Breakfast at Savannah’s

Stan Farrow


The sunset strip is, for obvious reasons, primarily known as the place to go for the fantastic sunsets on the West of the island. Reserve a table at one of the four bar/restaurants, order some food, sip a nice cocktail and clap the sun as it puts a full stop on the end of another glorious Ibiza day. The strip at sunset isn’t for everybody though – it’s very very busy, it can be hard to get a table, parking is a nightmare and some people prefer to avoid it altogether. If you’re one of those mellower types or just fancy a different take on the strip, then a word to the wise – it opens in the daytime.

We headed down there at 11am to kick start the day at Savannah with a view to sampling their breakfast/brunch menu. We were too early for the grill and salad selection, which starts at 1pm, but had a myriad of choices with their breakfast and sandwiches menu. There were three of us with vastly differing tastes, but I’ll concentrate on mine because it’s obviously the best.

I understand the need to be healthy, so I like to combine an easy to digest, vitamin packed super liquid followed by whatever I fancy. It’s not really a nutritional plan, but I’m still functioning to some degree so it must be working. First up is the liquid, and I opt for the ‘Energy Smoothie’ consisting of Brazilian super berry Acai, strawberry and orange juice. It looks awful, which is the sure fire sign that it must be good for you. It tastes pretty good, which worries me, but I’m assured that it is packed with healthy goodness.


Now the short wait begins before the ‘Eggs Benedict’ arrives. I could have plumped for the typical fry-up, a bowl full of Acai, pancakes, sandwiches or wraps, but I fancied the eggs and my diet allows it. I take the opportunity to enjoy the view of the sea and start feeling a bit poetic.

An old man is snorkelling just off of the rocks and I can see flecks of white spume cascading through the waves from my shaded table.

It’s almost 30 degrees already, but the slight breeze is cooling my ankles and softly kissing the plants in the gable.

Shade, o glory to shade which doth me able.

Luckily the food arrives before I can think of a limerick and I tuck in. The eggs are perfectly poached, the muffins are fresh and the sauce is deliciously thick and full of tasty badness. My only regret is that I demolish it in about 4 seconds. I suppose I can always order more, buy a ruffled shirt, spend all day here and pretend I’m Byron or Keats. Yup, I doth like that idea…