Spanish weather agency AEMET have issued a further yellow alert storm warning for Ibiza and Formentera stating a 40 to 70% likelihood of hitting the Islands between 11am Monday and 8pm Tuesday.

This follows the storms of Friday night to Saturday morning which provided a dramatic display of lightning around the island.

During the weekend storm some flights were diverted to alternate airports as conditions were so bad in Ibiza. Jess Bower said his 3am Saturday flight to Ibiza had to circle the island for an hour before being able to land, calling it “a horrendous journey”.

A similar level of rainfall to that experienced Friday to Saturday, up to 20 litres per square metre, is forecast Monday to Tuesday.

Though this equates to only 20mm, those reading in the UK and elsewhere need to understand that it is the speed with which the rain falls during the storms in Ibiza that is the problem. It comes down so quickly as to often overwhelm the drainage systems, causing some rather unpleasant consequences.

Long Range Forecast

Aemet’s prediction for Ibiza and Formentera through to November indicates higher temperatures and lower rainfall than the average, which is based upon figures from 1981 to 2010.

Temperature: Average 19.7-20.2 degrees, Higher than average 50%, Normal 35%, Lower than average 15%

Rainfall: 109-198mm (September to November cumulative), Higher than average 20%, Normal 35%, Lower than average 45%.

AEMET Classifications

Green – No Risk

Yellow – Risk

Orange – Serious Risk

Red – Extreme Risk

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