• Sant Miquel – Robbery Using Threat Of Violence Against 7 Year Old Child
  • A woman has filed a complaint with the Guardia Civil explaining that on Monday she was robbed in the early evening using the threat of violence against her 7 year old son.

The robbery took place at 18:35 on Monday evening when the woman and her son were leaving the Sant Miquel sports centre in her car and had stopped to deposit rubbish in the bins.

A van had pulled up alongside and a man jumped out, grabbed the boy from behind and said, “What’s up champion?” while looking directly at the mother. The boy then asked if she knew the man to which she replied “no”. Another man got out of the van and said, “Now you give me the money, the purse and everything you carry”. She went on to say, “he said it so naturally that I don’t think my son knew they were robbing us”.

She handed the thieves her purse with credit cards, 60€ cash, her documentation, and the keys to her home and garage. They then demanded she give them a rucksack containing a games console and the mobile phone they saw in her car. “they did not take any kind of weapon to me, but I am very clear that they were threatening me with my child, because when you hug him from behind and the other tells me to give him the money, the meaning is very clear” said the victim.

The family did not sleep in their own home that night for fear the assailants may try to enter the house. The victim had tried to report the crime in Sant Joan, however the station was closed and she had to travel to Sant Antoni. “On the way, I had to explain to my son that they had robbed us, because he didn’t know about it,” she said.

Agents of the Guardia Civil are trying to find the assailants, however no arrests have been made.