Sex In Spain

According to data issued this week 40% of people in Spain have sex once or twice a week, with 24.5% of respondents stating their sexual appetite to be between 3 and 5 times weekly. The report issued by Statista says that 7.1% of people have sex daily!

In addition to the frequency of sexual activity, the report also studied the number of sexual partners of Spaniards. Though 11% of people report more than 30 sexual partners, the highest percentages are at the lowest end of the scale with 18% replying 2 or 3, 16.8% 4 or 5 and 12.3% stating only 1 sexual partner during their lifetime.


The report terms the respondents as ‘Spaniards’, though does not specifically state whether this would have included any foreigners living in Spain. We will leave it to you to see whether your expat experience fits in with their numbers.