Nimmo’s Wild Rover

  • Richard Lawson

14519675_1583713275263324_6859969319790811613_nIt’s time to bid farewell to our summer visitors and, in particular, those myriad seasonal workers who help to staff the many establishments that operate throughout the summer, and keep our summer visitors sufficiently happy that they’ll keep coming back to our delightful island.

A big shout should also go out to those island residents involved in our tourist industry, many of whom probably haven’t had a day off since the start of May. Let’s face it, there are few amongst us who aren’t involved in the six months of madness known as the ‘tourist season’. Little wonder that a collective sigh of relief is almost audible all over the island…

For this vast majority of residents, it’s well-earned time to put their collective feet up and relax with the family for a big slice of quality time. The evenings may have drawn in, but the empty beaches are still glorious in the November sun. The sea is still warm enough for a paddle for even the most faint-hearted amongst us.

The only fly in the ointment is what to do on those long winter evenings? The pleasure of watching TV with your feet up doesn’t seem to work seven days a week and, with all of the clubs and the vast majority of restaurants closed for the foreseeable future, there aren’t too many options for a night out with the other half – who you’ve probably hardly seen in the last six months.

13640886_1557450264556292_6133408102310643191_oFortunately, help is at hand courtesy of Nimmo’s Wild Rover, the irrepressibly enthusiastic new family run Irish bar in the port of Santa Eulalia. I say ‘new’ only in the respect that this will be their first winter since their memorable opening on St Patrick’s Night just eight months ago. As you would expect, if you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting them, they are staying open throughout the winter and, for the time being, will be open every day of the week.

One of the highlights of their innovative winter schedule is designed specifically with the island’s resident workers in mind. It’s called ‘Date Night’ and is part of their Friday ‘Themed Night’ series. You can expect romantic lighting and a similar soundtrack provided by on acoustic guitar while you enjoy a three course meal plus a bottle of wine for just €25 per couple.

Other Friday ‘Themed Nights’ will include a dedicated ‘60s music night, along the lines of the Flower Power theme, and an ‘80’s night – think La Movida.

And there’s yet another innovative event, for those too young to know what we’ve been talking about. This is called ‘Cinema Sunday’ and will take place from 3 pm twice a month. As you might expect this will feature a children’s film but, not only that, the film will be chosen by the children themselves in true 21st Century style.

bread-stewThree film options will be displayed on the ‘Nimmo’s Wild Rover – Irish Bar’ Facebook page two weeks before the day of the screening, during which time the kids can vote for their preferred option. The film eventually shown will be the one that attracts the most votes. All of the films will be shown with either English or Spanish subtitles – depending on the winner chosen by the children, so you could even describe this venture as an exercise in subliminal language education for those children not already fluent in both languages.

As regards the weekends, a full Irish breakfast is available on Saturdays from 9 am – 1 pm and, for the uninitiated, this consists of sausage, egg, bacon, both black and white pudding, toast and tea or coffee for just €5

The rest of the day will feature live sports accompanied by the full normal menu and live music from 10 pm with a variety of well-known island musicians including Claire Wakeman, Nell Shakespeare, Chris Langley and Ian McDonald.

nimmos-851-copySundays also begin at 9am with breakfast, while the normal Sunday lunch menu will be augmented by Irish Stew and Paella options too. The regular evening ‘open-mic’ session has evolved into the ‘Sunday Sessions’, hosted by Ian McDonald and featuring island musicians. If you fall into that category and fancy getting involved, you should contact him via the Nimmo’s Wild Rover Facebook page.

Throughout the week Nimmo’s will be offering a ‘plate of the day’ for €7,50. This will feature a different dish every day of the week, but most definitely the bar’s exquisite fish (on Fridays)! The ‘plate of the day’ will be available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between noon and 6pm, when the sheltered and sunny terrace is the nicest place to be in Santa Eulalia’s marina.

Finally, don’t forget that at Nimmo’s the weekend begins on Thursdays with live music from 10 pm till late featuring one or more of the above mentioned local heroes.

For full details of all of Nimmo’s multiple and varied activities throughout November you should bookmark their Facebook page. For the rest of the winter you’ll be glad that you did…

Nimmo’s Wild Rover, Santa Eulalia Marina

  • Opening hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 12noon – 6pm

Thursday & Friday: 12noon till late

Saturday: 9am till late

Sunday: 9am till midnight