Talamanca Beach Closed Again – Brown Floater Alert

Talamanca Beach Closed Again

In what has become a regular occurrence over several years, Talamanca beach has again been closed due to its sewage pipeline.

The emisario (pipeline) is washing human faeces and other effluent back close to shore in the areas used by bathers.

The Talamanca pipeline is the outlet for the sewers of Ibiza Town. A replacement pipeline is promised, but it has been delayed for several years. Until complete it seems the efforts made to repair the pipeline on a temporary basis are failing.

The City Council has ordered an analysis of the waters and the results showing the level of contamination will be known in 24 hours.

Mayor Says Hopes Will Be The Last Time

Rafa Ruiz, mayor of Ibiza, expressed his “discomfort” over the latest incident and has expressed his hope that it will be “the last time”. The mayor’s confidence is due to the new emissary built By the Balearic Environment Ministry being due to start operation next week.

Kevin & Perry

In a hopefully prophetic piece of screenplay, the movie Kevin & Perry made famous the subject of floating turds in Ibiza’s waters. Filmed at what was then a very different Cala Bassa, some would say it is now plagued with turds, but fortunately none of them are in the sea.

Only In Ibiza

Readers who are visiting Ibiza will probably find it strange that we can find the subject of raw sewage on a popular beach in any way funny. And of course it isn’t funny really, and that isn’t what we can laugh about. The funny aspect of the story is the way Ibizan authorities seem so utterly inept in their administration and management of public resources. This has been going on so long, with every new politician promising much and delivering little. When you live here you have to take an approach of ‘only in ibiza’.

And on that note, do you want more poo fun? Try our Emisario board game ….