SuperMartXé @ Privilege

Nicole Torres

Supermartxe 3 NT 110814

Every Friday night Privilege, World’s Biggest Club, opens its main room to welcome us to a night with a magnificent – and different every Friday – stage show, Nalaya’s beautiful live voice accompanied by various guests throughout the summer, the latest hits remixed by the SuperMartXé DJs, and, when you enter the magic, you finally realise why all their posters say ‘You’ll Never Dance Alone”, I’ve seen the toughest I-Never-Dance kind of guys jump up and down on the dance floor for hours!

Always innovating, this year SuperMartxé has a whole new group of DJs with rubber masks and names like Dj Kid, Dj Crazy, Dj Brothers – they also had a duo of djs last year, dressed similar to Ironman’s armour -, DJ Animal, DJ Homie, DJ Doll, DJ Model, DJ Tiger and DJ Manga, with the subtitle under SuperMartXé ‘The New Generation’.

Supermartxe 2 NT 110814

What can you expect of a party organized by the Spanish producer SuperMartxé? An incredible show with acrobats hanging from the roof, half naked beautiful girls in giant champagne glasses, a great live singer, Nalaya, who comes on the stage to sing the latest hits by Rhianna, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, Don Omar, and the likes, with a house background that becomes more hardcore closer to the sunrise.

The first time I went to this party was last year’s SuperMartxé opening party, the night didn’t start well – I won’t bore you with the whole story – and I got angry, grabbed the only one in the group who hadn’t spoiled the first part of my night and ended up leaving the club blinded by the morning sunlight, hugging a friend I had met three days earlier, and calling each other brother and sister. From that night on, SuperMartxé took Flower Power’s place as my favourite party.

The SuperMartxé team never give the same show twice. Last year, they had a night where there was a merry-go-round on stage and people dressed as Disney cartoons – Mikey, Mini, Donald… -. Another called Angel City, in which white heaven related decorations and go-go dancers ‘dressed’ as angels… a different one every Friday. This year’s parties are as good, or better, but in no case worse; their success has encouraged the people behind the SuperMartxé parties to work hard and never let down their many, many fans. Some of my favourites this year were the opening party on June 6th – I got there much earlier and saw how the Privilege Main Room filled up, thinking I knew what to expect and thinking it could never be a better night than last year’s opening. I was wrong!

They have great guest singers too, Tinie Tempah sang on the 13th of June and Akon was there this past Friday 8th of August, to give a couple of examples.

Supermartxe NT 110814

This year SuperMartxé started their Pool Parties B***h – that’s what they have called their Thursday afternoon parties at Ocean Beach Club – on July 3rd and I’m sad to admit I still haven’t been, but I’ve been told they are 100% SuperMartxé! Another new SuperMartxé “thing” is their Superman by SuperMartxé gay party that has taken over the Cristian Varela & Friends’ night (last year) in the Vista Club, party that had the honour of having as a guest DJ the living myth that is Boy George on June 20th.

The SuperMartxé group travels a lot, producing parties not only in Ibiza but also at BCN in Mallorca, where they have a permanent night during the summer, and Fabrik in Madrid, SuperMartxé’s winter home – kind of like Privilege in the Summer –, also touring South America and almost the whole of Spain.

I admit it might not be many I-don’t-listen-to-commercial-music people’s choice, but I ask you not to judge a book by it’s cover… Don’t deny yourself the chance to dance until your feet hurt, amazed by the show and everything that complements it, in the worlds biggest club!

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