A petition has been launched by San Antonio Resident and Businessman Martin Makepeace, calling for the local town council to take steps to stop the “Illegal and aggressive street sellers” that blight the resort’s Paseos (promenades) and other tourist areas.

The petition through change.org is directed at San Antonio Mayor Pep Tur Cires, along with other politicians and both the Local Police and Guardia Civil.

In the petition wording, provided in both English and Spanish, Martin says, “Illegal & aggressive street sellers have been operating on the seafront between the Egg and the Hotel Arenal in San Antonio, Ibiza for too many years. They prey on unsuspecting tourists forcing them to buy expensive, substandard bracelets & braids through subterfuge and aggression. We know who they are, where they are and what they do yet still nothing is being done allowing them to carry on their illegal activities on a daily basis. It intimidates tourists and gives our town a bad name. We ask you to sign this petition and call on the authorities to finally put a stop to it.”

We can state without reservation that the harassment and intimidation of tourists (and to some extent residents) by illegal street sellers is by far the greatest complaint and negative comment we receive. This problem alone outnumbers all other negative views of any aspect of Ibiza combined.

Sign the petition here

stop illegal street sellers petition