Santa Eulalia Dog Owners have ‘Obligation’ to Clean Dog Urine

With much of the island struggling to have dog owners clear up their animals’ faeces, Santa Eulalia is taking canine hygiene a step further in asking dog owners to clean up after their dogs urinate.

Their campaign details its objectives as “to promote citizenship and animal welfare among the owners of dogs in the municipality, so as to better respect the conditions of health and control of these animals, while reducing the behaviours or situations that can create discomfort and affect the whole community”.

Santa Eulalia Dog Owners have ‘Obligation’ to Clean Dog Urine

The council have assigned two Environment Officers and one Local Police Officer to the control of animals in public places, and obtained 10,000 doggie hygiene kits comprising biodegradable bags to collect excrement and a reusable bottle to dilute the animal urine with a mixture of water and vinegar.

The first kits have been delivered to animal organisations in the municipality and the nine veterinary clinics of the municipality that will also distribute the kits for free.

In addition, they can also be collected in the departments of Environment (Calle Marià Riquer Wallis 4, bajos) and Litoral y Playas (Club Náutico Building, entrance to the Marina), and the municipal offices of Jesús and Puig d’en Valls.

The Council say that the cleaning of the urine is “a little understood obligation on the part of dog owners”, but essential to avoid bad smells in the street.

The kits are accompanied by a leaflet with some basic guidelines for action.

Santa Eulalia Dog Owners have ‘Obligation’ to Clean Dog Urine