The bus route will have 20 stops and the pilot test will run Monday to Friday during the months of January to March. A single ticket will cost €1.55 with discount tickets for certain groups. 

Santa Eulalia City Council and the Consell de Ibiza have launched a 3 month pilot urban bus with a circular route within the town of Santa Eulalia.

The service will offer an alternative to the use of private vehicles. The objectives of this traffic reduction would not only be an improvement in travel times but, in particular, a reduction in the unnecessary consumption of fossil fuels and the pollution they produce.

20 Stops

This pilot service, Route L-17 will initially have 20 stops and will run from Monday to Friday. The route proposed initially begins at Puig d’en Fita/Siesta, and includes the Can Guasch neighborhood, the town centre, the medical centre, the sports centre area and ends at Cas Capità (Xarc Institute, Mercadona, children’s playground d’es Fameliar and dog park, as well as the Palacio de Congresos).

The planned time for each complete journey is one hour and the service will initially be covered with 27 seat minibuses. The Eularibus route will be active in three time slots –

  • The first, between 7.30am and 11.30am to cover the commute to school, work and shopping areas
  • The second, between 14.30pm and 15.30pm fundamentally for school commutes 
  • The third, between 16.30pm and 20.30pm, which will cover the many commutes required by children’s extracurricular activities.

For the full schedule please follow the link below.

Cost and Demand

Prices have been initially planned in accordance with similar routes by the Insular Council of Ibiza. Single tickets are €1.55,with 50% discount tickets to certain groups €0.80, priced tickets for various trips, as well as free travel for the young and over 65’s.

The three-month test will determine the level of demand, which stops are low in demand and the number of passengers according to the schedule. It can then be determined if the public transport system is maintained and whether changes need to be made to make the service more effective.