Spanish police say they have killed five people in the town of Cambrils to stop a second attempted van attack after an earlier one in Barcelona.

The attackers were wearing explosive belts, police said.

Police kill 5 stopping second attack.

All images by agreement with Diario de Ibiza. Warning some people will find some images in this report disturbing. Not suitable for minors.  

As reported by the BBC, Thirteen people died and dozens were injured when a van ploughed into crowds in Barcelona’s Las Ramblas area on Thursday afternoon. The driver of the van fled and is still at large.

Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said it was a “jihadist attack”.

Following the post from the Guardia below, I have removed those photos depicting what appear to be fatal casualties. I’m glad to have someone else make the decision for me. 


The authorities are now linking the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils with an explosion at a house on Wednesday evening in the town of Alcanar that left one person dead.

Earlier, police chief Josep Lluis Trapero said it appeared the residents at the Alcanar house had been “preparing an explosive device”.

In Cambrils seven people including a police officer were wounded when a car was driven into a group early on Friday, Catalan emergency services said. One is in critical condition.

Spanish media reported that the attackers’ vehicle overturned and when the men got out they were quickly fired upon by police. A series of controlled explosions was then carried out.

Police say the situation in Cambrils – a popular seaside resort to the south-west of Barcelona – is now under control.

Meanwhile police are continuing to search for the driver of the van used in the Barcelona attack, who fled on foot.

Tourists and locals fled when the rented vehicle sped down Las Ramblas in the centre of the city, mowing down people.

Witnesses said the van deliberately targeted people, weaving from side to side as it drove down the boulevard.

Two people have been arrested, but police say neither was the driver.

Police have released a photo of a man named as Driss Oubakir (below), whose documents were used to rent the van involved in the attack.

Local media say he is in his 20s, and was born in Morocco. However, latest reports suggest he has told police he was not involved, and that his documents were stolen.

So-called Islamic State has said it was behind the Las Ramblas attack, saying in a brief statement carried by its Amaq news agency that it was carried out by “Islamic State soldiers”. The group gave no further evidence or details to back this claim.

Vehicles have been used to ram into crowds in a series of attacks across Europe since July last year.

In another incident, police shot dead a man who drove into officers at a checkpoint on the outskirts of Barcelona, but the authorities said there was no evidence that he was connected to the attack in Las Ramblas.


Re Photos: Before seeing the guardia post I had explained “I found the first gallery picture in this post really powerful. I didn’t use it as the feature photo as too, well just didn’t feel right. There are people who appear dead, a young guy offering his water to an older woman, and two men cradling victims that are looking at the photographer with absolute disgust. You feel them thinking ‘what the fuck are you doing taking pictures of this’. It is difficult. If I were there do I hope I’d get stuck in and help and not be taking bloody pictures? yes of course. But do I think that, having been taken, the pictures should be shown? Well I guess I must as I have done so, but not easy. Anyway, a lot of people would trade places to have that decision as their biggest problem of the day. Love to anyone and everyone involved” They are right, and I am glad to respect their wishes.