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Agenda: Splodgyness Abounds in San Antonio

Saturday 3rd 6pm on S'Arenal beach for the main event as the Romans and Carthaginians battle it out with the much loved tomato fight scheduled for 8pm

Ibizan Guide to San Antonio’s Sant Bartomeu Fiestas 2016, Fireworks, Romans...

dates, times and locations for everything you need to know Fireworks, Romans v Carthaginians Tomato Fight, Holi Festival of Colour and pdf download

Agenda, 18-31 August, Events, Fiestas, Arts, Music, Families

details of over 50 events in Ibiza from the 18th to 31st August

St Bartolomé Fiestas programme in English & Fireworks

The coming week programme, Monday Night Fireworks & where to watch. St Bartolomé for kids, Tulp, Linekers, Ocean Beach & Villa Mercedes plus the legend of St Bartolomé

Ibiza Life

Photography@ Sa Nostra Sala Claire B An exhibition of photographs ‘Luces Vagantes’ taken by members of the Art Club Ibiza is currently on show at the...

Ball Pagés, The Traditional Dance of Ibiza

Ball Pagés, the traditional Ibiza folk dance. Essential guide to the history, dances, symbolism, & who's job it was to stop the boys fighting over the girls

Ibiza Romans vs Carthaginians; What to Expect & What it is...

Ibiza's History During the Rule of the Carthaginians and later the Romans This brief explanation is given by Wikipedia. If you are a history buff...


Nits de Tànit Festival A cultural festival ‘Nits de Tànit’ is currently underway in Ibiza Town, organised by the Consell d’Eivissa with support from the...

La Noche de San Juan

The Night of San JuanJune 24th is the Patron Saint’s day of John the Baptist or San Juan. It is widely celebrated all over...


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