The Council of Sant Josep has authorised the transfer today of a dozen dogs that have been in Can Dog for two years awaiting adoption.

The Guardia Civil attended Can Dog following calls made on social media to prevent the transfer amid claims the dogs were being sent to their death.  

  • Photo: Toni Escobar, Diario de Ibiza

Despite widespread rumours circulating on WhatsApp and other social networks that the dogs are being transported to Mallorca to be put down, the Town Hall denies the allegations emphatically.

In a statement issued in response to calls for the public to go to the Can Dog dogs home, including the winter residents group on facebook, and protest the canine deportation, the Council say that the company awarded to take care of the animals, the Fundación Natura Parc, has signed a contract clause in which it commits to the “zero sacrifice” of animals. 

Municipal sources explain that this alleged slaughter of animals is “nothing more than a hoax.”

The accusations being made on facebook stated that all of the dogs were Podencos who were to be euthanized as they had found no home in 2 years. 

The public of Ibiza were responding with comments ranging between total acceptance of the allegations, and those condemning people for spreading unsubstantiated rumour.