In what has become a regular occurrence in recent years, Local Police officers from Santa Eulària des Riu dismantled an illegal settlement in the wooded area of ​​Cala Nova.

The action took place on Sunday morning when Police found people with tents and small improvised shelters among the trees. The municipal services found remains of camp fires made in the middle of the forest, as well as rubbish and human excrement “deposited without any control or safety measures, generating an important risk of fire or contamination”.

The action was carried out after the agents received complaints from residents in the area who warned that a large group of people had established a camp in the area of ​​the Cala Nova forest in conditions of lack of health and safety.

The police found six people at the encampment, two from Holland, one English, one Italian and two Spanish.

The Police said that the evidence of the camp demonstrated it was not a temporary situation. Shelters had been made with waste materials such as parasols, tarpaulins, pallets and loungers, plus there were different spaces organised as a store and as a kitchen area. The remnants of fires made recently were evident and there were also candles, “all of them in situations that could pose a high risk of fire”.

All those identified face prosecution for infringement of the municipal regulations regarding illegal camping, and were forced to clean the area of ​​human excrement before leaving.