• Is this the Pitiuses’ most expensive kids meal ever?

We’ve seen some mad restaurant receipts this year, but what leaves you in a bewildered state of disbelief? Two weeks ago Juan and Andrea’s Formentera fishy fayre shocked many with its VIP PVP and 9€ pan y alioli, but for sheer wallet melting cheek we think this one takes the biscuit*.

How much for a kids Chicken Nuggets and Chips? 5€ sounds reasonable, 8€ bit pricey, 10€ they better be homemade. How about 28€? That is the price paid by reader Charles Bromley at Besso on Formentera yesterday.

Charles said “Please make sure your readers are warned about the children’s menu. These are not shown on the menu and having enquired what was available ordered one chicken nuggets and potatoes. we were staggered to be presented with the following bill. Note that the children’s dish is more expensive there anything else we had.”

We will be interested to hear what our readers think, has anybody come across an even worse example of child unfriendly pricing?

*Biscuits are 25€, probably.