useful for day-trippers on the self-drive boats.


The app creators say it has been developed in collaboration with Ibiza’s maritime sector and authorities, along with tech-startup 6dlab.

Available on Android and IOS, later versions at least. Of course when I do get it installed I will need a boat trip to test it out. Any takers?