Suspicious Circumstances Surround Port Des Torrent Fire

  • Preliminary report suggests fire started in 2 different locations.
  • The land and buildings of Recó des Pins are embroiled in ongoing corruption case.


  • We are mindful that any report of circumstances relating to a fire in which thankfully nobody was hurt, may seem trivial in comparison to the appalling loss of life in the Grenfell Tower blaze. Our thoughts and sympathy are with all those affected in London.


Fire Due to Two Separate Outbreaks.

The fire that took hold in Port Des Torrent on Tuesday extended to an area of 3.5 hectacres.

High winds hampered the efforts of firefighters however they were still able to stabilise the fire in just one and a quarter hours.

Due to the smoke caused by the winds, 20 homes and several business premises were evacuated as a precautionary measure.

Nobody was hurt in the blaze.

The mayor of Sant Josep, Josep Marí Ribas, Agustinet , emphasized the speed of the extinction that prevented the fire encroaching on the main road Avenue de Sant Augusti.

“The smoke was very dense and very annoying,” said the mayor. “We must thank the participants in the extinction as fast as they have been,” said the mayor, who highlighted the work of Civil Protection volunteers, Local Police, Civil Guard, firefighters, Ibanat and Environment agents. In total, 3 aircraft, 3 helicopters, 2 fire engines, 4 teams of bomberos, plus environmental agents and technicians attended the blaze. Two helicopters and an airplane were transferred to Ibiza from Majorca, one of the helicopters carrying a team of firefighters.

According to first inspections, all indications are that the fire began in the zone of the torrent closest to the beach, and it is suspected there were two simultaneous outbreaks.

Despite the two separate outbreaks raising eyebrows as to the likelihood of the fire being started through arson, there was no official statement as to any suspicious circumstances.

The Noudiari did choose to publish a report on the land’s ownership being embroiled in corruption cases however.

In their report headlined ‘The fire burns the restaurant ‘okupado’ Recó des Pins, embargoed by corruption in Marbella’, they make mention of squatters (okupados) having occupied the buildings for some years.

A local source that we consider credible says there may be around 10 squatters living in the buildings that have been there several years.

Ibiza has a history of fires on land occupied by squatters, including that in Ibiza Town recently. There have also been fires in Benirras and Cala Llonga among others on land occupied by squatters.

The Noudiari report then goes on to detail the ownership of Reco Des Pins, which was used for many years as a popular venue for tourist excursions, weddings and other celebrations.

It notes that the venue was involved in the money laundering and corruption scandals of Marbella Town Hall. It goes on to details the people and amounts involved in the corruption, however the text is by definition quite complicated, and our translation skills are not sufficient to avoid landing ourselves in hot water if we get it wrong – suffice it to say it is typical of the many corruption cases that have blighted Spanish politics in recent years.

According to reports the land in question has recently been obtained by the Cala Bassa Beach Club, and local residents feel it is only a matter of time before permission for redevelopment is sought to utilise the land in conjunction with adjoining beach bars already owned by the company on Port Des Torrent beach.

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