Taxi Driver apprehended and vehicle seized following positive drugs test.

A member of the public reported their suspicions that a taxi driver was working whilst under the influence of drugs.

The report was made to Ibiza Police, who were supplied with the registration number of the vehicle. There is no information as to whether the person reporting the driver had been a passenger, or had seen the vehicle driving erratically, or was aware by other means.

Santa Eulalia Taxi Driver Tests Positive for Cocaine
Santa Eulalia Taxi Driver Tests Positive for Cocaine

The Police found the vehicle in Carrer Obispo Carrasco and subjected the taxi driver to  alcohol and drug tests, which yielded 0.0 mg / l in the alcohol test, but tested positive for drugs.

In a press statement issued on Monday, the authorities stated that there were no clients in the taxi at the time the driver was intercepted. The vehicle was seized and the driver was reported to face charges at a later date.

Image: Stock photo taxis at Ibiza Airport, unconnected to case. 


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