The U.K. Sun Newspaper has published an article entitled “‘KNOW YOUR LIMITS’ Ibiza tourism chief blames spate of deaths on ‘mad’ Brits who can’t control their booze and drugs on wild holidays”.

The article has the subtitle “At least four young men from the UK have died in the party hotspot this month and Ibiza tourism chief Vicent Torres holds British ‘culture’ responsible.”

The Sun claim to have spoken directly with Ibiza’s tourism chief, Vicent Torres, who told them “They think they can get away from Britain and they can go mad and take drugs. We’ve all been young and drank more than normal but there has to be common sense and everyone needs to know when they’ve had enough.”

The Sun Says "Ibiza Tourism Chief Blames Deaths on British Culture"
The Sun Says "Ibiza Tourism Chief Blames Deaths on British Culture"

His words follow the recent death of Jack McDonnell, 22, from Stafford, who died from a suspected drug overdose hours after arriving.

The Sun goes on to mention Harry Kingsland, 21, from Birmingham, who “also died last week after taking a blow to the face while trying to stop a fight in the same town” and “Earlier this month, 19-year-old Ben Crawford drowned after going for a swim near the resort of Playa d’en Bossa at around 3am.”

We do not know who the 4th ‘young man’ the Sun refer to is, to our knowledge the other British fatality this month was a 65 year old swimmer.

Despite citing four deaths in this article, only one is known to have been drink or drug related.

Despite the tenuous link, the Sun says that Torres continued to talk of the perils of excess during holidays by British tourists, quoting him as saying, “People really need to be aware that when they are on their holidays, they cannot do everything. Every person has a limit on alcohol and drugs and it is nice to be in a party but every person has a limit within their body. People need to be aware of that and know when they go on holiday what they can and cannot do.”

The Sun article also contains information on claims that Ibiza’s “Mayors from all five major municipalities are working to ‘combat illegal activities, intrusion and problems that cause harm to citizens’.”

Editorial Comment:

To be fair to Vicent Torres, The Sun Says that Vicent Torres blames the deaths on British Culture, but they fail to quote any sentence in which he actually uses the term ‘British Culture’.

But on the other hand, given their track record in fuelling exactly the type of Ibiza image stereotype the Consell and Tourism Board are so keen to stop, we question why he would be talking to the U.K. Sun at all?

And if he is speaking to them, why would he be so naive as to make comments that can so easily be presented in such a detrimental way?

Surely the head of our Department of Tourism should have better skill in handling the U.K. tabloid press.