John Stables

Snoop Dogg played Ushuaïa on behalf of Hard Rock Hotel last Friday, the 15th August, as part of his epic European tour. Having collaborated in recent years with artists such as David Guetta, Justin Timberlake, 50 Cent, Pharrell Williams, and even Katy Perry, Snoop has drawn attraction from fans of all music genres, rather than just appealing to the loyal Hip Hop crowd who have followed him since ‘92.


Snoop Dogg at Ushuaïa
Snoop Dogg at Ushuaïa

It was billed as The Event of the Summer when Hard Rock announced their 2014 line up. Snoop Dogg, The Doggfather, Snoop Lion, DJ Snoopadelic, or indeed, Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr was showing his face in Ibiza for a rare guest appearance.

For me personally, there was no act, DJ, or performer who I wanted to see more this summer so this was a pretty big deal when I was signed up to cover it.

I guess to issue a correct and proper review, I need to mention a few negative factors, which would start with the 90 minute delay on doors opening, leaving paying customers standing around in the baking hot sun with no option of shade of water.

Pete-Tong-Paul-Reynolds-JS-180814This was followed by 30 minutes of DJ Paul Reynolds, 120 of Pete Tong and 90 of DJ Sneak, which to be fair, isn’t such a bad thing, especially as their sets were nothing short of awesome; but when you’ve paid to see one of the Hip Hop kings, you probably don’t wish to be subjected to this much commercial and house music. Add to this the ever unfolding story on Snoop’s twitter feed, where we saw the show delayed, cancelled and un-cancelled; we had a pretty anxious and apprehensive crowd.

Now for Snoop… I’ve seen him before, but due to the UK crowd feeling the need to throw things at a concert, potentially bottles of their own bodily fluids, Snoop walked off stage, leaving me and thousands of others with a bit of a sour taste in my mouth (maybe the ‘water’).

Anyway, he certainly made up for it with his one hour set on Friday, from the outset he was singing hits such as What’s my Name, Gin & Juice and Tha Shiznit; all whilst interacting with the crowd using simple lyrics such as ‘When I say Hell, you say Yeah’ and regular shout outs to ‘Ibiza’.

His set included many of his own massive hits from the past twenty two years, as well as collaborations from other artists, including the names above. He certainly gave the crowd exactly what they wanted, making the two hour delay seem insignificant


Taking photos often took a back seat at this one, allowing me to (uncharacteristically) wave my hands in the air and sing along. He made sure the whole crowd were entertained and ended their night wanting more, with his excellent concert, regular assurance that he will once again return to the white isle and asking us to show our respects for fellow rap legend, Nate Dogg who passed away in 2011.

Although it’s there, deep in the roots, this event proved that Ibiza isn’t just about house music and I cannot wait to see what other musical delights Hard Rock are going to subject us to in the future.