• A man with the initials of MM, aged 54 and originally of Letterkenny, Donegal, has appeared in Ibiza court on charges of domestic violence after allegedly subjecting his partner to physical and sexual abuse over a three day ordeal.
  • The victim, also reported to be Irish national, attempted to take her own life after reportedly escaping Murray and taking refuge in an Ibiza Town discount store. 
  • Second man now arrested

MM was arrested on the evening of Monday 26th of February after his partner attempted to take her own life with a knife, having taken refuge in a euro discount store on Bisbe Huix  in Ibiza Town, close to their home.

Three Day Ordeal

It is alleged that she had suffered a three day imprisonment by Murray, during which she was subjected to repeated sexual and physical abuse.

The Diario de Ibiza reported that she had used a Stanley knife on her neck, wrists and abdomen. The store manager raised the alarm and, quickly, a first patrol of the National Police appeared on the scene. The agents took charge of the situation and had to immobilise the victim, as she continued in her attempts to self harm. The agents stemmed the flow of blood until the arrival of an ambulance which took the woman to Can Misses hospital where she spent two days in intensive care.

Spiritual Guru

News of the incident was carried in the UK and Irish national press last week. On Monday 5th of March, the Donegal News published details of the man charged with Domestic violence.

Describing him as a ‘well known Letterkenny man’, their article stated that MM has written a book on spiritual enlightenment.

Spiritual Enlightenment Guru in Ibiza Domestic Violence Case
MM appearing at Court. Photo J.A. Riera, Diario de Ibiza

On his facebook page MM, who has been living in Ibiza for two years, describes himself as a “spiritual teacher” and promotes his  participation in “a course of miracles” that takes place in a hotel in Cala Llenya.

Second Man Arrested

In a further development, a second man was arrested Tuesday. It is understood that the second man, a 51 year old French national, is connected to MMs ‘spiritual’ activities, and that his arrest came about as a result of the testimony given by MM in custody.


MM has been remanded in custody awaiting full trial on charges of habitual psychological and physical abuse, coercion and ongoing sexual assaults.

MM is named in the Donegal news article here.