• 1 In 34 Cars Speeding

Last week the Local Police of Santa Eulalia carried out various speed control checks in different areas of the municipality as part of their campaign to ensure the safety of all the users, both drivers and pedestrians.

As a result of this activity, 71 complaints were filed against drivers that exceeded the established speed limits. The fines can range from €100 to €600 and up to 6 penalty points on your licence.

The controls took place from Monday to Sunday at different times and covered areas such as Avinguda d’es Cap Martinet, the Canar road, the surrounding areas of Santa Gertrudis, the Puig d ‘in Fita and ​​the village of Santa Eulària des Riu.

Because the radar used by the Local Police takes multiple automatic measurements, during the checks, the device registered and evaluated the speed of a total of 2463 vehicles, equating to 1 in every 34 cars caught speeding.

The Speed Gun

This new equipment is very small in size, which allows it to be mounted on almost any support, including police cars and motorcycles, enabling its use more easily and without the need for large infrastructures. The TruCAM LTI 20/20 by Laser Technology does not need large distances free of obstacles to work, has a very small margin of error (5%), and can begin to check speeds at 1200 metres away. By using laser technology it is not affected by inhibitors nor is it localised by radar detectors used to avoid fines. Additionally, its software for measuring and capturing images allows the identification of a speeding vehicle among different cars in the same image.

(note: our photo is a stock image of a similar gun)

STOP PRESS: We have just seen a similar statement by San Jose Town Hall, stating they have used the mobile equipment and caught 76 drivers speeding in the last 2 days.