Spain’s Health Minister, Salvador Illa, has used the Friday briefing to outline a raft of new and tightened Covid-19 regulations. 

Included are both 11 new regulations, measure authorities must implement, and 3 new recommendations, where regional and local authorities will have some discretion. 

As always following these briefings, we can only provide the outline details as delivered by the ministry. The exact plans will come clear in coming days. 

  1. Close nightclubs and late night bars whether or not they have live entertainment. As people are bound to ask – we have no idea whether this will include beach clubs, it is always a grey area as technically there is no such licencing category as a beach club, all will have either cafe concierto or restaurant licences. Nor to our knowledge is there a licenced category of ‘late night bar’. So a good deal of unknown detail on this measure. 
  2. Hotels, restaurants and bars to close at 1am, with no patrons allowed to enter after midnight – this will be a further huge blow to the Ibizan leisure sector, much of which does not start to get busy until midnight in normal circumstances.  
  3. Smoking will be banned in the streets and other public spaces where a 2 metre social distance cannot be maintained. 
  4. A reinforcement of the get tough prohibition on all botellones, Spanish street drinking parties. 
  5. Additional health checking measures for those attending care homes, and for staff of care homes.
  6. Further reinforcement of the obligation on Hotels and other Venues to maintain 1.5m distancing. 
  7. Mass gatherings (undefined size) to be authorised on an event by event basis by local authorities. It is unclear whether this will effect events such as weddings, funerals, parties etc. 
  8. Recommendation for the public to limit their social gatherings to a maximum of 10 people.