Fifty local artisans and rural organisations participated in the Puig de Missa craft fair at the weekend.

The fair showcased the work of traditional carpentry and cabinetmaking, potters, leathercrafts, basket makers and other folk handicrafts.

There were also displays from the Agricultural Cooperative of Santa Eulalia, Friends of the Earth and half a dozen different types of artisans from Mallorca.

Santa Eulalia - Puig de Missa Artisan Fair - Gallery
Santa Eulalia - Puig de Missa Artisan Fair - Gallery

As always, in addition to the exhibition and sale of commercial products, the fair also had spaces reserved for other activities closely linked with the traditions and love for ‘all things old’.

This included a section for the exhibition of rare and indigenous breeds, the Federation of Ibizan/Podenco hound breeders, and Sling Shooters. There was also an exhibition of Vintage cars and motorcycles.

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