• Premises with the relevant licence may continue, no new licences to be issued
  • New restaurants restricted to 400m2 of beach space

A modification in municipal planning has been initially approved in Sant Josep’s City Council plenary session. With the PSOE and Alternativa Insular in favour, and the PP and Guanyem against the move, the modification aims to prohibit the outdoor music in the whole municipality, at any time of the day and at night, and in all kinds of establishments.

This is just one of the measures approved by the plenary session to hinder the implementation of new entertainment venues based on music, which are causing repeated complaints by residents. The details of the modifications are available for public comment for 45 days after which they will be approved.

New restaurants will also have restrictions on the amount of beach space they are able to occupy for public use, 400m2 will be the maximum area allowed and these types of premises will not prohibited in residential buildings.

Sant Josep Prohibits Outdoor Music
Sant Josep Prohibits Outdoor Music

New businesses which could generate intense traffic or have the ability to attract more than 1000 people will generally be prohibited; however businesses can appeal this if they present a mobility plan which clearly shows there is sufficient parking.

According to Sant Josep Council, the aim of these measures is to “stop the proliferation of businesses such as self-proclaimed beach clubs, using the restaurant as a side line to venture into other business activities”.

Current Licences

The Councillor for Sant Josep Town Planning, Ángel Luis Guerrero, explained to the Diario de Ibiza that those businesses with an existing licence will still be able to broadcast music, and while he did not specify how many had licences, it would be a minority.

No new licences will be issued and those playing audible music outside of their premises will be fined.

Councilman Javier Marí of the PP, vocalised the “the big flaw” in these modifications is that they lack certain legal reports and there seems to be a lack of clarity whether it is also applicable to cafes and bars. Javier Marí did admit however that the regulation contains “interesting modifications”, but stated there is also confusion.