Sant Bartomeu Day

Nicole Torres

Even though this is not the town’s official patron saint’s day, Sant Bartomeu (Saint Bartholomew) is the most fervently celebrated fiestas in the Sant Antoni de Portmany calendar.


St Bartolomé Fiestas programme in English & Fireworks
St Bartolomé Fiestas programme in English & Fireworks
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According to legend, the people of Sant Antoni held worship at a Holy Cave before the church was built in Sant Antoni. Sometime around the 17th century the Holy Cave came to be known as the Cave of St. Agnes, due to the fact that a carved wooden figure of this saint was found inside the grotto (when it was placed there is unknown, but legend has it that on the day of Saint Bartholomew a sailor who had nearly died, having prayed to the saint that if he lived he would leave the image at the first port he found, arrived in Sant Antoni and gave the image to the priest who took it up to the Holy Cave). After being found,the icon was taken to the Sant Antoni church but it repeatedly and unexpectedly appeared in the Cave, so the baffled people of town decided to leave it there (today it is the church of Santa Agnes de Corona). So since then, Saint Bartholomew is celebrated in honour of Saint Agnes.

In the fiestas programme there is something for everyone:


Aug 20th: 6pm Elder people’s party at the elder centre. 8pm Children’s Fair at the Passeig de ses Fonts.

Aug 21st: 6pm Children’s party at the Passeig de ses Fonts. 7pm Children’s games at the Plaza España. 8pm Inauguration of Natura, photography exhibition, at Sa Punta d’es Molí (open until Sep 19th). 9pm Traditional Spanish singing and martial arts display at the tent on the Ribera dock.

Aug 22nd: 9am Table tennis competition at Ses Paises sports pavilion. 10am Canoe tour. 10am VI Otaku meeting Ibiza at the Espai Jove. 5pm Club Supergarrits, children’s event at Cervantes school. 6pm Sunset spinning master class. 7.30pm S.D. Portmany vs Atletic de Jesus at the Sant Antoni football camp. Tarde al Fresco: the Passeig the ses Fonts will have a food tasting at 7pm, martial arts and dance exhibition at 8pm, and Black Rose in concert at 10pm. 9pm Flamenco concert at the tent on the Ribera dock.

Aug 23rd: V BTT Fiestas Sant Bartomeu. 10am VI Otaku meeting Ibiza at the Espai Jove. 6pm Fun at the beach, Calo d’es Moro. 8.30pm 64 Radio Dance show at the Passeig de ses Fonts. 9pm Sevillanas dancing at the tent on the Ribera dock. 10pm Projecte Mut concert at the Passeig de ses Fonts. Midnight firecracker display at the Plaza España.


Aug 24th, Sant Bartomeu: 8am Great Mascletá followed by a chocolate party at 9am and a children’s party with Piruleto at 10.30am, all at the Plaza España. 7.30pm Traditional Mass and Procession. 9pm Traditional flamenco singing and dancing at the tent on the Ribera dock. 9.30pm Ball Pages, followed by Ho Femme Fatale in concert at 10pm, Fire jumping at 10.45pm at the Passeig de ses Fonts. Midnight fireworks and at 00.30am the Party Continues at the Passeig de ses Fonts.

Aug 25th: 6pm Children’s workshop to make swords and masks at the Espai Jove.

Aug 26th: 6pm Popular walk from Caló d’es Moro to the Aquarium.

We will continue with the programme next week. For the rest of the programme and more information on events visit:


Fiesta Highlights for Children

Carly S


Thursday, 20th, 8pm – Kids day at fair on Avenida Dr Fleming, all rides 1 euro.

Friday 21st, 6pm, by the fountains. Kids party with painting, drawing and construction activities, face painting, games and more.

Saturday 22nd 5pm Cervantes school playground. Family party with bird and reptile show, bouncy castles, clown and more!

Sunday 23rd 6pm Calo d’es Moro, beach games.

Monday 24th 10:30am Kids party with Piruleto the clown, Plaza D’Espana 9.30pm Exhibition of Ibicenc dance, Passeig de ses fonts (fountains). 10pm Ho Femme Fatale in concert, fountains. Midnight – huge fireworks display over the bay from Punta des moli (nr ocean beach club) arrive early…spectacular!