Smoker’s Delight Santa Eulalia Restaurant Do It Low & Very, Very, Slow, Offset Smoking Smokehouse, Restaurant Review

  • Words Nick & Rhian, Photos Nick

Smoker’s Delight Santa Eulalia Restaurant

It seems logical that if you decide to adopt a method od cooking that takes 12 hours instead of the usual 1 or 2, you would have a jolly good reason to do so.

And that is exactly how things turned out to be when visiting Smoker’s Delight Santa Eulalia for a review meal.

Diligently doing my research in advance, I soon became something of an expert in the low and slow offset smoking technique favoured by Smoker’s Delight.

By ‘expert’ I mean the sort of person who thinks they know it all after an hour in Google, but as my appreciation of the subject was not to be tested in any ability to apply the knowledge, only to taste the results of somebody else’s expertise, that seemed plenty enough.

The Offset Smoking Method

The magic is in both the slow and the smoke.

Wood smoke contains micro particles that just do some magic to the meat, especially to beef. It is because of this that a smoker purist will not be at all impressed with any approaches of adding a smoker flavour to meat. It has to be cooked by the smoke, and get its flavour as a result – there is a big difference.

The purpose of the offset smoking design is to avoid cooking with a direct heat source. However low that heat source it will always dry out meat more quickly than the offset smoking method.

It is a pretty simple concept. The wood box sits to the side of the cooking chamber. Into this the fuel is added. In Smoker’s delight’s case that fuel is a 100% organic cherry wood pellet.

And that is pretty well it. Add your food and let it do its job. Except that I am unfairly discounting the art of the process. During my research clicks the most common theme was of American gentlemen from the Southern States arguing over the nuances of how to handle temperature variation, and the all essential turning times. The only aspect of Offset Smoking that had them speaking in unison was that it took a lifetime to perfect.

The Science

So, is it all worth it? Well that is where the second part of the magic, the ‘slow’ comes in. Most people may recognise that slow cooked meat is all the more juicy and tender. Many may think that due to the moisture levels retained in the meat, which is true in some part, but there is actually a scientific explanation that explains exactly why it tastes so good.

Tenderness in meat comes from the melting of collagen, the connective tissue protein present in meat. When collagen melts, it turns into gelatin, a rich liquid that gives meat a lot of flavour as well as a silky texture. However, in order for collagen to truly liquify, it must not only be heated but cooked at low temperatures for a long period of time. Slow cooked meat thus has a special tenderness and flavour that you simply won’t get by quick cooking.

Impressed? I hope so, by both the information and my diligence in researching it first. And you thought this was just about going for a free lunch! Nonsense, though that rather delicious part of the job does come next. I will hand over to Rhian now as I will be busy with photos.

Smoker’s Delight Mediodia Menu

We were greeted by Agnes, she is the hostess and there most days. Agnes is one of those professional hospitality people that make you feel as if you are an old and loyal customer even if it is your first visit.


The first dish brought to our table was a Tapas plate to share, we were given four of the five tapas options available and each are served on either a white or granary baguette.

Each tapas portion is 1 piece and 3€, it’s a great way to try the various flavour combinations available.

Beef brisket served on a bed of mixed leaves with crème fraiche

The brisket is melt in the mouth, simply delicious and very moreish.

Salmon on bed of mixed leaves c/w crème fraiche

The salmon has a real delicate smoked taste, it’s understated, a little sweet and meaty and the crème fraiche has the merest hint of – well our first guess was horseradish, but turns out to be a wasabi based dressing. The salmon was a hit for us, even the non-fish lover.

Mozzarella on a bed of mixed leaves with cherry tomatoes and crème fraiche

The mozzarella has the smoky flavour, it’s creamy and served with its perfect partner, cherry tomatoes. Smoked cheese is the way forward, we were all in agreement on that.

Turkey breast on a bed of mixed leaves with crème fraiche

The turkey has a subtle smokiness about it and works effortlessly with the crème fraiche and mixed leaves. Delightful, and the favourite on the platter for the young children in our party.


The Mediodia menu has a range of other dishes for those with a larger appetite.

Brisket Burger

At 8,50€ is an absolute bargain. The bun was as soft as you like, and the amount of brisket packed in to it was impressive. You have tomato, mixed leaves and crème fraiche in there too which all make for a messy eat – but it’s worth it. Insiders tip – get some of the delicious horseradish sauce to add to your beef, sit back and enjoy!

Turkey Salad

A big bowl of freshness. Crisp mixed leaves including rocket gave the salad a hint of pepper, cherry tomatoes and their own special vinaigrette (we think a dash of horseradish). The rocket nor horseradish made the salad spicy of hot in any way, in fact it was taste sensation with even the salad-phobic among us.

Jause/Merienda* Salmon

*Jause/Merienda translates as a snack, more than a tapas and less than a meal, the big bowl of coleslaw says you’ll need something of an appetite.

The salmon is served on a stone plate with a bowl of coleslaw, cherry tomatoes and a chunky horseradish sauce on the side. The salmon broke apart perfectly under our fork and the horseradish lifted it to the next level. It’s simple and yet so good.


Of our tasters, the kid’s liked the Salmon and Turkey the best, but for the adults, the Beef brisket is unbeatable. And I mean literally. Nick has made me promise to include that it is the single most tender piece of beef he has ever eaten.

12 hours slaving at a hot offset smoker well spent then!

We were left thinking  that if the  Mediodia menu was this good, what must the dinner menu be like? Something to look forward to another day.


Superb meal and hosting. Thank you to Paul, Marcello, Agnes and all the team at Smoker’s Delight Santa Eulalia.

Open 11am to very late, Monday to Saturday.

Smoker’s Delight Santa Eulalia Restaurant, find them on Isodoro Macabich—for the locals it is a stone’s throw from the new fountains square—for the non locals see the map on their Facebook page here

Catering Service & Smoking Supplies

Smoker’s Delight Santa Eulalia Restaurant also offer an outside catering service for all types of events and functions. See their separate Facebook page devoted to that here

And finally they are also an authorised dealer for all Yoder Smoker products – so if we have inspired you to give it a go, give them a call.