• A man has been arrested for firing a shotgun during an attempted robbery of marijuana from a house in Es Canar.
  • The victim of the robbery has also been arrested for possession of cannabis.
  • Note: Our feature photo has nothing to do with the crime. According to Google it represents 1kg of cannabis – for illustrative purposes.

Rhian King

The incident took place on Wednesday 13th December, when a man called the Guardia Civil stating two men had come to his house in Es Canar with the intention of stealing marijuana.

He claimed to have been threatened with a sawn-off shot gun, and that during a struggle a shot was fired, hitting the kitchen wall.

Shotgun Fired in Es Canar Cannabis Robbery Attempt
Shotgun Fired in Es Canar Cannabis Robbery Attempt

The victim of the attempted theft is a 52-year old Portuguese male. He gave 2.3kgs of marijuana to agents of the Guardia Civil, and was arrested for a crime against public health.

Officers of the Guardia Civil confirmed there was a shot gun impact in the kitchen wall, and undertook an investigation to apprehend the perpetrators.

A 39-year old Spanish male was arrested, accused of firing the shot, however he denied the accusation.

The alleged victim and the one arrested for allegedly carrying out the shooting, both faced charges in court.

The owner of the marijuana accepted a suspended prison sentence and fine as he had no criminal history.

The alleged perpetrator of the shooting was released awaiting prosecution.

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