Heavy rainfall at the weekend was blamed as the causal effect for more problems for the much maligned sewerage infrastructure in Ibiza Town.

One onlooker was quoted by the Diario de Ibiza as saying they witnessed a “cascade of excrement” close to Pier A, part of the exclusive Port Magnus area that continues to charge among the highest mooring rates in the world despite what are becoming almost routine problems with raw sewage spilling out from Ibiza Town.

Technicians of Aqualia traced the problem back to a pipe in Avenue de España. They said it had become overwhelmed by the sudden heavy rains and the spill occurred when the pipe became blocked.

The port had a film of brown water caused by fecal matter, and though the worst of it had dissipated in 24 hours, there was still clear discolouration and clumps of toilet paper and wipes.

Local traders and residents have complained for some time at the regular problems, and the effect of the foul stench on the area and its tourism.