TAROTscope 2017, Your Year Ahead by Elaine, Tarot from the Heart

planescape__tarot__x__wheel_of_fortune_by_alphyna-dalm2l9This year a momentous shift takes place as we move into a new era. 

In TAROT numerology 2016 was a Hermit year, a number 9.  During this year we were more introspective and had to deal with the shadow aspects of ourselves.  It was a tremendous healing journey for many of you. 

Those who paid attention were able to align and integrate the shadow within for spiritual and emotional growth.  Some had to overcome physical, emotional and mental challenges to become a beacon of light and hope for others. Those that found life difficult inspired us to value compassion, non-judgement and kindness. 

We are now hopefully able to resolve unfinished business from our past and as we move into 2017, a Wheel of Fortune year – a number 10, as we are able to step up and motivate and inspire others. 

A Wheel of Fortune year has mostly an upbeat vibration. We can look forward to a less intense period of introspection and more positive outer expression of who we truly are.  We must however be prepared to let go of old patterns of behaviour and to not be fixated with the past; otherwise the good fortune of this year is likely to pass us by. 

Being willing to experiment with new ways of doing things can bring you closer to your personal goals.  Using your mind to envisage a happier reality through creative imagination will bring a cycle of opportunity, breakthrough and prosperity. 

May 2017 brings you much happiness and abundance!

Elaine x

EmpressARIES March 21—April 19

The Empress

No one will fail to miss you 2017 as you exude confidence and personal power.  The Great Goddess Mother Nature is behind the mystery of this card, the energy is neither emotional nor intellectual but somewhat balanced in between. 

This is the perfect state to operate from this year; not too clever for neither your own good nor being over emotional. 

Others admire your wisdom, how you nurture and the way you bring people together.  Issues with important women may need careful handling, so spending time in nature becomes a sanctuary. 

Finally, let more of your creative side to emerge and allow your leadership skills to shine.


the-loversTAURUS April 20—May 20

The Lovers

Yes, on a mundane level The Lovers can highlight partnerships this year, either deepening them or introducing triangle situations.  If it is the latter, circumstances will force choices to be made and it will be make your mind up time. 

On a deeper level, the Angel Metatron is associated with this card and with it the ability of mind over matter.  Therefore it is wise to be conscious of your thoughts, as what you think will indeed create your tomorrow. 

Listen to the inner voice that inspires you to higher thought so that you can dissolve any negative thinking that will not serve you in 2017.


the-hanged-manGEMINI  May 21—June 20

The Hanged Man

Playing the victim will not serve you at all this year.  Remember, we often co-create the situations we draw into our life.  It’s all for our highest good of course; we learn more about ourselves through our reactions to challenges than about others and that’s what our experience of life is about. 

This year The Hanged Man will help you break through your fixed perspectives, attitudes and long held beliefs.  It’s like taking a giant out-breath and letting it all go!  Meeting our shadow aspects is often challenging but it’s time to welcome them to the wonderful family of you. 

With acceptance and understanding you release the ego patterns of the past.


the-towerCANCER  June 21—July 22

The Tower

OK, so you’re notoriously resistant to change and prefer to play it safe, wrapped up in your metaphorical security blanket most of the time. 

Well, not in 2017, as this year will indeed feel like an earthquake under your feet; however it’s time to shake your life up and make some drastic changes. 

Anything you fear will be brought to the surface for you to deal with. There is no hiding place so you might as well take control of what you can, when you can.  Health, exercise and diet figure strongly and this shake-up brings a new image; one that dazzles! 

Prepare to reconstruct your life as your genius ideas help you prosper.


the-devilLEO  July 23—August 22

The Devil

This year you are raucously invited to see the funny side of life.  Recent challenging situations brought fear to the surface and indeed many fear this card coming up in a reading. 

It does caution us not to be so much in the mind without considering feelings and that our habitual thought patterns can keep us enslaved.  Pan/Bacchus is associated with this card and the lover of a good time.  The Devil spelled backwards is Lived.  Reconnect physically with others, yes have sex, play and party and don’t take life so seriously. 

You can do all of this whilst still remaining grounded and stable, in fact being so attracts great abundance, and that is Mastery!


transformationVIRGO  August 23—September 22


Relationships, romantic, family or friends come under scrutiny this year as you measure the value or depth of some.  You’re not prepared to suffer through others needlessly and are inclined to sever unhealthy attachments. 

Inner transformation is at work and you feel it’s time to let go of the past and embrace the new.  The saying ‘One door opens as another door closes’ is your mantra this year.  Career and lifestyle changes will bring upheaval not only for you, but for those you’re close to. 

I love the saying, ‘Let go and let God(dess)’ and this act of surrendering and not having to be in control will be extremely liberating for you.


temperenceLIBRA  September 23—October 22


Harmony is the strong message of this card and you’ll look for ways of integrating and balancing opposite ideas or feelings this year.  The artist in you wants to have its expression and some of you will be motivated to be more creative generally.  It’s a perfect year to take up art, writing or music or to complete unfinished projects. 

People will be drawn to your magnetic personality and you should have the energy to make much need changes to your lifestyle. 

The Alchemist is associated with this card therefore you want to experiment and experience alternative ways of being and doing.  Life falls magically into place.


the-foolSCORPIO  October 23—November 21

The Fool

The Fool represents the principles of fearlessness, courage and higher consciousness.  Therefore this is your year to explore, take risks and to delve into the realms of the mysterious and transcendental. 

Be open to adventure and see the world with eyes wide open with wonder, awe and curiosity. 

Be amazing because you are!  Don’t be afraid to let others see the real you and if there are any judgements coming from them, remember they are entitled to their opinion but don’t get attached to that, just carry on regardless. 

Travel, develop new skills, and learn to ski, climb a mountain and learn more, there is nothing to fear.


the-high-priestessSAGITTARIUS  November 22—December 21

High Priestess

Your sense of self-worth increases this year and marks the beginning of a long cycle where you appreciate your individuality and become much more self-sufficient. 

Trusting in your intuition gives you the ability to out-manoeuvre opponents and to gain the upper hand in business dealings. 

You are very in touch with your feelings and the feelings of others which would make you a super sales person in 2017; you know what people want and know how to deliver.  Your sensitive handling of difficult situations brings you praise from the people that matter. 

Everything seems to come much easier now and you attract all you need to succeed!


the-wheel-of-fortuneCAPRICORN  December 22—January 19

Wheel of Fortune

Well lucky you Capricorn! Not only are we in a Wheel of Fortune year, but this is the card I drew for you as well. 

Opportunities will come your way that will make up for any recent disappointments.  In order to take full advantage of them however, do take some time to review your tactics and to not repeat mistakes of the past. 

By changing the way you think you will indeed change your reality, which is a real breakthrough. 

You’re in for a prosperous year as this card indicates financial rewards; maybe it’s time to speculate to accumulate as you’re sure to come out a winner. 


the-StarAQUARIUS  January 20 -February 18

The Star

The Star has long been associated with the sign of Aquarius and so drawing this card emphasises its power for you.  

In 2017 it’s important to have self-love, self-trust and self-respect. This year others take note of your talents and are keen to promote you out into the world. 

Importantly, you learn to value yourself in the way that others do and to no longer hide your light.  You can also be a light for others, especially those who are suffering as your natural charisma and confidence draws people towards you.

This Star is associated with fame and recognition and you are about to get yours.


the-moonPISCES  February 19 -March 20

The Moon

This year keep a grip on reality and don’t fantasise on what might be.  Day dreaming your life away will get you nowhere fast. 

Time to take the rose tinted glasses off and see life as it really is, not how you’d like it to be, therefore be practical and don’t get caught up in others dramas or agendas.  Be true to yourself and don’t do anything that would make you unhappy.  

Commitment to transforming old patterns of behaviour allows your authentic lovely self to shine through. 

Those in the film, TV, photography or music industry do well under The Moon’s influence as you are extra inspired.


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