A total of 30 boats are distributed across the Balearic’s to keep the coastal waters clean

The 6 boats around Ibiza will be in operation from today and this campaign will be extended to the 30th September. The boats are not only there to keep our waters clean; they also act as support vessels and assist in preventing sea pollution.

Last year 58,089.57 kilos of waste were collected at sea, an average of 427.8 kilos per day. The assortment of waste has been broken down as follows:

  • 44.7% Plastic
  • 29.54% Wood
  • 13.01% Vegetation
  • 7.99% Organic matter i.e. dead sea life/animals
  • 4.70% Other remains i.e. hammocks, tyres, nets etc
  • 0.06% Fuels/oils and hydrocarbons

Make the Change

While this is a welcome and much needed asset to our beautiful island, we all need to do our bit as well. It’s simple really – take your rubbish with you when you leave beaches, do not leave cigarette butts in the sand and do not throw things overboard on boats. Recycle your rubbish in the bins provided – yellow for plastics and cans, green for glass bottles and jars, blue for paper and grey for the rest.

In 2018 we reported that Ibiza has 30 times more than the average amount of plastic pollution in the seas, follow the link below to read the story.